Week 7 Rankings & NQS Update

Note 1: These rankings include the meets from Monday because, you know, they’re already happened. They will therefore differ from the official week 7 rankings, which do not include Monday meets.

Note 2: Cal, Kentucky, Oregon State, Arkansas, and Boise State do not currently have enough meets for an NQS, but I included them here in the spots where their current average would place them to get a sense of where they actually sit in the hierarchy.

Scores in BOLD can no longer be dropped.

1. Michigan

Road Score 1198.525
Road Score 2198.025
Road Score 3197.950
Home/Road Score 1197.950
Home/Road Score 2197.925
Home/Road Score 3197.750
Current NQS:197.920

This is already the highest NQS in Michigan’s team history, and there’s not really much that needs changing. Still, Utah is closing in and Oklahoma and Florida are lurking with 196s still to get rid of. Plus, Oklahoma has more 198s than Michigan so far this season. So Michigan will still look to improve upon that 197.750 this week to try to fend off the others, among whom Oklahoma has the highest peak after this weekend. A 197.925 would ensure that Michigan stays #1 in next week’s rankings. 

2. Utah

Road Score 1197.950
Road Score 2197.750
Road Score 3197.275
Home/Road Score 1198.000
Home/Road Score 2197.775
Home/Road Score 3197.675
Current NQS: 197.685

Utah’s road 197.950 against Washington on Monday night pulled the team just ahead of Oklahoma and Florida and into second place. Unlike Oklahoma, Utah doesn’t have a low score left to get rid of to drastically increase its NQS, so Utah cannot catch Michigan this weekend and will instead be looking for fend off OU and Florida. That will take a combination of a good score and some help from Oklahoma not being awesome.

3. Oklahoma

Road Score 1198.175
Road Score 2197.900
Road Score 3196.650
Home/Road Score 1198.200
Home/Road Score 2198.050
Home/Road Score 3197.425
Current NQS:197.640

Oklahoma’s third 198 of the season on Saturday proved just enough to bypass Florida in this week’s rankings. While catching Michigan this week will largely be dependent on what Michigan scores, Oklahoma can at least give itself a shot with another 198. Meanwhile, it would take a 197.625 to move back ahead of Utah regardless of what Utah scores, while it would take only a 197.175 to ensure that Oklahoma stays ahead of Florida in next Monday’s rankings since Florida hosts their meet.

4. Florida

Road Score 1197.775
Road Score 2197.575
Road Score 3196.975
Home/Road Score 1198.250
Home/Road Score 2198.150
Home/Road Score 3197.675
Current NQS:197.630

Florida hosts Oklahoma this Friday, and since Florida’s home scores are already the better half of the team’s NQS picture, there’s unlikely to be a lot of maneuvering Florida can do in the rankings next week—though it will be possible to pass both Utah and Oklahoma if they put up clunkers. That’s more in Utah and Oklahoma’s hands. Still, there’s room to pop a third 198 home score in there to set up Florida for a chance to zoom up given strong road scores in coming weeks, which always helps.  

5. Auburn

Road Score 1197.750
Road Score 2197.250
Road Score 3197.175
Home/Road Score 1197.575
Home/Road Score 2197.525
Home/Road Score 3197.350
Current NQS:197.375

Auburn moved ahead of LSU and Alabama this week for the #2 position in the conference, but because Auburn and Alabama are at home this weekend, while LSU competes away with a 196.850 that can be dropped, it will be LSU’s performance on Friday that most determines the order of these three teams in next week’s rankings. LSU needs 197.350 this weekend to clinch a position ahead of both for week 8. As for Auburn and Alabama, Auburn has a verrrry slightly higher peak than Alabama does this week and can therefore guarantee staying ahead of Alabama with a 197.675. Basically, it will be about whoever has the better competition on Friday.

6. LSU

Road Score 1197.825
Road Score 2197.200
Road Score 3196.850
Home/Road Score 1198.050
Home/Road Score 2197.975
Home/Road Score 3196.950
Current NQS:197.360

LSU used a two-meet weekend to get itself both a juicy, juicy 198 and a full NQS slate of six scores. With two 196s still hanging around, there’s lots of room to improve on this number and move up the rankings (see notes under Auburn). LSU still does have a long way to go to challenge the top four since Sunday’s second meet score was just 197.200, which isn’t a top-4 score, but would need three big scores out of four meets to get right up there, which is doable.

7. Alabama

Road Score 1197.600
Road Score 2197.125
Road Score 3196.925
Home/Road Score 1197.875
Home/Road Score 2197.650
Home/Road Score 3197.475
Current NQS: 197.355

Another strong 197 over the weekend has Alabama hanging close, but with Alabama competing at home for the next couple meets, there won’t be too much space to make a move in the rankings until the Elevate meet on March 6th, at which point they can start getting rid of the 196.9 and 197.1. For now, Alabama looks comfortable in the top 7 but dependent on the other teams for any chance to move higher. 

NR. Cal

Road Score 1196.925
Road Score 2196.675
Road Score 3
Home/Road Score 1197.575
Home/Road Score 2197.525
Home/Road Score 3197.350
Current NQS: N/A

Cal does not yet have a third road score and therefore can’t have an NQS because of the cancellation of the Collegiate Challenge in week 1, but the team’s current average of 197.063 would settle in here. For Sunday’s visit to Arizona State, Cal will be looking at the minimum score goal of 196.875 in order to confirm this #8 ranking for next Monday, (though, really, getting some road 197s out there will be imperative).  

NR. Kentucky

Road Score 1196.700
Road Score 2196.275
Road Score 3
Home/Road Score 1197.450
Home/Road Score 2197.450
Home/Road Score 3197.350
Current NQS:N/A

Like Cal, Kentucky has an average of 196.958 but not enough road scores for an NQS. After Friday’s meet, Kentucky will have an opportunity to go as high as 8th, though Cal enjoys the higher peak, so that will be dependent on what Cal does. A 197.325 on Friday at Auburn would make sure Kentucky is ahead of Minnesota regardless of what Minnesota scores at home. 

8. Minnesota

Road Score 1197.125
Road Score 2196.500
Road Score 3196.225
Home/Road Score 1197.650
Home/Road Score 2197.575
Home/Road Score 3196.900
Current NQS: 196.865

Minnesota remains in 8th place this week, but the presence of Cal and Kentucky (and Oregon State) as lurking contenders to pass once they have actual NQSs speaks to the danger that Minnesota’s recent beam problems have put the team in. Two straight beampocalypses have saddled Minnesota with a couple unusable 196s and exactly two road meets left (March 4, March 19) to fix it. Competing at home this weekend means Minnesota has a lower NQS peak than Cal, Kentucky, or Missouri so may find itself falling in the rankings for a moment if they all have good ones. 

NR. Oregon State

Road Score 1197.150
Road Score 2196.575
Road Score 3
Home/Road Score 1197.375
Home/Road Score 2197.275
Home/Road Score 3197.000
Current NQS:N/A

Oregon State’s current average of 196.821 compares quite well and would nestle right in among the teams challenging for spots in the top 10. This weekend’s home finale, however, won’t give Oregon State a full NQS, so we’ll have to wait until the very last minute to see if the Beavs’ remaining road scores are going to be enough to challenge.

9. Missouri

Road Score 1196.875
Road Score 2196.850
Road Score 3196.275
Home/Road Score 1197.650
Home/Road Score 2197.350
Home/Road Score 3196.600
Current NQS:196.790

Missouri has very competitive bold scores right now, which augurs well for how high the team can climb—provided that exactly all of the remaining meets are good ones. This week, Missouri enjoys a higher potential peak than both Kentucky and Minnesota. It would take a serious score well into the 197s to absolutely ensure it, but even if Minnesota goes say 197 flat, Missouri would need to go only 196.775 in order to pass, which seems very doable.    

10. Michigan State

Road Score 1196.975
Road Score 2196.775
Road Score 3196.500
Home/Road Score 1197.425
Home/Road Score 2196.875
Home/Road Score 3196.475
Current NQS:196.720

Michigan State’s scores at this point are all pretty representative of the team’s performance this year with no clunkers hanging around, so mostly it will be about holding the fort for the next month. With a lower peak after this weekend than the teams above (including the unranked teams), MSU would be reliant on them not putting up a great score for any chance to improve its ranking.

11. Denver

Road Score 1197.600
Road Score 2196.625
Road Score 3196.600
Home/Road Score 1197.000
Home/Road Score 2196.850
Home/Road Score 3196.125
Current NQS:196.640

It was a disastrous floor rotation that did in Denver this weekend as Mia Sundstrom joined the thanks-I-hate-it club of being out for the rest of the season. It’s getting harder and harder to fill out these lineups, but there should still be six who can go. Denver now has just one road meet remaining on the schedule and will have to count that 196.625, which is not a bad score but is not going to get a team into the top 10 this year, which means a home 197.0 this weekend would be extremely welcome.

NR. Arkansas

Road Score 1196.800
Road Score 2196.475
Road Score 3
Home/Road Score 1197.200
Home/Road Score 2197.050
Home/Road Score 3195.675
Current NQS:N/A

Like Oregon State, Arkansas still needs a road score but competes at home this weekend so cannot get an NQS until the following week. The team’s current average of 196.442 is medium-fine, but NQS will help a team like Arkansas because there’s still a chance to drop some of those weaker numbers if they can put together hit meets. There’s still a lot of room to grow for Arkansas (Sunday’s performance was only OK and got 196.800), but is there time?  

12. BYU

Road Score 1196.575
Road Score 2196.450
Road Score 3196.425
Home/Road Score 1197.225
Home/Road Score 2196.775
Home/Road Score 3196.700
Current NQS:196.585

A two-meet weekend allowed BYU to get rid of all of its low scores in one fell swoop to create a picture that’s pretty competitive. Still, 196.4s and 196.5s are not going to be high enough this season to get a spot in the top 16, so BYU will still be looking to its remaining road meets to get those numbers a little higher. 

13. Iowa

Road Score 1196.475
Road Score 2196.425
Road Score 3196.225
Home/Road Score 1196.825
Home/Road Score 2196.125
Home/Road Score 3196.125
Current NQS:196.275

Iowa will be somewhat concerned about the recent stagnation of scores in the lower 196s because that is a dangerous game to play. Lots and lots of teams, including some that currently sit outside the top 36, are capable of 196.2-196.4. It’s not a safe score. For now, Iowa is still in a solid position to make regionals but will be eager to start getting some high 196s this weekend so that getting relegated to the play-in meets is also not an option because this team is too talented for that. 

NR. Boise State

Road Score 1197.000
Road Score 2196.525
Road Score 3
Home/Road Score 1196.950
Home/Road Score 2195.975
Home/Road Score 3194.850
Current NQS:N/A

It was always going to be a late thing for Boise State given the schedule, but this team is now setting itself up to make a move on the top 16 after those two big scores over the weekend. If that’s representative of what the team will continue to score, a high ranking is quite believable. But with just four meets left and a 195, a 194, and a zero still on the slate, there’s little room to count a fall in here. 

14. Utah State

Road Score 1196.800
Road Score 2196.450
Road Score 3196.350
Home/Road Score 1196.425
Home/Road Score 2195.875
Home/Road Score 3195.800
Current NQS: 196.180

Utah State is in the somewhat unusual position of having better road scores than home scores, which allows for many more opportunities to get rid of those pesky 195s that are keeping the ranking down since they can be dropped at any time.

15. Stanford

Road Score 1196.275
Road Score 2196.000
Road Score 3195.725
Home/Road Score 1196.900
Home/Road Score 2196.575
Home/Road Score 3196.250
Current NQS:196.165

Stanford’s setup is currently pretty comfortable-looking—and a mid-196 for a counting fall on Monday is encouraging—but the team will still want a few more road scores to get safely out of the 196.2 purgatory.

16. Arizona State

Road Score 1196.600
Road Score 2196.550
Road Score 3196.275
Home/Road Score 1197.800
Home/Road Score 2196.100
Home/Road Score 3195.275
Current NQS:196.160

Arizona State is making a move now. With a 195.275 to get rid of this weekend, expect a huge ranking surge next Monday as ASU’s setup is currently more encouraging than for the teams ranked Iowa-through-Stanford. 

17. Ohio State

Road Score 1196.900
Road Score 2196.675
Road Score 3195.775
Home/Road Score 1196.450
Home/Road Score 2196.025
Home/Road Score 3195.750
Current NQS: 196.135

Ohio State’s 196.900 on Friday ranks as one of the best scores in team history, and even if that level can’t quite be replicated, it makes those 195.7s hanging around look infinitely droppable to solidify this ranking position. 

18. Southern Utah

Road Score 1197.000
Road Score 2195.550
Road Score 3195.000
Home/Road Score 1196.975
Home/Road Score 2196.550
Home/Road Score 3196.450
Current NQS:196.105

It will all come down to the road meets for SUU on March 5 and March 19 because everything else is quite competitive. But counting 195s will put almost any team in ranking danger this year. 

19. UCLA

Road Score 1196.850
Road Score 2196.300
Road Score 3195.475
Home/Road Score 1197.650
Home/Road Score 2196.400
Home/Road Score 3194.850
Current NQS:195.975

Sunday’s bars meltdown means that UCLA is stuck counting a 196.300 road score, which is going to curtail how high the team can climb. UCLA’s ranking should improve significantly once that 194.850 is removed (right?) to get the team out of the actual ranking danger it is in right now, but that 197.600 will have to be replicated plenty more times to get to a ranking that even vaguely befits the talent level of the team. 

20. Illinois

Road Score 1196.450
Road Score 2196.350
Road Score 3195.650
Home/Road Score 1196.350
Home/Road Score 2195.725
Home/Road Score 3195.450
Current NQS:195.910

21. West Virginia

Road Score 1196.575
Road Score 2195.925
Road Score 3195.425
Home/Road Score 1196.100
Home/Road Score 2195.900
Home/Road Score 3195.725
Current NQS:195.815

22. Iowa State

Road Score 1196.325
Road Score 2196.275
Road Score 3195.775
Home/Road Score 1196.225
Home/Road Score 2195.575
Home/Road Score 3194.350
Current NQS:195.640

Note a low 194 still to be removed here.

23. Washington

Road Score 1196.825
Road Score 2195.100
Road Score 3194.450
Home/Road Score 1197.275
Home/Road Score 2196.250
Home/Road Score 3195.450
Current NQS:195.615

It took Washington a single weekend to go from danger zone to glory. And now with bold scores right up there alongside teams like Arkansas (and some very low numbers to drop), Washington is looking dangerous.

24. North Carolina

Road Score 1196.625
Road Score 2195.325
Road Score 3194.225
Home/Road Score 1196.475
Home/Road Score 2196.000
Home/Road Score 3195.700
Current NQS:195.545

UNC came up with a big road score this weekend and not a moment too soon. Those other road scores will still have to go, but both bold scores look safe for regionals.

25. Towson

Road Score 1195.975
Road Score 2194.975
Road Score 3194.000
Home/Road Score 1196.700
Home/Road Score 2196.525
Home/Road Score 3196.225
Current NQS:195.540

26. Rutgers

Road Score 1195.750
Road Score 2195.550
Road Score 3195.475
Home/Road Score 1195.950
Home/Road Score 2195.675
Home/Road Score 3195.175
Current NQS:195.525

No 196s = big danger

27. Penn State

Road Score 1196.425
Road Score 2196.125
Road Score 3195.875
Home/Road Score 1195.475
Home/Road Score 2195.325
Home/Road Score 3194.775
Current NQS:195.515

28. Georgia

Road Score 1196.800
Road Score 2196.125
Road Score 3194.500
Home/Road Score 1196.300
Home/Road Score 2196.100
Home/Road Score 3194.475
Current NQS: 195.500

Georgia is hanging on. We can assume those 194s will fly shortly even if the performances continue being kind of meh, which should get Georgia to a safe-ish ranking. But if it’s still 196.3s, Georgia won’t sleep well for a while.  

29. Nebraska

Road Score 1196.750
Road Score 2195.625
Road Screo 3195.525
Home/Road Score 1196.350
Home/Road Score 2195.500
Home/Road Score 3194.425
Current NQS:195.485

The scores have started to come for Nebraska, but only just in the nick of time. There’s no room remaining to count falls with four meets left and four scores that really need to go.

30. NC State

Road Score 1196.725
Road Score 2195.125
Road Score 3194.550
Home/Road Score 1196.350
Home/Road Score 2195.600
Home/Road Score 3195.250
Current NQS:195.375

31. Pittsburgh

Road Score 1196.450
Road Score 2195.575
Road Score 3194.575
Home/Road Score 1196.775
Home/Road Score 2195.800
Home/Road Score 3194.300
Current NQS:195.340

Pitt is making a late upset bid for a spot at regionals with two very useful bold scores. If those 194s can both go over the next two meets, this starts to look like a competitive slate.

32. Arizona

Road Score 1196.050
Road Score 2196.025
Road Score 3195.500
Home/Road Score 1196.400
Home/Road Score 2195.125
Home/Road Score 3193.775
Current NQS:195.295

Arizona’s secret weapon is that 193 still to drop. But will those 196.0s be enough?

33. Western Michigan

Road Score 1196.100
Road Score 2195.400
Road Score 3194.875
Home/Road Score 1196.225
Home/Road Score 2196.000
Home/Road Score 3194.050
Current NQS:195.285

34. San Jose State

Road Score 1196.550
Road Score 2196.025
Road Score 3195.950
Home/Road Score 1195.975
Home/Road Score 2195.725
Home/Road Score 3192.725
Current NQS:195.280

Watch out for SJSU in the coming weeks. There’s a misleading 192 in there.

35. Kent State

Road Score 1196.200
Road Score 2195.600
Road Score 3194.875
Home/Road Score 1195.550
Home/Road Score 2195.300
Home/Road Score 3195.050
Current NQS:195.275

36. Ball State

Road Score 1195.675
Road Score 2195.025
Road Score 3194.750
Home/Road Score 1196.325
Home/Road Score 2195.850
Home/Road Score 3194.800
Current NQS:195.220

37. UC Davis

Road Score 1195.625
Road Score 2195.075
Road Score 3194.700
Home/Road Score 1196.325
Home/Road Score 2195.675
Home/Road Score 3194.625
Current NQS:195.140

38. Maryland

Road Score 1195.950
Road Score 2195.725
Road Score 3192.925
Home/Road Score 1196.700
Home/Road Score 2196.125
Home/Road Score 3194.925
Current NQS:195.130

192 alert.

39. Northern Illinois

Road Score 1195.075
Road Score 2194.550
Road Score 3194.225
Home/Road Score 1196.300
Home/Road Score 2195.950
Home/Road Score 3195.500
Current NQS:195.060

40. George Washington

Road Score 1196.375
Road Score 2194.925
Road Score 3194.825
Home/Road Score 1196.025
Home/Road Score 2194.750
Home/Road Score 3194.675
Current NQS:195.040

41. Illinois State

Road Score 1195.250
Road Score 2195.225
Road Score 3195.175
Home/Road Score 1195.150
Home/Road Score 2194.900
Home/Road Score 3194.525
Current NQS:194.995

42. Temple

Road Score 1195.825
Road Score 2195.800
Road Score 3195.425
Home/Road Score 1194.650
Home/Road Score 2194.525
Home/Road Score 3193.825
Current NQS:194.845

43. Central Michigan

Road Score 1196.125
Road Score 2195.550
Road Score 3194.650
Home/Road Score 1196.475
Home/Road Score 2193.950
Home/Road Score 3193.425
Current NQS:194.740

44. New Hampshire

Road Score 1195.400
Road Score 2195.125
Road Score 3193.625
Home/Road Score 1196.450
Home/Road Score 2195.875
Home/Road Score 3193.625
Current NQS:194.730

45. Pennsylvania

Road Score 1195.375
Road Score 2194.925
Road Score 3194.875
Home/Road Score 1194.775
Home/Road Score 2194.425
Home/Road Score 3193.500
Current NQS:194.500