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National Championship – Schedule and Links


Thursday, April 14

1:00pm ET/10:00am PT

Semifinal 1:

6:00pm ET/3:00pm PT

Semifinal 2:

Saturday, April 16

1:00pm ET/10:00am PT

National Championship

Rotation Order

In the championship, the winner of semifinal #2 starts on vault, second place from semifinal #2 starts on bars, second place from semifinal #1 starts on beam, and the winner of semifinal #1 starts on floor.

How to Watch

Meets marked ABC will be broadcast live on TV for anyone in the US and can also be streamed online at the link provided.

Meets marked ESPN2 will be broadcast live on TV and can also be streamed online at the link provided for those who have a log-in from a TV provider subscription that includes ESPN2.

Regionals – Schedule and Links


Wednesday, March 30

3:00pm ET/12:00pm PT
NC State Play-in:
[33] Towson v [35] North Carolina

4:00pm ET/1:00pm PT
Auburn Play-in:
[28] Iowa State v [36] Western Michigan

4:00pm ET/1:00pm PT
Oklahoma Play-in:
[31] West Virginia v [32] Arizona

6:00pm ET/3:00pm PT
Washington Play-in:
[29] Stanford v [34] San Jose State

Thursday, March 31

1:00pm ET/10:00am PT

NC State Semifinal 1:
[6] LSU
[11] Missouri
[22] Iowa
[30] NC State

2:00pm ET/11:00am PT

Auburn Semifinal 1:
[7] Auburn
[10] Kentucky
[23] Georgia
[27] Southern Utah

2:00pm ET/11:00am PT

Oklahoma Semifinal 1:
[8] Minnesota
[9] Cal
[24] Boise State
[25] Utah State

4:00pm ET/1:00pm PT

Washington Semifinal 1:
[5] Alabama
[12] Michigan State
[21] BYU
[25] Washington

7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT

NC State Semifinal 2:
[3] Michigan
[14] UCLA
[20] Maryland
Towson/North Carolina

8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT

Auburn Semifinal 2:
[2] Florida
[15] Denver
[17] Ohio State
Iowa State/Western Michigan

8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT

Oklahoma Semifinal 2:
[1] Oklahoma
[16] Arizona State
[18] Arkansas
West Virginia/Arizona

10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT

Washington Semifinal 2:
[4] Utah
[13] Oregon State
[19] Illinois
Stanford/San Jose State

Saturday, April 2

5:00pm ET/2:00pm PT

NC State Regional Final:

6:00pm ET/3:00pm PT

Auburn Regional Final:

6:00pm ET/3:00pm PT

Oklahoma Regional Final:

8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT

Washington Regional Final:
Michigan State

Thursday Master Schedule

How to Watch

Meets marked ESPN+ may be streamed through a separate paid subscription to the ESPN+ streaming service ($7/month). I know. There’s not even a free trial you can sign up for and then cancel anymore.

Conference Championships – Schedule and Links


Friday, March 18

6:00pm ET/3:00pm PT
MIC Championship
[49] Illinois State
[50] TWU
[54] Lindenwood
[59] SEMO
[72] Centenary

Saturday, March 19

12:00pm ET/9:00am PT
Big Ten Championship
Session 1
[19] Illinois
[20] Maryland
[23] Iowa
[37] Penn State
[41] Nebraska
[44] Rutgers

12:00pm ET/9:00am PT
EAGL Championship
Session 1
[42] Pittsburgh
[45] New Hampshire
[46] Temple
[55] LIU

1:00pm ET/10:00am PT
GEC Championship
Session 1

[64] Cornell
[65] Southern Connecticut
[68] William & Mary
[70] Bridgeport

2:00pm ET/11:00am PT

MAC Championship
[36] Western Michigan
[38] Kent State
[40] Central Michigan
[47] Northern Illinois
[48] Ball State
[52] Eastern Michigan
[56] Bowling Green

3:00pm ET/12:00pm PT

Pac-12 Championship
Session 1
[18] UCLA
[27] Stanford
[29] Washington
[32] Arizona

3:30pm ET/12:30pm PT

SEC Championship
Session 1
[9] Kentucky
[11] Missouri
[17] Arkansas
[22] Georgia

5:00pm ET/2:00pm PT

MPSF Championship
[35] San Jose State
[43] UC Davis
[53] Air Force
[57] Sacramento State
[63] Alaska

5:30pm ET/2:30pm PT

Big Ten Championship
Session 2
[3] Michigan
[8] Minnesota
[12] Michigan State
[16] Ohio State

6:00pm ET/3:00pm PT

EAGL Championship
Session 2
[28] NC State
[30] Towson
[33] North Carolina
[39] George Washington

6:00pm ET/3:00pm PT

GEC Championship
Session 2
[51] Penn
[58] Yale
[60] Brown
[61] West Chester

7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT

Big 12 Championship
[1] Oklahoma
[15] Denver
[26] Iowa State
[34] West Virginia

8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT

SEC Championship
Session 2
[2] Florida
[5] LSU
[6] Auburn
[6] Alabama

8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT

Pac-12 Championship
Session 2
[4] Utah
[10] Cal
[13] Oregon State
[14] Arizona State

8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT

MRGC Championship
[21] BYU
[24] Boise State
[25] Utah State
[31] Southern Utah

Saturday Master Schedule

How to Watch

Meets marked ESPNU, SECN and BTN will be broadcast live on TV and can also be streamed online at the link provided for those who have a login from a TV provider subscription that includes those networks.

Meets marked P12N will be broadcast live on TV or online on Pac-12 Insider and can be streamed at the link provided for those who have a log-in from a TV provider subscription that includes those networks. The Pac-12 Network provides a free international feed on YouTube for those outside the US.

Meets marked ESPN+ may be streamed through a separate paid subscription to the ESPN+ streaming service ($7/month).

Meets marked ESPN3 may be streamed on WatchESPN for those who have a log-in from a participating internet service provider, which is all of them.

Meets marked Free Stream are free at the link provided.

Meets marked $ Stream require a subscription to a school-specific streaming service.

DTB Pokal – Stuttgart

Friday, March 18
5:00am ET/2:00am PT – Junior Men
1:00pm ET/10:00am PT – Senior Men

Saturday, March 19
5:00am ET/2:00am PT – Junior Women
8:45am ET/5:45am PT – Senior Women
1:30pm ET/10:30am PT – Men’s Event Finals

Sunday, March 20
5:00am ET/2:00am PT – Women’s Event Finals
9:30am ET/6:30am PT – Mixed Team Cup

Streaming at

Final NQS Scenarios

Scores in BOLD can no longer be dropped.

1. Oklahoma

Road Score 1198.175
Road Score 2198.075
Road Score 3197.900
Home/Road Score 1198.475
Home/Road Score 2198.200
Home/Road Score 3198.050
Current NQS:198.080

Maximum NQS: 198.195
Possible ranking range: 1-2

Despite a non-counter over the weekend, Oklahoma stayed at #1 because no one else among the very top got a 198 either (whatttt?). Oklahoma is still looking for that 198.125 this week to break its old NQS record but will also be subject to what Florida does in terms of the final #1 ranking because Florida has the higher maximum NQS after conference championships.

2. Florida

Road Score 1198.575
Road Score 2197.975
Road Score 3197.775
Home/Road Score 1198.250
Home/Road Score 2198.150
Home/Road Score 3198.100
Current NQS:198.050

Maximum NQS: 198.210
Possible ranking range: 1-3

Florida does have the higher maximum possible NQS than Oklahoma but would need 198.500 at the SEC Championship to guarantee it. Which, this year, you never know. But it’s a lot. Basically, Oklahoma is sitting in control right now, but if Florida goes crazy as SECs, a switch is possible. Florida also has a chance to break the old NQS record with a 198.150. Ensuring a spot in the top 2 and staying ahead of Michigan requires 197.950. 

3. Michigan

Road Score 1198.525
Road Score 2198.025
Road Score 3197.950
Home/Road Score 1197.950
Home/Road Score 2197.950
Home/Road Score 3197.925
Current NQS:197.960

Maximum NQS: 198.080
Possible ranking range: 1-4

Theoretically, Michigan could tie Oklahoma, but that would require a season high at that 198.525 mark and a non-counter from Oklahoma, so it’s not the most likely. The possibility of catching Florida will also be majorly challenging—requiring 198.400 to even have a shot—so Michigan is probably just hoping to fend off Utah and stay in third.

4. Utah

Road Score 1197.950
Road Score 2197.875
Road Score 3197.750
Home/Road Score 1198.575
Home/Road Score 2198.000
Home/Road Score 3197.775
Current NQS: 197.870

Maximum NQS: 198.035
Possible ranking range: 3-6

Utah actually has a pretty wide range of possible rankings, spanning both the #1 seed and #2 seed ranges at regionals, but will be aiming for anything over 198 this week, which would be enough to clinch a #1 regionals seeding regardless of what anyone else does.

5. LSU

Road Score 1197.825
Road Score 2197.625
Road Score 3197.200
Home/Road Score 1198.125
Home/Road Score 2198.050
Home/Road Score 3197.975
Current NQS:197.735

Maximum NQS: 197.920
Possible ranking range: 4-7

With Alabama idle and Auburn getting a non-counter, LSU took advantage of the opportunity and jumped up to 5th place. It would take a semi-hefty score to pass Utah for a spot in the top 4, but if LSU goes 197.9 and Utah doesn’t get a 198, it can happen. LSU and Auburn are pretty similar in terms of maximum NQS, but that maximum NQS would hinge on Auburn getting back to 198.5, so consider LSU in the driver’s seat in that regard.

6. Auburn

Road Score 1197.750
Road Score 2197.750
Road Score 3197.250
Home/Road Score 1198.575
Home/Road Score 2197.925
Home/Road Score 3197.575
Current NQS:197.650

Maximum NQS: 197.915
Possible ranking range: 4-8

Auburn was not able to escape the tie with Alabama this week but retains the edge in the tiebreak and the higher maximum NQS after SECs. Still, it would take a 198.200 to absolutely clinch a spot ahead of Alabama in the final rankings, so the conference championship results will decide much in that regard.

6. Alabama

Road Score 1198.000
Road Score 2197.600
Road Score 3197.125
Home/Road Score 1198.075
Home/Road Score 2197.875
Home/Road Score 3197.650
Current NQS: 197.650

Maximum NQS: 197.840
Possible ranking range: 5-8

Of the teams in the top 7, Alabama has the lowest maximum so will be subject to what the others score this weekend. While it’s possible that Alabama could lose a spot in the top 7, it’s not likely and can be avoided completely with just a 197.400. There’s no chance at this point for Alabama to be dumped out of the top 8.

8. Minnesota

Road Score 1197.850
Road Score 2197.125
Road Score 3196.500
Home/Road Score 1198.025
Home/Road Score 2197.850
Home/Road Score 3197.650
Current NQS: 197.395

Maximum NQS: 197.700
Possible ranking range: 6-10

There’s an outside shot that Minnesota could challenge Auburn/Alabama this week, but it’s not super likely. Mostly, Minnesota should be content with a spot in the 8-9 zone and the 1-8-9-16 regional, which will take only 196.675 to ensure.

9. Kentucky

Road Score 1197.500
Road Score 2197.150
Road Score 3196.700
Home/Road Score 1197.650
Home/Road Score 2197.450
Home/Road Score 3197.450
Current NQS:197.250

Maximum NQS: 197.440
Possible ranking range: 8-13

Kentucky and Cal look to be neck-and-neck as the most likely teams for that #9 spot right now, with Kentucky enjoying a slight advantage in maximum NQS, though it would take a 197.600 at SECs to clinch outright, so it will probably end up being a matter of margins on the day.

10. Cal

Road Score 1197.200
Road Score 2196.925
Road Score 3196.875
Home/Road Score 1197.900
Home/Road Score 2197.575
Home/Road Score 3197.525
Current NQS: 197.220

Maximum NQS: 197.425
Possible ranking range: 8-13

Kentucky’s score in the early session at SECs will determine whether Cal has a shot at a spot in the 8-9 regional with its performance at the late session at Pac-12s, but Cal will aim for a 197.575 regardless, which would ensure that no other team can pass for a spot in the top 10. 

11. Missouri

Road Score 1197.225
Road Score 2196.875
Road Score 3196.850
Home/Road Score 1197.675
Home/Road Score 2197.650
Home/Road Score 3197.350
Current NQS:197.190

Maximum NQS: 197.355
Possible ranking range: 9-13

Missouri also does have an outside shot at the 8-9 but is very dependent on what Kentucky and Cal do in that regard. One consideration for Missouri is that, in the current setup, they would be faced with traveling to Auburn as the #3 seed in the Michigan/Auburn regional group, which is a terrible setup for any upset hopes. So Missouri might not even mind dropping a spot if the top 8 stays the same. 

12. Michigan State

Road Score 1197.500
Road Score 2196.975
Road Score 3196.850
Home/Road Score 1197.575
Home/Road Score 2197.425
Home/Road Score 3196.875
Current NQS:197.125

Maximum NQS: 197.270
Possible ranking range: 9-15

Michigan State is no longer in danger of getting dropped out of the seeded positions, so while there’s still quite a range of possible results and regionals placements that will be just as dependent on other teams as on MSU, getting a score from the conference championship is not the most urgent.

13. Oregon State

Road Score 1197.150
Road Score 2196.875
Road Score 3196.675
Home/Road Score 1197.375
Home/Road Score 2197.275
Home/Road Score 3197.225
Current NQS:197.040

Maximum NQS: 197.180
Possible ranking range: 12-16

Like Michigan State, Oregon State has done just enough to secure a spot in the top 16 already so is not facing the pressure of other teams at conference championships looking for a score in order to get to a specific tier.

14. Arizona State

Road Score 1197.375
Road Score 2196.600
Road Score 3196.550
Home/Road Score 1197.800
Home/Road Score 2197.075
Home/Road Score 3196.800
Current NQS:196.880

Maximum NQS: 197.130
Possible ranking range: 12-20

Arizona State is still in some danger of getting bumped out of the seeded positions, especially with UCLA lurking, so will be eager to get 197.325 at Pac-12s to clinch a seeded position, though in reality it probably won’t take quite as much as that. 

15. Denver

Road Score 1197.600
Road Score 2197.075
Road Score 3196.625
Home/Road Score 1197.000
Home/Road Score 2196.850
Home/Road Score 3196.800
Current NQS:196.870

Maximum NQS: 197.030
Possible ranking range: 14-20

Denver currently sits in 15th, so would have to be dislodged by others to lose out on a seeding, but both UCLA and Ohio State do have higher maximum NQSs, so Denver may be at the mercy of others if Ohio State puts up another big score.

16. Ohio State

Road Score 1197.525
Road Score 2196.900
Road Score 3196.675
Home/Road Score 1197.100
Home/Road Score 2197.075
Home/Road Score 3196.575
Current NQS: 196.865

Maximum NQS: 197.055
Possible ranking range: 13-20

Ohio State’s peak is higher than Denver’s but only slightly, so it would take a significant result of 197.425 at Big Tens for Ohio State to secure a seeded position outright.

17. Arkansas

Road Score 1196.975
Road Score 2196.800
Road Score 3196.800
Home/Road Score 1197.200
Home/Road Score 2197.050
Home/Road Score 3196.475
Current NQS:196.820

Maximum NQS: 196.965
Possible ranking range: 14-20

Arkansas is another team that could get into the seeded positions but will have to wait to see what everyone else scores to know if there’s a chance. Otherwise, Arkansas would be an unseeded geographically placed team in the Oklahoma regional, which right now would mean a regional semifinal with Minnesota and Kentucky.

18. UCLA

Road Score 1196.850
Road Score 2196.300
Road Score 3195.475
Home/Road Score 1198.050
Home/Road Score 2197.700
Home/Road Score 3197.650
Current NQS:196.795

Maximum NQS: 197.310
Possible ranking range: 9-20

UCLA is the team that’s making everything so ambiguous because this range of possible outcomes is so massive. We’re just going to have to wait and see what the score is like because UCLA could end up anywhere from a high #3 seed to outside of the seeded positions altogether depending on how Pac-12s goes. At minimum, UCLA will be looking for 196.675, which would be enough to clinch a spot in the top 16. 

19. Illinois

Road Score 1197.275
Road Score 2196.450
Road Score 3196.375
Home/Road Score 1197.350
Home/Road Score 2197.125
Home/Road Score 3196.650
Current NQS:196.775

Maximum NQS: 196.970
Possible ranking range: 14-21

Both Illinois and Maryland have done enough to get themselves in position to maybe-could-iffy-maybe have a shot at a seeded position, but a lot of moving pieces would have to move a very specific direction all at the same time. 

20. Maryland

Road Score 1197.175
Road Score 2196.550
Road Score 3195.950
Home/Road Score 1197.100
Home/Road Score 2197.025
Home/Road Score 3196.700
Current NQS:196.665

Maximum NQS: 196.910
Possible ranking range: 14-23

21. BYU

Road Score 1196.575
Road Score 2196.575
Road Score 3196.450
Home/Road Score 1197.225
Home/Road Score 2196.775
Home/Road Score 3196.775
Current NQS:196.630

Maximum NQS: 196.785
Possible ranking range: 19-25

The teams from #21 BYU through #28 NC State cannot get into the seeded positions but are also already locked for regionals. Some may still get dropped into the play-in meets depending on how things go, but they’re safe for qualification.

22. Georgia

Road Score 1196.975
Road Score 2196.800
Road Score 3196.200
Home/Road Score 1197.175
Home/Road Score 2196.600
Home/Road Score 3196.300
Current NQS: 196.575

Maximum NQS: 196.770
Possible ranking range: 20-27

23. Iowa

Road Score 1196.825
Road Score 2196.475
Road Score 3196.425
Home/Road Score 1196.825
Home/Road Score 2196.375
Home/Road Score 3196.225
Current NQS:196.465

Maximum NQS: 196.585
Possible ranking range: 22-30


24. Boise State

Road Score 1197.000
Road Score 2196.550
Road Score 3196.525
Home/Road Score 1196.950
Home/Road Score 2196.225
Home/Road Score 3195.975
Current NQS:196.445

Maximum NQS: 196.650
Possible ranking range: 21-30

25. Utah State

Road Score 1196.800
Road Score 2196.450
Road Score 3196.350
Home/Road Score 1196.725
Home/Road Score 2196.425
Home/Road Score 3196.225
Current NQS: 196.435

Maximum NQS: 196.550
Possible ranking range: 23-30

26. Iowa State

Road Score 1196.825
Road Score 2196.325
Road Score 3196.275
Home/Road Score 1196.875
Home/Road Score 2196.500
Home/Road Score 3196.225
Current NQS:196.430

Maximum NQS: 196.560
Possible ranking range: 23-30

27. Stanford

Road Score 1196.325
Road Score 2196.275
Road Score 3196.000
Home/Road Score 1196.975
Home/Road Score 2196.900
Home/Road Score 3196.575
Current NQS:196.415

Maximum NQS: 196.610
Possible ranking range: 22-30

28. NC State

Road Score 1196.925
Road Score 2196.725
Road Score 3196.025
Home/Road Score 1196.600
Home/Road Score 2196.350
Home/Road Score 3195.950
Current NQS:196.330

Maximum NQS: 196.525
Possible ranking range: 23-34

29. Washington

Road Score 1196.825
Road Score 2195.800
Road Score 3195.100
Home/Road Score 1197.275
Home/Road Score 2196.900
Home/Road Score 3196.825
Current NQS:196.290

Maximum NQS: 196.725

Washington is the top team that isn’t fully locked for a spot at regionals because 196.305 is the NQS of absolute safety (not a surprise based on the score trends from early in the season). So while Washington isn’t technically assured a spot at regionals yet, it would take only 195.175 at Pac-12s to clinch it and even that probably isn’t required because it would be unlikely for enough teams to get huge enough scores on the same day to push Washington all the way out of the top 36. Because of that high maximum, getting out of the play-ins is also still on the table for Washington given a strong result on Saturday. 

30. Towson

Road Score 1196.100
Road Score 2196.000
Road Score 3195.975
Home/Road Score 1196.700
Home/Road Score 2196.625
Home/Road Score 3196.525
Current NQS:196.245

Maximum NQS: 196.390

Getting an absolutely safe score is more of a challenge for Towson as it would require a conference championship total of 196.275 to clinch, but again there are enough teams between Towson and the drop zone that a huge bunch of them would all have to go out of their minds to bump Towson out. So it’s still a pretty good position.

31. Southern Utah

Road Score 1197.000
Road Score 2195.550
Road Score 3195.000
Home/Road Score 1196.975
Home/Road Score 2196.975
Home/Road Score 3196.675
Current NQS:196.235

Maximum NQS: 196.635

Southern Utah has been waiting all season to get rid of that 195.000 road score from the very first meet, and the conference championship provides the last opportunity to do it. Like Washington, Southern Utah isn’t absolutely safe but is in a very good spot because it requires only 195.350 on Saturday to clinch, which is deeply doable even with mistakes.  

32. Arizona

Road Score 1196.300
Road Score 2196.050
Road Score 3196.025
Home/Road Score 1196.850
Home/Road Score 2196.400
Home/Road Score 3196.375
Current NQS:196.230

Maximum NQS: 196.395

Arizona did the job in its two-meet week to get into one of the better positions among the bubble teams heading into the conference championships, though it would still take 196.400 at Pac-12s to make it a done deal, which is well within the realm of realistic but definitely not a given. But as long as Arizona gets close to that mark, it shouldn’t take too much help. 

33. North Carolina

Road Score 1196.625
Road Score 2196.475
Road Score 3196.475
Home/Road Score 1196.475
Home/Road Score 2196.000
Home/Road Score 3195.700
Current NQS:196.225

Maximum NQS: 196.410

North Carolina is another team that did the job in the critical moment over the weekend with another 196 to sit in a semi-comfortable spot, with a higher peak after this week than both #32 Arizona and #30 Towson. UNC will now need a 196.100 at the conference championship to clinch.

34. West Virginia

Road Score 1196.575
Road Score 2196.400
Road Score 3196.250
Home/Road Score 1196.250
Home/Road Score 2196.100
Home/Road Score 3195.925
Current NQS:196.185

Maximum NQS: 196.315

West Virginia is still sitting in a precarious position, able to clinch on Saturday but needing basically a season high to do it with a goal score of 196.525. Still, you’d rather be West Virginia than the teams ranked below, and since WVU competes after all the other questionable teams, we’ll know exactly what needs to happen (if anything) by the time Big 12s starts. 

35. San Jose State

Road Score 1196.550
Road Score 2196.325
Road Score 3196.025
Home/Road Score 1196.625
Home/Road Score 2195.975
Home/Road Score 3195.950
Current NQS:196.165

Maximum NQS: 196.300

It was a tough week for SJSU, with a non-counting 195.400 dropping the team into the danger zone. San Jose still sits in the top 36 in a regionals position, so if everyone has a meh day at their conference championships, San Jose would advance, but with a maximum NQS below the safe zone, San Jose cannot control its own destiny on Saturday and will be reliant on at least one team not getting the job done. 

36. Western Michigan

Road Score 1196.675
Road Score 2196.100
Road Score 3195.750
Home/Road Score 1196.725
Home/Road Score 2196.225
Home/Road Score 3196.000
Current NQS:196.150

Maximum NQS: 196.345

With a couple big scores lately, Western Michigan has improved its maximum NQS and now has a shot at safety at the conference championship, though it would take 196.525 to clinch, so the most likely story has Western Michigan playing Scoreboard Watch all day.

37. Penn State

Road Score 1196.550
Road Score 2196.425
Road Score 3196.125
Home/Road Score 1196.400
Home/Road Score 2195.875
Home/Road Score 3195.475
Current NQS:196.060

Maximum NQS: 196.275

Penn State is currently in a tough spot, outside the top 36 and with a maximum NQS below the clinch score, meaning Penn State both has to get a strong score on Saturday AND hope that others miss. Penn State must score at minimum 195.925 to have any shot (anything below that is an automatic elimination), and then spend the rest of the day yelling “FALL FALL FALL.”  

38. Kent State

Road Score 1196.850
Road Score 2196.375
Road Score 3196.200
Home/Road Score 1196.550
Home/Road Score 2195.600
Home/Road Score 3195.550
Current NQS:196.055

Maximum NQS: 196.315

With that gigantic final meet score, Kent State technically could clinch on Saturday, but with a score of 196.800 required to do so, it doesn’t seem the most likely. Kent State has to hit at least 196.025 to stay alive at all, so then anything in the 196.025-196.775 range will mean Kent State is in limbo, depending on what others do. 

40. Central Michigan

Road Score 1196.275
Road Score 2196.125
Road Score 3195.550
Home/Road Score 1196.650
Home/Road Score 2196.475
Home/Road Score 3195.150
Current NQS:195.915

Maximum NQS: 196.215

A meet of falls over the weekend shifted Central Michigan from the role of spoiler to the role of outsider, the last team with even a vague shot at regionals. Central Michigan has the lowest maximum of any of the teams still alive, so CMU’s hopes are mostly about others missing. To stay in contention at all, Central Michigan will need to go 196.325 on Saturday. 

All other teams have already been eliminated.