Friday Live Blog – January 22, 2021

Friday, January 22
Scores Stream
5:30pm ET/2:30pm PT – [4] Minnesota @ [3] Michigan LINK ESPNU
6:00pm ET/3:00pm PT – [21] NC State, Temple @ Towson LINK FREE
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT – [2] Oklahoma @ West Virginia LINK ESPN+
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT – [12] Kentucky @ [20] Missouri LINK SECN
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT – North Carolina @ New Hampshire LINK FREE
8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT – [1] Florida @ [8] Arkansas LINK SEC+
8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT – Tennessee Classic (Northern Illinois, Lindenwood, SEMO)    
8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT – [11] Georgia @ [5] LSU LINK SEC+
8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT – [18] Auburn @ [10] Alabama LINK SECN
9:00pm ET/6:00pm PT – [19] Southern Utah @ [24] Utah State LINK FREE

The premier meet of the entire weekend starts us off today as Minnesota and Michigan contend for national “we’re better than you” status. After that, I’ll make a point of following Oklahoma pretty closely since I know fewer people have access to watch that one on a subscription stream.

Bev’s mask sparkles are all of them. Because when I think of glitz, I think of Bev Plocki.

Rotation 1

Heiskell – VT – Michigan – already identified as Lexi Montgomery – Bridget thinks she fell last week (that was bars) – pretty full, near stick, smallest slide back, not the most distance, but pretty much as clean as she can go. 9.875

Montgomery – UB – Minn – hecht – blind to jaeger to overshoot, some loose body positions here but hit, short final cast – double front, pace back. Fine. 9.675

Brenner – VT – Michigan – a bound forward on her Y1.5 this week and another step to meet it – knees – won’t be quite the score they’re looking for there. 9.775

Hooten – UB – Minn – short first cast – good toes and position in piked jaeger, connected to overshoot – solid final cast hs position – double front, finds the stick. Good one. 9.800

Wojcik – VT – Michigan – larger lunge forward on her 1.5 – but she has the distance and the form, so there won’t be a ton taken beyond the lunge. 9.850

Willmarth – UB – Minn – Ray, hit – solid position on bail, nice toe point – shortish final cast – giant full to double tuck, can’t hold the stick and has to bound forward.9.675

Morrison – VT – Michigan – strong 1.5 – medium hop forward – legs together throughout and clean extension. 9.850

Can someone please tell them that the head-on vault view is nothing?

Loper – UB – Minn – maloney to pak, good legs togther position – just slightly late on 1/2 turn on low – short cast hs on high – giant full to double tuck, small bounce back, very close to the bar. Solid, not quite as strong as last week. 9.825

Brooks – VT – Michigan – also great distance on her Y1.5 – has the amplitude, medium hop forward and a slide-salute out of it. 9.825

Sales – Ub – Minn – good first hs – crisp bail hs vertical – strong casts – blind to khorkina, hit – this is quite good – DLO, small bounce back. Will be best score so far. 9.800 is low for me. Judges split of 9.750/9.850.

Wilson – VT – Michigan – great height on her 1.5, not as much distance as the last couple – pace sideways as the mat catches up with her. 9.875

Ramler – UB – Minn – “Lexy Romler” because a British accent is important when talking about Lexy Ramler. Because fancy. Maloney to pak, excellent – arches cast hs on low and pulls it back – van leeuwen – toe on a little late this week – holds the stick on her FTDT, chest a bit down. Not her strongest routine but should be a good number of course. 9.875

After 1: Michigan 49.275, Minnesota 48.975

Michigan will be OK with that vaulting start but didn’t have the landings on any of the 1.5s and therefore couldn’t go that much higher. Minnesota had to endure a counting 9.675 from early in the bars lineup, which made it quite difficult to get up to the 49s. I thought one or two of those bars scores in there for Minnesota were low, so keep an eye on that when Michigan goes to bars.

Isn’t it weird to have Maggie O’Hara doing the “message from last years’ seniors telling you to enjoy the moment” thing they’ve been doing since she’s currently getting 9.950s for Arkansas?

Rotation 2

Gerdes – VT- Minn – hits a full, a medium-sized bounce back, but fine. 9.750

Heiskell – UB – Michigan – blind to jaeger – catches close this week after missing last week, just a bit of bent elbows – hits clean pak – solid cast on high – giant full to stuck double tuck. Good. 9.900

Hooten – VT – Minn – no issues this week – does a whole vault – good control on her full landing, small hop – good height, not much distance. 9.800

Mariani – UB – Mich – high tkatchev – solid cast out of it – some angle in hips catching bail – DLO, stuck landing. Another strong one. 9.875

Ramler – VT- Minn – nails her Y1.5 – good stuck landing, best vault we’ve seen so far today – just a bit of knees, otherwise excellent. 9.900.

Koulos – UB – Mich – hits solid jaeger, good toes – hits vertical on her bail well, nice toes – hits cast hs on high – DLO, step back. 9.825

Loper – VT – Minn – another very nice 1.5 – more distance than Ramler and a a more laid out position, small hop forward. 9.900

Brenner – UB – Mich – small arch in first hs – jaeger, slightly close, connects into overshoot – DLO 1/1, bounce back this week. 9.825

Quarles – VT – Minn – can’t control her 1.5 today, large lunge forward, big distance. 9.800

Brooks – UB – Mich – blind to piked jaeger, strong – toe on to bail, hits solid vertical there – DLO 1/1, smaller bounce back than for Brenner. 9.875

Koch – VT – Minn – just a ylayout in the 6th spot, won’t use the score.

Wojcik – UB – Mich – good first hs – toe on to her huge deltchev that always kinds of looks like a rag doll being thrown down the stairs – hits bail, has the toe point, a touch of loose back when catching that bail – DLO, not the highest but finds the stick. 9.925

After 2: Michigan 98.675, Minnesota 98.125

Minnesota mostly did the job on vault in terms of not letting Michigan run away with it on that event score, though they would have liked a higher score from Quarles. Minnesota 49.150 on vault to Michigan’s 49.275 there.

Despite fewer sticks, Michigan is able to equal last week’s total on bars. Didn’t think the scores there were low the way they were for Minnesota. Some very crisp performances.

“Anything can happen on beam, I know it firsthand” says Bridget. If they were really on it, they would have had that clip of that time she almost fell on a full turn at nationals (trials?) and then did pee-pee arms to cut to.

Rotation 3

Farley – BB – Mich – bhs loso loso, pretty secure, split jump to split jump 1/2, also hit – 1.5 turn, smoothly done – side aerial to split – tough angle for judging split positions here because it’s so high, makes everything look short – gainer pike dismount, chest down with a little hop salute. 9.875

Koch – FX – Minn – front 2/1 to front tuck, secure, some leg crossing – split leap full to wolf jump full, a little hoppy – back full side pass – rudi, bounce back, some knees. 9.675

Wilson – BB – Mich – cat leap – bhs loso, great elevation, solid – wolf hop to switch side, slightly crooked, arm wave correction – I didn’t think we’d see Wilson on beam at Michigan because of the leaps, but they’ve come up with something she can get by with – double tuck dismount, pace back. 9.825

Sonier – FX – Minn – split jump full, good split position, may have been hoping for 1.5 turns – double pike, well short and hands down. Front full to front tuck and sits it down again. Wonder if something is wrong because she can’t punch in these passes. pulls out a back 1.5 to front tuck final pass, though. 7.900

Mariani – BB – Mich – side aerial, arm wave to keep moving into split jump – beat to switch side, solid – bhs loso series and falls, you could see that coming from this (better) beam angle, off line on the bhs – 1.5 with a step.

Fortman – FX – Minn – double L turn, leg under horizontal and a little short, wouldn’t get credit in elite – front lay to rudi, under control – loso side pass – switch ring and switch 1/2 look nice – front lay to front full and sits it down. Ooof. Minnesota what. Landed it short, possible pain. 9.000

Koulos – BB – Mich – bhs loso series, huge break and a fall. Both teams counting falls in rotation 3 now. I was just about to be like, “See, isn’t it good to get Koulos in these lineups?” split to straddle 1/2 and another fall. 8.550

Well, that deescalated quickly.

Ramler – FX – Minn – double pike, slightly uncontrolled, good height – switch ring is literal perfection – switch 1/2 – 1.5 to front lay, solid, slight soft in layout – 1.5 through to 2/1, very solid landing. That’s what we all needed mentally right now. 9.800

Brooks – BB – Mich – bhs loso loso series, very confident – switch to switch – kickover, solid, chest well up – bhs 1.5, large lunge forward, biggest deduction in the routine there. 9.825

Hooten – FX – Minn – front 2/1, slightly under with a crossover step – switch side to popa, nice toe point, clear finishing positions – front full to front pike, comfortable pass for her, just a little steppy – double tuck, a bit short, lunge forward. 9.625

Wojcik – BB – Mich – aerial to beat jump, gorgeous – switch to split, right on – bhs bhs loso, no trouble – 1.5 dismount, stuck landing. Remarkably excellent routine. 9.950

Loper – FX – Minn – front lay to rudi, control, pop up to salute – switch ring to split full – 2.5, nailed the landing – y spin – back 1.5 to layout with a dance out step. Good. 9.925

After 3: Michigan 147.450, Minnesota 146.200

So it didn’t go awesome! Michigan is still in contention for a high 196 here because things were going well before that and they could manage counting a 9.250. Minnesota has to count a 9.000 on floor in addition to a couple 9.6s, so this one is already out the window as a useful score for them regardless of how beam goes.

Interested to see if Sonier does beam now.

Couple score adjustments. Mariani’s score has been bumped up to 9.300, which is important because it counts. Emily Koch also got bumped up to 9.725

Rotation 4

No Sonier in the leadoff spot.

Montgomery – BB – Minn – bhs loso, looked like she hit it but then had a major issue working out of it, bend at the hips – beat to straddle 1/2 to tuck jump, hit – punch front, deep landing, side-to-side check – 1.5, step forward. 9.450

Bridget is really into saying people are scattered tonight.

Gugino – FX – Michigan – double pike, high, slide back – switch side to popa, a bit crooked in popa – front lay to front full, kind of maybe keeps that book foot down? Some knees – front lay to rudi, solid landing. 9.725

Nylin – BB – Minn – bhs bhs loso series, hit, took it RIGHT to the end of the beam, no room to spare – now Bridget is telling us about her beam full turns – switch side a bit short of split – 1.5, hop forward. 9.800

Koulos – FX – Mich – 2.5 first pass, lands a little short but saves it with a minor stagger – double pike, control, chest somewhat down – front lay to front full, hit. 9.700

Loper – BB – Minn – bhs loso series, lovely extension – kickover to beat jump, well controlled – switch to straddle 1/4, slight moment in between but fine – 1.5, hop forward. Nice. 9.850

Brenner – FX – Mich – full in, does well to control the landing, chest position – back 1.5 to layout, dance out – switch side to popa, good popa, a little angled in switch side – double pike, small absorption hop. 9.875

Korlin-Downs – BB – Minn – bhs loso series, lovely feet in bhs, check on loso – switch to stag ring, nice elevation on that stag – side aerial to full, step back. Very nice. 9.800

Wojcik – FX – Mich – double pike, keeps front foot down well, smooth – split leap full to wolf jump full, split leap was perfect, maybe a bit short on wolf jump – front 2/1 to front pike, controls landing – rudi to controled straddle jump. Very strong again. 9.875 comparatively tight for me there.

Sales – BB – Minn – bhs bhs loso, nice rise in the final element, solid – switch to switch side, huge break and can’t save it after a major struggle – that means Montgomery’s score has to count

Brooks – FX – Mich – nailed her full in, great control – ooof what happened there – 1.5 to front lay attempt, got nothing into layouyt and sits it down. Floor sounded like it suddenly became made of concrete – double pike, alittle short.

This meet became wildly unglued in the second half.

Ramler – BB – Minn – bhs loso series, confident arm swing down to avoid a check despite one foot being a little off – aerial to wolf jump, lovely – beat to split ring jump – side aerial to full, stuck. Wonderful. 9.900. They weren’t really here for Ramler today.

Wilson – FX – Mich – what now. Open full in and lands it short today, hands down. Something is wrong with that floor. Second rotation of counting falls for Michigan – front lay to front full, step – giant height in switch side and popa, that’s how you do it. double tuck, a little short step.

Well that turned pretty forgettable.

FINAL: Michigan 195.850, Minnesota 195.000

So…let’s all pretend that never happened?

Oklahoma/WVU to get started shortly and Missouri/Kentucky is underway.

Gottula – second up on vault for Missouri – had good pop on her full but ended up off line and landing deep with a lunge back. 9.700

Tim Garrison is like, “Tick tock losers” and same.

Davis – UB – Kentucky – blind full to 1/2 to jaeger, good height, some feet – loses her legs in bail, comes up short of vertical – rushing a couple hs positions today – DLO, pace forward.

Marshall – VT – Missouri – a high full but a clear pike, short on landing with a hop forward. 9.750

Nixon – UB – Kentucky – Maloney to bail, good legs together – maybe a bit short on cast on hb – high FTDT, bounce back.

OU/WVU getting started.

Thomas – UB – OU – good first hs – toe 1/2 to jaeger, hit, good toes – very precise bail hs position – casts look good – DLO, stuck landing. Strong start. 9.875

Swanson for Missouri sits her Y1.5 today.

Waldron – WVU – vault – large bounce back on full, some piking, has amplitude

Levasseur – UB – OU – maloney with some legs into a crisp bail – fun arms closeup during her cast hs – DLO dismount more trouble today, a little jarred on landing with a bounce. 9.850

Kiana Lewis – WVU – VT – nice addition – good amplitude on her full, stuck landing, just pike and distance to take.

Draper – UB – OU – good hs – blind to piked jaeger, solid, a little low this week but fine – pak, some leg break there – rushes final cast hs – double front, step back. Not her strongest but fine. 9.750

Pierson – VT – WVU – solid dynam,ics on her full, good distance, bounce back

Raena Worley with an important save on bars for Kentucky, pulling back a cast hs before sticking her FTDT.

Smith – UB – OU – good first hs – Ray to pak, good rhythm – slight rush on 1/2 turn on low – DLO, whippy position with a little piking, small hop back. Hearing someone call bars the strongest event for Ragan Smith makes her think of elite days and laughhhh. 9.875

McCrary just does pull out her Y1.5 landing on vault for Missouri.

Linnen – VT – WVU – y1/2 with a large lunge forward

Webb – UB – OU – great pak – van leeuwen, legs together nicely – toe 1/2 to double front 1/2, struggles on the landing today, sideward lunge, great on the bars. 9.875

Davis – UB – OU – good first hs – higgins to piked jaeger, very high, just a bit of elbows on catch – nice form on pak – very precise finishing position on her 1/2 turn on low bar – double front, pace forward. Pretty. Best of the lineup 9.900.

Meanwhile Angeny anchors bars for Kentucky – nice jaeger – hits her DLO 1/1 dismount, hop forward.

After 1: Oklahoma 49.375, West Virginia 48.575

A big opening bars score for Oklahoma but they’ll feel like they got away with one today because the dismount andings were not super awesome after Thomas.

Missouri had to count a couple 9.6s on vault for a 48.500, while Kentucky didn’t really get the scores on bars either for 48.850. A couple of the later bars scores looked tight to me there, but I didn’t see everything.

Rotation 2 – OU/WVU and Kentucky/Missouri

Davis – VT – OU – stronger control on her full, leans to minimize the hop, small one. 9.775

Abarca – Ub – WVU – nice toe point in her giant full – gienger, has the height, legs apart on catch – closeup of the high bar during her bail – double tuck, small hop.

Bailey Bunn with a hop back on her full for Kentucky on vault. Hufeindiek bars for Missouri a solid hit, some form on jaeger catch but a nice bail and stuck double tuck. Improvement.

Stern – VT – OU – Y1.5 – very good, holds the stuck landing just a little lean to hold it. Good. 9.875. Leaving themselves some room for the later 1.5s. There are days when that would have gone 9.950. I’m fine with 9.900

Combs hits bars for WVU – late on giant full but gets the double tuck done. Hop. I can’t with the camera work here.

Q Smith – VT – OU – does a full (she had a 1.5 at times in JO) bounce back, at this point not something that will stay in an OU vault lineup but I imagine we’ll see her in time. 9.750

Magnelli with a side lunge on her handspring pike 1/2 for Kentucky.

Levasseur – VT – OU – smaller stap forward on her 1.5, nice form throughout, has the distance. 9.900

Missouri has a Jaeger fall from Patrick in the third spot.

Patterson vaults for Kentucky and I’m not sure what happened there but she isn’t able to do her vault and falls. Oh, on replay she couldn’t get one of her hands on the vault and had to bail out of it.

Webb – VT – OU – medium hop forward on her 1.5 – good form as always, looks like landing caught up to her a tad quickly. 9.850

Schoepfer – VT – OU – solid tucked 1.5, small hop forward, some of her best control, should be a good score. 9.925

Cally Nixon can’t stick her full on vault today with a bounce back, but good height and position, pretty.

Holmes-Hackerd anchors WVU on bars – has nice toe point on jaeger but struggles on double tuck dismount, large bounce forward

Angeny finishes vault for Kentucky – clean full, tenth bounce back

It’s 49.325 for Oklahoma on vault. Another 48.575 for WVU on bars.

Sheremeta anchoring bars for Missouri – good first hs – blind to jaeger, has the height – short on cast out of it – clear hip to bail, a leg break – good final cast hs – sticks back 1.5 twist dismount

After 2:

Oklahoma 98.700, West Virginia 97.150
Kentucky 97.800, Missouri 97.275

Missouri had to count a couple low scores on bars there to go 48.775, while Kentucky went 48.900 on vault. Didn’t have particularly strong landings today in that vault rotation and had to drop the vault from Patterson.

No, West Virginia. It’s too soon for that Mountaineer. That’s a little coup-y for me right now.

Rotation 3s

Holmes Hackerd – WVU – BB – pretty attitude turn – cat leap to aerial to back tuck, small lean to the side – cat leap to switch to straddle 1/4, short of split on the final element there – front tuck full, small hop to the side

Draper – FX – OU – double pike, large bounce back today, does keep it in bounds but a major bounce – front full to front full, has the control there – switch 1/2 to popa, very nice positions there – 1/2 to rudi, solid, just some legs in a couple of those twists. 9.825

Missouri third rotation underway, McCrary hits beam with a leg up check along the way

very secure bhs whip back from Pierson on beam for WVU.

Bunn just nailed a double pike on floor for Kentucky – stuck landing – and good amplitude on her dance elements – 1.5 to front pike, some stagger. Solid rudi.

Schoepfer – FX – OU – double tuck, slide back – 1.5 to layout, under control, arches around the layout some – switch ring to wolf hop full, not quite all the way around – double pike very nice, good control. 9.850

Hornung on beam for WVU has to redo her aerial so that she could connect it into a one-arm bhs.

Bell Johnson’s first routine for OU – in the floor lineup – front lay to rudi, nice position and takes it verrry far – double tuck, well short, hands down, nearly shows us a fall-to-handstand moment.

Haigis for Kentucky on floor, a pretty rudi to loso.

Sheremeta hits a pretty-toes beam routine for Missouri – a lean to the side on a kickover is all. Stuck gainer pike.

LaPinta – FX – OU – 3/1 wowwwww, slips on landing and sits it down. Oklahoma will count a fall on floor. 9.250 and it has to count.

So the #2, #3, and #4 teams are all counting falls this week.

Gottula on beam for Missouri, saves her loso series with a lean.

Webb – FX – OU – anger floor? Is it always anger floor? – front 2/1, maybe a little too steppy but solid – 1.5 to front full, strong – rudi to stretch jump, that will do well for them. 9.925

Abarca beam combination side aerial into side somi, and keeps it going pretty quickly (relatively)

Missouri has a beam fall from Christensen on her side aerial to bhs series, which means the opening 9.675 will have to count.

R Smith – FX – OU – no trouble landing her double tuck, very solid – 1.5 to layout, dances out of it – switch side and wolf jump full, comfortably done, clear positions – double pike, just the smallest step but very strong routine. 9.925

Florida and Arkansas getting started now.

Pennese returns to vault lineup for Ark – lunge back on full. 9.875 is hopefully a mistake because that is not correct. [It was a mistake!]

Oklahoma ends up going 48.775 on floor to sit at 147.475 after three events. 197 still doable with one of their best beams.

Richards – UB – Florida – has a leg break in her bail , hits DLO with a small hop

Johnston – VT – Ark – very strong control on her full, fakes the step-salute – but nearly had it.

Missouri gets an important beam hit from Schreiber to avoid counting a fall.

Gallentine – Ub – Florida – toe on to maloney, good legs together – into pak, small leg break – 1/2 turn on low bar is a slight legs adventure – DLO, bounce back

Olszewski – VT – Ark – bounce back on her full. 9.850

Skaggs – UB – Florida – good frist hs – tkatchev to pak, nice rhythm and elevation – perfect cast hs on high bar – DLO, small bounce. That bounce and the leg separation on her DLO and pak are the things. Nicely done. 9.875

Shaffer – VT – Ark – pretty Y1/2 as always but a tenth lunge forward this time. 9.800

Schoenherr – UB – Florida – good hs – toe 1/2 to high jaeger, strong – toe on to bail, hits vertical comfortably – nice final cast hs – double front 1/2 out, nearly saves the stick, has to hop forward.

Hambrick – VT – Ark – got really high on vault today – still got her 1.5 to her feet but barely, multiple lunges back to save it.

Thomas – UB – Florida – maloney to clear hip to pak, leg flash apart barely on pak – van leeuwen, good – shows off final cast hs – DLO, stuck landing. Nice. 9.975. She did her usual. It often comes down to angle. We can see those small leg breaks from this angle, but super crisp routine.

Opening fall for Oklahoma on beam from Karrie Thomas. well now.

Elswick – VT – Ark – big yfull, great open on it – nearly has the stick – basically shows it up has to take a lean.

Clapper – UB – Florid a- this is not ellie Lazzari – piked jaeger – hit, not the highest but hit – bail, good vertical – giant full, solid finish position, double tuck, stuck.

It’s Florida 49.400 on bars to Arkansas 49.275 on vault

Florida a strong bars rotation, a ragged moment or two at the beginning but some really strong handstands in the second half. That early vault scoring for Arkansas was preposterous, though it got more normal as we went, I suppose?

Evy Schoepfer just fell on her beam series in the second position for Oklahoma, so OU will be counting falls on both beam and floor. I don’t know what’s happening.

Gottula hits a very nice barani to back 2/1 for Missouri this week, in addition to not tripping on her leap combo, so it’s a win overall. Double pike, a tad short.

Jenna Dunn rights things for Oklahoma on beam with a very secure series – stuck gainer full. Good. 9.800

Kentucky will have to work against a 9.600 in the first position on beam, but Magnelli came through with a hit this week – nice aggression on her series.

Davis – BB – OU – stylish full turn – bhs loso series, under control – onodi pretty as always but she hesitates working out of it with a check.

Richards with a better full this week in the leadoff spot for Florida on vault. 2

Lovett – Ub – Ark – big Rayu, nice catch position – bail, some hip angle – good cast hs on high – giant full to open double tuck, stuck landing. Good finish. 9.850

Lazzari – VT – Florida – good distance and pretty position on her full, bounce back

Gianfagna – UB – Ark – rushes first hs – nice Ray as well from her into overshoot – short on these cast hs though – FTDT, another strong stick.

Smith – BB – OU – bhs loso series, like buttah – aerial to strddle jump, secure – beat jump to straddle 1/2 to swingdown, great rhythm – gainer full, good, what OU needed.

Scalzo on bars for Ark with a hit jaeger to overshoot and some handstand potential but got really late on her giant full to double tuck and sits it down.

Schoenherr – VT – Florida – very strong Y1.5, only the smallest shuffle forward.

Shaffer – UB – Ark – good frist hs – toe on to maloney, excellent leg form – bail, back collapses slightluy, good legs together – DLO, hop back

Patterson has fallen on beam for Kentucky, meaning two 9.6s will have to count.

Webb – BB – OU – bhs loso, confident – aerial to beat jump, smooth – switch to switch, small arm wave on the second element side aerial to full, stuck landing. Came back at the end of that rotation.

Reed – VT – Florida – Y1.5 – large lunge forward on her 1.5 today –

Big stick on FTDT from Hambrick.

Thomas – VT – Florida – medium hop forward on her Y1.5 this week – strong in the air as always

O’Hara – UB – Ark – good first hs – blund to jaeger, nice toe point – short hs on high – solid bail position – better final cast hs – DLO, sticks. Nice.

Oklahoma finishes with a 196.050. Well. Not great.

A 9.900 for O’Hara gets Arkansas to 49.375 on bars. Florida does the same on vault, led by a 9.950 for Schoenherr.

kentucky got 9.850 from Worley in the 5th spot.

Georgia and LSU about to start in a second. So we’ve got a day happening.

Angeny – BB – Kentucky – they need a hit from her to escape the beam problems this week – kind of – very confident series – switch to beat, comfortable – finishes side aerial to stuck full. That works.

Chase Brock opens for LSU with a great stick on the full – will get a height deduction, a pike, but pretty much her ideal vault. 9.825. I would have been 9.850 there.

McCrary finishing for Missouri on floor, hits a rudi, kind of a stagger on landing

Cashman – Ub – UGA – hits tkatchev – small arch in hs on high – clean vertical on bail – short cast hs before dismount – DLO, lands a bit low – step forward. 9.775

Shchennikova – VT – LSU – her best 1.5 yet, around comfortably, bounce forward but you weren’t worried she was going to fall on that one. 9.875

Schild – UB – UGA – back in the lineup today – good first hs – Ray, nice and high, good toes – toe on to bail, legs apart, small hip angle – good cast hs on high – DLO is better, hollow, small step back. 9.800

FINAL: Kentucky 195.775, Missouri 195.350

Arenas – VT – LSU – good height on her full, some pike, step back. 9.800

R Baumann – Ub – UGA – a little short on first hs – blind to jaeger, hit – a little short on hs – bail, toe shoot – flings out DLO, gets it to her feet, hop forward. Leo came undone in teh back but she’s like I DO BARS YOU GUYS.

Edwards – VT – LSU – short landing on her Y1.5 with a lunge back

Skaggs in the floor lineup for Florida today – rudi to split jump, hit, some travel – 1.5 to layout, some legs under control

Olsen brings back her DTY today for Alabama – lands shor twith a hop forward but hit, following a 9.275.

Really nice DLO for De Jong for georgia on bars.

Durante – VT – LSU – hits a full, improvement over the times we saw her in this lineup last year, some piking, small slide back

That sure looks like no Kiya Johnson in the vault lineup today…

Roberts – UB – Georgia – toe full, somewhat late – maloney, good legs into bail, slight angle – DLO, hop forward

Luisa Blanco Y1.5 alert! Hits it for Alabama, fairly large lunge forward.

Bryant – VT – LSU handspring pike 1/2, awesome, small hop back, what we’ve become accustomed to

Bryant’s 9.900 will get LSU up to 49.275 on vault.

Georgia will finish bars with Abbey Ward. No Nguyen today, no Oakley today – shaposh to bail and can’t get to handstand on bail, major elbow bend and not close to hs – finishes DLO with step back but that will be the drop score.

Graber anchors vault for Alabam with a very pretty Y1.5, huge height, great position – small hop forward.

Solid Y1.5 from kamryn Ryan in exhibition for LSU, holds stick with a lean. A far cry from that time she almost died at Gym 101.

Gobourne finishes for Auburn on bars, small step back on FTDT. Pak was glorious.

Katie Finnegan in on bars exhibition fro Georgia, misses her hand on her pak but keeps going through it. Nearly falls on double tuck.

After 1: LSU 49.275, Georgia 49.075

A depleted rotation for both teams? Georgia will consider it a miracle going over 49 on bars without Nguyen or Oakley in the lineup. LSU can improve all those landings but held everyone over 9.8 in a lineup without Johnson to stay mostly on track.

Alabama 49.175, Auburn 48.975

SJS – FX – Florida – great double Arabian, controls step forward – 1/5 to layout, some slide there – switch side to straddle 1/2 shushunova, great position on straddle – double tuck, a hair short but covers it into a present

Arkansas already has two 9.9s on beam in this rotation.

Shaffer – BB – Ark – switch, small hesitation into straddle 1/4, good position, slight arm wave – bhs loso series, small lean – aerial, another small .05 adjustment, but there have been a couple here – cat leap to side aerial to full, small slide. 9.800

Taylor – FX – Florida – getting into the lineup today – secure double tuck, chest up landing – 1.5 to layout to stag, solid, not the highest, but comfortable – switch side to popa – double pike, a bit more trouble on that landing but saves it with a lunge back.

Carter – BB – Ark – bhs loso, lean correction – beat jump to stag ring, very high combination, lovely – aerial to sissone, has the positions – side aerial to full, stuck. 9.825

near fall from, Rachel Baumann on vault, full, very short landing.

Kiya Johnson is in the bars lineup for LSU – short first hs – good maloney to bail combo, solid verticals – toe on – DLO, small slide back. Good.

Reed – FX – Florida – nails the DLO landing – front lay to rudi with a minor slide back – double pike, good open, controlled landing, strong. 9.925

Dean has a Tkatchev fall in the second position for LSU on bars.

Hambrick anchoring for Arkansas on beam – good loso series – switch with a slight hesitation into switch 1/2 – straddle jump 3/4, a little short of position – side aerial to gainer full, stuck.

49.350 for Arkansas’s beam.

Cashman hits a full for goergia – some pike, small slide

Thomas – FX – Florida – big DLo obviously – was I think a little worried she was off line and hops centrally, not a big deal – 1.5 to layout to sissone, lovely – leaps, more than necessary – double pike, bounce backward. Double pike too easy.

Olivia Dunne lost form for LSU on bars – may have clipperd her foot on the Tkatchev which took her off rhythm for the pak and 1/2 turn on low, major deductions there – 9.700 is too high. Doesn’t seem like she clipped her foot, but she had to tuck her Pak some, recast on low bar, then had a missed toe 1/2 on low that came to horizontal handstand.

Lukacs again in teh vault lineup for Georgia with a full – bounce back.

Drew Watson sits her Y1.5 for Auburn. hand down.

Bryant hits bars for LSU – double front, lunge back –

Ward – VT – georgia – deeper landing on Tsuk full, lunge back

Gobourne hits her Y1.5 for Auburn, small hop forward. Good one.

Shchennikova -UB – LSU – short first handstand, hits Ray into a pretty Pak – 1/2 turn on low is fairly solid – DLO, doesn’t stick this time, bounce back, usual piking. 9.800

Roberts – VT – Georgia – lock legged on her 1.5 but not too bad, step back to save it. 9.850 is high there

Durante – UB – LSU _ good first hs – blind to jaeger, good toes – hits hs on high – pak, legs together – pretty solid position on 1/2 turn on low – good hs – FTDT, step back

LSU will be thanking its lucky stars about escaping that bars rotation with 49.125 because Dunne had a major error, though less egregious on replay than I originally thought. Georgia got some charity of its own in a vault rotation where the landings weren’t really there to stay over 196 pace.

After 2: LSU 98.400, Georgia 98.075

Arkansas just .125 behind Florida going to final rotation now.

Richards – BB – Florida – somewhat hesitant on full turn – secure triple series, some feet – switch to straddle, no trouble – side aerial to full was rough, took her way off line, deep with a step. 9.800

Johnston – FX – Ark – double tuck, solid – back 1/2 to front full, a little steppy – good lift in switch and straddle elements, nice height – double pike, chest down, step. 9.875

SJS – BB – Florida – punch front, holds with an arm wave, little bounce – bhs loso series, check to the side – switch 1/2 to beat, good switch position – bhs full, stuck – more confident in the second half of that routine. 9.875

Hickey – FX – Ark – double pike with a bounce – 1.5 to layout, off line but OK, some leg break – double tuck, under control. 9.800

Desiderio had a good one going for LSU on beam but then had a leg-up check on her gainer full dismount?

Lazzari – BB – Florida – bhs loso loso series, right on – switch to split, slight hesitation – aerial – side aerial to full, hop back

Perez Lugones leads off georgia on floor, some larger bounces but a hit routine

Lovett – FX – Ark – DLO, hits it, medium slide back, good chest position – front lay to full, some leg separation – double tuck, solid, under control. 9.925

Sami Durante with her most controlled beam of the season so far.

Skaggs – BB – FLorida – single wolf – switch to split, good positions – bhs loso series, good control, could have been off line, didn’t show it – aerial, check – cat leap to switch side, secure, maybe a bit low – side aerial to full, stuck landing. Good. 9.950 is…a lot. In theme with the entire last two rotations.

Hambrick – FX – Ark – double tuck, good control, leg down solid middle pass – short of position on switch 1/2, good second element – double pike, holds the stick, deep landing though. 9.900 why nottttt.

Haleigh bryant does well to save her series on beam after a lean before the bhs-

baumann -= BB – Florida – bhs loso series, well controlled – pretty leap positions – aerial, no trouble – switch 1/2, solid – 1.5 dismount, fakes a stick, lean and a step salute. 9.925

Carter – FX – Ark – double tuck, slightly short, shuffle forward – 1.5 to front full, nice stick, just some knees – switch 1/2 to split full, great height and 180, I imagine Kathy would be saying, “just needs to watch those feet” right about now – double pike, a bit deep, controls the landing.

Thomas – BB – Florida – one-arm bhs to loso and she nearly falls again! grabs the beam with a major break to stay on, so that will need to be the drop score. Side aerial to full, slide back.

Florida will stay on 49.425.

Which means Arkansas could win with a 10.

Pennese – FX – Ark – rudi to straddle jump to front tuck, pretty solid – back 1.5 to layout, some legs apart – switch side to popa, not bad on the positions, a little bouncy – double tuck, chest well forward with a lunge. Should be the drop score but gives another option.

FINAL: Florida 197.425, Arknasas 197.250

Florida will feel medium about that meet, which I suppose is encouraging for them because it was nearly the best score of the season. Arkansas did well. Was the meet actually that close between the two teams? No. But Arkansas through with a hit and some pretty gymnastics.

Elsewhere, Uisa Blanco is finishing off a pretyt beam for Alabama, and the rotation will see them distance from an Auburn team that is struggling on floor.

Campbell – BB – LSU – loso series, hits but a leg-up check on landing – aerial to sissone, lovely – switch to switch 1/2, ideal positions, perfection – 2/1, small slide back. 9.950 is a lot for a balance check and a non-stick.

Georgia is getting through floor with 9.8s here. Finishing with Baumann – arm waves aplenty to try to pull around a wolf triple – double pike, larger bounce back – 1.5 to full, very deep landing, large lunge back.

Shchennikova in beam exhibition for LSU – hit. Scored a 9.825. Dunne will also do exhibition. A little tentative but pretty positions. gainer full still looks like a bit of a struggle.

After 3:
LSU 147.750, Georgia 147.250
Alabama 147.800, Auburn 146.575

Rotation 4s from both meets

Watson – BB – Auburn – bhs loso series, some knees, cat leap to side aerial, check with one leg off the bea – switch to straddle 1/4, lean forward at the hips – 1.5, stuck landing. 9.725

Gaskins – FX – Alabama – bounce back, good positiopn on double pike – nice switch ring and switch 1/2, hits her double tuck, getting more comfortable with her tumbling this week. 9.875

Hollingsworth – BB – Auburn – bhs lay-pike series, secure landing – switch to switch 1/2, misses position on switch 1/2 – bhs bhs 1.5, hop to the side. 9.700

James – FX – Alabama – front lay to rudi, pretty solid control, hop to position – close-up during leaps – double tuck and sits it down, collapses in the legs. 9.075

Schild – BB – Georgia – aerial to two bhs, a little slow – small check after – side aerial to beat jump, swings leg through to beat – switch to split – gainer pike, hop. 9.800

Smith – BB – Auburn – bhs loso series, very secure and pretty position there – switch to switch 1/2, slow in combo but not bad positions – stuck 1.5 dismount. Nice. 9.900

Dean – FX – LSU – double pike, solid landing, some feet – 1.5 to layout, knees, hit – split leap full to jump full – double tuck, pulls it around. 9.900. it’s going to be one of those rotations.

Mitchell – FX – Alabama – good double pike – switch, some back leg – wolf full to wolf 1.5 – front tuck through to double tuck, chest down but controls the landing – 9.900 is quite high.

Finnegan – BB – Georgia – bhs loso series, solid – side aerial, a biut slow into wolf jump, check – switch with a pause before straddle 1/4, so watch the SV here – 1.5 bounce forward

Campbell – FX – LSU – 2.5, crossed legs, controls the step – double pike, chest but solid – 1.5 to layout, has to step back to control the landing. 9.875

Sylvia – Bb – Auburn – aerial to bhsbhs, good extension in that series – switch to sheep with a leg-up check – gainer full, good stick.

Lukacs – BB – georgia – kickover to beat jump, hit, kickover is a bit deep – bhs loso series, small check – not terrible straddle position – overturns her full turn a little – 1.5, hop forward

Klopfer – FX – Alabama – double tuck, hit – split full to popa, pretty – 1.5 to layout, layout very low, bananas it around – double pike, some trouble, stagger landing and short

Shchennikova – FX – LSU – front 2/1, bounce forward out of it – back 1.5 to front full, dance cover – switch ring to switch 1/2, no issue there, comfortable elements for her – rudi to split jump, some travel. 9.900

Gobourne – BB – Auburn – bhs loso series, small check – again a little hesitant on full turn – got more comfortable as it went – 2/1, stuck landing

Hawthorne – BB – georgia – bhs loso series, large break, leg-up check – switch with a hesitation into switch split jump – kickover from knee is excellent – 1.5, finds the stick.

Olsen – FX – Alabama – brings back her double double – lands it – a little short, hop forward – front cuk trhough to double tuck, pulls it around, some chest position – stabs self at end

Desiderio – FX – LSU – good control on DLO landing – 1.5 to layout is a bit of a struggle – flat layout, has to pull it around – swtich ring to split, fine – double tuck, well short and hands down. The first pass was good but she ran out of steam.

McLaughlin – BB – Auburn – bhs loso series, good extension – switch to straddle 1/4, a bit short on switch split – side aerial;, nice, arm wave into split jump – gainer pike, solid

De Jong – BB – Georgia – aerial to beat jump looks good – bhs loso series, secure – straddle 1/2 from side position is good – small slide back on dismount. 9.925. So someone was ready to go 10 before hte dismount. This is the life we lead.

Adams – FX – Alabama – douyble pike, a little short, small hop – 1.5 to layout, slightly soft bringing it around – nails double tuck at the end

Edwards – FX – LSU – pretty good front 2/1, a little bounce – nice height on front full to front full, bounces into the corner but keeps it in – switch side to popa, good switch side, a little shorter on the popa – doubel tuck, slide back 9.925 sure whater.

R Baumann – BB – UGA – side aerial to loso series, leg-up check to hold it – beat to switch side is nice – 1.5 dismount, small step

Bryant – FX – LSU – double fornt, nailed the landing – front lay to rudi, also strong – switch 1/2 to popa, a little short on the popa landing position – front 2/1, little slide. Good one.

Wait, and then they gave that a 9.850? That’s objectively too low for that routine. After that cracky rotation they’re going to be like, “But this one’s a 9.850.” Please tell me how that was the weakest hit in that rotation. PLEASE.

FINAL: LSU 197.200, Georgia 196.375
Alabama 196.925, Auburn 195.575

So that was appropriately bonkers. Georgia gets its highest score so far when Magee and Nguyen and Oakley were all absent (being honest that has more to do with the high scoring lens used today. LSU will take a 197.200 since 197s have been semi-difficult to come by so far and Oklahoma and Michigan both had such horrendous meets. Though the scoring took place in the upside down.

Also, what did we just live through? That was one of the stranger days of NCAA gym. Sort of more like what I expected from the devil season.

So, Oklahoma got its lowest score since January 2012 to drop below LSU in the rankings, and Arkansas is currently 4th. So that all tracks.

81 thoughts on “Friday Live Blog – January 22, 2021”

  1. “Isn’t it weird to have Maggie O’Hara doing the “message from last years’ seniors telling you to enjoy the moment” thing they’ve been doing since she’s currently getting 9.950s for Arkansas?”

    Not really. She was a senior at UM last year and had her senior season cut short. She was lucky she had a 5th year she could use and Arkansas had an available spot on the team.
    I don’t think Michigan had a spot for her so she could compete in a red-shirt season, but I could be wrong.

    Michigan will be in the hunt for a National team title, especially nice they get to sticking those 1 1/2s on VT. Hopefully Koch can upgrade or someone steps up for that 6th spot. If there is a fall earlier, they don’t want to have to count a Yurchenko Layout into the team total.

  2. It seems like Minnesota is being judged a bit harsher than Michigan is. Without the small hop the judges are saying Lauren Farley’s beam routine would’ve been 9.925-9.95?? It’s good to be harsh, but this is pretty one sided.

  3. I don’t understand why Minnesota has to use a layout on vault, even if the score got dropped. They had at least four or five additional fulls at their intrasquad two weeks ago.

  4. 9.825 for Brooks with what should be a 3 tenth step on the dismount? Yeah okay, seems plausible.

  5. They’re probably all injured so they’re competing Freshman walkons. Good job Brenner getting out of MN before TCT could destroy your body too.

  6. I get that they’re not in person or anything and it’s last minute but holy shit, can the commentators not match faces to names when there’s a lineup change? I don’t get paid for this and I know Alissa Sonier and Lexi Montgomery don’t look alike.

    1. I will never understand why gymnastics (and probably other sports) can’t either (a) hire actually knowledgeable commentators or (b) demand that their existing ones meet a basic standard of performance that involves knowing what they are doing.

      I kinda get why NBC has Nastia (sort of famous, I guess?) doing her shitty job, but surely Bridget Sloan and the rest of the NCAA set are not known by enough people to make their incompetence worth it.

    1. We saw her clean, yet scattered, just a slight hop but overall extremely clean!

    2. I take bigger issue with her commentating on Ali Sonier’s floor. After that first pass, I wondered if she was injured and should stop the exercise. Bridget fails to mention this as a cause for subsequent tumbling errors. Show some compassion. She was clearly hurt, but nothing about it from our “expert”

  7. Lot of those falls on floor in the Minn-Mich meet seem to be in the same corner and all lack of punch. Dead springs maybe?

  8. There is nothing more fun to watch than contagious falls. 9 in the last 2 rotations is my new favorite record this year.

    1. I didn’t watch so I hope it’s not an injury but I’m glad I don’t have to eat my mask today

  9. so far not so good for some of these teams! having count a fall for both beam and floor for OU and Michigan?

  10. Curious the last time OU scored this low in a meet!?!

    They really need Carly and Olivia back and some other freshman healthy!

      1. I love it… was getting super tired of the reign of the blonde and boring (and the insane overscoring), but couldn’t argue with the fact that they were outperforming everyone 95% of the time.

  11. The livescoring has the Arkansas vault score at 49.150, which makes more sense. Maybe some of the scores were changed?

    1. Pennese’s vault is listed as a 9.8 on the livescoring app 🤔 That’s much more reason so that’s probably the right one!

  12. God I can’t get over how good Bryant’s vault is, it’s sooo open. She should be getting higher scores than she’s gotten

      1. And Oakley. Also would love to have an update on Lukacs and Hawthorne, as well. It would be great to have those two full strength.

    1. And getting valuable Wieber bonus points.

      They ARE massively improved and they definitely have potential to make Nationals as a full team. They are not quite top tier yet though. Maggie O’Hara and Abby Johnston are game changers for the team. Hopefully Elswick can come back on all 4.

  13. Is it just me, or does the trim on this Georgia leotard look purple? I thought LSU had a new leotard at first!

  14. Has anyone had success yet in seeing the Free Stream for 9:00pm ET/6:00pm PT – [19] Southern Utah @ [24] Utah State? Thanks.

  15. I’ve got to give UGA credit for seeming to have 10 girls on each event but it feels like we are never seeing an optimal lineup. If they get everyone healthy and into competition form they will be a dangerous low seed in post season.

    LSU is substituting but playing an entirely different game. But Bryant and one other hit will literally get the job done on each event. I love her gymnastics.

  16. Classic Florida over score to keep them winning…

    But I’m so impressed with Arkansas they are now my favorite SEC team!

    1. Funny since Arkansas was over-scored just as much, if not more, tonight. Did you forget their vault rotation?

      Florida were the deserving winners.

    1. SEC seems to be falling into tiers:
      1: Florida. Most consistent, most talent.
      2. Arkansas = LSU. Although LSU has beaten Arkansas, I think they’ve gotten lucky (especially in the first meet) and they would have lost to them today.
      3. Georgia = Alabama
      4. Kentucky > Auburn

      1. LOL arkansas and lsu are not the on the same level – yes lsu has got a few crack socres but the home scoring at ark is another level – feel ark have taken over georgia for horrendous overscoring at home. they should have been nowhere near florida in todays meet.

      2. And how is Georgia=Alabama? With a meltdown meet last week, Alabama was still comfortably ahead of Georgia. And after tonight, that gap will increase again.

      3. It’s hard to assess Alabama because of Dana’s crazy lineup changes every week, but I don’t understand why some people seem to be writing them off as a lower tier SEC team. They legit look like they may have 5 10.0 SV vaults, and once they actually put out the A team on floor, that should be a strong lineup. Bars seems to be the only real question mark for them.

        Granted, Bama has always been inconsistent under Dana, so another beam meltdown like we saw at Missouri is very possible. However, when they hit, they should score well.

      4. I think Bama is legitimately in the 3-5 tier in the SEC. We have even less clue about UGAs potential with their A team and Arkansas has easily been the team closest to their potential out of the gate. I don’t see Bama holding pace with LSU and UF when those teams fire on all cylinders.

      5. “I don’t understand why some people seem to be writing them off as a lower tier SEC team.”

        Because their A team never materializes as an A team and they end up with the likes of Childers doing AA when they recruited gymnasts like Key and Desch. Maybe this is the year they finally live up to their potential? But the track record’s not there.

    2. Did you actual watch the meet? Home team (Arkansas) received some very generous scores for much less difficult routines.

    3. I love the underdogs!!!! I am an LSU fan and have been a fan of them over the past decade. I loved watching their rise and now I am enjoying also watching Arkansas rise up. Imagine the day where LSU and Arkansas are the top 2 teams in the SEC ahead of Florida, Alabama and Georgia, It is so exciting to see programs that have been in shadows of the others ascend to the top tier.

  17. Yeah, Florida didn’t look as clean as they have been, but all in all the outcome was what it should be. Arkansas never looked better, but they still benefitted from the Florida scores. Hope Trinity (and Payton) get it together soon.

  18. Time for some LSU gifts! 9.95 for Campbell beam and 9.9 for Dean floor………. sure, Jan.

    1. There were just as many gifts for UGA. Georgia was still .825 behind LSU and they did not count a fall. Maybe CKC will actually answer some questions about when to expect others that were injured back.

      1. It’s not that unusual for coaches to keep injury info private. It happens all the time in other NCAA sports. Plus, it’s not like there is game planning/defense in gymnastics or sports betting (two main reasons injury lists are revealed in professional sports).

  19. I don’t get why they keep referring to LSU gymnasts as Academic All-Americans or Academic award winners. It’s LSU. It’s like counting with Big Bird.

    1. Well this is one of the most disgustingly elitist things I’ve read in… well, probably only weeks, because the US tends to be disgustingly elitist constantly.

      But seriously. As someone who attended a university I all but guarantee you wholeheartedly approve of. This is gross. But more than that, it’s ignorant. People go to state schools for all sorts of reasons, ESPECIALLY when sports and scholarships are involved. Doing well at them is nothing to turn you nose up at. It probably would have been smarter of me to go to a school where I wouldn’t have any student loans, rather than a “prestigious” one. That was stupidity and ignorance on MY part.

    2. The dirty little secret of US college education is that there’s a “counting with Big Bird” academic path to be found at virtually every university. Some schools just have more of them than others. Hell, the top 15 private where I got my grad degree had a “counting with Big Bird” undergraduate major. This is why I’m never impressed with anyone’s school until I know what they studied.

  20. So let’s hear about Haleigh Bryant’s 9.85 on floor. LSU’s scores are wild but nothing completely ridiculous. I think some of us have to understand our scope and what we are able to see compared to the judges.

    1. I think the scoring of the last rotation was Insanely crazy at lsu, but the meet as a whole wasn’t RIDICULOUS scoring. Definitely over scores, but not crazier than a lot of what we’ve seen today. But the last rotation was insane

    2. LOL yeah Haleigh’s floor score was 0.05-0.1 too low, but they should have been counting a fall on bars from Dunne, Campbell’s beam score should have been 0.1 less, and their entire floor rotation (other than Haleigh) multiple tenths overscored. They have the talented roster, but easily should have been in the mid 196 range today.

      1. Lsu were definetly overscored today at times altho vault was fine and bars fine except for Dunne score. Beam and floor were off. However the lsu meet was much more accurately scored than the crack Arkansas received at home. Florida were many tenths ahead of them or should have been. It was not as near as the Scores suggest. Definetly agree with comment above that ark are the new Georgia with ridiculous home scoring.

  21. Did bryant step out of bounds before a pass or something? Cuz for a meet with that bananas scoring a 9.85 for the objectively best floor routine of the meet is….phew. It’s been a weird day for sure

    1. I knew floor scoring was going to be on the high end when UGA was consistently scoring 9.8+ for routines with landing pass errors and expected to see some over scored 9.9s for LSU when compared, but Bryant had the best floor routine of the meet and only went 9.85. Some of the scoring was weird for sure.

  22. What the hell is with SEC judging vs Big 10 judging. Those panels were on two completely different planes of reality today.

    1. Depends upon the week and the meet really. Michigan and Minnesota had multiple mistakes and falls today which is why Big 10 scoring between those two was so low.

    2. Michigan was getting some gifts today in the first half of the meet. Just became a splat fest in second half which makes the score look low.

  23. I watched 2 SEC meets today and no counted falls for any of the 4 teams. It is kind of hard to compare SEC/Big 10 scoring when one conference is falling all over the place.

  24. Arkansas looks like the best prepared SEC team for the first few weeks. By the end of the season I’ll think we’ll see UF and LSU differentiating thrmdelf more. The big question is how does Bama hold up and does UGA get their best gymnasts physically ready and inserted into their lineups. That will determine how those three teams divvy up the 3 & 4 spots.

    Im not sure more than one SEC team makes ghe final four this year.

    1. I definitely see lsu and Florida in final 4 and maybe Michigan and Utah? Ucla as outsider without having seen them compete. Who are you thinking will be in the final 4 ? Ark is improved but have had major overscoring in the past 2 meets at home. Florida were far better than them today and scored unrealistically close to them.

      1. OU, UF, Utah, Michigan, UCLA and LSU as my probable top group at the end of the year. I think LSU is dependent on that Bryant-Johnson punch to keep pace. I’m not saying they don’t make ot or that I entirely trust Michigan or Utah but I wouldn’t automatically pencil in LSU like I would OU.

  25. Just a bold prediction for post season. One of the top tier teams (Florida, Oklahoma, LSU, Utah, Michigan) will not even make it to Nationals.

    1. >Just a bold prediction for post season: One of the
      >top tier teams will not even make it to Nationals.

      A bolder(?) prediction for 2021 post season: Just like in 2020, NONE of the top tier teams will make it to 2021 Nationals.

  26. Late to the party so no one will probably see this on this thread but… you can go to Road to Nationals and see who is judging each meet. And, funny enough, Carole was a judge at the Florida/Arkansas meet.

  27. Okay… did anyone else get a tramp stamp/vegazzle vibe from Kentucky’s leos..? I found them extremely unflattering

    1. Yessss! She’s a senior and we’ve barely seen her do anything in four years! Where is Jazzy?!

  28. Do you need a full turn on floor ? Hayliegh didn’t have a full turn in her routine. Perhaps that isn’t a requirement in ncaa though?

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