Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – American Cup Edition

At the American Cup…

Ellie celebrated not dying on vault

Morgan finished naming the Olympic team early

Jennifer Gadirova stepped onto your favorites list like

No seriously, she’s a treasure

Kayla DiCello stayed on all the things

…stealing Grace McCallum’s national team role like

So Morgan taught her that on Wednesdays, we put our hands on our hips

Well, someone’s got to show her the ropes

Meanwhile, the bars partied like it’s 1977 all over Lorette Charpy’s life

So Zhang Jin was like, “Me had a bars malfunction too?”

And we were like

Sarah Voss went, “I also think…me had a bars malfunction?”

And Diana Varinska said, “No I’m just Ukrainian”

And Oleg was like “OH TWINNSSSSS”

Then taught everyone the Ukrainian Shuffle

Sam realized for a second he was hitting at the American Cup

Terry asked Tim and Nastia if they want to coordinate outfits

Andrea asked Tom what exactly he…does in this job?

Mostly, American Cup was gonna American Cup

ALL over the place


Daiki even got an F in Jackets

You guyysssss…

Giorgia Villa triumphantly made it to the competition

So life was like…

Because, first and foremost, we don’t deserve nice things

5 thoughts on “Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – American Cup Edition”

  1. Oleg nearly threw the Purvis. He would be only the second (I think?) Gymnast to perform this move.

  2. Tom: “ I look at the top 4 at camp and take into account literally nothing else”

    1. Exactly. Tom. Ughhh…can former presidential candidate Andrew Yang come over and help a brother out cause #math …He’s lucky the US has a glut of amazing gymnasts

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