Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 3

Outside the gym, things have been going a little

Chris Waller’s job security was all

Then UCLA’s AD made a statement

And Jay Clark spoke to the media

So Marz Frazier said, OK then…

Meanwhile, the beat went on

The gymnasts pulled it back

Minnesota and Michigan said everyone who isn’t us should be 9.4

And we got a live look at gymnastics trying to be treated like a real sport

Georgia fell five times in a row on beam

But then Rachel Baumann got a 10

Lauren Pearl put her left foot in and shook it all about

This elephant made us rethink our stance on big game hunting

The Auburn boys lost to Andrea Maldonado

But also to this girl

Meanwhile, we all enjoyed the quad meet coverage out of Arizona

And if you just tell everyone the routine theme is malfunctioning robot Coco Chanel, it’s a 10

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  1. I hate the gymnasties at Auburn so much. They’re lucky to share a space with Andrea Maldonado

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