Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 7

This week...

Alyssa Baumann can suddenly do bars now

Victoria Nguyen is as over candle mounts as the rest of us

And Kayla Bird might be a witch

Teach us all your sorcery powers

The SEC Network pushed baseball for gymnastics

Because our sport has sliding too

But sadly, GW’s beam rotation got preempted by swimming

Just everybody set a school record

We were introduced to resting “I didn’t get a 9.7 this time” face

Gabby Wilson’s heels were feeling excluded

And sometimes you just have to take the difficult stand

“If Lexy Ramler sticks, this is going to be a 10”

Vanessa Deniz was like, “This was a 2.5, and you can shut up…”

As the team demonstrated the new 5-second-rule for OOB

OMG there’s still a month until championship season

At least we have Marz

14 thoughts on “Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 7”

    1. Checkmark get over there 👙🎩👑❤💚💬💍🙏🔥🐢💢🐮💩🙌🙉👓🕶👞🎽😰🐴🐷🐣🐢🐍🐗🐸🎃💝🎆🎇🎓🎄🎁🎥💻📷🎅🔮💽6ix 9ine Pringles Hella Hello MThenMORE0

  1. I say this as a big fan of Marz: the line between funny and obnoxious is very thin.

    1. Agreed. It’s not cute or fun or playful. It’s attention-seeking and grates on every nerve.

      1. Nia and Gobourne are the biggest attention seekers of them all. The ‘I am the queen’ look isn’t very becoming.

    1. He doesn’t read the comments here….its best to DM him on Twitter. I agree I think a Winter Cup preview would be great. Although USAG released the roster so last minute!

      1. Which I’m guessing means the preview here will be posted early next week. When has Spencer ever let us down. EVER?

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