Saturday Live Blog – January 30, 2021

Saturday, January 30
Scores Stream
1:00pm ET/10:00am PT – Penn State @ [13] Minnesota LINK BTN+
1:00pm ET/10:00am PT – [25] Maryland @ Rutgers LINK BTN+
2:00pm ET/11:00am PT – Nebraska, Ohio State @ Michigan State LINK BTN+
3:00pm ET/12:00pm PT – Temple @ New Hampshire LINK FREE
5:00pm ET/2:00pm PT – Air Force @ Cal LINK FREE
10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT – Washington @ [4] Utah LINK ESPN2

Two Big Tennies getting started now, with the Michigan State tri-meet following an hour later. That tri meet should be interesting because both Nebraska and Ohio State have sort of been all over the place so far (both with a 193 among the first two meets), while MSU has pushed back its opener to this week because of preparation challenges.

Touch warmup underway in Minnesota. Rutgers and Maryland still in anthems.

Rotation 1

Gerdes – VT – Minn – we are 15000 miles away from the vault in this angle, so… – lunge back on a Yfull. 9.750

Verdeflor – UB – Penn St – blind to jaeger, lovely form – handstands not as crisp this week as last week, some rushing – final one was better – bail, good legs together – giant full to double tuck, hop forward. 9.800

Remlinger – VT – Minn – really strong control on her yfull, basically stuck – has the distance, just some piking int he air. 9.875

Johnston – UB – Penn St – maloney, some legs into bail, good vertical position – kind of short cast on high – giant full into double tuck, has to cowboy her double tuck but strong stick. Good improvement. 9.800

Hooten – VT – Minn – ups things to her Y1.5 – lands short with a lunge back, successful vault. 9.800

Cross – UB – Penn St – blind to jaeger, high, catches somewhat close – bail, legs together well – giant full to double tuck, good stick. Clean work. It’s kind of tough to tell handstands from this angle, but they looked solid. 9.825

Ramler – VT – Minn – Fun that we didn’t get to see Ramler’s vault because we were seeing a replay of her standing there! Weeee! On replay, small hop forward and a little tucking. Strong. 9.875

Bonsall – UB – Penn St – good first hs – maloney to bail, some legs in maloney – short cast hs on high – toe on to DLO, another stick. Strong landings today. 9.800

Loper – VT – Minn – not as much control on her Y1/5 today, a bound forward, strong form though so the score should still be fine – 9.875

Rushlow – UB – Penn St – good first hs – blind to jaeger to overshoot, catches overshoot a little close but works through it – hitting vertical on casts – a bit late on giant full into double tuck, another stick. Solid. Better camera angle for that one.

Quarles – VT – Minn – Good Y1.5 after a really rough one in warmup – only a small hop – should go 9.900. And it does.

That will be 49.275 for Minnesota on vault.

Commentators identifying this as Rushlow but it’s not. Rushlow was fifth (not Ayers). Romagnano – UB – Penn St – rushes first hs – maloney to pak, some legs apart there – 1/2 turn on low looked pretty solid – but some low handstands there that will knock the score – stalder to double tuck, small step. 9.700

Penn State got stuck in the friend zone a little more than they would have wanted in that bars rotation, especially given a patch of impressive sticks in the middle, but every counting score was at least 9.800. Total of 49.100 is solid.

After 1: Minnesota 49.275, Penn State 49.100

Meanwhile, Maryland has a fall from Weir in the third spot on bars.

Debarberie follows after a long wait and has a struggle one – nearly misses her hand on an overshoot but works through it, but then hands down on her dismount.

Hannah Joyner has started for the season – a solid Yfull witha medium bounce back, good height and position

Maryland will be counting an 8 on bars. Silberman rights things with a normal hit in the 5th spot.

Barber finishes bars for Maryland – clear hip to Hindorff, nice amplitude, into overshoot – a bit short cast hs on high – DLO, a tad deep, slide back. Good.

Rotation 2

Bladon – VT – Penn St – struggles to pull around a full, didn’t get much block and landed low, chest well down. 9.500

Montgomery – UB – Minn – blind to jaeger to overshoot, controlled well – on short handstand on high bar – double front dismount, major cowboy, pulls it around, step back 9.800

Howell – VT – Penn St – hits a Yfull, medium bounce back, chest fiarly well up, some piking – 9.500. Should have been higher than the previous vault. Because it was obviously better.

Hooten – UB – Minn – shortish first hs – blind to piked jaeger, nice, connects to overshoot, struggles to get one of her hands around but works it out – double front dismount, somewhat deep with a little hop. 9.725

Johnston – VT – Penn St – good improvement – nice height on her full, holds the stick – some clear piking, good landing. 9.825

Willmarth – UB – Minn – good first hs – Ray, just a bit of legs on catch – one short cast – solid position on bail, nice toe point – giant full to a high double tuck, stuck landing. 9.875

Bonsall – VT – Penn St – doesn’t get quite the block on her full but pulls it out, small step forward, chest down. 9.725

Loper – UB – Minn – good first hs – maloney to pak, perfect leg positions – good 1/2 turn position on low but ahhhhhh – misses her foot and her hand slips off as well has to hop off. Minnesota was banking on this score but has good numbers so far. 9.375

Cross – VT – Penn St – controls the landing on her Yfull, minor hop in place, similar piking to Bonsall. 9.750

Sales – UB – Minn – good bail, holds her vertical position – solid cast hs on high – blind to khorkina and falls whatttt – Minnesota counting a fall on bars now. DLO, hop back. 9.025

Rushlow – VT – Penn St – some better amplitude on her Yfull, good hit, but a full tenth slide back. 9.800

Ramler – UB – Minn – good first hs – maloney to pak, perfect form – hits cast hs on low – van leeuwen, legs together throughout – good cast – toe on, a touch late?, to FTDT, slides her feet together. Not her 10 but a big score coming that they needed. 9.925

Status: Nightmarish

Minnesota had to count a fall on bars to go 48.700 (which is still not bad for a counting fall and extends the lead over Penn State’s 48.600 on vault). Penn State doesn’t quite have enough competitive fulls to get high vault scores and has been having to eat some very low numbers in the early spots.

After 2: Minnesota 97.975, Penn St 97.700

Meanwhile, Rutgers is not saddled with counting a 9.000 on bars, so we’re not going to see big numbers coming out of this meet.

Rotation 3

Sonier – BB – Minn – back in the lineup – bhs loso series, secure – smooth full turn – beat to split 3/4, chest forward lean – beat to loso, big save there as her foot slipped off on landing, still a clear wobble – bhs bhs 1.5, good stuck. 9.700

Ayers – FX – Penn St – fornt tuck through to double tuck, chest down, lunge back – double pike, chest well down again with a lunge back – 9.700

MSU tri meet supposed to be starting now but that stream is definitely frozen.

Nylin – BB – Minn – solid full turn – bhs bhs loso series, secure landing, some flexed feet throughout – hitch kick to switch side, low back leg – 1.5 stuck landing, strong finish. 9.850

Bladon – FX – Penn St – stepping off of her opening pose because where is my musicccccc…. – double pike, secure landing, chest down and some legs apart – switch 1/2 to wolf full, struggles to get up to position there – 1.5 to layout, pulls it around, knee deduction – double tuck, again wrenches it around but does, lunge forward. 9.600

Loper – BB – Minn – wobble correction on her series, pulls it back – kickover to beat, lovely – switch to straddle 1/4, nice – hop forward on 1.5. 9.825

Rushlow – FX – Penn St – double tuck, good position, bounce back – split leap full to wolf full, good split position – 1.5 to layout, slightly soft position, under control – rudi to split jump, solid. 9.825

Korlin Downs – BB – Minn – bhs loso, good extension, controls the landing, with a small shiver – beat to split to stag ring, excellent – side aerial to full, stuck. Very nice. 9.875

Score bunching in this beam rotation has been kind of weird.

Bonsall – FX – Penn St – double tuck, under control, solid – 1/2 to front full with a dance out slide – switch 1/2 to wolf full, wolf around – double pike, another solid landing, chest down. Good one. 9.850

Montgomery – BB – Minn – no Sales today? bhs loso series, very sturdy, some knees – beat to straddle 1/2 to tuck jump, good high beat – front tuck, step forward to control it – 1.5, pace forward.

Allen – FX – Penn St – Commentators just said her name was “Aryan Allen” and I cannot – pulls around her DLO, just a step – switch side to popa, clear finish position – front tuck through to double tuck, step back, some chest position – seems like her music cut off before it was supposed to? 9.800

Ramler – BB – Minn – hits her loso series, and why do we have such a far angle of this? – Aerial to wolf jump, smoothly done – beat to split ring jump, solidly landed – side aerial to full, stuck landing. Yes. 9.950

Astarita – FX – Penn St – “Melissa Artisan” – more floor music problems – obviously a conspiracy – open double tuck position, controls landing – 1.5 to layout, comfortable – switch side to popa – double pike, short with a lunge forward, the rest was strong. That should pull the team score into the 49s there.

After 3: Minnesota 147.250, Penn St 146.750

So, the MSU tri-meet has started but the stream remains fully crapped out.

Minnesota is taking advantage of doing 8500 exhibitions.

Over at Rutgers – Rouse is up on floor for Maryland, good height on double pike, controlled step – 1.5 to layout, a bit flat but under control – good positions on split and straddle work – double tuck, stuck landing. VERY good routine. 9.900

Joyner – BB – Rutgers – solid full turn – oooooooff a rough fall on her loso series where she split the beam but not right over the beam so she ended up getting thrown off. That will also have to count as Rutgers already has an 8.450 in this rotation

Burgess – FX – Maryland – brings a back 3/1 around very well – switch 1/2 to wolf jump 1.5, good rise into wolf, around – switch position a little short – struggles some on the front full to lay, low, but gets it around.

Huang – BB -= Rutgers – anchor position – cat leap to side aerial through to aerial, work through the combination pretty quickly – beat jump to split 3/4, wobble – 2/1 dismount, deep witha bound forward. A hit.

Barber – FX – Maryland – 1.5 to layout, some sliding – nice switch and straddle positions – double tuck, a smidge deep –

Looks like Nebraska went 48.675 on bars after having to count a 9.475 after an anchor position fall.

Rotation 4

Romagnano – BB – Penn St – bhs bhs loso, slight check – split jump – has to redo it into a split jump stag ring to get her dance series – side aerial to tuck full dismount, dismount gets a little weird, step and a lean to the side. 9.675

Koch – FX – Minn – front 2/1 to front tuck, good, just some knees – split leap full to wolf full, small slide and somewhat short position on wolf – back full side pass – rudi, hit. 9.850

Verdeflor – BB – Penn St – starting her beam routine, so let’s cut to a replay of floor – aerial to korbut, a bit slow, nice elements – side aerial, check, saves it – split jump to stag ring was beautiful – side somi to back tuck full, stuck. Good finish.

9.650 with a 9.75/9.55 split. The 9.55 judge had her at a 9.8 SV, which could be for the aerial to Korbut – or maybe the dismount combo. I see Dallas fetching a piece of paper and giving it Sarah (what, I don’t just watch Dallas the whole meet), so perhaps they’re inquiring that.

Leneave – FX – Minn – controls the landing on her double pike – 1.5 to front lay, also solid, has to tuck the lay somewhat – double tuck, also under control, kind of a hop to present, solid tuck position

Johnston – BB – Penn St – bhs loso series, majjjor break, leg-up check, brings it back – hits sheep jump – side aerial, good – 1.5, pace forward. 9.500

Ramler – FX – Minn – double pike, nice chest position, under control – leaps for days – 1.5 through to 2/1, also secure, some leg crossing – 1.5 to layout, good. Casual 9.925

Cross – BB – Penn St – nice double stag position directly into bhs loso, solid – switch to sheep, not quite the closure of Johnston, check – kickover front is deep, brings it back with a check – 1.5 with a step-salute. 9.625

Remlinger – FX – Minn – hits a full in, just a hop to present, good chest position – switch side to popa, nice popa extension – 1.5 to layout, good straight layout shape – double tuck, secure. Good work. 9.900

Rushlow – BB – Penn St – bhs loso series, secure – switch to split, lovely extension and toe point there – side aerial, solid, covers by bringing the arms down – ayyyyyy 1.5 dismount, sits it down. Well, things sure falling apart for Penn St on beam.

Hooten – FX – Minn – full in, nailed the landing, excellent – switch side to popa, high, easily around – front full to front pike, the smallest bit short but fine – double tuck, stuck. Excellent routine. 9.925

Bladon – BB – Penn St – switch to side aerial – nice switch, side aerial chest forward, pulls it back with a check – gainer full, stuck. Didn’t see the beginning. 9.725

Loper – FX – Minn – front lay to a high rudi, bouncy on landing though – switch ring to split leap full, a little crooked – 2.5, pace forward – 1.5 to layout, lands short with a slide. 9.825

FINAL: Minnesota 196.675, Penn St 194.925

Minnesota will certainly take 196.675 with a counting fall on bars as that’s still a very usable score. Huge day for Ramler with 39.675. It all sort of fell apart there for Penn St on beam to drop under the 195 mark.

The Michigan State stream has figured itself out here for the tail end of the second rotation. Michigan State with a strong 49.000 on bars, while Nebraska will be counting a fall on beam and Ohio State, leading after the first rotation, is trucking along with 9.8 pace on floor.

After 2: Ohio State 97.900, Michigan State 97.625, Nebraska 97.125

Meanwhile Cal posted its initial lineups, which are absent Gabby Perea and Emi Watterson. Which is troubling. Andrea Li is on bars and beam. Abi Solari is on vault and floor.

We have another final score: Maryland 194.925, Rutgers 192.750

Rotation 3

MSU stream looks like it’s Michigan State only until their rotation ends. They start with Wiedeman for 9.725, mostly from a larger check on a kickover front. Bellmore follows with 9.825, a secure set. Some leap positions.

Looks like Lorange got 9.775 on FX for Nebraska.

Jackard went 9.775 for MSU in the third spot on beam – some nicer leap positions, but a bounce on dismount. Nyah Smith steps up the difficult with a double tuck dismount. 9.800

Jennings went 9.825 for a solid Yfull for Ohio State, bounce back, chest up.

Higgins gives Nebraska another 9.875 on floor. We saw her final combo pass, good extension there.

Baleigh Garcia REALLY nice beam work for MSU. Composed and extended. 9.900

Nebraska has a DLO fall from Piringer in the fifth position on floor, but four solid scores preceding it.

Lea Mitchell had a major break on her series, which could make this the drop score since the other five did well and are already over 49. “But keeps it on the bars.” Stab me.

Significant final floor routine from Press for Nebraska after the fall – struggles to control her DLO, two large lunges, OOB. And we’ve cut back to beam exhibition.

Two 49 rotations for Michigan State on bars and beam. Keeping it close with Ohio State.

Nebraska has to count that 9.550 from Press to go 48.925 on floor. Roby in exhibition spot, has added a front tuck through to double tuck as her second pass with the full in to solve those SV issues from recently.

After 3: Ohio State 146.875, Michigan State 146.650, Nebraska 146.050

Ohio State had to start off the final bars rotation with an 8.850. We could see some feet almost entirely out of frame doing like 45 extra swings. So it was probably that. Solid hit in second spot.

Baleigh Garcia brought those excellent positions from beam to her leaps on floor. Also stuck a double pike. She’ll be a thing.

Lorange vaults a full for Nebraska – goos distance, controls the landing, but some major chest down to do so, will take away the score.

Looks like Ohio State will be counting a miss on bars through three routines. Michigan State a few passes away from a bit win now.

Nebraska’s meet is done. a 48.675 takes the final total to 194.725, so a step down from last week’s 195.

Ohio State hits the rest of bars to get to 195.325 and move ahead of Nebraska, but it could have closed in on a 196 with a hit in that rotation.

Mitchell and Smith go comfortably in the 4th and 5th positions on floor, controlling their landings, to secure the win for Michigan State. Just waiting on the final total now.

Hofelich in the anchor spot gives Michigan State a sixth hit for what was a very solid opening performance. Among the more prepared-looking teams in their team peer group.

FINAL: Michigan State 195.775, Ohio State 195.325, Nebraska 194.725

Meet back here in a bit for Cal’s debut.

Intros done. AAers for Cal are George, Bordas, and DeSouza. AAers for Air Force are Stevenson and Sand.

Touch is over.

Rotation 1

Schank – VT – Cal – hits a full – comes up a little short, can’t really see the landing from our angle – small hop. 9.800

Kirkpatrick – UB – AF – good first hs- toe on, some hesitation into maloney to overshoot, solid, some legs – giant full, legs, to double tuck, lunge back. 9.375. Changed to 9.525, which seems more realistic to me.

Bordas – VT – Cal – vaults just a tucked Yfull today – lands short, chest down, lunge forward. Presumably will plan to drop that one. 9.700

Not getting scores yet. Long delay for first AF score.

Clausi – VT – Cal – did not do her 1.5 but hits a comfortable full, medium slide back – good form and direction. 9.800

Miller – UB – AF – 1/2 turn on high bar, just a little late – solid bail legs – shoots back to high – nice height on tkatchev – hop on dismount, but pretty solid. 9.575

George – VT – Cal – her full looks mostly back – not her most control with a bounce back – but good layout position, chest up. 9.825

Bardas – UB – AF – opens with a piked deltchev but can’t catch – cool attempt though. Resumes with clear hip to bail, not to handstand,c ollapses a bit there – pause in giant full, pulls it around – sticks double tuck.

DeSouza – VT – Cal – she’s doing her Y1.5 -success – gets it around with a gigantic bound forward. Legs apart on the block, some knees in the air. 9.775

Sand – Ub – AF – Clear hip to bail, legs, not to handstand if that was the attempt – shoot to high -giant full to a high double tuck, lunge back into salute. 9.325

Sadighi – VT – Cal – she replaces Solari in the lineup – pretty solid full – has some amplitude and some open – a bigger bounce back. 9.825.

So Cal’s done with vault but we’ve done like one routine on bars.

That will be 49.025 on vault for Cal, which they’ll take for the first meet.

Solari does go with her handspring pike 1/2 in exhibition and pulls it around – some leg position in the air – and bouncing around on landing.

Stevenson – UB – AF – Clear hip to maloney, good legs – some hesitation swinging out of it – bail, better vertical – short hs on high – giant full to double tuck, step back. 9.550

Barber – UB – AF – hits tkatchev, a bit close – solid hs – giant 1/2 to bail, again risking no credit on handstand attempt – loses her legs in giant full, tries to pull it around and swing through into double tuck dismount but was never going to get the height on that, falls. Seems thrilled.

After 1: Cal 49.025, Air Force 46.725

Cal breaks 49 on the first vault rotation, which works for a downgraded lineup in which Clausi wasn’t doing her 1.5 and Bordas did a tuck and most people were hopping. Not bad overall. Air Force had some perfectly acceptable routines in there, the ones that got 9.5s, but had to count an 8 and I would guess suffered some downgrades on bails so the SVs weren’t as high as desired.

Rotation 2

Camello – VT – AF – pretty solid full, bounce back, some chest down. 9.675

DeSouza – Ub – Cal – blind to piked jaeger to overshoot – good height on jaeger – nice cast hs on high – FTDT, small hop back. Strong. 9.875

Kirkpatrick – VT – AF – runnnnns right through. Did not touch the vault, so she can run again. Some intense pre-vault rituals – does survive her next attempt – very short full, lunge forward

Anddddd we missed almost the entirety of Li’s debut bars routine because of that vault situation. Twitter will be thrilled.

Lunge back on her double tuck dismount. 9.625. Oh.

Bardes – VT – AF – hits a tucked yfull, bounce back

Green – UB – Cal – good first hs – clear hip to high gienger, solid – nearly loses it on her bail hs, big arch, pulls it back – FTDT, small step forward. 9.725

Stevenson also vaults a tucked yfull for AF, hop back. With the text, “Keep it in one line if possible” on the screen. Was this about Kirkpatrickkkkk

George – UB – Cal – hits tkatchev – small arch in cast hs – bail, hit – toe on – FTDT, stuck landing. Some hip angles, strong finish. 9.800

Schank – Ub – Cal – good first hs – blind to piked jaeger to overshoot, pretty, good legs together – solid cast hs on high – DLO, stuck landing. Lovely work. Very crisp. 9.900

Did Air Force just stop vaulting, or did we miss it? Either is as likely as the other.

Bordas – UB – Cal – small arch in first cast hs – blind to jaeger to overshoot, great amplitude,a bit of feet – giant full to double tuck, hop forward. Good.

Judges conference about the Bordas score.

Was that Sadighi in exhibition with a comedy dismount? This meet has been hilarious.

So we just never got a score for Bordas? And just four vaults for Air Force? I LOVE THIS PANDEMIC.

So I guess we’re moving into rotation 3.

Air Force posted a 5th vault score of 9.05. So that happened. Apparently.

Rotation 3

It was 9.750 for Bordas. Which will be a 49.050 on bars. But live scores have broken.

Clausi – BB – Cal – kickover to sissone, solid – bhs loso series, also under control – cat to switch side, a bit tight there – solid full turn – side aerial to full, some tucking. Really good.

Meanwhile, Liz and I are wearing the exact same shirt right now. Which might be a problem.

Brock – FX – AF – double pike, bounce back OOB – 1.5 to layout, solid pass, some knees – wrenches around a split, not bad on the popa – rudi to straddle jump, a little out of control. Not bad.

DeSouza – BB – Cal – aerial to sissone, deliberate but good execution – bhs loso series, secure – beat to sheep, hip angle in sheep – good full turn – 1.5 dismount, hop forward. Another comfortable hit.

Meyer – FX – AF – double pike, solid, chest down – front lay to front full, lunge – switch side to popa, fine – double tuck, well short and hands down.

Li – BB – Cal – MY BACK FLEXIBILITY – nearly a check standing on the beam, don’t worry about it – good aerial – bhs loso, smoothly hit – split jump to split ring jump, has the toes – gainer tuck full, nearly falls, very deep, lunge – so we need to work on the dismounts.

Stevenson – FX – AF – front full to layout, solid, some knees – split leap full to wolf 1.5, nice amplitude on that combo – round off immediate double tuck, gets the height but bounces forward on landing.

Bordas – BB – Cal – aerial, major break, came up short and slammed her heel on the beam, did well to keep it on – bhs loso series is strong – switch to split, good switch, some back foot in split – side aerial, brings her foot through to split jump, some hesitation in combo there – gainer full, stuck. A slight adventure.

Camello – FX – AF – front full to front lay, very flat, pulls it around – double pike, short, major lunge forward – double tuck is solid

George – BB – Cal – aerial to back tuck, keeps arms moving – small check – double wolf turn, smooth – switch to split jump to beat, some back leg on switch but split was very good – gainer full, stuck.

Stapleton – FX – AF – double pike, step, best chest up position so far on a double salto – back 1/2 to front full, lunge – switch side is high, popa gets a little crazy – double tuck, hit, chest down.

Schank – BB – Cal – front handspring to a little tuck stand is beautiful – bhs to back pike series, secure – sheep jump with a check, redoes it because she needs to connect, again there was an arm wave check into beat so she’s risking some SV here – 1.5 dismount, lunge back. That may be a SV journey.

Now we get to wait and see what the scores in that rotation were. Like a fun little mystery!

Gabby Perea is doing exhibition on beam – has a major check on her front tuck – back tuck back tuck combination is going to get interesting. Side somi to back layout full dismount is fun.

OK so it was 9.875 for Georgia, 9.850 for DeSouza, 9.850 for Clausi, and 9.700 for Li. But then 9.550 for Schank and 9.475 for Bordas. So 48.825. Start value adventures.

Air Force peaked at 9.650 for Stapleton.

Who just took a full in to her eye in this floor warmup. I’m not mad at you, I’m worried about you.

Rotation 4

Carswell – BB – AF – Nice wolf double – bhs loso series, secure, good amplitude, some hesitation before – split jump to stag ring, nice split position, slightly ragged in stag – gainer full, tries to save it, lunge back after all. On the beam really strong, though. Air Force’s best work of the day. 9.750

DeSouza – FX – Cal – double pike, some chest position, keeps her lunge in bounds it looked – switch side to popa, comfortable – 1.5 to front full, solidly executed, some dance lunge out – rudi landing is a struggle, bounce back. 9.750

Brock – BB – AF – bhs loso series, brings foot forward to save it, a check but not too bad – cat leap to side aerial, leg-up check – split jump to sheep, check – gainer full, stuck. 9.500

Quinn – FX – Cal – front lay to rudi, good height, small slide – switch side to popa, good split positions, clear landings – double pike is tougher, short, lunge forward. 9.750

Stevenson – BB – AF – punch front mount to beat is solidly done – bhs loso series, hit with an arm wave into beat jump, knees – switch with a pause to back tuck, can’t save it, falls. Gainer pike, holds stick.

Clausi – FX – Cal – doing foor with her mask on, a star – I hope this routine is also pandemic themed – double pike, a little deep, lunge – switch side to wolf full, wolf full landed somewhat under – 1.5 to layout, secure – double tuck, nice, keeps front foot down. Cool. Her nose does have to pop out, but I think the theme of this floor routine is that if Milan co do floor with a mask on, you can certainly talk to a judge while keeping yours on. 9.800

Stapleton brings it back for Air Force on beam. Some knees positions, possible broken connection in there, but a hit. Stuck gainer pike. 9.600

Schank – FX – Cal – double tuck, strong landing, keeps front foot down – double pike and a bounce back OOB – switch side 1/2 to additional straddles – back 1.5 to front tuck, pulls it around, a little low.

Both the DeSouza and Quinn scores were originally posted as 9.700 but are now 9.750.

Barber – BB – AF – aerial with a check into bhs, broken combo – split jump to split jump 3/4, nice split positions shown there – beat to another split jump 3/4, I think, but this time with a large check she has to save – gainer full, deep, hop forward.

George – FX – Cal – front 2/1 to front tuck, strong, dances out – switch ring to split leap full, lovely positions – losos in her “I have back tumbling, too, dumbos” moment. Rudi, stuck. Very nice. Right where she left off.

Smith in the final position for AF can’t save her loso series and falls.

Looks like floor scores have stopped updating again. And a wait on George’s routine.

Solari – FX – Cal – back 1.5 to front full, solid work – switch 1/2 to split 1/2 was a little crazy in the split portion, but got the switch there – switch side – round off double tuck, solid pass, small step. Nice to see her back in. Should get some solid floor scores this season.

So now we wait to find out what the scores were?

So basically 9.750s for everybody? That seems…not right. I have some…questions.

OK George is now displaying as 9.875 rather than 9.750, which makes some better sense.

Still lots of talking to the judges happening around here. I could watch this all day.

Quick math says Cal at 195.825? We’ll see.

Anyway, let’s all make some cocktails and meet back here in several hours for Utah and Washington.

The Utah/Washington meet has been moved from ESPNU to ESPN2. Although, the navel-gazing nature of this basketball performance beforehand makes me think we’re not actually going to be watching this meet on ESPN2 in several minutes.

Anyway, different goals for these two teams. Utah is already at #4 and aiming to move up. We don’t know what Utah needs to move ahead of Oklahoma because OU doesn’t compete until tomorrow. It is possible for Utah to pass #2 LSU, but it would take over a 197.5, which is a pretty big ask. Possible, but we’ll have to see whether things get fancy.

Washington has competed once so far for a 192.875, so the goal here is just to put up some fuller lineups and get into…maybe the 194s? Much like Oregon State, it’s going to be baby steps this season. And a second-meet 194 would be a step up.

Damn, this basketball game is close. So we know it’s going to take forevevvvverrrrr. And then they’ll be like, “You can watch the start of the gymnastics on the ESPN app” except there will be no link for it on the ESPN app. And then the link will appear, but 18 hours later, and only once the gymnastics has started on TV anyway.

So…I might have some issues.

OK we’re starting oin ESPNU after all –

Isa – VT – Utah – solid Yfull, smallish bounce back, good layout shape. 9.775

Killough-Wilhelm – UB – nice piked jaeger into overshoot, some piking in the overshoot position – nice high bar hs – giant full double tuck, small step back. Solid. 9.850 big score.

We’re going to agree she’s SKW now so I can type faster.

O’Keefe – VT – Utah – step back on her yfull, good distance and direction, not a ton to take other than the full tenth step. 9.825

John is OVER the scoring delays on bars. Same.

McNamara – Ub – Washington – good first hs – blind change to hit jaeger – pak, some loose back and leg form – casts are not bad – giant full to double tuck but couldn’t get it around, hands down. A shame because she has some real line and talent there. 9.250

Stanhope – VT – Utah – solid 1.5 – a medium step forward, good distance – a small amount of knees, but not bad. 9.850

Bowles – UB – Washington – good first hs – deltchev, some feet but enjoyable – into overshoot – good cast hs on high – giant full to double tuck, lunge back. 9.575.

Hall – VT – Utah – excellent stick on her Y1.5, nailed it. great distance, just some knees in the air. Why is Garrett talking to her like she has a concussion? What’s the deal here? Did she just give herself a stick concussion? 9.850, I wonder if the weird reaction affected the score because we’ve seen that go into the 9.9s at…certain meets.

Thomas – UB – Washington – solid first hs – blind to jaeger, can’t catch, a fall. The score is going to be disastrous for Washington on bars, but I do notice that they’ve been honing in on those cast handstand positions, which are closer to vertical with a better line than we’ve been seeing from a lot of the teams that are scoring higher, because of hitting. Deep landing on her double tuck dismount with a lunge. 8.400

Burch – VT – Utah – sticks a great Y1.5. They’re nailing these vaults. Some knees, but otherwise excellent distance and control on that landing. Legs apart on the block, slightly soft knees in the air. Should be into the 9.9s. 9.925.

Thompson – UB – Washington – hecth mount – blind to jaeger, close catch, understandable – bail, some hip angle in catch – good cast hs on high – FTDT, hits, two small steps back

Rucker – VT- Utah – She struggles on her Y1.5 today. A short landing, a step back and then an additional lunge, so will be a low score. They don’t really need a huge score from this one. 9.525.

Wickman – UB – Washington – good piked jaeger into overshoot – struggles on some cast handstand positions, pretty low – giant full into double tuck with a lunge. But not bad. They needed that hit. 9.725

After 1: Utah 49.225, Washington 48.100

It’s a solid score for Utah. I think they were a tad tight on Hall’s score, so it could have been even higher, but Rucker did struggle. It’s a competitive rotation with four 1.5s, which will serve them well this season.

It was a struggle rotation for Washington, though a tenth better than last week.

Rotation 2

Smith – VT- UW – Y tucked full, bounce back. She can do the 1.5. 9.675

Paulson – UB – utah – good first hs – maloney to pak, solid legs together – nice hs on high bar – giant full, a little late into double tuck, small slide back. 9.850

SKW – VT- UW – hits a yfull, a pretty large bounce back – good chest up position, and layout shape, pikes down some at the end. 9.775

Baely Rowe is like, “I back at Utah. Why no 9.9?”

Sabado – blind to a good jaeger – toe on to bail, small leg break in the air – hits her hs on high bar – DLO, slightly flat, small slide back. Good. 9.775 somewhat tight for that for me.

Cunningham – VT – UW – strong full, can open out of it – small hop back. Good. 9.850. That’s what I would have gone

Burch – UB – Utah – jaeger, solid, some feet – shortish hs – bail, legs together, also slightly short – good cast on high bar – DLO, pace back. 9.775

Thompson – VT- UW – short today on her yfull – it’s a surprise when she doesn’t stick – good layout shape, but does have to step forward so won’t be the score they want. 9.750

O’Keefe – Ub – Utah – good first hs – maloney to pak, small leg break on pak but almost nothing – a little soft in 1/2 turn on low, loses back tension – up to high bar – double arabian and sticks it, much better control on that landing so far this season. 9.875

McNamara – VT – UW – round off full on, back tuck – lunge back – some chest down, not the most distance, but a hit. 9.800. That’s a strong score for a full-on (3/4 on) vault.

LeBlanc – Ub – Utah – blind to jaeger to overshoot, comfortable – some short cast hs in here – DLO, good height, slide back. 9.875

Thomas – VT- UW – just a ylayout but swings her arms to hold the stick – some pike throughout, holds the stick knowing they need the scores.

Isa – UB – Utah – Ray, just a tad close – bail, solid position in vertical – giant full into DLO small movement. Nice. 9.925, a bit high for me but a good routine. You get some forgiveness for loose back when doing legs-together casts.

Utah with a solid 49.300 on bars, Washington 48.850 on vault which is not bad given what they put up.

After 2: Utah 98.525, Washington 96.950

Utah on 197 pace in the first half.

Alicia and John reminding us of all the gymnasts that aren’t on the Washington team anymore.

Rotation 3

LeBlanc – BB – Utah – small check on standing there – switch to straddle 1/2, hit – I feel line the ad in the background makes these positions look worse? – ooooof, bhs loso and falls odd line – aerial to split jump is solid – 1.5, short, step back. OK pressure time now. 9.250

Smith – FX- UW – double tuck, solid landing, chest up – rudi to douyble stag, slightly ragged in stag but fine – wolf full to tuck jump 1.5, pulls them around – 1.5 to layout, has to arch around the layout and a lunge forward there. 9.725

Burch – BB – Utah – full turn – John pretending like any of us have watched a football before to get this reference – secure landing on loso – split to stag ring – Alicia definitely does not know what a Yang Bo is. Alicia, I love you. Because we did that live GymCastic show that time, I think we’re friends. And because we’re friends, I can say this. That’s not what a Yang Bo is. A Yang Bo is oversplit with both legs and head release, not a stag ring – cat leap to aerial, good – gainer full, stuck. 9.900

McNamara – FX – UW – switch 1/2 ring, fine, but that skill – rudi to straddle jump, travels back on straddle lack of control – switch ring to switch 1/2, some short position – 1.5 to front layout, solid, some arch – 9.750

Randall – BB – Utah – bhs loso very strong – some legs apart on sheep jump but solid – hits her rulfova, slightly off line but comfortable – 1.5, good stick. Strong routine. 9.875

Wickman – FX – UW – tries a punch front 2/1, but she’s short, maybe credit? Maybe not – either way a deduction – 1.5 to layout, under control, slightly short – rudi, keeps that front foot down, somewhat large step. 9.700

Isa – BB – Utah – strong candle mount, holds right at vertical – bhs loso loso series, very strong, hits positions and secure – straddle jump to straddle 1/4, solid – bhs gainer full, slide back. Ohhh, it was SO good before that non-stick. 9.850

SKW – FX – UW – double tuck, high, big bounce back, keeps it in bounds – front 2/1, just barely around but a pretty deep landing – 1.5 to layotu is solid, msall movement on landing. 9.600

O’Keefe – BB – Utah – side aerial to loso, solid like every time – switch leap to split leap, good – they never mention that she’s a junior national champion, which is kind of a big deal – smooth full turn – cat leap to side aerial to full, stuck. Very good routine.

OK the 10 has happened. Just our second 10 of the season.

Thompson – FX – UW – double tuck, a lunge back to try to control – split full to switch half, has to work to try to pull that around – lay to front full, can’t get that one around, hand down, fall – rudi, somewhat short, bounce-dances to gain control

Paulson – BB- Utah – side aerial to loso is solid this week, that’s the best it has been – switch to split, under control – cat leap to side aerial to full, good stick. Now what do they do with this? 9.950 there.

49.575 for the Utah beam rotation. Which is kind of a big deal.

Cunningham – FX – UW – front tuck through to double tuck, solid control, front foot down – switch 1/2 to wolf full to wolf full, brings all emements around crisply – double pike, slightly short but covers.

After 3: Utah 148.100, Washington 145.600

Utah with a big score on beam, erasing the fall in the first position with some very strong routines. O’Keefe gets the 10 and I’m not that mad about it. Paulson goes 9.950 after her for a very solid routine with not quite the same extension, which is right.

Washington’s 48.650 on floor is not ideal but not completely devastating. Much comes down to beam in their quest to improve on the first meet.

Rotation 4

McNamara – BB – UW – Alicia’s like, “Hey don’t fall, randos” – and then she falls – bhs loso and she’s off – switch 1/2 is hit – side aerial, strong – side aerial to tuck full, stuck. Good second half.

Paulson – FX – Utah – front lay to front full to stag, secure – 2.5, under control, just some knees. I am very annoyed about this “Courtney McCool Griffith, just the volunteer assistant coach, but she’s married to Garret Griffith, the assistant coach.” He’s nothing! She’s the thing! 1.5 to layout final pass. Good. Whatever. Now I’m mad. 9.900 is quite a lot. 9.800

Brovedani – BB – UW – front aerial to bhs, a check in between the combination, so that will be interesting – cat to switch ring, not a combo we see a lot, secure – side aerial, nicely done – beat to side ariral to tuck full, step back. 9.550

Randall – FX- Utah – double tuck, short landing, lunge forward – switch side to popa to wolf full, looks like they were around – double pike, solid landing there – 1.5 to layout, hit

Thompson – BB – UW – candle mount, holds good vertical position – Alicia: ” Nothing’s scarier to me than beam mounts” – small lean on her split 3/4 – bhs loso, hit, some feet, but very secure – 1.5 dismount, somewhat ragged, pace forward. 9.600

Stanhope – FX – Utah – full in, solid landing, front foot down – double tuck, shows same control – switch side to wolf full, pulls it around – 1.5 to layout, control, slightly soft. Excellent routine. Though I understand I am immediately biased in favor of the British. 9.825

Thomas – BB – UW – hit full turn – kickover front deep but connects into bhs, check – switch to straddle 1/4, hit, some back leg – 1.5, pace forward. 9.650

Rucker – FX – Utah – full in, short landing, lunge forward – switch 1/2 looks nice, split and wolf fulls hit – front lay to front full with a dance out.

Bowles – BB – UW – side aerial to bhs and took her off line, falls – it seemed nice in the air? – beat to solf full, not quite around – side aerial to full, stuck. 9.125. Which will count.

O’Keefe – FX – Utah – double pike, shortish with a hop forward – front lay to front full, good height – switch to split 1.5, around solidly – 1.5 to layout, dance out

SKW – BB – UW – can get UW to a 193 with a hit, at least – bhs loso, check, lean to the side, saves it – smooth full turn – kickover, beat jump, nice – switch to sissone, hit, a little low – Alicia says she wishes Mihai had brought some more comedic relief – 1.5 dismount, step back.

Soloski – FX – Utah – DLO, good control this week – switch 1/2 to split full, solid, some back leg on split full – front lay to front full, controls landing here as well – 1.5 to layout, strong, slightly soft in layout. Really strong routine. 9.975 is too much but this was good.

Greg, no offense, but this is my favorite Utah team in a while.

FINAL: Utah 197.475, Washington 193.300

Huge score for Utah. Not quite enough to pass LSU in 2nd place but puts some pressure on Oklahoma to hit tomorrow. For Washington…well, it’s an improvement over the first meet score but not as much improvement as they would have liked. Six people did compete on every event, but counting falls on bars and beam undermined that.

67 thoughts on “Saturday Live Blog – January 30, 2021”

  1. what’s up with nebraska this year? numerous transfers and additional girls no longer on the team. I know Brink took over but she had already been part of the staff so seems odd so many gymnasts left

    1. 100% wondering what’s going on at Nebraska as well. There HAS to be something going on…. :/

  2. CAL LINE-UPS for Saturday January 30 2021 vs Air Force:
    (Source: CalWGym twitter)

    Vault: Schank, Bordas, Clausi, George, DeSouza, Solari.
    Bars: DeSouza, Li, Green, George, Schank, Bordas.
    Beam: Clausi, DeSouza, Li, Bordas, George, Schank.
    Floor: DeSouza, Solari, Quinn, Clausi, Bordas, George.

    All-Arounders: Bordas, George, DeSouza.

    Any surprises?

    1. Seems like a decision of each athlete (DeSouza didn’t), but they seem pretty stringent on the “no unnecessary contacts” policy. I like.

      1. Are you saying the same things about the Michigan team, or just the ones who go to school in the wrong part of the country?

  3. Cal vs AF stream:
    1. Appreciate having the free stream. Thanks Cal/Pac12. (But the rap music wasn’t doing it for me. Mute.)
    2. The photo portion of Cal’s audience cutouts are (rather small) “heads only”. Strange…but they do present a unified look with the Cal yellow/gold ‘shirt’ common bodies.
    3. Didn’t Cal used to be known for having a TON of 10.0 starting value vaults? Perhaps it’s too early in this odd short-preparation season.

    1. I love the music compared to Bridget commentating – feels more peaceful 😆

      1. I mean, I would prefer to listen to a bunch of newborns crying their lungs out over Bridget, but that is a really low bar…

    2. The California schools have had significantly less training time then the SEC schools we’ve been seeing so that could definitely be a big factor

  4. So, the first rotation was a mess in the order of things, and in the second AF just stopped after 4 vaults? It seems that AF has issues and is just there so Cal can have a valid, counting meet?
    I am so confused.

  5. Air Force’s twitter account listed 5 vaults – “Nat” was the 5th, with a 9,05. I guess the official scores are just slow.

  6. What is going on with Nebraska? Why have so many gymnasts transferred? I feel like I’m missing something.

    1. Whether Brink was a part of the program prior or not, a head coaching change mid season is never ideal for a program. I have heard rumblings about Nebraska and their coaching staff before, but the NCAA suspension last year was definitely the first public display. Their budget was reduced because of what happened and the team is on “probation” in regards to the University athletic department. All of these play into the idea that the future of the program was looking far from stable last year. I am sure gymnasts also jumped ship as more and more transfers started piling up.

  7. All things considered, I think Cal looks pretty good so far. Especially on beam, there is potential there.

  8. >Who just took a full in to her eye in this floor warmup.
    >I’m not mad at you, I’m worried about you.

    Apparently that was Bordas

  9. According to the TV guide schedule I’m looking at, the Utah meet will be on ESPNU rather than ESPN2.

    1. Kind of hoping Four on the Floor are Florida, Oklahoma, Minnesota, and Arkansas not gonna lie.

      I think LSU, Utah, Michigan, Denver, and Alabama have the chops this year to make it too though. But Michigan’s 2-week delay might have thrown a wrench in their plans

      1. Minnesota and Arkansas in four on the floor is a pipe dream in my opinion other teams would have to majorly mess up for them to make it over Utah lsu Michigan or Denver

      2. I really like MN and ARK but I think it would be a sufficiently big deal for them to make Nationals. They’re not at Finals level yet, unless COVID takes out a couple of teams.

        I hope Ramler puts up a good fight for AA champ, though.

      3. Ramler, Thomas, Webb, and Wojcick all have a great chance at AA champ. Maybe Loper, Bryant, and Brown too.

      4. I really wouldn’t mind Oklahoma missing out of 4 on the floor. I’m just so sick of them at the top, over scored more than any other team, imo. Id replace them with Utah and be thrilled. (Fwiw, I used to be a bif ucla fan, pretty anti-Utah. But they and Minnesota have stolen my heart with their beautiful gymnastics)

  10. Was the Utah/Washington meet suddenly switched from ESPNU to ESPN2 after the first rotation with no warning?

    1. They had moved it to ESPN2 but the basketball game went over so it started on ESPNU.

  11. Did I just see a billboard for an MLM in the arena? We really are in Utah, bless.

  12. Not a fan of the Washington leo color combo…. the nude color isn’t doing it for me.

    1. Plus it’s just CRINGE when leos are designed pursuant to the premise that “flesh color” = white.

      1. Could be wrong, but I assumed the mesh was gold since their colors are purple and gold?

  13. Watching Utah’s routines can’t help thinking if they were wearing sec leos they would have been at least .025 to .05 higher. Really tired of the disparity. O’keefe hammered on every event tonight. Randall should have been at least 9.925. Frustrating. Can’t make comments about over scoring benefits all teams. Utah ranking is definitely affected

    1. Completely agree! SEC over scoring is getting out of hand and hurting non SEC schools in the rankings!

    2. Okeefe hammered ? I think her beam and floor score were fine lol.She got a 10 and then her floor one of her passes was slightly under-rotated I think her floor score was fine.

      1. Lol at you idiots who think you have any idea what good gymnastics is like you ever even done a back handspring in competition. Smgdh get a life

      1. Ya someone did. They said when Oklahoma gets over scored it benefits their opponent. Totally wrong. It hurts every team

  14. There’s hardly any ankle tape on Utah’s team, especially for the big tricks they’re throwing.

  15. I agree about Utah getting lower scores for comparable routines this season. Being stuck at home during the pandemic I’ve watched a lot of teams and a lot of meets. Utah is .025-.05 lower on several routines per meet, which adds up to a few tenths too low compared to other teams.

  16. A lot of times the lower scores have the bigger discrepancies because there’s a LOT of math involved. And subtraction can be confusing.

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