Regionals Live Blog Day 3 – Regional Finals

Saturday, April 3
Scores Stream
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT – Georgia Regional Final
[1] Florida
[8] Minnesota
[9] Denver
[26] NC State
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT – West Virginia Regional Final
[4] Michigan
[5] Cal
[13] UCLA
[27] Ohio State
8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT –  Alabama Regional Final
[1] Oklahoma
[7] Alabama
[10] Arkansas
[23] Missouri
9:00pm ET/6:00pm PT – Utah Regional Final
[3] LSU
[6] Utah
[11] Arizona State
[14] Kentucky

We’re down to 16 teams, and after today, we’ll have the 8 that advance to nationals.

If you need to keep an eye on it as we go, this is the rotation draw for the national semifinals on April 16th:

Semifinal I
VT – 2nd place Georgia Regional
UB – 1st place Georgia Regional
BB – 1st place West Virginia Regional
FX – 2nd place West Virginia Regional

Semifinal II
VT – 2nd place Alabama Regional
UB – 1st place Alabama Regional
BB – 1st place Utah Regional
FX – 2nd place Utah Regional

But to the issue at hand. Regionals.

Here’s the master rotation order for today’s meets

Out of the Georgia Regional, the chosen three Florida, Minnesota, and Denver all advanced to today’s competition, though the sheer difference between Minnesota and Denver’s performances in that first session gives Minnesota much stronger favorite status than before competition started. A huge question for Denver is now the condition of Emily Glynn, who was injured on her bars dismount yesterday and had to scratch floor and vault, leaving Denver using just five on floor. The vault and bars lineups are very reliant on her scores, and with Mundell already absent, it would be tough for Denver to contend today while managing an additional injury. Yesterday’s 196.775 that both Denver and NC State achieved should not hold up in the regional final.

BYU’s elimination yesterday changes the dynamics to a small extent in West Virginia, but I would have ranked BYU as the #4 favorite here, so the biggest contenders are still alive—Michigan, Cal, and UCLA. Yesterday’s results with Cal at 197.7, Michigan at 197.6 with a low beam score, and UCLA at 197.0 emphasize that UCLA is the underdog here. UCLA is capable of improving that floor score from yesterday by several tenths but is going to need some mistakes by either Cal or Michigan—or to start showing something on beam we haven’t seen this year. Michigan starts on vault, Cal on bars, and UCLA on floor, all of which are their best events and presumed highest scores. The team that’s not in the top 2 at that point is in a hole.

As for the Alabama regional—can Arkansas challenge Alabama after coming a couple tenths short yesterday, and is Missouri for real after last night’s score? Seeing how yesterday was evaluated, this is going to be in Alabama’s hands (and Oklahoma’s hands). If Alabama struggles as much on vault and floor today as they did yesterday, they can let Arkansas in it.

The Utah regional is supposed to be the most straightforward, and still should be, but LSU’s struggles last night in losing to Kentucky have added 20 dashes more intrigue as LSU is going to have to pull its life together today in order to advance.

Alabama’s live scores currently show the results for the 2019 regional final from Michigan that Alabama lost. Which is a choice.

Everything will be happening at the same time and we’ll all miss all of it, which is the theme of a day like this. My default is to just focus on bars and beam because that’s where most of the stuff happens.

Current lineup news: UCLA is planning to put Dennis on beam instead of Sakti, who has fallen her last two times. But Dennis has missed her last three time. A big move if they go through with it. I wouldn’t have gone that direction. UCLA needs to overperform today to advance, so I wouldn’t take a potential 9.9+ score out, even if she has been falling.

Authenticate??? Now??? We don’t have time for that shit.

Peszek looking for a gold medal in not making any comments about this guy’s hair.

Rotation 1

Allegedly we’re going to see everyone’s complete routines, but DeSouza is already done on bars.

Foberg started on VT for florida with a large bounce back on her full

Wojcik – VT – Michigan – strong y1.5 – small shuffle forward. Following a fall from Heiskell though. 9.900

Li – Ub – Cal – pak, pretty, high – good hs on low – van leeuwen, legs together – strong verticals – giant full, a bit late, into double tuck, stuck landing. Nice work.

Wilson – VT – Michigan – pulls around her Y1.5 but a short landing with a step back. Still gets 9.850

Hooten hits her bars for Minnesota, double front with a step forward

Morrison – VT – Michigan – solid Y1/5, small hop forward

Schank with a bounce back on her DLO for Cal today.

Long score wait for UCLA – Sekai Wright had a funky town leap pass.

Denver got a 9.900 leadoff from Brown on beam.

Brooks – VT – Michigan – excellent Y1.5 – identical to yesterday.

Problem for Cal on bars. Bordas catches her jaeger way too close and had to add an extra swing. Will need to drop that score, and she’s following a 9.850 from Schank.

Guggino – VT – Michigan – pretty large lunge forward on her Y1.5, but fine and usable.

Ruiz – BB – Denver – following two 9.900s – hitch kick to switch side is solid – larger break on bhs loso series, bend at the hips –

Andres – FX – UCLA – 2.5 to front tuck, gets it around, a touch short on front tuck but not too bad – she’s following a 9.575 from Wright – double tuck, chest forward, step –

Ooooh a balk run from Nya Reed on vault for Florida. She didn’t touch the table so she’ll be able to go again.

Kuc lands short on her FTDT dismount on bars with a hop forward but records a hit.

Reed resumes and balks again. She’ll salute the judges. But she can have a third run actually I believe? Hasn’t that happened before? Monique De La Torre? No?

Watterson – UB – Cal – finishes with a beautiful toe full to double tuck, stuck landing. Will be able to drop the 9.450 for Bordas.

Michigan got out of vault with a 49.525, which tells us that scores are going soft on vault because it was not as good as their usual.

Frazier – FX – Michigan – double tuck, a bit better on her leap combination – double pike, short landing, step –

Cal 49.425 on bars, a solid score, but not quite as high as they wanted.

Nya Reed did indeed try a third time on vault but just did a back timer.

Mabanta falls on beam for a second day in a row for Denver on beam, but they have four hits before that.

Oh I missed Ramler’s bars! She gets 9.925 for a 49.275 bars for Minnesota.

Campbell – FX – UCLA – pretty solid front 2/1 landing, small shudder – split leap full to popa, very nice work – double tuck, drops right out of it, nicely done – front lay to front full, lunge forward, stays in bounds

Baumann vaults for Florida, a fine full with a pretty large hop back, so they won’t be wild about this vault rotation –

Vasquez – BB – Denver – aerial to bhs loso, pretty – switch to split, precise positions – y spin, nice – sissone, nice – side aerial to full, stuck, excellent –

Tratz – FX – UCLA – double pike, chest up, control, good – switch ring to split full, clear positions – 1.5 to layout, a little dace out – double tuck, comfortable, clean and secure work.

Vasquez goes 9.950 on beam to give Denver 49.325 and the lead. Actually now tied with Minnesota, who has been bumped up from 49.275 to 49.325. Florida is tied with NC State on 49.225 after the first rotation (!)

Tratz 9.875, so UCLA can get a competitive total out of this with one of Dennis’s good ones.

Dennis – FX – UCLA – front loso through to double tuck, a slide-step-around but mostly secure, not like some of her recent ones – front full to front lay is very clean – split leap full to jump full, strong – rudi to split jump, a little travel back but will be a useful score.

NC State is now up to 49.325 on floor, so they all have 49.325 except Florida.

9.925 for Dennis ties Cal on 49.425, with Michigan a tenth ahead.

After 1:
Michigan 49.525
Cal 49.425
UCLA 49.425
Ohio State 48.950

Minnesota 49.325
Denver 49.325
NC State 49.325
Florida 49.225

My focus for that WVU session was who was in 3rd after all the teams had done their best event, and it turns out to be a tie. And Minnesota and Denver are tied. So I’m going to say we don’t know anything yet. And Florida is in last but not going to stay there.

Rotation 2

Montgomery – BB – Minnesota – bhs loso series, small arm adjustment – straddle 1/2 to tuck jump is secure – stuck dismount – following leadoff 9.850 from Koch

Skaggs – Ub – Florida – good first hs – tkatchev, nice counter into pak – 1/2 turn on low bar is ruched through – DLO, secure

Heiskell with a small hop back on her double tuck bars dismount. 9.950 without a stick.

Loper – BB – Minnesota – clean loso series –

bauman – UB – michigan – nice jaeger to overshoot, very clean – hitting hs on high – toe 1/2 to double front, step back. 9.900

Poston hits handspring pike 1/2 bettwe than yesterday, full tenth bounce back

Thomas – UB – Florida – maloney to clear hip to pak, strong work – good hs on low – toe on to van leeuwen, good – all casts hit – DLO, hop back

Desouza solid on loso series on beam for Cal.

Hutchinson – FX – Denver – nice front 2/1 – hitting 180 positions comfortably – 1.5 to layout, controls landing very well – rudi to straddle jump, no travel. Nice routine. They are coutning a 9.750 so far and needed it.

Uncontrolled yfull from Frazier for UCLA.

Li – BB – Cal – bhs loso, secure work – split jump to split ring with a check, didn’t quite attack the split ring today – gainer pike, stuck – the rest was strong.

Brooks – UB – Michigan – hits piked jaeger – good vertical position on bail – hitting casts cleanly – DLO 1/1, only small movememnt back.

Campbell – VT – UCLA – huge yfull, smalllll hop forward but some of the judges give it a perfect 9.950. UCLA 49.350 on vault.

Brown – FX – Denver – DLO, under control, chest up, very good – clean layout to split out of second pass and controls the landing on her final pass. That’s what they needed.

Wojcik – UB – Michigan – toe on to deltchev, excellent – bail, small hip angle? – DLO, stuck. Nice.

Kyana George leaning all around with lots of arm wave check on beam, so they’ll want to get rid of this score.

Michigan goes 49.700 on bars. And well, I’ll leave it at that.

Brown gets a 10.000 on floor for Denver to keep them ahead of Florida.

Ramler on beam – aerial to beat jump is lovely, beat to split ring is nailed – side aerial to full, stuck. OK now.

George gets away with a 9.800 on beam. That’s very high. Join the club.

Bordas – BB – Cal – bhs loso, secure – aerial to split jump, nice 180 shown there – switch to split, also comfortable – nailed routine, good recovery from bars. If George was 9.800, this is 13.950.

Now it’s 49.725 for Michigan on bars as Wojcik’s score goes to 9.975. That’s a program record bars score for Michigan.

Watterson – BB – Cal – wolf double, solid – bhs loso series, solid landing, slightly soft knees in bhs – switch to split leap – cat leap to side aerial to full, stuck landing, a little off to the side. A confident routine for her.

Liz dancing after Emi’s beam routine dot gif.

Watterson goes 9.950 to give Cal 49.450 on beam and a one tenth lead on UCLA. Michigan starting to run away now.

After 2:
Michigan 99.250
Cal 98.875
UCLA 98.775
Ohio State 97.775

Did we never get a beam score for Ramler?

It was 9.950 for Ramler, which means we have Minnesota on 98.825, then Denver on 9.800, then Florida on 98.700, then NC State on 98.550

One would anticipate Florida will move up after Florida beam, but it’s still beam.

Rotation 3

Richards – BB – Florida – bhs loso loso with a check – switch, pauses before straddle jump so will need to add a dance combination – side aerial to full, but she didn’t have a dance series in there correct?

Near fall for Minnesota on floor in the first routine from Koch, pulls around a combo front tuck that was nearly a butt scraper.

Ruiz – VT – Denver – yfull, solid, medium hop back

I see 9.5s for Richards in the leadoff beam spot. Well that amounts to them not being able to afford a fall now.

Hutchson for Denver with a good stick on her yfull but some leg separations.

Skaggs – BB – Florida – wolf single, nice – switch to split, lovely positions – bhs loso, hits – aerial, comfortable – cat leap to switch side, solid horizontal position shown – side aerial to full, smalllll slide

Brown – VT – Denver – not her best Y1.5 – short landing, lunge back

Minnesota and Florida both started with 9.5s in the first spot. Minnesota 9.825 second up from Nylin

Thimpson hits a usable yfull for Denver in the last spot, which they needed.

Bauman – BB – Michigan – good loso series –

Campbell – UB – UCLA – maloney to bail, good – slight angle on a couple handstands – double front, hop forward

Denver 49.275 on vault with no 9.9s. The other teams will expect higher from their rotations.

Bauman (michigan bauman) and Campbell both open with 9.850s

Baumann – BB – Florida – hits loso series, small hesitation – aerial, good work – switch 1/2, secure – 1.5, stuck landing

Gabby Wilson has a near fall on beam, stays on but large leg-up break – 9.750

Bordas – FX – Cal – double tuck, large bounce back, keeps it in bounds –

Kooyman – UB – UCLA – maloney to pak, love on maloney but hit, pak lovely, a bit late on 1/2 turn on low – short cast hs on high – DLO, chest down with a small 5K out of it.

I know Oklahoma etc is starting now. I’m going to prioritize and get there when there’s a bit less on the plate.

Kooyman somehow still gets 9.750 on bars.

Ulias just held a handstand on the low bar for 15 years. Thought she was going over the wrong way but she held it – good stick on double tuck.

Schoenherr – BB – Florida – aerial, nice – bhs loso series, small lean – split jump and split 3/4, hit well – 1.5 with a bound forward, but they got their five scores.

Flatley with a bounce back on her DLO on bars. Brooks with an additional beam hit for Michigan and goes 9.950.

Florida’s 49.450 on beam moves ahead of Denver, but not by a lot. Waiting on the final Minnesota floor score.

Frazier – UB – UCLA – maloney to pak, good – hits hs on low – van leeuwen, legs together, DLO – small slide.

HUGE break from Wojcik on beam. Bends at the hips, and then an additional arm wave. So probably 9.750?

It’s 9.700 for Wojcil. The 9.750 for Wilson will count. heiskell to go now – cat leap to side aerial, strong – switch to straddle 1/4, a little tight but very secure – bhs loso, no trouble – 1.5 dismount with a hop forward and then a step salute. A couple things but will allow for dropping that 9.7.

Arknasas is falling away early. Counting a 9.6 on beam already, and all of Alabama’s score are a 50.

It’s 49.300 for Michigan on beam. Not huge but much better than yesterday, will keep them clearly ahead of UCLA, so they’ll take it.

Cal just got 9.925 from Li on floor, so they’re at 49.375 with George to come.

Alabama 49.625 on bars. Oklahoma 49.450 with a Trautman 10 on vault. So that’s how that one is going.

Looks like Minnesota has fallen a touch behind Denver and Florida at that one, but so close going to the last rotation. Sure wish those live scores hadn’t crashed every 15 seconds.

OK rotation 4 for Florida/Minnesota/Denver

Clapper leads floor for Florida – punch rudi to double stag, some foot form, under control – 1.5 to layout to stag, again low but secure, so no one will care – double pike, comfortable

Denver has started on bars with a 9.675 from Ruiz.

Casali – Ub – Denver – maloney to bail, nice vertical – short final cast hs – DLO, good

Someone’s limping for Florida, and now we’re seeing SJS down and being carried off the floor – from warmups?

Hooten – VT – Minnesota – near stick on her Y1.5 – movement with one foot – nice job – goes 9.950

Denver falling behind Minnesota early in this rotation – needs some big bars now.

Cal has opened up a .225 lead on UCLA going to the last event, and it’s beam for UCLA.

Ramler with a hit Y1/5 for Minnesota, a little short with a shuffle back.

Sundstrom – UB – Denver – clear hip to tkatchev, hit – good hs but then she peels off on her Pak. Yikes. That means Denver will be counting a 9.675 on bars and probably seals it.

Loper – VT – Minnestao – not the stick today, small step back on Y1.5

Quarles – VT – Minnesota – can’t control her y1/5 with a large lunge forward, but they already had a hit rotation.

Lazzari with a solid final double tuck for Florida on floor.

Mundell is on bars for Denver today – hits her set, finishing DLO with a bounce back

But Minnesota is done with 197.425 and Florida is coughing for 9.9s on floor.

UCLA has a leadoff beam fall from Poston, which will not help then catch Cal.

Looks like Payton Richards bounce back OOB on a double tuck on floor –

Brown finishing for Denver on bars – gorgeous perfect routine with a stuck DLO.

Brown gets a 10 on bars, her second 10.000 of the day. But Denver finishes at 197.275, .150 behind Minnesota.

Florida has a 9.650 from Richards, but the rest are 9.9s, so they basically just need one more hit.

Cal is going through cleanly on vault, making it increasingly difficult for UCLA, even withf ive beam hits.

Dennis – BB – UCLA – bhs loso, huge leg-up check but keeps it on the beam –

Nya Reed comes back with a very good hit on floor – secure landings.

That score will put Florida and Minnesota into nationals, eliminating Denver and NC State, with NC State still to finish on beam.

UCLA will have to count the 9.725 from Dennis.

Frazier – BB – UCLA – switch to switch, good – small arm wave on back tuck in combination – gainer front layout, stuck.

Clausi finishes the meet for Cal with a hit 1.5 – medium hop forward.

Cal finishes on 197.750 again, which will be enough to advance to nationals.

Flatley – BB – UCLA – aerial to bhs, gorgeous – switch to sheep, right on – side aerial, strong, well extended – L turn to full turn – bhs lay 1.5, rising up on toes with a step-salute – a sublime routine

Meanwhile, Alabama has a couple 9.800s on beam so far, and now Gaskins is up – bhs loso series is right on – stich to straddle 1/4, comfortable – gainer full, leans to hold the landing. Another hit.

Thomas – UB – Oklahoma – 1/2 to jaeger, lovely – bail, maybe a slight angle? pretty solid – good final cast hs – DLO, hit. Oklahoma has a 9.750 from Levasseur here but everyone else is getting the scores.

Wilson up on floor now for Michigan to seal qualification to nationals – open full in, good control – front lay to front full, solid – switch side to popa, lack of precision in landing positions but good splits – double tuck, small slide back. That will do it.

9.950 for Wilson puts Michigan over 198 to win the session with Wojcik still to go. Cal will be 2nd, UCLA 3rd, and Ohio State 4th.

Oklahoma is done on bars with a 49.575, which will gain ground on Alabama in this rotation, which has been 9.8y so far on beam.

Sarah Shaffer is going for Arkansas on floor today. She was not able to complete her passes yesterday. Double pike, quite clean – 1.5 to layout, small stutter on alnding but pretty in the air – nice leaps, clear split and finish positions – double tuck, nearly got deep in that landing but just a step back. 9.875

Leg-up wobble from Doggette on beam for Alabama –

9.700 for Doggette means Alabama needs a good one from Blanco to get over 49 here.

Hambrick – FX – Arkansas – bounce back on opening double tuck – rudi to back lay to stag jump, kind of tucked her lay this time – switch 1/2 to popa, good clear popa – double pike, deep legs, step back.

Arkansas through floor with a good score but looked tirrred on some of those final passes.

Blanco clean on beam for 9.900 to preserve the advantage for Alabama.

After 2:
Oklahoma 99.025
Alabama 98.775
Missouri 98.400
Arkansas 98.250

Michigan 198.100
Cal 197.750

UCLA 197.275
Ohio State 195.625

As it was all season, that beam score for UCLA did not allow them to catch the top teams or take advantage of a late-rotation, end-of-meet scoring environment.

Florida 197.700
Minnesota 197.425

Denver 197.275
NC State 196.150

You wonder what might have been if Denver had Glynn in the vault and bars lineups, but those scores were a little low and did not allow Denver to take advantage of some mistakes from Minnesota like having to count a 9.550 on floor. Florida had its own issues early, so basically every team was just white-knuckling it to the end.

You guys, we’re heading dangerously close to the top 8 teams all advancing to nationals.

Rotation 3 in Alabama

Pennese – VT – Arkansas – yfull, sticks it again, nice, just some knees

Olsen – FX – Alabama – piked full in, step back, not large, chest down – switch to split leap 1.5 to split 1/2, the feet, a little out of control – double tuck, cowboys but pulls it around securely. 9.850

Hickey – VT – Arkansas – bounce back on Yfull –

Klopfer – FX – Alabama – double tuck, chest a bit forward, step – back 1.5 to layout, basically/nearly sits it down, very deep squat and tucks it around – double pike, a little short, hop

Davis – BB – Oklahoma – lovely mount flexibility – bhs loso, check – cat leap to aerial, good – 2/1, a bit deep but holds the stick

Patrick finishes bars for Missouri with a stuck DLO.

9.500 for Klopfer.

James – FX – Alabama – front lay to rudi, a little steppy but solid – switch 1/2 to wolf full – double tuck, deep, lunge back – 9.900 somehow. Preposterous.

Shaffer nearly holds the stick on her y1/2 on vault.

Woodard finish beam side aerial to full, stuck.

Schreiber – UB – Missouri – clean maloney to bail, good vertical – nice cast hs – DLO, nearly holds the stick, arm wave with a step back.

Gaskins – FX – Alabama – DLO, chest a bit forward, hit – switch to switch 1/2, bouncy, good split positions – front tuck through to double tuck, secure, chest down

Hambrick – VT – Arkansas – comes up short on y1.5 with a shuffle back

Hufendiek with a lunge back on her bars dismount for Missouri.

9.925 for Gaskins. This is VERY home meet.

Arknasas 49.100 and Missouri 49.125 here. That’s not going to cut it.

Adams – FX – Alabama – a bit short on double pike, chest forward with a step – back 1.5 to layout is solid, good crisp layout shape, pretty – double tuck, short landing again with a lunge forward. Some goo dlanding saves, Gobourne would be proud, but some trouble landings.

YIKES. I was watching Blanco on floor and then saw Karrie Thomas tumbling on beam, looks not great. She’s down and stopping. being helped off off with her right foot up.

Anyway, Blanco hit a clean floor that will bring Alabama’s floor score way up.

Oh, so Thomas missed her foot on her side aerial into dismount and landing right on her ankle dangerously.

9.950 for Blanco gives Alabama 49.425 on floor.

Webb – BB – OU – must go now in the anchor spot, and needs a hit (I mean they’re so far ahead that not really but still) – full turn, good – bhs loso, smoothly done – cat leap to aerial, comfortable, no check today – switch to switch, dances out – side aerial to full, small slide. Any minor drama now gone in this one.

Alabama will have a cushion of nearly 7 tenths going to the last event.

We’re already started in Utah and I’m going to check in on that since this one is looking…not that close.

Scores already flying? Cool.

LeBlanc – UB – Utah – blind to jaeger, catches close with some bent elbows but swins through into a fine overshoot – finishes with a stuck DLO. Gets 9.900 with that close jaeger.

Nixon – VT – Kentucky – lovely stick on her yfull. Excellent.

Arizona State is getting some judge early numbers on beam that we don’t normally see from them.

Maile O’Keefe has a msall hesitation in cast hs on low bar but works through it, good stick on doubel Arabian. Still 9.950. Did they input these scores before the meet?

Patterson – VT – Kentucky – huge handspring pike 1/2, medium bounce back, still a stenth bounce but smaller than yesterday’s.

Isa – UB – Utah – Ray to bail, very slightly crooked but good legs together – giant full to DLO, hop back

Kentucky 49.325 on vault, but the way this one is going, that’s basically bad.

9.900 for Isa and 49.475 for Utah on bars.

Bryant – FX – LSU – double front, high, slide forward – front lay to rudi, very slight leg break in the rudi, not bad – switch 1/2 to popa, around – not her crispest ever execution – front 2/1, and she sits it down again. OK this is a full problem now.

ASU has a fall from Clark in the 5th spot on beam, so they need a 6th up hit to keep this dream start together.

Johnson – FX – LSU – open full in, very strong, controls the landing for actual realsies this time- 1.5 to layout, controlled step – not quite controlled on leap landing – double pike, bounce back. But solid.

Scharf – BB – ASU _ wolf double, nice – bhs loso series, secure performance – side somi, hits with a little arm wave – switch to split, short of split positions – 1.5, shuffle forward, but a critical hit.

Shallon Olsen probably just did her best ever DTY.

Johnson gets her requisite 9.950 to get LSU to 49.475 and tied with Utah. But with another 9.950, Arizona State is at 49.450 on beam, which is GIANT for them because it’s not a good event for them typically. Yeah, so Kentucky’s perfect good 49.325 on vault is suddenly way back.

O’Hara finishes thing sup for Arkansas on bars – jaeger, nice – bail, good vertical position – hitting hs well – DLO, nice and high, secure landing. A good finish for Arkansas and able to drop a fall earlier in the rotation, but will come up well short of Alabama.

Blanco – VT – Alabama – small hop forward on y1.5

Alabama is done with a 197.575 and Arkansas is done with a 196.700. Oklahoma has a bunch of 9.900s already on floor and Missouri is counting a 9.725 on beam.

Rotation 2 starting in Utah

Davis – UB – Kentucky – giant full to 1/2 to jaeger, good toe point – nice hs – bail, gets to vertical, a little soft in the back – short final cast hs – DLO, stuck. Nice. 9.825

Brock – VT – LSU – good yfull again though did not stick today, small hop back. 9.825

Burch with a check on a double stag in her leadoff beam routine, otherwise solid in the leadoff for Utah.

Shchennikova – VT – LSU – Y1.5 solid one, medium hop forward. 9.850

Luksik – UB – kentucky – good amplitude on tkatchev – bail, short of vertical – nice final cast hs – DLO, short landing, hop forward. 9.800

Arenas – VT – LSU – great stick on her Yfull, some legs this time but that’s a real stick.

Bunn – UB – Kentucky – jaeger, hit, loses her form some at the catch – overshoot – DLO, stuck landing.

9.875 for Arenas. These vault scores are…like…actually what I would give. That’s not what we saw in the first rotation at this meet.

Edwards – VT – LSU – hits her y1.5 but is a little under again with a pace back.

Oklahoma finished with 198.175 to Alabama’s 197.575 to both advance.

Nixon finishes bars for Kentucky with FTDT, a bit too deep, hop back.

Isa BB – Utah – candle mount, good – bhs loso loso, securely landed – bhs gainer full, stuck. Clean work.

Johnson – VT – LSU – strong DTY, chest up today but a medium bounce back. 9.900

Angeny – UB – Kentucky – blind to jaeger, good height, some foot flexing – overshoot, solid – shortish final cast hs – DLO 1/1, looked solid on the landing.

Bryant – VT – LSU – well that was perfect. Sticks her handspring pike 1/2.

Bryant gets a 10. Correct score. I liked the scoring of that LSU vault rotation, created separation but still rewarded what needed rewarding.

Worley – UB – Kentucky – good first hs – clear hip to tkatchev, hit – solid casts – legs right together on pak – pretty good finishes position on 1/2 turn on low – hitting handstands – FTDT, good work.

Paulson and Isa both have 9.950s for far on beam for Utah.

Randall – BB – Utah – bhs loso series, comfortable and clean – beat to sheep with a check – rulfova, solid – 1.5 dismount, slide forward step into her salute. 9.850

49.400 on bars for Kentucky.

Scharf – FX – ASU – fron ttuck through to double tuck, good control – front full to front tuck, good, some soft knees – switch 1/2 to wolf full, clear landings – double pike, quick hop to present. Good one.

O’Keefe – BB – Utah – side aerial to loso, does well to pull it out because she was a little short but doesn’t check – switch to split, perfect – cat leap to sdie aerial to full, toooo turning salute. Not her best but strong. Still gets 9.950. 49.600 for Utah

CLB – FX – ASU – 1.5 to front full, very good – split full to wolf 1.5, short of some positions there – double pike, chest well down, but holds control

ASU will get a good floor score for them, but it’s not going to hold up the way this meet is going. But if they’re at 98.775 after their weaker pieces…

After 2
Utah 99.075
LSU 98.950
Arizona State 98.775
Kentucky 98.725

This is closer than I thought, which is nice. Utah and LSU still have to hit.

Rotation 3

Johnson – UB – LSU – good first hs – maloney to bail, some loose back but solid – overbalances her cast hs on high and falls – has to hop off. Wow.

Albores with a leadoff hit for Kentucky on beam today. 9.850

White – VT – ASU – medium hop back on yfull, clean position in teh air. 9.850

Brock – UB – LSU – tightish first hs – 1/2 turn, a bit short as well – great tkatchev – bail, solid vertical – better final cast hs – FTDT, good. A couple short handstands early, the rest was strong. 9.850

Magnelli finishes beam for Kentucky with 1.5,medium hop forward

Dunne – Ub – LSU – hits tkatchev, pak is clean – late 1/2 turn on low bar – DLOhop back – a couple “please don’t fall” handstands but fine.

Patterson – BB – Kentucky – bhs loso with a large break bend, pulls it back but a major deduction – aerial, small hesitation into split jump

Bryant – UB – LSU – good first hs – blind to jaeger, a tad close but fine – bail, hit – a bit short on final cast, the rest were great – double front, step forward

Sorry, now Anaya Smith is going. Never mind. I MISCOUNTED THE MEN, LIZ.

patterson still gets 9.825 even after that error

Smith – VT – ASU – hits her Y1.5, a tad short with a small shuffle

Shchennikova – UB – LSU – Ray, hit to pak, some feet flxeing – van leeuwen, hit – short cast hs – DLO, somehow lands that thing – but a lunge forward and the piking down. 9.825 for her. Oh only a 9.800-9.900 range. Small fo rher routines.

9.900 for Smith. ASU goes 49.300 on vault.

Durnate- UB – LSU – small looseness in first hs – jaeger, high, somewhat crooker – pak, some legs – she’s fighting it a little with a couple loose backmoments – but a good final hs – FTDT, small scoot back

49.275 on bars for LSU is not a lot but keeps them ahead of ASU.

Worley – BB – Kentucky – cat leap to switch side, short of split position – aerial to bhs loso, very secure – small hesitation on full turn – 1.5, basically stuck. Good.

Also Utah is cruising – O”keefe on floor now – double pike, good control – front lay to front full, hit, slightly soft legs – switch to split leap 1.5, actually kind of short on her 1.5 rotation this time, which is unusual for her – 1.5 to layout, gorgeous layout shape.

Angeny – BB – Kentucky – bhs loso loso, nailed it – aerial, holds it well, looked like she was going to be a little low – beat to straddle 1/4, solid again – side aerial to tuck full, stuck.

OK now. This is going to be real in the final rotation.

9.950 for O’Keefe. Utah going to get an auto-5 million today.

Soloski – FX – Utah – DLO, shows the control, very arched but nice – switch 1/2 to split full – finsihes 1.5 to layout, comfortable.

Angeny 9.950 and Ketucky is a 1/2 tenth ahead of LSU going to the last rotation.

Soloski 9.950 gives Utah a major lead going to the last rotation, but the rest of this is going to be something.

Utah 148.700
Kentucky 148.250
LSU 148.225
Arizona State 148.075

Kentucky to floor, LSU to beam, Arizona State to bars

LSU definitely has the NQS edge still on the remaining events, but is going to the scariest one.

Rotation 4

Reeves – UB – ASU – blind to piked jaeger, some knee form in piked jaeger but gets through it overshoot is fine – DLO, stuck – nice ending.

Isa with a weirdly poor vault for Utah, very short with a lunge.

Desiderio – BB – LSU – bhs loso, secure – aerial with a check, bends at the waist – cat leap to gainer full, stuck. gets a 9.900 with that check.

Boyer – UB – ASU – maloney, clean to pak, nice leg positions – 1/2 turn on low bar is late – FTDT, pace back

Durante – BB – LSU – bhs loso, very solid – aerial to split jump, secure, a bit short on split jump – chek on straddle 1/4 – small rebound in place on dismount –

White – UB – ASU – van leeuwen, clean – 1/2 turn on high is a bit short, legs break on bail – DLO, hop back

Landing error for DeGuzman on floor for Kentucky in the 2nd spot.

9.950 for Durante. Judges not letting the other teams in with these huge overscores on beam.

Scharf – UB – ASU – maloney with some legs into pak – 1/2 turn on low bar is low – FTDT, good stick. Some leg things and a handstand but nice.

Shchennikova – BB – LSU – secure loso series – Onodi with a check, bend – switch to sissone, good 180 on switch – aerial, small check – weird error on her low-to-beam choreography? – large break on full turn, bend at the waist – gainer full, holds the stick, chest forward.

Clark – UB – ASU – jaeger, some feet, nice – good hs – pak, legs a bit apart – shortish final cast hs – DLO, stuck landing. Great finish.

They gave Shchennikova 9.825 for that routine you guys.

Stuck y1.5 from Rucker for 9.950 for Utah.

Dean – BB – LSU – side aerial to bhs, small adjustment

Leonard-Baker – Ub – ASU – maloney to bail to pike shoot, very strong – FTDT, stuck landing.

Really good day for Arizona State even though it looks like it will come up short.

197.600 for Arizona State. Huge performance.

Haigis – FX – Kentucky – 1.5 to loso – a little off line but pretty loso- double pike clean, just a little chest down.

Johnson – BB – LSU – bhs loso, mostly secure, small arm adjustment – and she falls on her switch 1/2. So now this is interesting.

If it comes down to Shchennikova getting a 9.825 for that wobbleburger the internet might burn down. But LSU is going to need a hit from Campbell.

LSU needs just 9.800 from Campbell to pass ASU.

Kentucky is already counting 9.750 on floor so it’s going to be a trial for them.

Campbell – BB – LSU – bhs loso, very strong – aerial, keeps arms moving into sissone well – switch to switch 1/2, a little tight on her position this time but fine – 2/1, a little short, small hop. Pretty work, will obviously score over 9.800.

9.925 for Campbell puts LSU on 197.750 ahead of Arizona State’s 197.600

Worley will finish, but not mathematically possible for them to pass LSU – full-in, very strong, good control – switch ring to switch side, nice – front 2/1 to layout, stuck landing, just some knees – double tuck, little rebound, nice work.

So, the top 8 teams in the rankings made nationals and there way no point to anything we’ve done this weekend.

Arizona State and Kentucky both finish on 197.600 and miss nationals.

Well that’s that.

280 thoughts on “Regionals Live Blog Day 3 – Regional Finals”

  1. Wow also a great vault for Blanco, she could definitely win AA at nationals. She’s been going 39.8 + more than anyone else. Biggest glow-up of the year for sure

      1. Come on. You can’t deny Blanco has incredible form and technique. Her dance is beautiful. Much like Ramler and Thomas, Blanco has the ability to go 9.9+ on every event.

        As a Georgia fan myself, I would love to watch Bama crash and burn. However, you can’t deny that Blanco has incredible gymnastics and is very capable of winning the AA at nationals.

      2. You can think she’s overscored all you want but it’s a fact that she went from competing bars once last year and scoring sub-9 to being a weekly contributor this year, and she upgraded from an average Yfull to an amazing Y1.5. So that is definitely a glow-up

      3. I thought in 2020 Blanco was going to be one to watch. I always wondered why Dana put her so early in the beam lineup last year. She definitely had a glow up as an all grounded for sure this year

      4. It can be both. She’s overscored, but she’s still a top AAer and has made a huge improvement. Like Ramler, she’s perfect for NCAA.

        True it’s a bit hard to enjoy her success when it seems exaggerated.

      5. You’re crazy if you think Blanco is overscored. Her gymnastics is beautiful and her form and technique are fantastic. She deserves her scores *most* of the time, except for vault sometimes, because of the amplitude/distance. I’m sorry you don’t appreciat0.e great gymnastics. And I don’t even love Bama (basically because Dana

    1. How can she compete for the AA championship since AL is an advancing team? All AA qualifiers are on non-advancing teams. Yet…OU Nichols won the AA in 2019 even though OU was an championship advancing team. Rule change?? Confusing.

  2. Haleigh Bryant what an Incredible comeback from her – her vault was flawless

  3. I feel like you can tell CLB know how much her floor matters based on how real her wolf position is

  4. Halfway through SLC I’m so impressed with ASU and Kentucky. They look great, and I didn’t expect it to be this close.

    1. Kentucky’s highest score of the whole season b4 tonite was 197.1. ASU’s was 197.425 (and i watched that ridiculously overscored meet). Yet tonight they both go 197.6 – lol. And you guys wanna focus on 2 or 3 overscores of LSU. The scores for ASU all meet but especially bars in last rotation were an over-scoring feast. But nobody wants to scrutinize those. Just LSU. The Utah meet finals was the most absurdly overscored meet of the whole weekend – Utah included

      1. Yeah, the scores were flying everywhere, but this was also very definitely ASU’s best meet of the season, and it’s not unreasonable that they’d score .175 higher than their previous season high

      2. 1. Just because a team hasn’t scored that high, and then they do, doesn’t mean it was over scoring. Both ASU and Kentucky had quality routines that were well deserved.

        2. The reason everyone is focusing on those 2-3 LSU routines is because those routines ultimately decided the meet.

        3. You can still be an LSU super fan and admit they were overscored relative to the rest. I officially give you permission. It’s okay.

      3. There has not been one LSU fan that says that they weren’t overscored. However, if you don’t say anything for the first three rotations of beam being overscored, how can you be so mad and frustrated because a team you don’t like was also overscored? That’s silly.

      4. SLC was ridiculously over scored but among the over scores, LSU’s beam was both the most noticeable and the one that occurred with the meet on the line. It is similar to Athens 2 years ago- the right teams made it though but the scoring was about a half point high for everyone.

        Tuscaloosa was also scored high but it probably escapes the same level of scrutiny because of the gulf between 1 and 2 and the gulf between 2 and 3/4. In SLC- LSU was way over scored on beam but their over scored Vault rotation still did not put the amount of daylight between them and the other teams that I think would be appropriate.

        I think lack of separation on bars worked against ASU.

        We all call it out because LSU has a couple of weak routines that never get hit with deductions. That does not take away from their athletes who legitimately can hit 9.9s, 9.95s like Bryant, Johnson, and Durante but it is mind boggling. If a Schennekova 9.95 lifts them above Michigan, Cal or Minnesota at Nationals, stay of the internet or wear a cuo because it will be nasty.

  5. Wish this was 2 years ago when beam was Kentucky’s best event lol

  6. Speak of the devil…that was Kentucky’s best rotation of the year, I think Kentucky is going to tie LSU going into the last rotation!!

    1. Dear gym Gods,

      Please let KY fly high and stick the landings, not go out of bounds, hit their leap series, and “show their personalities and have fun”.


  7. Amazing what LSU’s bar scores look like when judges actually take deductions.

    1. They went 49.275……not counting Kiya….. shut up. Y’all are so miserable.

    2. Whoever posted “amazing what LSU’s bars scores look like when they actually take deductons” — that’s so true. Too bad they took NO deductions on ASU bars.

  8. The Georgia meet was just STRESS, this is a true nailbiter best of the best for SLC. Nationals 2018 feelings in how close this is.

  9. SLC is what happens when every routine is 9.85 – 9.9. There isn’t enough separation between the excellent routines and the good routines. It provides for great drama and upset potential, but it’s nuts.

    1. Exactly! The lack of separation is the #1 reason why the scores shouldn’t be going as high as they have this season. I’m still hoping for a scoring reform after this year; I don’t know why they don’t just apply JO deductions.

    1. It’s actually consistent with all of the other teams who have had checks and had similar scores

      1. Huh? Consistent?! Laughable that you think it’s consistent. This isn’t a tad .025 high, this is multiple tenths… per routine.

    2. The only multiple tenths you could even argue was Alyona. Desiderio had NO other deduction.

    1. Kathy said she took her eyes off of beam and didn’t catch the wobble so maybe that’s what happened with the judges too

      1. Judges had their purple tinted glasses on tonight 🙄. LSU got some GIFTS

  10. LSU is getting overscored and I love it. Bring your hate comments.

    1. You love to see deserving teams like ASU and Kentucky not make it just so LSU can make it based on over scores….

    1. ASU had three 9.9s and two 9.875s on beam. They also had checks and deductions that weren’t taken. Durante’s score seems crazy until you start comparing it to some of the 9.9s from earlier in the meet.

  11. The Desiderio score tells me LSU will make it through without even finishing the meet!

  12. All of the lsu haters complaining about the beam scores with Checks it’s been the same throughout the meet for all of the teams beam scores way high but not a peep from anyone.

    1. Sure, sure. All of those “checks” from Maile O’Keefe. Give me a break.

    2. It’s not the same. Overscoring has 100% happened in every other meet, but the rankings were appropriate at the end of the day. Can’t be said with LSU. ASU and probably also UK should’ve ended up in front of LSU today.

      1. Do you think ASU’s 5 counting beam routines were all deserving of 9.875+ scores? Were their vaults on par with LSUs? LSU was without a doubt overscored on beam, but ASU was overscored in SLC tonight too. I encourage everyone to go back and watch that meet again. Maybe score each routine yourself to see how you would rank the teams.

  13. Anyone care to explain how LSU goes 9.95 on beam with no leaps at 180 degrees for one routine? Ugggh

  14. These LSU beam scores are flat out laughable. I wouldn’t care as much if it wasn’t going to affect the results (scoring has been absurd at all of the Regionals), but it is looking like it might here.

    1. Right! ASU deserves to make it but probably won’t because of these LSU beam scores!

      1. To be fair, beam was high for all teams (most high for LSU), floor high for everyone, Vault high and not enough difference between excellent and good (hurts LSU, KYand benefits ASU, Utah), and bars was the most reasonable but still high. It probably evens out, but the most WTF score for me is Schennikova on BB.

    2. I understand what LSU fans are saying about beam scores being high for everyone, and I actually agree that Arena’s vault should’ve been higher. However, it’s not just a matter of LSU’s beam routines that were hit well being scored too high. Durante’s 9.95 was too high, but it was at least a good, hit routine. Therefore, people aren’t as upset about that score. Other LSU routines had very clear errors that were just ignored. Alonya’s beam should’ve been no higher than a 9.65, Desiderio had the bend at the waist, and Campbell had smaller errors and was not as good as Kentucky’s 9.925 or 9.95s. The beam rotation was simply not scored the same for all teams. That’s the issue.

      Regardless, it’s not LSU fault. The judges are the ones who don’t take their job seriously enough. However, while there were overscores everywhere, this is one Regional where I don’t think the 2 best teams of the night advanced, and that sucks for ASU and Kentucky.

  15. ASU should be PISSED. LSU goes 49.525 on beam with all those mistakes. If they were scored properly ASU goes through. Disgusting.

  16. Who does LSU pass its payoff to every meet for these gifts? This beam judging is downright scandalous. This is a B-level team at best. What a joke.

      1. I mean, by LSU’s standards, this is a weaker squad than some recent ones

      2. And they’ve definitely gotten some reputation scoring, which can be hard to separate from the general crack scoring

    1. The beam judges in Tuscaloosa really pissed me off. They were harsh, actually too tough deductions. That part I like. They were tough on Ark, touch on Mizzou, and very tough on Bama – a bunch of 9.80s for one tiny wobble. Gave Luisa’s gorgeous routine a 9.90. But I was cool with that because it was consistent. Well, until OU. Then they became blind to balance checks and minor wobbles. Ridculous. Smith 9.95, Trautman 9.95, Webb 9.975. Umm . . . they did NOT have 3 routines better than Blanco. they had none better. And all the others got 9.875s. Were not better than the Bama and Ark routines they scored 9.80.

    2. I think the LSU team is actually an A-level team that doesn’t hit. Judges score them as if they did hit hoping they’ll finally put it together if they keep moving through the tournament.

      1. I agree with this. They have potential to earn the scores they’re getting they just aren’t hitting well enough to deserve it at this point.

  17. It’s just really unfortunate that the judges are never held accountable for their egregious scoring.

    1. One judge went 9.95 for majority of LSU beam scores, regardless of errors.

    2. Very true! Judges get away with so much while the teams lose out a lot!

  18. I mean every team other than LSU was overscored on vault. ASU’s hops on yurchenko fulls all went 9.85…
    Was LSU’s beam overscored, yes but they should have had more separation going in IMO

    1. I thought Kentucky was not overscored on vault and if anything was underscored based on how teams scored after them.

  19. I can’t even watch LSU’s gymnastics. Sloppy and over-scored and over-tanned.

    1. couldn’t agree with you more. i’ve been saying over-tanned for forever. but that isn’t what annoys me most – its visible obvious balance checks and still getting 9.95 (durante), 9.9 (desiderio), and don’t even get me started with shchennikova – beam, and then bars? why does she even start at a 10 with her double pike dismount? its awful.

      1. Donald Trump was also orange. Does stating the obvious make one sexist? Hardly.

      2. I mean, I tend to judge gymnastics teams by their athletic skills and performances (hence why I am not an lsu fan), but if you want to judge by appearance, that’s on you. I’m just not seeing where spray tanning has anything to do with gymnastics.

  20. LSU scores were a joke.
    Arizona State was flat out robbed.
    Once again college gymnastics makes fun of itself as a sport.

    1. KY tied ASU. I know they gave away a few tenths on floor, but I don’t understand why everything thinks only ASU was robbed. ASU’s vaults weren’t that great compared to other teams.

  21. The correct two teams will make it through but that was not a 49.525 beam rotation from LSU. And the fact that KJC has given up on proper scoring and just declares these all the scores (for all teams) earned is pretty sad.

    I’m hoping Michigan/Cal go lights out at Nationals and plow through these folks- same goes for Tuscaloosa which was also insane. Athens got looser today but was much more in range than SLC/Tuscaloosa.

    1. Agreed!

      I’m cheering for Cal, Michigan, and Minnesota at Nationals. At least one of them is guaranteed in the final four night.

      1. Very true! Judges get away with so much while the teams lose out a lot!

      1. On the planet where the beam scores were this 49.6, 49.525, 49.525, and 49.475 – no team scored below 49.475

  22. I’m so proud of how ASU rallied today! After being saved by BSU’s mistakes yesterday, they really competed like they had nothing to lose and proved they belong with the big girls!!

    And that’s with one contributing senior, and the Santoses are truly among the best at developing their talent. I’m really excited to see their next few seasons!

    Alright, my last overly gushing ASU post this season. Forks up! Go Devs! 😈

    1. They had a quietly good meet at PAC championships as well. I think it will be interesting to see if they can keep the momentum. Utah and UCLA are gaining a lot of fire power next year but another top 4 in conference will still be great for ASU.

      On a similar note- tonights score was nuts but Kudos to the Garrisons for having UK in 197 form at the end of the season. They were also 4th at SECs. If they can ever assemble the talent they had in that 2019 team, they will be dangerous.

      1. I’d be super interested to see what happened if you gave the squads at the prestige teams to some of the coaches at mid-level teams. A lot of them have done great jobs developing their talent and really improving their programs this year while a number of the prestige teams haven’t been hitting potential.

      2. Absolutely. I don’t see how you get Florida and UCLA’s recruits (and Bama’s too actually) and then can’t get 24 hit routines for 9.9+ in this scorescape.

        Rowland doesn’t impress me at ALL as a coach and Waller even worse.

  23. What a fun day of meets. Congratulations to all gymnasts!

    Now, I’m going to start my rewatching of the regional finals and scoring each routine myself. I’m curious to see how I would have ranked some of these finals. Thank you ESPN for airing every routine!

    1. Too many regional meets (and yes I understand because many teams) but then adding insult to injury there are two days of regional semi-final meets are at regional “finals”. Regional finals should be just that: FINAL (in a literal sense): 4 locations, 4 teams at each location, top scoring team at each location (4 teams) ONLY move on to NCAA championship. One FINAL meet (not two semi-final meets) = one final winner. Regional FINALS should ONLY advance 4 teams to championship, not 8 teams. Sooo draaagged out!

    2. Better yet about Anon meet change: only two regional meets, top two scoring teams ONLY advance to national championship so two on the floor, just like football because at the super bowl there are only two teams on the field.

  24. As you guys go off and rip LSU, just a reminder… the LOWEST beam total tonight was 49.475.

    They were all overscored over there, maybe except for Utah…. maybe.

    Just say you hate LSU and move on.

    1. This lol – also compare lsu vault rotation scores to other teams . They were arguably overscored on vault. Everyone loves to hate lsu. Hope it fuels them to win it all

    2. Ok. I hate LSU and their fans and they shouldn’t be going to nationals.

      1. Hahaha same

        Bryant’s vault is a national treasure and the entire rest of that team does nothing for me except prance over the line between church and state

      2. “except prance over the line between church and state” They’re private citizens and not only is what you’re complaining about not a violation of anything, it’s explicitly protected by the first amendment

      3. I think it’s wildly inappropriate (not illegal – you’re right about that) for a coach at a public university to allow let alone promote a single religion’s prayer circle as any part of their team activities. It’s extremely disrespectful and excluding of students who aren’t believers of that particular creed. And even if all students “say” they’re fine with it – believe me I said stuff like that when I was younger because I didn’t want to antagonize the people pushing their religion on me. I was still deeply uncomfortable and felt left out but I preferred that to being ostracized. This is why that kind of activity does not belong on public schools’ sports teams. They should absolutely stick to non-religious pep talks and encourage students to pray individually.

        If you’re the same Mary who often comments here I’m super disappointed that you can’t see that since I usually love your contributions.

  25. Those LSU beam scores were CRIMINAL. Straight up cheating. Anyone trying to defend them is simply bias. I watched with someone who isn’t a gym fan as even he was confused.

  26. 197.6 for ASU/Kentucky wouldn’t gotten them through at 2 of the other regionals tonight. Damn that’s tough.

  27. Jay Clark apparently has a lot of … talents, he most likely picked up in some seedy establishments in his youth. Before he got all fat. How else can you explain LSU beam scores?

      1. It’s been like this for a few years. Typical hide behind your internet name and talk recklessly. Typical garbage.

        There was someone who wished COVID on the whole LSU team yesterday…. like what the heck is wrong with people.

  28. All first rotation scores were high. Then they sort of settled down. I would argue Utah’s 9.9’s and 9.95’s on beam were better than LSU’s. How does a bend at the hips and other wobbles get a 9.825? And, other balance checks for a 9.9? It was kind of like the fix was in.

    if Utah could ever but all 4 rotations together, they’d be dangerous but it seems they get only 2 or 3 of 4.

  29. The easiest comparison about beam scoring is Utah’s beam rotation vs LSU’s. That’s when it becomes obviously ludicrous how LSU pulled off the 49.525.

    All that to say, though, Kentucky’s floor scoring regime in the last rotation could have gotten them there too with 9.9-9.95’s for the entire lineup (Haigis going 9.9 with one of her not as clean sets, for example).

    ASU was scored within the bubble of the rest of the teams but just didn’t get those overgifts.

    Bars judges though did hold the ground in placing LSU routines down compared to the other teams.

    1. The beam scoring across was high though 49.6, 49.525, 49.525, and 49.475 – compare the other teams beam rotation to Utah and you would say that all of the other teams were overscored on beams as well. I’m resverse compare the vault scoring for lsu against the other teams and it doesn’t make sense with lsu arguably being underscored on vault compared to other teams.

  30. Why do they place the teams that just did a regional together in the same nationals semifinal? Seems more fun to have new match-ups!

    1. I think it’s seeding — similar to a standard bracket tournament.

      1 and 4 (ie Florida and Michigan regionals)
      2 and 3 (ie OU and LSU regionals.

    2. Agreed! Why are the AA qualifiers and event qualifiers only from non-advancing teams? Would be more exciting to allow the championship AA and event finalists to come from the advancing teams. Didn’t Maggie Nichols win the AA even with OU in the final championship? Someone please explain.

      1. Trinity Thomas is the current AA gymnast prior to the championship yet she doesn’t qualify in the latest AA qualifiers. Why have an AA at all throughout the season?

      2. They are allowed. These rules are to ensure that deserving gymnasts are included even if their teams don’t advance. For example, Lynnzee Brown is still eligible to compete for an AA championship even though her team narrowly missed qualifying to nationals.

  31. Can’t tell you how much I hope OK and UT advance out of that evening session at Nationals over LSU and Alabama.

    1. I wish Florida, Minnesota, Cal, Michigan were the 4 teams in the final.

      1. That would be nice if it weren’t impossible. Those four are stuck in the semis together.

    2. I understand Jordan. I’m with you Rachel…OU + UT for sure, but….AL + MI have been quite well for last 2-3 regular season meets and still going strong. It’s anybody’s game including a sleeper/underdog…will be exciting semi-final and final meets, although I wish only top 4 regional teams go to one final of Four on the Floor (4 regional locations so only top team from each location goes to final four), so NCAA can drop the semi-final meet. It is what it is! GO OU!!!

  32. Just for the record, KY had the tie breaker over ASU, so they were the team that was robbed

    1. There is a final bracket in this site and at Includes AA and event qualifiers.

    2. Keep scrolling to bottom of this page to see link/article Onward to Nationals.

  33. I’d love to see Four on the Floor with Cal, Minnesota, OU, and Utah.

      1. Mine is Cal, Minnesota, Florida, and Michigan. Unfortunately, we will get to see all these teams compete together…but in the NCAA semifinals. So it’s guaranteed that only half of them will be in the finals.

        Since I have to pick two of the other half, I’m going with Utah and…ugh…I don’t even want to pick one of the other three of the overscored trio. I guess I will pick OU and hope that at NCAAs, the judging is actually fair.

      2. A highly challenging final would be AL, MI, OU, UF…only because AL and MI have been killing it since near-end regular season. In any sports competition, there can only be one winner as someone has to lose.

  34. Ok. Two seasons of bad beam is enough now. UCLA need to make a change. Small mistakes and balance checks have been costing big time, and it can’t all rest on Flatley and the incoming class.

    And.:. one incomer is from TD so lord knows how much tape she’ll be held together with by September

    1. UCLA didn’t throw it away in beam, though. They scored lower than Cal on every single event. Even with a hit beam they probably wouldn’t have made it through. They were just the third best team overall.

      1. True. This season was always going to be a season where they just didn’t quite have the routines. But it has been clear for two seasons that beam has been a real issue and with the talent they have on that team, it shouldn’t be. I agree, they really need a coaching change on beam. I’m afraid she is going to ruin the incoming class when they arrive too.

  35. I have to say, I’m glad nationals won’t be in Utah. Utah is a good team but they have been getting crazy scores their last two meets.

    1. But shhhhhhhhhh that doesn’t fit the narrative right now. LSU’s beam scores are the biggest travesty in the NCAA since 1908.

      1. Oh please. Utah was clearly the best team in that regional last night. Stop trying to deflect.

    2. You’re absolutely incorrect. Utah was by far the best team, by far the cleanest and definitely earned their scores.
      Kentucky and ASU should be LIVID that LSU went through – that’s what should be the topic of conversation. LSU was the team grossly over scored. You clearly know nothing about gymnastics, so take a seat.

      1. Utah also received many gifts, so stop pretending you know anything about gymnastics. Acting like LSU was grossly over scored and not Utah as well.
        Take your own ass to a seat.

  36. Anyone knows what will be the two national semi finals? Like how are they put into the two groups?

    1. Florida, Michigan, Cal, and Minnesota in one group.
      Utah, OU, Alabama, and LSU in the other.

    2. After regional final scores: something like 1, 3, 5, etc. OU had highest regional score 198.175, MI 198.1, UT 197.7/9, so based on their regional ranking I’m guessing. I think? it’s LSU and MN tied at 197.750?

      1. It’s not about who wants to win because all teams want to be the championship winner but it’s more about who’s on their A-game that day.

  37. im way late bc i was driving back from Morgantown last night. i wanted to find out if that Michigan bars was a program record and it was. their bars was unbelievable. with the 3 major teams starting on their beat events, i was surprised to see that level of UB!!!! they were unbelievable! as a side note, my 17 y/o son left that meet with so much respect for those women. he said they make men that play football and baseball look like losers. lol “where are their heated benches? they dont even wear shoes for God’s sake!” lol bless his heart, he was afraid to watch “the long stick” and the vault. anyway, Michigan and Cal bars were a thing of beauty in real life!!! as were some of those leap passes on floor from UCLA–just gorgeous! seeing Nia and Marz on floor was such a treat for this old gym fan! Nia got a standing o and a loud redneck-y whistle from me!!!!

  38. I’m curious: do gymnasts whose team did not advance stop training now and go on a break? And if they have individuals, they train alone for nationals? Or does the whole team stay in the gym with them and have the break after nationals

    1. I would guess only the individual trains, but everyone shows up to support them and do the stretching, strength training. It would be a much shorter work out without everyone participating and allow them all to focus more on rehab and academics.

  39. What is going on with Peyton Richards? She used to be Florida’s solid lead-off on every event, and she seems to be off now in the last few meets. Her gymnastics has always been a little soft for my liking, lacking tight body positions and sharp movement, but she was so consistent before. Is she injured?

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