Saturday Live Blog – February 6, 2021

Saturday, February 6
Scores Stream
3:00pm ET/12:00pm PT – [19] Cal @ [21] Arizona LINK FREE
3:00pm ET/12:00pm PT – [3] Utah @ [16] Arizona State LINK P12N
3:00pm ET/12:00pm PT – SEMO @ Illinois State LINK  
4:00pm ET/1:00pm PT – [11] Minnesota @ [10] Iowa LINK ESPNU
4:00pm ET/1:00pm PT – Ball State, Western Michigan, Kent State @ Eastern Michigan LINK ESPN3
4:00pm ET/1:00pm PT – [24] North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Towson @ NC State LINK ACCN
8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT – [23] Utah State @ [25] Boise State LINK FREE

We’ve got a flurry of simultaneous good ones today. Meanwhile, EMU’s meet had to cancel the live stream because of staffing issues. And once again, George Washington has been forced to cancel a meet as tomorrow’s dual against New Hampshire is postponed. Sigh.

Also remember those scores from last night? Me too.

Touch has started for Cal and Arizona. Scoreboard says no Perea in lineups for Cal. Though we do see Watterson’s name on the list this time, in for Schank on beam.

Can someone explain why Arizona is the Wildcats but their thing is “bear down”? Are you cats or bears? Make up your mind.

Two Pac-12 meets simultaneous, so it will be like a quad. Then we get Minnesota/Iowa in the mix.

Rotation 1 from AZ/Cal and Utah/AZ St

Horton – VT – AZ – falls on her Ytuck full, weird angle but looked like she landed knees first. That was bonkers. 8.100

DeSouza – UB – Cal – hit piked jaeger into overshoot, good amplitude – solid cast hs on high – FTDT, stuck landing, some chest down. Good one. 9.825

Herry – VT – AZ – hits a yfull, large lunge back, some soft knees throughout

Li – Ub – Cal – good first hs – pak, high, small amount of legs – slightly short cast hs on low – hits van leeuwen – giant full to double tuck, stuck, much better this week, some handstands. 9.825

Mangahas – VT – ASU – really solid stick on her Yfull, good pop, small pike, some knees.

Paulson – UB – Utah – maloney to pak, smoothly done – good cast hs on high – giant full to double tuck, secure landing, clean start.

Bounce back on a full from Nosek third up for Arizona on vault.

Green – UB – Cal – clear hip to gienger, closeish, keeps her legs together – strong bail position – good first hs – FTDT, small lean on landing. 9.775

Another clean full from White for ASU. Comes in a little forward, bounce back.

hargrove AZ – hop back on Yfull

Sabado – Ub – Utah – blind to jaeger, clean, good height – solid cast hs – toe on to bail, catches at a slight angle and then peels off surprisingly on her toe shoot attempt.

George – UB – Cal – small arch in first cast hs – hits tkatchev – and then a larger arch on cast hs – misses vertical on her bail after that – FTDT, fights to hold the stick but a major chest down lean to hold it. Really went for the early handstands and got herself into some trouble with them.

Castles – VT – AZ – best full of the group so far – small movement on landing with a lean to minimize the step.

Barbanente – VT – ASU – clean full, medium bounce back – solid layout positions in these early vaults. A little more pike in hers but still not bad.

Schank – UB – Cal – great first hs – blind to piked jaeger and took it too far. Fall. They needed that score.

Burch – UB – Utah – jaeger, hit, flexed feet – good cast hs – clean vertical position on bail, maybe lost back tension a tad – hits cast hs on high – DLO, lunge back. 9.825

Orman – VT – AZ – Y1/2 is a struggle, knees, lands short with a lunge back but they’ll need to count it.

Scharf – UB – ASU – excellent stick on her Yfull – chest up, nice layout position. Very very good.

O’Keefe – UB – Utah – shortish first hs – maloney, great into pak, high, small leg break – good 1/2 turn on low – hop back on her double arabian.

Bordas gets through bars solidly to break the Arizona curse with five counting bars hits. Hits her jaeger – came in deep on her dismount but held the stick.

Leonard-Baker – VT – ASU – small hop in place on her full, best distance of the group so far.

Leblanc – ub – Utah – catches a bit close on her jaeger but hits her overshoot – DLO, lands just a bit forward, small hop.

They keep saying this is Emi Watterson in exhibition on bars but it’s Victoria Salem, finally getting to exist on bars.

Smith – VT – AZ – anchors ASU’s bars rotation with her Y1.5, solid but not her strongest, off to the side and a bit short with a shuffle back. Still going to be a huge rotation score.

Isa – UB – Utah – Ray is solid – good cast hs – bail, good toes, a hair short of vertical? – one shortish cast hs – giant full to DLO, small slide back. Good.

After 1: Cal 49.000, Arizona 48.375

Cal got through bars, but it’s not yet the rotation we’re going to expect to see from this team, since it should become their best event. Enough 9.8s to stay afloat there. DeSouza’s routine was the strongest of the rotation but stuck in the first spot.

Arizona had to count a rough Y1/2 for 9.500 because of the fall in the first spot and will not enjoy that vault total.

After 1: Arizona State 49.350, Utah 49.225

Well well well a twist. That was a phenomenal vault rotation for ASU. Scores got high there at the end. (Scharf’s vault helped drive them up) but really solid full work. Some of the best we’ll see. Excellent.

Utah not its best bars dismounts to get stuck in the 9.8s but a mostly clean rotation that was able to drop a fall.

Rotation 2

Schank – VT – Cal – solid distance on her full, good shape, some direction, slide back. 9.800

Linton – UB – AZ – low tkatchev, survives it – short cast hs on high – some hip angle on bail catch – DLO is good, small bounce back. 9.675

Sadighi – VT – Cal – large lunge back on her yfull this week, – good distance and direction. 9.675

Isa – VT – utah – very clean full – has the layout shape, medium bounce back. 9.850

Kane – UB – AZ – small back loosenes on first hs – hits jaeger to overshoot, some legs apart form, small – hits cast hs on high bar – double front, lots of cowboy but sticks it.

Li – VT – Cal – struggles on her Yfull, large bounce back

Reeves hits bars for ASU first up – good amplitude on jaeger – nice high DLO with a small slide back. 9.750

O’Keefe – VT – Utah – strong stick on her yfull, solid landing, good direction, has the layout shape, her best vault at Utah. 9.900

Hargrove – UB – AZ – giant full is solid into tkatchev but hits her foot on the bar on her tkatchev quite significantly – tries to keep it going but has to hop off on next cast. Resumes and falls again on her full in.

Scharf – UB – ASU – Maloney to pak, very clean – good 1/2 turn on low bar, very precise – short cast hs on high bar – FTDT, holds the stick. ASU is nailing it. 9.875

DeSouza – VT – Cal – very strong work on her Y1.5 – sticks the landing. Just some knees. 9.925

Stanhope – VT – Utah – comes up a bit short on her Y1.5 – medium step back – good shape in the air.

Boyer – Ub – ASU – toe on to maloney to pak, legs right togethe r- hesitation casting up to high on low but good 1/2 turn position – one short cast hs on high – FTDT, holds the stick. 9.925. I thought Scharf was cleaner?

Raskin – UB – AZ – post handstand 1/2 turn into jaeger, hits – bail, a bit short of vertical – some short cast hs – hits her feet on the low bar while swinging through but is able to continue into 1.5 dismount

George – VT – Cal – near stick on her Yfull – great distance and shape as always, small slide back. 9.850

Hall hits her Y1/5 for Utah, again somewhat short with a lunge back.

White – Ub – ASU _ good van leeuwen – short giant 1/2 on high bar and comes into bail with some angle – DLO is clean, step back. Good. A few more things than the last couple routines. 9.800

McCabe – UB – AZ – short first cast – hits a piked jaeger – short on cast hs out of it – giant full to bail is fine – shortish first hs – DLO, lunge back.

Burch – VT – Utah – stronger showing on her Y1.5 – finds the stick – just some knees. Excellent. 9.975 is too high. Can’t go 10 for that.

Clausi – VT – Cal – tries to go for the Y tuck 1.5 this week and it does not go great, sits it down. Cal will be stuck with counting two 9.675s on vault.

Clark – UB – ASU – short cast hs – blind t jaeger is nice – very strong cast hs out of that – lovely pak – 1/2 turn on low bar, nice – short cast hs on high – DLO, stuck landing. lovely. 9.900

Deets finishes bars for Arizona with a hit, small slide back on DLO.

Rucker – VT – Utah – fairly large lunge forward on her Y1.5 but a hit.9.875.

Leonard-Baker – UB – ASU – good first cast hs – maloney to bail, legs right together throughout into pike shoot to high – good cast hs on high – FTDT, basically stuck, kind of college saluted herself out of it. 9.875

After 2: Arizona State 98.725, Utah 98.700

Arizona State continues to have basically the team’s best meet since Maggie Ethier was competing. Those 1/2 turns on the low bar! Every other team cheats them, and these were vertical. It’s going very well. Utah looking solid although there were some GIFTS in this house on vault. Short Y1.5s going 9.875, large lunge forward going 9.875 reminiscent of last night in Auburn.

After 2: Cal 97.925, Arizona 96.675

A 48.300 bars rotation from Arizona seems them having to count a bunch of 9.6s and already know that this is not going to be a keeper meet. Cal had some uncontrolled Yfulls that had to count because of the Clausi fall, taking down the rotation score. DeSouza and George were quite strong, but not a full rotation performance there.

Rotation 3

Remember when JLo just started singing Let’s Get Loud at the inauguration?

Thompson – BB – ASU – bhs bhs loso with a leg-up check – switch to straddle, tight position on switch – full turn, hit – side aerial to full, hop back. 9.800

Stauffacher – BB – AZ – secure loso series – beat to split jump 3/4, pretty solid shape on 3/4 – aerial to split jump, keeps arms moving – full turn, slightly over turned – gainer full, holds stick with a lean. 9.800

Paulson – FX – Utah – layt to front full to stag, solid – 2.5 takes it too far and lunges forward OOB – good leap positions – 1.5 to layout, hit. 9.700

DeSouza – FX – Cal – double pike, hit, slightly too large on lunge back – switch side to popa, hits her 180s – 1.5 to front full, controls her step – rudi, some movement. 9.750. She’s gotten hosed in the leadoff spot a couple times today.

Mangahas – BB – ASU – cat leap to kickover, very solid – struggles on loso series – leg-up check – switch and split look good – side aerial to full, stuck. 9/750

Herry – BB – AZ – small hesitation on full turn – hits loso series and side somi – straddle jump to straddle 1/2, a bit short on the 1/2 – 1.5, small hop in place.

Randall – FX – Utah – double tuck, slide back – nice height in leaps – double pike, more secure, just some flexed feet – 1.5 to layout, a bit flat on layout –

Quinn – FX – Cal – front lay to rudi, small slide, a bit of knees – switch side to popa, finishes in the right place, overturns the switch side some – double pike, under control – 9.775

Deets – BB – AZ – bhs loso, small arm wave correction – hitch kick to switch side, good – kickover front, medium bounce forward – gaienr full stuck

Reeves – BB – ASU – bhs bhs loso is solid – switch to split, hesitation in between, some chort positions, and a small check – aerial is nice – 1.5, shortish with a step back. Interested to see SV there.

Stanhope – FX – Utah – full in – very secure landing, just chest down – double tuck, also secure, keeps front foot down – 1.5 to layout, hit. Nice routine.

Clausi – FX – Cal – we’ve ditched the mask for this week – double pike, overdoes it and slide back – 1.5 to layout is solid – double tuck, also more solid control there. 9.800

Barile – BB – AZ – aerial to immediate loso, keeps it moving fiarly quickly for that series – fun closeup of her feet during dance elements so we couldn’t see anything – side aerial to full, stuck

White – BB – ASU – aerial with a pause correction before beat jump – split jump to stag ring small adjustment –

Bordas – FX – Cal – Double tuck, bounce back – 1.5 to layout, loses some form there, mostly under control – rudi, another slide. Ragged in some form places, but important to have her in the lineup.

Rucker – FX – Utah – excellent full in, keeps it under control – switch 1/2 to wolf full and split full, good extension, ends up in the right place – front lay to front full is soft in the layout position, otherwise controlled

Castles – BB – AZ – bhs loso series, very small adjustment – swtich leap to split leap and it’s legit, actual positions – aerial to sissone – HILARIOUS womp womp horn plays in the background for some reason during that combination – pulls around her wolfing – 1.5 dismount, leans to hold the stick –

Clark – BB – ASU – bhs loso loos series is hit – they really need to find a new way to ger her down to the beam for her close to beam section – bhs 1.5 dismount is pretty, small movement

George – FX – Cal – fhs to front 2/1 to front tuck, pretty work – switch ring to split leap full, gorgeous positions – rudi, secure landing, just some leg crossing. 9.900

O’Keefe – FX – Utah – very clean double pike, secure landing – front lay to front full, just does keep it under control – perfect 180 posiitions – 1.5 to layout, good.

OK I kind of forgot that Minnesota and Iowa had already started.

Minnesota has an 8.900 from Hooten. Release fall.

Iowa has a vault 9.9 for Guerin already.

Scharf – BB – ASU – nice loso series – large break on side somi, leg-up check, pulls it back – 1.5 dismount, lunge forward

Schank – FX – Cal – hit double tuck, chest down – double pike, bounce back, nice position – 1.5 to layout, lunge forward

Soloski – FX – Utah – – hits her DLO, small slide back this time – switch 1/2 to split leap full looks good – front lay to front full, good height – 1.5 to layout, just a bit steppy.

Loper – UB – Minnesota – Maloney to pak, pretty – somewhat late on 1/2 turn on low and one cast hs – stuck dismount.

Killian – VT – Iowa – Great distance on her full – only a small small pike, and a tiny hop back. Good.

Cal and Arizona both go 49.150 on their 3rd rotations.

Utah 49.425 on floor, ASU 49.025 on beam. ASU with a tentative rotation on beam with some leg-up checks but escaped with a 49.

Sales – UB – Minn – good first hs – hit bail vertical – good cast – 1/2 turn into khorkina, solid, just some flexed feet – DLO, stuck landing, just a bit deep. Good work. 9.900

Henderson – VT – Iowa – big full as always – wonderful extended position – bounce back

49.125 for Iowa on vault. Important score on what can be a lower event for them.

Ramler – UB – Minnesota – maloney to pak, lovely – good cast hs on low – van leeuwen, legs together – good has toe on to FTDT, stuck landing. A little deep in her landing stick. Possible to take late finish on toe on as well, but excellent as always.

Kathy speaking for all of us saying the only way to appropriately reward Ramler is to stop giving 9.9s to other people with flexed feet (paraphrase).

9.950 for Ramler gives Minnesota 49.225 on bars.

Rotation 4 from the Pac-12 meets

Clausi – BB – Cal – kickover with a lean, tries to keep it going into sissone – bhs loso series, hit – cat leap to switch side, a little crooked – side aerial to tuck full, hit. Some hesitations but through it.

Horton – FX – AZ – solid opening combo, just some knees – front full to front pike, hit, just a bit low – rudi, slide back

Burch – BB – Utah – smooth full turn – bhs loso series, solid – cat leap to aerial very nice aerial position – gainer full, small step – 9.850

Reeves – FX – ASU – 2.5, pretty solid, small step adjustment – whip half to front full, under control, knees – switch to switch ring 1/2, not bad for a turning ring – rudi good.

DeSouza – BB – Cal – aerial to sissone, good – bhs loso series, very secure – sheep is solid – smooth full turn – uncontrolled landing on her dismount – lunge and a step salute –

Stanhope – BB – Utah – into the lineup this week – switch to switch, not bad positions but a check out of it – full twisting bhs to bhs as her acro series, lean to the side – 1.5 dismount, step forward. Somewhat tentative but an option

Li – BB – Cal – pretty flexibility on mount – aerial to beat, smooth – bhs loso series, hit – full turn, hit – split jump to split ring jump, some feet, small correction – gainer pike, absorbs landing, better

Clark – FX – ASU – secure double pike –

Henderson nearly stuck bars dismount for Iowa. Small slide back.

Remlinger – VT – Minnesota – clean full but a large bounce back

Randall – BB – Utah – smooth full turn – bhs loso series, small hesitation – beat to sheep, legs apart on sheep but hit – sissone is good – rulfova, qutie solid – lunge forwar don dismount

Hooten – VT – Minn – hits her 1.5 – a bit under, step back. Hit. 9.750, equivalent to the Utah vaults that went 9.875 and 9.850 earlier.

Bordas has a tentative beam routine for Cal. Had to do some fancy arms to cover a check early on, then had a major lean correction later.

Ramler – VT – Minnesota – very strong landing her on Y1/5 – stick, rises up onto her toes to hold it – just some knees. Good work. 9.925

Isa – BB – Utah – good candle mount – bhs loso loso series, smooth as always – stuck gainer full

George for Cal has a large leg up check on her aerial to back tuck series – saves it

Loper – VT – Minnesota – lovely Y1.5 in the air – perfect form, small hop forward

Mangahas with a good full in to open her floor routine for ASU, chest down Kaji – Ub – Iowa – good first hs – blind to jaeger, pretty, not the highest – hits pak – solid cast hs positions – DLO, very clean shape in the air, small movement.

Quarles with a huge Y1/2 for Minnesota as well – medium slide forward

Watterson – BB – Cal – good bhs loso series, hits her split positions cleanly – side aerial to full, tries to see the stick, ends up hopping to the side, nice routine.

O’Keefe – BB – Utah – side aerial to loso with a check this week, arm wave correction – switch to split leap is solid – confident full turn – cat leap to side aerial to full, holds the landing. 9.875

Scharf – FX – ASU – front tuck through it double tuck, seems secure through the forest of legs – 1.5 to front tuck, slide forward out of it – swith 1/2 to wolf full, short on the switch position, good rise into wolf full – double pike is very secure. 9.925 is a lot.

The Cal and Arizona scores died, so we’ll have to wait to see what happened there.

Paulson – BB – Utah – side aerial to loso is solid – switch to split, small lean working out of split – cat leap to side aerial to full, small step

That will got 9.950 and see Utah finish at 197.450.

Leonard-Baker – FX – ASU – back 1.5 to front full and can actually do it, comfortably completed, good rise – a little bouncy on her leap combination – double pike, secure, chest down

FINAL: Cal 196.075, Arizona 194.875

Cal achieves the goal of getting into the 196s in the second meet. Lineups looked more complete on beam and floor, less eating a 9.5 there. An improved performance for Li from the first meet, also critical. Vault was light with those couple average fulls that had to count. They’ll still need to get Clausi back to full strength and difficulty because they rely on her scores. Meanwhile, Arizona came back in the final two rotations, but the score was already lost in the first two. This will be a drop.

FINAL: Utah 197.450, Arizona State 197.150

This was a fancifully scored meet, no question, but Arizona State also looked tremendous in those first two rotations and is going to be a force. Utah continued doing Utah, though won’t be quite enough to move ahead of LSU after yesterday.

Rotation 3 – Minnesota/Iowa

Henderson – BB – Iowa – bhs loso series with a leg-up check – high double tuck dismount, bounce back. 9.725

Koch – FX – Minn – front 2/1 to front tuck, somewhat bouncy out of landing – split leap full to wolf full, short of split position – rudi, secure landing, some legs. 9.775

Nick – BB – Iowa – check on loso series, some knee form in both elements – cat leap to aerial, can’t save it. Falls.

Leneave – FX – Minn – double pike, secure landing – switch 1/2 to wolf full, good toe positions – 1.5 to front lay, nice elevation there – double tuck, small cowboy, secure landing again. Good work. 9.850

Killian – BB – Iowa – bhs loso series, secure – punch front, solid – switch to switch, not bad on her switch positions – 2/1 dismount, slides heels together. 9.800

Ramler – FX – Minn – split ring jump full, great positions, I wonder how the judges treat her presentation hop out of it, which is intentional, but can look like a lack of control? – double pike, good height, small stepping out of it – switch ring to switch 1/2, ideal – 1.5 through to 2/1, nailed landing, some legg crossing – back 1.5 to layout, nice. 9.875

Vance – BB – Iowa – bhs loso series, solid, bent knees on bhs – very strong side aerial to two feet – split jump to straddle 3/4, small check – short on split jump – side aerial to tuck full, small slide back. 9.850

Remlinger – FX – Minn – full in, slight stepping on landing and some feet in the air – good finish and chest up position – switch side to popa, comfortable – 1.5 to layout, lunge forward out of it – double tuck, somewhat forward with a step. 9.875

I would like Kathy to tell us her thoughts about how Remlinger and Ramler got the same score.

Clair Kaji looking at the answers on her hands before beam.

Kaji – BB – Iowa – long wait – bhs loso series, strong – cat to side aerial, step back wobble – split jump to split 3/4, good toes and positions, not the most amplitude but gets up to positions – gaienr full, stuck. 9.900

Hooten – FX – Minn – is there no music for her or can we just not hear it? – full in – nearly shows control but a hop back – switch side to popa, good rise – now I hear the music – 1.5 to layout, very solid landing – double tuck, chest up, gives away some little steps that she didn’t really have to do because it was a secure landing – or not. 9.925

Kenlin – BB – Iowa – bhs loso series, leg straight throughout – switch to split, good leap 180s, even with her bionic leg – aerial, keeps moving into beat jump – bhs bhs 1.5 dismount, bounce forward

Loper – FX – Minn – enjoy her gainer kickover front in choreography – front lay to rudi, right into the corner but keeps it there – switch ring to split leap full, nice – 2.5, keeps back foot down, lovely height – 1.5 to layout with a dance out.

It’s 49.150 for Iowa on beam.

Loper goes 9.950 (I mean it was pretty but…) to give Minnesota 49.475 on floor. A strong rotation where I have some real questions about the lineup-order scoring.

After 3: Minnesota 148.000, Iowa 147.350

Going to be a hugely important number for both teams here.

Rotation 4

Montgomery – BB – Minn – bhs loso series, some loose knees, secure landing – beat jump, good height, into straddle 1/2 tuck jump, one of her more solid combos there – front tuck, a little forward, sturdy hold – 1.5, tries to sell the stick but step salutes out of it

Killian – FX – Iowa – 3/1, hit, good, small bounce and some leg crossing – front full to front pike, a little short and low – double tuck, excellent, though like Hooten kind of stepped when she didn’t need to. 9.800

We’re seeing a 9.8 SV posted from one judge for Montgomery. Did she pause after that beat? The frustrating thing about SV delays is that we suddenly see judges care about that on like 1 out of every 10 routines where there’s an actual start value problem, and it has no basis on the actual routine, just the lens of the judge who happens to be there.

Looks like the 10.0 SV judge won. 9.800 final score.

Nylin – BB – Minn – hits full turn – bhs bhs loso series and took her too far to the end of the beam and didn’t have enough room to land it, falls. Sticks 1.5 dismount. Four tense beam routines coming. 9.075

Castle – FX – Iowa – double pike, hit, chest down, some slide – wolf hop full to switch side to wolf jump full, a little under on the initial hop rotation – rudi, around – 1.5 to layout, takes the layout far but keeps it in bounds. 9.800

Loper – BB – Minn – bhs loso series, secure, great height on series – kickover with a small pause before the beat jump – switch with another hesitation into straddle 1/4, didn’t attack that switch the way she can – 1.5, small hop.

So. A somewhat tentative routine that presented a couple SV questions. Survives with 9.775

Greenwald – FX – Iowa – full in, very strong landing, front foot down – switch side to popa, overturns the switch side a bit – 2.5 to front tuck, just a little bouncy. Good. 9.900

Korlin-Downs – BB – Minn – candle mount, good vertical – bhs loso series hit, covers with an arm wave – split jump to stag ring, lovely positions and height, super pretty work – side aerial to full, stuck. Quite strong routine. 9.900

Henderson – FX – Iowa – giant full in, laid out before initiating, excellent, controlled landing – switch side to popa to straddle jump, they are over turnin their switch sides – front tuck through to double tuck, also secure –

Sales – BB – Minn – bhs bhs loso series, gets off line and falls. MINNESOTA. Another meet counting a fall. And it will still be a big score but. Another large lean correction on her leap series – gainer pike was stuck. But now this score is going to be like 8 tenths lower than it could have been.

Kaji – FX – Iowa – my favorite floor routine of the season – back 1.5 to double tuck, just a little forward, step – double pike, same, a little forward with a hop – switch side to popa, good 180s, a bit of feet – 9.875

Ramler – BB – Minn – good full turn – bhs loso series, solid – aerial is deep into wolf jump, keeps working into wolf jump but super deep aerial with a check – beat to split ring jump, perfection – side aerial to full, hit. Weird error on aerial.

Guerin – FX – Iowa – huge full in, opens early, very comfortable, under cotnrol – switch side to popa to straddle, great height on those elements, just a tad bouncy – front tuck through to double tuck, nailed landing. Good.

48.375 on beam for Minnesota so it’s a 196.375 final, which is not what this meet had coming. Iowa will win.

Guerin goes 9.950, Iowa 49.450 on floor and a final score at 196.825. That’s the #4 team score in Iowa’s history, and the highest since 2004.

Minnesota’s scores say 196.750 as the final now, but I believe that’s including an exhibition beam score from Gerdes so is not accurate.

Scores also have no adjusted downward Iowa’s total to 196.800, which is still the 4th-highest score but in a tie for 4th now.

62 thoughts on “Saturday Live Blog – February 6, 2021”

  1. Cal’s tentative lineups vs Az:

    Vault: Schank, Bordas, Sadighi, Clausi, DeSouza, George.
    Bars: DeSouza, Li, Green, George, Schank, Bordas.
    Beam: Clausi, DeSouza, Li, Bordas, George, Watterson.
    Floor: DeSouza, Quinn, Boras, Clausi, Solari, George.

    Any surprises?

    1. Watterson on beam but not bars is a surprise to me. Glad to see her in action though!

  2. I haven’t been much of a Utah fan in the past but I’m very impressed by this Utah team. Very clean, good choreography on floor, difficult tumbling. The scores aren’t really showing it but I think this is the team with one of the best chances to challenge Florida.

    1. Completely agree! Their scores don’t show how good they are!

      Also they are gonna be great next year getting Grace and Kara and keeping most of the current team! Both have pretty good form but good skills and I think they will transition well to college as long as they stay healthy!

      1. I think my problem is less with the Utah scores and more that the SEC scores are out of control. But yes, next year’s additions should be very good for Utah.

      2. Seconding you on my issue being with SEC scoring rather than Utah’s scoring. I’m totally cool if judges take deductions when they’re deserved, but I want them to do it at every meet.

      3. It will be nice to see Kara coached by someone who understands routine construction to maximize scores. She will be stellar in ncaa.

    2. Agreed, their choreography is much improved! I wouldn’t say their tumbling is especially difficult though, most routines have 2 combo passes rather than big tumbling.

      1. Well, there is the full in from Stanhope, Soloski’s double layout, Rucker’s full-in. That’s a lot to see from one program these days. (I know we used to see more.)

      2. I think they also said Paulson is training a triple to replace the 2.5 full they are just waiting to put it in.

    1. I think that since they limit people on the floor and Sam usually did interviews/on-floor commentary, they don’t have room for her this season.

      1. They also just don’t have that many meets and Amanda is senior to Sam and lives in the PAC 12 region.

    2. Kind of off topic but on the topic of Sam p – Everyone gives hate to certain gymnasts from certain teams for their political views but seems to overlook that Sam p is likely to be a Trump loving republican judging by her following Candace Owens on insta and liking her posts ( one in particular about education of black people saying that Democrats are the real white supremicists” . If u go to ucla does that automatically mean you are immune from that sort of criticism that others seem to get for their political views 🤣

      1. Isn’t Sam from Indiana? I was reading an article about how the really right conservatives were leaving Alabama and relocating in Indiana, which will make it the reddest State in the near future…

      2. Amen. Peszek is a vile little Rapeublicunt who’s liked more than Cuntace Owens online, lol.

      3. I think people just aren’t aware – keep spreading it around. Following Candace Owens is way beyond just ‘conservative’ and into ‘unforgivable.’

      4. Do you guys honestly have nothing better to do than monitor gymnasts’ social media activity?

  3. Wow vaulting in a mask! And people complain they can’t breath when wearing one to the grocery store hah

    1. Well it’s so HARD to breathe in a mask when you’re 100 lbs overweight, ISN’T IT NOW? LOL

  4. ASU looks fantastic! Scores a bit crazy in this meet but they seem balanced for both teams.

  5. It is a shame the scoring across the country. I am an SEC fan, but it hurts the rankings of teams when judging is not judged the same across the country. Cal and Utah have some great gymnastics that is being judged fairly. Yet SEC has great gymnastics but it as if they can not go below a 9.8. It leaves very little separation. Like last night.. LSU was clearly the better team, but Auburn was close due to judging. Not saying LSU did not also get some unwarranted scores, but it is just frustrating to watch. Judges need to separate and take the actual deductions. Watch what happens when final rankings come out. Georgia will be ranked higher and have home regional… just watch the scores they will get.

    The one event that really needs to start separating is vault. Every team from top to bottom can minimum Y-Full. Either devalue the vault or take the actual deductions to separate… angles in horse, bent arms, early twist, shape in air, pike down… and at end take height, distance snd dynamics. Just because they Stick the vault does not mean it was great!

    1. I love that your problem with last night’s scoring was that Auburn was too high. LOL.

      1. No that is not what I am saying. I was saying both teams scores were too high, but Auburn had several clear mistakes where deductions were not taken which kept it closer than it should have been. I think Auburn looked much better, but really did not think it was that close.

      2. Ok, well I think that LSU also had several clear mistakes where deductions were not taken so I don’t think the meet was too close.

  6. Vault scores for Utah are ridiculous. Taking a large step back on a 1 1/2 should not be 9.85+

    1. Everyone wants to whine about how SEC scoring is too high…blah blah blah…but so is Pac 12, Big 10, and Big 12. It is across the board and inconsistent all over the place.

    1. It would help if the judges gave Gstaad the scores she deserves. I love her floor, and hate that her scores are stuck in the 9.8s when imo should easy be 9.9+

  7. Dang looking at the cal roster and more than half of them are studying molecular biology!

  8. Watching two meets simultaneously is stressful, and I only tried to watch. Just quit – I will rewatch Utah/ASU later…
    And I have no idea how Spencer does his liveblog for two meets at the same time…

    1. Hahahaha I had the exact same experience and wondered the exact same thing about Spencer!!

  9. Strong tumbling, but the Pink Panther routine isn’t choreographed very Pink-Panther-y to me.

    1. This bothers me! Such fun music and it feels like a waste. I still remember AJ Lamb’s routine from Nebraska using the Pink Panther. It was fabulous.

  10. Utah have been getting accurate scores this year ( not accurate compared to test of country but accurate) but this meet they are also getting the crack which I’m not mad about because hopefully will seperate them from other close teams like Arkansas who have received a high amount of crack every meet and are closer than they should be

  11. Why does everybody and his aunt do wolf turns in their routines this season? There weren’t this many wolfs in previous season, and I highly appreciate that in retrospect.

  12. The last 3 for Minnesotra on vault were phenomenal but 9.95 for Quarles is…something

  13. Really enjoying the choreography in the pac-12 this year! Cal’s might be my favorite, Utah’s is better than ever, UCLA’s looks great, ASU hugely improved. Much prefer the styles in the pac-12 to the SEC teams.

  14. This Minnesota team is so damn frustrating. Not sure if there are mental blocks or what’s happening, but they can’t put a hit meet together to save their life. I feel like Jenny needs to play with the lineup order on several events (including beam). Their two away meet scores so far are inexcusable for a team with this level of talent.

    1. Yes. Emily Koch had a nice exhibition on beam last week – I would love to see her in the lineup. It seems like the floor and vault lineups have come together, so it’s beam and bars they need to figure out. I think they can get there on beam. Bars might be tougher as I think Remlinger is their only other real option.

  15. I’m glad Iowa got a marquis TV meet this season complete with Kathy and Bart commentary. Their floor work is so refreshingly varied along with difficult tumbling, and has been for multiple seasons in a row. So it’s nice to get the “seal of approval” by that duo.
    And of course, they are seeing a superb ranking climb this season into the top 10.

    1. I was so excited to tune in and hear Bart and Kathy. There are so many lovely gymnasts on both of those teams who only Kathy’s commentary can do justice

  16. Love that 5 of Iowa’s 6 FX gymnasts have E passes and exactly 0 of them are double-twisting fronts. Plus they each have different styles on FX. What a great floor team.

  17. Minnesota beam is killing me…they should be ranked in the top 5 with the talent they have right now but instead they might end up unseeded at this point. They don’t have that many more chances for away scores

  18. I worry about this MN team next year without Ramler, Loper and Korlin-Downs. Bars and beam could be rough again.

    With that said, Sales’ bars today were a revelation, and I’m trusting she can regain her form on beam. She’s fabulous enough to regularly go 9.95 there – just needs her confidence back. Nylin’s mistake looked like a fluke, too, but that just seems to be a pattern with this team this year (flukes on VT the first meet, FX the second meet, UB last week and now BB this week).

    Any idea why Horak hasn’t done so much as an exhibition yet this year? I know Sirjord is injured, but Horak could be a beam option, too.

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