Monday Live Blog  – February 8, 2021

I didn’t almost forget about this meet. You almost forgot about this meet.

On the Pac-12 Network. Scores here.

“They’re not great.” Oh, this season.

Rotation 1

Thomas – VT – UW – Ylayout first vault – medium lunge back – small pike. 9.525

M Dagen – UB – OSU – good first hs – bail, legs together – toe on to toe shoot, solid – hitting casts – toe on to giant full to double tuck – late on giant full – hop back on double tuck. Good. Not 10 start. 9.750

Weiss – VT – UW – Tsuk tuck 1/2, which is a 9.8 start, lands somewhat short, lunge back. 9.575

Hoiland – UB – OSU – good first hs – blind to piked jaeger and falls, couldn’t get her grips over, crumples to the ground on the edge of the mat – bail is well short of vertical – double tuck, step

Smith – VT – UW – ytucked full is hit well – small hop back – kicks out well – will be a step up. 9.725

Poniewaz – UB – OSU – toe on to Ray to overshoot, hit, slight leg moments – borderline cast hs on high – FTDT and her knee goes AHHHHHHH – so that’s not great. She looked like she just landed a little short on her FTDT but we see on the replay that her knee just completely went in when she landed.

Theoretically you could say she landed the dismount and then crumpled, Kerri Strug style

Cunningham – VT – UW – pretty Yfull – better height and layout shape, small slide – opens at the end, nice. 9.825

Waiting to see what they’re going to do about the score here. They’re going to talk about it. Because that’s what OSU really needed this season. Another injury.

They give Poniewaz 9.725, which means they said she landed the dismount first before falling to the ground, which I think you can justify, and then they also felt a little bad.

Bird – UB – OSU – short first hs – bail to stalder on low bar – better cast hs on high – high tkatchev, catches close to the bar but very high – FTDT, small hop. 9.775

Thompson – VT – UW – small shuffle back on her Yfull, kind of surprising when she doesn’t stick – great position. 9.800

Mack – UB – OSU – Short first hs – hits tkatchev well – straddle back, not to handstand – better cast hs on high – FTDT, a little steppy. 9.575

McNamara – VT – UW – round off full on, tuck off – takes it way off line but hits it – chest down, step back – 9.725

Young – UB – OSU – clear hip to toe on to maloney, small leg break – overshoot is a struggle, looked like she hit her feet on the mat, has to pauses against the low bar before resuming – DLO, piked it, lunge back.

Well, that was harrowing.

It’s 48.650 for Washington on vault. They have to count vaults at the beginning of that rotation that aren’t up to difficulty, though Cunningham and Thompson did well. I actually thought Thompson’s score was a bit low.

Poniewaz crutches now. She competed vault and beam last week as well, so we’ll see what happens there.

Did they ever even score Young’s bars? Or were they just like, “We’re out.”

So it was 9.075 for Young, which will count. 47.900 for Oregon State on bars.

Rotation 2

Lacy Dagen in the vault lineup this week.

Bird – VT – OSU – hits a perfectly solid Yfull – medium hop to the side, good layout shape. 9.750

SKW – UB – UW – hits solid piked jaeger into overshoot, some piking in that overshoot – short cast hs – front giant 1/2 to double tuck, hop back. 9.775

Peterson – VT – OSU – round off full on back tuck – hop back – solid distance, also showed a bit closer to 3/4 turn onto the table than McNamara did, which was more like a Yhalf on. 9.800

Brovedani – UB – UW – some angle on hs – piked jaeger, bery close but worked out of it – good cast hs – bail, legs together, again some hip angle – short cast hs on high – giant full to double tuck, stuck. 9.625

Yanish – VT – OSU – her usual huge full – good open on it – bounce back. 9.825

McNamara – UB – UW – blind to jaeger, hit, loses leg shape at the catch – pak is verry arched, too arched, with a leg break – nice cast hs on high – giant full to double tuck, pretty solid finish position on full – step back. 9.700

L Dagen – VT – OSU – hits a yfull – bounces up in place – good layout shape in the air – 9.850

Bowles – UB – UW – hits her deltchev, just some feet, good, nice amplitude on connected overshoot – short cast – giant full to double tuck, double tuck a little low and close to the bar, lunge back. 9.650

S Gonzales – VT – OSU – round off full on back pike – struggles with the landing, multiple lunges as she stepped onto the edge of the mat on her initial lunge. 9.675

Thompson – UB – UW – blind to jaeger, good height, loses some form but not bad – bail, legs together, small hip angle – shortish final cast – FTDT, holds the stick with a lean. 9.900

M Dagen – VT – OSU – the streak is over. Landed short on her vault, multiple lunges back to save it from a fall. She really wanted to keep the stick streak going but didn’t have the block this time. 9.500

Thomas – UB – UW – good first hs – blind to jaeger, low and loses form but keeps going – pak is pretty high – awkward direction switch on low – giant full to double tuck, quite light and Ralph just catches her arm because she was never going to land it –

That will be 48.650 for Washington on bars, which is the best so far this season for them. Oregon State 48.900 on vault, which is the top rotation score of the meet so far, though they would have wanted higher to make up for other events. Had to count a 9.675.

After 2: Washington 97.300, Oregon State 96.800

This hasn’t been an awesome meet so far but I’m also enjoying it quite a bit because the judging isn’t stressing me out as much. And also some of these routines are straight-up funny.

Also enjoy the use of going back to show us Brovedani splitting the beam in warmup.

Rotation 3

Mcnamara – BB – UW – smooth full turn – bhs loso “just needs to stay on” and falls, well off line – cat leap to switch 1/2 to beat, a little short on switch – side aerial, hit – side aerial to tuck full, hit. 9.175

Mack – FX – OSU – front lay to rudi, secure – switch side to popa, good amplitude in popa – double pike, under control – useful start. 9.850

Brovedani – BB – UW – aerial, very small hesitation into bhs but fine – cat leap to switch ring attempt, but a switch leap in practice, check – side aerial is solid – beat to side aerial to tuck full, stuck. 9.700

Force – FX – OSU – double pike, comfortable – switch 1/2 to popa – front lay to front full, a little soft in layout – double tuck, control, chest well forward. 9.800

Thompson – BB – UW – hits candle, good held handstand – switch, hesitant into split jump 3/4 and a major break, bend forward at hips – bhs loso series, another major break she has to save, leg flies back, brought it back – high 1.5, step forward. 9.575

Peterson – FX – OSU – double tuck, fine – front lay to front full with a lunge forward – switch 1/2 to popa, their popas have been solid and clear so far in this lineup – double pike, just does keep that front foot down. 9.825

Thomas – BB – UW – kickover into bhs, takes a while to connect so we’ll see what happens – switch to straddle 1/4, hit – 1.5 dismount, hop forward. 9.700. Got the connection.

Bird – FX – OSU – front lay to rudi to straddle jump, keeps it pretty well under control, just soft in the initial front lay – switch 1/2 to popa, nice height on switch, a little under on popa rotation? – back 2.5, crossover step 9.725

Eksteen – BB – UW – aerial to bhs bhs, again rather hesitant on connection, small check at the end – sissone is nice – beat to sheep, hit, some hip angle on sheep – 1.5, hop to the side. 9.725

They got away with some series here.

M Dagen – FX – OSU – punch front 2/1, around, controls the step – switch 1/2 to popa, a little lower but around – punch lay to front full, same control as first pass – highh double pike, steppy on landing though. 9.875

Bowles – BB – UW – side aerial to bhs and miraculously kept it on the beam, lost her form on bhs but stayed on – beat to wolf jump 3/4, can’t get it around, falls – beat to side aerial to full, stuck. 8.950

Yanish – FX – OSU – hits her DLO, chest somewhat forward this time as she tries to control the landing, forward step – front full to layout is quick and solid – switch side to popa, finishes in the right place, overturns her switch side a little, good positions – double tuck, slide back. 9.900

That’s a 47.875 for Washington on beam after the counting fall and the counting 9.5.

After 3: Oregon State 146.050, Washington 145.175

Rotation 4

L Gonzales – BB – OSU – aerial, keeps moving into bhs, check to the side – swtich to straddle 1/4, lovely switch position, gets crooked on straddle – cat leap to kickover, manages to stay on the beam but may have touched the beam? major lean and multiple steps regardless – side aerial to layout full, stuck. Looks like she didn’t touch the beam on replay. 9.575

Smith – FX – UW – double tuck, hit, slide back, not large – rudi to double stag, travel, some crossed legs – wolf full to tuck jump 1.5 to knee – 1.5 to layout, solid. 9.725

Bird – BB – OSU – kickover to bhs, slight correction on that – sissone – cat leap to switch 1/2, well short of split – punch 1.5 dismount, small hop. 9.800

McNamara – FX – UW – switch ring 1/2 not bad – punch rudi to straddle, travels to the side some – switch ring and switch 1/2 are quite nice – back 1.5 to layout, some loss of form in layout, step – 9.700

Peterson – BB – OSU – switch 1/2 is well short, will get credit but probably shouldn’t – bhs bhs loso righttt to the end of the beam but stayed on – straddle 3/4 hit – gainer pike, small slide – hit 9.850, that’s high.

Wickman – FX – UW – front 2/1 is risking credit – a front 1 3/4 – probably gets credit but definitely a deduction for under – switch side to popa look fine – back 1.5 to layout, tucks the lay – rudi, small slide. 9.725

Domingo BB – OSU – aerial to back tuck, kept moving quickly enough – switch to straddle, small pause before split 3/4, gainer full, stuck. Good. 9.850

Thompson – FX – UW – high double tuck, secure landing – split leap full through to switch 1/2 – front lay to front full, nearly got her feet caught under herself there – rudi, bounces back. 9.825

S Gonzales – BB – OSU – front aerial to side aerial to side position, slightly slow, pretty elements – switch 1/2 to bhs, loses her feet in switch 1/2 – side aerial to full, step-salute. 9.825

Cunningham – FX – UW – front tuck through to double tuck, works to keep the foot down, chest up – switch 1/2 to wolf full to wolf full, good height on wolves – double pike, a little forward, step ahead. 9.900

M Dagen – BB – OSU – bhs loso, good height, smooth combo – switch to switch 1/2 to beat, a little short in switch but better than the rest of the lineup – side aerial to full, leans forward to save the stick and does. 9.875

So it’s 194.050 for Washington after the beam disaster, but that is Washington’s best score so far.

Oregon State goes 195.250, which is a step down from last week’s score because of the bars disaster, but is their #2 score so far this season.

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  1. Only in this weird Covid season…
    First two routines of this Pac12 meet:
    A 9.75 Starting Value vault for Washington.
    A 9.90 Starting Value bars routine for Oregon.

    But hey, that’s an improvement over some other schools who aren’t even putting up 6 gymnasts.

  2. Good commentary so far from Alisa Mowe.

    Former (club?) gymnast Alisa Mowe has been commenting on University of Washington gymnastics live streams and UW TV broadcasts since 2007.

  3. Can we talk about this lady commentator who keeps saying everything is flawless or textbook when there are clear wobbles, steps, and chests down?

      1. Lol to the “no” 😂 😆 😝

        (Made me giggle, which I appreciate in doomsday times)

    1. I like that she points out the positives and also provides good technical analysis, because there were some train wrecks in this meet. There were some times where she maybe was a little nice about some things, but it is obvious she has an appreciation for the work the gymnasts are doing. Having said that, I wish she didn’t pronounce the name of the most prevalent vault in NCAA gymnastics “Yur-chink-oh.” Overall, I really appreciated her commentary

  4. Thank you Spencer and The Balance Beam Situation for the great live blog coverage!

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