Commonwealth Games — Team Live Blog

Today, over the next four subdivisions, the women’s team title at the Commonwealth Games will be decided. The competition will reach its heights in the fourth and final subdivision with the top four teams—England, Australia, Canada, and Wales—but before that we will be treated to my true passion, everyone else.

The schedule in local UK time is as follows:
9:00am – Subdivision 1 – Singapore + individuals from Cyprus, Jamaica, Barbados
12:00pm – Subdivision 2 – South Africa + individuals from Trinidad & Tobago and Isle of Man
4:30pm – Subdivision 3 – Scotland, Sri Lanka + individuals from India, Malaysia
7:00pm – Subdivision 4 – England, Australia, Canada, Wales

This competition also serves as qualification for event finals and the 18-member all-around final. Taking into account 2-per-country, there will be only 23 people even eligible for the AA final, so you don’t have to get ahead of that many gymnasts to guarantee your spot in a final.


In this first subdivision, Nadine Joy Nathan of Singapore is favored to be the strongest competitor and should make it back to the all-around final. Singapore is the only team competing in this group, so…congratulations leaders!

Bachurina (CYP) and Richards (JAM) start on vault, while Singapore and Pinder (BAR) are on bars.

Rotation 1

Bachurina – VT – Cyprus – Yurchenko back pike with a pretty significant series of lunges back, 3 steps.  11.550

Richards – VT – Jamaica – Yurchenko back layout for her, single large lunge back, solid amplitude, should get layout credit.  12.300

We didn’t see Shandy Poh for Singapore on bars, who led off the lineup with 9.950 like she’s Florida.

Yap – UB – Singapore – clear hip to stalder shoot to high, struggles with rhythm there but gets herself up to handstand – giant full – blind to front 1/2 to double tuck, step back. 10.250

Nathan – UB – Singapore – good first hs – blind to piked jaeger, hit – short hs – bail, leg break – clear hip and falls, can’t get up to handstand and clatters down into a butt bounce – resumes with the clear hip + toe on + toe shoot, solid – gaint full – toe tuck 1/2 dismount, step back. 10.700

Cheong – UB – Singapore – clear hip on low + toe on + toe shoot, hit – will get some handstand deductions – giant full + blind change + front giant 1/2 – double pike, overcooks it and plops it down. 9.500

Pinder – UB – Barbados – hits first hs – clear hip to toe shoot – cast handstands at horizontal, which will take away the E score  – attempts a giant full, loses form and leans to the side and has some extra swings – double tuck dismount with a couple lunges back, stays on her feet. 7.500

So, after the first rotation, We have Richards of Jamaica in the AA lead with her Yurchenko layout for 12.300. Singapore puts up a team bars score of 30.900.

Rotation 2

Moving on rotation 2, Singapore will hope to get good numbers out of Nathan and Yap, while Bachurina has some chops on bars.

Richards – UB – Jamaica – good first hs – toe full on low bar, some leg breaks in pirouetting – toe shoot, close to the bar – toe 1/2 to front giant 1/2, legs apart there – double pike dismount, step forward. Through it. 9.900. 7.1 E score which is not bad, mostly the legs apart and finish position on turns.

Pinder – BB – Barbados – bhs + back tuck series, lands chest forward and comes off, pretty good extension on bhs position though – switch leap attempt, wobble, holds on – split 1/2, 2nd fall – full turn, hit – side aerial, 3rd fall – split jump to straddle jump, holds it – front layout dismount. 6.800

Bachurina – UB – Cyprus – toe 1/2 to jaeger and falls – pretty toe position in the air but took it too far – toe full, good into pak, nice leg position – 1/2 turn on low – toe shoot, good swing – short handstand on high – double tuck, step forward. A shame about the fall because some lovely elements in there like the Pak. Still goes 11.600, the top number so far on bars.

“That’s a NICE score!” Was that Richards saying that? The star of this session.

Poh – BB – Singapore – front tuck mount and falls – lone round off – broke connection to back tuck, check – looks like she touched the beam to control her double wolf but kept it together – switch, pause – split to wolf jump, so has a dance combination – side aerial, 2nd fall – ro 1.5 dismount, step. With the 2 falls and the no acro series, this will be a number they want to drop.

Long wait to figure out Poh’s beam number.

This girl with her Barbie in the audience is like, the doll’s split positions are the best.

Finally we see a 9.200 for Poh. Which is better than expected.

Nathan – BB – Singapore – also a front tuck mount, also a fall – switch 1/2 is well done – side aerial to loso series, nearly kept it on, but 2nd fall – punch front, just does fight to save it, lean to the side and some adjustments – switch leap, breaks connection, now does split to straddle jump, solid – full turn – 2/1 dismount, step back. 9.750

Nathan really disappointed in how things are going so far, with 3 falls in 2 routines. SO LET’S SHOVE THE CAMERA INTO HER FACE.

Yap – BB – Singapore – switch leap mount, only a small check it seemed – wolf turn double, hits it – bhs back pike series, secure – front aerial, hit – switch, pause before split jump, struggles more on those – side aerial, smooth – side somi, ohhhhh center of gravity gets too far forward and she can’t save it. It was going so well until that. 1.5 dismount, step. Still by far the best beam of the rotation. 11.050.

Lim – BB – Singapore – candle mount, pretty solid, just a bit past vertical – switch 1/2, hit – full turn – bhs loso series, pretty nice – switch to split, short of split position – aerial, hit – side aerial, good save, landed with about 1/3 of a foot on the beam but gave away only a small check – bhs layout full dismount. A hit! 11.400

Some really nice moments in those last two beams for Singapore to help us end up with just the 8 falls over 5 routines.

After 2, Bachurina leads the AA with a 23.150. Singapore’s team total is on 63.100.

Rotation 3

Liz is vamping about sweaty foot skin as we wait for the rotation to begin. LOL.

Bachurina – BB – Cyprus – double turn, just does keep it on, large leg up wobble – switch leap, good 180 – bhs loso and falls, nice height but comes off – front aerial, another huge wobble but stays on – split jump – side aerial, small check  – split jump repeated, also alone, no combo- straddle jump from side – 2/1 dismount, nice. Good split positions, nice general technique, but the fall and some tentative moments trying to get a dance combo. 10.100

Poh – FX – Singapore – split leap full – double tuck, fall backward – wolf double – haunted video games vibes to this routine – double L attempt, not all the way around but connects into double turn – 1.5 to front tuck, step back to save it – switch leap – front full, step. 10.300

Richards – BB – Jamaica – split jump to wolf jump, small check, good foot position in split jump – tentative front walkover but does it, was for real worried she was going to just Aliya herself off but she got it – full turn – bhs back pike and falls – split jump 1/2 from side, check – switch, a bit of a pause before switch 1/2 – back tuck is secure – 1.5 dismount, finds the stick. Enjoy her dance elements in that routine. 10.250.

Nathan – FX – Singapore – double tuck, bounce back – 1.5 to front layout, clean layout position – wolf turn double goes fully crazy but she got 2 turns around before the werewolf got her – looks like a quad turn attempt, got about 3.5 around – 2/1, secure landing. That’s more like it. 11.450

Yap – FX – Singapore – double Y attempt, just a bit short – double pike, small hop – switch ring, beautiful extension – double tuck, bounce back – solid 180s in split elements – wolf turn 2.175, around – front full, hop. Very traditionally “I’m going for ELEGANCE” routine. 12.000

Lim – FX – Singapore – double pike, good height, some jarring chest position – split leap full – y turn double, again just a tad under – 2/1, only a bit of leg crossing, step – front full at the end is a bit more of a struggle, loses form with a step forward. 11.050.

Much better rotation for Singapore with three hits to count.

Pinder – FX – Barbados – back layout first pass, bounce back – switch to switch side – single L turn to popa was a fun combination – she’s like, “I’m mostly here for the choreo, tumbling is dumb” – front full, looks like her foot slipped out from under her on landing with a hand down. 8.350

Emma Yap takes over the lead in the AA with 33.300 and still with vault to come. She’s 0.050 ahead of Bachurina now.

Singapore’s 3-event team total is 97.600.

Rotation 4

Richards – FX – Jamaica – double tuck, has the amplitude, stumble back, a couple lunges – switch and switch 1/2 are good – split jump full, around – front lay to front full, some leg separation, controls the landing – 1.5, medium step. Good work. 11.150

Pinder – VT – Barbados – Tsuk back pike – really nice job, small step back. 12.150

Bachurina – FX – Cyprus – double pike, well short, knees down and a little bit of knee walk to get herself back into the routine – nice toes on her split full – front layout, banana shapes it but hit – switch ring, good ring position, split ring, a bit lower but OK – back full, hit – switch 1/2 is good – 10.600

Yap – VT – Singapore – also a Tsuk back pike for her but way overrotated, falls back. 11.250.

Cheong – VT – Singapore – also a Tsuk back pike, chest forward but OK, step. 12.050.

Nathan – VT – Singapore – Yfull, gets it around with a hop back, just loses leg form a little at the end. 12.700.

That will be just enough to get Nathan into first in the AA despite her 3 falls. She now only needs 1 more person to score lower than her for her 44.600 to get into the AA final. By comparison, she went 47.700 to get 4th at the SEA Games.

Nathan – VT 2 – Singapore – our first 2 vaulter – handspring front tuck, large lunge to the side and out of the area. 12.150

Lim – VT – Singapore – Yurchenko back layout, solid height, small hop.

Her score finishes us up with a 12.400, so Singapore finishes on 134.750.

AA standings after 1:
1) Nathan 44.600
2) Yap 44.550
3) Bachurina 43.850
4) Richards 43.600
5) Pinder 34.800

The next subdivision starts in an hour and a half. Those two subs are ticketed together. Wonder what the crowd is expected to do for an hour and a half.


In this subdivision, Caitlin Rooskrantz comes in with the highest scores this year, so she’ll be favored to take the all-around lead, and South Africa will be favored to move ahead of Singapore in the team standings. Tara Donnelly of IOM comes in with the second-best scores in this subdivision.

Rotation 1

Napier – UB – South Africa – good first hs – blind change to jaeger, a little close but fine – bail, hits vertical – toe on to toe shoot – some short handstands – giant full gets pretty crazy, late and off to the side but through it – double pike dismount, hop back. 11.500

Donnelly – VT – IOM – Huge error on vault to start – intended to do a Yfull but ended up just doing a yurchenko back tuck – very very very crunched onto the table and had to bail out. Just 10.950.

Daries – UB – South Africa – small arch in first hs – toe full – maloney to gienger, hit – blind change to jaeger, solid toe point – bail, some pike in the air – toe shoot – back 2/1 dismount, small hop. Will get hit for short cast handstands but a strong showing. 12.050

Newman-Achee – VT – T&T – solid yfull, good amplitude, medium hop back. 12.750

Rooskrantz – UB – South Africa – Shaposh to pak, good leg position on pak – van leeuwen, some tucked leg form at the end but caught – high piked jaeger, very well done – Ray to gienger, gets a little low on inbar gienger but hit – toe full – FTDT, a bit jarred on landing with a hop forward but a good one. Will lead easily. 13.350

Rankoe – UB – South Africa – toe on to toe 1/2 to jaeger, a bit low but good toes – bail, solid, some legs – shoot to high got super close to high bar, can’t cast out and adds an extra swing – front layout 1/2 dismount. Started well but they’ll drop that one. And can afford to because the first three were solid. 10.900

South Africa goes 36.900 on bars, which is exactly 6 points ahead of Singapore and also well up on their bars score from the African Championship. Good work.

Rooskrantz leads the AA as expected. Donnelly’s vault disaster was a thing there. Will compromise her AA score by multiple points.

Rotation 2

Rooskrantz – BB – South Africa – switch mount, large break but stays on – side aerial, hit – wolf jump to split jump, comfortable – bhs back pike series, well off line and falls – good toe in wolf double, a bit slow – switch, good back leg – no connection to side somi, but also hit – split jump fromt side, arm wave – 1.5, hop forward. 11.100

Newman-Achee – UB – T&T – toe full, a bit late but fine – maloney to pak, some feet but overall strong – hits hs well – van leeuwen looked good but she can’t swing out of it….and now she has stopped her routine? She was going well, hit the van leeuwen, but then just did an extra swing and stopped. Like she meant to do a half routine almost? 5.300

Koti – BB – South Africa – candle mount, swings out of it a little quickly – wolf double, around with a check, somewhat tight – check on side choreography – bhs loso, arm wave check – good presence on beam, she has style, she has class, she’s there – side straddle jump – side split jump – switch, leans to fight through and get connection into wolf jump – side aerial, hit – punch front full dismount with hop forward. Nice hit. 12.100, great score.

Donnelly – UB – IOM – blind to jaeger, hit – giant full – pak, some legs separation – struggles in a cast 1/2 low but works through it with a pause and continues – shoot to high, hit – double tuck, step to the side. Through that one after the vault problem. 11.050

Daries – BB – South Africa – switch mount, small check – side aerial, secure – bhs loso, falls, legs looked sort of all over the place throughout – switch to split to korbut, good rhythm – wolf double is strong – split jump full, keeps it on the beam for such a risky element well but a larger check – straddle jump from side – 1.5 dismount, crossover step. 10.800

South Africa has figured out that a regular, non-turning jump from side position is probably the savvier idea than trying to do a 1/2 turning skill with the hard technique.

Rankoe – BB – South Africa – switch to split, short back leg on both – bhs to back tuck, very secure, you were worried throughout but she nailed it – front aerial, saves it, wobbles 2 times, in each direction, but stays on – side aerial, brings her foot through to hold it – straddle jump from side, hit, check – wolf turn, tight but hit – gainer pike dismount, lunge back. A tighter and less natural beam from her than some of the others but did well to avoid a fall. 11.950. And she nearly scores with Koti.

Some falls on beam for South Africa but again such an improvement on the African Championship on both events so far. Rooskrantz retains her large AA lead despite the beam fall.

Rotation 3

Donnelly – BB – IOM – switch to split to wolf, comfortable, just a bit shy on back on on split – bhs loso series and falls, off line – aerial, hit, some knees – side aerial, 2nd fall, back to not being her day – switch 1/2 is pretty good for a switch 1/2, you can see the ability and potential for scores in that element, but not today – 1.5 dismount, hop. 10.100

Koti – FX – South Africa – wolf 2.25, smooth – double tuck, solid – and she’s danncccinggg – 1.5 to round off to straddle jump was fun – split jump full – switch to split leap full – front full, lunge forward. 11.750

Someone recruit Shante Koti to NCAA like yesterday.

Newman-Achee – BB – T&T – candle mount and rolls right over it and off the beam like DiCello that time – wolf triple and falls down right onto the beam, which was the most elegant wolf turn fall I’ve ever seen – good loso series, good line – switch is a struggle, wobble before sissone – side aerial, solid – double turn really well done – side somi, arm wave – 1.5 dismount, holds it with a lean. 9.450. A shame about the beginning because she’s a delight on beam.

Rooskrantz – FX – South Africa – split leap full, good one – back 1.5 to front full, lunge forward OOB – double tuck, stuck landing, excellent – wolf double, a bit tight but solid – L hop full, good leg up position – switch 1/2, good. Really well done. 12.500

Daries – FX – South Africa – wolf triple – 2.5 to front tuck, little hop forward, keeps it in bounds – split jump full – double pike, step back, some check down position – switch – L hop full – switch 1/2, a bit under – 12.550

Napier – FX – South Africa – wolf double, a bit slow but around – double arabian, lands a bit locked and falls short – back full – split leap fulls are a bit under split – good energetic choreography – switch 1/2, good – double pike, secure landing. 11.550

Same story after the third rotation. South Africa continues to improve on its score from the African Championship and is way way way ahead of Singapore. Rooskrantz continues to lead the AA.

Rotation 4

Newman-Achee – FX – double L turn is around, though a bit under horizontal – doubel tuck, bounce back – L hop full to switch ring 1/2, which is…you know…a switch ring 1/2 – 2.5, lunge forward – switch ring is good – wolf triple, gets it around – front 2/1, slide forward. Nice overall. Shame we won’t see her in the AA final because there’s a lot to like. 11.250

Rooskrantz – VT – South Africa – hits a yfull but a large bounce back, some pike. 12.950. 49.900 in the AA.

Donnelly – FX – IOM – 2.5 to front tuck, takes it entierly OOB on the 2.5, so the punch front was nearly off the apparatus – double pike is solid – switch to split leap full is good – double turn, hit – double tuck, stuck landing, just some chest position – switch 1/2, solid –  11.600. That puts her .100 ahead of Richards from Jamaica, which could be critical for the AA final.

Daries – VT – South Africa – Yfull – a bit of direction and another fairly large bounce back but fine. 12.950, into 2nd AA behind Rooskrantz.

Daries – VT 2 – South Africa – handspring front pike is pretty strong – hop forward, good amplitude. 12.750

Napier – VT – South Africa – yfull, the same bounce back from her, some foot form, good distance. 13.000

Napier – VT 2 – South Africa – Tsuk back pike, hop up in place. 12.000

Koti – VT – South Africa – Yurchenko back pike, lunge back. 11.800

South Africa is done on 147.750, which is first as a team and would have been enough to make worlds had they done that a few weeks ago, which is a real stab in the throat after seeing them because it’s a pretty delightful team to watch.

AA after 2:
1) Rooskrantz – 49.900
2) Daries – 48.350
3) Nathan – 44.600
4) Yap – 44.550
5) Bachurina – 43.850
6) Donnelly – 43.700
7) Richards – 43.600
8) Newman-Achee – 38.750
9) Pinder – 34.800

So that means Rooskrantz, Daries, Nathan, and Yap are already guaranteed their spots in the AA final.

The current apparatus leaders are Daries on vault, Rooskrantz on bars, Koti on beam, and Daries on floor, but other than Rooskrantz’s bars (and vault because not very many people will try for the final) most of these scores will be blown out of the water in the 4th subdivision.

We’ve got a couple hours of nap time now until the third subdivision.


In the third subdivision, Scotland will go forth, aiming to try to catch South Africa’s team number, but that will be a job. Sri Lanka will also compete as a team here (technically as will India, but they have not entered 3 people on every event).

Individually, we’ll see Rachel Yeoh Li Wen compete on only bars for Malaysia as the very first routine in the first rotation. Overall, though, it’s a fuller subdivision than the last two, with teams going in both groups, though not as full as the 4th sub will be.

The What Is Gymnastics Dancers are back for this session after being absent from the earlier women’s subs.

Rotation 1

Gorrell – VT – Scotland – we see a Yurchenko back pike from her, medium step back. 11.700

Yeoh – UB – Malaysia – stalder is nice, stalder shap, beautiful into pak – maloney to bail, legs together throughout, into shoot to high – giant 1/2 to a super close jaeger but does cast out of it – giant full – double tuck, overdid it with a large stumble back. No fall, a couple large errors, but such lovely body positions.

11.800 puts her in 3rd, and she’s done for the day.

Bremner – VT – Scotland – solid Yfull – lunge back, just a bit of pike, good direction

Gehani – UB – Sri Lanka – good first hs – shaposh to hindorff immediately, good – pak, solid amplitude, small hesitation on cat 1/2 on low – shoot to high – clear hip – blind to front giant 1/2 to giant full – double pike dismount, hop forward.

Really nice. We’ve come a long way, Sri Lanka bars.

12.000 puts her ahead of Yeoh and into 3rd on bars.

Kennedy – VT – Scotland – hits a Yurchenko 1.5 pretty well – lunge forward, some leg separation throughout and a bit of knees at the end. 13.350

We didn’t see her 2nd vault but she’s into second behind Daries in the VT standings.

Kalukottage – UB – Sri Lanka – clear hip on low bar – pauses against bar before next sequence – front toe circle to back toe circle to toe shoot – pauses against high bar – and a flyaway dismount. May have just gotten through without NDs for a short routine, which honestly will have been the goal. 7.150.

Abeyratne – UB – Sri Lanka – overarches her first handstand and comes off – resumes with a toe circle to toe shoot – stops in dead hang on high bar – finishes with a double tuck attempt but sits it down. 5.500

Archer – VT – Scotland – really solid work on the DTY, good control on landing, only a small rebound and only some small leg crossing. 13.900

Gamage – UB – Sri Lanka – front hip circle to back hip circle – back toe circle, shoot to high – and then leaves with a back tuck dismount. 7.000 for her for staying on.

Archer – VT 2 – Scotland – Tsuk layout full, again good control on landing, at some risk for downgrade to pike position.

Archer does get layout credit and a 13.500 VT average, which puts her easily into 1st on vault.

Now we’ll have India’s warmup on vault before their routines.

Scotland went 40.100 on vault, which is 1.200 ahead of South Africa’s vault scoring thanks to Archer’s DTY. Sri Lanka is on 26.150 for bars, with the non-Gehani routines more what we would have expected compositionally.

Nataraj – VT – India – attempts her Y1.5 and sits it down- good form for most of it but comes in short. 12.300

Samanta – VT – India – already qualified for worlds – handspring pike 1/2 is quite good, big amplitude – medium step back. 12.900

Samanta – VT 2 – India – she has a similar issue to Donnelly in the last sub. She was intending a Tsuk layout full but ends up having to do just a back tuck – off line on the springboard, doesn’t get much of a block. 11.000

11.950 average for her, which is already down to 6th.

Nayak – VT 1 – India – Tsuk double full and pulls it around, some direction and chest down with a step, but she got it around. 13.600

Nayak – VT 2 – India – handspring front tuck full, has plenty of amplitude and power for it, large lunge forward. Good difficulty. We’ll see how she compares to Archer. 12.950

13.275 average and into 2nd place.

Rotation 2

Abeyratne – BB – Sri Lanka – full turn, small hesitation – side aerial, hits it – back handspring to back tuck, right on the beam – switch – aerial was super insanely short but she magically stayed on the beam – straight full from side is hit – well short on split positions but stays on – punch layout full dismount with a large lunge to the side but performed actual magic not to fall about 6 times in that routine. 9.100

Nayak – UB – India – tkatchev, low but hit – clear hip to giant to giant full to giant to giant 1/2 to front giant 1/2 to overshoot, no handstand – toe shoot piked to high bar – was getting through it but attempts a double pike dismount, no chance, lands on all fours. 9.250

Gehani – BB – Sri Lanka – front tuck mount, little check – round off back tuck combo, falls – full turn – switch to switch 1/2, not bad, check – side aerial, breaks connection into split to wolf but solid split and wolf positions – aerial is well short and she has no short aerial magic, 2nd fall – side aerial, leg up wobble – straight full from side, lean forward, stays on – front layout full dismount, little hop. She’ll have the good bars score to lean on, but won’t love her score here. 9.750

Nataraj – UB – India – small arch in first hs – toe on to Ray is solid – bail, just a bit of angle – toe shoot to high – blind to front giant 1/2 – front giant full, a bit late – hit the low bar in giants before DLO but manages the dismount, lunge forward.

HUGE composition improvement over her elite bars routines earlier in the year. 11.950. That can definitely be worked into a lineup routine for Illinois next season.

Kalukottage – BB – Sri Lanka – full turn, just slightly overturns – cartwheel is hit well – lone back tuck, hits it, step forward – wolf jump, pause before an aborted jump, just goes up and down – not does split jump – hits a switch leap – front tuck dismount, lunge back. So she’ll bee missing a lot of CR there, but another stay on. 8.550.

Gamage – BB – Sri Lanka – full turn – cartwheel, hit – standing back tuck is well short, falls – back walkover – tucked back handspring, stays on – split jump to wolf jump, so has a dance combination – front tuck dismount, step. 8.000

Now Scotland will have their touch on bars. India only put up the two bars routines but will stay ahead of Sri Lanka on team score for now. Scotland will have sights on South Africa’s 36.900 on bars.

After that bars routine, Nataraj looks in good shape for the AA despite the vault fall.

Bremner – UB – Scotland – giant full is good – blind to piked jaeger, just a bit of feet on catch – bail, short of handstand – toe shoot to ehigh, a little close, struggles up to handstand out of it but continues into clear hip – double tuck dismount with step. 11.550

Gorrell – UB – Scotland – good first hs – blind change to jaeger, a bit close on catch and hit the low bar going into it – pak is very high but comes in and hits the mat on swing through – does get her shoot to high bar – giant full – FTDT, justttt does pull that around with a staggered landing and a step back. 10.750

Archer – UB – Scotland – maloney to bail, good, just some legs – toe on to toe shoot, hit – blind 1/2 to jaeger, good height – cast 1/2 – giant full, late but through it – goes for DLO 1/1 dismount and hits it, pikes the second salto, small step.

12.250, easily into the AA lead for this sub.

Kennedy – UB – Scotland – blind to front giant 1/2 to pak, small leg break – clear hip 1/2 to toe shoot, close to high bar and short hs out of it, but fine – pause halfway through the giant full but completes it – double tuck dismount, lunge forward. 10.700

So it’s just 34.550 for Scotland on bars, which drops 2.350 to South Africa there and will trail RSA on cumulative vault and bars scores now.

Rotation 3

Kalukottage – FX – Sri Lanka – double turn is around – round off double tuck, hits it – back 2/1, rebound back out of it – switch to switch side – front tuck to round off, looks like she might have been intending something out of that round off but pulled out of it – back 1.5 final pass. 8.750

Gorrell – BB – Scotland – candle mount is strong – bhs loso series, keeps it on, loses the knees in the layout – straddle jump from side, nice amplitude – straight jump full from side, keeps it on with a check – next leap was sort of a switch side 1/4 rather than a switch 1/2, but keeps it on – switch, hit – 2/1 dismount, step. We have a beam hit alert! 11.350

Gehani – FX – Sri Lanka – attempts quad turn, about 3.5 turns – double tuck, hit, shuffle back – 2.5 to front tuck, stands it up but takes it well OOB, both feet – switch ring to switch leap, good switch 180 – front layout full, smaller step – switch 1/2 – 2/1, bounce back. Good leaps, hits her passes, a useful routine. But still just 10.650

Archer – BB – Scotland – switch mount and falls immediately – double turn, stays on with a wobble – side aerial, secure – split jump and straddle, comfortable – aerial, a little short but hit – bhs loso series, check – switch to switch 1/2, nice switch 1/2 position, good job – 2.5 dismount, lunge. Should honestly still be one of our better beam scores even with the fall. 11.950.

Yep still tied for 2nd on beam even with a fall. Nearly first

Gamage – FX – Sri Lanka – triple turn, leans out at the end but gets it around for 3 turns – back layout full attempt – straight jump full is hit – front tuck round off back tuck – split leap and switch leap passage to get that requirement – split jump 1/2, we’ll see if she gets element credit for these split positions – back layout. 7.850

Bremner – BB – Scotland – nice loso mount, very solid – bhs loso series and falls, looked like she was going to be able to save it with a wobble but the lean took her too far – aerial, smoothly done – switch to sissone – switch 1/2, check – side aerial is very good – 1.5 dismount, knees, step to the side. Some nice acro elements in there, but Scotland not doing what they need to make up ground on South Africa. 11.500

Abeyratne – FX – Sri Lanka – 2/1, chest down, step to the side – split jump 1/2 – front tuck – single L turn, drops a little early but probably gets full turn credit – split and switch passage – double turn is solid – 1.5 dismount, short, sits it down. 7.350

Risking background music deductions in the Sri Lanka floor routines.

Kennedy – BB – Scotland – switch to switch side combination, securely done – hits bhs loso series, some knee bending throughout but secure – switch 3/4, again does well to keep it secure, and a delightful composition choice – straddle jump from side, hit – 1.5 dismount, large bound forward. Necessary hit for Scotland. 11.7

Nayak – BB – India – front tuck mount is hit – hits punch front as well, check – switch to tuck jump full, good – bhs back tuck series is a struggle, off line, falls – wolf jump full is really strong – front tuck full dismount, step to the side. Really liked the aggression in most of those elements though. The series got her. 11.000 is a really solid total for a fall.

Nataraj – BB – India – bhs loso series, large break with a lean forward but good extension – aerial, hits, another leg-up wobble – side aerial is solid – cat leap to switch 1/2 to represent NCAA gymnastics, good split position – 1.5 dismount, some knees, little hop in place. She’ll be annoyed by the large breaks but good technique throughout. 11.350

In the team department in rotation 3, Scotland exactly equaled South Africa’s beam total, but that means South Africa retains more than a point advantage. Scotland would need 37.950 on floor to match South Africa, which is a 12.650 average on the counting scores, which will be tough.

Rotation 4

Nayak – FX – India – straddle jump 1.5, nearly all the way, nice height – 2.5, lunge forward – double tuck, a bit short, lunge – straight jump 2/1, gets that around – popa, comfortable – 2/1, very short, one hand touches simultaneously with feet – front 1/1 is hit, step back. 9.650

Really enjoy her dynamic leap style on both beam and floor.

Kalukottage – VT – Sri Lanka – tsuk back pike, gets it around, a couple steps back. 11.900

Nataraj – FX – India – split jump full, good lift – FTDT, bounce back, possible OOB but may have kept it in – switch ring to switch 1/2, good – front lay to front full, bounce – double tuck, short and hands down. A drag. 10.650 will be enough to get her into the AA final.

Gamage – VT – Sri Lanka – tsuk back tuck, just does pull it around with a lunge forward. 11.400

Gehani – VT – Sri Lanka – tries the Tsuk layout full, just does get it around, deep knees but I don’t think they touched, lunge to the side.

12.800 for her. Not the day she wanted on several events but she’ll be back for the AA.

Abeyratne – VT – Sri Lanka – just does a yurchenko repulsion. Would not have been intended. She posted the Yurchenko back tuck. But it is a valid vault in Group 1 with a 2 D score. 10.350.

Gorrell – FX – Scotland – double pike, good height, chest down, controls landing – 1.5 to front lay, gets very low on layout and has to tuck it around but does – popa – back 2.5, some legs but comfortably landed – switch 1/2 to finish. Useful hit. 11.700

Bremner – FX – Scotland – split jump full, good – FTDT is solid, minimizes steps, chest a bit forward – 2.5 to front tuck, small hop forward, some legs but again good comfortable acro for her – split leap full is somewhat short of split – double tuck, small movement. Good one. 12.050, could challenge Kennedy for a spot in the AA with that.

Archer – FX – Scotland – 3/1 is nicely done, little hop – front lay to front full, good layout position – switch and split full and popa, all well executed – switch 1/2 a little shorter but fine – double tuck, little hop. Well done.

12.400 puts her first in the AA ahead of Rooskrantz.

Kennedy – FX – Scotland – needs 12.2 for the AA final – high straddle jump, but maybe not the full 1.5 around – DLO is well done – front tuck through to 2/1, hop to the side – double tuck, bit of a slide – good dynamic acro here.

12.250 for Kennedy! She makes it into the AA final over Bremner by .050. Bremner will be 2-per out.

South Africa’s 147.750 teams score will stand. Scotland on 146.500 into second place for now.

As for the AA, if we assume that all four remaining countries will put their maximum 2 into the AA final, which seems likely, then the remaining qualifiers for the AA final will be:

Shannon Archer
Caitlin Rooskrantz
Naveen Daries
Cara Kennedy
Ruthuja Nataraj
Milka Gehani
Nadine Joy Nathan
Emma Yap
Tatiana Bachurina
Tara Donnelly

Danyella Richards of Jamaica would be next, hoping that there’s a meltdown from someone in the lead subdivision.

Fourth subdivision will begin after only a short break.


I haven’t been saying much about event leaders because I expect them to be totally blown out of the water in this final subdivision.

We start with Wales on vault and Canada on bars in part 1 of the first rotation, then Australia on vault and England on bars.

Always put Fenton and Fragapane standing next to each other. Always. Frags need full bun height to come up to Fenton’s shoulder.

Rotation 1

Spence – UB – Canada – good first hs – toe full, a bit late – maloney to pak to van leeuwen, good combination, some legs in VL – blind to jaeger, hit, some knee form – just a lone double tuck dismount, small step. Nice toe point throughout.

12.550, 2nd to Rooskrantz there.

Evans – VT – Wales – solid repulsion on her Yfull, stands out from the first three subdivisions in that regard – large bounce back. 13.100

Lalonde – UB – Canada – stalder full is nice – maloney to pak, slightly loose but good foot position – van leeuwen, legs together – blind to high jaeger, good – toe front tuck 1/2, step back. Another routine full of pretty work.

12.950, she replaces Spence in 2nd on bars.

Morgan – VT – Wales – solid Yfull, not quite as high as Evans but pretty high enough – clean, good distance, two steps back. 13.000

Denommee – UB – Canada – front toe 1/2 to shap to pak, can leeuwen, just a bit of legs – gienger, solid amplitude – cast 1/2 gets crazy, loses back tension and leg form to bring it around – giant full, late – toe on tuck 1/2 dismount is stuck. Was going well until the end.

12.450 is actually a really strong bars score for her. Feel like there should have been more separation between Spence’s E score and hers.

Stickler – VT – Wales – another hit yfull, more chest down from her than the previous 2, but mostly controls the landing, small hop forward. 13.000

Zonneveld – UB – Canada – maloney, can’t grasp – looked really good in the air – Resumes with a good jaeger – giant full – pings her double pike dismount with lunge back. 10.550 will be the drop score but Canada had three useful hits before that.

Maracha – VT – Wales – hits a yfull as well, though probably the low score of the group, a bit more piking and leg separation. 12.950 is close to the others.

39.100 for Wales on vault is 0.200 better than South Africa’s vault score.

Canada sets the opening mark for the big 3 with a 37.950 on bars. England will be aiming to break 40 there.

Achampong – UB – England – inbar to inbar 1/2 to high jaeger, hit it, some form – Stalder tkatchev piked to pak, hit – toe full, some leg break but keeps going – shap 1/2, legs – FTDT, just does pull it around, chest down. A hit. Lots of leg form that will take down the E score but no major errors.

13.750 with a 6.1 D score and she’s in first for now. That’s by far her high on the year.

Brown – VT – Australia – good high Yfull, nice extended shape as well, not the most distance, hop back. 13.150

Kinsella – UB – England – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger, comfortable – Ricna, hit – good cast hs positions – pak, good legs – maloney to gienger, good legs on maloney, loses it a bit on gienger – toe full, starts listing but finishes in solid position, to double arabian – hop. Very good again.

13.650, also a 2022 high for her.

Scott – VT – Australia – again a comfortable yfull, mostly solid layout position, hop back.  13.100

Simm – UB – England – Stalder tkatchev 1/2 to yezhova, hits it, usual yezhova legs – maloney to clear hip full on high, pretty late pirouette – tkatchev – Ricna to pak, hit – lots of difficulty – adds an extra cast on low bar – van leeuwen attempt and it’s short, falls – such a packed routine. Resumes with a hit van leeuwen – DLO, pikes it down at the end, hop forward. 11.800

Godwin – VT – Australia – Tsuk 1.5 is very solid, medium hop forward, good distance. 13.750

Godwin – VT 2 – Australia – handspring pike 1/2, good height again but a very large bounce back

Some pressure on Fenton now that Simm fell and also because she’ll need to beat Kinsella’s 13.650 to make the bars final.

Fenton – UB – England – small arch in first hs – toe on piked tkatchev 1/2 to yezhova, hit – maloney to pak, good legs together – van leeuwen – clear hip – giant full, pretty solid – FTDT, stuck. Good one.

14.000. The three counting scores for England were all 2022 highs for them. Running away after 1 rotation.

Whitehead – VT – Australia – comes up a little short on her Y1.5 with a step sideways and out of the area. Good position in the air. 13.400

Whitehead – VT 2 – Australia – ro 1/2 on front puck – started out piked, ended up tucked – lunge forward. 12.600

England goes 41.400 on bars, Australia 40.300 on vault. Both doing what they need to do to go 1-2, but advantage England after 1.

The race for the 2 English spots in the AA final remains very tight after 1.

Godwin and Whitehead are into 3-4 spots for the vault final.

Rotation 2

Fragapane – BB – England – huge save on standing arabian, the beam crazy save queen is back – wolf jump full, large break, keeps it on – bhs back tuck series, good height, secure – pike jump full, almost all the way around, lean and bend – double turn, check – bhs bhs 2/1, gets a little crossed, stays on.

The Frags special, 3 insane saves, stays on. 11.650

Brown – UB – Australia – toe full, good finish to maloney – pak, lovely leg position – van leeuwn, comfortable, just a bit of legs – markelov is hit – FTDT, lunge back. 13.400

Fenton – BB – England – loso mount, good height, hit – double turn, check – side aerial to loso, knee form throughout but hits it – switch to split leap is nice – y spin, slightly tentative but fine – wolf triple gets crazy like a top, around – aerial, bent knee, secure – double tuck, step back. She’s through 2 good ones.

13.300 leads on beam by more than a point.

Whitehead – UB – Australia – toe full, pause in the middle but pulls it around – maloney to pak is hit – van leeuwen, solid, small leg break – markelov, solidly high – higgins to double front, gets hung up in the air and does land it but hands down and deep landing. 12.100

Achampong – BB – England – front walkover mount – split ring jump, some foot form and credit risk – aerial to split to straddle jump, lovely straddle extension – bhs loso loso is very secure – side aerial, tries to connect through to switch ring, large break, leg way up – y spin – split jump 1/2 from side, good overall – bhs bhs 2.5, hop to the side. Lots to like about her beam work but these ring elements will give some E score grief.

Gets a 13.300 with  7.6 E for second on beam.

Godwin – UB – Weiler to weiler 1/2 to maloney to toe on to van leeuwen, legs together – short cast hs on high – piked jaeger, comfortable – giant full OK – DLO, very solid landing. Good efficient work.

13.650 helps.

Kinsella – BB – England – switch mount is good – into aerial, leg up check – side aerial to loso, good height, check – wolf double, comfortable – switch to switch 1/2, another large break with leg up – double pike dismount, lunge back.

13.450 goes into first on beam, knocks Achampong out of the beam final.

McDonald – UB – Australia – elbows in first hs but does work through into weiler 1/2 to maloney to clear hip – piked tkatchev to pak, a bit crazy rhythm, almost out of control throughout but not – van leeuwen is good – toe full, small pause, through it – FTDT, shuffle back. 13.500

40.550 for Australia on bars, 40.050 for England on beam. So Australia makes a little ground back, but Australia was donw .850 compared to England’s bars.

Fenton, Kinsella, and Achampong are all within .250 of each other in the AA. Godwin up on them by a tenth.

Denommee – BB – Canada – hits her switch mount, just getting her foot on the beam really – ro layout, secure landing – switch to switch 1/2, some position, leg up wobble – aerial to split to bhs combo is smooth – side aerial, small check – side somi, strong – split jump 1/2 from side, closer to risking old technique there – some arm waving in dance combo. 1.5, large bound forward.

11.700. Got destroyed on E there for a hit.

Evans – UB – Wales – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger, hit, a bit low – toe on to bail, hip angle and leg separation – shoot to high – giant full, very late – double pike dismount, some tucking, step back. 11.6

Lalonde – BB – Canada – side aerial to loso attempt, way off line and falls – aerial, some knee but hits it, into split jump, lovely split jump position – switch to wolf jump, dance elements a real highlight here – 1.5 dismount, hop. 12.000

Woah 7.800 E score with a fall is HUGE.

Micallef – UB – Wales – blind to front giant to piked jaeger, solid – bail, gets to vertical, some floppy hip position – shoot to high is very close to the bar – giant full – doubel pike, lunge back. Through another hit for Wales. Bars is definitely their just survive event. 11.700

Lee – BB – Canada – attempts loso mount, can’t get one of her feet on and falls – the nightmare is upon Canada on beam – side aerial loso loso series, does well to keep it on, a big arm wave swim – side somi is solid – split jump 1/2 from side, large break, bend forward at hips – wolf double is solid – cat leap to switch 1/2, keeps it on, another arm wave – step forward on dismount.


Maracha – UB – Wales – van leeuwen, small leg break – blind change to piked jaeger, feet flexed but hit – bail, solid vertical – toe on to toe shoot, some loss of rhythm – giant full – double tuck, chest well down, lunge forward, but through another hit. 11.750

Spence – BB – Canada – they need one from her right now – candle mount, strong – wolf double, comfortable – aerial to split jump to wolf jump, just a bit of knees, secure – bhs back pike, nailed it – side somi, large lean and can’t pull it back despite her best efforts, another fall for Canada, a shame – looked like she was going to head to the chalk bucket and then was like OH CRAP ELITE RULES GET BACK ON – switch swithc 1/2, arm wave before bhs – 1.5 dismount, step. Mostly lovely but another fall. 12.150

Stickler – UB – Wales – good first hs – but toe full attempt was way short from the start and has to come off – maloney to pak is nice – van leeuwen, small leg break – 1/2 to piked jaeger, high, hits it – double tuck, lunge back. Wales really needed a hit there to try to take advantage of Canada’s missed beam rotation.

36.250 for Canada on beam, 35.050 for Wales on bars. Canada just .050 ahead of Wales right now.

Rotation 3

Lalonde – FX – Canada – double y spin to double turn is nice – doubel tuck, jars herself back, keeps it in bounds, chest well down – split ring leap 1/2 has some actual solid height – 2.5, controls crossover step – split jump full – almost a real tour jete position – switch ring – front full – nice work, great dance elements. 12.200

Micallef – BB – Wales – candle mount, a bit past vertical – wolf double is smooth – switch to sissone, good sissone position – bhs loso, was right on but ended up leaning for a pretty large hip bend deduction – aerial, small check – side aerial, another leg up break, keeps it on – 2/1, hop back. 12.450 very useful score. 4th on beam.

Spence – FX – Canada – 1.5 through to 2/1, very solid landing – wolf double is around – switch ring to split leap full, great split extension – front tuck through to double tuck, again a stuck landing – switch 1/2 – EXCELLENT routine.

12.750 is the floor leader so far.

Evans – BB – Wales – candle mount goes into a fully piked pancake – wolf double and stands it up entirely wolf-kino style in the second turn – switch to split is hit – switch 1/2, pretty solid elevation – bhs back pike and lands so hard she bounces herself off the beam – side aerial, good – side somi, 2nd fall – 2/1 step back. 10.550 they’ll need to drop.

Denommee – FX – Canada – high split leap full, nice – DLO, solid, small shuffle – split jump full, also very strong – front lay to front full, a bit short, slide back – switch to switch 1/2 – wolf double was an adventure but she roll chorepgrphies out of it – doubel pike, short landing, bound forward.

12.650, just behind Spence. Canada nice results on floor.

Maracha – BB – Wales – jump to split mount – wolf double, loses her leg form – bhs loso, secure, good extension – aerial to split to korbut, gets off like on the korbut and has to pull herself back on – side aerial, slight pause – switch, pause before sissone – 1.5 dismount, step.

12.550, a second useful score for Wales there. Stickler to come.

Lee – FX – Canada – wolf triple, good, clearly around and smooth – double tuck, slide back – popa, good – swithc to switch 1/2, no trouble – 1.5 to front full, good lift in second element to get it around comfortably – double pike, step back.

Big recovery from Canada in this floor rotation. 13.000 for her and into first on floor.

Stickler – BB – Wales – switch mount, wobble but saves it, good presence, could easily have come off – smooth wolf double – switch, slight pause befroe sissone and split – bhs loso series, holds it – aerial, some knees, but holds it well again – side aerial, hit – 2/1, cehst down, step. A third hit.

Wales definitely outperformed Canada on beam, but will they have the floor to keep up?

12.450 for Stickler. 37.450 for Wales on beam to Canada’s 36.250, but Canada will have a one point lead thanks to that floor rotation, with vault still to come. while Wales still has floor.

Achampong – FX – England – missed first pass – switch 1/2 – front 2/1 is solid, hop forward, keeps it in the corner – switch ring – split leap full, good – doubel tuck is way short, chest down and a stubmle forward – single y spin – split jump full – 2.5, little shuffle. She’s opened the door for her teammates in the AA.


Whitehead – BB – Australia – front tuck, just a small check – switch to wolf is good – bhs los and falls – front tuck, holds it, little step – wolf double is fine – aerial, leg up check – side aerial, hit – 1.5 dismount, small slide forward.


Fenton – FX – England – triple turn, gets it around – FTDT, step to the side, in bounds – switch 1/2, good – front 2/1 right into the corner, controls the landing and needed to – switch to split leap full, no trouble – 2.5, a little under with a hop to the side but mostly controls it again.

12.450, so actually loses some ground to Achampong there because of D score.

Scott – BB – Australia – switch mount – nice high bhs layout combination, real layout – strong side aerial – aerial to split jump, connected – wolf double with a lean – sissone to wolf jump, hits positions – switch to split to bhs, good rhythm but nearly falls on the back handspring, sort of surprising herself, large lean – punch front holds it after being a little short – oofos, double pike dismount is way way short, hands down.


Kinsella – FX – England – 1.5 through to 3/1, bounce back – 2.5 to front full, well controlled – double wolf turn, no trouble – good leap positions, are we considering these leaps a passage of dance? – double pike, shuffle back, several steps.

Huge 13.450 to give herself a big advantage in the race for the AA final.

Godwin – BB – Australia – switch mount no trouble, right into aerial – side somi, comfortable – bhs loso, knee form, hit with a leg-up check – switch to side aerial to split jump to sissone, pretty solid rhythm in combo – wolf 2.5, stops it after 2.5, but good hit – double pike dismount, keeps it on her feet but a pretty large stumble backward.

13.600 is huge and surprising.

Fragapane – FX – England – opening DLO is good, her signature connected wolf jump is quite low – front full, dance out – split leap full through to switch leap full – attempts triple turn and completes it and then does an accidental other full turn after dropping her foot – pike jump full – split leap full, leg form, pulls around the 1.5 twists clearly – double pike, chest down but pulls it out

12.450 fro Fragapane will not make the floor final.

McDonald – BB – Australia – switch mount, short back leg – side aerial, large break, bend at the hips, stays on the beam – bhs loso series, solid – aerial to straddle jump to korbut is pretty smooth – tentative wolf single – switch to split – 2.5, hop forward.

12.950 is a really useful number for McDonald and will put Australia just .050 behind England, though England has vault remaining and Australia has floor and vault should be a couple points better for England than floor is for Australia.

The Fenton-Achampong race for the AA final is on here in the last rotation. Fenton has a lead of .150.

With beam done, we know that Shante Koti of South Africa will make the final in the last position.

Rotation 4

Brown – FX – Australia – pulls around a wolf triple well – double tcuk, pretty solid, small hop – double y spin, for credit – 1.5 to layout, high 1.5, a bit flat on layout – switch ring to switch 1/2, nice – double pike, a bit soft in knees on landing, step back. Good opener.


Simm – VT – England – ro 1/2 on tuck 1/2, comfortable vault for her, hop back.


Scott – FX – Australia – highe FTDT, step back, stays in bounds – front tuck through to double tuck, small hop – wolf double, good – and double L turn for credit – double pike, comfortable landing, chest down.


Fenton – VT – England – goes for the Y1.5 – it’s a high vault, hop to the side and out of the area – good layout position.


Godwin – FX – Australia – wolf turn triple, good – front lay to double front, keeps it in bounds with a step, good lay position in addition to the high doubel front – double tuck, bounce back OOB – double Y turn – split leap full, good – front 2/1, slightly awkward adjustment step but not large – double pike, hop back. Good day for her.

12.550 seems low comparatively.

53.550 AA, which will be first until Kinsella’s score comes in.

Kinsella – VT – England – pretty solid DTY, some early leg separation, slide back.

13.900. Into 1st with a 54.450 in the AA.

Whitehead – FX – Australia – wolf triple is nice – 1.5 to front full, bounce OOB – switch – split leap full, good height – double tuck, very strong landing – double pike, small hop back. Nice.

12.750 is 4th on FX overall.

Achampong – VT – England – successfully gets the DTY, good height and direction, hop back. That will be enough to get her into the AA final. She’s into 2nd behind Kinsella. Godwin is 3rd.

14.150 is the top vault score.

England goes 3 points ahead of Australia. Australia needed to be perfect and they had some trouble, but England probably didn’t have a performance that would have let them in regardless.

Canada and Wales still to come. It won’t be possible to catch Australia for silver, so Canada will be focused on fending off Wales by hitting some vaults.

Micallef – FX – Wales – wolf double is solid – high double pike, small rebound – switch to split leap full is good – front lay to front full, gets pretty low on front full but pulls it out, keeps step in bounds – split jump full – 2/1 final pass, couple steps back. Good. 11.800

Zonneveld – VT – Canada – hits a yfull, large bounce back, some piking. 13.000

Maracha – FX – Wales – wolf double, solid – double pike, gets a bit low, pulls it out, shuffle back – doubel tuck, jars herself backward and hands down – split jump full is solid – front full, a bit short, step slide back. 10.950

Lalonde – VT – Canada – good height in yfull, bounce back. 13.050

Spence – VT – Canada – hits a Y1.5, pretty large lunge-bound forward but landed it. 13.400 first vault score.

Evans – FX – Wales – y turn double – split leap full, good height – 1.5 through to 2.5, large stumble forward, both feet OOB and a couple lunges – double pike, gets ejected from the floor again, hands down – going to need a big number from Stickler now to pass South Africa – front full to stag, another stumble forward OOB, looks like both feet again.  10.400

Stickler will need a 13.400 for Wales to match South Africa’s team total.

Denommee – VT – Canada – very solid landing on Y1.5, nearly shows a stick – step salute, just a bit of knees. 13.650

Stickler – FX – Wales – split jump full is good – triple turn is around, just a tad over – DLO, secure landing – front loso through to just a layout full – switch ring and switch 1/2 are good – doubel pike, nice height, only a small slide back – wolf double attempt and fully plopped it down right at the end.

And now we wait for Wales’ final placement.

12.700 will put Wales in 5th as South Africa takes 4th. Huge result for South Africa. What a strong performance today.

Team Final:
1) England – 161.100
2) Australia – 158.000
3) Canada – 152.700
4) South Africa – 147.750
5) Wales – 147.050
6) Scotland – 14.6500
7) Singapore – 134.750
8) Sri Lanka – 116.900

AA qualifiers:
1) Alice Kinsella ENG
2) Ondine Achampong ENG
3) Georgia Godwin AUS
4) Emma Spence CAN
5) Shannon Archer SCO
6) Laurie Denommee CAN
7) Emily Whitehead AUS
8) Caitlin Rooskrantz RSA
9) Poppy Stickler WAL
10) Naveen Daries RSA
11) Jea Maracha WAL
12) Cara Kennedy SCO
13) Ruthuja Nataraj IND
14) Milka Gehani SRI
15) Nadine Joy Nathan SGP
16) Emma Yap SGP
17) Tatiana Bachurina CYP
18) Tara Donnelly IOM

Vault qualifiers:
1) Shannon Archer SCO
2) Laurie Denommee CAN
3) Pranati Nayak IND
4) Georgia Godwin AUS
5) Emily Whitehead AUS
6) Emma Spence CAN
7) Naveen Daries RSA
8) Cara Kennedy SCO

Bars qualifiers:
1) Georgia Mae Fenton ENG
2) Ondine Achampong ENG
3) Georgia Godwin AUS
4) Kate McDonald AUS
5) Caitlin Rooskrantz RSA
6) Jenna Lalonde CAN
7) Emma Spence CAN
8) Shannon Archer SCO

Beam qualifiers:
1) Georgia Godwin AUS
2) Alice Kinsella ENG
3) Georgia Mae Fenton ENG
4) Kate McDonald AUS
5) Jea Maracha WAL
6) Sofia Micallef WAL
7) Emma Spence CAN
8) Shante Koti RSA

Floor qualifiers:
1) Alice Kinsella ENG
2) Cassie Lee CAN
3) Emma Spence CAN
4) Emily Whitehead AUS
5) Romi Brown AUS
6) Poppy Stickler WAL
7) Naveen Daries RSA
8) Ondine Achampong ENG

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  1. My favourite thing about CWG is the underdog countries getting their moment on the international stage. I remember Sri Lanka’s team a while ago was from a school in the area. They did handspring vaults but I loved to see it.

  2. Fab comments, thank you. Why on earth are there 4 sub divisions when the 1st 2 have only had a handful of gymnasts?

  3. Annalise Newman-Achee intentionally did a 1/2 bar routine because she was hitting the mat under the bar. We wouldn’t take the risk of a more series injury on her jaeger or dismount, so we took the huge score hit and lost opportunity. Shame on FIG for not rectifying this for this athlete. Agree would’ve been nice to see her in the all around final. thanks for the nice comments

    1. This is ridiculous and so unfortunate for Annalise. Please let her know she has fans cheering for her and looking forward to seeing her compete more.

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