World Championships Women’s All-Around Live Blog

After the waking trauma response that was the men’s and women’s team finals, we arrive at the all-around portion of the competition. Because let’s see how everyone does when they are even more tired!

The first news is the withdrawals, with Flavia Saraiva pulling out (replaced by first reserve Maellyse Brassart), Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos pulling out (replaced by Aline Friess, who was 2-perred), and Tang Xijing pulling out (replaced by second reserve Karina Schoenmaier), as well as third reserve Natalia Escalera pulling out of the reserve list (replaced by fourth reserve Anna-Lena Koenig). So that’s just great. Everything is going fine.

Today, if everything goes to plan, Rebeca Andrade should take the lead with vault and not relinquish it the entire time, so if at any point you see her not in first place, things haven’t gone to plan.

In the first rotation, expect Andrade’s Cheng to put her in first and Carey’s Cheng to put her in second, and then we’re looking at the other DTYs from Jones and Gadirova and the bars routines from D’Amato and Visser as the top potential scores, so they’ll all hope to outdo each other for that third spot after one event.

In the second rotation, Jones will look to use her bars score to move into second place (if she’s not in 2nd after two events, her medal hopes will have taken a hit), though we probably won’t have much of a sense of the wide open race for the bronze and perhaps silver medals until the lead group has all gone to beam and we’ve seen who survived. In terms of late comers, keep an eye on Kinsella. She’ll probably start out down in the standings because she’s in the beam group, but she ends on two possibles 14s.

Fragapane is standing on the mat to be interviewed by Nush and she’s still significantly shorter than her.

Intros starting now. Not sure if Gadirova thrives in the spotlight. It’s so hard to tell.

Eythora is FEVERISHLY prepping the bars with the chalk umbrella during this intro group.

They did not fix the graphic, so Freiss was introduced with Melanie’s picture and name.

Rotation 1

Schoenmaier hits her front tuck beam mount with a check – switch to split, solid – bhs loso, no trouble – full turn, small arm wave – side aerial, check – side somi, a step to the side and a len forward but she keeps it on – 2/1, bounce back. A hit.

Carey – VT – They’ve been done with the vault warmup for a while so looks like she’s being held until the end of floor – Cheng is pretty much her usual, smaller hop to the side – knees, legs apart on block

Visser – UB – stalder tkatchev 1/2 to yezhova attempt and hits her legs on the mat – can’t get her 1/2 turn on low and hops off

Casabuena gets a very good 13.333 on floor.

14.733 for Carey.

Jones – VT – DTY – very good control on her landing, the best DTY she has done here – just a bit of direction, nearly into the red, small shuffle of the toes.

Godwin – BB – switch mount, hit – side somi, solid – bhs loso, arm wave check – switch, back leg – pause before side aerial, leg up wobble – wolf triple is solid – double pike, hop back

14.233 for Jones.

Andrade – VT – magnificent Cheng, small hop back.

Miyata through bars with a hit.

Barbosu 11.933 on floor. Godwin 12.400 on beam.

Kinsella – BB – switch mount, small pause – aerial to split, hit – side aerial loso loso hit with a small lean – wolf double, solid – pulls out her double pike dismount, head nearly on mat, for a beam hit.

15.166 for Andrade.

D’Amato – UB – maloney to tkatchev, hit today – stalder tkatchev piked to pak to van leeuwen and she peels off on the van leeuwen.

Gadirova – VT – struggles on her DTY today, nice in the air, but chest down and a larde lunge to the side and out of bounds

13.100 for Kinsella on beam. 13.266 for Alice on bars.

Friess – UB – maloney, good height to clear hip to pak, straddled – toe full, solid finish position to van leeuwen, blind to jaeger, low but hit – doubel front, deep, pulls it out. Solid. 13.000

Maggio hits her Y1/5 with a hop forward today.

Vaelen falls on beam. Good DLO from Kuusikko in a hit floor routine.

Black – UB – maloney to hindorff, good – black to yezhova, hit well – van leeuwen, strong – giant full – toe tuck 1/2, stuck landing. Really good one!

Brown – FX – wolf 2.35 – double tuck, bounce up and back – falls on final double pike

Yamasa – BB – wolf double, good – swtich, leg-up check – bhs loso, secure, some knee position – front tuck, very deep, pulls it out – aerial, check – wolg to sissone, hit – split ring jump, secure – side aerial, good – double pike, hop back.

Brassart – UB – Maloney to tkatchev, hit – toe full, pulls it out verticall, to pak – van leeuwen, some legs – toe on – blind to front giant to double front 1/2 out, small hop. Nice one.

Lee YS – FX – double y, gets it around, slightly falls out of it – double tuck, jarred back – 3/1, large stumble, a couple bounces on one foot – switch ring to switch 1/2 – back 1.5 to front full, hop, some knees – wolf 1.5 – double pike, deep, hop back

Heduit – BB – switch mount, hit – wolf doubel, hit with a little arm lean – onodi, secure – side aerial to loso, off line and falls – switch to sissone, lovely back leg position – aerial, small check – double pike, stuck, chest down.

After 1:
Andrade – 15.166
Carey – 14.733
Jones – 14.233
Maggio – 14.033
Black – 13.933

Rotation 2

The lady who just shook her head at the guy when he tried to get her to do the in-arena entertainment is my hero.

Miyata – BB – switchmount, hit – layout 2 feet, solid – switch to sissone – aerial to split – double turn nearly falls apart, saves it with a bend at the hips – side aerial, another larger check – side somi is hit – double pike, solid landing, a couple steps.

Godwin has a couple lunges forward OOB on her double front

Jones – UB – good first hs – stalder full to stalder shap to tkatchev, hit – toe full to Downie to pak, small leg break – van leeuwen – toe 1/2 to front giant to double front, larger lunge forward. Hit.

Volleman secure landing on FTY, small hop back.

12.966 for Miyata. Godwin still goes 13.033 which is not bad.

Kinsella – FX – 1.5 through to 3/1, secure, small hop back – back 2.5 to front full, controls landing, slide, knees – wolf double is around – split leap full to switch full, maybe not quite around – double pike, bounce back.

14.366 for Jones.

Andrade – UB – maloney, good to stakder full,a  lit late into piked tkatchev to pak to van leeuwen, hit – goes over on her cast! – corrects to do piked jaeger – toe full, very late into FTDT, step back. Well, she stayed on but several errors in there. She can afford that, but it puts more pressure on beam.

Friess is off beam on her 2 foot layout.

Kinsella goes 13.633 on floor, which is a big number for her in her bronze quest.

Vaelen with nice amplitude on a split leap full on floor.

Andrade still manages to eke out a 13.800 on bars, but she lost nearly a point versus her potential. 

Ou – UB – van leeuwen, hit – large arch on high bar but pulled it back – late pirouette into a very close piked jaeger – pak – toe on to maloney to gienger – has to muscle up cast – FTDT, hop to the side. Well, that is how worlds has been going for China. Just 13.200

Gadirova – UB – piked jaeger, close but caught – tkatchev 1/2 to yezhova, form but gets it – maloney to pak – van leeuwen, hit – giant full, late – FTDT, step forward. Much better than her warmup.

Black – BB – switch mount to switch 1/2 to korbut is hit – double turn, larger break, bend at the hips – full turn to straddle jump – punch front, holds it with an arm wave – bhs layout 2 feet, good – side somi, secure – 2.5, knees, small hop in place.

13.233 is a strong score for Gadirova on bars.

Maggio – UB – Ray to pak, hit – stalder full, nice to maloney to tkatchev, close but hit – bail to toe full, small arch, hit – higgins to front giant 1/2 – souble arabian dismount, looked locked leg, rebounds and puts her hand down. Maggio and bars. She walked a few steps and now has stopped still on the mat and will be looked at.

Heduit – FX – FTDT, step back, just a little low – double arabian, sits it down – 

13.433 for Black on beam to move into 3rd.

Brassart with a large break on beam on her side aerial, lean to the side – bhs loso and falls

12.800 for Maggio on bars.

Carey – UB – Ray, hit with some foot form, yezhova, solid – short cast – maloney, legs to bhardwaj, hit – van leeuwen – goant full, crooked and a bit late – FTDT, small hop.

Visser – BB – saves her bhs mount, could very easily have fallen – turn, little step, arm wave – switch, pause before side somi, secure – split jump 1/2 from side, little lean – straight jump full, hit – side aerial to bhs, another lean to the side with arm wave – double turn was pretty, but another wobble – split leap to sissone – round off bhs 2/1, hop back

Carey’s 13.166 moves her into 3rd ahead of Black and Gadirova.

After 2:
Andrade – 28.966
Jones – 28.599
Carey – 27.899
Black – 27.366
Gadirova – 27.066

Rotation 3

This group on beam. Brace yourselves.

Andrade – BB – Here we go – switch mount, good – switch, pause – switch 1/2, hit – bhs loso, secure – aerial to split ring jump, solid – switch ring to split jump to bhs, solid work – side aerial, hit – full turn, check, lean to the side – wolf jump to sissone, good – ro bhs double pike, step back.

A huge hit for her. Big deal. I honestly thought there was no way she was staying on beam after that tentative early switch.

Kinsella hits a good DTY with a bounce back. 14.166

Vaelen – VT – rudi – solid one, a couple steps back, chest up

Volleman goes 13.133 on bars.

13.533 on beam for Andrade means she’ll just have to not lose this thing on floor.

Ou – BB – fhs front tuck, secuyre, deep – switch to switch 1/2 to korbut – switch ring, small hesitation before split ring to bhs, good – aerial to straddle to bhs, nice – full turn, wobble – side somi, secure – 2.5, hop to the side

Black – FX – popa, good – front full to double pike, step back, stays in bounds – front 2/1 to front tuck, small hop – split leap full is very low – switch full is higher in the passage of dance – 2.5, good control on landing. It was really only that weird split full but she worked it out.

Ou Yushan goes 13.866 on beam.

Gadirova – BB – candle mount, hit – switch to switch 1/2 to korbut, hit combination – wolf double, lean, hit – aerial to split to straddle, solid – bhs loso, secure – side aerial, well done – double pike dismount, lunge back to hold it. One of her most secure beams.

Gadirova with a huge 13.733 on beam with an E score over 8. She and Kinsella are CLOSE.

Maggio – BB – switch mount, check – switch to sissone, nice – bhs loso, check – full turn, lean to the side – switch ring, holds it – side aerial, secure – aerial, squeeze correction – side somi, arm wave to control it – double pike, small hop back

Visser hits her 3/1 front tuck on floor – L turn 2.5 to double turn – double y to illusion in the same spot – 2/1, bounce back – double tuck, bounce back

13.033 on beam for Maggio.

Carey – BB – forward roll mount – full turn, check – bhs loso, no second loso, step back – side aerial to split jump to straddle, secure – aerial, secure – switch to switch 1/2, shortish but not excessive – switch side – split jump 1/2 from side, under split – bhs bhs double pike, deep landing but held the stick somehow. A somewhat tight showing but stayed on.

Miyata – FX – DLO 1/1, good secure landing, knees throughout – whip whip 3/1, also very well controlled – wolf double, some crazy arms but around – 1.5 to front full, solid – switch – split lepa full was under split – double pike, step back. Really good landings. Some body position things, but great control.

Just 12.633 for Carey which drops her to 5th with Jones still to come.

Jones – BB – full turn – Arabian, very solid – switch to sissone, nicely done – bhs loso, good – switch side, lean with the arm – straddle jump from side, a little tentative on those but hit – side aerial, secure – bhs bhs double pike, small step.

Miyata went 13.733. Waiting on the Jones score.

13.100 for Jones keeps her in a comfortable 2nd heading to floor.

After 3:
Andrade – 42.499
Jones – 41.699
Kinsella – 40.899
Gadirova – 40.799
Black – 40.699
Carey – 40.532

Bronzzeeeeeee. Could go any which way since everyone is capable of a 14 on their remaining events.

Rotation 4

Ou – FX – whip whip 3/1, hit, chest down – 2.5 to front lay, secure, some knees – wolf triple, pulls it around – double tuck, step back – triple turn – swtich ring and switch 1/2 are good – doubel L turn, around – 13.733

Friess only vaulted the Tsuk lay full.

Kuusikko hits her bhs loso series – switch to split, solid – wolf 1.5, hit – aerial, large break, bend way overat the hips – side aerial is secure – 1.5 dismount, stuck. Good day for her.

Black – VT – handspring layout full – hits it, a little short, slide back, knees. She did what she could do in the quest.

Gadirova – FX – double double tuckedish – bounce back – DLO 1/1, solid landing, small hop – switch ring to split leap 1.5, a little bounce – switch leap full, around – popa, hit – front full through to double tuck, bounce back. Good hit. Expecting giant score.

Black is done on 54.732

Romi Brown is off beam on a side aerial.

Gadirova gets a massive 14.400 (6.0/8.4). Have to imagine that’s going to clinch a bronze for her unless Carey pulls it allllll out and gets some E help. Kinsella can get close on bars, but can she get there….

Maggio – FX – gets wolf triple around – DLO, couple small hops back – front loso to double pike, small hop – split ring to switch ring 1/2 – FTDT, hop back – double tuck, great stick. 13.866 great number.

D’Amato finishes with a hit DTY, bounce back

Carey – FX – double double layout, small bounce into the corner – DLO 1/1, strong, another small bounce – switch full, around – front loso to double tuck, shuffle back, both feet – split leap full – FTDT, shuffle back again.

Godwin good landing on DLO to finish bars. 13.500

Kinsella – UB – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger, strong – short cast hs – stalder tkatchev piked ot pak – maloney to gienger, caught, legs apart – toe full – double arabian, pace forward.

14.166 for Carey, into 3rd behind Gadirova.

Jones – FX – wolf double, under rotated, probably a single – double double tucked, small step – split leap full – DLO, chest a bit forward, small shuffle – double L, looks like she just did get it around – front tuck through to double tuck, secure landing – L hop full to switch 1/2, hit. 4 for 4 in an all-around final.

I’m watching to see what happens to her D score. It could get CLOSEEEE with Gadirova.

Kinsella 14.166, now she’s in 2nd behind Gadirova.

13.700 for Jones (she lost 2 tenths of D) is enough to move ahead of Gadirova.

Andrade – FX – front full through to FTDT, small shuffle back – DLO 1/1, shuffle back – switch leap full, around – falls out of double Y, not as bad as qual but a deduction – DLO, wonderful landing – split leap full, bounce on landing – double pike, step back. That will clinch the title.

We still ahve a final beam routine from Volleman – who just his front walkover to front kickover – L turn, hit – side somi, secure – double turn, well done – switch, low, connected to cat leap – kotbut, hit – gainer layout full, hop.

14.400 for Andrade, who will win by a ton.

1) Andrade – 56.899
2) Jones – 55.399
3) Gadirova – 55.199
4) Kinsella – 55.065
5) Black – 54.732
6) Carey – 54.698
7) Ou – 53.899
8) Miyata – 53.798




24 thoughts on “World Championships Women’s All-Around Live Blog”

  1. Curious, in a non disrespectful way, why are the modern gymnasts bodies so muscular and healthy looking, but the skills so much weaker, with a few exceptions, then some of the girls back in the day who would be 4’6-4’8 and 60 pounds cranking DTY on vault on the old tables ending floor with a full in, or off the beam etc? Yet these girls look in phenomenal shape, much stronger looking, not frail, and none of that power translates into their routines… no innovators really just duplicators. And no Im not just speaking on weaker programs, its everywhere… Why?

    1. Abused 14 year olds are usually physically smaller than adult women – hope this helps!

      But to be more serious there is innovation happening, but the gymnasts are constrained by the limits of the code – there’s no point in upgrading past a certain point because innovation is not really rewarded by the FIG. In general though, gymnasts are healthier and training for longevity, not destroying their bodies for top difficulty and retiring at 17.

      1. Meh thats one victim consciousness. So no it may help in your echo chamber but not this one honey! One theory in a bucket of many… That could be 1 reason. NEXT for the others. But Im sure you rest there… Any others? There is no innovation happening whatsoever! Girls – WOMEN- who look more than physically capable opening their routines with double tucks and pikes, isnt being rewarded, nor is it not being upgraded because they are trying to save their bodies. You must be thinking I meant ” Doh why isnt anyone performing a triple back tuck etc etc doh doh doh ” Pls. And you can say oh those physically smaller girls who could still generate enough power at 4’6 and 60 pounds, etc to perform a DTY because they were abused???? Compared to a girl now 10 inches taller, 8 years old, 50 pounds heavier and muscular can only perform a full yurchenko because why? She isnt being abused. A DTY on this table is so much of a risk so they must save their body? Top difficulty a DTY? An actual full in on floor? A routine that wouldnt be considered weak tumbling wise in a 92 code? Really. Point remains why are non abused, non fragile muscular strong women performing such low level routines in an open ended code when young girls who may have been pushed, did it then as fragile, meek abused thing, but a healthy thick muscular girls cant muster a DTY on a vault in elite competition?

      2. E do you now how hard it is for small girls to generate enough power to perform a double twisting yurchenko on a vault back then? Compared to complete different body types of women who are mediocre on vault now. Smaller doesnt help much on vault. Why are such bigger women struggling on vault? Because a more diff vault wouldnt be rewarded? What on earth are you on about?

    2. Personally, I think a lot of it comes from the open-ended code, specifically the separation of E and D score. I think many of the gymnasts who competed fulls in today’s final are probably capable of a DTY, but the execution deductions make it hard to justify if you can’t hit it well, consistently. And now that that’s a well-established strategy, coaches aren’t stressing the DTY as the end-all, be-all AA vault of choice.

    3. There is no incentive for risk or originality. In fact, sometimes things are downright shadowbanned as we saw with Biles’ double double off beam.

      Whatever the reasons, this isn’t the sport I fell in love with and hasn’t been for a long time. Andrade is a serviceable gymnast, but will anything but her Cheng be remembered in 20 years?

      1. I feel like having your beautiful, paradigm-breaking vault be remembered in 20 years — along with your general gergeousness of form + difficulty on literally every event — is a superb achievement, and about as much as any gymnast is ever remembered for.

  2. Remembering right before Tokyo Olympics gymcastic and others talking about Ou Yoshan dethroning Simone Biles in the AA. What happened? Has she just downgraded everything or what?

    1. she had surgery after the olympics and is still coming back from it. Whoever said she would dethrone Biles was deluded though, she was not that good, but definitely a legit aa gymnast

    1. She has a 50% hit rate on it, I expected her to miss it, which would have put her behind Jade Carey. If she does something different on BB to keep her difficulty and changes the music or choreo so they sync, she’d be much better off.

      Jade has spent a lot of time on BB/UB, I hope she focuses back on her FX and VT so she can guarantee medals there, it’ll definitely improve her chances of Paris and boost her AA if there’s an opening for that. Of everyone on the team today I think Jade has the most staying power into Paris, but Jordan is on her heels.

      We don’t know if Suni, Gabby or Simone will try comebacks and if they try AA or specialize if they do, but if you add in Konnor and Kayla there will be a lot of competition for team spots.

      1. Re: No – Man, what is with the professional Jade haters here? She used to be considered a floor/vault specialist, and quite poor on beam and bars. Those events are now world class, even if they are not good enough to qualify for an event final. But they are good enough to get her fifth in the world, and a real chance at third. If that’s not improvement, I don’t know what is.

      2. No one hates Jade. It’s people like you who keep insisting she has improved when she hasn’t that drives people to call out the inadequacies of her gymnastics.

        She attempt’s a 5.8 start value that was lowered by the real judges at Worlds, all 3 times she competed it. What these judges didn’t do is adequately deduct her for the form issues she has. Mercedes below pointed out that she received similar or the same execution scores as Ou Yushan at Worlds. Can you honestly watch their routines and defend that judging? I don’t think anyone can.

        The only reason Jade made the AA (besides Jordan falling twice ) was the judges favorably judging Jade at an unfair level.

        I will be waiting for anyone to try and justify Jade receiving either the same execution scores as the Chinese. Jade received similar or better scores than Jordan and Shilese on beam too. There is no justification for this. None.

  3. Thanks for doing this, Spencer! I’ve been at work during most of the competitions, and this is how I’ve been able to keep up.

  4. Every gymnast should watch Andrade’s bars to learn what to do when something goes wrong. She didn’t panic and calmly added a half turn out of her cast with minimal deductions and kept going. That could have easily derailed her AA gold chances yet she recovered brilliantly. Such an amazing performance overall. She makes her gymnastics look so easy!

    And really everyone in the top 6 was phenomenal. Kinsella stands out as beating all expectations and Gadirova absolutely killed floor to push her into bronze. Jones was superbly consistent on all 4 events and deserved that silver. And Black’s longevity and consistency as a top all-arounder is stunning.

    Carey, while experienced in terms of worlds and Olympic appearances, is still finding her way on bars and beam. Getting 6th in such a tough final is impressive and there’s still a lot of improvement to be had.

  5. Jade has spent zero time improving her beam. She cheats every leap and jump and cannot straighten her leg. Just because she does every thing at a snail pace does not mean she has improved.
    Jade’s balance beam routine receiving only slightly 2-tenths more in deductions than Ou Yushan should highlight the overscoring she received by the judges. The vaulting judges finding only 3 tenths difference with Jade and Rebeca is another. This list goes on.

    There isn’t a single gymnastics “expert” who points out the facts of what is happening with Jade’s scores because she competes behind a US flag .

    1. Thank you for saying this. There is no improvement. Just biased US fans thinking if they say something enough people will believe it to be true.

      I didn’t realize they gave her the same execution score on beam as Yushan. If that is true then the judges involved should lose their license to judge.

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