GIFs of the Year: 2020 Thoughts Edition

Everything is too hard

Don’t look at me, and pretend it never happened

Honestly, why is the world upside down?

I give up

Seriously I’m out

Somebody catch me


None for me I guess

Actually about to punch someone in the eyelid


If there’s a food shortage, I’ll eat Alyssa Baumann


This is all I’m doing. Please clap.


Actually, I might be the queen of this disaster

I’m handling this smoothly AF

And adjusting spectacularly

Never mind bye foreverrrrrr

I need to stop here and cry

Ugh. Morgan, just tell me exactly what to do

17 thoughts on “GIFs of the Year: 2020 Thoughts Edition”

      1. Was it the infamous ub routine (Tina Zelcic?) that Croatia put up as one of their 3 in the 2020 European championship team competition that was credited with a whopping 1.1 D score?


    1. Not a big fan of Morgan Hurd and the way she carries herself. She always has seemed to think she was better than everyone else. It could also just be that’s she’s young and doesn’t know how these types of things look to those on the outside.


      1. Kayla had her arm across her body in her initial pose, which does not always create the best angle and usually doesn’t look super flattering. Morgan moved her arm so that she looked better in the photo. Oooh how sinister…


  1. At least it was posing for pictures. Hurd is innocent here and just being sisterly, she’s been in the spotlight and had her pictures taken plenty of times at Worlds and just helping DiCello, who is mostly new to the media blitz. Hurd was way less offensive than Aly Raisman searching out video cameras and pushing the team towards them in Rio


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