Things Are Happening – March 28, 2020

Just kidding, no they’re not, obviously. But here’s the latest on the Nothing.

  • The IOC confirmed (in true IOC fashion, with the actual news coming in the fourth paragraph after we talk about how great all the administrators are for six hours) that the Tokyo Olympics would not be held in 2020, but “will” be held by the summer of 2021. Let’s hope so. I can’t take much more of this, and it’s somehow still March.
  • Supposedly, we’ll be receiving the finalized dates for the Nu-lympics in about three weeks. If I were the IOC, I’d select dates as pessimistically as possible because we don’t know anything now and still won’t know anything in three weeks—but experience has shown that I’m definitely not the IOC. Even with an extra year, I’m sure we’d still end up engaging in the biennial tradition of athletes arriving at the Olympic Village housing and posting pictures like, “So, the toilet is on the ceiling and the bed is mice. How. Why.”
  • The IOC did confirm that all previously qualified Olympians and teams will retain their spots, which had to be the case, but it’s nice they said it in words. What we don’t yet know is how that premise might extend to athletes whose spots weren’t officially awarded but who, say, gained points in a semi-complete Olympic qualification series. Just…for example. I’m sure that decision will depend on whether there’s even a chance to finish those series between now and the Olympics, which will depend on knowing those new Olympic dates. Sigh. GET A MOVE ON BUT ALSO TAKE YOUR TIME BUT QUICKLY.
  • The idea that additional spots might be added in various sports has also been quashed, which makes sense since that was a stop-gap proposal in case qualifying events were canceled but the Olympics still went ahead. With a 2021 Olympics, there should be an opportunity to finish up some manner of qualification process (should, maybe, or, sort of), with no need to add spots to make up for missed qualifying opportunities.
  • USAG announced that Olympic Trials are postponed until 2021 (obviously), but that they’re still hoping to go ahead with events like classic and nationals in 2020, potentially late summer or fall. Those dates seem like a pipe dream right now, given that you’d need to announce an official date and venue fairly far in advance to give athletes time to prepare (among a thousand other logistical issues), and how would you have any confidence in setting an actual date for an event any time soon? But we shall see.
  • As of now, we’re still getting some mixed messages (A or B) on the most pressing gymnastics question, that of age eligibility for the 2021 Olympics, so I’m holding off making any categorical proclamations. But Bach’s statements lately have been very much in the “these are still the 2020 Olympics” vein, which would indicate to me that they are leaning toward using previously published rules and qualification procedures without amendment for a new year.

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  1. But if Worlds 2021 will be cancelled, what are the 2005 borns supposed to do if they are not eligible for Tokyo?

      1. Because having Olympics and Worlds in the same year and so close to each other might not be desirable. I know figure skating does it but I don’t know if it would be harder for gymnastics.

      2. Because 2021 Worlds is a “smaller” worlds (no teams) maybe it might be more feasible to have it in the same year as the Olympics? Olympics in June, Worlds in October?

      3. Right, but it is not unprecedented.
        There have been individual Worlds in 1992 and 1996 that occurred before the Olympics.
        Additionally, in 1994 there were two World Championships. One individual AA/EF and one for Team.

        Olympics is run by IOC.
        Worlds is run by FIG.

        Additionally, Olympics is limited to 196 athletes.
        There were 500 plus gymnasts in Montreal.
        If you are a gymnast or country not qualified to the Olympics you can still attend Worlds.

  2. Real question – are athletes still even able to train? I know runners can train in relative isolation, but gymnasts? Seems like they would all be out of the gym right now, and for a long time.

    1. Some gyms are still open in limited capacities. But yes, it is still a huge challenge.

    2. Maybe we can finally stop the disgusting habit of spitting on your grips.

    3. mykayla skinner still training in her gym which is more or less closed to everyone else. There’s like less than 20 people on the national team. I am sure they won’t have any problem having the whole gym to themselves.

      1. Konner also seems to be able to train, and Riley is still in AZ which suggests that she’s still training with the Careys in some capacity. It looks like most elites are still training, but JO teams no longer are. Dunno how that would work for an elite-heavy gym like Texas Dreams though.

  3. Yeah. It would really be unfair to the other athletes that are impacted by age limits if those that wouldn’t be eligible for this Olympics are allowed to compete. The gymnasts who are 2005 born were already training with 2024 in mind as they were not eligible for 2020 and already knew so for the last few years. The 2020 Olympics are being postponed and held in 2021 but they are still the 2020 Olympics. Had there not been a global pandemic they would have taken place and the 2005 seniors would have been watching from home.

    2005 eligible can train for Worlds using the 2020 COP that they have been training with as juniors. 2022-2024 can be the new COP. 2021 Worlds will still have many competitors as various countries will not have qualified to the Olympics anyway.

    1. How do you actually see this? Suppose AA World Cup 2021 series will be used as Olympic qualifier. There is just one competitor per country. 2005 can compete at AA World Cup, but if they help their country to win a spot, it cannot be allocated to someone born in 2005? Or 2005 will be excluded from AA World Cup as well? The same with continentals?
      Let’s not forget, that all individually qualified gymnasts from 2019 Worlds are already older than even 2004 born. 2005 also cannot qualify through apparatus World Cups, since there are less than three competitions left (unless the FIG does not decide that Melbourne 2020 is invalid, too, because the virus situation already prevented the Chinese from competing; did not hurt the Chinese that much, but definitely affected on how the others were able to win points). So, allowing 2005 in, will affect mostly only those 12 countries that qualified the teams, and not all of them even have contenders.
      Lastly, the Technical Regulations, that is second to Statutes in seniority and above the CoP or specific rules for certain competitions, in Art. 5.2 say:

      Age of participants

      For the official senior FIG Competitions and for the OG the participants must, in the year of the competition, have the following minimum age:


      Men’s Artistic Gymnastics 18 years
      Women’s Artistic Gymnastics 16 years

      If the Games of 2020 will be held in 2021, the year of competition is 2021. IMO, the rules clearly say that 2005 is eligible.

      1. 2005 were never eligible for 2020, nor were they eligible to qualify through AA or EF World Cups so therefore they would be ineligible to finish out the qualifiers that would have taken place in 2020.

      2. And that is a huge unfairness to the 2021 seniors. So they just can’t compete in half the FIG competitions their first senior season? How on earth is that less unfair than there being more competition for the team?

      3. To ‘Mary’–What exactly impairs your reading comprehension? shamrockstar is exactly correct: this is the 2020 Olympics ONE YEAR POSTPONED, dear, not the 2021 Olympics. And I quote: “the 2020 Olympics are being postponed and held in 2021 but they are still the 2020 Olympics. Had there not been a global pandemic they would have taken place and the 2005 seniors would have been watching from home.”
        Your disgusting and asinine sophistries would penalize every legitimate 2020 Olympian and ridiculously PRIVILEGE new seniors with their entire careers in front of them. Want to talk blind rage? That’s my reaction to your incredible IMBECILITY!

    2. Sorry, but new seniors shouldn’t lose a chance at THE world championship competition in 2021. If Copenhagen is cancelled because of Tokyo happening a couple of months prior to it, then new seniors should be eligible for Tokyo as they would be AGE eligible anyway.

      If both happen, then I’m fine with whatever FIG decides.

      1. I won’t be fine with whatever FIG decides (I am definitely on team let them compete) but yes, if they bar the 2005s and there is Worlds I will be mildly miffed, if they bar the 2005s and there isn’t Worlds I will be in a blind rage

  4. Why would 2021 worlds be assumed canceled? Normally they are held in October, likely several months after the Olympics held in summer.

    1. Many experts are predicting that the virus could bounce back in the fall. I think worlds are probably still very much in question.

      1. I mean…if it bounces back in fall 2021 it will probably also bounce back in fall 2020 and then we’ll be back to square one with Tokyo.

  5. I imagine USAG loses money if they can’t hold their flagship competitions, but it seems foolish to think that they can hold Classics or Nationals at any time this year. I’d be surprised if events with lots of spectators are permitted in 2020, even if the virus gets under control. And if there’s no spectators (not to mention no international comps to prepare for), why have the event? Just have a camp in the late fall where you determine NT spots.

    Not to mention that gymnasts won’t be prepared due to the long break, and have no reason to rush a comeback to competition form.

  6. Random gymnerd deduction question – Is there a deduction taken on a roundoff entry VAULT, if the toes in the round off before hitting the springboard aren’t pointed? Seems pretty hard to be able to point the toes, before hitting the springboard, or if the judges would deduct for the flexed feet?

    1. I’ve seen this elsewhere where people assume that landings are done with flexed feet but that is just insane. Good landing technique is toe-ball-heel, so it’s best to have pointed toes.

      1. So ummm the roundoff onto the board if toes arent pointed before hit in the roundoff a deductions are taken?

  7. Sporting events, seasons and careers ended abruptly already. Tokyo shouldn’t be postponed, it should be canceled. That solves the age debate. Where’s the new code of points? Thank you, next.

  8. In sum, 2020 is over for elite artistic gymnastics.

    People are going to look back on this mass hysteria and wonder what it was really all about. It has the same fatality rate as the flu now that asymptomatic people are being tested too. Half a million people died from that last year, not that anyone noticed or cared, much less quarantined the planet.

    Anyway, see you next year. Maybe.

    1. You are putting people in danger spouting false theories. I assume you are not a doctor. This is not mass hysteria. The point of containment is not to stop the virus. It is to slow the virus enough so that medical services and hospitals do not get so overwhelmed that they are unable to treat the most serious cases and are also unable to protect themselves. Many rural communities in the USA do not have large hospitals nearby. The hospitals are getting overrun and patients and doctors are dying. Even with Italy’s lockdown, their numbers are going up. They are literally rationing ventilators. If you go to the hospital and can’t breathe and need a ventilator, they will decide if you are worth saving because they don’t have enough. Italy says this has never happened since WWII where they have to choose who to save. So for those who are not worried about catching it, or who are quite healthy and would likely not be terribly sick, we need to remember the goal of containment is to keep it slow enough to treat the ones hardest hit and protect our medical workers. The US wasted time scoffing and downplaying this virus. Don’t contribute to misinformation.

      1. I think beamscoring was actually talking to the Anonymous OP, because s/he was responding to Anonymous’s “see you next year.” 🙂

        You bring up vital points, and thank you for countering that misinformation.

    2. Oh shut up. You know nothing and this is mot the place. See you never, hopefully.

      1. Please. It was brought up before me, I was replying to the post, I was respectful and, actually, I do know quite a bit about it. You seem nice. Stay safe and wash your hands. Bye!

      2. Oh my god, I meant the original poster, not you! Did it reply directed to you? I am so sorry!! Must have pressed something wrong. I agree with your reply completely. I am so embarrassed lol.

    3. Fatality rate has dropped from 4% to 0.5% in the last month. Flu is 0.1%. So you’re probably right. I wonder how much abuse, starvation, overdoses, murder and suicide is going to occur due to income lost and those stuck indoors?

      This isn’t the place to discuss immigrants, mental health, domestic abuse, the homeless and incarcerated. This is for out of touch, sheltered, pampered entertainment. Netflix and home delivery will be their terrible quarantined experience. Save it for somewhere else.

    4. It’s not the same as the flu dude. People get the flu in Italy every year and it doesn’t result in coffins piling up in hospital corridors and a shortage of respiratory equipment that leads directly to preventable deaths.

      In general I think this is a bad place to discuss politics but in this case the more reasonable and correct responses to misinformation, the better. Social distancing is the right thing to do right now and people’s lives are more important than “the economy.” Worried about economic downturn threatening lives? That’s something that can be addressed with government aid and, if necessary, increasing taxes on those who are profiting from this pandemic.

    5. “People are going to look back on this mass hysteria and wonder what it was all about?”
      Go lick some doorknobs, little dRUMPfanzee. The more the better.

  9. 150 000 people die every day globally from old age and complications due to being old. And in 3 months of corona craze there’s only 20 000 deaths. One day 150000 vs 3 months!! and 20000 (supposed, probably the number is even less).

    75,962 Deaths of mothers during birth this year
    That’s in 3 months, so about 840 per day. Mothers during birth! That’s scary as shit. That’s something that should change. Not old and sick people dying.

    263,546 Suicides this year
    3000 people killing themselves every day

    Coronavirus deaths this year: 35,000 (hysteria, panic, crisis…)
    Flu deaths this year: 120,000 (business as usual)
    HIV/AIDS deaths this year: 412,000 (business as usual)
    Cancer deaths this year: 2,000,000 (business as usual)

    So if you think there’s no pandemic… you’re wrong! There’s a massive stupidity pandemic going around. Be careful not to catch it!

    1. All those things you mention don’t put medical workers at risk in the same way and many are not contagious. They don’t hit all at once but are spread out over the year. It’s not the total numbers that are the issue. It’s hospitals being overrun and docs/nurses/staff dying along with patients.

    2. The stupidity YOU have caught is Faux Noise plague. There is no cure and no help for you, little dRUMPfanzee moron!

    3. Just for you, little dRUMPfanzee ‘GooooOFFF’: Latest figures, you asswipe: 1.5 million cases worldwide; nearly 100K deaths. That’s of course not counting the untold cases in the US (AND DEATHS) that we may never know about because ANUS TANGERINUS is refusing tests and equipment to blue states and delayed doing ANYTHING AT ALL about this until it was past critical. We’re nowhere near the downslope of the curve in US. It’s people like you who make me think COVID-19 might at least kill off a few sociopathic idiots LIKE YOU while it’s destroying the planet…

  10. Not the place for this! Using sport I love to get away from all the grim news. Go post non gym stats elsewhere. Spencer- you should remove.

    1. Spencer recently, proudly proclaimed on twitter that he hasn’t read his comments in years, so don’t count on him to bail us out.

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