Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 1

This week…

American democracy was like

And this is just normal behavior now

But it was easier and more fun to gymnastics

So we did this instead

Griffin James forgot to salute

And the judges were like

Florida and Oklahoma are separated by just .050

Marissa Oakley may have seen a COVID

Maile O’Keefe showed there’s always a place for a mask

While everyone else was like, “This is where mask go.”

And adhered to the official NCAA gymnastics COVID procedures

Meanwhile this is a 10 I guess

Because the Pattys were like

Emily Gaskins may have tried to kick the beam while falling, and same

Most people couldn’t watch Oklahoma’s season debut

But apparently they’re going to eff you up. In a murder way.

And then there was Trinity

14 thoughts on “Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 1”

  1. In the front pike half vault (4th gif), it look like there is a collar around the springboard. I thought non-backhandspring entry vaults could not have a collar? It’s not really directy around the board, does that make it ok? Never saw that before, but maybe i just never paid attention

    1. Non Yurchenko vaults are allowed to have a collar. The difference is that the collar is required for Yurchenko/round-off entry vaults and optional for other entries.

      1. I explained to my gymnasts what the collar was for, and to check it was there before each yurchenko and yell at me if I’d forgotten it (I never have, but coaches aren’t infallible, despite some believing they are). A recent transfer raised her eyebrows and said her old club only used them in competition.

    2. Collar OK- you cannot have the hand placement mat if you are doing a direct entry ( non- Yurchenko) vault

    3. Side note – the second half of her post-flight is fully laid out! She could get credit for layout position in elite if she claimed it. I’m crazy impressed with this vault – most powerful pikehalf I’ve ever seen.

  2. Totally missed Maile’s mask being in her uniform, that’s awesome! And I also want to know why in 2021 and COVID I STILL cannot watch Oklahoma and their conference on TV. Trinity’s vault should’ve been a 10 fo sho.

  3. Wasn’t on board with the overscores for LSU on FX. They didn’t need it to beat Arkansas. Kiya Johnson getting the first 10.0 this season is just wrong since it was no where near 10.000. It should have gone above 9.950

  4. Why do the judges hate Trinity? 10s go flying around everywhere including. In the meantime she has been 9.975’d so many times. She is as pretty and clean as Kyla ever was.

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