2020-2021 Freshman Playlists

Freshman playlists are now up for the big four conferences, with (probably, most likely, we’ll see) more to come. Because there might be a season?

Although clearly the real sport has become gymnasts publicly calling out the COVID-responsibility levels of other teams, and I am fully here for it. Why have we even been bothering with routines and skills until now? This new sport is so much better.

As always, I try to use YouTube links when possible to provide for full accessibility, but if they’re not available or too old to be relevant, I’ll go with Flo.

Some teams have not finalized their rosters yet, so those are listed as TBC and include the gymnasts who have previously announced commitments to join those schools this coming season—unless we’ve since heard official deferral news about them (e.g. Jordan Chiles, Ana Padurariu, etc.).

SEC Freshman Playlist

Big Ten Freshman Playlist

Pac-12 Freshman Playlist

Big 12 Freshman Playlist

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