Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs — Week 8

It all became too much

Cable dude has been disqualified

The number of 10.000s passed the 40 mark for the first time since 2004

And this girl finally had the guts to say it out loud

SportsCenter called this a Nabehviyah toe touch move

And we were all like

We watched NBC’s coverage of Winter Cup

There’s definitely going to be a routine nex….nope

Meanwhile, someone tripping in every floor rotation is the new Gator chomp

Michigan was competing in week 3-vault-falls-and-a-10.000

This is also how I answer the door

Frazier allllmost invented the Pakvershoot

The wolves, they attacked

So sometimes it’s best left unwolfed

A new Netflix limited series: Cristal Isa Tries to Save It

2.3.1.k: The gymnast must refrain from feasting on leotard until the closing banquet

Anyway, I’m outta here