2 Full 2 Out

Welp, I watched Full Out 2: Still Out immediately upon its release—and I’m assuming you did not do the same—so let’s walk through some important things you missed out on, like

Very accurate jargon

The part where KJ saw Brenna’s gymnastics for the very first time

And then imparted some BRAND NEW INFORMATION to her

Important technique analysis!

KJ existing solely to tell people obvious things about themselves

While being full of deep wisdom thoughts

The Oklahoma coaching staff: Tom, KJ, and…I’m gonna say Lou?

Haley Scaman erasure

Us reacting to gymnasts at a dance class

“Gymnasts arms be like…”

84 minutes of extended breakdancing montages that I skipped

But breakdancers do just randomly come to training to provide cool new suggestions for your floor routine, like an ugly layout stepout!

AJ putting the finishing touches on this painting in like three different scenes

Pretending this was Brenna’s fourth pass at worlds

Bart reciting his catchphrase

Your favorite teams at nationals, like Louisiana and Los Angeles

Brenna playing all the gymnasts from every school

This very realistic Y1.5

A Nicole Lehrmann ankle injury that never happened

That time when they had to put in Maria Caire

And then she did beam right in the middle of Alabama’s beam rotation

Correct. It is not allowed.

Maybe they got confused when the PA announcer literally called this a bars routine and they used it in the final cut.

And finally, Chayse Capps winning nationals with this stellar opening pass

Championship solved!

22 thoughts on “2 Full 2 Out”

  1. Now I don’t even need to see the movie, these are probably all of the highlights I need! This was really funny, thank you!

  2. Oh well, we can always go back to watching Full Out (1) with Ariana Berlin and Miss Val (and also Peszek, Sacramone, and Wieber if you don’t blink).

    1. CRYING at Maria Caire and that awfully edited Y1.5. You can see her jump off the board!

  3. You want to see some terrible gymnastics camerawork? Watch “Raising the Bar”, it’s on Netflix. The shots are so poorly composed and put together you can’t even decipher the skills half the time

  4. Please tell me I didn’t just see someone jump off the vault table from two feet…

    1. This is all we have left in this world since Covid has taken everything we hold near and dear to our gymnastics hearts and literally ripped it into darkness and nothing.

      And yes, totally did a 1 1/2 twisting “yurchenko” two feet on the table as lift off.

  5. Am I the only one still a bit bitter that this isn’t Peng’s story?! I mean she had the most “made for TV movie” gymnastics career, it made so much sense! Not sure what broke down and caused them to try and make a story out of this? This is no slight on Brenna, awesome gymnast, no issue with her. I wonder if from an NCAA fairness perspective they though having two movies about UCLA gymnasts would be in bad form… that’s all I can think of. But I mean it’s UCLA, they are nothing if not the Hollywood team preferring style and flash above all else!

    1. I can’t even imagine who the “they” is that decided to make this terrible movie in the first place.

    2. Peng’s agent reportedly asked for too much money, so they went with Oklahoma.

  6. Could the producers not find an available gymnastics consultant? Even the casual viewer who only watches gymnastics every four (er, five) years could have told them that this isn’t how it works. This isn’t a good look for OU either. They should have insisted on seeing the dailies and final cut.

  7. I’m so confused. I was all set to actually pay money to watch this, but the link has disappeared from OU’s Instagram, and I can’t find it online anywhere else.

  8. How is this even a gymnastics movie? They just decided to throw some stories together with a lot of dance and a bit of gymnastics and they call it a movie about Oklahoma gymnastics. If there is no story then don’t make a movie. And the mistakes… Is there suddenly a fifth rotation? floor, vault, bars, beam and floor again? These gifs represent just what I thought. There was a lot to laugh about.
    PS Can we just organise a How-to-salute-as-a-gymnast class for all actors who want to play gymnasts?

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