Friday Live Blog – January 29, 2021

Friday, January 29
Scores Stream
5:00pm ET/2:00pm PT – [8] Alabama @ [14] Kentucky LINK ESPN2
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT – [24] Missouri @ [1] Florida LINK SECN
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT – Oregon State @ [15] Arizona State LINK FREE
7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT – TWU @ SEMO LINK  
8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT – [6] Arkansas @ [10] Georgia LINK SECN
9:00pm ET/6:00pm PT – [20] Boise State @ [17] Southern Utah LINK FREE
9:00pm ET/6:00pm PT – [12] BYU @ [21] Utah State LINK FREE

LSU’s misfortune is Kentucky and Alabama’s gain as they were promoted from streaming-only to live on ESPN2 for this week. It’s actually sort of a well-spaced Friday. Not a lot of 16-meets-at-once happening.

We also got news today that the LSU/Auburn meet has indeed been rescheduled for next Friday at 6 CT. Only four meets that day as the rest of the SEC teams have the week off.

Kentucky’s live scores still have the test up where Alabama gets an 8 for every routine and it’s thrilling me.

Rotation 1

Bunn – VT – UK – solid full in the air – nice height and position – will get hit on the landing with a step back and then a second step to meet it as she couldn’t hold the salute. 9.750. Split of 9.850/9.650. So watch that.

Waligora – UB – Alabama – blind to jaeger to overshoot, good height and toes, regrip on overshoot – small hip angle in final cast hs but good vertical – DLO 1/1 dismount, hop back. Nice. 9.825

Albores – VT – UK – bounce back on her full – good height but not much distance – slightly deep landing, and that slide back. 9.700

We’re seeing a 9.9 SV posted for Waligora. Which is weird. What was she missing? Overshoot not to handstand is a B but gets raised to a C out of a D release like a Jaeger, so gets CV. Looks like one judge had a 9.9 start and one a 10.0 start? But her final total was 9.825 which seems about right.

Blind change to Jaeger (0.2 skill bonus, 0.1 CV) to overshoot (0.1 CV) and then (0.2 skill bonus) for the DLO 1/1 would bring her to 10.0 start, I believe.

Givens – UB – Alabama – good first hs – blind to jaeger, close catch, loses shape – pak, good height, small leg break – another solid cast hs on high – DLO, legs together, strong stick. Lovely dismount, close catch on release only main thing. 9.850

Magnelli – VT – UK – step back on her handspring pike but more control than we’ve seen lately. Some chest position. 9.800

Machado – UB – Alabama – maloney to pak, small leg break – toe on to van leewuen, catches, some leg break and was still twisting on catch – full to double tuck, small hop. 9.850

Worley – VT – UK – hits a Y1.5 – ups the difficulty – large bounce forward out of it – has the distance – slight knees but overall worthwhile form. 9.875 pretty high for that landing.

Adams – UB – Alabama – maloney to pak, lovely form, legs together – strong hs – van leeuwen, good – hits cast hs – toe full to double tuck, small slide back. Similar to Machado but just crisper in the form in each aspect so should score higher. 9.900

Nixon – VT – UK – strong Yfull again this week after not finding the landing last time, small slide back, great chest position and dynamics. 9.900

Blanco – UB – Alabama – maloney to pak, perfect looking – somewhat short on 1/2 turn on low – great cast hs on high – FTDT with a full-tenth lunge back. Really nice handstands though. 9.825

Angeny – VT – UK – falls on her Yfull – surprising – looked like she overcooked it – Kathy says she was planning on a 1.5 and then went for a full. Sat it down.

Doggette – UB – Alabama – good hs – tkatchev to pak, legs together, good amplitude – 1/2 turn on low a possible deduction trap again – DLO, stuck landing. Lovely. 9.950. Well now.

After 1: Alabama 49.425, Kentucky 49.025

Kentucky was doing pretty well on vault even without Patterson but needed that one from Angeny. The miss meant a 9.700 had to count and undermined where the score could go there.

Alabama with a big bars number here after what was a comfortable and composed performance overall. They’ve clearly focused on the cast handstands, which were noteworthy in their verticality. Scoring looks slightly soft on both events so far, not murderously so.

Rotation 2

Gaskins – VT – Alabama – not her strongest full landing – pretty in the air but lands chest down with a step back. 9.750

Bunn – Ub – Uk – blund to jaeger, some foot form on release – bail hs, a bit short of vertical there – DLO, tries to sell stick, swing and a step. 9.775

Quinn – VT – Alabama – hits her Y1.5 this week – holds the stick well, lands in a deep squat that she does well to hold so it won’t be a huge score, but good. 9.850

Davis 0- UB – giant full to blind to jaeger, some form – bail hs is pretty well short of vertical – DLO, lunge back. Hit it but some position issues. 9.725

Waligora – VT – Alabama – does not do a 1.5 – opts for the full and struggles with the landing, huge bounces back – multiple lunges back and off the mat.

Nixon – UB – UK – good first hs on low – maloney to bail, some feet in maloney – final cast looks good – huge FTDT, too huge, larger lunge back. 9.775

Adams – VT – Alabama – oooof – falls on her y1.5 – great height, not a lot of distance, landed a bit locked and short, no chance to save.

Worley – UB – Kentucky – good first cast – clear hip to tkatchev, hit – solid hs – pak, pretty – better finish position on 1/2 turn on low than we’ve seen today – FTDT, good stick. Strong work. 9.900

Olsen – VT – Alabama – some of her better control on her DTY, lands short as usual but a small step forward – and then a little step-salute after that. But better. 9.825

Luksik – UB – Kentucky – small arch on first hs – Ray, high, very slightly close – toe on to bail, short of vertical – DLO, looked like a stick from here though we’re blocked by the teammates. 9.825

Blanco – VT – Alabama – goes for just the full since they had a fall earlier in the lineup – pretty in the air – hop in place – not much distance. 9.825

Angeny – UB – Kentucky – blind to jaeger to overshoot, good amplitude – short cast hs on high bar – DLO 1/1 dismount, hits it with a bounce forward, some piking. 9.750

After 2: Alabama 98.350, Kentucky 98.050

A rough sub-49 vault rotation will take Alabama off the desired pace. Waligora bailing out of her 1.5 for a boundy landing, and then Adams falls on hers, and Blanco not going for hers threw things all off. Not what this team can do.

Kentucky not really able to take advantage with too many 9.7s in that bars rotation (noticed a number of bail handstands that were not hitting vertical there), but did gain some ground and the Worley rotuine was the obvious highlight of the rotation.

Rotation 3

Haigis – BB – Kentucky – hits loso series – switch to shushunova – smooth full turn – cat leap to aerial, shortish aerial but pulls it out with a wobble – 1.5, bounce forward. Good. 9.800

Gaskins – FX – Alabama – double pike, slide back, some flexed feet – Y spin to wolf jump 1/2 – switch ring to switch 1/2, good positions, bouncing landing – front tuck through to double tuck, lunge back and a possible OOB. 9.850. So now OOB I guess. Still pretty high.

Magnelli – BB – Kentucky – bhs loso loso, good aggression, solid landing – cat to switch side, somewhat crooked – full turn, overturns, check – 1.5 dismount, lunge forward. Mostly solid again. 9.800

Klopfer – FX – Alabama – double tuck, bounce back – shortish on split, good popa – 1.5 to layout, lands short on layout, has to tuck a bit and a fairly notable lunge back – double pike, solid, chest down. 9.825

Nixon – BB – kentucky – bhs loso, good height and extension, minor check – swtich to split, somewhat tentative getting up to those positions – aerial, arm wave correction into split jump, will get combo credit because she kept moving, sigh – bhs 1.5 dismount, hop forward. 9.775

Mitchell – FX – Alabama – double pike, rough one, multiple large lunges back as she overflips it – wolf full and wolf 1.5, gets them around – front tuck through to double tuck, comes up short, hands down. A struggle today. 8.975

Bunn – BB – kentucky – good full turn – bhs loso loso series, looked like it was right on but had a medium-sized wobble working out of it – short of position on both switch and split – 2/1, didn’t look like she got much on that dismount so good work to pull it around, stuck, chest lean forward. 9.725

Olsen – FX – Alabama – double double, landed it I think exactly in the corner but somehow in bounds, hop forward – switch to split leap 1.5 to split jump 1/2, slightly soft but honestly not that bad anymore – front tuck through to double tuck, solid, small movement. Good. 9.825

Worley – BB – Kentucky – cat leap to switch side, a bit tight but fine – aerial to bhs loso series, very secure, somewhat slow in between the aerial and bhs – 1.5, hop forward. Best so far. 9.825.

Adams – FX – Alabama – controls the double pike pretty well – switch 1/2 to tuck jump 1.5 – 1.5 to layout, fine, a little soft in layout – double tuck, good control. That should score well. Comfortable tumbling. 9.900

Angeny – BB – Kentucky – bhs loso loso, a wobbly landing, leans both direction but pulls it back – aerial, another check – switch to beat is pretty – side aerial to tuck full. Gets away with 9.825 there.

Lot better from Kentucky on beam this week. Setting up to steal it from Alabama if Alabama has beam issues.

Blanco – FX – Alabama – excellent snake-themed opening – double pike, pretty toes, bounce back – double tuck, secure landing – switch ring, switch 1/2 to popa, lovely positions but does come up a bit short on popa landing position – front full to layout, has to arch the layout around. A useful score though.

Another 49.025 for Kentucky keeps the team on solid pace if they can deliver on floor.

After 3: Alabama 147.600, Kentucky 147.075

Alabama a comfortable lead (and a shot at 197 if beam goes well), but Kentucky also close enough that if Alabama has to count something iffy on beam, then a major floor performance could switch it.

Rotation 4

Klopfer – BB – Alabama – wolf single – aerial to bhs, pretty smooth, secure – beat to straddle 1/2, short of position – cat leap to side aerial, solid – 1.5, high, stuck landing. Strong start. 9.900

Bunn – FX – Kentucky – double pike, very strong landing, good control – switch 1/2 to wolf 1.5, pulls it around – 1.5 to layout, just a bit steppy – rudi, also under control. Good one. 9.875

Olsen – BB – Alabama – switch 1/2 to beat, small check, not quite there on split – bhs loso loso, very solid, some feet – aerial, another minor check – bhs 2/1 dismount, small slide. Good. Normal. 9.850, somewhat high

Haigis – FX – Kentucky – rudi to loso, high, but I think go lost in the air and tucked her loso even though she didn’t need to, form deduction there – switch side to popa, good extension – double pike, somewhat short, hop forward – 9.800

Gaskins – BB – Alabama – candle mount, nearly holds in vertical – side aerial, slightly slow into split jump, good split – some lack of balance on full turn – bhs loso series nearly takes out a nearby bird with that swift arm wave to hold the landing, small check – switch to split, good – gainer full, stuck. Much better. 9.850

Clarke – FX – Kentucky – front 2/1 with a bound forward – switch 1/2 to popa, some form – front lay to front full, good initial layout, most people uglify that element but hers was extended – side loso to get her back tumbling requirement – rudi, hit, slightly short. 9.775

Adams – BB – Alabama – split leap to aerial, hit, split leap tough to hit 180 there, she’s close but not all the way – bhs loso series, major break, leg-up, saves it – switch to beat, good height – 1.5 dismount, strong, small slide. Will need to drop, though. 9.700

Angeny – FX – Kentucky – double pike, solid control – switch side to popa – back 1.5 to layout, not the most control there, lunge – double tuck, has to cowboy some, bounce back. 9.875, scores rising now

Doggette – BB – Alabama – bhs loso, can’t quite hold the security with a lean correction – switch 1/2, very high but off line, has to grab the beam – another check on leap, she’s off today – side aerial to full, step forward. so NOW that’s the one they’ll need to drop, but Adams still ended up getting 9.700 so they’ll be OK with that. 9.450. Range of 9.300 to 9.600, so good to know we’re on the same page. 9.600 is pretty ridiculous for that, like actually impossible

Davis – FX – Kentucky – double pike is an issue, lands well forward with a stagger bounce forward – 1.5 to layout, good finish on the layout, has the height to finish early and show it – double tuck, small bounce – 9.775

Blanco – BB – Alabama – aerial, pretty – full turn, comfortable – bhs loso series, precise, crisp – switch to switch 1/2 and surprisingly wasn’t perfect on the switch 1/2, a little short and a check – small slide on dismount. Will still be big score. 9.875

Worley – FX – Kentucky – full in, solid, some bounce back – switch ring to switch side, front leg a little low on switch ring, nice switch side position – front full to front lay, stuck landing, very strong, only a bit of mush – double tuck, good control, chest up. 9.950 is fairly enthusiastic as the scores rose there at the end.

FINAL: Alabama 196.775, Kentucky 196.350

Alabama did not blink on beam and did not give Kentucky a chance to get back in it. Not Alabama’s highest score so far but a solid road total and enough to move ahead of the idle Michigan in the rankings.

A new season high for kentucky. Not blowing the old numbers out of the water, but obviously a better beam than in past weeks. Some 9.7ishness in the first two rotations held down the total.

See you in a few for the next batch.

We’ve got Florida hosting Missouri now, while ASU/Oregon State will start with the Oregon State bars rotation. So get somewhere safe.

John tells us this is a Pride meet, so that’s new! SEC Network gets notes! Florida didn’t do a lot of promotion of that, but they’ve got the masks and the shirts.

Richards – VT – UF – full – not bad, slightly short, hop forward. 9.750

Swanson – UB – Missouri – short first hs – toe on to maloney, some legs into pak, hit – 1/2 on low, OK, some form – flings FTDT but holds the stick. Not the most comfortable event for her, but she got through pretty well. The graphic showed 9.850, which would be…wrong. 9.775 it seems. Still pretty high.

Lazzari – VT – UF – thanks for the shot of the springboard? – comfortably completed full, bounce back. 9.850

Patrick – UB – Missouri – shortish first hs – blind to jaeger, solid – better next cast – bail, small leg break – short cast hs on high pre dismount – DLO, pace back, good shape. 9.775

Skaggs – VT – UF – lovely open on her full, bounce back, good distance and form. 9.875.

Christensen – UB – Missouri – goant full, solid position into tkatchev, hit – bail, some loose back – andother giant full to double tuck, struggles on double tuck, short with a large bound forward

Schoenherr – VT – UF – Y1.5 with a bound forward – but you were supposed to do a pride stick! Medium hop forward, some knees. 9.850.

Scores aren’t updating from ASU but Madi Dagen survived her bars.

Marshall – Ub – Moissouri – late blind into jaeger, high – connects to overshoot, colappses a little in overshoot catch – high FTDT, hop forward. 9.850

Scores for both teams quittte high so far.

Reed – VT – UF – strong Y1.5, lunge forward – good distance and direction. 9.875, not enough separation with Schoenherr to reward Reed’s better form and direction.

Reeves for ASU with a lock legged landing on her tucked Y1.5 but she survives it.

Sheremeta – Ub – Missouri – Good jaeger – clear hip to bail, small leg break and some hip angle – better roes – front 1.5 dismoutn, step. 9.750

Thomas – VT – UF – very strong Y1.5, small hop forward – has the rest of it. 9.925

Anaya Smith stuck a Y1.5 for Arizona State.

Schreiber – Ub – Missouri – maloney with larger leg break – into bail, good vertical and legs on that one – solid cast hs on high – DLO, whips but holds the stick with an arm swim. Good. 9.900

After 1: Florida 49.375, Missouri 49.050

A solid vault rotation for Florida. Fairly forgiving in places. Very strong work from Thomas. Missouri will be pleased to esape that rotation with a 49 because it was fairly ragged at the beginning. Schreiber saved it.

ASU has Leonard Baker anchoring on vault again, and she’s back with a very solid Yfull and what seemed like a stuck landing from our angle 85 miles away.

Ariana Young finishing on bars for Oregon State – toe on to maloney to overshoot, hit – whips out a DLO and has to pike it a lot but finds the landing well. Another big improvement step for OSU on bars with six hits.

ASU got 9.875 for that vault from Smith and 9.850 for Leonard Baker but still had to count that 9.525 from Reeves for a 48.800. Oregon State 48.500, another step forward.

Rotation 2

Schreiber – VT – MU – good opening full, nice position in the air, medium hop back. 9.775

Richards – Ub – UF – maloney to bail, some legs on maloney, solid bail vertical – good cast hs on high – DLO, small slide back. 9.875.

Patrick – VT – MU – pulls around a full, a bit high on the table, has distance but not the height – pike, medium hop. 9.725

Gallentine – UB – UF – good first hs – maloney to to pak, great form – pretty solid 1/2 turn position on low – hits hs on high – DLO, holds the stick. Easily her best bars. 9.925 there. Wait did I see a 10/9.85 split? Maybe. I might be on crack.

Gottula – VT – MU – full takes her off to the side, lunge back. 9.775

Skaggs – Ub – UF – good first hs – tkatchev, nice counter into pak, leg form is nice – 1/2 turn on low looked good – hitting cast on high – DLO, stuck landing. Very good again. 9.950. Trinity already set up for a 13.000

Marshall – VT – MU – good control on her full landing, small movement in place – some crazy legs on the block – pike throughout. 9.800

Schoenherr – Ub – UF – toe 1/2 to jaeger, takes jaeger a little too close – toe on to bail, arches in bail,pulls it back – double front 1/2 out, stuck. Good finish, some more breaks than the previous 2. 9.925. Not sufficient separation. A couple obvious deductions to take there.

Swanson – VT – MU – lands her Y15 this week – large lunge forward and then another adjustment step to save it. 9.825

Thomas – UB – UF – perfect first handstand held forever, maloney to clear hip to pak, strong – another great hs on low – van leeuwen, legs together – hits final cast hs – DLO, small hop back. Obviously would have had a 10 if she had stuck. But I mean, we’ve seen crazier things in Florida. 9.925.

McCrary – VT – MU – goes with just the full, large lunge back, wuite a bit of piking as well. Not her strongest.

Third straight Y1.5 stick in three weeks from Madi Dagen for Oregon State.

Clapper – UB – UF – pike djaeger, hit – very short cast hs on high to follow – better cast hs on high – fiant full to double tuck, stuck. The full-tenth short handstand should be enough to make that the drop score but who even knows at this point. 9.750.

Florida – a very pretty bars rotation and the judges have also clearly been drinking since morning. NOT ALL 9.925s ARE CREATED EQUAL, apparently. And I thought love was loveeeeeee. Extending the equality theme to bars scores…

Florida’s big 49.600 on bars. It’s a 48.900 for Missouri on vault.

After 2: Florida 98.975, Missouri 97.950

Madi Dagen went 9.950 for her stuck Y1.5 to give Oregon St 49.150 on vault. Arizona State with a big 49.300 on bars to extend the lead.

After 2: Arizona State 98.100, Oregon State 97.650

Featurette on Nya Reed and kneeling and this Pride meet. They’re not doing the MOST in the meet that we can see with Pride, but the broadcast is covering it.

Rotation 3

Richards – BB – UF – bhs loso loso, small adjustment afterward – switch to straddle, good height on straddle, another small check – side aerial to full, holds a deepish stick. 9.850

Gottula – FX – MU – good tuck position on double tuck, bounce back – split leap full to split jump full, loses some leg position in second element – barani to 2/1, good control on landing, chest down – double pike, short with a lunge forward. 9.750

SJS – BB – UF – hops onto the beam like she’s getting onto a horse in Edwardian times – front tuck, small step forward – bhs loso series and falls. A first flinch for Florida. loso to full dismount, holds the stick

Schreiber – FX – MU – double pike, strong landing, controlled – rudi to loso, small adjustment there – switch full to to split full, gets them around. 9.800

Lazzari – BB – UF – bhs loso loso series, very solid – switch to split, great back leg attention there – smooth full turn – side aerial to full, step back. Did they ditch the aerial for her? 9.875

Marshall – FX – MU – front tuck through to double pike, secure – switch ring and switch 1/2 are short of position – 1.5 to front pike to stag is solidly landed – double tuck, also secure, really strong landings in that one. 9.850

Skaggs – BB – UF – wolf turn single, saves it, nearly had an issue with the foot coming up short but works it out, small deduction – switch to split, lovely – bhs loso, solid, perhaps a touch of feet – aerial, pretty – cat leap to switch side, perfect horizontal – side aerial to full, stuck. Excellent work. I agree with Alicia I would also go 9.900 but I think they’re going to go 9.950.

Oh 9.900. Good job!

Swanson – FX – MU – double pike, bounce back switch 1/2 to wolf full, looked short of positions but also noticing this floor angle makes things look REALLY short – front 2/1, hits it, crossover step, some knees – front lay to rudi, another bounce back. Some control will take the score down there. 9.850

Baumann – BB – UF – bhs loso and an arm wave check on it this week – switch to split, lovely – aerial, another near check, arm adjustment to put it in her pocket – switch 1/2, good 180 and height – 1.5, holds the stick, a tad deep. Not her strongest but a good score. 9.825

Sheremeta – FX – MU – front 2/1, struggles to control, large bounce forward, nearly OOB but I don’t think she was – switch side to popa, solid – rudi to loso, control – 1.5 to front loso, good – gets a little loose in the legs here and there but strong. 9.800

Thomas – BB – UF – some actual pressure on this routine after mistakes the last two weeks – did not do the switch leap mount – switch to split leap, good – one arm bhs to loso, very solid – aerial to beat to korbut, smooth – side aerial to full, stuck. Very strong. 9.950

McCrary – FX – MU – rudi with a bounce back, looks like an OOB there – double pike, solid control, just some chest position – switch side to popa, nicely done –

At this point, Florida basically has to not die on floor to set the top national score for the year.

Florida 49.400 on beam for a rotation I thought was quite reasonably evaluated.

Oregon State went 49.175 on floor to ASU’s 49.050 on beam to gain a little ground back. ASU 147.150 to Oregon St 146.825.

Still waiting on that score for McCrary.

After 3: Florida 148.375, Missouri 147.000

Rotation 4

Gottula – BB – Missouri – bhs bhs loso, hit, small check – straddle to straddle 1/2, a little shy on the 1/2 – gainer full, step back. Fine. 9.875, so we’re starting highhhh.

Skaggs – FX – Florida – wolf double, comfortable – rudi to split jump combo, some travel during the split jump – split leap full to jump full, good finish position – 1.5 to layout, some leg separation in 1.5. Solid. 9.875

McCrary – BB – Missouri – beat to kickover, small lean – secure landing on loso series – split jump to stag ring, a little slow in between – hop forward on dismount. 9.750

Taylor – FX – Florida – double tuck, large stumble backward and OOB, probably John’s fault after telling that babysitter story – 1.5 to layout to stag is secure – good rise into popa out of combination – double pike is solid, small movement.

Schaffer – BB – Missouri – bhs bhs loso and falls – off line can’t save it – switch leap position is strong – 1.5, small hop

Lazzari – FX – Florida – double tuck, a little steppy, good tuck position – 1.t to layout to stag, love the crisp position on that layout – split full and popa, good – double pike, a hair short, covers with a hop to present. Nice. 9.850

Sheremeta – BB – MU – bhs loso, medium lean to the side – split to split ring jump, front leg kind of low on the split ring, Alicia’s like, I don’t think that’s supposed to look like that… – aerial, small check – kickover, solid – gainer pike, good stick. Gets out of it with 9.825

Reed – FX – Florida – huge DLO, small slide back – she moves so quickly in her tumbling – front lay to rudi, again just has too much and slides – switch 1/2 to wolf full, good wolf – double pike, forward on landing, small hop. Some things on each landing today. 9.925, though. OK.

Marshall – BB – MU – kickover to beat jump, high position on kickover – holds that full turn – aerial to whhhhaaaattttt – does entire bhs? loso? off the beam. Missouri counting a fall now to take away chance at 196.

Thomas – FX – Florida – DLO, great height and controls the landing this week – front full to layout to split jump, very good positions, holds the landing – split leap full to popa, hits the positions, perhaps slightly indistinct in landing position – double pike, jsut a tad short, similar to Reed, small hop.

Madi Dagen finishes beam for OSU with a strong set, one check, to help mitigate some 9.6s.

The theme of Trinity Thomas’s meet: “She’ll definitely get a 10 here if she just…oh.”

9.950 for Thomas. 39.750 AA for the second time this season.

Schreiber – BB – MU – bhs loso loso series and she falls as well. So this meet completely came apart for Missouri at the end for what is now going to be an unusable score.

We’re back to finishing floor for Florida with a non-Trinity.

Richards – FX – UF – hits a DLO, solid control, not quite as clean as Thomas, but hits well – 1.5 to layout, control – switch side to popa, slightly short on position – double tuck, very small hop. 9.875

Missouri finishes with just 194.800 after a beam meltdown.

We’ll wait on the Florida final score.

FINAL: Arizona State 196.225, Oregon State 195.850

FINAL: Florida 197.850, Missouri 194.800

Some fancy numbers for Florida in there but still clearly a step above everyone else.

Georgia/Arkansas has started

De Jong – VT – Georgia – second up, hop back on her Yfull, medium size, some piking. Normal. Follows 9.675 from Baumann. Goes 9.800

Gianfagna – UB – Ark – Follows 9.750 from Lovett – Ray to overshoot, just a little close on overshoot catch – one short hs on high – FTDT, deepish, small slide back. 9.775

Cashamn – VT – Georgia – hits a full but not the biggest, some legs on block – some piking, a bounce back. 9.800 is high.

Scalzo – UB – Ark – Jaeger to overshoot, solidly done – better cast hs on high – very late giant full into double tuck, hop back. 9.750

Lukacs – VT – Georgia – still going with the full, high, some piking again but not much, bounce back. 9.825

Shaffer – UB – Ark – toe on to maloney, good legs – bail, perfect vertical and feet – pretty – DLO, bounce back. Great on the bars. 9.750. Should be a little different in score than the previous bars routines to reward the form.

Ward – VT – Georgia – Tsuk full – one of her better controlled vaults – medium hop back, small pike, some direction. Good. 9.825

Hambrick – Ub – Ark – blind to piked jaeger to overshoot, great height, some flexed feet in jaeger – solid hs on high bar – FTDT, stuck landing. Very good work. 9.850

Roberts – VT – Georgia – her best Y1.5 yet – small hop forward – knees and a little bit of feet apart throughout. 9.900

O’Hara – UB – Ark – blind to jaeger, good feet – nice hs – bail, just a tad short of vertical – DLO, short this time with a hop forward.

Georgia 49.150 on vault and gets away with it a little bit. Roberts strong, otherwise a lot of full-tenth bouncing. But they can work with that score.

Arkansas settles on 48.950, which is not bad for that showing. Lower than they’ve been getting on bars, a combination of landings not as strong this week and not being at home. Georgia leads by two tenths after the first rotation.

Southern Utah commentators sitting right next to each other, no masks. So everything’s going great.

Rotation 2

Pennese – VT – Ark – pretty solid full, but lands short with a step forward – good height. 9.675

Cashman – UB – Georgia – tkatchev, hit, low – good cast hs – bail, hits vertical, minor leg break – casts look fine – DLO, holds the stick with a swim. 9.650. Bars judges did not come here to play, which I appreciate.

Johnston – VT – Ark – strong Yfull, very good landing, i’d say she held that stick long enough – has the shape, small pike, not asss high but solid amplitude – 9.825. Inconsistent with the scores they gave Georgia.

Schild – Ub Georgia – nearly overbalances cast hs but pulls it back with an arch – Ray, hit – bail hs, short of vertical with a leg break – DLO, some pike throughout but better control, small hop. 9.700

Olszewski – VT – Ark – lands short on her Yfull, hop forward, similar to what happened to Pennese but smaller adjustment and better direction.

Baumann – UB – Georgia – took her Jaeger too close and can’t get her hands over the bar – Georgia having a semi-nightmare so far on bars. Resumes with a bail, some leg break – to shoot – loses form in a cast hs, has to drop down and add some extra swings – ffinishes DLO, hand down.

Welp. It wasn’t last week’s routine, when I was asking, “Where was this routine last year??”

Shaffer – VT – Ark – gorgeous Y1/2 as always – stuck landing. Nailed vault. Kind of has to sell holding the stick but there’s very little to take here. 9.875

Long bars judging wait to be like, “What did we just see?”

De Jong – UB – UGA – small pike in first hs – Ray, very safe, very close – works out of it – solid enough bail – DLO is pretty, nice stick. Caught that release super close but the rest was strong. 9.850 is kind of a make-up score

Elswick – VT – Ark – hits a full, hop in place, small piking, maybe some more shoulder angle than she wanted on the vault. 9.850

Roberts – UB – Georgia – maloney to bail, small leg break at the end, good vertical – DLO, hop back.

Hambrick – VT – Ark – does her Y1.5, pretty good, step forward, slightly deep in landing, some knees. 9.875

Nguyen – UB – Georgia – Short first hs – pak, some leg break – maloney to inbar gienger, hit, some legs – struggling more on her cast hs today – DLO, a hair short, small hop forward. 9.800

Arkansas goes 49.175 on vault, which beams Georgia’s 49.150 there, which is a big deal because vault should have been an advtantage for Georgia. They sooo badly need Magee back there.

Georgia’s 48.850 on bars isn’t awesome, but after those first three routines, I was thinking full meltdown. Georgia is staying in it.

After 2: Arkansas 98.125, Georgia 98.000

I had forgotten about these non-televised meets where they casually start like 80 minutes late. SUU and Boise State still in wamrups. I’m old enough to remember when every Alabama meet would start exactly 25 minutes late and it was a thing.

SUU has a solid full up first from McClain, but Kho follows, landing well short on hers.

Rotation 3

Magee is back here – BB – Georgia – straddle jump to straddle 1/2, lovely – bhs bhs loso, smoothly done, the smallest bit off line but didn’t show it with a check – 1.5, holds the stick. Very good work. 9.875

Johnston – FX – Ark – double tuck, nice, has the position, good control – front full is solid, just a little deep coming in to landing – solid height on popa – double pike, solid. great landings on both her double saltos. 9.875

Courtney Blackson for Boise State has the HIGHEST Khorkina. Struggled after that though.

Finnegan – BB – Georgia – bhs loso, secure landing – side aerial, small pause before wolf jump – switch to straddle 1/4, tight positions on dance elements – small hesitation on full turn – 1.5, hop forward. 9.825

Hickey – FX – Ark – double pike, solid landing, some flexed feet – 1.5 to layout, solid layout position, comes in a little short

Muhlenhaupt – Boise State – Bars – good first hs – bliund to jaeger to overshoot, beautiful feet in jaeger – hitting cast handstands – DLO, triessss to hold the stick and does but has to eat the mat with that lean so won’t be her highest score.

Hawthorne – BB – Georgia – bhs loso, small check – switch, small hesitation before switch split jump, good – kickover front knee, hit solidly – sissone – 1.5, hop forward. 9.875.

Bridget tells us she’s old enough to remember Georgia athletes doing the moonwalk. Um…yes.

That tighter scoring from bars is gonnnnneeeeee.

Shaffer – FX – Ark – double pike, solid landing – 1.5 to layout, nice high layout, finishes early, step on layout, keeps it in bounds – split leap full to popa – double tuck, secure landing, some chest down. 9.925

De Jong – BB – Georgia – switch to split, very good positions – aerial to a high beat jump – bhs loso series, small check, covers pretty well – split jump 1/2 from side, controls it – side aerial to full, lands short, small hop. 9.825

Meanwhile Boise St went 49.000 to SUU’s 48.975 in the first rotation. BYU went 48.975 on bars to Utah State’s 48.650 on vault. Two leading teams needed more on bars, their best event.

Lovett – FX – Ark – pretty position on her DLO, controls it – front lay to front full, lack of control with a step forward – split leap full to split jump full, fairly defined positions – double tuck, gets a little behind herself with a slide.

Baumann – BB – Georgia – side aerial to loso, very strong, secure, has the height – beat to switch side, hits it, looked a little hesitant on beat but nothing – 1.5, good. 9.900

Hambrick – FX – Ark – high double tuck, comfortable for her, bounce back – rudi to back lay to double stag, like that she does a regular lay when most do loso – switch 1/2 to popa, hits her 180s, just some feet – double pike, solid control there. 9.850

Oakley – BB – Georgia – gainer bhs bhs loso, secure landing – split jimp to split ring jump, leg-up check there – carthweel gainer full, small step. 9.825

Carter – FX – Ark – double tuck, nailed landing, excellent – 1.5 to front full, controls her step forward – switch 1/2 to split full, good positions, almost looked like she got herself off balance but fine – double pike, secure, chest a bit down. 9.875

So that’s a 49.300 for Georgia on beam, but it’s 49.425 for Arkasnas on floor to extend the lead.

After 3: Arkansas 147.550, Georgia 147.300

This last rotation is going to be…something.

Rotation 4

Gianfagna – BB – Ark – bhs loso series, secure, some bent knees – cat leap to kickover and takes it riggggght off the beam, made almost zero feet on the beam – beat to straddle 1/2, hit – 1.5, a bit short, slide back. 9.075

Perez-Lugones – FX – Georgia – music issues – she walks off – you do NOT give Alyssa the wrong music – double pike, very strong, drops into the landing – back 1/5 to layout, dances out of it – switch side to popa to wolf full, hit, some indistinct positions, around – double tuck, secure landing. Easily her best so far this year. 9.875

Lovett – BB – Ark – candle mount – TEH UNIQUENESS – good vertical position held – switch to split, smallest hesitation in between – aerial to loso, pretty quick in combination – glad that we can watch a no-hands beam routine now without calling it a [REDACTED] – side aerial full dismount, stuck. Nice. 9.925.

De Jong – FX – Georgia – double pike, hit, slightly steppy – 1.5 to layout, small bounce – double tuck, bounce back. 9.825

O’Hara – BB – Ark – side aerial to loso, secure, just some feet – split jump to stag ring, small check – side aerial to full, short landing with a hop forward. 9.875

Lukacs – FX – Georgia – DLO, hits it, controls her step – 1.5 to 1/2 to shushunova, solid – switch side to wolf jump full, around – double pike, just some chest down, but comfortable work. 9.850

Shaffer – BB – Ark – switch to straddle 1/4, was short on straddle 1/4 – bhs loso series, lean correction – aerial is smooth – cat leap to side aerial to full, step back. Not quite as secure, but expect a high number. Still goes 9.800, which is all Arkansas needs at this point. Hits.

Cashman – FX – Georgia – collapses in her double pike, hands down – Georgia not taking advantage of finishing on floor in this one – 1.5 to layout is solid – switch side to popa – double tuck, good.

Carter – BB – Ark – bhs loso series, small lean – beat to double stag, secure – aerial, hesitates into sissone, small check so possible no CV there – side aerial to full, stuck. 9.800

Hawthorne – FX – Georgia – double pike, high, bounce back – front lay to rudi to sissone, excellent pass, great shape on layout – double tuck, bounce back. A couple uncontrolled passes but should be a useful score. 9.800

Hambrick – BB – Ark – bhs loso series, solid – switch to stwitch 1/2, back leg on switch, and a small check on switch 1/2 – beat to split 3/4, not quite to 180 again – gainer full, stuck. 9.925.

Baumann – FX – Georgia – strong wolf triple – double arabian goes truly insane – bounces so far out of her double arabian that she’s able to land and then do a kickover front about it – well, it was something! – 1.5 to front full also a struggle, deep and a lunge forward OOB – Eesh. I don’t know how she’s supposed to have escaped that with a 9.300.

Well, that was an ending!

FINAL: Arkansas 196.875, Georgia 195.950

A big result for Arkansas. A high score, achieved away, and would have won even if Georgia hadn’t melted down on floor, though that will be the story because it gives Georgia an unusable score, their lowest of the season so far. The lesson today is that Arkansas is just flat out the better team. You guys, I think Jordyn might be good at gymnastics coach.

Arkansas ended up beating Georgia on every event, and while they didn’t get much of a margin on bars and beam, floor obviously went a lot better.

100 thoughts on “Friday Live Blog – January 29, 2021”

  1. Does anyone know why Ella Warren isn’t competing this year? Wasn’t sure if it was injury or opted out because of Covid.

    1. I rewound to take a look at that, it was close, she was on the line for sure but seemed to keep her heel up which prevented the OOB.

  2. I will never get over Shallon Olsen casually walking into her open silivas and front through to double tuck.

  3. Does anyone know a streaming site other than 123TV that i could use in Canada. hoping to watch the SEC meets tonight and my normal stream hasn’t worked last week and seems down today again.


  4. If I have to hear one more fucking recent grad preach the importance of enjoying the moment…

  5. Ugh, can SECN please give it a rest with these stupid “silly dancing” segues?

  6. Okay what judge gave Savannah a 9.95 for that bar routine…also not a stick for Trinity, Alisha you know that!

  7. What’s the point of judging if you’re not going to judge accurately? It’s becoming difficult to watch SEC gymnastics w/ these bloated scores.

    1. Agreed!!! It’s also making me irrationally angry that I don’t know how much more I can watch !

  8. Theory: maybe the gators look so good compared to say UCLA because florida has had zero covid rules or precautions…it’s like having real prep time matters or something! Also I know florida is a great team but there is a reason the PAC 12 teams don’t look as good as the SEC teams right now!

    1. To be honest even with more training I don’t think ucla with it’s depleted line ups would be able to compete with Florida. Florida have much better gymnasts at the moment than ucla – training or not.

    2. SEC definitely had more training time than the PAC-12. I think Florida’s the best school in the country regardless, and UCLA was going to struggle regardless, but the training is a factor.

    3. As far as the Pac-12 goes, I know Utah has had pretty consistent training since the start of the school year, and no Covid cases forcing quarantines or breaks. They’re more stringent with Covid protocols than most of the SEC, but Utah is definitely the most lenient state in the Pac-12 as far as closures and restrictions go.

      I think the Arizona schools have probably had similar situations to Utah with closures, though I don’t follow them very closely.

      If you want to compare preparedness with Covid limitations, those are the schools to look at.

      UCLA is definitely one of the most restricted, but they also lost a LOT of top scoring routines last year. That has nothing to do with Covid.

  9. Florida scoring is ridiculous – most ridiculous of the sec so far this season 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. It’s frustrating for sure . I am not a Florida fan but do think that they are the strongest looking team so far this season and don’t even need the gifts so not sure why the ridiculousness.

      2. Lol John saying trinity needs a 10 when there was a check on the spin … do the commentators even watch the meet

  10. Before this meet even started I had a feeling florida might go 198…not because they earn but from overscoring and it’s crazy I could be right about that!

    1. They need a 49.625 which is an average of 9.925. I know some scores are ridiculous but it would be satisfying to have a score that is 198+. We’ll see what happens.

      1. Satisfying for who? Florida and Florida fans seems like the only ones who would be satisfied to get a score they didn’t really earn.

  11. I don’t feel like Florida is being that dramatically overscored. Their performance is really really strong so far, and they definitely look like the best team in the country.

    1. Okay, Carol.
      They don’t need help from the judges. Clear deductions are blatantly ignored every single meet – they don’t need help, they have the quality and ability to win on their own merit.

    2. I actually agree. It is a fact that they are the best. There should be similar standards between the conferences though, but that’s just wishful thinking. Other teams (Arkansas, LSU) are also getting serious gifts.

    3. They really are lol I’m a Florida fan but we are getting gifts on most events so far. Comparing our vault scoring to other sec teams even lsu (who I’m not a fan of) ours is very high . We look the strongest team so far but getting the gifts of overscoring carol and I don’t think we need them. I wish we were scored more accurately so didn’t create overconfidence within Florida. I think lsu and Florida and Oklahoma will be a lot tighter at end of season than the crack today suggests.

      1. I think Florida are the best team but if Oklahoma get Trautman and Woodard back, it could make post season a close battle.

    4. Y’all never talk about gymnastics. You just complain about scoring. Every meet. Every year. Every time.

  12. That series on beam was scary how she completely missed the beam on the second skill!

    1. Ugh yes. I need some kind of background noise so I put up with listening to her but I don’t enjoy it.

      1. I put spotify on – I am actually considering writing to sec to complain about her because it actually has such an impact on meet enjoyment how bad she is. Her vocabulary and waffle is so limited . Less is more and she talks over everything. You shouldn’t just be allowed to be a commentator because you were good at being a gymnast. She needs some serious training which is harsh but true. She is definitely the worse SEC commentator for gym.

  13. Arkansas finally getting scored normally. Prior to the crack at Florida today I thought they were the most over-scored team this season.

  14. It’s REALLY REALLY important that I complain about scoring for every meet, every day because I’m REALLY making a difference. If I don’t complain constantly about scoring I REALLY might die.

    1. Well this is a community we can complain where others understand…just let us have this!

    2. No one is forcing you to be here. You don’t like the interactions? Well there are plenty of other options.

  15. So seems like Arkansas was only overscored when against LSU and Florida…thus deducing its really LSU and Florida that get the over score judges and the teams that go against them benefit from that!

    1. I am not sure sure its because LSU and florida as I actually thought that there should have been way more separation between LSU and ark and ark and florida with florida and lsu being the better teams in those meets by more than the scoring suggests. It will be interesting to see ark at home next time to see if they continue to receive crack when at home or it is as you say a florida and lsu thing

  16. Ooof poor Rachel Baumann that was rough! Maybe not best to have her in the AA so she can focus on her best events where she excels like beam and floor.

  17. ‘Inconsistent with the scores they gave Georgia’ is such a polite way to point out that the vault judges seem to be blatantly trying to throw the meet Georgia’s way. The scoring of Johnston and Shaffer ‘s vaults compared to Georgia’s 1.5 was egregious.

    1. I would compare the scoring of Cashman and Lukacs to Johnson and Shaffer as well. Such bullshit.

  18. Dear heavens- can they break up the SEC commentary team at UGA. Tweedle dum is useless and Bridget cannot spot leg separated landings but can mid air? Does not know a tsuk full is a 10.0 start, and calls anything short of a fall stuck on bars dismounts. I will give her credit for pointing out the weak handstands for UGA but saying 9.95 start as if that’s special on Vt is ughhh…

    1. break up? I would prefer get rid of completely. Bridget is a horrendous commentator.

      1. I thought Bridget improved a bit last week when commentating Michigan/Minnesota but feel she’s gone downhill again…Bring Sam Peszek back

      2. If we’re going to reach back- is Elise Ray an option? Or Lori Strong Ballard? Or Suzanne? Heck – Kevin Copp could remote in from whatever job he has now.

        Which brings up a question. Since they are remote, why not just have the ATeams (Bart/Cathy & Alicia/John) call multiple meets?

      3. They should try to bring Suzanne back. I know she’s not a big name, but Lori Strong-Ballard always did a great job calling LSU meets. Sam Peszek also does a fine job. Honestly anyone except Bridget. Being a good gymnast does not mean you will be a good commentator. It honestly seems as if she’s had no training on how to commentate. Hoping they help her out and get her some professional development or just go a new direction.

    2. If I never had to hear Lyle/Sloan again I’d be so happy. I see the appeal of pairing the two weak links so they don’t drag down the better commentators, but…yikes.

  19. When scores are inflated for Florida, their competitors also reap the benefit. Besides, IMHO the occasional overscore seems to be balanced out by a low-balled one. Florida is by far the best looking team this year. Every meet can be picked apart for the scoring. Do people honestly believe every single judge in the NCAA purposely over scores any team? They are all in cahoots? What do they get out of doing that? Guess I don’t see it truly being an issue. Some routines, yes. But not a consistent overscore for specific teams or gymnasts that is much different than for the others. Just my opinion.

    1. Just curious if you are newer to watching college gymnastics? Leotard bias is a very real and recognized thing in the gymternet!

    2. The judges do get assignments based on coach feedback, though, so basically they have an incentive to score the home team generously because it gets them positive reviews from the coaches which helps them keep their jobs

      1. Judges also expect certain teams to be better based on reputation, and (subconsciously I suppose) score them higher as a result. Just because it’s not some grand conspiracy doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

    3. I would love to see Utah’s Jalenen’ Gillstraps floor routine judged in the sec arena. She is amazing to watch. So precise yet scores in the 9.8 range

      1. YES!! I can’t even stretch my imagination to find what they are taking off. Or, maybe Utah places her in the anchor position? Solowski’s score wouldn’t drop as a result.

    4. Inflated scores are not good for any team. We watched for years UCLA getting 10,s for bouncy slide landings The routines were great entertainment but not perfect. The 10 and even the 9.95 should be reserved for something really amazing and perfect Not every entertaining movie gets an academy award. It doesn’t mean it wasn’t great.

      Save the 10 for absolute perfection

  20. Jordyn has done wonders to Arkansas floor! They are great on that event and fun to watch!

  21. I always wonder if these commenters have done a Masters degree…Masters degrees are generally known to be much easier than bachelors degrees…

    But that is maybe just me and my friends experiences based on our undergrad school and how tough it is known to be.

    1. According to the ESPN website, Courtney Lyle has a bachelor in journalism and I don’t recall Bridget Sloan doing a master’s after her communications degree. So no, they haven’t done a master’s degree. I agree that my master’s was easier than my bachelor.

      1. Luck you. My Masters was double the work of my undergrad. My 6th year was not as bad as my Masters, but there was much more reading, research, and writing than Masters’ busy work projects.

  22. Good lord, I think my sister’s ex-boyfriend has competition for “most vapid conversationalist.” I liked Bridget Sloan’s gymnastics, but her commentary is terrible.

  23. Arkansas is always cleaned, stuck more vaults, and have the endurance on floor. Jo knows what she’s doing!

  24. I personally thought Bridget’a improved a bit since the last two meets. She’s by no means my favourite, but she did point out some errors and gave suggestions what was missing in some of the routines.
    If you make your mind up that someone is a bad commentator, all you’ll ever hear are the bits and pieces to corroborate your first impression.

    1. I was more annoyed by the other person alongside Bridget. She kept saying things that just didn’t fit the moment.

  25. Jordyn really has done an amazing job in such a short period of time. In CKC’s case when you hire a coach based off their own gymnastics abilities rather than their coaching it doesn’t always translate. Jordyn worked and learned from all of the coaches at UCLA, but she seems to have the passion and the it factor that the top coaches in all sports have. CKC just seems to be missing something, Jordyn has turned this team around in a very short period of time, so coaching does make a difference. However, she also understands It is not just coaching, but recruiting, building relationships, embracing fans through social media, and she just seems to get it. Her staff also seems to work well together.

    1. I look at injuries as a reflection of the coaches skill in both smart training and recruiting. Of course, fluke injuries happen, but a chronically injured team i believe is at least partially on the coach. CKC isn’t doing great in this regard, whereas I see it as one of Jo’s strengths.

      1. It’s also a reflection of the medical/athletic training staff…Other than the college I attended (not UGA or Arkansas), I don’t have a working familiarity with any school’s athletic department across the board, but it would be interesting to compare the rates of injury/recovery time in other sports at those two schools.

  26. Apropos of nothing, I kind of love it when the visiting team half-asses a theme meet. You do you, Arkansas.

  27. I am so impressed with Arkansas and you can see a huge turnaround since Weiber came. I’ve watched AR since their very first gymnastics season back in 2001 and this is an entirely different team and atmosphere. The team is prepared every week, they are conditioned unbelievably well compared to previous teams, and they are so much more focused on the details, even down to completing every single move to its fullest. In the past it always seemed like AR was ok being ok in the SEC …not true anymore…you can tell they want to be so much more now. Still so much room for growth, but as someone who has watched them for so long, I think the Weiber era is going to be amazing and I just hope Arkansas can hold on to her.

    1. Surely the only schools that could lure Jordyn away would be UCLA (for obvious reasons) or Michigan (closer to family)? I’m guessing Arkansas would pay better than the other schools would, and the money goes a lot farther in Fayetteville than it would in Ann Arbor or Los Angeles.

  28. Wieber is doing an amazing job for sure.
    However, she has also been a bit lucky. She was able to get two veteran NCAA athletes to transfer over, which had an immediate impact on the team. Sarah Shaffer was granted a red-shirt year which was also helpful. The rest of the SEC is dealing with injured athletes while Arkansas is healthy for once.
    So def. had all the right game pieces at the right time. But she is obviously a talented head coach and proved everyone wrong.
    I do think Arkansas at peak performance can make it to Four on the Floor.

    1. I agree I think the grad transfers have really helped the team. I am not sure I agree they are four on the floor material even at peak performance. I think they have been overscored a lot at home but yesterday was more accurate. I think they are a great team but four on the floor will be tough

  29. I do not really think getting great transfers is lucky. She had to recruit them to want to go there. I am sure other schools could have looked in transfer portal as well. Recruiting is lifeblood of program, but you also have to have the ability to coach up your athletes, keep them healthy and motivated. She really understands the little details. I think she will continue to do well and I hope she will start to get some of the 4 & 5 star athletes, but just think what she has done to help her current team improve.

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