Conference Championships Live Blog – March 20, 2021

Saturday, March 20 Scores Stream
1:00pm ET/10:00am PT – Big Ten Championship Session #1
#26 Ohio State
#31 Maryland
#32 Penn State
#36 Nebraska
#42 Rutgers
1:00pm ET/10:00am PT – EAGL Championship Session #1
#27 NC State
#35 New Hampshire
#40 North Carolina
#49 George Washington
2:00pm ET/11:00am PT – Big 12 Championship
#1 Oklahoma
#9 Denver
#22 Iowa State
@ #38 West Virginia
2:00pm ET/11:00am PT – Pac-12 Championship Session #1
#24 Oregon State
#37 Arizona
#41 Washington
#55 Stanford
2:00pm ET/11:00am PT – MAC Championship
#25 Central Michigan
#28 Kent State
#29 Eastern Michigan
@ #33 Western Michigan
#34 Ball State
#45 Northern Illinois
#50 Bowling Green
3:30pm ET/12:30pm PT – SEC Championship Session #1
#14 Kentucky
#15 Auburn
#16 Georgia
#23 Missouri
4:00pm ET/1:00pm PT – San Jose State @ Air Force LINK FREE
6:00pm ET/3:00pm PT – Hamline @ UW-Stout LINK FREE
6:30pm ET/3:30pm PT – Big Ten Championship Session #2
#3 Michigan
@ #7 Minnesota
#16 Illinois
#18 Iowa
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT – EAGL Championship Session #1
#29 Towson
#39 Temple
@ #47 Pittsburgh
#52 LIU
8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT – SEC Championship Session #2
#1 Florida
#4 LSU
#8 Alabama
#9 Arkansas
8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT – Mountain Rim Championship
#12 BYU
#19 Boise State
#20 Southern Utah
@ #21 Utah State
9:00pm ET/6:00pm PT – Pac-12 Championship Session #2
#5 Cal
#6 Utah
#11 Arizona State
#13 UCLA

Deep breath. Let’s do this.

The first sessions of Big Tens (and no, I will not call it B1Gs, thank you very much) and EAGLs begin first. So there’s time to set the scene. Lots riding on the score Nebraska puts up early on as that will dictate what all the other 36-ish teams are looking for. Maryland and Penn State are also not totally out of the woods in that regard and are looking for a comfortable hit today to remove any doubt, but Nebraska is the most urgent case in the ER.

The minimum goal for Nebraska is 195.300, which will be enough to move ahead of New Hampshire and gain one spot of buffer room, but that in itself is just a minimum and not a “safe” score when factoring in what Arizona and Washington and West Virginia could do. Nebraska’s real goal will be to bust out for a 196 to put extreme pressure on the later teams.

North Carolina also begins in this first group, but as UNC is down in 40th, their fate is going to be determined by other teams. They need to get some huge score and then just hope that enough other teams miss.

So far I’m really enjoying the “everyone gets a 9.2” aesthetic of the Minnesota live scores test.

Rotation 1 starting at our first two competitions. Nebraska on the opening bye at Big Tens.

Crasa hits a yfull for GW to lead off, chest down, large bounce back.

Nelson – BB – Nc State – aerial to bhs, hit elements, bent knee deductions – switch to straddle 1/4, short of position there – full turn, small check – cat leap – side aerial to full, stuck

Big Tens begins with Romagnano on beam for Penn State – bhs bhs loso series, check – split jump to stag ring, another smaller wobble – side aerial to tuck full, stuck

LeBlanc – UB – Maryland – giant full, a little late into gienger, catches slightly close, works out of it – bail, some hip angle – short final cast – giant full, later, into double tuck, stuck

Ferguson – VT – Rutgers – yfull, lands chest down with a stagger on landing


Less pleased with these scores not updating.

Verdeflor – BB – Penn St – wolf turn – aerial, small lean into swingdown, did she connect it? – Olivia, don’t say splashdown – side aerial, pretty – split jump to stag ring, well done – side aerial to tuck full, stuck.

Weir – UB – maryland – short first hs – giant full to gienger, better distance than LeBlanc but flexed feet – bail, hti – short on these casts – giant full to double tuck, chest down, lunge forward

Blaser – VT – Rutgers – large bounce back on yfull

Over at EAGLs, Shepard is hitting a very nice beam for NC State, secure loso series, some knee bending – side aerial smoothly done – side aerial to full, small hop

Edwards – FX – Ohio St – huge double but an equally huge bounce back – 1.5 to layout, hit – switch side to popa, cheats around some, good straddles – double tuck, opens but chest down, step forward

Leese – VT – Rutgers – clean yfull, medium hop back, good layout position

Glauber – Ub – Maryland – good first hs – high tkatchev – short cast hs – clear hip to bail, a little short, good legs together – rushes final cast position – DLO is clean, small hop back

Nice handspring pike 1/2 from Whitman for George Washington, medium hop back, pretty solid chest up position.

Johnston hits beam for Penn State, solid, some knee moments, fake-stick on dismount.

Huang – VT – Rutgers – good distance on yfull, pikes down a little at the end, small slide back.

Barber hits bars for Maryland, just short on her final hs and a lunge back on her DLO.

We have our first blink of conference championships. Penn State has a fall from Cross on beam, which means they will count a 9.450 for Astarita.

Joyner – VT – Rutgers – beautiful yfull in the air but a larger landing error than her normal, step back and a second step to meet it.

Rubio on bars for Maryland really struggles on her gienger, very close and missing a lot of handstands after, so this will be the drop score for them. Large stumble back on double tuck.

Gagliardi – FX – Ohio St – double pike, chest up well – front lay to rudi, a little soft but under control – switch 1/2 but wolf full, slightly rushed on wolf position – double tuck with a little bounce –

Rushlow – BB – Penn St – beat to split jump 3/4, really nice height – bhs loso, not the highest but hit securely – switch to split, beautiful positions – side aerial, solid – 1.5 dismount, stuck. very good. 9.900

Warga – FX – Ohio St – 2.5 to front tuck, really solid landing, just some leg crossing – lifts well into split and wolf positions – front 2/1, hit with a lunge out.

So Rutgers goes 48.950 on vault, a big deal for them, which will be ahead of Maryland’s 48.875 on bars and Penn State’s 48.600 on beam after counting that 9.450. Penn State wanted more from that beam but can still pick up the final score if floor and vault show some improvements.

NC State went 49.125 on beam to UNC’s 48.875 on floor, and GW’s 48.850 on vault. Scores on beam looked pretty soft from the parts I saw.

Ohio State in at 48.900 on floor, so Rutgers (!) will lead after the first rotation. Moment of truth coming up for Nebraska on bars. Peak there is 49.2. Last two meets have been 48.7s.

Rotation 2

Burgess – BB – Maryland – kickover with a small pause into bhs, will be interesting credit decision – split to straddle 1/4, some feet in split, good height – side somi with an arm wave correction – gainer front full with a large lunge forward

Piringer – UB – Nebraska – short first hs – toe on to maloney, hit – bail, leg break in the air and short of handstand – giant full, leg break into double tuck, stuck. 9.700

Lowe – VT – Ohio St – very solid yfull, small step back, a little flat. Followed by Swartzentruber with a large bounce back on her full.

Lorange – UB – Nebraska – maloney to pak, some leg breaks – short on some handstands – giant full to double tuck, small hop. 9.775

Rushlow has a large bounce back on her first pass on floor for Penn State, looks like OOB.

Miller – VT – Ohio St – good height on yfull, medium step back. 9.800

Allen – FX – Penn St – DLO, hit it, chest a little forward but controls the landing – switch side to popa pretty solid height – front tuck through to double tuck, chest forward again but solid control.

Edwards – VT – Ohio St – great open on her yfull, control, small foot movement

Weir – BB – Maryland – Bhs loso, check – beat to standing loso with a huge break, chest all the way down and a break at the hips, avoids grabbing the beam – cat leap to switch side, tight – bhs 1.5, lunge forward

Nebraska will have to avoid a 9.275 from Thaler in spot 3.

Colombo – Ub – Nebraska – huge piked jaeger, just a bit close on catch – pak, small leg break – nice 1/2 turn finishing position on low – higgins to front giant 1/2, excellent finish position again – double tuck, stuck. One of her nicer routines.

Jennings – VT – Ohio Sr – huge yfull but also a huge lunge back

Olivia has made several comments about what an ugly event vault is that I’m really enjoying.

Davis – UB – Nebraska – maloney to clear hip to huge hindorff – shortish cast hs – bail, good vertical – just a couple missed casts – DLO, hit, step

Rouse – BB – Maryland – hit loso – bhs loso series, hit, small squeeze – split to straddle 3/4, just a little tight – 1.5 dismount, large bounce forward

Gagliardi – VT – Ohio St – round off half on front tuck, large lunge forward.

Astarita – FX – Penn St – open double tuck, nice, good control – 1.5 to layout, solid lay position – switch side to popa, good extension – double pike, controls landing, chest a bit down

McClure – BB – maryland – aerial, small check, a bit of knees – switch to straddle 1/4, hit – kickover to bhs, good height on kickover, moved just quickly enough – aerial with a larger break to save it, leg up at hip height, repeated skill without connection – gainer rudi dismount, hop.

Ayers – FX – Penn St – 1.5 to layout with a slide forward – double pike, secure landing but chest well down –

RED ALERT: Scores have Kynsee Roby for Nebraska at an 8.125, routine we didn’t get to see, which means the fall from Thlaer will count and Nebraska will go 48.400 on bars. All the other bubble teams just perked up.

Maryland has two 9.5s and a 9.6 so far on beam, so this isn’t going great for them either.

Barber – BB – Maryland – aerial, step forward correction – bhs loso, hit – kickover, into beat jump connection that covers a small lean to the side – switch to split – 2/1, very good stick…shown long enough?

Pac-12 session 1 and Big 12s about to get started now.

No rotation so far has hit 49 in the first rotation at Big Tens. No one has the scores they want except Rutgers. Lottts of pressure on the remaining events for Nebraska.

Apparently, wrestling is running long, so Big 12s is being bumped to ESPNNews and the app. Sigh.

UNC is at 97.750 after two, keeping up the hopes of a high 195 or a 196 here.

At Pac-12s, Jim’s like “GAH TANYA why would you want to start on bars?” And she’s like, “Getting it out of the way?”

Big Ten rotation 3

Lorange – BB – Nebraska – bhs loso with a lean but holds it – switch to split, a little tight on split, small lean – hitch kick to side aerial, a little low but holds it again – split jump 1/2 from side, solid – 1.5, hop forward. 9.750

Lynnzee Brown starts beam for Denver at Big 12s – small check on full turn – switch to split, a little short on switch – aerial to wolf jump is excellent – gainer full, stuck.

Morgan Hoang has a hit opening beam for Stanford – good loso series – hits 1.5 dismount, large hop to the side

Davis – BB – Nebraska – loso series, hit securely with some knees –

Smith – FX – Washington – double tuck, bounce back – rudi to stag double, some knees – back 1.5 to layout, step forward, controls it in bounds

Levasseur finishes bars for Oklahoma with a good stick on her DLO.

Herry – VT – Arizona – she’s following a 9.625 from Horton on a tucked y full – medium bounce back on yfull, solid, some piking and knees throughout

Higgins – BB – Nebraska – beat to sheep jump, small check – bhs bhs loso, solidly done – straddle jump – gainer pike, holds landing with a swim.

Ariana Young hit her feet on the mat swinging to low bar in the second spot for Oregon State on bars.

Beautiful leaps for Widner on beam for Stanford, nice hit.

Wickman – FX – Washington – struggles on front 2/1, not all the way rotated with several bounces forward, OOB – falls on second pass.

Good y1.5 from Maxwell for Iowa State, small hop

Bellows – VT – Arizona – very solid yfull, small movement – a little piking

Thomas – UB – Oklahoma – good first hs – blind to jaeger, lowish but hit comfortably – bail, strong hs – a bit short on final cast hs – DLO, chest down, step forward

A fall from Curtis on beam for Nebraska means Nebraska has a few 9.7s to count now. But they hit the first four.

Jessen with a beam fall for Stanford.

Denver working against a fall from Thompson on beam now.

Davis – UB – Oklahoma – higgins to gorgeous piked jaeger – good pak, legs right together – 1/2 turn position on low looked solid – higgins to front giant to double front, stuck. Pretty.

An important 49.000 on vault gets Penn St back on track to get a countable score if they hit one of their 49.2y bars days.

Roby – BB – Nebraska – aerial, pretty – bhs loso, secure landing, chest a bit low – split jump to stag ring with a break, bend at the hips, critically keeps it on the beam – side aerial to full, chest down but holds the landing.

48.525 on bars for North Carolina is not the score they needed.

48.975 for Nebraska on beam, so not able to bring up the bars score with that performance. Will need strong floor and vault.

Mabanta on beam for Denver, no Vasquez today – hits a loso series – switch 1/2 to split to beat, lovely split positions, smallll hesitation on landing – side aerial to a dismount fully out fo shot.

Will be a hit beam score for Denver but will lose a ton of ground to Oklahoma’s 49.500 from bars. 49.175 for Denver.

Pierson – FX – West Virginia – front lay to front full, slide forward – switch side to popa to shushunova – double tuck, secure landing.

Castles – VT – Arizona – clean full, a bit forward with a hop

Bird – UB – Oregon St – bail, just a bit short of vertical – tkatchev and almost completely sits it on the bar, that’s how close she was, lots of hitting the bar there.

Huge 49.275 for West Virginia on floor. That will definitely have been part of the plan.

Bryant – BB – Stanford – bhs loso, super high, secure, just some knees – beat to switch split jump, excellent – punch front, strong – bhs bhs double tuck, lands a bit short, hop forward

Killough-Wilhelm – FX – Washington – double tuck, bounce back, stays in bounds – front 2/1, hit well, some sliding forward – switch ring to switch 1/2, nice positions – back 1.5 to front tuck, barely got an element out of it, low front tuck

Hargrove lands short on a yfull for Arizona, chest down, lunge forward.

Domingo – UB – Oregon St – short first hs – toe on to Ray, nice counter rotation, into overshoot, legs – a coupel short casts – blind to front giant 1/2 to double tuck, reallly low but doesn’t put her knee down, lunge forward.

Tan Sze En – UB – Stanford – small hesitation on her just sitting there mount – side aerial, slight check – switch to switch 1/2, a little short, check –

None of Jim’s stats reflect the Oregon St/Stanford meet last weekend. Pac-12 Network, is this even a try?

Rotation 2 has started at Big 12s, Rotation 4 at Big Tens.

Ruiz hits a front tuck through to double tuck to finish her floor for Denver.

Washington gets a 9.900 from Cunningham and a 49.000 on floor. That’s the pace they need. Ahead of Arizona’s 48.600 from vault.

Casalit hits a piked full in on floor for Denver in the second spot, following a 9.875 from Ruiz.

Oklahoma will have to withstand a 9.300 from Trautman in the first spot on beam.

Curtis opens floor for Nebraska with 9.675.

The thing I like about Ralph Rosso is that one time I was introduced to him as “Spencer, as of the Balance Beam Situation and GymCastic” and he was like, “I don’t know what any of that means.” A gentleman with sense.

Maryland gets a hit yfull from Barber, but a little forward with a lunge. Maryland will finish in this rotation and end on a bye, setting the first full mark.

Nebraska has Higgins up third on floor – front 2/1 with a bounce forward and OOB – switch side to popa, good height – rudi is strong, good control

Woodard on beam for Oklahoma – second half- nice kickover front – switch to split leap, pretty – finishes with a small hop on dismount

Linton survives a lot tkatchev for Arizona in the first spot.

Maryland is done with a 195.650. That will increase Maryland’s NQS some to 195.919. No change in ranking but a little more buffer.

Ragan Smith with a hit beam for Oklahoma, a couple small hesitations. A 9.950 is a lot for that. I saw two small balance issues.

The OOBs haven’t been taken from Nebraska’s scores on the live scores yet, so watch out for those numbers to potentially fall a little.

A 48.975 on vault is also very helpful for West Virginia on vault, making a late push.

Press – FX – Nebraska – DLO, bounce back but hit – split leap full to popa, slightly ragged in position but high – just does punch out of her back 1.5 to get a front tuck out of it, but low – front lay to front full, short with a step back.

Thomas with a very pretty beam hit for Oklahoma. Off line on her dismount combination but holds the stick.

Split screen at Big 12s – Webb on beam and Brown on floor.

Webb – BB – OU – nice loso series – cat leap to aerial, hit comfortably, just some knees – switch to switch, good positions – side aerial to full, stuck. Nice. 9.950

Brown – FX – Denver – DLO, solid, more chest forward than usual but hit with control – high leap combination – 1.5 to layout to split, perfect – double pike, chest up well, controlled landing. Good. 9.950

Nebraska will be counting a 9.675 on floor now.

Lorange – FX – Nebraska – double pike, pulls it around, chest a bit down – front lay to front full, stumble forward and OOB – switch ring attempt but doesn’t really show the ring – 1.5 to front lay, soft knees pulling layout around

Denver 49.450 on floor. Oklahoma 49.400 on beam.

NC State is done with a 196.050.

North Carolina is done with just 195.275, which will officially eliminate North Carolina from regionals contention.

A 9.575 from Lorange (again without the OOB taken yet) puts Nebraska on 48.750 on floor with I believe some NDs still to be taken. This is nottt gooood.

Meanwhile back at Pac-12s.

Excellent yfull from Amara Cunningham – great height and stuck landing

Raskin – Arizona – UB – late blind to piked jaeger – hit – good cast hs – loses her legs like crazy on a bail attempt, not to handstand and a major leg break – falls on dismount.

Arizona counting two 9.6s on bars now. NO ONE is taking these spots. Except West Virginia.

George Washington done with a 195.800, but sadly had one too many canceled meets this season and has to use a 193. Otherwise, it would have been close.

Cunningham goes 9.825 on vault for that yfull that we see go 9.900 all the time. Some score saving for the evening?

Smith – VT – Washington – very solid y tucked 1.5, small step forward.

McCabe – UB – Arizona – large arch on first hs but pulls it back – piked jaeger, hit – giant full to bail, somewhat short of handstand – short final cast – DLO, holds the stick but with a pretty large lean

Schoepfer on FX for OU, following 9.8 from Draper – solid double tuck – 1.5 to layout, loses her legs a bit in 1.5 but controls landing –

Piringer vaults for Nebraska with a solid yfull, bounce back.

Geneva Thompson finishes for Washington vault – great height as always – small hop back – a lot better leg-separations than usual. Normal apart instead of oceans.

Lynnzee Brown hits Y1.5 on vault – hop forward.

Deets – UB – Arizona – giant full to tkatchev, hit, late giant full, bail, pretty solid vertical – DLO, tries to sell the stick, some piking

Higgins VT for Nebraska – a hit full, some knees, shuffle back. Following a 9.800 and 9.825. Followed by a good 1.5 from Dujakovich, hop forward

Iowa State is racking up the scores and now has Semple in the 5th spot on beam – high bhs loso series – switch 1/2 to beat, quite low on switch position – swtitch to split is nicely done – side aerial to full, slide back and a swim to control it.

Curtis on vault for Nebraska – good open on her full, small slide back

49.225 for Nebraska on vault. That gives Nebraska 195.350, which will put the team just ahead of New Hampshire and Ball State (currently). I’m still waiting on the OOBs to be taken from the floor scores, though. That ccoul get VERY controversial because they definitely happened.

Stanford with a casual 49.350 on floor with a 9.950 for Bryant.

Washington at 98.075 after 2, which was the goal. Arizona on 97.375, which was not.

West Virginia 49.025 on bars, just a hit beam rotation away from a very important score.

Oklahoma hasn’t done a floor routine in like 15 months, and we’ve received no scores from Denver’s vault. Pretty sure KJ is going to do a murder.

Penn State goes 49.150 on bars for a 195.525 final.

La Pinta is finally up on floor for OU – a bit under on 3/1 rotation with a hop to the side – solid 180 positions on leaps – double tuck, really tucks it to get it around, solid landing

Washington has an opening stuck dismount on bars from Killough-Wilhelm. 9.875

Ohio State is done with 195.325 as well.

Stauffacher – BB – Arizona – bhs loso series, check – additional wobble on split jump out of aerial – full turn, another larger wobble – hit gainer full. 9.725

Thomas – FX – Oklahoma – double tuck, secure, chest a bit forward – double pike – pulls around a split leap 1.5 – 1.5 to layout and can’t bring it around, sits it down.

Oklahoma will count a 9.650 on floor now.

Webb finishes on floor for Oklahoma – front 2/1, slightly steppy but under control – back 1.5 to front full, a little off line but keeps her step in bounds – rudi to straight jump, travels back on that jump more than she wanted, but choreographs herself out of it, but her final pose takes her leg slide right OOB. That was so weird.

KJ lurking by this garage door behind those police officers during this floor rotation is truly iconic.

Anyway, back to non-Kj related drama – Wickman has a very short hs on bars for Washington, just does pull around double tuck dismount, lunge back

Oklahoma’s 48.925 on floor puts them in a tie with Denver going to the final rotation. Iowa State just a tad behind.

And god now SECs is about to start.

Arizona gets a stuck 1.5 from Hargrove in the third spot on beam. Needs to get some scores that can erase those early 9.7s. And a 9.900 from Hargrove will work.

Worried about this 115 year old man doing the OOB flag at Pac-12s.

Very strong yfull from Chloe Widner.

Bowles – UB – Washington – shortish first hs – deltchev to overshoot, hit – giant full to double tuck, pulls in a little but hits it, hop back

Barile – BB – Arizona – aerial, large break, bend at the hips – aerial with another check but moves her hands through to loso series – cat leap to switch 1/2, another large break – side aerial to full, step back, will need to drop that.

Levasseur hits a strong y1.5 for Oklahoma, small step back on landing

SECs has started the first session. There will be time to get to that once we deal with Big 12s finishing.

Casali has a clean maloney to bail combination on bars for Denver, chest down in DLO with a hop forward

West Virginia has to deal with a 9.250 in the first spot on beam now. Eeek.

Trautman with a hop forward on her y1.5.

Denver and OU both with 9.850-9.900 in their first two routines.

Thompson – UB – Washington – jaeger, catches close with some body position – hits bail – solid final cast hs – FTDT, stuck landing.

Webb – VT – OU – hits a y1.5, not her strongest, medium hop forward and a little off line.

Uh oh. Jessica Castles with a fall on beam for Arizona on an aerial. Critical in their hopes of making regionals.

Schoepfer falls on her tucked Y1/5 for Oklahoma! This is going to come down to the last routine.

Oklahoma has La Pinta finish vault with 9.775. 49.300 for them. Denver already at 49.275 before Brown on bars.

Denver has moved ahead of Oklahoma, even before Lynnzee Brown. Doesn’t look like Iowa State has the floor scores so far to get there.

Very important beam from Linton for Arizona now – wolf double , hit it – bhs bhs loso, hit with a little lean –

Brown – UB – Denver – maloney to pak, lovely, van leeuwen, good, smallest bit of legs – DLO, stuck. That will do.

Oh damn. 9.975 for Brown gives Denver 197.325 to Oklahoma’s 197.125.

it’s all falling apart for West Virginia now on beam with a counting 9.400 already. Two to go.

Combs – BB – WVU – aerial to back tuck, very smoothly done – cat leap to switch side, nice horizontal position, check – kickover, holds it to connect into beat jump – good 1.5

Arizona 48.875 on beam with two 9.9s. Still alive. Needs a strong floor. Washington on track for a regionals number if they survive beam.

And there it is. Nebraska’s score has been reduced down to 195.150 now that the OOBs have been taken from floor.

That will mean this is NOT a counting score for Nebraska. Nebraska is back behind New Hampshire and Ball State.


Also Rutgers won the session. Sadly it’s just a LITTLE too little to make regionals. But also a big deal for them.

Anyway, Big 12s is over. Denver wins with 197.350 to Oklahoma’s 197.125 and Iowa State’s 197.050. HUGE DEAL.

West Virginia is currently in with a 195.725, which would be enough to move into a tie with Western Michigan and knock Nebraska out of contention.

Big final rotation at Pac-12s now for Arizona on floor and Washington on beam.

At SECs, Kentucky went 49.200 on vault, Missouri 49.000 on floor, Auburn 48.975 on bars.

Killough-Wilhelm – BB – Washington – bhs loso and falls – WASHINGTON – kickover front is nice – switch to split jump 1/2, short back leg on split 1/2 – side aerial to 1.5, stuck

Horton – FX – Arizona – back 1.5 to front full, under control – front full to front pike, slide forward – switch to switch ring, doesn’t really commit to head release on that ring – rudi, solid landing. 9.850

Eksteen – BB – Washington – aerial to bhs bhs, pretty smoothly connected, check afterward – sheep jump, not the most clsure, solid landing – oooooh no – she missed her foot on her side aerial into doismount and crashed it. Washington counting a fall in its first two beam routines now.

Nosek – FX – Arizona – double pike, large bounce back and OOB – front lay to front full was nice – double tuck, pretty solid landing

Oregon State has a good one from yanish on vault, medium bounce back on her full

Stanford putting up fuller lineups today – has the hit dletchev from Brunette on bars – DLO, hop back

Washington already counting 9.250 on beam. Bowles up third – side aerial to bhs and falls. Third fall ina row. It’s all going away for Washington now. Second fall from Bowles.

You HAD this.

Deets – FX – Arizona – double tuck, large and slightly strage bounce back out of it – double pike, chest down but only a small slide – front lay to front full, under control. 9.825

S Gonzales – VT – Oregon St – ro full on to back pike, good height, lunge back

Garcia – UB – stanford – jaeger into overshoot, solid work – a bit short on cast hs on high – small pause in blind – front 1.5 dismount, good landing

Thomas – BB – Washington – kickover, keeps moving into bhs – a very slow and tentative start but she is surviving without checks – switch to straddle 1/4 – 1.5 dismount, step to the side.

Orman – FX – Arizona – they’re only talking about who is leading, which is not the story here, the story is whether they can qualify to regionals – rudi, good height, has control, some soft knees – switch side to popa, clear finishing positions – double pike, hit. 9.775

Kentucky with another 49.200 on bars. Missouri sub 49 on vault.

L Dagen – VT – Oregon St – hits a clean full, opens, just a little forward in the end with a slide

Auburn gets a good beam hit from McLaughin in the fifth spot to stay in sight on Kentucky.

Bryant – Ub – Stanford – hit tkatchev, a little low – pak, lovely – good casts – DLO, quite short on landing but saves it with a bound forward

McNamara – BB – Washington – good full turn – bhs loso series, leg-up check, pulls it back – cat leap to switch 1/2 to beat – side aerial to tuck full, stuck.

Not sure that Amanda knows that these beam mistakes are literally yes the end of Washington’s season.

Castles – FX – Arizona – 2.5 to front tuck, solid – back 1.5 to 2/1, keeps front foot down – switch to split ring 1/2, better ring position –

M Dagen – VT – Oregon St – hits her Y1.5, a little short with a step back

Stonecipher – UB – Stanford – tkatchev and falls. Stanford will finish with 195.175, a high for them.

With a 9.900 from Castles, Arizona is not guaranteed to move ahead of New Hampshire and Nebraska.

Russon – BB – Washington – aerial, a little short but holds it – bhs loso series, hits with a small check – switch to split 3/4, held, lean – 1.5, good landing.

Oregon State is done with 195.625, not a counting score for them.

Hargrove – FX – Arizona – still a critical score for them to see where they end up in the regionals hierarchy – full in, bounce back, keeps it in bounds – back 1/2 to front full, slightly flat with a slide – double tuck, nice.

194.400 for Washington, which will actually be a counting score for them, but not nearly enough. They needed a hit today.

Rotation 3 starting at SECs.

Oldham – FX – Auburn – wolf jump 1.5, good – double pike, some slide back – 1.5 to front full, some arching around – double tuck wayyyy short and falls.

SO we’re just not getting a final score for Arizona? That’s cool. They’ll be in the regionals places right now, but we need to see…how in.

Magnelli – BB – Kentucky – up second – bhs loso loso, right to edge of the beam, small adjustment – hitch to switch side, rather crooked – following 9.750 from Albores – 1.5 dismount, short with a sizable hop back

We do know that Arizona’s score will knock out New Hampshire, though. Also note that RTN still has the wrong score for Nebraska, so those standings will be off.

DeGuzman – BB – Kenutcky – bhs loso series, check, keeps it on, pretty extension – switch to sheep with a step – 1.5 dismount, slide back. Well welcome to the lineup.

OK Arizona final score is 195.400, that will but AZ ahead of West Virginia and into safety for regionals.

Missouri has 9.700 and 9.750 for its first two bars scores.

Bunn – BB – Kentucky – bhs loso loso series, very solid – switch to split, short back leg on both elements – 2/1 dismount, slide back

Marshall – UB – Missouri – blind to jaeger to overshoot – nice arms on jaeger – good cast hs on high – FTDT, takes it way out, small step back, Good one.

Stevens – FX – Auburn – front lay to rudi, good control, some form in layout – switch ring to switch 1/2 – double tuck, control

Worley – BB – Kentucky – cat leap to switch side, solid – aerial, small lean into bhs loso, solid – 1.5, hop forward.

Hufendiek – UB – Missouri – good first hs – blind to jaeger, fingertips but got it – bail, legs together – short cast hs – giant full to double tuck, small step.

Angeny – BB – Kentucky – bhs loso loso, very good – aerial, small lean – beat to straddle 1/4, smoothly done – side aerial to tuck full, small slide. Good.

Missouri 48.975 on bars. Kentucky 49.175 on beam.

Gobourne – FX – Auburn – open double tuck, bounce back, looks like she stayed in – switch side to a high and clear wolf full – front full to front lay, immediate pose out – double pike, short landing, covers but a definite step forward.

9.900 takes Auburn to 49.350.

After 3: Kentucky 147.575, Auburn 147.375, Missouri 146.850

Right now for regionals we’re waiting on the final scores for Western Michigan and Ball State, but it doesn’t look like they will be counters.

So right now it looks like what we have is Nebraska and New Hampshire are out, and Ball State is sitting on the edge at #36 waiting to see what Temple does. That scoring mishap at Big Tens re the Nebraska score is throwing more uncertainty on the situation than there should be.

Rotation 4 starting at SECs

Payton Smith hits a yfull in the leadoff spot for Auburn but some tucking and a short landing. 9.675

Gottula has to save her series on beam with a large wobble, leg-up. 9.725

Piper Smith follows Piper with a hit yfull of her own, also some tucking but better chest up position. 9.775

Sabados – VT – Auburn – cleanest position on her yfull of the bunch so far – bounce back

DeGuzman in the floor lineup for Kentucky as well – lovely switch ring position.

Watson – VT – Auburn – pulls out her Y1.5 – somewhat short with a bounce to the side and some knees. 9.800

Gobourne – VT – Auburn – lunge forward on her Y1.5. 9.850

Bunn with an excellent stuck double pike on floor.

Stevens – VT – Auburn – a full, hits it, pretty large bounce back

McCrary – BB – Missouri – beat to kickover, solid landing – bhs loso series, also hit – stag ring, also secure – just a couple tight positions in this routine but very secure – gainer pike, step back.

Auburn is done with 196.275. That will be a counting score, but not by a lot. Not enough to improve Auburn’s ranking.

Haigis – FX – Kentucky – rudi to loso, smoothly done – switch side to popa, good positions there – double pike, has the height, under control – pleasant work

Marshall – BB – Missouri – kickover, solid – aerial to bhs bhs, very small adjustment afterward, but good – a little tight on straddle 1/4 position – 1.5 dismount, shuffle to the side.

Angeny really has to work to pull around her final double tuck on floor but does, lots of cowboy and a low landing though. 9.750

Sheremeta – BB – Missouri – beat – bhs loso, comfortable – split ring jump shows solid 180, just some foot flexing – aerial, hit – kickover, solid – gainer pike, step back. 9.850

Worley – FX – Kentucky – big full in, shuffle to the side on landing, not large – switch ring to switch side, nice – front full to front lay, some knee bending – double tuck, good chest up position –

Schreiber – BB – Missouri – bhs loso loso hit, some knee bending – switch 1/2 to split to beat to gainer full finish is very nice.

Worley’s 9.9 puts Kentucky at 196.825, and Schreiber’s 9.925 puts Missouri at 196.125, a tenth and a half behind Auburn.

Neither of those scores will count for Kentucky/Missouri for NQS.

Not all the gymnasts’ scores are displaying on the MAC live scores, but it looks like Ball State and Western will stay where they are for NQS, which means it’s all down to Temple’s performance later.

By my count, Temple is looking for 195.575 later today to snatch the 36th spot from Ball State.

So that’s going to be a thing. Also, the championships to be decided. Everyone take an hour break and then meet back here.

The second part of the day begins with Big Tens, and then EAGLs starting shortly after, where the Temple score is the last regionals-qualifying mark to keep an eye on today.

The 195.675 from Rutgers is currently leading the Big Ten standings, though expect that to be obliterated shortly. The 196.050 from NC State has a solid shot at holding up at EAGLs.

Rotation 2

Heiskell – UB – Michigan – high jaeger – solid cast hs – pak, legs togther well – good cast hs positions – giant full to double tuck, small step. 9.900

Townes – BB – Illinois – switch to straddle 1/4, a bit tight on those leap positions – kickover, ver secure – bhs loso series, also secure, some knees – side aerial to tuck full with a slide back. 9.775

Bauman UB – Michigan – good jaeger to overshoot, solid amplitude – a bit tigh in hs – double front, pace forward. 9.850

Grotenhuis – VT – Minn – yfull with a pretty large lunge back. 9.800

Borden – BB – Illinois – aerial and has to lean through to try to connect to her fhs, some hesitation there so it will be a credit qestion – hit sheep jump – front layout full dismount, stuck

Wilson – UB – Michigan – small arch in first hs – blind to piked jaeger, hit – bail, small angle – DLO, slide back. A couple positions, some borderline handstands, but fine. 9.775

Gerdes – VT – Minn – huge bounce back on yfull. 9.750. Vault scores high.

Kenlin – FX – Iowa – front 2/1 to front tuck, well done – 1.5 to layout, a little flat, has to soften her position to get it around – switch and ring full –

Hooten – VT – Minn – solid Y1.5 – medium step –

Koulos – UB – Michigan – short first hs – blind to jaeger, good toes – solid cast hs – bail, small angle on catch – shorter final cast hs – DLO, holds the stick well, a bit deep

Ramler – VT – Minn – Y1.5, again a medium hop forward. 9.900

Kaji – FX – Iowa – 1.5 through to double tuck, lovely – double pike, bounce back – switch 1/2 to split full, hits strong positions – what a delight

Brooks – Ub – Michigan – piked jaeger, hit – good cast hs – toe on to bail, keeps her toes well, clean work – best handstands so far – DLO 1/1, medium slide back. Nice.

Takekawa – BB – Illinois – side aerial to bhs, hit, some knees – switch, good position – loso and falls, way off line. A couple 9.7s counting for Illinois now but that’s the first miss of the rotation.

Henderson – FX – Iowa – end of her routine, great leap positions on straddles – front tuck through to double tuck, nailed landing –

Wojcik – UB – Michigan – a bit short on first hs – toe on to deltchev, huge, excellent – good cast – bail, a bit of legs in the air this time – casts have been great since the first – DLO, hop back. 9.925 a little too high for that one.

Loper – VT – Minn – lands somewhat short on her y1.5 with a slide back

Guerin – FX – Iowa – excellent amplitude on full in, small hop – switch side to popa to straddle, overturns switch side some, good positions – front tuck through to double tuck, strong landing there.

Quarles – VT – Minn – 1.5, lunge forward, a bit larger than the landing faults from Hooten and Ramler.

Scott – BB – Illinois – kickover, arm wave into bhs, possible broken connection – switch to split, high split, keeps it under control – cat leap to aerial, smooth combination – gainer full, stuck.

9.950 for Guerin on floor gives Iowa 49.500 there and the lead.

So…the scores aren’t low.

After 1:
Iowa 49.500
Michigan 49.450
Minnesota 49.350
Illinois 48.925

Rotation 2

Tolan – VT – Iowa – yfull, chest somewhat down, hop in place

Montgomery -UB – Minnesota – blind to jaeger, catches very close, still tries to connect into overshoot and basically clatters into the low bar and has to hop off. Double front, hop.

Greenwald – VT – Iowa – very solid yfull landing, small movement, good direction and layout position

Wilson – BB – Michigan – following 9.875 from Bauman – bhs loso series, super high – cat leap to switch side, small pause to hold it – double tuck, step back. Good.

Hooten – UB – Minn – piked jaeger to overshoot, some pike in the overshoot, double front, gets it around, step. 9.850

Guerin with a large bounce back on her yfull. How was that also 9.850?

Farley – BB – Michigan – bhs loso loso series, got realllly low to the beam but pulled it out – split jump 1/2 is solid – 1.5 turn, good – side aerial to split jump, hit – gainer pike, stuck. Can take lots for amplitude there, but a secure routine. 9.875

Kenlin – VT – Iowa – yfull, good position and amplitude, medium hop back. 9.850

Loper – UB – Minnesota – maloney to pak, great leg positions – petty solid 1/2 turn position on low – a bit short on cast hs on high – giant full to double tuck, stuck. Pretty work. 9.925

Brooks – BB – Michigan – bhs loso loso, very secure work – switch to switch, hits her 180s there – kickover with a leg-up wobble to hold it – double tuck, bounce back and thena shuffle. 9.800

Killian – VT – Iowa – another fairly sizable bounce back on her yfull. I’m sure it will be the same 9.850 that every vault has gotten no matter what.

Townes – FX – Illinois – 1.5 to front full, solid landing, some crossed knees.

Wojcik – BB – Michigan – aerial, check, leg up though not as high up as Brooks’ check – switch to split, lovely positions – bhs bhs loso, solid – 1.5 dismount, hop forward. Not her strongest but good.

Henderson – VT – Iowa – yfull – fabbbb – stuck landing. Excellent. She goes 9.925.

Sales – UB – Minn – bail, small angle in the air – blind to khorkina, solid – good cast hs to follow – DLO, nearly showed stick, step-salute. 9.900

Ramler – UB – Minnesota – good first hs – maloney to pak, great – van leeuwen, excellent – hits cast hs – toe on to FTDT, stuck landing. Very nice.

Heiskell – BB – Michigan – side aerial, hit – switch to straddle 1/4, pretty solid 180s – bhs loso series, securely held – 1.5, leans up onto toes with a step-salute

9.950 for Ramler. One judge went 10.

Scott – FX – Illinois – front 2/1, crossover step – 1.5 to layout, pretty layout position – rudi, keeps it under control

Stuart for Towson has a pretty switch switch combination on beam

Michigan 49.350 on beam for a rotation where Brooks and Wojcik got a little checky to take away a big score. Minnesota 49.450 on bars to match Michigan’s number. Iowa 49.325 on vault because every vault is exactly the same I guess.

After 2:
Iowa 98.825
Minnesota 98.800
Michigan 98.800
Illinois 98.275

So this is pretty close.

Temple with a 48.925 on bars, above the pace they need and one of their best bars rotations of the season.

Rotation 3

Henderson – UB – Iowa – toe on to maloney with some legs into bail, short of hs with an angle – FTDT, lands short, bound forward. 9.750

Mueller – VT – Illinois – yfull, larger bounce back, some knees. 9.800

Koch – BB – Minnesota – bhs loso series, hit, knee bend – beat to split jump 3/4, check – kickover to scale, holds it in scale – 1.5 dismount, hop

Biondi – VT – Illinois – y1/2, medium lunge forward, some knees

Rogers – UB – Iowa – short first hs – toe on to maloney to pak, good leg position on pak – small arch on final cast – giant full, good finish position, into double tuck, hop back

Koulos – FX – Michigan – good swithc full to start – following 9.875 for Bauman – 2.5 with a large lunge forward and a slide, no OOB though – double pike, here’s the OOB, another large bounce back – front lay to front full is under control

Takekawa – VT – Illinois – good control on her yfull for Illinois – 9.900

Loper – BB – Minnesota – bhs loso, solid – kickover to beat jump, also comfortable – swtich to straddle 1/4, looked a little tight from our angle – 1.5, hop forward

Steffensmeier – UB – Iowa – a bit tight on first hs – blind to very nice piked jaeger – pak, good leg position – late 1/2 turn on low – giant full to dobule tuck, stuck landing. Good.

Townes – VT – Illinois – y1.5 – hits it, small slide back, landed just a little short. 9.900

Wojcik – FX – Michigan – they’re counting a 9.725 from Morrison already, so some pressure on these Michigan routines – double pike, well controlled – split leap full to popa, clearly around – 1.5 to front tuck and gets nothing out of front tuck and falls. WELL NOW.

So Michigan is counting a 9.600 and a 9.725 on floor. Door actually open now.

Kaji – UB – Iowa – good first hs – blind to jaeger, loses her feet a bit there but solid – pak, legs apart, a bit too archy there – good final cast hs – DLO very clean, hop in place. Good finish. 9.925

Powe – VT – Illinois – good stuck landing on yfull, some knees.

Kenlin – Ub – Iowa – toe on to maloney, some legs into pak, hit – short cast hs on high – toe full is great into double tuck, slide back

Ramler – BB – Minnesota – full turn, presents lovely – bhs loso, solid work – aerial to beat jump, some knee in aerial – beat to split ring jump, nice – side aerial to full, stuck. Lovely work.

Good thing the scores died.

Can’t tell the scores but that had the telltale signs of “some judge went 10 but not all”

9.975 for Ramler on beam.

Waight – VT – Illinois – hop forward on y1/2

Wilson – FX – Michigan – open full in, very strong – front lay to front full, comfortable, just does keep the back foot down – huge straddle positions – double tuck, solid. Lineup saving routine, but may not be enough.

Minnesota moves ahead of Iowa by .125 now. Michigan now .550 behind Minnesota, which is probably too much for them, even with how loose vault scoring has been today.

SEC and MRGC will start fairly soon now.

With one beam score still to come, Temple will be over 49 on beam and is giving itself quite a bit of breathing room to get the necessary score to make regionals for the first time in 29 years.

49.225 on beam for Temple.

Rotation 4

Henderson – BB – Iowa – bhs loso, huge break and falls. 9.300

Koch – FX – Minnesota – front 2/1 to front tuck, controlled landing, some knees – split leap full to wolf full, short of positions there – rudi, holds the landing

Guggino – VT – Michigan – stuck landing ona y1.5, very nice landing, just some knees. 9.950

Castle – BB – Iowa – bhs loso, hit, some knees – punch front, deep but secure – cat hop to switch side, a little tight – 1.5, small hop

Wojcik – VT – Michigan – nailed her Y1.5 landing as well, some legs on the block, otherwise excellent

10.000 for Wojcik. And apparently Heiskell went 9.975 which we didn’t see. So they’re 9.950 9.975 10.000 for the first three. You could see it coming with these insane vault overscores for the first three rotations all day.

Killian – BB – Iowa – good rise into loso after bhs, some knees – front tuck, secure landing – switch to switch is somewhat tight – 2/1, slide back

Going back to see the Heiskell vault – 9.975, didn’t stick. Small shuffle.

And now the evening session at SECs is about to start.

Leneave – FX – Minn – double pike with a bounce back – switch 1/2 to wolf full, good – 1.5 to layout, solid security there – double tuck, little hop, good tuck position

Michigan has 9.925 for Morrison on vault.

Mizuki – UB – Illinois – blind to piked jaeger, nice – overshoot, good height, a little hip angle in the air – giant full, good finish position, double tuck, lunge back

Checking back to see the 9.600 vault from Wilson which is she ended up just doing a y layout???

Ramler – FX – Minnesota – split ring jump – double pike, short landing with a step – switch ring, excellent of course – 1.5 through to 2/1, controlled step – 1.5 to layout, whips it over just slightly.

Brooks went 9.800 on vault, Michigan done on 197.425.

Kaji – Bb – Iowa – pretty loso series – OOF, fall on side aerial. Iowa counting a beam fall now.

Hooten – FX – Minnesota – full in, bounce back, stays in bounds – switch side, overturned into popa – front full to front pike, excellent –

SECs has started.

Lazzari – VT – Florida – second up, looks like she came up short on her yfull landing with a hop forward

Brock – UB – LSU – second up – following 9.875 for Johnson – 1/2 turn, short of vertical – good height on tkatchev – solid hs position – bail, a little hip angle – better final cast hs – FTDT, a bit short, hop forward.

Skaggs – VT – Florida – lovely full, controlled landing

Hooten went 9.900 for Minnesota, which will be enough to win the meet.

Lovett with a bend at the hips for Arkansas on beam. Brings it back. Also off to the side on dismount, hop forward.

Schoenherr – VT – Florida – hits her Y1/5, small hop forward, some knees

Dunne – UB – LSU – tkatchev to pak, nice – DLO, good improvement for her. Nice positions.

The live blog had a momentary nervous breakdown, but Reed hit her Y1/5 with a shuffle to the side, and Bryant went through cleanly on bars.

Richards tries a Y1.5 for Florida but is well short and falls. No Thomas on vault today. 49.350 for Florida.

Minnesota goes 197.750 to win Big Tens. A casual program record to win the conference title.

Shchennikova – UB – LSU – shrot first hs, good Ray to pak, small hesitation in 1/2 turn on low but finished it right at vertical – DLO, it’s the usual, lots of piking but finds the landing.

Long wait to get Shchennikova a 9.850. Probably some judges decided to see the dismount, while others elected against.

Durante – UB – LSU – blind to jaeger, nice toes, small arch in next cast hs – pak, a bit of legs but fine – 1/2 turn on low looked good – strong final cast hs position – FTDT, good stick.

Temple scoring so high they basically just have to show up on vault in the final rotation to make regionals

Carter – BB – Arkansas – in the fifth spot, coming after a bunch of 9.7s – bhs loso series, secure landing – beat to stag ring, lovely – aerial to sissone, nice – side aerial to full, step back. Solid work.

LSU 49.350 on bars to match Florida.

Graber – FX – Alabama – following 9.950 for Blanco – full-in, solid landing, keeps front foot down – switch side through to wolf 1.5, comfortably around – some of her choreo might be jumping jacks – front tuck trhough to double pike, chest a little forward, pretty solid

Hambrick falls on her bhs loso series. Well. Will be a 48.875 for Arkansas on beam.

Dual 9.950s for Blanco and Graber give Alabama the lead after 1 with a 49.450.

Temple now needs 48.050 on vault to advance to regionals and knock out Ball State.

Everything is a low 49 at MRGCs.

Not a whole lot of masks being worn around here, are there?

Rotation 2

Richards – UB – Florida – maloney to bail, some angle in bail – DLO, good height, small slide back, some leg separations.

Shania Adams bounce back on yfull to lead off vault. 9.825

Desiderio – BB – LSU – bhs loso series, bend at the hips correction – aerial, smoothly done – cat leap to gainer full, small movement. 9.800

Good stuck double pike to finish floor for Johnston for Arkansas.

Olsen – VT – Alabama – DTY – looked like one of her more solid ones, slide back. 9.925. has she ever scored that well for her DTY?

Durante – BB – LSU – bhs loso series, solid landing – aerial to split, solidly done – swithc to straddle 1/4, arm wave – side aerial to full, stuck. Better security.

Waligora – VT – Alabama – y1.5, some knees, medium step forward. 9.850

Blanco – VT – Alabama – hits her Y1.5, hop to the side and goes 9.950 for it. It’s going to be a day.

Skaggs – UB – FLorida – good first hs – tkatchev to pak, lovely pak work – controls DLO landing, nice routine.

Haleigh Bryant has a leg up check on her bhs in combination

Graber lunge forward on Y1.5 for 9.900. Quinn finishes the rotation with another Y1.5, hop to the side, a bit more knee bending than the others.

Schoenherr – UB – UF – blind to huge jaeger – but way arches over on her handstands and goes over, has to take a million extra swings to correct.

Quinn 9.925 gives Alabama 49.550 on vault. VERY loose scoring there.

Dean – BB – LSU – side aerial to bhs, another leg-up check for LSU – swithc to split is fine – aerial to beat, solid – side aerial to full, small movement

Shaffer with a near fall on a double tuck on floor for Arkansas. But following 9.950 from Carter.

Baumann – UB – Florida – must hit bars routine for her – good first hs – blind to huge jaeger, nice but can’t cast out of it – has to rest aagainst the high bar – DLO, short with a hop forward.

You can’t win SECs counting mistakes like those.

Johnson – BB – LSU – good full turn – bhs loso series, hit well – switch to switch 1/2, good but an arm wave check on landing – kickover, secure – 2/1 dismount, bounce back. 9.900

Thomas – UB – Florida – good first hs – maloney to clear hip to pak, strong hs on low – toe to van leeuwen – hitting cast hs – DLO, short landing, lunge forward. Great on the bar though.

Florida will have to count a 9.325 from baumann.

Campbell – BB – LSU – she’s back on beam – small hesitation in press handstand mount – bhs loso series, good – full turn, check – aerial, arm wave into good sissone – switch to switch 1/2, hit – 2/1, pretty large bounce back. But good to have her in the lineup.

Just 48.725 for Florida on bars.

Temple just a casual program record (by nearly 5 tenths) 196.500 to snatch the final spot at regionals. (And NEARLY move into the top 28 to avoid the play-ins).

9.850 for Campbell gives LSU 49.300 on beam, which they’ll take and run away with for what was quite a checky beam rotation. Alabama’s scores are on drugs, but LSU isn’t making a great case for doing better yet. And then Florida and Arkansas have both shown a weak rotation so far to fall behind.

Towson’s 195.875 there is also significant as that will move Towson into the top 28 and bump Kent State down into 29th.

Rotation 3

Waligora – UB – Alabama – jaeger, to overshoot, hit – DLO 1/1, lunge forward. 9.800

Richards opens beam for Florida with a fall on her loso series

Desiderio hits her DLO, a little short on her layout out of her middle pass with a slide back – double tuck, additional slide back

Graber – UB – Alabama – hits gienger, usual legs – bail, nice toe point, slight leg corssing – FTDT, deep landing, hop forward. 9.775

Skaggs – BB – Florida – switch to split is nice – bhs loso series, very secure – aerial, lean arm wave – switch side, hit – side aerial to full, holds landing. That was better. I trust no one except Megan Skaggs.

Shchennikova – FX – LSU – front 2/1 with a lunge forward – 1.5 to front full move control on that landing – rudi, some leg crossing, small slide. 9.925 is something.

Gaskins gets through bars for Alabama but Pak form was a little crazy – deep DLO landing with a slide back.

Lazzari – BB – Florida – bhs loso loso series, lovely – switch to split, hits positions well – side aerial to full, stuck, pretty work. 9.950

Adams – Ub – Alabama – maloney to pak, good cast hs on low – van leewuen – full to double tuck, a little low but stuck landing. Nice work

Ballard – FX – LSU – DLO, fairly short landing, step forward – 1.5 to layout to stag, quite low in layout position, doesn’t really commit to stag – switch ring to switch 1/2 –

Dogette – UB – Alabama – great tkatchev to pak – DLO, stuck landing. Smooth routine.

baumann – BB – Florida – bhs loso series – switch to split, good switch position – aerial, solid – switch 1/2, hit – 1.5 dismount, stuck landing. Good one.

Blanco – UB – Alabama – maloney to pak, keeps legs together well, good vertical 1/2 turn on low, small hesitation – FTDT, shuffle back

LSU has an OOB from Edwards in the 4th position.

Pac-12s has started. It will take forever, so we’ll get there. But Paulson has fallen in the first spot for Utah on bars.

Alabama gets three 9.950s to finish the bars rotation and create a massive advantage. These have been good routines for Alabama, but like…9.950 for that Blanco anchor routine?

Clapper hits her triple series for Florida on beam – switch to split, good – side aerial to full, stuck, some leg crossing

Bryant – FX – LSU – double front, has to control the step a little more than her usual – lay to rudi was solidly done – switch 1/2 to popa – front 2/1, some more crossed legs, controls step. 9.925

Florida has a fall and four 9.9s on beam. (Sure.) Anchoring with Schoenherr – aerial, some knees but solid – bhs loso, secure – split jump to split jump 3/4 with a large break, bend at the hips – 1.5, step to the side.

Johnson – FX – LSU – full in, strong landing, good control – back 1.5 to layout, another solid landing – switch 1/2 to popa, good leap positions – double pike, small bounce back, but excellent routine.

Schoenherr got 9.800 for that major break in her beam routine (…) so Florida goes 49.525 on beam.

Johnson gets a 10.000 on floor. No one continued watching for the last pass.

LSU 49.500 on floor.

After 3:
Alabama 148.425
LSU 148.150
Florida 147.600
Arkansas 147.425

Me, in the frist rotation: Oh, these scores aren’t horrible.
Me, now: Oh, these scores are horrible.

Alabama still has it in its hands with a hit beam, but we know LSU can go 49.6 on vault, so keep an eye on it.

We’re midway through the first rotation at Pac-12s. Utah is counting two 9.7s already, which is what they didn’t want, but Cal did not bring the vault landings so far either.

Frazier – FX – UCLA – whip through to double tuck, high landing, bounce back, looked OOBish to me but apparently OOB doesn’t exist this season – they moved her leap combination to the middle of her routine, but still kind of crooked in those elements, not as rough as last week – double pike, very good landing.

George – VT – Cal – lovely yfull in the air but anotehr with a medium bounce back

LeBlanc – UB – Utah – blind, a little late into jaeger, hit, kind of close – connects to overshoot – better cast hs on high – DLO, holds the stick with a lean.

White – BB – ASU – counting a 9.750 so far – bhs loso series, nice, good extension – aerial to beat, pretty form – split to stag ring, good – side aerial to full, holds stick with a lean forward.

Final rotation from SECs.

Durante leads off vault for LSU, holds her landing on her yfull, lean forward.

Klopfer breaks her aerial connection on beam so has to redo her aerial to bhs. Which she does. cat leap to side aerial, solid – 1.5 dismount, stuck. But an initial flinch for Alabama.

Shchennikova – VT – LSU – step forward out of her Y1.5, came in a little deep but OK.

9.900 for Durante and 9.925 for Shchennikova are both wayyyy high.

Arkansas with a bars fall.

Arenas – VT – LSU – lovely stick on her yfull, just some legs in the air. She gets a perfect 9.950. You knew it was coming.

Klopfer still got a 9.850 on beam even with the series redo. Waligora hits her series, small lean to the side –

Edwards – VT – LSU – a little short on her y1.5 with a step back – still goes 9.900.

Nothing is reallllll.

Johnson – VT – LSU – lands a bit short on her DTY, lunge forward.

Adams on beam for Alabama, hits her aerial and loso series, following two 9.850s and this was more secure than both of them in that it was secure – small hesitation landing a split jump – step back on 1.5 dismount.

Bryant – VT – LSU – handspring pike 1/2, amazing obviously – small slide back – too bad there’s no room to reward it because everything average was already a 9.9

9.950 for Bryant. LSU finishes 197.775, which is also just enouygh to move ahead of Michigan in the rankings.

Graber – BB – Alabama – they need to start getting some 9.9s – bhs lay-pike, pretty low this time, holds it with a leg-up check – switch to straddle 3/4, solid – cat leap to kickover to scale is lovely – gainer full, hit. But gave away a little.

The Graber score is 9.950 with that check. My my what. Well, that keeps Alabama in it.

Richards has a fall on floor for Florida. What an enepxectedly bad day for them. Arkansas counting a fall on bars now as well.

Doggette – BB – Alabama – bhs loso series, smoothly done, small lean – beat to switch 1/2 to beat, well short of split position on switch – side aerial to full, off line and short with a step forward.

Also Nia Dennis bounced all around on floor and got 9.900 and UCLA got 49.525 on floor so that’s happening.

9.825 for Doggette. Alabama needs 9.875 from Blanco to win.

Blanco – BB – Alabama – aerial, arm wave correction – bhs loso loso, solid landing – switch to beat, lovely position on that switch – 2/1, stuck landing. Under normal circumstances, that initial aerial might have put her at risk for going under 9.875, but not here.

9.950 for Blanco and Alabama goes 197.875 to win SECs. That sounds about right for today.

So, who deserved it more? Um, nobody? It wan’t an awesome meet, just everyone got scored like it because of expectations for how they should have scored.

Baumann finishing floor for Florida but they’re well out of it at this point.

Baumann goes 9.900 to get Florida to 196.975, which will be third pace but a drop score for them.

Over to Pac-12s, UCLA and Cal have both opened rotation 2 with 9.900. In that first rotation, Utah pretty much as expected on bars, a little higher than expected, Cal didn’t bring the sticks on vault, tried to have Clausi upgrade back but it didn’t go great. And then UCLA got all the jewels on floor. ASU through beam with a hit but another one of those 49.0s they’ve been getting.

Poston – VT – UCLA – hs pike 1/2, solid enough, chest up, medium bounce back

Li – UB – Cal – small arch in first hs – pak, lovely – van leeuwen, legs nicely together – giant full, a bit late into double tuck, stuck. Pretty. 9.900

So did that invesitgation into Legacy Elite just…go away?

Stanhope – BB – Utah – bhs 1/1 to bhs, large break, bend at the hips – switch to split, solid – 1.5 dismount, finds the stick

Clark – FX – ASU – following a 9.725 – double pike, good, a tad deep – chest a bit forward on double tuck, step – switch to ring 1/2, bouncy on landing – 1.5 to layout, good control on that pass.

Wright – VT – UCLA – much stronger y1.5, stuck landing, just some knees

Wright gets 9.950.

Schank – UB – Cal – blind to piked jaeger to overshoot, nice – rushing these handstands just a touch – DLO, lovely and stuck. 9.900

Isa – BB – Utah – candle mount, solid, shows handstand – bhs loso loso, secure landing – full turn, slightest hesitation – straddle to straddle 1/4, nice positions – gainer full, stuck. Good. 9.950

Boyer – FX – ASU – front lay to rudi, pretty height, slide back – double pike, struggles, stumble back and OOB – split full to wolf full, somewhat shor tof split position – 1/5 to layout, has to arch around her layout, step to the side

Frazier – VT – UCLA – hits yfull, medium hop back, usual piking. 9.825 is quite high for that compared to the previous rotation fulls.

Bordas – UB – UCLA – blind to huge jaeger to overshoot, height to spare – solid cast hs on high – giant full, good finish position to double tuck, stuck. 9.875. These are the same routines they’ve been doing all season, so looks like the judges aren’t there for them today.

Paulson – BB – Utah – side aerial to loso is solid – switch to split, comfortable – cat leap to sdie aerial to full, stuck. Good. 9.950

Mangahas – FX – ASU – full in, hit, chest down, step – front hrough to double tuck, very solid landing – pulls around her wolf full –

Dennis – VT – UCLA – huge full, very strong, small hop back. Good. 9.900

Kuc – UB – Cal – great first hs – maloney to pak, clean – 1/2 turn on low, a bit late – strong final cast hs – FTDT, hop back. Nice. 9.850

Randall – BB – Utah – bhs loso, good secure landing – sissone, nice – rulfove is excellent – 1.5, stuck. Very strong again. Big rotation. 9.925

Scharf – FX – ASU – front tuck through to double tuck, secure, chest a bit forward – front full to front tuck, solid – switch 1/2 to wolf full – double pike, collapses in the knees but stays on her feet, lunge.

Campbell – VT – UCLA – excellent yfull in everything but the landing, bounce back. Really should be a full tenth bounce. 9.850. Accurate.

Watterson – UB – Cal – pak, lovely – toe on to van leeuwen, ideal – good cast hs – toe full to double tuck, pulls in a little on double tuck but holds the stick with a lean. 9.900

O’Keefe – BB – Utah – side aerial to loso, strong – switch to split leap, great position, you totally through she was just going to walk right off the end of the beam there didn’t you? – cat leap to sdie aerial to full, stuck. Great rotation.

Leonard-Baker – FX – ASU – back 1.5 to front full, solid, some knees – split leap full to wolf full goes super crazy, out of controla nd doesn’t hit her positions – double pike, secure landing but chest pretty far down.

49.475 for Cal on bars. A good score but not the one they needed. Keeping those Cal routines under those 9.950s for Utah was a weird choice.

Utah 49.675 for its no-check beam rotation to take the lead by a half tenth over UCLA.

BYU won MRGCs with a 196.925, followed by Boise State on 196.725, which will come up just short of being enough to get a top 16 regionals seeding. Then it went Utah State on 196.250 and Southern Utah on 196.225.

With Denver winning Big 12s, Minnesota winning Big Tens, and Alabama winning SECs, I was really hoping Arizona State would win Pac-12s as the cherry on top, but it doesn’t look like that’s happening so far.

Maybe UCLA winning would count as the same because this season and upside down face emoji.

Rotation 3

Mangahas – VT – Arizona State – lands a little short on her yfull, hop forward. 9.775

Campbell – UB – UCLA – small hop angle in first hs – maloney to bail, a litel angle on bail – good final cast hs – blind to double front, solid landing, some cowboy. 9.800

Clausi – BB – Cal – kickover into beat, solid, avoids a little check – bhs loso series, small adjustemtn and some knees – switch side – full turn with a check and another little adjustment – side aerial to tuck full, small slide. A hit routine but a tentative one with some deductions to take. 9.775

Isa – FX – Utah – double tuck, small bounce – double pike, keeps front foot down, solid – 1.5 to layout, very slightly soft in layout but a fine routine. 9.900 is a lot there.

White – VT – ASU – yfull, a bounce back, pretty solid layout shape though

Esparza – UB – UCLA – good first hs – maloney to pak, good leg positions – nice cast hs on low – van leeuwen, legs together – good cast hs on high – DLO, stuck landing. Nice work. 9.925

DeSouza – BB – Cal – cat leap to aerial, smooth – bhs loso series, small check, some legs in the air – beat to sheep, another small adjustment – 1.5, comfortable landing. 9.875 with a couple checks. Cal getting so sample the Utah good stuff a little bit there.

Paulson – FX – Utah – front lay to front full to stag, nice layouts but a dumpy stag, didn’t really show the shape – 2.5, step – split full, comfortably around – 1.5 to layout, flat, pulls it around – 9.925.

Barbanente – VT – ASU – pretty large bounce back on yfull

Ulias – Ub – UCLA – lovely first hs – toe 1/2 to jaeger, fab height – good hs – toe on to bail, just a tad crooked in teh air but gets there in the end – perfect final hs – stalder to double tuck, hop forward. Fab on the bars but gave away at least a tenth on dismount. 9.800.

They’re just judging dismounts and not giving credit for the superiority of Ulias’s work on the bars.

Li – BB – Cal – aerial to beat, pretty – bhs loso series, smooth, extended – very small squeeze lean landing her split ring jump – gainer pike, stuck. Nice work. 9.900

These floor scores are…not based on reality.

Stanhope – FX – Utah – full-in, pretty solid control on step – double tuck – 1.5 to layout is clean. Good control throughout. So…10? 9.900

Scarf – VT – ASU – really solid yfull, good control on landing – nice open.

Flatley – UB – UCLA – she lives! giant to higgins to jaeger, nice – toe on to bail, not quite getting to vertical on some of these handstands but the last cast was nice – DLO, hit with a bounce back. But nice. Good to have her there. Better than I expected. 9.875

George – BB – Cal – aerial small lean into back tuck, will probably get credit because she kept moving but it was a check – wolf double, rushes through it but no check – hitch kick – beat to split ring jump, small wobble – gainer full, stuck. 9.850

Rucker – FX – Utah – FTDT, very solid landing – switch 1/2 to wplit full to wolf full, pretty solid attention to those positions – front lay to front full, leg separation in layout, small slide. 9.950.

Slightly concerned that half the officials at this meet are going to keel over and die in the middle.

Leonard Baker – VT – ASU – bounce back on yfull, good distance and position.

Kooyman – Ub – UCLA – maloney to pak, some major legs breaks – 1/2 turn on low, some loose back – short final cast hs on high – DLO, very short and knees down.

Bordas -BB – Cal – aerial with a wobble, check to the side with some bending – bhs loso series is nice – split jump to stag ring, would like to see a little more ring if she’s going to do head release – gainer full, good stick.

O’Keefe – FX – Utah – double pike, solid landing – front lay to front full, some arch in layout position – switch to split leap 1.5, excellent leap positions – 1.5 to layout, good straight position in layout, though not the most rise.


Smith – VT – ASU – GREAT y1.5, nailed the landing

Frazier – UB – UCLA – Could Jim stop calling her Marg? – maloney to pak van leeuwen, nice legs together – strong cast hs pon high – DLO, stuck landing, just some feet. Very nice. Body slams self.

Watterson – BB – Cal – wolf double, smoothly done – bhs loso series and a huge break, not able to cancan herself back onto the beam this time, fall –

Cal has five hits before that and will got 49.200 on beam. A fine rotation, a little checky. Doing OK but not doing enough.

Soloski – FX – Utah – DLO, solid landing, verryy archy and U-shaped but under control – front lay to front full, solid – 1.5 to layout, secure.

Has Amanda ever pointed out a mistake in a Utah routine, or is she just TOO PROUD OF THEM?

MARG gets 9.950 on bars.

They’ve decided not to update the Soloski floor score for some reason. Was it too high for the system to handle? Did it spark and malfunction?

Rotation 4

Isa – VT – Utah – solid yfull, stuck landing, not the most distance and a little pike, but quite nice. 9.850

Barbanente – UB – ASU – blind to piked jaeger, a bit of feet into overshoot, good straight overshoot – DLO, small step. 9.775

Poston – BB – UCLA – beat to straddle 3/4, pulls it back with a lean check – bhs bhs loso, holds it – 1.5 dismount, a litel flat but holds the stick well. 9.850

Quinn – FX – Cal – front lay to rudi, controls landing – switch side to popa, nice, clearer finishing positions than her usual – double pike, a tad deep but controls the step, keeps front foot down. 9.900. No one on floor has been below 9.9 in the last hour, so we’ll see if it holds.

O’Keefe – VT – Utah – medium bounce back on yfull, but also more dynamic than Isa, Solid. 9.850

Boyer – UB – ASU – toe on to maloney to pak, lovely form – 1/2 turn on low getts crooked, a little late – short cast hs on high – FTDT, good stick. 9.875

Sakti – BB – UCLA – falls on her loso loso series today.

Bordas – FX – Cal – double tuck, pretty large bounce back, good tuck position – 1.5 to layout, a little soft – solid ring position here – rudi, controls that one, chest a little down. 9.875

Stanhope – VT – Utah – lands somewhat short on Y1.5, step back and then an additional step. 9.725.

The scores have been way high for Utah at this meet, but I’ll at leas give them credit for taking those deductions. Not like on that Shchennikova vault at SECs.

White – UB – ASU – van leeuwen – good cast hs – 1/2 turn with a major arch, pulls it back – solid bail positions – hits cast hs on high – DLO, a little low, step back. 9.775

Frazier – BB – UCLA – switch split. not bad – aerial, into back tuck, leg-up check, holds it – gainer front full dismount, hit with a hop. 9.800

DeSouza – FX – Cal – double pike, chest down, slide back – switch side to wolf full is nice – 1.5 to front full, under control – rudi to double stag, well controlled. Good. 9.875

Rucker – VT – Utah – y1.5, large lunge forward. 9.825

Scharf – UB – ASU – maloney to pak, some legs on maloney, good pak – solid finishing position in 1/2 turn on low – FTDT, hop back. 9.775

Campbell – BB – UCLA – slightly tentative getting into her wolf turn position – wolf double, hits with arm correction – bhs loso series, check – switch to split – switch 1/2, another check – gainer full, lean forward to try to hold it. A really checky routine but a hit. 9.750

Clausi – FX – Cal – double pike, pretty solid, just a bit checky – 1.5 to layout, some bounce – double tuck, chest slightly down but solid control on all tumbling. 9.925

Burch – VT – Utah – sits down her Y1.5. Well, Utah is not having a good vault rotation. Potential significance for regional placement.

Clark – Ub – ASU – jaeger, good form, a tad close – pak, high, some leg separation – a bit late on 1/2 turn on low – short cast hs on high – DLO, hop forward. 9.825

Esparza – BB – UCLA – bhs loso – switch to straddle 1/4, hit with arm check – aerial and falls. UCLA counting a fall on beam.Once again, they had a good score going until….

Li – FX – Cal – double pike, huge stumble back and OOB, way overscooked it – will need to drop this to take advantage of this bad final rotation from everyone.

Sabado is vaulting for Utah instead of Cammy Hall. That’s a surprise. A fine full, medium lunge back, a little piking.

Leonard-Bkaer – UB – ASU – maloney to bail to toe pike shoot, very nice – slightly short on final cast – FTDT, nailed it, stuck landing. Excellent routine. 9.875 Pssh. Was better than that.

Shapiro – BB – UCLA – oh dear now Nicki has to hit – bhs bhs loso, nailed it – switch to switch, second switch was quite short of split – side aerial, solid – gainer full, step back. 9.850

Nicki Shapiro is the only one I trust.

George – FX – Cal – front 2/1 to front tuck, solid – switch ring to split leap full, excellent – rudi, very secure landing. That will allow for dropping the Li score and getting a strong total.

Although that Utah vault performance will mean they cannot pass Cal in the final rankings.

Utah will win with a season high 197.725. Cal wil go second, waiting on final score.

Deciding to just not update the final score has been a fun theme.

Why do they have George at 9.650? Anyway, it doesn’t look like it will change the final rankings.

It’s been an evening, but right now I have.

Florida – Minnesota – Denver – Illinois
Oklahoma – Alabama – Arkansas – Auburn
LSU – Utah – Arizona State – Kentucky
Michigan – Cal – BYU – UCLA

Kyana George’s score has been fixed to 9.950 and Cal’s total goes to 197.375, though that doesn’t change any regionals spots.

287 thoughts on “Conference Championships Live Blog – March 20, 2021”

  1. What the hell with Cal bar scoring, in comparison to Utah’s 9.95s? What was I missing?

    1. Utah had two 9.775’s on bars. I would argue O’Keefe’s bars is the strongest and comparable with Cal. Isa probably a “gift” score.

  2. “I was really hoping Arizona State would win Pac-12s as the cherry on top, but it doesn’t look like that’s happening so far.”

    Oh I feel

  3. I really think they can do without this male commentator for PAC-12. All he ever says is “she has xxx scores of 9.8 or better”. So annoying.

  4. Does Anaya Smith always start way over to the right of the runway and then move to the middle as she runs?

  5. In another sport, Frazier’s cannonball to the floor would draw a penalty. And that ASU anchor on vault should have tied or bested the UCLA high score.

    1. She saluted…her turn was over. It’s no different than the screaming, fist pumping, jumping that other gymnastics do. It’s literally no different.

      1. Football. College football refs have taken the fun out of any kind of over the top celebration. Usually, the access the penalty on the kick off.

    2. As the resident ASU stan, I will endorse this opinion, even though I barely remember the UCLA vault rotation 😉

  6. As the resident ASU stan, I will endorse this opinion, even though I barely remember the UCLA vault rotation 😉

  7. Kooyman is really consistent…ly making the lineup, even when Flatley comes back somehow she is still in the lineup instead of Dennis? It’s very clear at this point that the best UCLA lineup possible is Campbell, Ulias, Flatley, Esparza, Dennis, Frazier, and hope to drop Campbell’s score with the built-in deductions. I hope that’s the lineup at regionals

    1. I think Dennis is ideal there, but it’s clear her body is hurting, and she has nagging injuries so that’s likely the issue.

    2. I would assume that’s their desired lineup for regionals and beyond but they’re resting Nia’s shoulder

    1. Nia is hanging by a thread. They won’t even make the finals at regionals if they don’t have her vault and floor because she tweaked something on bars or beam.

  8. What is with these bar judges at Pac12? Apparently only UCLA and Utah can be great to them. No way CLB was 9.875 compared to the UCLA/Utah 9.925/9.95s.

    1. Agreed. There was a lot of inconsistency with judging between teams. That ASU vaulter had the best vault of the day and went low. Cal goes 9.9 on their bars routines and other routines with visible errors go 9.875…..frustrating.

      1. Utah had 4 below 9.9. I agree Isa could have gone 9.9 rather than 9.95 but not egregious. CLB was at least a 9.9 but Utah was not totally Carolled in the bars rotation

    2. Utah only had 2 high scores on bar. One legit – O’Keefe. I’m not sure this is really an argument when Utah counted two 9.775’s.

      1. Because it’s not about the absolute scores, but the scores in relation to the 1) the routines, and 2) the competitors. Utah’s 9.775s weren’t low, and their higher scores were too high compared to ASU and Cal.

      2. Utah on bars is an only two high scores kinda lineup on a good day while Cal‘s is the best in the country. There should be more separation, like we saw between Utah‘s top notch beam and Cal‘s decent beam.

  9. GO UTES!!! Utah was clearly the best team and a few decent vaults away from a 198. Fabulous to see Utah hit when they needed to.

      1. I’m not even a Utah fan but they deserved the win over the other teams – strongest on day for sure plus have been most consistent this season. Cal should have scored higher on bars but not their day today.

      2. What props. They took their knocks on bars for their mistakes. The bar score possibly .05 high for Isa but still within reason. Beam was brilliant. Floor maybe .1 to .15 high overall and vault was a crapfest. Those minor -I should say micro- gifts would not have altered anything. Utah was the best team tonight. Cairo and Ulius were the only major score tragedies of the night. Marz got a couple of minor gifts for UCLA as did Bordas for Cal. Scores rose as they always do but it was Utah’s meet this time

    1. Utah had the best meet – by a little- but their scores were offensive. Stop hosting meets in that state!

      1. Cal did not have their best meet, and deserved the scores they got on beam and vault. But there is no way their bars were scored with the same eye as Utah and UCLA. Their floor scores were fair, but not if you compare them to the parade of 9.95s given to UCLA and Utah.

      2. Utah on bars compared to Cal on bars, Utah/UCLA on vault vs ASU the big ones that offended me.

        I agree with Utah fans that they haven’t benefited from the crazy scores that the SEC gave this year but they still get a lot of gifts within the PAC 12. Sure UCLA gets undeserved 10s on FX but I think if you added up all the generous tenths here and there for the season, Utah is still the favorite child and judges won’t believe that Cal or ASU could be good.
        That Cal meet was a crazy blip and would’ve been dropped under a normal season‘s circumstances, but I think Utah’s had some similar situations when their beam lineup hits this year.

      3. People keep saying Utah’s bar scores were crazy. Maybe 1 was? They had two 9.775’s. Good grief. Isa’s score was maybe crack. Cal didn’t have all of their landings today. All teams were scored crazy on floor (except ASU). Utah was def strongest of all on beam. Lots of checks from Cal. Utah’s vault was a disaster. The only team strongest on it’s strongest event was Utah on beam.

        Of note – no #1 seeds won it’s conference championship. Maybe this fires all of them up for regionals.

  10. no no no not Florida and Minnesota and Denver in the same regional, that means either Thomas or Ramler or Brown will probably not compete AA at nationals!!!!!!!

    1. I thought the highest all arounder not on a qualifying team from each regiona goes through to nationals ?

      1. Didn’t Trinity not compete AA two years ago because Florida didn’t make regionals? Only bars and floor if i recall

      2. All around is determined night one. I think Boren outscored her that night & biffed the following night. But got the spot based on night 1. They do that because the teams who don’t make day 2 at regionals would automatically be shut out if night two were in the equation.

    2. The highest AA from a team not making it gets to go to nationals, so all three of those could make it. Trinity got knocked out of the AA by Alicia Borden two years ago.

      1. Well in that case I kind of hope Denver is the team that’s left out, because if Thomas or Ramler are off on a day they can be beaten by Skaggs or Loper. But Brown is way ahead of the other Denver AAers (shame Mundell doesn’t do floor because she could match Lynzee in the AA actually) so she should still make it through

  11. Well… Utah still hasn’t put together 4 solid rotations. I think Cammie may have had a bloody nose? Anyone know why she was pulled from the vault?

    Also, okay with some crack scoring in the Pac12’s. There has been some throughout the season but not a lot (some individual routines, Cal/UCLA meet). A meet like this says Cal and Utah can compete with the SEC when the scoring is nuts.

    1. I was wondering what happened to Cammy Hall in the vault lineup, I thought maybe they were resting her?

  12. This recorded message is for Kyla Ross, Katelyn Ohashi, and Peng Peng Lee…Please report to UCLA’s upcoming regional meet ready for active duty. Bring a fake name with a ‘new’ UCLA Student ID. Wear a wig and a mask to conceal your true identity while competing. This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds.

    1. Is this the same person who has been trying way too hard to be funny the last few weeks?

      1. HA! That was exactly who I assumed posted this as well. Again, please leave the comedy to Spencer.

  13. Some thoughts:
    1. Why are DD Breaux and her friends standing together maskless and screaming? The shot of that woman turning around and screaming “10” into the crowd behind her was a major yikes. Seems to be a pattern with DD Breaux and her mask etiquette. Please do better.

    2. Bama was the best team at SECs. Disappointing to see Arkansas and Florida make too many mistakes. Falls aside, there were many checks and errors from gymnasts that usually do not falter. Hope everyone can bring their A game to regionals and championships.

    3. UCLA may be on the struggle bus express this year, but one thing brings me joy. Chae Campbell’s floor routine. Easily my favorite in NCAA. Shout out to Margzetta confidently nailing her bars routine like that after a fall.

    4. Love to see: Denver winning Big 12s and Rutgers winning B10 session 1. Huge! Rutgers has improved immensely over the past few years. They’ve upped their recruiting game, and even though they don’t have the fancy training facilities and equipment that other schools have, they’ve proven themselves to be a school that can become a steady competitor at regionals in upcoming years.

  14. Someone better send a memo to LSU that better masking will be required at the Utah regional… DD might get in trouble there.

    1. lol i think the reason DD acts the way she does is because she never gets in trouble, so i’m fairly confident she doesn’t give a rip about mask rules anywhere

      1. Also she’s probably fully vaccinated at this point (just stating a likely fact, not making excuses for her).

      2. I mean, if she’s fully vaccinated, there’s literally no problem in her not wearing a mask. Suggesting there is discourages vaccination.

      3. Scientifically, yeah, probably. Sociologically, the problem is that if we tell fully vaccinated ppl they can stop wearing masks, that opens the door to anti-maskers lying about vaccination status to avoid accountability. Which puts grocery clerks, for example, in a really shitty situation.

      4. And sociologically, telling people their lives won’t change after vaccination disincentivizes getting vaccinated and provides cover for impugning the vaccine’s effectiveness

      5. I mean look, if people weren’t predisposed to be selfish shitheads, we’d have made a lot more progress on this pandemic by now. I’ll certainly give you that.

      6. Israel incentivizes vaccination by authorizing vaccinated people to drop precautions. They’re excelling. Meanwhile, in the US, where the messaging is that you need to maintain precautions after getting vaccinated, there’s a high level of hesitancy to get it, especially among young people.

      7. @Mary–Wow are you full of shit. First, vaccinated people can still spread COVID; do learn some rudimentary science. Second, this is MAGAturd amurriKKKa where Rapeublicunts lie every time they open their mouths and encourage their subhuman followers to do the same–the country where dRUMPf managed to demonize mask-wearing to the point where we’re number one in world deaths from the plague. Even a moron like you should be able to figure out that maskholes who lie about being exempt from mask requirements are going to lie about being vaccinated as well; what do you propose we do, require everyone to show their papers perhaps? Israel is a fucking fascist police state in which it is extremely likely that noncompliance with government orders would result in arrest, imprisonment, and perhaps torture as well. amurriKKKa is the land of ‘freeDUMBS’ and deliberate lawbreaking from the entire Rapeublicunt Party and all its followers. The ‘high level of hesitancy’ you so idiotically cite is neither high nor ‘hesitancy;’ it is QAnon sociopaths and rilijizz psychos pretending that science does not exist and other people are of no importance on earth. It is sociopathic two-year-old behavior, that is all. And finally, ‘the messaging’ is correct about not dropping precautions after one is vaccinated–what part of the Spring Break superspreader event in Florida or the current surges in France, Germany, Italy, etc, are you managing to ignore? It’s imbeciles like you who will ensure months and years more of Plagueworld and death. Thanks ever so much, cunt!

    2. Masking at meets is solely performative. If any of these athletes had the virus they would be spreading it every time they touch their mask to take it off then high five their teammates.

      1. Yes let’s rip DD and her lack of mask wearing when 75% of the athletes and coaches don’t even try to do it correctly. Y’all are annoying.

      2. Yeah unless you name every single person who is dumb about COVID how DARE you criticize someone from LSU!! 🙄

    3. LSU has other issues to worry about right now — sexual assault and title IX issues in the football/athletics department; a booster stealing money from a children’s hospital to pay a player’s dad; the basketball coach involvement in the pay-to-play scandal, etc.

      Masks and gymnastics is likely very low on their priority list.

  15. The worst thing about Bama winning is that Dana Duckworth will probably get a contract renewal now. I was hoping Alabama would finally move in a new direction in terms of the staff. I’ll never see Dana as anything other than fake.

    Gymnastics wise though, they brought it from the first routine to the last. I thought they deserved the win, and Blanco certainly deserved the AA win, IMO.

    1. Again, the fact that Dana didn’t get fired last summer is strongly indicative of the fact that she has allies VERY high in the food chain at Bama and is immune from getting fired unless she commits a firing offense on live TV.

  16. >Frazier – UB – UCLA – Could Jim stop calling her Marg

    Many people call Margzetta by the nickname Marz, but only her closest friends (like Jim) call her Marg.

  17. Interesting to note that a lot of the winners were at home — Minnesota, Alabama, Utah.

    To be clear, I think that despite some unwarranted gifts these teams did deserve to win. I didn’t see any of the other conference championships except Big12, and I think the best team won there too.

    1. I thought LSU was better than Bama and should have won. Florida gave it away with errors on UB. Bryant was slightly off on UB/BB today and that was really the difference. Luisa Blanco was widely over scored though.

      Michigan was the better team as well but the FX errors handed the title over to Minnesota who were on fire that night.

      Oklahoma is the better team but made errors and had to count lower scores than they would have liked and Denver was able to capitalize. Denver win was full legit and it was not at home either.

      Cal probably could have challenged Utah (whose UB was a bit high for me) but they were not 100% on especially on VT.

      All conference winners (that I watched) were deserving of their titles with the exception of Alabama in my opinion.

      I was away from home Saturday so I spent late night Saturday and all Sunday catching up on watching!

      One thing I took away from this weekend is that #1 seeds are not invulnerable and cannot afford to be off at regionals or face elimination. Florida, Oklahoma, LSU, Michigan are not guaranteed to make it to Nationals. # 6, 7, 8, 9 ranked teams won the major conference titles. #3 seeds (Denver, Arkansas, Arizona St., and BYU) cannot be taken for granted. The #4 seeds (UCLA, Kentucky, Auburn, Illinois) can be dangerous if they are hitting cold. It is rather exciting that qualification to Nationals is really wide open and there will likely be several upsets.

      1. actually, I don’t think Blanco was overscored, she was stunning and deserved all of her scores (maaaybe bars was a bit to high but she would have still won the aa). Other Bama gymnasts, like Graber (on beam) were definitely overscored though

    1. What does happen if a team COVID-s out of regionals? Assume it’s not like basketball where they had four teams on call in case a team dropped between selection Sunday and the brackets locking?

      1. I would assume that their regional quarter final would only have 3 teams compete in that round.
        #37 Ball State would be next in line, but that would move Ball State into the quarter finals and by passing the Play In. They could not shuffle teams 29-36 around accordingly, too many moves.

        In NCAA Men’s first Round, Oregon made it into the next round because VCU had several positive cases on the team. It was ruled no contest and Oregon was given the win.

      2. Yeah I know how basketball works, that’s why I asked 🙂

        They originally had four teams on call to sub in if a team dropped before any games were played. After the cutoff though, you just forfeit, as you pointed out via-a-vis VCU.

        And they already abandoned the use of numerical rankings for determining the gymnastics play-ins. I don’t feel *that* bad for NC State though…they have some pretty egregious home overscoring (check out their home/road splits) and would have been in the play-in zone if not for that.

      3. To be clear, I’m not saying NC State deserved this. I actually all 36 teams should be seeded and placed at regionals accordingly (THE MONEY IS THERE). But if a top 28 team had to be stuck in the play-ins, better an overseeded team than an underseeded one.

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