Top Scores of Week 4

For the top scores of week 4, I’m looking at the routines that got a 10.000, a 10 from one judge, or a consensus 9.950 from both judges. Have at it.

The 10.000s

Maile O’Keefe – Beam – Utah

Adnerys De Jesus – Vault – Iowa State

The 9.975s

Sydney Soloski – Floor – Utah

The 9.950s

Raena Worley – Floor – Kentucky

Makarri Dogettee – Bars – Alabama

Madi Dagen – Vault – Oregon State (10.000/9.900 split)

Megan Skaggs – Bars – Florida

Trinity Thomas – Beam – Florida

Trinity Thomas – Floor – Florida

Lexy Ramler – Beam – Minnesota

Abby Paulson – Beam – Utah (10.000/9.900 split)

Samantha Sakti – Beam – UCLA

Nia Dennis – Floor – UCLA

Audrey Davis – Bars – Oklahoma (10.000/9.900 split)

17 thoughts on “Top Scores of Week 4”

  1. Ugh. I love all these athletes, but the 10s were both bogus – Maile wobbled right in the beginning and I wouldn’t call Addy’s landing a stick. And then Nia took three shuffle steps on that first landing alone – not a 9.95 by any means.

      1. Looks like a ‘rolling stick’; a ‘college stick’ where lack of total control on the landing becomes an immediate salute to the judges.

    1. Agreed!! That beam bobble must have not been obvious from the judges angle. But the camera angle couldn’t miss it.

  2. Putting your feet on the low bar to get to the high(er) bar should be at least an immediate 0.5 point deduction. Unevens have gotten lazy and uneventful. Boring even. It’s way past time to throw out the NCAA gift guidelines.

    1. I agree that the lack of real transitions is a little boring and that college athletes should definitely be able to do a transition besides just stepping up to the high bar. However, I don’t think that it should be a 0.5 deduction (equivalent to a fall). I think a UTL deduction of 0.1 would eliminate that move especially among any of the contenders who always start from a 10.0.

      1. I’m assuming the original poster meant 0.05? Either they are bad at math or super punitive, I guess take your pick.

        I’m fine with either 0.05 or 0.1, but I agree, I’m sick of seeing it. Almost every routine would get the deduction. I can only think of three or for routines that don’t have one in it.

      2. No, very good at math, and an intentional get rid of it entirely with a 0.5 deduction. Or 0.3 if you put your feet on the bar and another 0.2 if you bend your knees. It’s a lazy, ugly shortcut that needs to be gone. The deduction needs to be punitive. Given the exemplary ROV shown on Beam and Floor putting your feet on the bar is déclassée.

        Like you, I rarely see an Uneven Bars routine that goes beyond minimum requirements or shows any real ROV. Most often you see an entire team essentially repeat the same routine. Meanwhile, it’s entirely different on Beam and Floor (Vault has its own limits).

        Of course, the blame falls squarely on the NCAA committee for their ridiculous Uneven Bars requirements and scoring rules.

      3. I like the 0.1 UTL deduction. As we have seen from devaluing the Yfull on vault, this would be highly motivating. Especially since most NCAA gymnasts are capable of true low to high transitions.
        I’m usually pretty forgiving, but I do use the low to high choices as a way to distinguish the very best bars,and I get picky at nationals when scores determine national EF rankings. Then, in my mind, nobody with the simple hop should end up in medal ranking.

      4. UB mounts also need an overhaul. Standing between the bars and then just doing a glide isn’t really a mount. It’s a start.

      5. The 2008 Beijing bars final had a gymnast who stood to transition to the high bar… this has been a common transition for so long that I don’t think it’s fair or necessary to deduct for it.

        Remember, these are college students who are balancing a full slate of classes in addition to intense competition. It’s not fair to them to constantly push the level higher and higher and higher. The standard in college gymnastics is already excellent and we have to remember that there are lower-tier schools that are already maxing out their gymnasts to get 10.0 starts.

      6. The whole “these are college students who are balancing…” argument fails when you watch the level of difficulty and ROV in Floor and Beam. Bars routines are dumbed down because NCAA allows it. Why? Worried it will become too much like Men’s Horizontal Bar? I’ve seen Women’s routines (albeit rare at the collegiate level) that incorporate many of the same elements. Women at this level are eminently capable of much more difficult routines. Stop selling them short with thin excuses.

      7. @the Anonymous who said ‘someone did it in Beijing event finals’–Daria effing ZGOBA, who couldn’t even stay on bars in that final, should never have MADE the finals to begin with and wouldn’t have without twoper horseshit, and finished mortifyingly dead last? Give me a fucking break! This has been nothing more than a SHIT transition for mediocre bar workers for the past fifteen years, and your drivel about the demands on college students is ludicrous. Requiring something besides a lazy, basic move for a low-high bar transition YEARS after it became unacceptable in elite is hardly raising the level ‘higher and higher and higher’–it is catching up with ten years ago. LMAO!

    2. I don’t mind the way Audrey does it. It seems to flow better in the routine. The others just look like they’re climbing on the bars.

    3. AMEN. It is beyond lazy, incompetent, and Level 8. Have ALWAYS hated it, and now?!?!?!??!?!?!

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