The Olympics of GIFs

Everything was great. No notes.

Having no touch warmups in event finals went down like a

Where did Rebeca Andrade become immediate president?

David Rumbutis waved at your predictions

Nothing says Olympic beam champion like instantly falling on dry land

Suni Lee became the first gymnast to wobble in the 4th dimension

You know Valentina told him to curse them

We call this the three medal shuffle

This hilltop wind shaman kept everyone on during the beam final somehow

Little bunny boy went hop hop hop

Simone told Suni they’re out of pizza

Attempting to burrow inside a wall is the new high five

What if Melnikova had just kept both flowers?

Nothing but respect for the best executed bars of the Olympics


Country boy spends his first night in the big city and learns some things

You’re welcome for me

Simone and Suni tried to represent the twisties for you via skit

Next time go all the way around like an owl

Is this identity theft?


4 thoughts on “The Olympics of GIFs”

  1. OK I now have to know whether Sofus presented for the wrong gymnast, or if he was actually called then. I suspect the former and I love him all the more for it.

    1. Louis Frasca’s name was announced and Sofus did raise his arms.
      It was so adorable.
      Sofus has autism. Good to see him overcome that and make it to the Olympics.

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