Women’s European Championship — Team Final Live Blog

Will Italy’s dominant performance in qualification carry through to a gold medal today? Is Germany a realistic challenger to France for the bronze? It’s time to find out.

Italy and #2 qualifier Great Britain begin on vault, France and Germany on bars, Belgium and Netherlands on beam, and Hungary and Spain on floor.

Start list surprises:
-Italy not putting Andreoli on any events, including floor where she made the event final.
-France not putting Friess on floor in favor of Boyer, who scored .433 lower in Q

Start list…not surprises but noteworthy:
-No Jessica Gadirova on beam after her fall in qualification
-Malewski on bars instead of Voss
-Netherlands is not using Shade van Oorschot

Rotation 1

Here, GB is supposed to have a slight edge putting up 3 DTYs while Italy has 2 DTYs and 1 Y1.5.

Jessica Gadirova almost tripped while turning around during the intro, which is the gymnast special.

Germany tried to add some choreography today, and I think Schaefer forgot to wave and then no one knew what was up. It’s not their style.

We’re starting with Louon on BB – hits loso mount – bhs loso series, very nice height, secure landing – L turn, drops ever so slightly early, good extension – aerial, some bending of the front knee – wolf double, hit – side aerial, pretty – switch to split, clear positions – 1.5 dismount, step back, a little short. Good start. 12.833

Maggio starts Italy with 13.633 on vault, a hair down from qualification. Today, landing a bit short with a step back.

Kinsella goes 13.466 for her DTY, which is also down on qualification and lower than Maggio’s 1.5 score. Larrrrgeee stumble back on landing, multiple steps.

Malewski – UB – GER – hits piked jaeger – pak to eote on toe toe full to van leeuwen, solid combination, legs togehter until the van leeuwen – struggles to land her double front dismount but does, large bound forward. 13.100

Asia D’Amato goes 13.833 for her DTY. Maybe one of these days we’ll see a vault live.

Friess went 13.266 on bars, a big increase from day 1.

Heduit – UB – France – weiler 1/2, legs into stalder shap to Ricna, hit – pak to pak, nice turnover in ray, som e leg sep in pak – toe full on low, recasts before van leeuwen, hit – double front, hop forward. 13.800

Achampong goes 13.900 for her DTY, good height, control the landing, small hop back with a pike down at the end.

Alice D’Amato leads vault thus far with a 14.100, good height and distance, bounce back.

Vaelen – BB – Belgium – punch front mount, step – switch to switch side, secure – bhs back tuck a little fraught in the air but hit it with a check – double turn, wobble – side somi, holds with a lean – front tuck, foot slips off and can’t save it, though it looked like she might for a second, fall – high 2/1 dismount, slide back. 11.833

Jessica Gadirova went 14.000 on vault.

Bui – UB – Germany – Jaeger to pak, nicely done – maloney to bhrwaj, slightly crooked on catch but fine – van leeuwen, legs break, hit – ahhhh toe full very late and crazy, has to add a giant swing after with all kinds of legs and elbows – FTDT, step. Just 13.433

Italy up 2 tenths on GB, which is an improvement for them over Q.

Charpy – UB – shaposh 1/2, hit – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger, somewhat close but fine – piked hindorff to pak, pretty pak – toe on past vertical – casts and hits van leeuwen – giant full – DLO, deep landing, pulls it out, bound forward. Some moments but survived.

Gadirova’s DTY was solid, but like Achampong she piked down at the end to find the landing and got hit for body position on landing.

13.266 for Charpy is also well down on qualification, but not as large an error as Bui’s.

So…….we’ve lost the stream???

So I’m back up on a VPN but missed Seitz’s bars in the process (fun!)

Petisco – FX – FTDT, hit – double arabian, just a tad short, step back – switch to split leap full – double tuck, deep, hop forward – wolf 2.25 – switch 1/2, some feet – double pike, jarred herself on a somewhat short landing, step forward.

Volleman – BB – Netherlands – front handspring, no connection – does kickover front and connects to a korbut to have her acro series – L turn, hit – side somi, holds it with a small squeeze – switch, short of split, arm wave and no connection aagin – now does switch to cat leap – full turn, hit – gainer pike full dismount gets troubling, short, large lunge to the side/forward

So we’re back up and running on the normie stream, and they have fixed it so that Olly and Blythe are now able to be heard. But was it worth missing Seitz on bars. Was it?

After 1 Rotation:
Italy 41.566 (+0.468)
GB 41.366 (-0.033)
Germany 40.833 (-0.667)
France 40.332 (+0.266)
Belgium 37.599
Spain 37.065
Hungary 36.566
Netherlands 36.466

Good news for Italy and France in rotation 1.

Rotation 2

Visser – FX – Netherlands – whip to 3/1 to front tuck, does pull out the front tuck but it is sideways and low with a leg break – double L turn to double turn, double y turn to illusion to get all her turn value – 2/1, comfortable, small hop – switch ring and split leap full, some feet – double tuck, a bit deep

Achampong – UB – GB – inbar to inbar 1/2, pause with legs – hits jaeger, slightly close – stalder tkatcehv piked to pak, catches close and has to stop against the bar for 15 hours – toe full, pretty late – stalder shap 1/2, legs – just a double tuck dismount instead of the FTDT, hop forward.

Achampong missed in qualification, but they didn’t pull her for Gadirova because her potential score is so much higher, but this will not improve on her miss from qualification.

Medina hits a FTY for Spain, hop, some pike.

12.433 for Achampong.

Malewski just 12.700 for Germany on beam after her 13.500 on Q.

Villa – UB – Italy – tkatchev to pak to maloney to bhardwaj, lovely – van leeuwen – a bit short on hs – front giant full is good, right to the end fo the bars – FTDT, slightly deep, slide back. 14.166

Now Heduit goes 11.300 on beam, which France very much did not need because Germany was giving them tenths upon tenths.

Voss – BB – Germany – loso mount, hit, small arm correction – side aerial to loso, high, hit, small check – split leap full, around – full turn, minor overturn – switch to switch 1/2 – some back leg on the switch 1/2 and subsequent split jump – aerial – 2.5, lunge to the side – solid work, minor checks only and then the lunge on dismount. 13.500

Good Y1.5 from Bacskay, stuck landing, some knees throughout.

Kinsella went 14.000 on bars.

Asia D;Amato – UB – Italy – Nabieva to pak, hit, legs apart on pak – toe full – maloney, legs into tkatchev, hit connection – shuffles across bar – short 1/2 turn – front giant full to double front, step back. 14.000

Kovacs good DTY, hop back.

Now Boyer just 12.866 on beam, which again gives tenths back to Germany.

Schaefer – BB – Germany – switch to switch, small pause before split jump, good elements – bhs loso series, very solid – switch ring, check – double turn, wobble, holds it – Schaefer, hits it, hop to the side – aerial to split jump to stag ring, good connection rhythm – side aerial, secure – gainer layout, hop back. 13.733

The race for bronze is back on.

Fenton – UB – GB – Fenton to yezhova, good one, some of her best leg form on that – maloney to pak, clean – van leeuwen, legs together – clear hip to giant full – FTDT, nearly collapses in depth there but pulls it out, hop back. Really one of her best ones until the dismount, but that wasn’t disastrous. 13.700, thought it would be higher.

Osyssek-Reimer – BB – check on switch mount – switch to split, hit, some back leg – ro back layout, good height, step back – aerial she’s well short on it and falls – switch 1/2, good lift – and it’s a second fall for her on a side somi – finishes double pike dismount, stuck.

Ayyyyyy. France with a full beam disaster.

Meanwhile, Italy got a 14.633 from Alice D’Amato to establish a 3 point lead on GB as they just need to vaguely stay on apparatuses at this point.

Just 11.766 for Osyssek, the second 11 of the beam rotation.

After 2:
1 Italy – 84.365
2 GB – 81.499
3 Germany – 80.766
4 Hungary 77.765
5 France 76.264
6 Spain 76.097
7 Belgium 75.565
8 Netherlands 75.465

France is well over 2 points down on its qualification score, while Germany is just 2 tenths down. The Germans have every ability to upset for a medal here now.

Rotation 3

Villa – BB – Italy – loso mount is nice – round off back tuck again, it’s more ginger than in q but hit again – wolf triple, comfortable – switch to split, good – double turn, corrects with a little extra 1/4 turn – side aerial, holds well despite being a little under – 2/1, bounce back. One beam down. 13.300

Verkest hits a FTY with a large bounce back

Boyer starts France with a 12.700 on floor. Visser hits her own FTY, clean in the air, with a bound back.

Schaefer – FX – Germany – double L to double turn, dropped the double L a little early – double front, lunge forward, keeps it in bounds – door creaking open music – triple turn, hit – front 2/1 is deep, lunge back to get the landing – good split leap full – front full, hop forward – split ring to switch ring – 12.433

Achampong goes 13.700 on beam, which is a very strong number.

Maggio – BB – switch mount – larger break with leg up to horizontal – switch to sissone combination – bhs loso, a bit rushed, leg up – switch ring, hit, only a msall correction – side aerial – aerial, leg up check again – side somi, forward, pulls it back – double pike, small hop to the side

A nervy one with a lot of balance deductions, but they just need to vaguely stay on most things at this point. 13.066

Vaelen vaults her handspring rudi, leg crossing in the air, but again good control on landing, small hop.

Jennifer Gadirova – BB – switch to switch 1/2, hit, a bit low on switch 1/2, breaks combo to back tuck, secure – aerial is way way short and off to the side, falls – split jump, pause before straddle jump, adds wolf jump to get her dance combination – straddle jump 1/2 from side, high – bhs loso, was right now, nearly fell working out of it but saves – side aerial – double pike, hop back. 12.500

Good Y1.5 from Van Pol, small hop to the side

Voss with just 11.266 for Germany on floor.

Kovacs – UB – Hungary – inbar full to stalder shap 1/2, excellent – inbar 1/2 gets crooked, still tried to go for the piked jaeger out of it but could not catch it – her coach trying to catch her nearly tripped over her – resumes with a clean finish and a stuck FTDT.

Osyssek Reimer – FX – France – double double tuck, hit, small movement – front loso to double tuck, chest forward, stagger back on landing – good popa – split leap full, high, slight stumble on landing – double pike, shuffle back – L hop full – switch 1/2 – 13.166

Asia D’Amato went 13.800 on beam, ensuring that all Italy has to do on floor is cough.

Kinsella – BB – GB – switch, holds it – aerial, hit – side aerial to loso, high, some knee form, secure – wolf double, lean forward to keep it together at the end – switch to switch 1/2, solid, a bit short on switch position – double pike dismount, much better, step back. 13.733

Bui – UB – Germany – wolf single and no dramatics today – split jump full – DLO, very solid – double tuck, bounce back – 2.5 to front tuck, leg crossing in the 2.5 – switch switch full – double pike, small bounce. Germany needed that one.

Standing ovation for her last floor.

13.033 for Bui takes Germany more than 2 points ahead of France, which is critical because France can definitely gain 2 points on vault.

After 3:
1 Italy 124.531
2 GB 121.432
3 Germany 117.498
4 Hungary 117.030
5 Netherlands 115.798
6 Belgium 115.698
7 France 115.096
8 Spain 114.396

Standings will be a bit misleading here because France still has to vault, which is a great event for them, while Hungary still has to go to beam, which is beam.

Would take some kind of natural disaster to shift 1-2 at this point.

Rotation 4

Jennifer Gadirova – FX – high DLO, bounce back, just does keep it in bounds – FTDT, solid, small hop – switch ring, split leap full, solid – switch full, pulled around – front loso to double tuck, super deep landing, a couple lunges back and OOB. 13.133

Bui – VT – a little flat on her FTY but fine, hop back. 13.266

Makovits – BB – Hungary – front tuck mount, step back – aerial, knee but secure – side aerial to bhs, hit – switch to split, connected, slightly short on split – side somi, held well – split leap – 1.5, lunge forward. A hit. 12.266

Dear dear dear Osyssek with just a 12.033 on vault. It has all fallen apart for France. We’re not going to get to see it because they saw France in 7th place and didn’t think that counted as close.

Seitz – VT – hits yfull, an overenergetic bounce up in place but she controls it with…I mean basically a balance check? 13.333

Maggio 13.733 on floor.

Kinsella – FX – 1.5 through to 3/1, steps back OOB – 2.5 to front full, step, some knees – wolf double, pulls it around – split leap full through to switch full – double pike, only small movement –

Heduit did get 13.800 on vault for France, but any glimmer of hope was gone after the Osyssek score.

Voss finishes vault for Germany adds back in the DTY and it’s excellent, small hop.

After the Bui error on bars, you didn’t think there was much hope for Germany, but they were excellent today and France had a nightmare.

Voss 14.333 to clinch the bronze.

Long long wait on Kinsella’s floor score. That was months ago.

Friess went 14.233 on vault, so France will finish about 3 points shy of Germany. Just a huge upset and huge result for Germany.

Alice D’Amato – FX – hits double y whip whip to 3/1 with a bounce to the side – double pike, very secure – wolf double – switch to split leap full, normal – front 2/1 goes awry with a lunge forward OOB – switch ring very nice –

13.333 extends Italy’s lead to over 4 points.

Oooh Nehterlands will beat France.

Gadirova – FX – her opening pass is all the shapes today – large bounce back and completely OOB on that – switch full – DLO, pike down just a bit, small control movement – switch ring to split leap 1.5 – popa – front loso to double tuck, good stick –

That will clinch the silver. 13.233.

Asia D’Amato needs a 9.

D’Amato – FX – DLO 1/1, good, slide back, small amount of piking – double arabian, little hop – popa, good – switch to switch 1/1, pretty solid split position – double pike, bounce – “let’s start the marching band” stomp – double tuck, slide.

That will do it easily of course. Another great competition for Italy.

1) Italy – 165.163
2) Great Britain – 161.164
3) Germany – 158.430
4) Netherlands – 156.464
5) Belgium – 155.530
6) France – 155.162
7) Hungary – 154.095
8) Spain – 161.695

(Kinsella’s score upgraded by 6 tenths to 13.366 and to its normal difficulty of 5.5)

Huge deal for Germany to get that bronze. I’m still unmoored at France’s performance. We didn’t see all the routines, but what was it 6 falls?

Germany throwing Kim Bui up in the air now. The biggest miracle is that no one dropped her.