Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 5

This week...

Half of the top 10 didn’t compete

And the season continued going pretty

Arizona and Michigan State have been COVID halted

And everyone’s hitting Defcon Crumple

I mean it, she’s going down

Except Oklahoma got a 197.800

And Ball State set a program record

Someone gave these two vaults the exact same score

And the vault value chart was like

It’s SO unfair to call out specific judges

Oh, you want a salute? Eat this salute.

Meanwhile, Denver desperately searched for enough people to fill out a lineup

Clair Kaji had the beam answers written on her hands

The hardest part was walking

And Talia Brovedani suffered for the art of GIF

8 thoughts on “Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 5”

  1. Just based on these (my favorite post of the week) how did LSU get such a high meet total. Oh. Sorry. Ask a stupid question 🤣

    1. Correct, but he said “ Someone gave these two vaults the exact same score”, meaning one judge (the someone) did give them the exact same score.

  2. That ‘splitting the beam’ video is brutal.

    Even the cardboard cutout fans were wincing!

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