Keeping Up with the Cool GIFS – Week 9

This week…

Nia Dennis’s floor routine went viral

Maddie Karr forgot she wasn’t on the beam anymore

Cristal Isa would rather go down with the ship than give up that stick

Lexi Graber invented the stagstand on bars

Too bad Kathy Johnson already held the patent

I blame the bars

Eh, most of those pieces are extras

Trinity Thomas moved into first place in the AA rankings

Washington became UCLA so gradually no one even noticed

So Cal had to become Oklahoma

We willed Maggie Nichols back from injury for a 39.825

And Oklahoma has gone 198.4 at its last two home meets

Michigan’s two highest scores ever have come in the last two weeks

We’re on pace for the most 10s since 2004

And now senior nights are coming

Meanwhile, Waller is just doing it for the GIFs at this point

4 thoughts on “Keeping Up with the Cool GIFS – Week 9”

  1. no matter what happens, Isa has a great smile and laughs it off. Gotta love her

  2. So do you not like Nia Dennis’ floor routine? It’s personally my favorite this season along with Gracie Kramer’s 🙂

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