Saturday Live Blog – March 12, 2022

In the race for regionals, yesterday was largely a day of missed opportunities, with Pitt not getting a counting score and Central Michigan counting two falls for a low 195 that nonetheless moved the team into the top 36 because that’s how low the dropped score was. But it’s not the safe position that Central Michigan could have moved into.

So in early action today, opportunities for all of West Virginia, Arizona, and North Carolina (the 33-35 teams) to make life very difficult for the teams competing tomorrow—#37 Western Michigan, #39 Nebraska, #40 Penn State, #41 Kent State. The “fend them off” NQS right now is 196.165, so to get there West Virginia wants 196.300, North Carolina wants 196.175, and Arizona wants 195.975 today. Those scores wouldn’t make these teams safe for regionals but would be enough to keep them in the top 36 heading into conference championships and in better position to control their own destinies.

In other news, Auburn got passed by LSU yesterday and is looking for 197.700 today at Michigan to get back in front in the #5 position. UCLA could move into 16th place for the moment with a 197.900, but that’s dependent on Denver competing tomorrow. Missouri has a shot at Cal in 10th because Cal didn’t get much of a usable score yesterday, but needs 197.600 to move ahead.

Arizona is first of the bubble teams to finish up today and was on track to surpass easily the goal score for most of the meet until a counting 9.475 on beam here with one routine still to go. With a hit, Arizona will still be able to get to 196.

Sirena Linton came through in the final routine for Arizona to avoid counting a fall on beam and go to 196.300, while BYU takes the win with 196.775. That score will take Arizona into 31st, moving ahead of Iowa State, San Jose State, and West Virginia.

Speaking of West Virginia. It’s time for the Auburn, WVU, Michigan meet and North Carolina’s visit to Georgia.

This girl approaching the pre-meet handstand walk at Michigan like there’s a scholarship in it for her. That’s the intensity I’m looking for.

I have the page editor open to the Hall of 10s and ready to go to work.

Rotation 1

I really like the shot of Bev we got during Guggino’s vault! 9.825

Anyway, Sabados with a bounce back on her DLO leading off for Auburn.9.750

Wojcik – VT – Michigan – pretty in the air as usual on her Y1.5 – hop forward. 9.850

Groth – UB – Auburn – Ray, solid – hits hs – pak, legs together – a bit late on 1/2 turn on low – good final cast hs – giant full a bit late into double tuck, hop.

Heiskell out of control on her 1.5 landing, large lunge forward. 9.750

Morrison 4th on vault for Michigan, slightly deep landing on Y1/5, step back.

Stevens – Ub – Auburn – a bit of elbows on tkatchev, hits bail hs – rushing slightly on final cast hs – DLO, slight piking in first salto, good landing.

Georgia and UNC is underway, Magee vaults second for Georgia and a better one for her, crossover step forward but not low.

Brooks 5th on vault for Michigan, similar to Morrison, a little short with a step back.

Brusch – Ub – Auburn – toe on to maloney, good legs together, a bit of angle on bail hs – borderline final cast – DLO, holds the landing onto her toes. 9.875

Wilson finishes vault for Michigan with a medium lunge forward on her y1.5. Michigan didn’t have the landings today on their Y1.5s but still a fine rotation.

49.350 for Michigan, thought they went a little soft on Morrison and Brooks with those steps back.

Gobourne – Ub – Auburn – tkatchev to pak, good height and speed in Pak, a bit over on 1/2 turn on low – FTDT, stuck. Nice. And it’s 9.925

We have a fall from WVU from Hornung in the third spot on beam.

Lee – UB – Auburn – good first hs – Nabs to pak to van leeuwen, very clean – solid cast hs on high – FTDT, leans forward onto toes and then step-salutes. Great.


There is a sign in the crowd that says “Super Suni” and just glancing for a sec I thought it said “STOP SUNI” and I’ve been laughing about that for too long.

Auburn takes the lead over Michigan with 49.375 on bars.

Over at Georgia, Baumann is up 5th on vault, lunge forward on Y1.5 with some knees.

Combs is up 4th on beam for WVU in a must-hit spot – clean aerial, keeps moving fast enough into back tuck, check – full turn, wobble – cat leap to switch side, solid position – kickover, connects to beat – punch front full, tucking, hop forward. A hit. 9.800

Schaefer on bars for UNC in the 5th spot – blind to jaeger, good toe point – some angle in cast hs and clear hip – slightly crooked catch on bail, good toe point – nice FTDT, stuck.

Holmes-Hackerd – BB – WVU – cat to aerial, little lean into back tuck – cat leap to switch to back tuck, nice save, bounces back and turns to the side but stays on – A hit and a critical save there. 9.750

Roberts finishes VT for Georgia – nearly sticks her Y1.5, little ginger step, knees

Culton – UB – UNC – stalder to tkatchev, a little low but fine, good toes – bail, some arch, leg separation on catch – stalder to double tuck, stuck. Good landings today for UNC. 9.875

Georgia gets to 49.275 on vault to UNC’s 49.150 on bars. Both will take it.

Asper – BB – WVU – bhs loso loso, lean and another little correction lean the other way – switch and split 1/2, nice switch – 1.5 dismount, hop. Some 9.7iness in that rotation but did enough to keep themselves alive for the less scary events.

9.825 for Asper to get WVU to 48.975.

After 1:
Auburn 49.375, Michigan 49.350, WVU 48.975
Georgia 49.275, UNC 49.150

On the topic of senior days, very interested to see how many of these seniors Georgia can get to come back for a COVID year because without them…they’ve got not much here… not even half lineups.

Rotation 2

Greene VT – UNC – Yfull, some pike throughout, hop back

Ward – UB – Georgia – hesitant first hs – shap with some legs, connects to bail – solid final cast hs – DLO, nearly shows stick, step-salute

Brenner leads off for Michigan on bars – good first hs – blind to jaeger, good istance, to overshoot, solid – DLO, step forward. Solid. 9.875

De Jong second for Georgia on UB – tkatchev some wlobws but hit, short next hs – bail – DLO, small bounce.

Morrison – Ub – Michigan – great gienger – clear hip to bail, hits vertical, small leg break in the air – borderline final hs – DLO, a little low but pulls it out, small slide forward. 9.825

Brusch – up 2nd for Auburn on BB following 9.750 from Hollingsworth – aerial, keeps arms moving into split jump – bhs loso, hit – switch, very short back leg, wobble, breaks connection – switch to straddle 1/2, fine on second attempt – gainer full

Heiskell catches very close on Jaeger on bars, works out of it but should be a large deduction – the rest is pretty.

Finnegan for Georgia also had some trouble casting after her tkatchev so shouldn’t be a high score there. And by that I mean 9.750. Oh Georgia. This has been a very forgiving bars rotation so far.

And now Heiskell gets 9.850 with that large break on bars. Errors don’t exist.

Brooks – UB – Michigan – blind to piked jaeger, hit – toe on to bail, nice vertical position – solid final cast hs – DLO 1/1, holds the stick. Good one.

Schild has a dismount fall on bars for Georgia, so they will be very glad about the scoring of Finnegan’s routine.

Wojcik – Ub – Michigan – deltchev to overshoot is huge and well done – solid cast hs on high – DLO, sticks. Nice. 9.925.

The lack of separation here is something…

Vore – UB – Michigan – maloney to bail, slight hip angle, solid – finishes DLO, a bit of body position, good stick.

Roberts comes through for Georgia with 9.850 in the 5th spot.

Michigan 49.475 on bars.

Nguyen anchors for Georgia – good first hs – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger, clean position, good amplitude, some hesitation in cast hs – pak, high – solid final cast – DLO, a lit of legs apart, small hop forward. Solid one.

Georgia 49.200 on bars.

McLaughlin – BB Auburn – 5th up, following a 9.950 for Groth – switch, small pause before bhs loso series and falls

North Carolina went all 9.7s on vault for 48.800, so they’re now sub 196 pace and will need a solid performance on the final two.

Combs – FX – WVU – front tuck through to double pike, looked secure, the floor camera angle is mostly a cowboy hat – switch sdie to wolf full to popa, around  – double tuck, bounce back

Lee – BB – Auburn – wolf single, good – aerial, balance check, leg up, breaks connection into back handspring – switch to switch 1/2 is secure – bhs gainer full, stuck. I think even the Suni bonus cannot withstand not having an acro series in her routine. What an Aliya tribute.

Still gets 9.625 but that will count along with the 9.750 from Hollingsworth.

Auburn still over 49 with a 49.050.

After 2:
Michigan 98.825, Auburn 98.425, West Virginia 98.275
Georgia 98.475, North Carolina 97.950

Rotation 3

Magee – BB – Georgia – good bhs bhs loso series, finishes 1.5 dismount, larger lunge forward/ diagonally. 9.875 with at least a full tenth on dismount.

Nam – FX – UNC – double pike, feet, a bit low – good amplitude on rudi, controls the step back – switch 1/2 to wolf full, around – 1.5 to front full, hit, steps to the side, keeps dance in bounds. 9.800

Hawthorne BB Georgia with a solid loso series – hits her switch jump combination – kickover from knee to wolf jump, a little low on wolf position – 1.5, step forward. 9.825

Schild through her combination on beam cleanly this week. Just gets off line on her dismount with a little hop.

Morrison opens for Michigan on beam, hit candle mount – bhs loso, small check – cat leap to switch 1/2, large break, leg up wobble – 1.5, high, good stick. 9.825

Nguyen – BB – Georgia – onodi to bhs is pretty – y spin to full turn, a little cheated on leg position y spin but fine – split jump, good – side aerial to full, hop back

Wilson – BB – Michigan – hitch kick – bhs loso series, another very large break but good save, turns to the side, lots of arm waving – split jump to split jump – double tuck dismount is solid, hop back. Still goes 9.750.

Watson lands locked on her double Arabian on floor but fine, step out of it.

Vore – BB – Michigan – bhs loso series, check lean – kickover, holds it – straddle jump to split jump 1/2, a bit of back leg position – 1.5, stuck. 9.850

Stevens pulls of what looked like a very low double tuck on floor for Auburn.

Georgia and North Carolina both on track to get a billion in the third rotation.

Brooks – BB – Michigan – bhs loso loso, very nice, right to the end of the beam – switch to switch, solid back leg elevation – kickover, secure – double tuck, a little short and a hop forward. 9.950. Not sure how.

UCLA is underway against Davis.

Heiskell 5th on beam for Michigan – cat leap to side aerial, large break, bend at the hips past horizontal – bhs loso series is solid – also 9.750.

Nice yfull for Malabuyo in the second spot, small movement.

Lee – FX – Auburn – DLO very short, lunge forward – switch ring to split leap full are nice – 1.5 to front full is solid, a bit of knee position.

Chiles sticks her Tsuk full for UCLA, lean to the side to hold it.

Wojcik anchoring beam for Michigan – aerial to beat, lovely – switch to split, ideal positions – bhs bhs loso, excellent – 1.5 hop forward. 9.950.

Michigan 49.325 for a “you’re welcome, signed Natalie Wojcik” of a rotation with a couple that could have very easily been 9.6s in there.

Sekai Wright adds back in the Y1.5 today for UCLA, hits shortish landing, step back, knees.

Gobourne – FX – Auburn – open double back, solid – switch side and wolf full, nice – front full to front lay, under control – double pike, high and controlled. Good.

After 3:
Michigan 148.150, Auburn 147.650, West Virginia 147.200
Georgia 147.800, North Carolina 147.300

Both West Virginia and North Carolina are enjoying the glowing warming glow to do exactly what they need to do.

Meanwhile it’s 49.300 on vault for Minnesota led by 9.925 for Loper.

At this point Auburn won’t be able to get a passing-LSU score.

Campbell anchors vault for UCLA with a pretty real stick on her Yfull. Better than last week’s 9.950. And this one also goes 9.950.

UCLA at 49.425 on vault. They went loose on Wright’s score (I had a tenth for short, a tenth for step, and a half tenth for knees), but some good stuff from Chiles and Campbell.

Georgia got 9.925 for Perez-Lugones so keep an eye on where this one is going to go.

Final rotation getting started in Michigan.

Brenner – FX – Michigan – full in, chest well down to knees, secure landing – 1.5 to layout, secure – switch side to popa, slightly out of control – double pike, chest down, hit. And it’s 9.925

A fall in the third spot for UNC on beam already means a 9.675 will count with three to go. Need hits from all three now.

Stevens third on VT for Auburn, hits Y1.5, a bit short, slide back, knees

Auburn started that vault rotation with a 9.950 for Groth.

Gobourne – VT – Auburn – larger lunge forward on y1.5. 9.850

Watson hits a y1.5 to follow, hop forward, knees. And 9.925.

Lee pulls out the stick on her Lopez, landing looked a little jarring, chest well down.

Esparza returned to the bars lineup for UCLA today.

UNC gets a hit out of hannah Nam in the 4th spot. Two to go.

Auburn is done on 197.175 today, so that’s not a counter and will keep them tied with Alabama (though winning the tiebreak).

Wojcik went through cleanly on floor so 9.975.

Morrison – FX – Michigan – FTDT, great height, under control – front lay to front full, crossover step to control – great height on leaps – double tuck, slide back. 9.925

Culton – BB – UNC – bhs loso series, check – cat leap to switch side, good feet, slightly crooked in split – gainer full, hop back

Malabuyo hits her dismount this week on bars, bounce back on DLO.

West Virginia is done on 196.400 today, which does the job. Exactly what they needed.

Baumann – FX – Georgia – wolf 2.5, hit – 1.5 to front full, some knees, controlled step – switch side to straddle jump, super high – very short final pass with lunge forward. 9.825

Brooks – FX – Michigan – full in, solidly done – front tuck through to double tuck, fairly large bounce back – split leap full to split jump full, comfortable – slide back on final pass. 9.925 anyway.

Chiles – UB – UCLA – piked tkatchev to pak, clean – maloney to gienger hit – FTDT, holds onto the stick. Nice one.

Wilson – FX – Michigan – open full in, solid landing – front lay to front full to front tuck, little step, some loose body position in the first layout – great switch side and popa – double tuck, secure.

She gets a 10.000.

Flatley with a clean bars set for UCLA, slide back on DLO.

Knower goes 9.900 in the last spot for UNC to bring the total to 196.475, just what they needed as well. Big day for UNC and WVU.

Georgia gets 9.900 from Hawthorne to finish on 197.175

Michigan is done on 197.950.

UCLA 49.475 on bars to get at 98.900 after two events.

So where do we stand with regionals?

North Carolina slots into 32nd, just behind Arizona, ahead of Iowa State and San Jose State. West Virginia is still in 34th, but now ahead of San Jose State, which falls to 35th. CMU is in 36th. WMU. Nebraska, and Penn State can potentially move ahead of CMU tomorrow, but CMU still has the lowest score to get rid of.

Meanwhile at Minnesota, Ramler just did Ramler things on bars. 9.900

Rotation 3 starting for UCLA and Davis

Padurariu – BB – UCLA – hits candle mount – side aerial to bhs is secure – beat to sheep, small squeeze to hold it – side aerial to full, bounce up in place. Good. 9.875

Wait, so Lexy Ramler can go in the lineup and then again as exhibition to try the Seitz/Ramler – hits it. I didn’t know that was allowed but cool.

Chiles – BB – UCLA – aerial to bhs, smooth connection – switch to straddle to wolf jump, quick, good actual wolf jump – side somi, fairly large break, leg up, arm circle – double pike dismount, chest a bit down, shuffle back. 9.725

Minnesota is one 98.725 after two events, 49.300 vault, 49.425 bars.

“Flamingo music”? Anyway good flamingo from Tejo.

Flatley – BB – UCLA – aerial to bhs loso, check – switch to split, good positions, small hesitation in between but solid the connection – bhs 1.5, hop forward. 9.825

Kessler – FX – Davis – front full to layout, good height, lands a little deep – switch 1/1, around – double pike, shows control, but of knees – switch 1/2 to popa, shows 180s – 9.850

Campbell – BB – UCLA – bhs loso series, check – split leap, a little short to switch 1/2 to beat jump – split jump to straddle 1/4 – gainer full, slide heels together.

9.900 and one went 9.950.

Don’t pause past the apex of the jump to try to show that someone hit 180.

Otsu – FX – Davis – front 2/1, jelly legs on landing, deep crossover lunge – wolf double, around – switch side to popa, shows positions – 1.5 to layout, slightly soft but solid. 9.675

Sakti – BB – UCLA – switch to bhs loso, good height on loso, hits – cat leap to switch 1/2, leg up wobble – side aerial to layout full. 9.875

Abraham – FX – Davis – high DLO, good control, just some feet – switch side to wolf full, short positions – front lay to front full – double tuck, large bounce back, stepped out of bounds – I saw hesitation from flag lady there but there was both an initial OOB and a secondary step. 9.575

Malabuyo – BB – UCLA – wolf single, good – bhs loso, lovely – “partially perfect” is not a thing – aerial to beat jump, good composure – split to split ring jump, small squeeze – bhs loso layout full, stuck. Nice.

Pointing out the Carlton is becoming the “She’s Mary Lou’s daughter” of Emma Malabuyo.

It’s 10.000 for Malabuyo. A pretty routine. I felt like she covered a couple times, good covers but still covers.

Ray is going on floor for Davis. They’re like she probably did a first pass, who could ever know.

You cannot “finally” get a 10 as a freshman. That is not a thing.

UCLA 49.475 on beam, Davis 49.000 on floor.

After 3: UCLA 148.375, Davis 145.575

Sales ran backward right off the beam on her triple series in the 4th spot for Minnesota, so working against a fall now. Nylin follows her, bhs bhs loso is hit, switch side low back leg – 1.5 dismount, step forward. 9.775

Ramler finishes for Minnesota – bhs loso series, smooth – aerial to beat, comfortable as well – beat to split ring jump, solid ring position – side aerial to layout full, small slide back.

Mara Titarsolej’s giant full finishing position and no one else’s.

9.950 for Ramler and 49.375 on beam for Minnesota. 148.100 after 3.

Rotation 4

Scafani – BB – Davis – bhs bhs loso and falls – really nice split jump 3/4 – gainer full, step salute full, which is new and fun.

Flatley – FX – UCLA – 3/1, pretty, real twisting position – front 2/1, controls the landing, also well done – switch ring to switch 1/2, foot in switch ring but solid ring – 1.5 to layout, shows rise into layout. Clean work.

And one judge went 10. 9.975 for her.

Schulke-Lambardi – BB -Davis – kickover to bhs, mostly connected, confident – secure on straddle jump 3/4 – side aerial, smooth – gainer full, stuck. 9.825

Wright – FX – UCLA – 2.5, lunge forward, a bit of knees – do we need a closeup of Chris during this routine? that seems like a very pointed CHOICE – rudi to double stag, slight travel but solid – split leap 1.5, wrenched around a little into popa – 1.5 to layout, a little flat on the layout, controlled. 9.825

I feel like the entire theme of Pac-12 gymnastics coverage has been “Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the straight white men????”

Lyle – BB – Davis – side aerial to bhs, hit, a bit of knees in aerial – switch to straddle 1/4, LOVELY straddle 1/4 – side aerial to tuck full, good landing. 9.850

Sakti – FX – UCLA – double tuck, bounce back – but where’s the closeup of Chris during this routine? – switch 1/2 to split jump full, excellent split full height – front full to front lay, solid lay position, a bit low – double pike, chest down, under control. 9.775

Abraham – BB – Davis – bhs back lay 2 feet, only a little bit of pike, wobble – beat to switch side, back leg – bhs 1.5, lean forward, holds the stick. 9.775

Chiles – FX – UCLA – DLO 1/1, she goes for it, chest short, lunge forward – front tuck through to double tuck, solid control – split leap full to wolf jump 1.5, a little out of control on landing – double pike, slide back. We’ll see how difficulty forgiving they decide to be. 9.750, which seems about right.

Otsu – BB – Davis – wolf double, around, a bit of arm control – side aerial to bhs, pulls it together, squeezes to minimize the check – switch side, little lean – beat – nearly wobbles on choreo before dismount – misses her foot on her dismount punch and sits it down.

Campbell – FX – UCLA – FTDT, very good landing – split leap full to popa, nice – front lay to front full, controlled step – double tuck, chest up, solid. Her best of the year so far. Assume 10 at this point.

And it is.

Kessler – BB – Davis – stag stand to bhs loso, secure, some knees – split jump to split jump full, around but short of 180 – 1.5 dismount, hop.

Tratz – FX – UCLA – double pike, bounce back OOB – split leap full to split jump full, a bit out fo control, short back leg – 1.5 to layout, a bit of legs, good layout position – double tuck, secure, chest down.

Davis is done on 193.975, which will not count.

UCLA will go 197.700 today, which will keep them in 17th, pending Arkansas’s result tomorrow.

Lashbrooke is doing exhibition for UCLA and they’re showing this exhibition, which is new.

Minnesota has 9.950 from Ramler in the third spot on floor.

UCLA will be capable of gaining tons of ground at Pac-12s, and shouldn’t have much trouble getting into the seeded spots, but the question will be where. Who draws the short straw and has UCLA in their regional.

Remlinger also went 9.950 on FX for Minnesota, now Loper – front lay to rudi, controls landing – switch ring to split leap full, around – 2.5 solid control – 1.5 to layout, nice height, dance out.

Loper 9.950 with a 10.00 from one judge. Hooten still to go. Secure landing on FTDT, switch side to popa, good positions – front full to front pike, controlled step – double tuck, solid.

A lot of false starts for the Minnesota team trying to figure out if that was a 10 or not, but it was.

That’s 197.850 for Minnesota.

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