The Balance Beam Situation

Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

2 Full 2 Out

Welp, I watched Full Out 2: Still Out immediately upon its release—and I’m assuming you did not do the same—so let’s walk through some important things you missed out on, like

Very accurate jargon

The part where KJ saw Brenna’s gymnastics for the very first time

And then imparted some BRAND NEW INFORMATION to her

Important technique analysis!

KJ existing solely to tell people obvious things about themselves

While being full of deep wisdom thoughts

The Oklahoma coaching staff: Tom, KJ, and…I’m gonna say Lou?

Haley Scaman erasure

Us reacting to gymnasts at a dance class

“Gymnasts arms be like…”

84 minutes of extended breakdancing montages that I skipped

But breakdancers do just randomly come to training to provide cool new suggestions for your floor routine, like an ugly layout stepout!

AJ putting the finishing touches on this painting in like three different scenes

Pretending this was Brenna’s fourth pass at worlds

Bart reciting his catchphrase

Your favorite teams at nationals, like Louisiana and Los Angeles

Brenna playing all the gymnasts from every school

This very realistic Y1.5

A Nicole Lehrmann ankle injury that never happened

That time when they had to put in Maria Caire

And then she did beam right in the middle of Alabama’s beam rotation

Correct. It is not allowed.

Maybe they got confused when the PA announcer literally called this a bars routine and they used it in the final cut.

And finally, Chayse Capps winning nationals with this stellar opening pass

Championship solved!

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