World Championships Women’s Podium Training – Day 2

Back at it today for women’s subdivisions 3-10. I’ll keep you updated with what I’m seeing here in the arena throughout the day, and then I’ll do some more in-depth skill live blogging as needed when big things are happening.

In subdivision 3, we have South Korea, Ukraine, and a couple mixed groups. I’m interested to see how Korea looks because we haven’t seen much of them this year, just the hidden Asian Championship and some domestic competitions.

Meanwhile, there are about 955 Fujitsu cameras lining each apparatus podium today. In unrelated news, no broadcast of worlds until finals. The process is good and fine.


Yeo Seojeong’s first rudi attempt is landed to her hands and knees with a gauntlet of three coaches standing there.

Comfortable Yurchenko full for Lee Yunseo.

For Ukraine, after Kozlovska struggled on a double tuck in her floor set, we have Kasianenko going, who hit a double Arabian and full in.

MUCH better rudi for Yeo Seojeong on her second attempt. Just a little short but landed upright and would score well. Coach still standing in to spot but she wouldn’t have needed it.

Now Yeo is working Yurchenko fulls, which look good. Her teammates are back to timers.

Now Yeo goes for the DTY, which is hit, stumble back with a couple steps.

Osipova went through her floor cleanly from what I saw, and Savelieva is also working the event.

Rolston-Larking has a nice Stalder position on bars.

While her Korean teammates are done, Yeo is still doing some handspring timers on vault.

In rotation 2, we have Lee Yunseo, very blonde now, on bars. starring on bars.

Yeo’s coach just caught her totally elegantly when she fell on a piked jaeger. Eom Dohyun was the first to do a full set and went through cleanly.

Lee Yunseo falls on her Komova in her first full routine attempt. She resumes with Van Leeuwen to inbar 1/2 to piked jaeger, which was quite nice. Stalder full to FTDT, landed, a bit deep.

Shin Solyi fell on her van leeuwen in her first full routine attempt.

Not sure Lee Dayeong is going to make the bars lineup, but I do like her potential ability on this event.

Lee Yunseo’s second full bars: Inbar full – Komova to pak to van leeuwen, gorgeous – inbar 1/2, pulls it around to piked jaeger – stalder full to FTDT, deep. She’s having a little bit of trouble getting that inbar 1/2 to go over the correct direction, so I’ll be watching that in competition, but she jusssst got it this time.

The veteran Lee Eunju, who I believe is listed as the alternate as of now, is also doing plenty of bars here.

Lee YS is far off on her Komova on her next attempt and the coach again catches her like a football, which elicits a round of applause from the other coaches watching in the stands today.

In rotation 3, Korea is on beam – Lee Yinseo – good wolf doubel turn, aerial to split to straddle – switch 1/2 (short) – side somi – switch to sssone – bhs loso – side aerial – 2/1 dismount. Good routine.

I don’t know if I’m just by the speakers, but the floor music is 8000 decibels too loud for this arena.

Ukraine is on bars in this rotation. Kasianenko had a dead hang on a shoot to high but otherwise through her bars routine.

Yeo hits a double pike beam dismount.

“AHH MY SHAPOSH VARIATION” has been a theme of this subdivion so far.

Rolston-Larking has Toxic as her floor music, which I think you all need to know.

I believe it was Eom (beam is very far away from me) who also hit a double pike beam dismount. She also had a very nice fhs front tuck combination. Though the beam double pikes are causing more problems for the Koreans on second attempt.

Kozlovska and Hubareva are still up on bars for Ukraine working on some trouble elements, a Jaeger for Kozlovska, and a Maloney for Hubareva. Hubareva got the Maloney to Gienger combination on her next attempt, though then missed on a jaeger.

The Korean team is all up redoing their beam dismounts now, as they’ve been trouble in later attempts.

Rotation 4 sees South Korea move to floor and Ukraine to beam. Lee YS just did a nice 3/1 in the warmup.

Kasianenko with a step forward on front tuck mount on beam, holds onto a pucnh front – switch and switch 1/2 – side aerial to layout stepout combination, also holds onto it – sissone and a lovely split jump – double tuck dismount, pulls it around.

Yeo with a nice DLO on floor. Lee YS follows her double Y spin for credit, double tuck, bounce back – 3/1, this one was a bit more trouble but hit, just a little shy of full rotation – switch 1/2, good – 1.5 to front full, small hop – double pike, short, step forward

Was about to say that Osipova had looked solid today, and then she fell on a loso. But she has been solid today.


In this one we have Hungary, Australia, Sweden, and a mixed group.

McDonald for Australia showed a nice weiler to maloney to clear hip to high tkatchev in combination. Hands down on FTDT.

Godwin hit her legs on the mat on her pak in her first go through. The rest was her normal.

Good Markelov from Romi Brown.

Mayer for Hungary showing an open full in on floor.

So we saw McDonald, Godwin, Whitehead, and Brown warm up for Australia. And now they’re done on bars and Scott and GRB will get their turn.

I see Kovacs on the side in her warmups but have not seen her do any floor.

GRB as beautiful as ever in her stalder positions and line on bars but didn’t do a whole lot in the way of skills. Some circles, some pirouettes, then hopped off.

Yep, no floor for Kovacs at all as Hungary finishes up their first rotation.

I’d be a little worried about Australia’s dismounts, but the competition lineup group looked solid and prepared on the bars.

Kovacs is up and warming up vault for rotation 2.

Lovely toe point for Eriksson of Sweden on bars. Now one of the Westlunds just did a super high Pak. Basically, what I’m saying is I would like to just watch this Swedish team warm up toe-ons and that’s worlds.

Georgia Godwin hitting double pike beam dismounts.

McDonald stood up a little to wolfkino her double wolf but held it – front tuck is secure – doubel pike, a little short with a lunge

This time on beam, Australia has Romi Brown and GRB working in the second group after the first four went. Pretty much everyone is done in rotation 2, and GRB is just hanging out on beam being like, this is what skills should look like.

Eriksson and Paulsson still taking some turns on bars.

Really nice double pike from Breanna Scott on floor as we start elements in this third rotation. Interesting: Kovacs also still in her warmups as the other 5 Hungarians start warming up on bars.

Godwin sits down her first double front attempt.

Szekely just hit a pretty routine interior, no trouble there.

Romi Brown first up for Australia on floor – good double pike, 1.5 to front lay, double pike, bounce back

Good toe full finish position from Makovits.

Godwin – FX – wolf triple is well done – front lay to double front, sits it again – double tuck – double y spin – front full – double pike

Kovacs is back out with the gang for the beam warmup rotation. BB – switch mount to switch 1/2 to korbut, well done – side aerial, hops off – loso series is hit – aerail to straddle to split, good – double turn, fall – side somi, hit – switch, nice split – double tuck dismount, chest down but pulled it out.

Godwin with a near stick on her first Tsuk 1.5

The Westlund who is on floor right now is COMMITTING.

Szilagyi getting a chance to show off her one arm split handstand mount on beam, which is exceptional today.


China and Canada to come in this one.

Spence through her first bars warmup cleanly.

China doing light bits to start on beam, Luo Rui sort of balked her 2 foot layout but then got back up and did it. Switch ring to bhs was glorious – aerial, fall – Yurchenko loop is excellent –

Ellie Black took a fall on her first bars touch.

he Licheng up on beam, good switch split mount – falls on her 2 foot layout – aerial + split ring jump with a check – side aerial, hit – timer dmt

Zhang Jin going now – good switch ring and split ring but a check – bhs bhs 2 feet layout, step back – bhs bsh 2/1 was good

Tang XJ – solid 2 foot layout, check – switch to split ring to bhs, good – switch ring – switch 1/2 – aerial, check – double pike dismount, gets it around, chest down. Good one.

Black hit the Black in a partial routine, good one

Ou Yushan with a good fhs to front tuck combo – switch to switch 1/2 to high korbut – switch ring to split ring, hit – practicing her combination into bhs split – aerial to straddle to bhs – side somi – 2.5 dismount, a bit short, step to the side. A stay on. No huge errors.

Luo Rui is back up now for a good 2 foot layout – switch to split ring to bhs, lovely – switch ring, check before bhs – aerail, check – stag ring is perfection, connected to Korbut – lands her Yuchenko loop like a mat draped over the beam this time, but covers – double tuck dismount.

Pretty good beam rotation for China overall, all 6 showing routines. Not a lot of falls, a lot of checks in combinations but normal PT stuff.

Meanwhile the abrupt and very loud sound cue just deafened both me and Emma Spence.

On to rotation 2

Spence with a good cnadle mount – wolf double nice, aerial, check – split to wolf –

tang – FX – 3/1 to front tuck is hit – 2.5 – attempts a quad turn, does not get it around but would get triple credit – double pike,c hest down – switch ring to switch 1/2 = split leap full – wolf double, not quite around.

Ou next on floor – whip whip to 3/1, lunge back – 2.5 to front pike and sits it down – wolf triple is around – double tuck, step back – tries a quad turn as well, falls out of it and a hand down – double L turn is around.

Zhang FX – also falls well out of a quad turn variation – 2.5 to front pike – switch ring is good – 3/1, pulls it around into connected split jump – memmel turn, also falls out of it some – double pike, chest down, hop –

He – FX – lovely memmel turn – 3/1, step, just a little underrotated – 2.5 to front tuck, step OOB – good switch ring and switch 1/2 – double pike, step back – double tuck, chest well down but landed.

Black back up on beam working double turns that look good.

China had some deeeep double saltos going on in that one. Also think that going for the quad turns hurts more than helps and the safer option may be the intentional triple turn.

Rotation 3 has China on vault, interested to see what the difficulty is there. We’re still in timers for now.

We’re seeing Tsuk fulls from Zhang and He so far.

Zhang now goes for the DTT, help with a spot, lands it to her feet, lots of leg crossing.

Now He also tries a DTT, sits it down.

Denommee up on floor for Canada now, DLO with a spot, but nice height

Better second DTT from He Licheng, landed with step back.

Now Zhang crashes a DTT to hands and knees.

Spence – FX – 1.5 through to 2/1, under control, some legs – wolf double, good – switch ring – split leap full – front tuck through to double tuck, short landing with a step forward

Final DTTs, He landed hers mostly, deep, step to the side. Zhang also deep, a little help from the spot, step.

Verdicts? I got nothing.

Five minute warning for this rotation, Canada is already long done on floor, Zhang is back up for MORE VAULTS. But just a FTT this time.

China goes to bars in rotation 4

Good handspring front full from Black on vault, controls the landing.

Spence hits a Y1.5 on vault with some knees.

Ou Ys – UB – van leeuwen – healy to piked jaeger – pak – toe on to maloney to gienge – pauses against the bar after gienger before FTDT with spot.

Wei XY – UB – inbar full to inbar shap to pak, good – van leeuwen – inbar 1/2 to healy to piked jaeger – DLO 1/1, step back. Nice job.

Luo – UB – hahahaha her foot kind of slipped on the springboard and she just ran through. BARS DONE. Starting for real and struggles on first hs, stops in hip support – healy to ling to excellent layout jaeger – beautiful pak – maloney, fingertips to gienger, good height – ling 1/2 – FTDT, good landing. After that first handstand, it was excellent.

Seeing the second half of Tang, healy ling front fiant full to piked jaeger, good – DLO, small step.

China can make up so much ground here with hits. The scoring potential is huge.

Hit from He. Zhang is up here but haven’t seen any bars from her yet. The main ones are back up to do partials now, but that Wei. Luo, Tang group should just be protected at all costs.


We have France and Mexico headlining this one, also with Caitlin Rooskrantz in the individual group.

Everyone but Devillard will warm up bars for France, so no surprises there. How DJDS looks will be a major focus here.

Boyer – UB – maloney to a straddle pak – van leeuwen, looks like she hit the low bar on that one – piked jaeger, good height – toe full to double tuck, hop forward.

Friess – UB – maloney to clear hip to pak, also pretty straddled – toe full to van leeuwen, solid, some tucking – blind to jaeger, a little low but hit – double front, slightly locked, step to the side.

Heduit – UB – can’t get up on weiler 1/2 and hops off – maloney, leg break to tkatchev, hit – Ray, strong – pak – van leeuwen, hits with legs – giant full – double front, sits it down

DJDS – UB – Nabieva to pak, lovely – maloney to bhardwaj, clean – van leeuwen, good – inbar, bloes, front giant full – giant 1/2 – DLO 1/1, hop forward. Excellent routine.

Osyssek the alternate will work out in the 5th spot.

Very important for France that Melanie’s routine looked that hit.

The French physio is doing something to Boyer’s back and I’m SO jealous of it. He’s basically giving her a full back muscle reinvention.

We’re in a slight delay now as they work on the lights. We had a row of lights over vault go out so it’s pretty dark over there right now. Still 1000X brighter than that time they had that Birmingham world cup in the dark.

Stillllll waiting…..

OK we’re finally moving to the second event now.

Heduit – BB – switch to switch – wolf doubel, good – onodi, some knee position, leg up check – side aerial to loso, check, not large – switch ring is risking a credit downgrade – aerial is solid – and a double pike dismount to her hands and knees

Friess falls on her mount – resumes and hits a front tuck with an arm wave – switch and switch 1/2, leg up check – back tuck – double tuck, step to the side.

Campos for Mexico just showed a nice bars with a piked Hindorff.

Boyer hits her layout 2 feet, leg up – connects switch to switch 1/2 to split jump – aerial, solid – side aerial, also secure – side somi, nice – double pike, sits it down.

France might want to look into not dismounting beam in the comp. See if that’s an option.

MDJDS – BB – front pike mount, check – front pike, hit – bhs lay 2 feet, holds onto it with a lean – switch to switch 1/2 – aerail to split to bhs – sissone to pike jump – double pike, step back. Some wobbles but nothing huge, a stay on, and overall she looks strong on bars and beam and much better than the Paris WC.

French team working bits and pieces now after their full routines. Melanie goes for her front pike mount and runs forward right off the beam. Tries again and it’s hit.

On to floor for France in the third rotation.

Osyssek warms up a nice DLO and Devillard joins the action here, warming up a full-in. Melanie also working full ins.

Boyer – FX – front full to a rebound – pulls around a double L turn – split leap full, good height – double pike, hit – double y spin – L hop full with actual good leg position – wolf turn is hilarious, bottoms out, good one for the wolf turn lowlight reel –

Rooskrantz is up on bars in this rotation – shaposh to pak, solid combination – van leeuwen, hit – piked jaeger is nice – falls on Ray, took it very far – double pike, bounce back – knees down on her dismount

Friess – FX – double front, very deep but pulls it out – front lay to front full, clean leg position on that full, hop forward – double tuck, step back – good leap amplitude

DJDS – FX – FTDT, bounce back OOB – split jump full, around – front loso to double tuck, bounce back – switch ring is lovely, switch 1/1, a bit under rotation – tries to pull around a wolf triple, gets 2.75 – double pike, step back – pretty routine, the landings looked a little uncertain but not major issues on any of them.

Rooskrantz is continuing to have trouble with her dismount on bars.

Devillard also going on FX but looks like just a dance through.

Watching the equipment guys raising the low bar height for Newman-Achee, who was approved to raise them higher after she was not allowed to at CWG. Hard fall on a piked Jaeger, and they’ll lower the bars back down for the other athletes, takes approximately 11 seconds, so how this was ever a big deal that wouldn’t be allowed is beyond me.

Melanie’s timer is so so very high. Her first DTY is very deep, chest down, large lunge to the side and off the mat.

Devillard lands her first rudi somewhat deep, walks back out of it. And Friess lands her first rudi on her hands and knees.

Heduit pulls out a hit DTY. Interested to see if they go again since there were several struggles on necessary vaults for them.

Much stronger DTY from De Jesus Dos Santos on her second try, super high, hop back. Friess down on her second rudi attempt as well. Nice rudi from Devillard on her second attempt, good height, lunge back.

Devillard on to FTYs now. And ends with a late DTY after the announcement of the end of the session. Under the wire! Over the wire?


Japan, Netherlands, and Finland gracing us with their presences in this subdivision.

Japan’s give are warming up on floor, Ashikawa on the sideline. Miyata is doing DLO 1/1. Someone just fully slipped on a triple turn attempt and landed on her butt.

Thorsdottir, Volleman, Veerman, and Visser warming up bars.

Sakaguchi – FX – full in, solid secure landing, chest down – 3/1 lovely lovely twisting form, I’m a fan of everything happening here – switch ring – split full – 1.5 to front full, again great twisting form, step OOB – 2.5, step forward. Good one.

Thorsdottir – UB – shaposh to pak, small leg break – nice handstand – maloney to bail, some leg break in maloney – toe full, great finish position, to shoot to high – piked jaeger, lovely – FTDT, small hop. Great routine.

Visser – UB – Does her tkatchev 1/2 to cross grip to yezhova – maloney to pak to toe on – van leeuwen – toe full is excellent – FTDT, hop forward

Veerman – UB – jaeger – stalder tkatchev piked to pak to maloney to bhardwaj, a little ragged on bhardwaj but great combo – van leeuwen, hit, small leg break – FTDT, hop back. Nice hit.

Eythora’s reaction to Visser trying to connect into her yezhova is all of us.

Onto rotation 2, good DTY from Miyata.

Volleman hits loso mount – illusion – bhs to fron ttuck is hit – L turn – side somi is secure – double turn, also hit – swtich to cat leap – korbut – gainer layout, a bit short, hop forward

Thorsdottir – BB – loso mount – aerial, small pause before split to bhs – side aerial to loso and falls – hits her split to y spin to full turn combo – illusion is good – 2.5 dismount, hop to the side.

Sakaguchi with a really nice DTY as well. Japan looks strong with these vaults, which can carry them a long way in terms of team score.

De Ruiter shows a lovely split and turn combination down the length of the beam to be like YES I’M ONE OF THEM. Her 1.5 dismount is pretty low and she was having some trouble with that.

Thorsdottir got up and redid her series successfully during the second turns.

In the third rotation, Fukasawa shows some nice combination work – piked ricna to pak, maloney to bhardwaj – van leeuwen

Visser – FX – whip to 3/1 to front tuck combination and she gets it around but so deep and the front tuck is a different direction, more extreme than the Chinese team’s combo – 2/1, small bounce – split leap full – double tuck, very short, lunge forward

Thorsdottir – FX – split jump full – 3/1 to her own sideways front tuck – double L turn to double turn to double y to illusion gets the combination – double tuck, stumble back – 2.5 to front tuck

The last rotation was my break there, but the Japanese team did deign to allow Ashikawa to do a moment of beam at the last second, and she fell twice.Miyata looked quite good on beam.


This is the Brazil, Germany, Argentina group. Brazil starts on beam and Germany on floor.

Soares attempted her mount and just sort of rolled to ground – second try is good – wolf double, hit – bhs loso and hops off – aerial to split jump to back tuck was good – the second half was quite strong in this go round.

Andrade – switch, pause before switch 1/2 –  aerial to split ring jump – switch – side aerial – just sort of doing bits and pieces

Saraiva – good on her bhs mount – secure layout to 2 feet – bhs loso loso, right on – switch ring, lovely, little check – aerial, arm wave – split ring jump, arm wave – side somi – split leap to sissone, perfect – double pike, step forward. A good one. Just a couple medium checks.

Pedro goes through her set with a hit, Oliveira falls on her switch split mount the first time, hits it the second time – front tuck, step forward – falls a couple additional times.

On to second routines – Soares hits her mount without trouble this time – a good one, just a pause between her switch and switch 1/2 this time

Andrade to do a full set – good dwitch mount – switch to switch 1/2, a bit short, to split jump – bhs loso, bend at the hips correction – aerial to split ring jump – switch ring, hit – side aerial, a little lean – full turn, check – ro bhs to a timer.

Flavia had a leg up wobble on her loso loso series on her second routine but another hit one, double pike dismount, step back.

Soares – FX – double arabian, step back – full in, kind of cannonballs it, shuffle back – memmel turn – split leap full – double tuck, bounce back – split jump full is nice – double pike, bounce back

Andrade – FX – front full to full in, bounce back OOB – DLO 1/1, nice position in the air, a little short, hop forward – memmel., drops a little early – DLO, lands it very totally OOB, risking off the entire floor, bounce back – double pike, bounce back

Saraiva – FX – whip to fill in, very nice – switch 1/2, so high – DLO, small hop back – split leap 1.5, just a little under – back 1.5 to front full, nice – double pike is very short, hands down. Well it was great until that last pass.

Bezerra up on floor, dance through, with a timer opening pass.

We’ll say Brazil was…..saving it for the meet? in that floor rotation.

We’re starting to see some real vaults here, Andrade with a fab DTY. Flavia with a low chest on her DTY, kind of a jarring landing.

Now Andrade is doing 1/2 on timers. Aka the best Lopez we’ve seen.

Flavia’s second DTY is better, normal.

Andrade pops out a huge Cheng, too huge because she overcooked it with some lunges back. A Biles next?

Seitz is up on bars for Germany – stalder shap to stalder tkatchev, good – jaeger – Chuirch to pak to van leeuwen, leg break – goes over on a cast handstand, was excellent to that point. Back up with toe on full to FTDT, somewhat low with a lunge.

Brazil is done vaulting. Seitz is up to do her second bars routine, well just a second half, starting with the van leeuwen, to toe full to FTDT, good one this time, near stick.

Oliveira went over on a handstand on her first bars routine and came off, but the piked jaeger was nice and high.

Saraiva hiut her piked tkatchev to pak and Maloney to gienger – good routine, lunge forward on double front.

Andrade through very well on her first routine, didn’t do a dismount this time. Was a little crooked on her full in her opening combination but was still able to connect it to the piked tkatchev. The rest was great. Did not connect Pak to Van Leeuwen.

Oliveira through comfortably on her second turn.

Flavia went over on her first cast handstand on her second try and was like, bye I think maybe bars are stupid.

Pedro hitting solid “first up, you can drop it” routines across the events today.

Flavia is back on bars to do a full routine and it’s another strong one.

Andrade back up – Maloney to stalder full attempt, gets through 1/2 turn and can’t get it over and hops off.

Oliveira just added a double front 1/2 out, which was nice but not performed amid the rest of the routine.

Andrade gets her stalder full on the next turn.

And now it’s an extreme photo shoot period. An interesting day for both Andrade and Brazil overall, some up and downishness. Would still score well, but not everything they can do. We’ll see in competition whether this was Andrade just sort of not going all out in PT.


It’s time for the Italy Moment (Training Edition), which I am very interested to see. Depending on who you listen to, Italy is either FINISHED or THE SAME AS EUROS. Probably both. And neither.

Also interested to see what’s up with Iorio, who was a last second addition as alternate. She’s up here with grips on as they get ready for bars.

Esposito is up to start out the full routines now – Church to pak, good legs together on pak – maloney to bhardwaj, nice and high – van leeuwen, legs together – giant full – higgins – double front, chest down but landed, really nice on the bars.

Alice D’Amato going second – maloney to tkatchev, hit – ricna a little close, connects to pak – adds an extra Stalder before her shap 1/2 attempt, peels off, did not look like it felt fun on her back. Resumes front giant, front giant full, double front 1/2 out, sticks it.

Iorio – Stalder tkatchev piked + pak + maloney + stalder 1/2 to somewhat wonky yezhova to van leeuwen, so there’s that as a whole combination – front giant full to double front, step forward. Put her on the team when?

Villa – tkatchev to pak to maloney to bhardwaj, nice legs together – van leeuwen – front giant full, takes it right to the edge of the bars – FTDT, nice landing

Mandriota – Ricna, hit – pak, straddled – stalder full – toe on to van leeuwen, a bit of legs – stalder 1/2 to front stalder to rudi. Fine hit for her. They won’t use it, but fine hit.

Maggio – Ray , adds an extra swing into pak, some legs break – stalder full to maloney to tkatchev – didn’t do a whole routine, just bits.

Alice got up again and fell on her tkatchev out of the Maloney.

Villa just got up and did Maloney + Pak + Maloney + Pak + Maloney + Pak and it was perfect.

Alice’s third try – maloney to tkatchev -stalder tkatchev piked to pak – van leeuwen – front giant full double front. A hit. That was the one.

Italy is one of the very few women’s teams throughout training that has taken the entire rotation time. Most of them are finishing each event 5 minutes early and then are just like……….

Maggio – BB – switch – switch to sissone, nice – bhs loso, slide back – full turn – switch ring, hit – side aerial, good – aerial, just some soft knee – side somi, arm wave – double pike, step back. Good one.

We have a Taiwanese athlete down on floor.

D;Amato – BB – hits her punch front, step – bhs loso, solid – switch to split – switch ring, small hesitation, holds it – aerial to split – wolf double nearly goes insane but she keeps it on – 2.5, a bit short, hop back

Iorio – BB – loso mount, excellent – side aerial, solid – switch to sissone, good extension – bhs loso loso, check – aerial to split ring jump, arm wave – y spin – double pike dismount is a struggle, landed in triangle shape, but some more nice work from her today.

Villa – falls on opening loso mount – round off back tuck, second fall – wolf turn triple, lean – switch to split, lovely – double turn, check – side aerial, hit – 2/1, hop back. Oh Giorgia.

Mandriota – switch mount, hit – switch to split to straight jump full – bhs loso, falls – aerial, knees – split ring jump – side aerial, lean to the side – double turn, pretty – 2/1, small hop

Esposito – wolf turn double, hit – switch to split jump, hit – side aerial, some feet into a good sissone and a very low wolf jump – timer dismount. Not quite at the level there that we saw at nationals but another hit. Everyone but Villa looking pretty confident on beam.

Villa saves the mount on her second try, leg up wobble. She goes for the tuck full this time and falls.

On to floor, where Maggio is going first for full routines (today’s rotation order is giving me nothing) – wolf turn double that she kind of bottoms out and rolls out of – DLO, good height – front loso to double tuck, small bounce – split ring leap to switch ring 1/2 – FTDT, small bounce – switch ring – double tuck, bounce back. Good one.

D’Amato – y spin 2.5ish – whip whip to 3/1, just pulls it around, bounce to the side – double pike, chest down, hop forward – wolf double – switch – split leap full – split jump full – front 2/1 – switch ring is nice, another useful routine.

Mandriota – wolf double – whip to 3/1, lots of leg crossing but not much movement on landing – back 1.5 to front full, hop forward – switch ring  and switch 1/2 – y spin to double turn, a bit of a struggle to get into but got them around – fouble pike, chest down, hop forward.

Esposito – wolf triple, solid – 2.5 to front lay, solid, littel hop forward – split leap 1.5 attempt, not quite around – good memmel turn position though, connected to illusion – 1.5 to front full is short, step to the side and OOB – doubel tuck, also OOB there.

Villa looks like she’s just doing a dance through.

Iorio is also doing a dance through, which would compromise her chance of being put on the team if they want four for floor, even though bars and beam would bee at “put her in the five.”

OK I have to check out now. So let’s assume everything goes fine on Italy’s vault, and maybe someone will keep you updated on GB. Until tomorrow!



11 thoughts on “World Championships Women’s Podium Training – Day 2”

  1. FIG are blimming disgraceful not showing qualifications.

    When the Commonwealths were on, I had all of the qualifications on so that I could watch lesser-known gymnasts, and it was great. The atmosphere made it, and even if the gymnasts are not the best in the world, instead the best in their nations, they deserve to be appreciated and televised just as much as the more famous gymnasts.

    Shame on FIG for limiting the sport’s appeal and for essentially saying they don’t care about the gymnasts who aren’t potential medalists.

    1. CWG Quals were also TF, not to defend whoever is responsible for this decision but if they weren’t we may not have got them either! It’s disgraceful that this was allowed to be overlooked.

      1. Very good point, I’d forgotten about that! Regardless, it’s a very shortsighted, unfair approach to the sport. Less diversity of skills being rewarded, fewer countries and gymnasts being internationally showcased. Horrible direction for the sport.

  2. ‘How DJDS looks will be a major focus here.’
    How Héduit looks could also be a major focus here. With all the troubles around her trainers/club … for quite a long time now. Her long time trainers (the Chirilcencos) faced a FFG (French Fed’) disciplinary commission early this week. Where is her head right now ?

    1. indeed. she’s been a fighter through this turmoil. but sometimes I forget she’s just 18…

  3. So no one is going to stream qualifications? I’m very happy I can watch all the finals live on Peacock (without having a cable provider), but this is unreal. Usually it’s easy to watch qualifying and then pay for live. Boo.

  4. Hey folks, english is not my first language, can you help me understand what Spencer means with the phrase

    “Pedro hitting solid “first up, you can drop it” routines across the events today.”

    Does it means that she fell a lot or that she was hitting?

    1. It means that Pedro is doing a solid, pretty good routine as the opening gymnast in the rotation. But it’s the score they would want to drop as the stronger athletes go up after her

      1. Thank you Mike! Yeah, we kind of expected that her scores would be the lowest but at least she is not falling 🙂

    2. From years of reading Spencer’s blog style, it means Pedro hit the routines but the team will obviously hope that the next three athletes score higher and those are the routines that count for the team total. The clue from Spencer that leads to that conclusion is the use of the word “solid” — that indicates she was hitting but her overall potential is lower than the other Brazilian athletes.

      Hope that helps, Mariana!

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