Top Scores of Conference Championships

At the conference championships, 19 routines received a 10 from at least one of the judges. The four-judge splits are included here.

The 10.000s

Natalie Wojcik – Vault – Michigan (10.000/10.000/10.000/9.950)

Lynnzee Brown – Bars – Denver (10.000/10.000/10.000/9.950)

Kiya Johnson – Floor – LSU (10.000/10.000/10.000/9.950)

The 9.975s

Lexy Ramler – Beam – Minnesota (10.000/10.000/9.950/9.950)

Abby Heiskell – Vault – Michigan (10.000/10.000/9.950/9.950)

The 9.950s

Lexy Ramler – Bars – Minnesota (10.000/9.950/9.950/9.950)

Reyna Guggino – Vault – Michigan (10.000/9.950/9.950/9.900)

Kyana George – Floor – Cal (10.000/9.950/9.950/9.900)

Pauline Tratz – Floor – UCLA (10.000/9.950/9.950/9.900)

Cristal Isa – Bars – Utah – (10.000/9.950/9.950/9.900)

Cristal Isa – Beam – Utah – (10.000/9.950/9.950/9.950)

Maile O’Keefe – Beam – Utah (10.000/9.950/9.950/9.900)

Maile O’Keefe – Floor – Utah (10.000/9.950/9.950/9.900)

Makarri Doggette – Bars – Alabama (10.000/9.950/9.950/9.950)

Luisa Blanco – Floor – Alabama (10.000/9.950/9.950/9.900)

Courtney Blackson – Vault – Boise State (10.000/9.950/9.950/9.950)

The 9.925s

Milan Clausi – Floor – Cal (10.000/9.950/9.900/9.850)

Anna Haigis – Floor – Kentucky (10.000/9.950/9.900/9.900)

The 9.900s

Abby Stainton – Bars – BYU (10.000/9.900/9.900/9.900)

24 thoughts on “Top Scores of Conference Championships”

  1. Only one judge at Pac12’s compelled to throw a 10. Perhaps that was Carol…

    1. Must’ve been consensus 9.95’s from all 4 judges. The routines listed here got at least one 10 from one of the 4 judges.

  2. Wouldn’t it be nice of the most perfect routines were the ones to receive 10’s. You know, the Lexy Ramler execution, with perfect form, gorgeous toe point, and no errors? Sigh…

    1. Sooo true. I think she’s the only person all season I’ve seen not have leg separation on any part of her Maloney. No separation at all! So beautiful.

  3. What judge gave Isa a 10 for that bar routine? And meanwhile Nina Schank goes 9.9 at the same meet.

      1. It is the Utah culture to always scream UNDERSCORED for all the gymnasts.

        It became extremely toxic when Skinner was there. Despite automatic deductions in her routines, Skinner was always robbed of a 10. Couldn’t understand why Ross and Nichols were getting them but she wasn’t. The delusions are real in Salt Lake.

        Utah’s got great beam work this season but none of their mars should go above a 9.9 other than Maile.

      2. Yeah with Skinner it’s awkward during her vlogs when her coaches talk about her routine composition and they say they pick routines with no built in deductions…and I’m thinking…uhhh, but her technique in general has a lot of built in deductions? :/
        Whereas Nichols and Ross had a lot less deductions in their default technique, if any.

      3. Nichols’ most obvious demerit was she tended to cowboy and land with feet apart amomg some other lesser things. Ross tended to truly have great execution but I always felt her difficulty would not let her get those marks if she wore a different leo/didnt have her name.

        I appreciated Skinner’s difficulty and thought she was actually much cleaner at Utah but I marvel at how far her original coaches let her go ignoring form. At least her current coaches are minimizing her weaknesses and working on them.

        And the UCLA/Utah bias in that night session was obvious even if the teams ended up in the right order.

      4. Could not agree with this last comment more! (Though I think Skinner‘s current coaches are her original coaches?) Actually all these comments.

        The Utah hype machine is always obnoxious but combining it with Skinner‘s delusional self-confidence made for the perfect storm of entitled behavior from both gymnasts and fans. Glad that’s over.

  4. Just got to watch SECs tonight – how in the hell were Bama and LSU pushing a 198??? Bama didn’t stick a single vault and had major errors on bars and landing errors on floor. These SEC scores were a big bowl of crack, filled to the brim with liquid crack, and a sprinkling of – you guessed it – judging crack.

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