Top Scores of Week 3

For the top scores of week 3, I’m looking at the routines that got a 10 from one judge, or a consensus 9.950 from both judges. Have at it.

The 9.975s

Trinity Thomas – Bars – Florida

Rylie Mundell – Bars – Denver

Alexis Vasquez – Beam – Denver

The 9.950s

Natalie Wojcik – Beam – Michigan

Elizabeth Culton – Beam – North Carolina

Savannah Schoenherr – Vault – Florida

Megan Skaggs – Beam – Florida

Reagan Campbell – Beam – LSU

Maia Fishwick – Bars – Utah State

Madi Dagen – Vault – Oregon State

Kaitlyn Yanish – Floor – Oregon State (10.000/9.900 split)

Nia Dennis – Floor – UCLA

Emily Muhlenhaupt – Bars – Boise State

11 thoughts on “Top Scores of Week 3”

  1. So far it seems the best freshman is one of Davis, LeVasseur, Bryant, Mundell, or Adams. But I think Lazarri, Esparza, Campbell, Li, and Perea could join that group depending on how they do in the upcoming meets

    1. Hands down Bryant all-around. I think Davis has the most beautiful gymnastics, and I am excited to see the Cal ladies soon! That Mundell Tkachev is phenomenal.

  2. I hate when programs exaggerate…it’s great that Culton is currently co-ranked #1 on BB but they have had only 1 meet and they are also failing to acknowledge that she is tied for 1st on BB with Megan Skaggs and Alexis Vazquez. The latter having 2 routine average of 9.950. She is not ranked #1 on the event she is co-ranked #1. Utah did this a few years back when Skinner tied with Gnat for the NCAA FX title and all of Utah’s press releases and media stated that Skinner was “national champion on FX.” Meanwhile LSU called Gnat a “co-national FX champion” in their media releases. When called out on Skinner being a “co-NCAA FX champion” and not “NCAA FX champion” the Utah media liaison was pretty rude and stated that Gnat was “not their athlete” and that it was Utah’s job to focus only on their athletes and not other University’s athletes and that it was not the job of Utah media to acknowledge or congratulate a gymnast that was not their own. Obnoxious.

    1. That’s actually the twitter account of a young gymnast. Read before making assumptions.

      1. HAHAHA!
        That isn’t a young gymnast’s Twitter account.
        That Twitter account belongs to College Gym News contributor, Rebecca Scally who graduated college in 2016 and is an adult
        How ironic, someone stating not to make assumptions, when they made one themselves based off the profile picture! How embarrassing!

    2. North Carolina doesn’t often have a gymnast ranked first. I’m fine with them taking some pride in the ranking while she has it, tied or not.

      1. But it is misleading for them to say she’s ranked number one without mentioning that she’s in a tie for that spot.
        Madison Kocian is not the 2015 World Champion on Uneven Bars, she’s the 2015 Co-World Champion.
        LSU, Oklahoma, UCLA, Florida don’t have issues with acknowledging ties but specific universities have a tendency to not acknowledge that the athlete tied.

  3. The judge who gave Yanish a 10 for that routine needs their eyes checked. She’s great on floor, but that specific routine was definitely 9.85-9.90. Ugh.

  4. The LSU/Arkansas male commentator was truly terrible. GTFO please. Send someone who knows even a thimble more about gymnastics and isn’t clearly reading from a printed-out paper of facts.

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