Sunday Live Blog – January 16, 2022

It’s a fun slate, starting with the celebration of St. Football Counterprogramming’s Day as Alabama and Florida meet in week 2 and mark the first time that non-championship college gymnastics has been live on a free network. My meet preview: Both of the vault judges are named Carol. Week 1—and also everything—tells us that Florida is the favorite. In the score department, Florida would need 198.050 in this one to move ahead of Michigan for the #1 ranking, and since Florida had a number of meh moments last week for 197.675, that 198 mark doesn’t seem out of the question. For Alabama, look out for progress in the vault and floor landings over last week to try to get a score they might want to count.

Following that, we’ll have a matchup between Cal and Stanford that will hopefully answer the question, Stanford…huh? Stanford is almost always one of the biggest unknowns in a college season, and this year even more so. Are Irina Alexeeva and Isabela Onyshko making their debuts this year? Last season kind of didn’t count for Stanford, so where are you? Are you as competitive as the names on your roster, or nah?

Shallon Olsen returns to Alabama’s lineups today and Lilly Hudson is also slated to make her debut.

Florida is adding Schoenherr and Wong to the vault lineup today, though looks like Blakely is not vaulting.

In other news, looks like LIU got just its highest beam score ever with a 48.800.

Red alert: Bart is sooooooo excited.

Morgan Hurd ACL tweet special report. Thanks, we hate it.

But what about COVI…..a sellout wheeeeeeeeeeee

Highlights of some of our favorite 9.975s from the Utah/Oklahoma meet.

The timing here isn’t ideal with two commercials before anything happens. What is this, the Pac-12 Network?

“All of the other coaches are in awe of her ability to recruit.” Yes, friendly awe. Very impressed and not at all pissy.

Rotation 1

Florida VT 1: Skaggs – yfull, very pretty in the air, just a tad forward and a little movement on landing, great in the air. 9.875, a little high for me but we can live with that.

Alabama UB 1: Gaskins – close catch on Ray but works out of it – pak, small leg break – 1/2 turn on low bar looks fine – kind of a tight performance from her in these handstands – DLO is arched to the point of being over-arched but fine. 9.750

Florida VT 2: Edwards – getting another performance – Yfull – good distance but a larger bounce back, not quite the flare of Skaggs and a bigger landing error, though did have better distance. 9.775

Alabama UB 2: Waligora – blind to jaeger to overshoot, nice amplitude on that combination – DLO 1/1, small leg break in the air, bounce back, good work. 9.700

Florida VT 3: Schoenherr – Y1.5 and only just kept it to her feet, came in quite short with a lunge back and an additional step. That means they’ll have to count the 9.775 from Edwards. 9.625

Alabama UB 3: Adams – shortish first hs – maloney to pak, great legs together – can leeuwen, legs together again – good hs on high – full a little late into double tuck, bounce up. 9.850

Florida VT 4: Reed – very strong Y1.5 from her, great distance, a little movement on landing. Great work. 9.975???? She didn’t stick. Bowers redux. Sigh x1000.

Alabama UB 4: Machado – maloney to pak, leg break a little – toe on to can leeuwen, legs together – stolid hs on high – toe full is lateish and a bit crooked, double tuck, small slide. 9.850

Florida VT 5: Wong – ro 1/2 on pike 1/2 is not awesome – pretty short on landing, chest well forward, hop forward, fought to cover as much as possible but a large break. 9.725

Alabama UB 5: Blanco – holds first handstand for 8 months – maloney to pak, nice – 1/2 turn on low, good toe point – good cast hs on high – FTDT, stuck. Very nice. 9.925

Florida VT 6: Thomas – gorgeous 1.5, great in the air, stuck the landing. She did have to fight a little to hold the stick with a shiver back and forth, which is supposed to be an .05 deduction for control, but we’ll see if they take it. It was an actual stick, unlike Reed’s, and her form is crisper. And it’s a 10, you knew it would be. It was better than Reed’s 9.975, so…

Alabama UB 6: Doggette – tkatchev to pak, well done, good height – 1/2 turn on low is a bit late – shortish cast hs on high, borderline – DLO, nearrrrrly showed the stick, little movement. 9.925.

I thought Adams was stronger than Machado in that 9.850 pair and I thought Blanco was stronger than Doggette in that 9.925 pairing.

It’s 49.350 for both teams in the first rotation. Look how that worked out.

Florida all over the place on that first rotation—had two great vaults, one strong one from Skaggs, one fine one from Edwards, and two weak ones from Wong and Schoenherr. You KNEW they weren’t going to leave this week without giving out a 10, so the scoring is not surprising. Alabama looked solid on bars today. The handstands and pirouettes were not at postseason level, but we didn’t see large problems.

Rotation 2

Alabama VT 1: Adams – comes in somewhat short on her Yfull, leans to cover but does have to step forward. 9.700

Florida UB 1: Blakely – maloney with legs apart – pak is cleaner – 1/2 turn on low, slightly sluggish – strong cast hs on high 1/2 turn with some leg quiver – double front, cowboy, stuck. 9.775

Alabama VT 2: Hudson – her debut, competes a Yfull, fairly large lunge back, a little high and not the biggest off the vault. 9.750

Florida UB 2: Skaggs – Tiny Bows explainer before her routine – tkatchev to pak, good rhythm – slight lean in 1/2 turn on low – good cast hs on high – DLO, tries to sell the stick but has a college salute out of it. 9.875

Alabama VT 3: Olsen – DTY and one of her best college DTYs, small slide back, some knees, the usual. 9.850

Florida UB 3: McCusker – good first hs – maloney to pak, good legs on pak – toe on to van leeuwen, not her highest but gets it – higgins into double front 1/2 out, toes poitned, better dismount this week, step back. Had a couple handstand hesitations in there, but good. 9.750, thought the score would be more Florida home meet for that since this one was clearly better than last week.

Alabama VT 4: Quinn – hits her Y1.5 – medium step forward

Florida UB 4: Schoenherr – toe 1/2 to jaeger, very high – toe on to bail, legs together – good cast hs on high, a couple of the others were shorter – double front 1/2 out, holds the stick with a little arm wave. 9.825


Alabama VT 5: Doggette – nearly sells the stick on her Y1.5 but does have to step back into salute. Probably also a deduction for distance when you compare to Reed and Thomas. 9.875

Florida UB 5: Thomas – maloney to pak, nice – good hs on low – toe on to van leeuwen – wayyyyy overarches her handstand on high bar and a somewhat magical save to pull it back. DLO stuck. 9.750. Not great.

Alabama VT 6: Graber – good height on her Y1.5, medium step forward, strong work. 9.825

Florida UB 6: Wong – maloney to pak, not a lot of momentum into that pak and straddles it – shap 1/2 is clean – also arches her handstand on high, not as much as Thomas – DLO, shortish with a step forward. 9.750

Florida not an awesome bars rotation and was scored much more realistically and conservatively than Florida’s vault rotation was. Tale of different meets on different events and different rotations here.

Alabama goes 49.125 on vault, for a performance that was more complete than Florida’s vault performance but didn’t have the saving WOW vaults like Florida got for Reed and Thomas. Also maybe the judges read the code of points between Florida’s vault and Alabama’s. Weird how that happens sometimes.

Florida just 48.975 on bars with Wong and Thomas both having handstand problems and Wong showing a couple other form things in her routine. Even with that handstand error, Thomas isn’t scoring as high on bars through the first two routines this year, would be interested to see the judges sheets on those.

After 2: Alabama 98.475, Florida 98.325

Alabama will be living for this right now and Florida, not that.

Rotation 3

No Trinity on beam again today.

Florida BB 1: Skaggs – wolf single, a little tight but fine – switch to split, lovely positions – bhs loso series, comfortable landing – aerial, extended knee – cat leap to switch side, pretty solid horizontal position – side aerial to full, little movement, pretty routine. Skaggs for beam anchor. 9.875

Alabama FX 1: Olsen – piked full in, a little leg stagger and a bounce back – switch to split leap 1/5 to split jump full, not bad on those positions – front tuck through to double tuck, chest forward, some forward adjustment. OK. 9.725. Got her for leg position on several occasions there.

Florida BB 2: Blakely – aerial to bhs, keeps it moving quickly enough for credit – switch to switch 1/2, hits it, loses her feet some in the switch 1/2 – side somi is comfortable – side aerial to full, good extension on side aerial, stuck landing. 9.925.

Alabama FX 2: Mitchell – double pike, presents out of it – switch to wolf 1.5 to wolf full, loses control a little at the end, good height, not quite oaall the way on the wolf1.5, double tuck, controls landing, chest slightly down – 9.825

Florida BB 3: Lazzari – eessh, off line on her loso series and has a thigh scraper fall down the side of the beam – lovely split positions – side aerial to full – good finish. 9.150

Alabama FX 3: Waligora – L turn a little closer to horizontal this week – front lay to front 2/1, a little under, and a hop to the side correction on landing – split leap full to wolf full, some back leg on the split jump – the music in the second half requires a Sacramone tight caress or invalid – 1.5 to layout, good in the air but uncontrolled landing with large step. 9.800

Florida BB 4: Baumann – bhs loso series, solidly done – switch to split, good 180 on switch – side aerial with an uncharacteristic break for her, leg goes up – another large break on her switch 1/2, leg up above horizontal there and a twist to the side – 1.5 dismount is stuck. 9.625 that will have to count

Alabama FX 4: Hudson – nice front 2/1, presetns out of it, solid form and amplitude – switch 1/2 to wolf jump full, nice – 2.5, again solid form throughout – double tuck, just a little backward movement on landing. Good addition to the lineup. 9.850

Florida BB 5: Wong – switch through to split jump, lovely and smooth – bhs loso series, very strong – aerial, extended, smooth, good – side aerial, small adjustment – side somi, she’s doing a lottttt of individual D acro elements here – 2/1 dismount, college stick lean out of it. Lovely routine, but I feel like this composition is asking for deductions, like you could tack on some connection elements on some of this acro and wouldn’t have to risk as much. 9.900

I like the part where the live scores died.

Alabama FX 5: Blanco – double pike, pretty feet, a little movement – switch ring to switch 1/2 to popa – double tuck, better control there – finishes front full to layout, lower for her there with a step forward. 9.900

Florida BB 6: Clapper – bhs loso loso series, holds it well as it wasn’t her most comfortable in the air, just a small adjustment – switch with a break, no dance series – redoes it for switch to split, hits it the second time – side aerial to full, small step.9.775

Florida have away a LOT in this beam rotation with a fall and two other hesitant routines. Gets out of there with a 49.100

Alabama FX 6: Graber – full in, some movement today with a slide back – popa, good – switch side through to wolf 1.5, well done, clearly around, not trying to get away with something – front tuck through to double pike, good, chest just slightly forward.

Graber goes 9.925, which is a little high for me but not egregious. The scores haven’t been crazy since that Reed 9.975 on vault.

Alabama floor lineup was a LOT more complete and competitive this week than last week.

After 3: Alabama 147.775, Florida 147.425

But, Florida goes to home floor and Alabama goes to beam. Neither team amazing so far today, but Florida really didn’t do itself any favors on beam there.

Rotation 4

Alabama BB 1: Burgess – one-arm bhs to loso, clean and secure – cat leap is a little bit of an afterthought, does not hit the position, into switch side, hit, some feet – switch to beat jump, solid – side aerial to full, good opener. 9.775 Thought it might be higher, but Skaggs went 9.875 in that opening spot and Skaggs is definitely stronger form-wise in terms of knees and feet and split positions.

Florida FX 1: Skaggs – wolf double, just does seems to pull it around for two complete turns, borderline – rudi to a very high double stag – split leap full to split jump full – 1.5 to layout, just does control that back foot, good layout, small amount of crossing in the 1.5. Good. 9.900

Alabama BB 2: Doggette – a little tight on full turn but fine – bhs loso series, hits it, small lean – bea t to switch 1/2, high, not quite to 180 though – split to Chen flic – 1.5 dismount, somewhat out of control with a full tenth step. 9.750

Florida FX 2: Blakely – double arabian, step forward OOB, not what Florida needed – very nice leap positions – double tuck, controls the step – 1.5 to layout, good height on 1.5, loses some form on the layout and comes in a bit short. 9.725

Alabama BB 3: Olsen – switch to switch 1/2, small balance correction on landing – bhs loso, some better layout position but another arm wave correction – good full turn – aerial, hit – some front knee – downgrade dismount, bhs 2/1, little slide. Nothing big but threw in a number of .05s in that routine. 9.800

Florida FX: Baumann – 1.5 to front full, hit, dance out shows some lack of control for me – switch 1/2 to sissone, lovely positions, overturns the switch landing some into that 1/2 turning sissone everyone does – double pike is a big problem, chest well down, large stagger. 9.750

You knew the scores would be there for Florida on floor if they took them, but they’re not taking them.

Alabama BB 4: Hudson – aerial, some knee into bhs to loso series, hit – tentative pause on choreography – switch to split, OK, back leg a little iffy on switch – side aerial, secure, chest down – 1.5, little hop. Best of the rotation. 9.875

“Dana Duckworth says she’s going to remind us a little of Sarah Finnegan.” In which way though?

Florida FX 4: Wong – 3/1 is lovely in the air, well around, did hop to the side – split leap full to split jump, good split positions, again a little bouncy – 1/2 to front full, gives away a little more in knee position on that pass – double pike is very strong, controlled step. Nice. She’s getting there. Beam and floor better than last week. 9.925

Alabama BB 5: Waligora – bhs loso series, fairly large break with the leg up to horizontal – side aerial is solid – split jump to tuck full, another small correction out of that, good completion of element – 1.5, hop forward. Fine, gave away things though. 9.700

Florida FX 5: Reed – DLO, great, very high, a little steppy on landing for a .05 – front lay to rudi, again some bouncing on landing – switch 1/2 to wolf full, clearly around – double pike, again great height, very strong work here, such good tumbling, am interested to see what the judges do because there were a couple must-take landings though.

She got a 10.


Alabama BB 6: Blanco – Alabama needs a Blanco beam to save the potential Florida nonsense – aerial, pretty – bhs loso loso, strong – switch, shows good compsure to avoid showing a check into beat jump because she was a little off – 2/1 dismount, small bounce back. 9.950 also actually a little high for me for that one, but you know, look at floor.

Florida FX 6: Thomas – needs a 9.950 to win, 9.925 to tie – DLO, excellent, shows a little more foot control on her landing as well – front full to front layout to sissone, actual human perfection – split leap 1.5 to straddle 1/2, which is not the usual combo but her positions are very clear – double pike, slide back. So…you have to take .05 for the slide. But I would honestly give this a 9.950, and they already gave Reed a 10.

Kathy just said lit.

Oh, OK Trinity got a 10.

Florida comes back to win with 197.000 to Alabama’s 196.925.

Shocked, shocked to find out that there are 10s being awarded at this network-televised Florida home meet.

I mean, let’s be real, Florida should be thanking its lucky judges for that result because it wouldn’t have happened at another venue and there were some clear 9.975s and 10s that weren’t real and made the difference in the result.

But also, the reason Florida was able to be meh and held up by the judges anyway is because they do have that potential for brilliance and the higher ceiling than Alabama, and Thomas and Reed carried that team all the way home today. Florida has a lot more routines that are at least vaguely believable as 10s. Alabama was the more consistent team today, but other than Blanco’s everything and perhaps Graber’s floor, doesn’t have the same potential for 9.950+ routines, and that ultimately hurt them today. Even though they were better. What a sport. Cool cool.

And we still get to do Stanford and Cal in a sec!

Noteworthy absences in Cal’s lineups today are Watterson and Perea.

Pac-12 showing highlights of Kyana George to preview this meet is a real stab in the sternum.

Justin went for subtlety on the jacket today. Understated professionalism. Good for a business meeting or a communion.

Rotation 1

I think this is the first time Jim has encountered “she understood the assignment.”

Cal VT 1: Bordas – clean Yfull in the air, good height, fairly notable bounce back. 9.775

Stanford UB 1:  Waguespack – toe on to maloney, small leg break to pak, again only very small break – 1/2 turn on low bar is fairly late – cast hs on high, short – DLO, step back.  9.775

Cal VT 2: Li – finds the landing well on her Yfull, just a little movement back, shuffle – again solid height. 9.750, surprised that’s lower than Bordas, would assume they took for two separate steps there.

Stanford UB 2: Brunette – 1/2 turn on high into deltchev, hits it, fingertips, connects to overshoot, some legs – short cast hs on high, but good DLO, stuck. That’s better bars from her. 9.775

Cal VT 3: Schank – lovely yfull position, medium bounce back – good direction and distance. 9.800

Stanford UB 3: Alexeeva, very interested to see her – very short first hs – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger, lovely – pak, good form – the skills are so pretty but these handstands are soooooo short, going to destroy the score – double front, and falls. Drag.

Cal VT 4: Clausi – does just the yfull but it’s a good one – very small slide back, chest up well. 9.850

Long delay for Alexeeva’s score. 9.200

Stanford UB 4: Neault – small loose back moment on first hs – maloney to pak, good amplitude, some legs on maloney – short cast hs on high – toe full into direct double tuck, small hop back. She also had some handstand things that will hurt the score but potential there. 9.825

Cal VT 5: Loveee that we missed DeSouza‘s vault. Love it. Replay – great stick on her 1.5, some clear leg form and separation on the block, but has the landing. 9.900

Stanford UB 5: Bryant – good first hs – toe on to tkatchev, hit – pak, perfect – 1/2 turn on low is excellent – handstands are next level compared to the rest of the team so far – DLO, basically stuck, may not have held it long enough. Great. 9.950

Cal VT 6: Lauzon – very high and pretty Yfull in the air, she can do a 1.5 – definitely has the amplitude for it, hop up in place. 9.850

Stanford UB: A Gutierrez – shortis first hs – toe 1/2 to jaeger, good release – bail, leg break and some hip angle – 1/2 turn to double front 1/2 out, holds the stick very well on landing, chest down. She has a lot of small leg breaks in there, but if they can work those out, she’ll get a big score. 9.800

Cal goes 49.175 on vault, which they’ll take for an opening. DeSouza’s was strong, and Lauzon and Clausi gave them good fulls, despite downgrades.

Stanford goes 49.125 on bars, which on the standard of what we have become used to for Stanford on bars, is a massive victory. Like, there was a whole lineup and some good routines. And of course Bryant was excellent. Bars scoring maybe loose but after the floor rotation we just watched, I’m not even really sure what life is, so….

Rotation 2

Stanford VT 1: Chrobok – hits a yfull, looks like a fairly large bounce back – some pike present throughout. 9.675

Cal UB 1: DeSouza – small arch on first hs – blind to piked jaeger to overshoot, good amplitude, legs together – solid cast hs on high bar – FTDT, a bit of feet, small hop back. Solid. 9.850

Stanford VT 2: Navarro – yfull from her as well – medium hop to the side, again a piked shape and chest a little down, smaller bounce than Chrobok. 9.750

Cal UB 2: Li – small shiver in first hs – big Pak – hits hs on low bar well – toe on to van leeuwen, legs together throughout – giant full was close to finished on time, maybe a little crooked at the end, connected to double tuck, stuck landing. 9.850

Stanford VT 3: Brunette – Yfull, better distance than the first time, again a clear pike, bounce back. 9.750

Cal UB 3: Schank – blind to piked jaeger, verrry close to the bar, tries to work out of it but can’t catch the overshoot – finishes DLO with a lean to hold the stick. 9.225

Stanford VT 4: Neault – yfull-on to back pike, gets solid amplitude for this vault – chest medium position – bounce back. 9.750

Cal UB 4: Williams – nice first hs – maloney to pak, legs right together – 1/2 turn on low, solid handstand position – good cast hs on high bar – DLO, little hop back. Well. That routine is going to be a thing. 9.875

Stanford VT 5: Bryant – huge Yfull, just a little bounce, great amplitude, very small piked position. 9.875

Cal UB 5: Bordas – blind to high jaeger to overshoot, a bit of feet on jaeger – great hs on high – giant full to double tuck with a lean adjustment to hold the stick. 9.850

Stanford VT 6: A Gutierrez – Y1.5 intended, it was rather tucked in the air and she also came up wellllll short and sits it down. 9.050

Cal UB 6: Green – good first hs – gienger is also reallly close but she’s able to work through hers into overshoot – FTDT, little bounce in place. 9.875

I don’t understand the score range on bars there, with Green tying for the best score with that close catch. And getting the same number as a pristine bars from Williams.

Why are we just sitting here watching athletes watch exhibitions?

Cal goes 49.300 on bars, Stanford 48.800 on vault.

After 2: Cal 98.475, Stanford 97.925

Rotation 3

Cal BB 1: Clausi – kickover front and an immediate fall – is that the first time she’s fallen on beam? I can’t remember one – resumes with a hit bhs loso series – wobble on her leap combination – tuck full dismount, bounce back. 9.100

Stanford FX 1: Neault – double pike, drops into it, chest somewhat down – switch to split ring full with a step, you knoe, split ring full stuff – rudi, gets a little ragged, step – 1.5 to layout, some legs, fine. 9.775

Cal BB 2: DeSouza – cat leap to aerial, check, leg up, tries to pretend she was just going to scale like a Golden Globe nominee – bhs loso series, very small adjustment – beat to sheep is secure – sissone, smooth – 1.5, stuck landing. Brought it back well at the end. 9.850

Stanford FX 2: Brunette – rudi, some feet and chest position, secure landing – solf jump full to split leap full is a little cheated in terms of rotation – double tuck solid height – 9.775

Cal BB 3: Bordas – aerial, covers her arm wave into a connection to split jump – bhs loso series, secure landing – switch to split, some back foot, hits 180 – bhs gainer full and completely college salutes herself into a step back. 9.900 is high there.

Stanford FX 3: Alexeeva – double pike and collapses down to sit it – I blame Valentina – gets crooked on a wolf jump full and has to arm wave it and doesn’t quite get it around – finishes with just a layout. So not full composition there either, not sure if that was a post-fall decision or the plan. 7.650

Cal BB 4: Li – aerial to split jump is very nice – bhs loso series, little arm lean after and some soft knees in the air – beat to sheep, secure landing – gainer tuck full is really strong, good stick. 9.925

Stanford FX 4: A Gutierrez – 2.5 to front – camera angle is tooooo closeeeee to these passes, some crossed leg, controls landing – split leap full to popa, around – double pike, chest down and some stagger in the air but holds it. 9.825

Cal BB 5: Lauzon – pretty flexibility display to start – switch with a little hesitation before split jump, not enough to jeopardize the combo – bhs bhs loso, small adjustment on landing – good full turn – aerial, leg-up check – side aerial to full, stuck. A bit tentative but a hit routine. 9.850,

Scores soaring more on beam than in the first couple rotations.

Stanford FX 5: Bryant – Full in, awesome, yes – front tuck through to high double pike, just a small rebound – switch side and popa, doesn’t get up to split on that switch side this time – open double tuck, little bounce. Good work. 9.925

Cal BB 6: Kane – wolf single, good – side aerial loso and falls, looked like she was off line on side aerial and corrected to the other side on her loso – Cal counting beam fall – hitch kick with a hesitation into switch side – side aerial to full, holds landing with arm wave.

Stanford FX 6: Zeng – front lay to rudi, a little low, slide back – split full to popa to straight full is an enjoyable combo – double tuck, chest forward but pulls it around, step. 9.775

Cal goes 48.625 on beam with the counting fall, Stanford 49.075 on floor to sit on 147.000 to Cal’s 147.100, which is closer than one might have thought. Stanford might even 196, but that would require getting through beam.

Rotation 4

Stanford BB 1: Onyshko getting a look today as well – note that Widner has been absent – bhs loso series, very solid – switch ring, little shudder before beat jump – aerial to split, some back leg, but solid – gainer pike, stuck. Really nice debut. 9.875

Cal FX 1: Quinn – front lay to rudi, solid control – switch side to popa to wolf jump, shows clear positions – double pike is well short, stumbles forward and hands down. 8.975

Stanford BB 2: Waguespack – split jump to straddle 3/4, pretty good – kickover, little correction to bhs but keeps it going, wobble on landing, lean and arm wave – kickover, arm wave – gainer front layout full dismount, nice landing. 9.600

Cal FX 2: Clausi – double pike, high, bounce back – switch side to wolf full, solid – 1.5 to layout to double stag is comfortable – double tuck, secure landing, chest just a bit down. 9.875

Stanford BB 3: Stephenson – aerial to beat, well done – bhs loso, brought it back on well, no check – split jump to sheep, nice height on that combination – gainer full, a little ragged, hop back. 9.850

Cal FX 3: Li – front 2/1 to stag is smooth, some leg crossing in twist – front full to front lay, secure landing as well – switch 1/2 to wolf full, shows her 180s – pretty routine. 9.900

Stanford BB 4: Navarro – signature jump to sit split in cross position – bhs bhs loso with a little correction side to side – full turn, larger break, bend at the hips – swtich to split jump to straddle 1/4, good extension there, especially on the straddle 1/4 – 1.5, hop forward. 9.750

P12 reports a 9.925 for Li. But we have a delay. Jim says one judge went 10 for Li. Cal was like, FLORIDA THIS.

“The computer wouldn’t take the 10” is nothing. Interested to know what actually happened there.

Cal FX 4: DeSouza – double pike, small bounce back – switch side to wolf full, good clear positions – 1.5 to front full, really nice leg position, most people doing that combo are doing it sloppier, lunge forward out of it – rudi to double stag, some arms to control in the air but keeps it in the right place. 9.875

Stanford BB 5: Neault – bhs loso, somewhat tentative but hit – smooth full turn – aerial, very smooth, good – switch ring to beat, solid switch ring position – opening herself up to some rhythm deductions because there’s pausing in here, but good 1.5 dismount, stuck with a stagger. 9.875

Misleading communication of scores here. You can’t include the fall score in the in-progress update unless we know it’s counting.

Cal FX 5: Lauzon – front 2/1 to front tuck, good in the air, comes up a tad short with a step back – switch ring to split leap full, a little soft in the switch ring, some bouncing on landing – 1.5 through to 2/1, deep landing but pulls it around with astep. Through a hit day. Still gets 9.800

Stanford BB 6: Bryant – good full turn – bhs loso series, secure, whips those arms right down, just some knees – beat to switch split jump, hit – front tuck, right on – bhs bhs double tuck, stuck. Yes you did. 9.925

Cal FX 6: Bordas – “This meet may be out of reach for California” is…not correct. She needs like a 9.750 to win – do they not know what dropped scores are? Do they not know what math is? – double tuck, lunge forward, chest forward – 1.5 to front layout, good form on 1.5, arches over the layout just a tad – switch to switch ring 1/2 – rudi, solid landing.

ooohhhh it’s 9.725 for Bordas, which gives us a tie. Surprised by the Bordas score. She was well short on her first pass but the rest looked good and Lauzon had similar errors for 9.8.

Did Jim and Amanda have any help at all? Ah, they’re just realized that dropped scores exist now.

196.275 is a huge score for Stanford to open with. Cal won’t be pleased with it and won’t hope to keep it around, but…counting fall.

And Bordas’s score gets raised to a 9.775, which makes a little more sense, and Cal comes out with the win. Still won’t love the total though.

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    1. Or not…… love the bars scoring. Would love to see that everywhere this season.

  1. Fantastic Meet. Finished like I thought, but I’ll be honest, Nya Reed was due. I didn’t want to see her career end like Alicia Boren without getting the 10 she deserved.

    Bama is going to be strong and scores were not too ridiculous.

    Better than the playoff game.

    1. Yeah, honestly, I like Alabama and they should have won today, but I thought the scores were SO MUCH MORE realistic overall for this meet than for Auburn/Arkansas or Oklahoma/Utah (just to name the two other meets I watched this weekend). The judges were a bit more permissive for Florida, but I’d rather see that than see ridiculous scoring the entire meet.

  2. Felt Alabama was underscored on several routines, and Florida over scored on some. I agree with Spencer, Florida should be thanking it’s lucky judges.

  3. The Andi Li thing is confusing. Was her score actually 9.25 but they had to input a diff score so the meet could go on? Then it isn’t a tie….

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