Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs — Week 6

Jordan Chiles had one of her low-energy days

While every other NCAA gymnast was like

And now we’ll hear from Achilles

Elsewhere, Sloane Blakely was like, “Bet you can’t do this

And her sister was like, “Can and have”

The real pandemic was high-fives all along

And this was more commitment to a beat jump than in any beam routine

Cause of death: Too Teammate To Function

Switch leap to…K kick?

In Cold Gymnastics news, we heard the Kamila Valieva decision

As the Olympic movement tried to come down on doping

And we all listened carefully to the IOC

Meanwhile, Simone went to Magic Mike Live

Then immediately got engaged

Ana Padurariu accidentally revealed the secrets of Canadian Invisible Beam

Sarah Brown decided to finally take her COVID year

And Tabitha was like, “I’ve scored this routine 8 times by now”

Southern etiquette: If you college salute into your teammates, they don’t have to go as far

OR you make them work for it

And Sekai Wright saw all the shit and went