US Classic Session 1 – Live Blog

Life is starting. Well, more accurately session 1. In a…soon.

First rotation start list:

At least allegedly. Faith Torrez pulled out of the competition. And this doesn’t reflect the rest of the event scratches (except Memmel, whom we already know is doing vault and beam today).

We haven’t seen a full AA performance from Konnor McClain yet this year—namely because she hasn’t done bars for a score—so I’m interested to see what that bars routine looks like in the first rotation. (ALSO NEVER MIND SHE’S NOT DOING FLOOR. But bars will still be interesting.) Also, will McCallum go for the Silivas on floor that she was warming up with a spot yesterday? And Skye Blakely on beam because duh.

Latest word is that Hernandez will not be doing UB or FX and Jones will not be doing FX. Malabuyo is off VT and McClain is off FX. That means that Hernandez would have to rely on a petition to do the AA at nationals (as Memmel would), and the way the athletes have been talking, it kind of sounds like they’re being free with the petitions in the Tom era. We shall see.

Expect this competition to go pretty quickly with a lot of 3-person floor rotations. NBC will be like, “NO MATTER. CHELLSIE’S GRIPS.”

For AAers in this session right now I have Fatta, Zeiss, Butler, Sears, Siegfeldt, Rosen, Frazier, Klein, Blakely, Draser, Mueller, Landry, and McCallum. So expect Blakely or McCallum to be leading after the first session.

Yes, Peacock says “Coverage to Begin Shortly” for everyone.

Now I’m just getting a shot of Laurie and a buffering circle. Which is fun.

AGE IS JUST A NUMBER. Terry is like, “Nastia remember that time Chellsie beat you by .001 at worlds, I mean ha ha ha, you guys competed together!”

Rotation 1

Rosen – BB – bhs loso loso, very secure, well done – full turn – side aerial, small check, breaks connection into split sissone – switch, small pause before switch 1/2 to korbut – only very minimal hesitations – aerial, hit – split leap full attempt, larger break there, leg up, perhaps not all the way around for credit as well – Onodi, leg form – bhs bhs double pike, legs apart. Good hit – some larger checks toward the end. 12.900

Some good closeups of McClain and Hernandez doing nothing.

Dear Tim: It is day.

We’ve seen exactly one routine, which is cool.

McClain – UB – weiler 1/2, a bit late into stalder full to stalder shaposh – nice combo! – to giant full – has to add an extra swing after that and tucks the giant – goes for a piked tkatchev after it and falls.

Resumes with the pak to maloney, well connected – hesitation in Stalder afterward – orphan half turn to blind…and doesn’t dismount. Front flyaway. 11.100

Hernandez – VT – hits a yfull, definitely had more than enough height – pretty large bounce back.

Note: It kind of rings false now when they talk about how much JOY FUN BUBBLY HUMAN EMOJI Laurie was in Rio knowing what we know now about that was going on behind the scenes.

13.250 on vault for Laurie.

Klein – BB – full turn, hit – side aerial to loso loso, nicely done! – front tuck, secure – straight full from side, hit with a minor check – switch to straddle, solid – straddle 1/2 from side, hit – double pike, small hop back. Very composed routine. Some soft knees throughout, minimal checks.

McCallum – FX – hits the double double pretty well, chest down – full-in, solid, small scoot back – switch ring, some feet – split leap full, slide on landing – wolf triple and wolf double, precise finishing positions – front lay to front 2/1 is VERY deep, stays upright but a large lunge back – double tuck, short, medium hop forward.

Good first couple passes. Struggled on that third one, but didn’t really look like she was in “injured just coming back” mode.

Blakely – BB – neck stand mounting work – very strong wolf triple – tuck full and falls, drat – fhs front tuck, hit, check – switch to switch 1/2 to back tuck, pretty smooth connection – side aerial, another leg-up check – aerial, arm wave break, breaks connection into split straddle – double tuck, step. 12.650

Note: Sloane Blakely is still competing. Not “was.” She just dominated L10s.

Blakely and McClain both with falls in the first rotation.

McCallum got 13.550 on floor with that third pass, which bodes very well for her floor scoring. 5.5/8.050. Def a domestic E score.

Siegfeldt 13.550 on bars which is also a stellar number for her.

Draser – BB – wolf double, small check hesitation – side aerial, solid – bhs loso, tentative, bends to the side – aerial to straddle jump to split, hit, some knees in aerial – split jump 1/2 from side, hit – switch to switch 1/2, small hesitation, short on switch 1/2 position – double tuck, step back. Good job. No major issues.

After the first rotation, Lexi Zeiss’s 13.600 for her Y1.5 will lead after one rotation. So that’s sort of where we are.

Excellent highlights of Chellsie and 2005 worlds and Nastia LOVING every second of that result. So, so special. What a moment.

Rotation 2

McClain – BB – tuck full, hits, bend at the hits but stayed on – wonderful amplitude on wolf jump – bhs bhs layout and falls, awesome height, but another fall for her today – onodi with leg-up check – switch to switch 1/2, wonderful 180s, another leg-up check – aerial, small hesitation to split jump – split ring jump, great extension, possible deduction for lack of closure though – bhs bhs no dismount again, just a layout.

Malabuyo – Stalder full to Stalder shap to tkatchev – piked jaeger to pak, hit, legs apart on pak – stalder shoot is solid – DLO 1/1, hits, way better than training, hop forward. 13.750 is a really good bars score for her.

“Grace McColumn”

McCallum – VT – hits a pretty solid DTY, just a little forward and some leg break and knees at the end – hop forward. 14.400. She’s following Jones getting 14.850 for her DTY.

McClain 11.800 on beam.

Memmel Time – VT – Great height on her Yfull, a pretty large hop back but good form and height so won’t incure too much else.

13.750 for Memmel, which means she would need 13.250 on beam to get her 2-event score. If we’re still caring about that.

Witte – BB – bhs bhs to layout, hit securely, some form – switch to switch 1/2, small pause in between – aerial, check, into side aerial to split to sissone – Onodi, check, bhs bhs double pike, hit. Some legs. Tentative movements and broken connections but no large breaks. 13.100

I guess the fact that she’s coached by Jana Bieger didn’t make the narrative.

They’re all like “THE CHELLSIE AND NASTIA GENERATION” and then none for Jana Bieger bye.

Blakely – FX – DLO, legs somewhat apart, little slide back – switch ring to split leap full, comfortable – full in, hit, another smallish bounce back – front 2/1 is clean – switch full, just a tad short – double pike, shuffle back, a couple steps. But no real trouble. 13.300

Sears – BB – bhs layout, excellent height- switch to front tuck attempt was a real struggle on a very difficult combo, switch position was rushed and then off line on the front tuck with a fall – split 1/2 from side, good – split to staddle to back tuck, good positions, check – switch 1/2, loses back foot, leg-up check – full turn, hesitation – aerial, knees, hits with a small adjustment – bhs bhs to a high double tuck, large lunge back. 11.050.

Draser – FX – DLO attempt is well short with a fall – comes back to hit piked full in, small bounce back – wolf double – switch ring to split leap full, good 180 ion split, some foot flexing – front tuck to double tuck, secure, step back – double pike, pulls it around, deep but holds it, hop. 11.450

“Parkettes Gymnastics Organization.” Organization? Like it’s a crime syndicate. Well…

McCallum will have a big lead after 2.

Rosen – DLO, legs apart but very secure – double arabian, again very solid, only small movement – split leap full, hit – 2/1 with a bounce back – popa – double tuck, a little flatter with chest down but still secure. Really good work. 13.000. She’s having a nice day.

So, it’s been a little…Classic.

McCallum leads with 27.950, then it’s Zeiss with 26.600 and Seigfeldt (done with bars and beam) on 26.450. Blakely still 4th even with the beam miss.

Was pleasantly surprised by Malabuyo’s bars in that second rotation. That was nice.

Rotation 3

Shilese exists.

Jones – UB – good first hs – stalder full to maloney, clean – to tkatchev, good – hitting hs very well – Stalder tkatchev piked and falls, huge but takes it too far. Resumes with pak – van leeuwen, good – double front, good dismount, small hop. 12.950

Blakely – VT – Goes for the DTY – nicely done, better than PT, chest down and a bounce back but fine. 14.000

McCallum – UB – shortish first hs – stalder full, a bit late but gets connection into maloney – pak and shap 1/2 – piked jaeger, hit – stalder tkatchev piked, takes it really close and hs to add some extra swings – FTDT. Large deduction on that Stalder Tkatchev piked, she was a little low and late for a while before that and it seemed like she was going to survive it but it caught up to her in the end. Good fight. 13.200

Rosen – VT – hits a Y1.5 – larger bound forward and knee bend at the end. 13.650.

Frazier – VT – strong amplitude on her DTY, large bound back – “Gorgeous older sister Margzetta.” I know he was trying to say: “Gorgeous. Pause. Older sister Margzetta.” 13.950

Hernandez – BB – front pike, deep, falls – NEARLY looked like she was going to be able to save it – bhs loso, pretty – full turn, some hesitation – split jump 1/2 from side, very good – aerial to split to straddle, again a lovely combo – switch to switch 1/2, arm wave correction – side aerial, snaps arms down to avoid check – no dismount, round off back tuck. 12.200

They could add that Laurie is qualified on 3 events for nationals based on her camp score from March.

Fatta – BB – wolf double, pulls it around, slightly white-knuckled bit fine – bhs loso, good height – aerial, arm wave check – split to straddle is nice – side aerial, check, leg up – switch, pause before switch 1/2, short of split but secure – split jump 1/2 from side, solid – bhs bhs 2/1, stuck. Really good work. Tim’s like, “Boo easy dismount.” 12.750


Malabuyo – BB – wolf triple, pulled around comfortably – wolf double, comes up short but holds it with an arm wave wobble – arabian to split to sissone, nice height on arabian, a little chucked – bhs loso loso, pretty work – front tuck, deep but survives – straddle to korbut – aerial to split ring jump, foot – switch ring, hesitation – bhs bhs double pike, well short with a lunge forward. 13.300

But she’s looking a lot better than expected.

McCallum still with a big lead. Blakely moves back up to second even with the beam fall.

Rotation break now. Chellsie is Chellsie, she is doing Chellsie with Chellsie and it’s Chellsie.

Blakely – UB – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger, clean – stalder tkatchev piked, good – Ricna to pak, some legs but smooth – short casts throughout – van leeuwen, hit – stalder full with a hesitation, double tuck, bounce back. A comfortable hit overall. 14.050

McCallum – BB – candle mount, clean, holds vertical – wolf turn 2.5 to 2.5? Straddle 1/2 from side position, bend forward at the hips – split leap to side aerial to loso very strong combination, leg – up check – aerial with a hesitation – double pike, step back. A bit hesitant but a good showing again. Very solid day. What was up with the wolf turns, did I just get lost in a wolf turn fog?

McClain – VT – DTY – solid work, good height, lunge back, has the form and amplitude

Blakely is done with 54.000.

McCallum 13.950 on beam for a 55.100.

Memmel – BB – switch mount, tentative, doesn’t commit to split position – split to straddle – bhs loso loso, sit, small lean – aerial, clean – popa, solid, feet looked around – side aerial, no trouble – front tuck, strong – full turn to illusion, large leg-up break but saves it – Arabian and falls, wayyy short and comes off. a;lksdfja;lkdsfj;alkdfj;aslkdsfj;lakdsjf – double pike, lunge back.

Of course on an Arabian from the Arabian queen.

11.800 for Memmel. So she’ll need to petition to nationals.

Frazier – UB – Church to pak, big straddle on pak – maloney to tkatchev, hit, some form – front toe 1/2 attempt and can’t get up to handstand, has to correct – fiant full gets all over the place but does it – DLO, step. Well that was an adventure.

Tim and Nastia not happy with the 6.2 E score for Memmel, and neither are we. I would have thought higher 6s for a one-fall and one-major-break routine.

13.050 for Frazier. That one is VERYY high.

Landry – BB – wolf double, smooth – aerial, saves it despite being short, not a large adjustment – split to split ring jump, not bad, flexed foot – bhs loso, large break, leg up, saves it – side aerial, good – 1.5 dismount, hop to the side. 12.400


Jones – BB – sissone to full turn, very pretty – giant Arabian but has to grab the beam, stays on – side aerial to loso, again floaty, small check – front tuck, solid – bhs bhs layout, another big break and a huge save, was off line the entire time so impressive save – another large wobble on a side jump – bhs bhs double tuck, step back. 21.100

Session 1 Final
1. McCallum – 55.100
2. Blakely – 54.000
3. Siegfeldt 52.700

We didn’t see anything from Siegfeldt but that’s a nice score for her.

A rough day overall. Beam was not cute in general. But it’s also just Classic. McCallum seemed more on track than the “SHE’S BASICALLY DEAD” articles of the last couple days. She’s right there. Blakely’s score would have been solid if she hit beam. Malabuyo exceeded expectations. Lots of petitioning that will need to happen.

Expect these scores to be blown out by the second session, but we’ll see.

Ultimately, scores in the 55s shouldn’t be competitive for the Olympic team.

Chellsie is a gem. Talking about how her leg died on that mount and how she “totally respects that score.”

For GymCastic members, we’ll be heading to a live BTS reaction show following media and whatnot.

123 thoughts on “US Classic Session 1 – Live Blog”

  1. in regards to petitioning it just makes sense! Athletes shouldn’t feel like they have to rush a return or injury recovery if they’re not 100% this early in the run!

    1. Early in the run? Nationals is in like 12 days.. then 2 weeks later Trials. Do they wanna peak here? No. But aint that much mo time.

      1. If she hadn’t fallen on BB, she would have been 56, #1 today’s session, even with Grace’s E-score gifts.

      2. If you are going to add in Skye’s beam fall to her AA total, then add back the deductions for McCallum’s UB and FX errors.

        Point still stands, Skye did not “dominate”.

  2. Drink every time they mention Simone while she’s not in the arena.

  3. Good beam hits from some of the no-names they’re showing! They may not be on the NT (or even nationals-bound) but Rosen in particular looked very confident and composed. Also isn’t she the one who had the really scary, serious fall at Winter Cup?

    1. Yes, Rosen was the one with the scary fall at Winter Cup. So glad to see her have a great day! (Maybe “less famous gymnasts” rather than “no-name”? It was really nice to see so many athlete for whom being here is a huge accomplishment. Gymnastics is hard! It’s wonderful to see and support every athlete who qualified elite! It’s such a big deal and hard to do that!)

      1. Please. her switch ring wasnt it! Her chest was a low on her silivas. double tuck wasnt a clean landing was deep. And she barely got her 3rd pass around. It wasnt a OH ONLY THE THIRD pass. Sure Jan

      2. @Shamster The minute you’re called on your asininity and stupidity you deflect and start backing and filling. It’s a ludicrous score, as McCallum did not land the double tuck well either, and your unfounded and IGNORANT arrogance is simply incredible. Sure, BITCH.

      3. @Shamshit You’re pitiful. Keep telling yourself your ugly, unevolved, dull-normal little self is above me.
        SURE, JAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      4. Everything Anonymopus said is correct, little bitch. You can’t handle the truth.

  4. “McCallum got 13.550 on floor with that third pass, which bodes very well for her floor scoring. 5.5/8.050.”

    Grace is great but the scoring she gets makes me SO annoyed.

    1. It is so flipping ridiculous. Makes you not want to watch and if she makes Tokyo, the US is in for a shock.

      1. I think Grace’s 8.0 was justified. Her form in the air was good, her dance skills were very clean, and with the exception of her 3rd pass, landings were very good. I have no issues with that going 8.4 or 8.5 for a clean 3rd pass.

        Not giving up 0.3 on every landing with a big bounce back or lunge is a major boost to the execution score. So many gymnasts give away 1.2 on landings alone across their 4 tumbling passes. Grace also doesn’t have any dance elements that are wrenched around and she actually has a good wolf turn on floor.

        And there’s proof that she scores very well internationally. The “Grace is overscored” narrative has never made sense and has been debunked.

  5. Am I the only one who is confused about Grace’s 5.5 d score? Something must not have been credited, but I’m not sure what.

    H + E + D (+0.1) + D + E + D + C + C + 2.0 = 5.7 (correct me if I’m wrong)

    1. She was pretty under on the front double full. I haven’t watched replays but in real-time I would have credited a Rudi.

  6. So sad for Skye, from a gold at Winter Cup on BB with a 14.5 to this, I was really expecting her to shine; although she’ll still easily qualify for nationals.

    1. Skye already qualified by winning American Classic. She is still a big threat at nationals

    1. Yeah. I think the Olympic pressure is too much for her. She was not prepared for this. Same goes for Skye Blakely. I hope they both get to go to Worlds because they are needed post Tokyo.

      1. They mentioned that McClain is sick today, so I’m sure that’s a factor. And she already has her quali score for Nationals, so she doesn’t /have/ to go all out today when she isn’t feeling well.

      2. Nice reach and analysis. Too much pressure? Thats it? Naw sis she was sick! Almost threw up after falling on her beam series. But yes its all the pressure. You sound like a NBC narrative storyline producer. Cue the dramatic music.

    2. @Shamster Perhaps if you knew anything about US coaches and how they work, or indeed anything about the sport of gymnastics…LOL! But I jest!

  7. I am liking Katelyn Rosen. Reminds me of Maggie Nichols circa 2013.
    Won’t be in the hunt this year but potential for 2022 or 2023 Worlds.

  8. Konnor Mcclain reminds me so much of Flávia Saraiva. Both beautiful beam workers. Too bad she’s having an off day 🙁

    1. Except Kween Flavia doesnt have the loose slight bent knee tea that Konnor seems to have on certain skills.

    2. You know, she could have some of that Saraiva thing. Never thought of that until you mentioned it. Love the little bitch that trolled your comment and how adorbs it thinks it is. LOL

  9. To be honest with the depth the US seniors had in 2020, I find it irresponsible a coach would allow a newly eligible athlete to push for the Olympics once they were postponed. For people with obvious Olympic goals like Konnor they follow a plan. Hers was 2024. When you’re pacing someone for a meet four years down the road and then move those four years of preparation you thought you had into 12 months…. I can only imagine the emotional and physical toll that can have on a kid

    1. And yes I mean this specifically to the US. The newly eligible Russian girls are amazing obviously, but they didn’t have to push it into overdrive to suddenly make the Olympics. They are pretty much ahead of the pack already and have been able to upgrade slowly. Konnor or Skye would have to bring huge routines with major upgrades to stand out in the American field for an olympic conversation.

    2. What do you mean?
      What else are they suppose to do? Skip this year? I don’t see any major upgrades from Skye or Konnor that we didn’t see in 2019. They would have been in the situation this year anyway on the way to Worlds. The Olympics as a possibility is definitely pressure though.

      1. We aren’t even seeing full routines from Konnor right now because she can’t handle what she’s being given. Also the preparation for a post-olympic world championship year versus Olympics is incomparable. One is the most competitive selection possible, the other is typically the weakest of the quad. No they wouldn’t just skip the year lmao. They would just stick the original plan. Worlds 2021-2023 with Paris 2024.

      2. Idk about Skye but Konnor had been training huge upgrades in the gym that look nowhere near possible for here now. Definitely made a big mistake pushing her for 2021

      3. Their routines aren’t anything majorly upgraded than what the performed in 2019 at Nationals. McClain would have been 4th in the Senior division (if DiCello score was in seniors also) and Skye would have been in the top 12.
        They would have put in upgrades for their senior debut without a doubt, so it is not surprise that Konnor was training upgraded skills in the gym.

    3. Konnor’s coach has already said that they didn’t change their 4 year plan for 2024 even after the delay of the games. And Skye also has said that she didn’t change any plans for upgrades for her senior debut. Hopefully the increased pressure from the Olympic qualifying events are giving them experience on how to handle this type of pressure in the future, because they’ll need it for Worlds and again in the build-up for 2024.

    4. Why not go for it? Get the experience of an Olympic selection process, which can be sooooo difficult in this country. I assume Konnor was the one who was given the choice and, if so, it doesn’t necessarily seem like an irresponsible coaching decision.

      1. A good coach would have pulled McClain instead of competing while sick. A good coach would have seen the potential risk of injury when competing sick. It is clear that McClain should not have been competing given what she showed/ her emotions after falling on bars and beam. Specifically, beam where she looked ready to burst into tears after she fell.
        Now, McClain’s confidence is shattered, not to mention the falls aren’t a good look.
        Now the pressure is even greater for her come Nationals. She has to build momentum.
        This is opposite of Chiles who is riding momentum.

        If the coach wanted her to compete while sick, and she wanted to as well, at least make a decision to water down some difficulty so the set is a consistent hit.

  10. Bummer for Shilese! She can never quite put it all together 🙁
    She looks RIPPED though, I’m so impressed. And I think she’ll kill it in NCAA.

  11. As Simone gets better and better on vault, it feels like she’s sucking the vaulting ability out of the rest of the world’s gymnasts. US gymnasts and international all are worse at vault than the 2012 (and 2016 to a lesser extent) quads… except Simone.

    1. Yes. This totally should *not* be a Thing. We’re sprinting backward faster all the time, to where it’s a big deal if someone does a reasonable DTY (!!!!!) Good DTYs were done by the ‘Unified Team’ (SNORT) thirty years ago!

    2. The fact that the US team is likely going to have 75% DTYs is preposterous. There needs to be a downgrade on the DTY and an upgrade on harder vaults.

  12. So Lauri fell on beam, can she still qualify for Nationals or is she done?

    1. She is qualified from 3 events based on her performance at March camp.
      Whether or not they will allow her to do AA is up for debate.

    2. She already qualified on 3 events at winter cup. So she’ll have to petition if she wants to do AA, but she is already there.

  13. So happy for Chellsie. Strong vault and I got a little choked up after. Fingers crossed for a successful beam showing!

  14. I don’t day drink, but if I did and was playing a drinking game….I would add drink every time you hear “It started as a way to stay in shape”

  15. best surprises so far: Malabuyo’s strong performances & Marchenko sightings

  16. Grace looks really good but I’ll never understand why judges love her so much.

    1. Thank you! Especially compared to someone like Morgan historically. Grace’s scores are nuts.

      1. Yeah it’s specifically compared to Morgan that it annoys me so much! (Or baffles me, I guess – I assume the judges know more about judging than me).

    2. She is doing way better than I expected but the E overscoring is absurd. IMO should have never made the 18, 19 national teams, but whatever.

      1. I’m not a Grace hater, I think she seems like a nice kid and I agree that I was impressed with how she looked today given her injury status, but I also was shocked at how high her scores were.

  17. I’m so excited to see Emma Malabuyo doing so well! Good for her!

  18. Can someone please explain the 6.5E score for Chellsie? Seems VERY low.

      1. You can’t really compare across meets, but in 2019 McCallum got a 7.6 with a fall and her form isn’t that much better than Memmel‘s.

        Objectively though, yeah 6.5 is not a very low E score for that performance.

  19. Ooof okay let’s go with that petition. I hope USAG does the math… everyone hates them, everyone loves Chellsie, and imo she’s done the work all year to show that she deserves to be at nationals.

    1. Did she earn it? No.
      So if they allow her to petition, that’s unfair to the rest of the ladies that just missed out on qualifying.

      Do I want to see her at Nationals? Absolutely.

      Should USAG let her go to Nationals? They should. It’s a good storyline for them.

      1. In 2017, Sydney Johnson-Scharf petitioned successfully with only a vault score of 13.2.

        In 2018, Olivia Dunne petitioned successfully with only a bars score of 12.85.

        Did they earn it any more than Chellsie has?

        The requirements for petitioning are VERY loose.

      2. Did Wendy Bruce, Tasha Schwikert, Dominique Dawes (2000), Annia Hatch, Bridget Sloan, and Gabby Douglas (2016) “earn” their presence on their respective Olympic teams? Hell, NO. Was that unfair to Kim Kelly, Alyssa Beckerman, Vanessa Atler, Jana Bieger, Ivana Hong, Maggie Nichols, etc.? Fuck YES.

        Your notion of ‘fair’ is a laugh riot. Gymnastics is not and has never been “fair,” and under the Karolyis’ hell regimes it has been nearly the opposite of “fair.”

      3. This post is old and date and reused over and over. Think of something else. None of the gymnasts you mentioned earned a spot on the Olympic team.

        Atler for one was a disaster at Olympic Trials and had no business being at the Olympics. Kim Kelly is laughable. Bieger fell off both UB routines at Selection Camp and eliminated herself. Douglas was the right pick in 2016 and Schwikert performed the best out of the Americans in Sydney.

      4. One could argue that she has earned it on the merits of her previous accomplishments for usag. And deserves it after being screwed out of her chance at nationals in 2012

      5. Not sure I would classify Memmel as being screwed out of nationals in 2012. She did have multiple beam falls and didn’t even break 12.
        Doesn’t matter now really as Memmel’s petition to Nationals was accepted by Forster.

      6. @shamrock star81 All of your posts are your weary old regurgitated vomit. I’m sure you’re incapable of thinking of something else, however. Your stupid opinions on those gymnasts , and your illogic about the supposed importance of Championships and Trials (and the amazing hypocrisy of the Karolyis disregarding both whenever it suited them), is nearly as hilarious as your utterly unfounded amour-propre!

      7. You are the one who is clueless beyond belief. Everyone knows Bela and Marta picked their teams based on who could hit right before Worlds or the Olympics. Schwikert was hitting her routine compared to Beckermann who was missing routines and unable to focus based on having to come off her ADHD medication as it was a banned substance at the time. That is just one example.

        Funny, you can’t ever use examples/evidence in any of your comments. Just insults and degradation that don’t work at all and just make you look exactly like the words you use to describe others.


      8. @Shamster–The truth is so painful to you that of course you instantly trot out the Goebbels Big LIE. Accusing your enemies of your own crimes is so very Rethug, sweetie. So old and used and tired. However, impotent little you just can’t do any better than recycled excrement–your endless diarrhea of posts on this site demonstrates that perfectly.

      9. Chellsie provides a good storyline for USAG when they desperately need one. In that regard, she brings more to the table than any of the second-tier elites.

      10. Really? “shamrockstar81” isn’t a pseudonym? (Look it up , sweetiepie–I know your vocabulary doesn’t run to polysyllables.) You’re just as cowardly and just as hidden as anyone else online–yet another of your lies. I provide lots of evidence; you then regurgitate your same old vomit about Atler, Kelly, etc, fangirl about Douglas, eat out the Karolyis yet again, and think you’ve really shown us all something. Everyone knows the Karolyis were toxic criminals who instituted an East Bloc reign of terror in American gymnastics and who picked the gymnasts who by pure accident happened to have survived Barta’s death camps long enough to totter onto the floor at Worlds or Olympics. Everyone, that is, except you. 😀

  20. The interview with Chellsie after the meet was fantastic. So happy for her. Hope we get to see more!

  21. Okay the youtubers who watched Chellsie are saying how ‘THEY ARE OUT TO GET HER. THE E SCORE IS TOO LOW!’- It’s a conspiracy. Can someone break down her score e and d. Cause these Chell yeahers are a bit much.

    1. I think people are most confused with the E-score. And it’s beyond me I dont know

    2. I admire Chellsie Memmel and her comeback but the delusional fans really take away from it – one of them on Reddit insisted she would get a 9+ E score for her bars, lmao.

  22. Every routine is already on USAG’s YT for those that missed it.

    Chellsie, Laurie, Skye and Konnor had a rough day. Emma and Grace exceeded expectations.

    1. Memmel had a great day, per her own words. Other than the fall on the arabian, she did pretty damn well for her first meet in almost decade. The FTY was one of the best performed ones, even if you compare at the World level.

      1. Nope. Wonderful as Memmel is and her comeback is, you are as usual talking out your stupid ass. Lots of wobbles, and the mount problem, in addition to the Arabian fall. She is correct that for herself she had a great day; it is you who are incorrect.The achievement of course was coming back at all, but then she didn’t EARN a spot at Nationals according to you. Sure, Bitch!

      2. In her own words she had a great day so that’s what we will go with. All things considered after 9 years off it was a good day for her. I am right she did not EARN her spot as she did not get 27.0 for two events, as is the criteria for qualification that USAG has specified is needed to get to Nationals.
        So she is correct for her statement, but I am incorrect for quoting her.

        Got it!

        You just love to hate on me. You need some mental health assistance, your obsession with me is quite disturbing.

      3. No, moron, you are incorrect because you didn’t even notice the other problems Memmel had.

        Your totally unfounded amour-propre is almost as disturbing as the completely asinine pop-psychology cliches you throw around as if they made you look intelligent. Being called on your douchebaggery is just the price you pay for your pretentious online pontifications; I cannot imagine anyone being obsessed with you unless they had a *literal* troll fetish. 😀

  23. One could argue that she has earned it on the merits of her previous accomplishments for usag. And deserves it after being screwed out of her chance at nationals in 2012

  24. Somehow Chellsie’s score makes sense to me. Without the fall, the bend knee on the mount and the big balance check after her ilussion, her score would’ve been a low 8.

    That’s kind of right. I don’t see her clean beam ever scoring an E higher than 8.4-8.5

    1. There was a 0.3 bent leg and 0.3 missed split error on the mount, 0.3 balance check on the illusion, and probably 0.5 in errors on the Arabian (extremely low and squatted) + 1.0 for the fall. Very good execution elsewhere but those three major errors destroyed her score.

      You are correct that without those three errors, she would have been at a low-mid 8.0 execution.

      1. I haven’t been near the Code in a while, but back when I was judging, you couldn’t take more than 1.0 on any skill involving a fall. In other words, you could not deduct for a lack of height or a deep squat on top of the 1.0 for a fall. I doubt Memmel lost more than 1.0 on that Arabian.

      2. I double checked, but there’s nothing about a max of 1.0 being taken off per skill when there’s a fall. The skill itself can be deducted and the fall is deducted.

        When it comes to floor landings or dismounts on bars or beam, if there’s a fall, you don’t include any steps, hops, or other landing errors – just the 1.0 for the fall. But the skill itself can still be deducted.

        This is why falls destroy a score. Not only do you get 1.0 off, you also get deducted for the poor execution that lead to the fall.

  25. Grace definitely did a 2.5 wolf followed by 2.5 wolf. I assume was planning triple-double. It looked like the first one was wobbly – I thought she’d put her foot down after 2 but she got it to 2.5 but wouldn’t have made it to 3. Then she was facing the wrong way, so instead of a double, I think she did 2.5, which was clever to get her back in the right direction but doesn’t count because it’s a related element, right?

    1. Repeated element, not related element. Sorry, autocorrect.

    2. Nope, she did a 2.5 followed by a 3.5!!!! The 3.5 isn’t even in the code so not sure what they did with the D score. I think it was supposed to be a triple + double and she got turned around after the triple underrotated.

  26. Anyone know what the rumor Jessica alluded to in the Gymcastic aftershow is, regarding why Olivia Greaves isn’t there???

  27. Wow, there are more rude, vile people in this comment section than in years past.

    1. I agree. I’ve seen an astonishing level of unkindness in BBS comments in the last few months.

    2. It’s just two really loud people. You can tell because they have rather distinctive writing styles.

      1. Is it two people or is just the one unhinged person? I think there’s just the one. And yes, this site would be a much more pleasant place without that person. It’s a pity Spencer doesn’t monitor the comments and ban him/her.

  28. My fave if session one was Tim’s panicked ‘it’s okay if her coach kisses her, he’s also her dad.’

    Well. Now it’s awkward.

  29. Not the performance I hoped for, but I absolutely love watching Chellsie again. She’s such a positive presence and I love her barnstormer energy!

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