The 10s of Week 3

The 10.000s

Rachel Baumann – Floor – Georgia

Ona Loper – Vault – Minnesota

Mya Hooten – Floor – Minnesota

The 9.975s

Soraya Hawthorne – Floor – Georgia

Trinity Thomas – Bars – Florida

Leanne Wong – Bars – Florida

Rylie Mundell – Beam – Denver

Lynnzee Brown – Floor – Denver

Derrian Gobourne – Floor – Auburn

Cristal Isa – Beam – Utah

Jillian Hoffman – Floor – Utah

Jordan Bowers – Vault – Oklahoma

Ragan Smith – Beam – Oklahoma

Alyssa Worthington – Beam – New Hampshire

Hailey Lui – Beam – New Hampshire

Jade Carey – Beam – Oregon State

Jade Carey – Floor – Oregon State

Lexy Ramler – Vault – Minnesota

Lexy Ramler – Floor – Minnesota

Naomi Morrison – Vault – Michigan

The 9.950s

10.000/9.900 split

Sydney Soloski – Floor – Utah

Jade Carey – Bars – Oregon State

Maddie Quarles – Vault – Minnesota

Lexy Ramler – Bars – Minnesota

The 9.925s

10.000/9.850 split

Karley McClain – Floor – Southern Utah

5 thoughts on “The 10s of Week 3”

  1. I love that Jade Carey got a 10 from at least one judge on 3/4 events, and the only event she didn’t is vault(!!) – which we all know is coming. I am loving her college debut so much!

  2. I’m okay with the 3 tens, even though I’m not a fan of the 2 pass floor routine without an E pass. Her leaps/dance are great. Hooten is fantastic. No to Quarles and Ramler vaults, Hawthorne floor. Very happy for Hoffman after all of her injuries/surgeries. Pleasantly surprised by Lui on beam!

  3. Hailey Lui is a beautiful beam worker. I look forward to seeing more of her.

    Was it me or was Jillian Hoffman badly out of sync with her music for most of her routine?

  4. These judges seriously need glasses… or to actually care about deductions. I mean, Baumann stumbled out of her first tumbling pass! It wasn’t subtle! And she gets a 10? It’s a good routine, but there are glaring errors. And like… it’s week 3. We can’t be throwing senior night scores in week 3!

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