Sunday Live Blog – March 7, 2021

Sunday, March 7
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Who’s going to set an all-time NCAA event record today?????

Very interested to see where Michigan’s score ends up and how those lineups look without Brenner. Given all the everything that happened this weekend, Michigan is looking at needing a 197.125 to tie Minnesota for 6th in the new rankings, while it would take a 197.450 to tie Cal for 5th place, and a 197.625 would be required to tie Utah for 4th.

Rutgers is also starting to see the top 36 pull away from them and could really use some kind of mid 195 to stay in sight of the regionals spots. Penn State is looking pretty solid for regionals right now, but is going to need another score verging on the 196 zone to try to avoid the play-ins.

Also, I forgot to cancel the monthly Denver subscription before it renewed, so you can bet I’m going to live blog that one to try to get my money’s worth. Also, Stanford. What’s up with that? I’d like to find out today.

Wojcik, Brooks, Wilson, Heiskell, and Koulos all listed for the AA for Michigan today.

I have questions about why Ohio State’s intro video highlights include a Tsuk layout.

I think Rutgers has fallen on 15 double tucks in this touch warmup.

Rotation 1

Lowe – VT – OSU – strong yfull, stuck landing – good distance, just some piking and not the most height. 9.825

Romagnano – UB – PSU following 9.800 for Johnston – good first hs – maloney to pak, legs together – just a hair late on 1/2 turn on low but pretty good – one borderline cast hs andddddd we’ve cut back to vault. Love it. No notes.

Miller – VT – OSU – medium step back on yfull, better chest up position, not a lot of distance.

Michigan got a 9.925 from Bauman for the first beam routine.

Swartzentruber – VT – OSU – better dynamics, solid distance and height, larger bounce back though. 9.800

Cross – UB – PSU – blind to jaeger, good height – shortish cast hs on high – keeps legs together on bail well, hits vertical – really short final cast hs – giant full to double tuck, stuck. 9.800

Wilson goes 9.575 second on beam for Michigan.

Riccardi – VT – OSU – hits a yfull, more piking than the others, not the biggest, small bounce back

Rushlow – UB – PSU – shortish first hs – lovely jaeger, into overshoot, a little piking in overshoot – a couple short casts – giant full to double tuck, stuck. 9.850

Jennings – VT – OSU – great height on her yfull but also a very large bounce back. 9.775

Farley 9.875 in the third spot for Michigan’s secret beam rotation.

Gagliardi – VT – OSU – round off 1/2 on front tuck, lands short with a lunge back

Verdeflor finishes bars with a small hop back on her double tuck

Ohio State is done with a 48.900 on vault. Verdeflor goes 9.875 on bars.

Malas lands short on a yfull in exhibition for Ohio State, lunge forward. Bonsall finishes bars with a DLO, leans forward at the hips to hold the stick. 9.875.

Penn State 49.200 on bars.

We saw a second of Newman on floor for Rutgers, some uncontrolled landings.

Checking in on Wojcik on beam. We didn’t need to see all of this routine or anything, it’s fine. Love how she dismounted out of frame too.

Wojcik goes 9.875, so Michigan has four high scores and one they need to drop with Heiskell anchoring the rotation.

Heiskell – BB – Michigan – cat leap to side aerial, secure landing – switch to straddle 1/4, hit, a bit tight on straddle – bhs loso series, hit – 1.5, stuck landing. That was one of her strongest beams. Will now be a big rotation score.

Heiskell goes 9.925 for a 49.500 rotation score.

Joyner – FX – Rutgers – double pike, large bounce back, keeps it in bounds – split leap 1.5, nice elevation – front full to front layout – lovely switch side to popa, positions are excellent – back 1.5 to front pike, lunge forward but mostly controlled. 9.700

Huang – FX – Rutgers – front 2/1, hit, slide forward – rudi to loso, good extension on loso, controlled pass – switch side to wolf full – rudi, some leg crossing, another controlled landing. Good.

After 1:
Michigan 49.500
Penn St 49.200
Ohio State 48.900
Rutgers 48.625

When your floor rotation takes that long, you shouldn’t be allowed to do exhibitions. Let alone 2.

We saw basically none of Michigan’s beam, but…a good result? Very high score. Penn St got the positive score the team needed on bars. They need to start well on bars and beam because we know the floor and vault score is going to be lower.

This second Rutgers exhibition totally had the back of her heel OOB while standing in the corner before the first pass and I really wanted a Winter Cup moment.

At least Ohio State had time to grab lunch since they last did a routine.

Rotation 2

Pritchard – Ub – OSU – short first hs – gienger to overshoot, did well to keep legs together throughout gienger – giant full to double tuck, lunge forward. Handstands will get her there. 9.675

Solid yfull from Ferguson on vault, just small movement.

Romagnano – finishes beam with side aerial to tuck full, small step. 9.825

Schweitzer – Ub – OSU – maloney to bail, good legs together, hits vertical on bail – a little short on last cast hs – giant full, legs, but nice vertical finish – double tuck, holds landing. 9.800

Balser quite low on Yfull for Rutgers, chest down, lunge forward. 9.600

Verdeflor – BB – PSU – wolf turn, a little tight – aerial, a little lean to try to keep moving into korbut

Riccardi hits a Ray and pak on bars, nice form on that pak – short cast hs – double tuck dismount, step back

Back to Verdeflor – hits side somi to back tuck full dismount, hop.

At some point we saw the bottom of Bauman’s leg step OOB on floor for Michigan, but that’s about the extent we’re seeing. Or not, doesn’t look like they took it, which is characteristic this season.

Hankins – UB – OSU – jaeger, takes it very far but catches – good pak – DLO, pikes it some, hop back. 9.825

Astarita – BB – PSU – punch front, check – loso series, high, check – switch to back tuck, like how quickly she connected, another check though – gainer full, lean to hold the stick

Miller – UB – OSU – toe on to maloney to bail, very strong leg positions there – short final cast hs – DLO, another step salute, lunge out – 9.825

Joyner – VT – Rutgers – good distance on yfull, step back

Wojcik – FX – Michigan – following 9.000 for Morrison – double pike, does well to control landing despite coming in slightly forward – split leap full to wolf full, great split shown in first element – front 2/1 to front pike – rudi to straddle jump, under control. Nice.

Cut to Swartentruber, good van leeuwen – DLO finish, flings it out a little but it’s still big, small step.

Brooks on floor – hits full in, slide back – front tuck through to double tuck, very strong control – double pike, stuck landing, chest just a bit down. Good one.

9.9s for Wojcik and Brooks.

Ohio State went 49.150 on bars.

Rushlow – BB – Penn St – beat to split jump 3/4, nice lift – bhs loso series, small check – switch to split, very good positions – side aerial, arm wave and a check – 1.5, stuck landing.

Over to Wilson on floor for her second pass, front lay to front full, slight stagger on landing – excellent straddle positions as always – double tuck, solid. 9.925

Michigan 49.375 on floor, Penn State 49.075 on beam, Rutgers 48.975 on vault.

After 2:
Michigan 98.875
Penn St 98.275
Ohio St 98.050
Rutgers 97.600

Another two-floor-exhibitions rotation.

Rotation 3

Schweitzer – BB – OSU – aerial to beat jump, sturdy work – bhs loso series, low, leg-up check but saves it – split ring jump, not bad – side aerail to tuck full, small step

Brief cut to Rutgers on bars for a dismount disaster. Bladon just pulls around her middle pass on floor for PSU, low, lots of tucking – double tuck, chest down, stagger on landing

Michigan’s vault has a 9.800 for Heiskell and 9.900 for Koulos.

Miller – BB – OSU – pause before bhs loso series, hit, good extension – cat leap to side aerial, also secure, pause before beat jump – straddle jump to straddle 1/4 – gainer tuck full, nearly shows stick, step-salute. Nice elements, some rhythm things.

Wilson – VT – Michigan – very strong Y1.5, small hop forward, great height. 9.925

Hankins – BB – OSU – wolf single – bhs loso series, check lean – kickover, solid, pauses before beat jump – switch to split 1/4, hit – 2/1 dismount out of frame

An additional 9.925 for Morrison for Michigan on vault. On pace for that passing-Utah score.

Rushlow – FX – PSU – 1.5 to layout, jusssst keeps that foot in bounds, takes it right to the edge – split leap full to wolf full, strong 180 on split – rudi, large bounce back. Cut away, looks like we missed a fall because she ended up with 9.100, which will have to count.

Brooks also goes 9.925 on vault to give Michigan 49.550 there.

Because it’s that kind of week – a heads up that Michigan would need 49.525 on bars to tie its program record.

Pritchard – BB – OSU – Hits side aerial – bhs loso, secure – closeup of feet during a leap combination was a real treat

Hodges – BB – OSU – switch split jump to straddle 3/4, good initial split, looks like she pulled around straddle – bhs loso series and falls, though they were already at 49.150 for this rotation.

Bonsall – FX – PSU – trying to salvage something from this rotation – double tuck, slide back – 1/2 to front full, large lunge out of it – double pike, chest down but solid

Astartia – FX – PSU – open double tuck, lovely, good control, chest up – 1.5 to layout, controlled landing, good rise into layout – switch side to popa, good height, maybe a bit tight in popa – double pike, hit

Oklahoma just went 49.525 on bars with a 9.975 for Webb. Just noticed no Davis in the bars lineup today. Were able to drop a miss from Smith.

Third events: Michigan 49.550 on vault, Ohio State 49.150 on beam, Penn State 48.125 on floor, Rutgers 48.050 on bars.

After 3:
Michigan 148.425
Ohio State 147.200
Penn State 146.400
Rutgers 145.650

Update that the Brenner injury was not an Achilles tear and that she may compete again this season.

Rotation 4

Important closeup of Umme instead of the routines.

Pritchard – FX – OSU – 2.5 to front tuck, solid landing, just some leg crossing – switch 1/2 to split full, some short split positions there – rudi, a little steppy. 9.775

Heiskell leads of Michigan on bars with 9.925. That’s the pace they need.

We see Morrison on bars for Michigan – catches a bit close on her gienger, hop on FTDT. 9.800.

Chesney – FX – OSU – wolf jump 1.5, not quite there – double pike, lunges back OOB – front full to front tuck, step – switch side to popa, overturns switch side, good straddle positions – 1.5 to layout, clean layout position

9.900 from Wilson in spot 3 for Michigan.

Rushlow – strong landing on yfull, controls landing, just some piking and leg position.

Koulos – UB – Michigan – blind to jaeger, caught – small arch in cast hs – good bail position – rushing a couple casts – DLO, very nice stuck landing

9.875 for Koulos.

Hodges – FX – OSU – double pike, chest up, just a little movement – rudi to loso, solid – split leap full to popa, short of position on split leap – 1.5 to layout, very low, just does land it.

Brooks went 9.925. Michigan needs 9.925 from Wojcik for a new program record. 9.900 to tie it.

Let’s be sure to see some beam instead!

It’s 9.975 for Wojcik. That means Michigan goes 198.025. The team’s first-ever 198 and a program record.

Michigan setting a program-record score while only like 11% of the routines were actually shown is the most Michigan gymnastics thing to ever Michigan gymnastics.

Anyway, there’s some other gymnastics happening here. Hannah Joyner on beam with a nice stuck side aerial to full dismount.

9.950 for Joyner, which means Rutgers is over 49 on beam even before the last routine.

Huang – BB – Rutgers – cat leap to side aerial, leans to try to connect it to a front aerial but is off on the aerial and falls. Rutgers 49.150 on beam though to finish with 194.800

Gagliardi – finishes for OSU on floor – hit double pike – front lay to rudi, a little front foot movement – double tuck, slide back.

9.900 for a 48.800 for Ohio State on floor.

Michigan – 198.025
Ohio St 196.000
Penn St 195.250
Rutgers 194.800

Denver tri-meet in the touch warmup now.

Meanwhile, Michigan will be at 4th in the new rankings on Monday. The bonus for Michigan is that because we got to see like none of those routines, I can’t really comment on how overscored it might have been. Who can really say?

Oklahoma has a beam fall from Schoepfer and two 9.800s from Dunn and Woodard so far.

Rotation 1

Ruiz – VT – DU – hit yfull, small hop back, chest well down on landing. 9.725 a bit tight.

Thomas for SUU on bars, finishes DLO, hit, a little piking, hop forward

Glynn – VT – DU – Tsuk full – medium bounce back this time – some piking, but solid. 9.825

Hutchinson – VT – DU – pretty secure landing on her yfull, small hop back, clear leg break on the table – 9.900 is quittte high for that.

Mundell – VT – DU – strong Y1.5, hop forward, just a bit of knees – not a large hop. 9.900

We have a peel off on a pak in the 4th spot for SUU on bars.

Brown – VT – DU – very very strong Y1.5 – controlled the landing, great height, not as much distance as Mundell but strong.

9.950 for Brown with a 10.000/9.900 split. Got to the right place in the end? I have some questions for the judge who gave that the same score as Hutchinson’s full.

Vasquez finishes for Denver with a full – larger lunge back, some piking, but fine. 9.700 and a drop.

Denver goes 49.300, even with counting the 9.725 from Ruiz.

Jozwiakowski – UB – SUU – front giant to jaeger, very high, good toes – clear hip, short of vertical into bail, some leg break – a short cast hs on high – DLO, good straight shape, step back. Will be able to drop the fall. 9.825

DeHarde – FX – USU – double pike, small slide back – rudi to shushunova, good – switch side to popa, a little low on that – rudi to a solid loso. 9.900

Jackson – FX – USU – double tuck, chest up, secure – front lay to front full with a slide out – switch 1/2 to wolf full, short of split on switch – double pike, overdoes it with a large lunge back, stayed in bounds. 9.750

Oklahoma dropped the fall but went only 49.250 on beam.

Gutierrez – FX – USU – not quite there on opening dance elements – front tuck through to double tuck, controls landing – double pike, quite deep on landing, a squat, step forward. 9.650

After 1: Denver 49.300, Utah State 49.125, Southern Utah 48.950

Ruiz – UB – DU – giant full, good finish – hits tkatchev – bail, a little short of vertical – hits final cast hs – DLO, realllly short, hands down.

McClain finishes her leadoff beam hit for SUU, small hop on 1.5 dismount.9.800

nice round-off loso on beam from Smith for SUU.

Thompson – Ub – DU – piked jaeger, hit, some soft leg position – hit cast – bail, good toe point, clear vertical – short on final cast hs – DLO, pikes it down at the end to find the stick. 9.925 is a lottt

Hutchinson – UB – DU – maloney, good leg positions into pak, clean – late 1/2 turn on low – short cast hs on high – DLO, better extension, secure landing. 9.900

Oklahoma 49.450 on floor.

Glynn – UB – DU – short first hs – clear hip to gienger, strong rlelease – hits bail, pretty work – but she’s been short on all her cast handstands in this routine – FTDT, stuck. Everything else was perfect, but…

Both judges go 9.950 for three missed handstands. Even our commentator was like, “Definitely 9.850, maybe 9.900”

Mundell – UB – DU – good first hs – nice counter on tkatchev – toe on to bail, arches but pulls it back – short final cast hs – DLO, short, hop forward. 9.875

Brown – UB – DU – maloney to pak, great height – small arch on cast on low – hits van leeuwen well – best cast handstands – DLO, stuck. Great.

9.975 for Brown with a literal arch in handstand on the low bar.

49.625 for Denver on bars for what was only an OK rotation honestly. Lottts of missed handstands that weren’t taken. I think I had it about 49.300.

SUU has an anchor fall on beam but five hits before that. Will go 48.775 there. Utah State went 49.225 on vault and so will have a major advantage on Southern Utah after two events, which is interesting.

Annnnd that’s a program record bars score for Denver. For what was basically their third-best bars rotation of the season.

Annnnd Oklahoma just got two 10s on vault for Schoepfer and Webb. Webb goes 39.850 in the all-around. Oklahoma goes 49.725 on vault (which is actually NOT a program record for them.

Oklahoma final score 197.950

Yeah, I’m going to need this Washington meet in my life right about now.

Lynnzee Brown opens with a very secure beam routine for Denver. 9.925. It begins.

Mundell – BB – DU – bhs loso, great height, nice extension – switch to switch 1/2, good toe position shown – side aerial, hit – 1.5 dismount, stuck. Very pretty routine. A stronger routine than Brown’s, so we’ll see what happens.

9.975 for Mundell in the second spot.

Washington’s tri-meet has started.

Zeng – Ub – Stanford – blind to jaeger, hit, clean – short cast hs – pak, straddle in the air – DLO, pikes it down a lot, step back. A complete and hit routine.

Ruiz finishes a beam hit for Denver with a stuck gainer pike.

Killough-Wilhelm with good height on a yfull for Washington, important to have her back vaulting, some pike, medium bounce back

End of Widner’s bars routine – giant full to double tuck, bounce back

Mabanta – BB – Denver – good wolf turning – bhs loso, clean – split leap, pretty – switch 1/2 to split jump, nice lift on switch, perfection on split jump – side aerial to full and falllls, right to all fours. Was basically perfect before that.

Vasquez – BB – Denver – aerial, small hesitation into bhs loso, solid – switch to split, great positions of course – finishes side aerial to full, stuck landing. Just a little hesitant early on but great.

Geneva Thompson with a stuck yfull –

Bryant – UB – Stanford – hits tkatchev – pak excellent as always – DLO, step back, well she looks at a pretty normal and prepared level.

Washington gets to 48.875 on vault.

9.950 for Vasqiuez

Brunette – UB – Stanford – hits a deltchev into overshoot, some form but achieved – DLO, secure landing. They got through with five bars hits.

So Denver actually has a fall in the 6th spot on beam, which means they will count a fall on beam and score 49.125. This was on track to be another program record team score until that point. Actually it ended up being 3 falls for Schlottman in the 6th spot.

Stanford 48.475 on bars.

Popp – FX – Boise St – front tuck through to double pike with a medium bounce back – switch 1/2 to popa to popa and actually a pretty legitimate combo, rises – double tuck, very solid

SUU has 48.575 on floor, so this is not going to be a usable score for them. Utah State, meanwhile, has an outside shot at one of their top-5 scores ever with a big beam result.

Blackson – FX – Boise State – front 2/1, keeps step forward under control, solid height – back 1/2 to front full, just a bit soft but again solid – split leap full to split jump full – rudi, small slide. 9.875

Nilson – FX – Boise State – team already at 49.275 for floor before this routine – front lay to rudi, bounce back, a little ragged in rudi position but nice initial layout – switch side to popa, a bit short on popa – nice lift into double pike, though does land chest down.

Another 9.875 for Nilson, so Boise State goes 49.350 on floor to lead by 80 million tenths over Washington and Stanford. That 48.875 was the 2nd-best vault rotation score for Washington thus far. And 48.475 was the best bars rotation score for Stanford thus far because there were five people in it. I’ve seen weaker Stanford bars rotations, is what I’m saying.

Denver gets a leadoff 9.850 from Ruiz on floor.

Alisa is telling us about Stanford’s sub-football-stadium outdoor training this season. SOUNDS GREAT.

Thompson up third on floor for Denver after 9.875 for Mabanta – double pike, drops into it pretty well – switch side to popa, solid – front lay to rudi, slide back – 3/1, only a ahir under on that final pass. Solid. 9.875

Rotation 2 starting in Washington

SKW – UB – UW – piked jaeger to overshoot – nice amplitude – front 1/2 into double tuck, stuck landing. Clean work. 9.850

Hoang leading off beam for Stanford, finishes high 1.5, small step

McNamara – Ub – UW – 1/2 to jaeger, hit, loses form at the end – pak, arched and a leg separation but hit – great final cast hs – giant full, late to double tuck, step back

Glynn – FX – DU – controls step on initial double back – a little short on a couple straddle positions – double pike, very nice.

Widner hit an extremely secure beam for Stanford. Great loso series and stuck dismount.

Wickman – Ub – UW – short first hs – blind to piked jaeger, nice jaeger, connect s to overshoot, close to the bar and some piking – double tuck dismount with a step.

Bryant – BB – Stanford – bhs loso and yikkkeees, splits the beam and it dumps her off of it. She has the most preposterous and scariest beam falls.

Bowles hits a good deltchev on bars for Washington.

bryant does her double tuck beam dismount, chest forward, step, hit it.

Hutchinson 9.9 for Denver in spot 5. Just Brown left. They’re on 197.525 while counting a beam fall.

Brown – FX – Denver – DLO, very strong as always, keeps front foot under control – switch 1/2 to wolf full, nice – back 1.5 to layout to split, just a little flat in layout but fine – double pike, hit.

Flam falls on a punch front on beam for Stanford, so they’ll count a fall.

Utah State goes 196.775 for the 3rd-best score in school history.

Brown goes 9.975 for that floor. 39.825 in the AA for her.

Denver finishes at 197.650, which is the fifth-best score in school history while counting a fall on beam.

Jessen on beam for Stanford now – bhs loso and takes it right to her face on the side of the beam. Ouchers. Stanford, sweetie, are you going to be OK?

Resumes routine – side aerial – falls again – cat leap to switch side, nice – 1.5 dismount, step back.

She’s a Parkette. If all that happened during training is you took a beam to the cheek, it was a good day. She can finish a beam after that.

Stanford has just 5 on beam, so that 8.400 for Jessen will need to count. Stanford goes 46.000 on beam.

After 2: Boise State 98.225, Washington 97.750, Stanford 94.475

Killough-Wilhelm – BB – UW – secure bhs loso series – kickover, smallest little lean – switch with a pause into split jump 1/2, good position, questionable connection though – side aerial to 1.5, holds the stick with a lean

Blackson – UB – BSU – we see a bail and then back to Washington.

Eksteen – BB – UW – aerial to bhs bhs, keeps it moving quickly enough – sissone is nice – beat to sheep with a check, not quite the ring position shown – 1.5 dismount, somewhat low, small step

Nilson – Ub – BSU – tkatchev, nice counter, strong – a bit short on cast hs and now over to Stanford on floor.

Widner – FX – Stanford – switch ring to split leap full, nice ring position – back to Washington.

Bowles – BB – UW – side aerial to bhs, a check, and some knee in the air – sissone is nice – beat to wolf jump full, gets the wolf around – beat to side aerial to full, stuck

Thomas – BB – UW – wobble on full turn – kickover to bhs and falls – tried to move into her bhs even though she was off because she needed the combo, but then she didn’t have the bhs.

Little – UB – BSU – great first hs – maloney to pak, some feet – a bit short of hs on low bar – nice hs on high bar – DLO, floaty but pikes at the end, step back

Muhlenhaupt went 9.925 to lead that rotation.

McNamara – BB – UW – bhs loso series, a check and then an additional wobble trying to bring it back – switch 1/2 and falls. Counting fall rotation now.

Boise State 49.300 on bars.

Hoang – FX – Stanford – DLO, hit, forward, but lived through it – split leap 1.5, pulls it around –

Thompson – BB – UW – candle, holds vertical well – full turn check – switch, pause before split jump 3/4, check, keeps it on the beam – bhs loso series, solid – 1.5, high, step back

Bryant – FX – Stanford – full in, very high, comfortable, small slide – front tuck through to double pike, bounce back , larger bounce – switch side to popa, good

But we need to watch the Washington exhibition beam instead.

Russon hits an aerial, short but works it out – hits loso series – actually pulls around a split full completely – 1.5, stuck landing.

Washington 47.975 on beam.

Stanford will be over 49 on floor! Impressed with how prepared they look from what we’ve seen of this rotation. That means Stanford now has more 49 rotations this seaon than Washington.

Jessen – FX – Stanford – back 1.5 to layout, soft position in layout – side side to popa, popa not completely around – double tuck, chest down, step – wolf full to wolf full, again not fully rotated on second element

After 3: Boise State 147.525, Washington 145.725, Stanford 143.525

Lopez – BB – Boise St – check on bhs loso series – just a slight hesitation on full turn – switch to cut to Kyla Bryant vaulting – great amplitude as normal, chest up, step back on her yfull.

Smith – FX – UW – double tuck, keeps front foot down – rudi to double stag, some travel to the side – wolf jump full to tuck jump 1.5, slightly indistinct in landing position – 1.5 to layout, controls step. 9.825

Masiado – BB – Boise St – some hesitation on full turn – bhs loso series, secure, smooth series

Zeng vaults for Stanford – gets good distance on her full but lands in a squat and has to bounce to the side

Weiss – FX – UW – round off double pike, very secure landing, chest down – back 1.5 to layout, small leg separation in layout but straight shape shown – split leap 1.5 to split jump…3/4? not around – double tuck, short landing, step forward

Stanford 5th on vault, Brunette and a ylayout. Garcia anchors the rotation – Tsuk layout, large bounce back

McNamara – FX – UW – switch 1ring 1/2, good height, could show a little more ring – rudi to straddle jump – switch ring to switch 1/2, clearer ring position there – 1.5 to layout, slightly loose in layout shape –

Stanford is done with a 191.825.

Chrobok with exhibition vault – ylayout, large bounce back

El-Kabchi – BB – BSU – aerial round-off, securely landed – straddle 1/2 to tuck jump, check – beat jump to sdie aerial to layout full.

Thompson – FX – UW – high double tuck, slide back – switch positions looked tight there – front lay to front full, some clear knee bending in there – split leap 1.5, looks like she pulled it around – rudi, secure. 9.850

Popp second 1/2 on beam – switch 1/2, hit – stuck gainer full

Cunningham – FX – UW – front tuck through to double tuck, pulls it around, no front foot movememebt – switch 1/2 to wolf full to wolf full, very high, clear finishes – double pike, some chest position but also solid control

Muhlenhaupt anchor fall for Boise State onbeam. Boise State finishes 196.325, not a counting score for them.

The 9.925 for Cunningham gives Washington their first 49 of the season.

Killough-Wilhelm – FX – UW – solid double tuck, just a little bouncy – front 2/1, crossover step – 1.5 to layout, clean work.

A good floor rotation for Washington. Final score will be a huge improvement, though still not a regionals score.

9.875 for Killough-Wilhelm. Washington goes 195 for the first time this year.

FINAL: Boise State 196.325, Washington 195.00, Stanford 191.825

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    1. She got hurt in the last meet on floor and couldn’t finish her routine…it looked like Achilles but I haven’t seen that confirmed, some type of ankle issue.

      1. Abby made the trip and is walking around in a boot. Definitely not an achilles but probably something to keep her out for the rest of the season regardless.

      1. Maybe Michigan will fix their floor now that one of their own athletes got hurt on it 🙄

      1. Clearly you understand neither how to be funny nor how to use the /s tag.

      2. Clearly the other anonymous needs a sense of humor. I totally got the sarcasm from the first post. LMAOOOO.

      3. @Nia’sWeave Clearly you’re a juvenile moron who thinks third-grade attempts at sarcasm are ‘humor.’ By the way, I’m the third Anonymous weighing in on this, bitch, and you’re outnumbered. Eat it. ROTFLOL!

  1. OU doesn’t have Davis in the bar lineup, but she is listed for vault & beam. Guess her shoulders need a break.

  2. Cal: Hey look we got a 198!

    Michigan: Anything you can do we can do better, we can do better than you!

  3. >Who’s going to set an all-time NCAA event record today?????

    Maybe Stanford? (…if those traveling SEC judges from yesterday’s Cal meet head up to today’s Seattle meet) 😉

  4. So, Oklahoma will have to count a 8.875 on floor, according to the stats. Anybody know what happened there?

    1. Or… not. Now there are completely different scores. Well, okay, I’ll wait for the final score…

      1. Looks like there were some OOB and instead of 0.1 they took 1.0. Corrected for Bell and Karrie in the system now

  5. Denver finally enjoying some whiskey-Sunday scoring! Short handstands are the new stuck landings. They don’t matter anymore!
    (But for real I hope everyone is getting this scoring treatment. They all deserve an undeserved 198!)

  6. I mean… LOL doesn’t even begin to cover it at this point. I hate (actually hate) to say it but the “gymnastics is not a sport” fanatics may have a point. How can this be a legitimate sport when objective portions of scoring criteria are straight-up ignored?

    1. THIS. Webb given at 10 when she didn’t even stick a vault….Glynn going 9.95 with 3 missed handstands. Just DO YOUR JOB judges.

    2. If the NCAA ever decide to pull the plug on women’s gymnastics, they definitively will have no problems with arguments why it shouldn’t be an NCAA sport. (Or they could just reform the ridiculous judge selection system…)

      1. they won’t…30 plus teams make good money in a non-Covid year with tickets.

      2. I would be shocked if more than a handful of teams broke even. What keeps women’s gym safe is Title IX.

      3. No NCAA sports make money other than football and men’s basketball. Women’s gymnastics at the top schools loses quite a lot less than other sports.

      4. There are a few baseball schools that make money. Arkansas and LSU both make $$ from baseball.

  7. This weekend, even Stanford can get a program high. Don’t dare to dream big, guys!

  8. Webb just got a ten on vault with a non-stuck landing and bent knees. She’s so talented and definitely doesn’t need judging gifts.

  9. No no, of course I’d rather watch Washington gymnasts high fiving and just walking around than Stanford’s bars or Boise State’s floor, just keep on doing what you’re doing, TV coverage!

  10. Ouch. These Stanford beam falls are painful to even watch. Kudos to the Stanford gymnasts for finishing their routines.

  11. Legit question… Can Utah keep up with Cal, Michigan et all? It doesnt seem like they’ve benefited from overall outrageous scoring or are they really not as strong as the teams around them in the rankings? Not really a fan of any of these teams but def some of the individual athletes. Anyway, next couple weeks will be interesting.

    1. Utah has had some fantastically scored beam rotations this season, in the same way that Cal was on bars yesterday. Like the 9.95’s a couple of meets for Isa with obvious built-in deductions. They are being rewarded for sure for hit routines, but they just haven’t had that one meet where every event is a good hit.

      1. Yes their fans seem to overlook this but while Utah has a high ceiling of capability they haven’t performed up to their potential on all four at one meet. True that they haven’t had a fully crazily scored meet that many other teams have had but that’s partially on them.

      2. Thanks for calling this out! Everyone keeps saying how Utah doesn’t get overscored like most teams but they get plenty of gifts especially on beam and vault.

  12. If women’s college gymnasts simply scored the same way as JO level 10, things would be way better and fairer to all involved.

    It gets boring when 90% of routines fit in a 0.3 range. It doesn’t fairly separate gymnasts or the overall performance of a team.

    A 9.6 should represent a phenomenal routine – not a train wreck.

    1. Yep. Same thing happened in the mid-80s in elite/intl gym. Everyone who didn’t fall or bounce to the next county got a 10. It’s utter bullshit.

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