World Championships Event Finals Day 2 Live Blog

And so we arrive at the last day of worlds and the remaining five event finals. Flavia has been here on floor in the warmup period, which was my main lineup question heading into the day. I’ve seen her do a double pike and a back 1.5 front full.

We start with (brace yourself) men’s vault, where Carlos Yulo will try to come back from yesterday’s floor final with gold medal here, but he’ll face a big challenge from Artur Davtyan if Davtyan executes his vaults as well as he has been at this event.

That will be followed by beam, which is definitely one of the most unusual groups of qualifiers we’ve had for a major final in terms of just how many of the world’s best beamers either aren’t at this event or didn’t make the final. Ou Yushan has the scoring potential edge, but that final looks like a recipe for chaos.

The woman giving the judges oath at the beginning says “on behalf of all the judges and officials” and it really sounds like “on behalf of all the judges and assholes.”

Men’s vault

Souza – VT 1 – hits his Dragulescu today, but chest well down and a bound forward on landing, bounding his head right toward the table, nearly brushes it with his hair. 14.333

Souza – VT 2 – Kas 2/1 is hit well, large lunge back and additional step, good direction, some leg separation throughout. 14.500. 14.416 avg.

Tanigawa – VT 1 – handspring double front pike 1/2 does get it to his feet but another suuuuuuper deep landing, large lunge forward. Tucks it in the second salto.

Oooooh downgrade to tuck for 5.6 D score. 14.166

Tanigawa – VT 2 – Only does a Kas 1/1 second vault with a hop back after posting the 2/1. 13.833. 13.999 avg.

Yulo – VT 1 – handspring double front pike 1/2 is hit, chest down but not too large on the lunge to the side, OOB. Actual pike shape. 15.000

Yulo – VT 2 – Hits the Kas 2/1 as well, chest forward, smallish hop to the side, looks like he kept it in bounds. Just a hair under rotated Should easily go into the lead. 14.900. 14.950 avg.

Radivilov – VT 1 – lands his Dragulescu with very good control, small hop to the side. Lots of cowboy. 14.800

Radivilov – VT 2 – Tsuk double pike, large lunge back. Good hits for him. Kept his lunge foot in the area. 14.666. 14.733 avg and into second place.

Kim – VT 1 – handspraing randi is excellent, only a small hop to the side, great chest up. Should be a huge score. 14.900.

Kim – VT 2 – Attempts a Yurchenko 2.5 and stumbles back and falls. Totally blaming it on the accidental sound cue of a voiceover going “THE WAITING IS OVER” right as he started his run. 12.900. 13.900 avg.

Burtanete – VT 1 – Kas 2/1 is solid, medium lunge back, some leg crossing. 14.666

Burtanete – VT 2 – hits the Dragulescu, and bit hunched over, large lunge back, cowboy. 14.400. 14.533 avg moves ahead of Souza and into 3rd for the moment.

Davtyan – VT 1 – sticks a remarkable Dragulescu, just a little bit of leg separation and some direction, flexed feet. Very little else to take. Does land OOB for the .1. He goes 15.000 to equal Yulo’s first vault score.

Davtyan – VT 2 – handspring randi is also lovely – but does have a medium bounce back which could make the difference, but I’d give it to Davtyan. Will be close with Yulo – great twisting position, off line but in bounds.

15.100 for Davtyan. 15.050 avg and into first place.

Lee JH – VT 1 – Kas 2/1 is hit – bounce back and to the side – some leg crossing at the end. 14.466

Lee – VT 2 – Yurchenko 2.5 – several large bounds forward on landing.

Davtyan – 15.050
Yulo – 14.950
Radivilov – 14.733


Balance Beam

Boyer – switch, nice – ro layout 2 feet, small rebound – switch, pause – switch 1/2, leg-up wobble – aerail, ssmall pause before split sissone, and a large wobble on isssone landing – side aerial, hit – side somi, well controlled – doubel pike dismount, small hop. A stay on. We’ll see how many others do. 13.300 (5.5/7.8)

Black – switch mount – pause before switch 1/2 to korbut, a bit short of split – double turn, connects to full turn with arm wave – wolf jump – front tuck, small movement – bhs layout 2 feet, small leg up wobble – side somi, holds it – 2.5, stuck landing. Nice finish. Not her most secure beam of the meet but another hit. 13.566 (5.5/8.066)

Boyer inquiry rejected.

Andrade – switch mount, leg up check – switch to switch 1/2, holds it, connected to split jump – bhs loso and falls – “I TOLD YOU I’M DONNNNNE” – aerial to split ring jump, check – switch ring, small body correction – side aerial, secure – full turn – double pike dismount, short lunge forward, nearly chest-butts the beam. 12.733 (6.0/6.733)

Black inquiry rejected.

Kovacs – switch mount, hit – switch 1/2, large leg up break – side aerial to bhs is smoothly done, some knees – aerial to straddle to split jump – double turn, does put it on the beam somehow with a check and somewhat wild – side somi, holds it with arm wave – switch – doubel tuck, chest down, hop forward. Good one. 12.733 (5.1/7.633)

Watanabe – front pike mount. excellent – ro layout 2 feet, leg up check – check on low to beam choreography – switch to switch 1/2, nailed it – aerial, pause – split to straddle, yes – full turn – side aerial, solid – 2.5 dismoutn, crossed legs, step forward. WHAT IF SHE WINS. 13.600 (5.5/8.1) and into first place!

Blakely – shoulder roll mount – wolf triple, solid – back tuck full, small hop back – fhs to front tuck, small step forward again – switch to switch 1/2 to back tuck, makes connection, HER BOW IS COMING UNDONE – aerial to split jump – checks on choreo – side aerial, and falls – finishes out her routine with a hit. I blame the ribbon. 13.300 (6.2/7.1)

Ou – fhs front tuck, hits with a check – switch to switch 1/2, arm wave check, breaks combo into Korbut – switch ring, a couple huge wobbles to try to save it, eventually comes off – resumes with hit bhs to split – aerial to straddle to bhs is quite nice – side somi – 2.5 dismount, step forward. 13.000 (5.9/7.1)

Miyata – switch mount, hit – ro 2 foot layout, hit, small lean -s witch, check pause – breaks combo to wolf sissone – aerial to split to bhs, solidly connected – overturns, lean to the side correction – side aerial – side somi, small lean – double pike, step back. Good!

Watanabe – 13.600
Black – 13.566
Miyata – 13.533

CHAOOSSSSSS. WATANABE. She was the alternate on the Japanese team and wasn’t even in their team final beam lineup. This is what I was looking for.

Parallel Bars

Dauser did a little intro! Not sure what he was doing, but it was something!

Kamoto – diam – stutz, a bit under, pushes up to vertical – peach 1/2 – peach – long swing diam is nice – front straddle, hit – bhavsar, may have clipped his foot swinging through – tippelt – healy, good – double pike, bounce back. 14.900

Arican – makuts, hit, feet – siam to stutz, solid – peach 1/2 , some leg separation and lean – losing form a little on a number of elements, but makuts and healy are solid – stutz diam work this time good – double front 1/2 out, stuck. 15.066 and into first.

Yulo – peach to one, held forever – healy – makuts, clean – good healy – moy – bhavsar, smooth, good handstand – tippelt, clean – diam to double front 1/2 out, small hop. Excellent. 15.366 first place.

Calvo – front toss, small push it – makuts, hit – peach to one, holds it – healy, clean – peach 1/2 – long swing diam – tippelt, good height – bhavsar, right to the end – back tuck full off the end. Good one. Just some loose back and leg moments. 14.966 into 3rd place.

Regini-Moran – front toss – diam, a bit over – peach to peach 1/2 is solid – stutz to one, has to cast back up – front straddle, hit – bhavsar, clean – tippelt, solid – healy – doubel front 1/2 out, good stick, chest forward. 14.733

Dauser – good peach and makuts to start – diam, vertical – stutz, little elbow push up – makuts elemnets have been very smooth – hitting vertical on his diams – doubel front 1/2 out, small hop. Exceptionally clean set. Should be at least 2nd place. 15.500 and first place.

Zou – makuts wotk is good off the top – small hesitation in handstand – diam – peach 1/2 – peach – front straddle to swing is excellent – super hiugh bhavsar – tippelt – good – double front 1/2, stuck. The second half of the routine was fully free of deductions. 16.166. El oh el.

Fraser – front toss – long swing diam to 1/2 turck, good – solid control on one rail into healy – peach 1/2, solid – peach – stutz, hit – doubel front, large lunge back. Good recovery from the AA though. 14.700

Zou – 16.166
Dauser – 15.500
Yulo – 15.366

Women’s Floor

Flavia did end up withdrawing from this final at the last second and will be replaced by Miyata Shoko. Alice D’Amato is also out now, replaced by Martina Maggio. I bet they were waiting to see if Flavia withdrew so that Alice could withdraw and be replaced by Maggio.

Andrade – front full to FTDT, shuffle back – DLO 1/1, nice landing, small movement – switch full is around – doubel y is a problem again, hops out of it a couple times – DLO, bounc eback, stays in – switch to split leap full, secure – double pike, three steps backward. But she came back with a hit for the floor final. 13.733. Fair.

Visser – whip to 3/1 to front tuck, did the 3/1 land OOB before punch in bounds? Looks like she just stayed in – double L to double turn is hit – y 2.5 to illusion – switch 1/2 – 2/1, slide back – switch ring – spl;it leap full – double tuck, step back. 13.666

Andrade inquiry rejected.

Maggio – wolf double, jussst around – DLO, very good, only small slide – front loso to double pike, shortish, hop forward – split ring leap to switch ring 1/2 – FTDT, chest down, bounce back – switch ring – doubel tuck, hop back. Good one, and a strong strategic decision to put her in. 13.533. I demand a recount.

Miyata – DLO, slide back – whip whip 2.5 a bit short on landing, lunge to the side – wolf double, crazy arms but pulls it around – 1.5 to front full, somewhat low with a slide – switch to split leap full, littel hop – doubel pike, chest down, bounce back. 13.066

Chiles – 1.5 through to FTDT, bounce back – DLO 1/1, slide back – wolf double around – L hop full to split leap 1.5, around – switch side 1/2, bouncy – front loso to double tuck, larger bounce back, keeps it in bounds. 13.833 is enough for first currently.

Carey – double double layout, shuffle back – DLO 1/1, pretty secure, small hop back – l hop full, leg a bit low – switch leap full – front loso to double tuck, shuffle back, multiple distinct steps – split leap full – FTDT, bounce back. Long delay for this score.

Chiles inquiry rejected.

Carey 13.833 and behind Chiles on execution tiebreak. The door is wide open for Gadirova.

Jen Gadirova – DLO, somewhat short, hop forward – split jump full, hit – FTDT, lunge back OOB – split leap full is nice – switch leap full, around, some arms to wrench it around – front loso to double tuck, chest down, large bound forward. 13.166

Jade Carey submitted an inquiry and her score was DROPPED a tenth, so she is now tied with Andrade.

Jes Gadirova – double double tucked, step back – DLO 1/1 hop back – switch ring – split leap 1.5 – switch full is strong – popa, hit – front full through to double tuck, larger bounce back. They’ve been excited to give this routine a 50 all week, and I expect no different here. 14.200 and first place.

Jessica Gadirova – 14.200
Chiles – 13.833
Andrade – 13.733
Carey – 13.733

So Carey’s inquiry took her from bronze all alone to bronze tied with Andrade. She wanted a partner.

High Bar

Nory – tak 1/2, hit – layout tkeatchev to tktatchev to piked tkatchev, good – quast – layout jaeger full, nice – tak 1/1 is late and crooked, connect to yamawaki – FLO 2/1, shuffle back with 815 little steps. At least 2 of those steps were purely scream related. 14.466

Sun – tak 1/2 a bit late – into Kolman, caught – makes Cassina – lauyout tkatchev to tkatchev – front stalder – tak 1/1 a bit late and crooked – DLO 2/1, lunge back. 14.433, just behind Nory. This thing is going to be close.

Malone – Cassina and Kolman are strong. Layout tkatchev to tkatchev to piked tkatchev, solid – Tak 1/1, hit well – tak 1/2, solid vertical – quast – DLO 2/1, small hop back. Best so far. 14.800 and first place.

Hashimoto – tak 12, solid into liukin, hit with some form – Cassina, strong – kolman, hit – layou ttkatchev, good swing – tak 1/1, late – stalder – DLO 2/1, small slide back. 14.700 and in behind Malone. One tenth up on D but 2 tenths down on E.

Kamoto – tak 1/2 to – layout tkatchev, good – Cassina, some pike, good catch – kolman, hit – tkatchev – inbar, stalder – quast – DLO 2/1, hop forward. Good. 14.166.

Zhang – tak 1/1, a bit late – tak 1/2, excellent – layout tkatcehv – Cassina, just a tad close – kolman, good – stalder – DLO 2/1, chest down, hop forward. Should still score well, but that dismount landing will be critical. 14.400 not enough for a medal, Nory stays 3rd.

I Georgiou – tak 1/2, good – Cassina, solid, some pike – Kolman, good catch – layout tkatchev – tkatchev – DLO 2/1, hop forward. 14.300 and into 6th.

Bull – tak 1/2, good – kovacs to kolman, hit. some struggle on swing out – same with cassina, but hit – stalder – yam – DLO 1/1, hop forward. 13.766

Malone – 14.800
Hashimoto – 14.700
Nory – 14.466

And it’s over! See you soon when I come back from break for NCAA preview season.

36 thoughts on “World Championships Event Finals Day 2 Live Blog”

  1. Igor’s reaction to his score made me cry. I love that Ukraine is on the podium and seeing Armenia on top. Not countries I hear a lot about regarding gymnastics.

  2. So happy Shoko Miyata and Ellie Black finally got individual medals today! They’ve had such an amazing worlds!!

  3. I’m sorry but if you’re live blogging, it might be nice to be slightly impartial.

    Jess has won two European floor titles NOT on home turf, so don’t go there. It just makes you look petty abd unreliable. She got 8.2 in execution for crying out loud.

    1. Yup. And Gymcastic’s horrible biased-judging comment on Twitter before the Gadirova’s had even competed was SO irresponsible and unnecessary :/

      1. The way people are going on, it’s like GB didn’t have a 22nd place AA placing, nor 7th and 8th on pbar or 7th on floor just now. It’s gross and it’s childish, bullying behaviour that has no place in the sport whatsoever.

      2. Gymcastic is the worst, bar none. Jessica is shrill, loud, obnoxious, pretentious, lacking in technical knowledge, and has a room-temperature IQ. Why Spencer hangs out with her is beyond explanation.

      3. I interpreted the tweet as informing everyone before Gadirova went / after Chiles and Carey went that Gadirova has achieved a much higher score this year, but clarifying it was a domestic score (since domestic scoring is known to be inflated in every country). Not related to these location of the championships or theses judges?

      4. Not to mention Roethlisberger predicting both Gadirovas to be overscored before they even went. I feel like none of the many commentators NBC had on board for this event knows enough about the technical side of the code to be commenting on it. How many times did we hear the word “artistry” thrown around without anyone bothering to identify the specific, objective components the judges look for in that regard? I know it’s a US-focused broadcast, but riling up the fans to cry overscore before the competition even goes is pretty cheap commentary.

      5. I’m with you, Beks. Seriously, it seems to me like people are doing everything they can to interpret any comment in as anti-Gadirova a light as possible.

      6. Ironic that Jessica is the type to lead a cancel movement for some random distasteful comment, would be fitting for her followers to rise up on her.

        Holding up a mirror to someone is sometimes the best way to drag them.

    2. It’s not about the athletes its about the system. She was 0.3-0.4 above some, with much visible small mistakes. I mean good for her, but judging was not quite right I’m afraid. Its about the code not about Jess.

      1. You clearly don’t understand how gymnastics judging works under the new Code of Points. It’s not just about ‘steps on landings’, it’s about the artistry requirements, which Jess G excels at compared to other finalists (except Andrade, but she didn’t have a great routine today). 11 fully-qualified FIG judges, who judge elite gymnastics for a living, sat on that panel (none from GB, BTW), including 6 looking at E score alone. Are you seriously suggesting they’re all wrong in their application of the Code, and you’re right?! Give your head a wobble.

  4. What did they take off of Jades floor to get it one tenth lower? What was devalued, besides the lifelessness that it was?

    1. No idea, but I would love Jade to do an entirely comical, obnoxious high energy floor routine with big goofy smiles if not for total sarcasm. Most of her ‘artistic deductions’ on FX have to do with her shapes leaps and lacking a change in tempo. Her landings weren’t great here, but no idea what they took off her D score.

      1. It wouldn’t have been her tumbles but it may have been a leap or a turn downgraded or not awarded. FIG were very clear that in the 2021-2024 CoP artistry was going to be adjudged more strictly, including rhythm, musicality, interpretation, etc, as well as the more technical aspects of performance (leg extension, toe point, upper body movement, etc). Jade’s improved a lot, but her E score on both floor & beam is going to consistently get hit under this new CoP unless she improves her all-round artistry.

    2. I like that choice of word, it describes best what is missing in her routine. No offense to Jade, she seems to be a wonderful person. But this floor exercise is lifeless – no change in pace, no facial expressions, no elongation of the body, no expressive artistry, the leaps not great and a bit hunched all the way through. On top, her (super difficult) tumbling was not fully on point, so I can see why the score came in as it did. Someone needs to develop a choreography that really suits her.

  5. Replying to Felicity, can’t do it the right way to reply.

    I think you are missing the point. It’s not about the athlete at all. I don’t care if its Jess G, Simo B, Rebs A, Svet K, I care about proper scores regardless of whoever is performing. And my couch behind the screen opinion won’t change any results, congrats to all the medallist and all participants at worlds.

    Jess G artistry is great indeed, agree with you.

    I get into the defending speech to my home girl Rebeca, but actually on an opposite way, cause no way her QF FX was that far away better than her EF FX, I think both of them were actually more into the EF score than the QF score, and that was pretty much a 0.5 difference.

    That’s what I’m saying, and YES I’m right, always right! I’m mr. Righty Mcrightful!!

    1. Its a different set of judges in the finals, so its not correct to compare scores from one event to the other

      1. You actually just proved my point with your remark. I know its a different set of judges, but their difference between events across the competition shouldn’t be that big, they would never be the same, but they are not quite accurate in my gymnerd couch scoring system.

        I wonder what scores the superior jury gave all gymnasts, do they release that report?

        I’ll say it again, it’s not about athlete A or B. I’m super happy with all the medalists in all WAG and MAG events. I’m not happy at all with several os the scores gave throughout.

  6. Who does gymcastic/ NBC think deserved the medal? Jade Carey who wouldn’t know the meaning of the word flow and or, rhythm if it was tattooed on her forehead, or Jordan who thinks, smiling and shaking her hips is artistic?

    I’m American and I cannot stand United State gym fans. They behave horribly every time they don’t win every gold medal, and the judges don’t help at all when they overscore the American tumblers.

    If Jade Carey was given fair execution scores for her ability to fling herself in the air with piked hips and her legs knee’s and legs bent, Shilese would be the one in this final and her lack of any assembly of anything watchable would be a non-issue.

    1. I wouldn’t call Gadirova’s convulsions and seizure-like rolling around on the floor choreography with stiff arms “artistic” either.

      1. I agree. I intensely dislike her new choreography. Gadirova is a great gymnast who can really sell a routine, and I love the fact that she spends a fair bit of time on her toes, but her new floor exercise is a bunch of completely random moves, many of which seem to bear no relation to the music. I infinitely preferred her previous routine.

      2. LMAO if Gads floor is convulsion and seizures, than Careys floor is a geriatric woman who lost her keys, looking everywhere for them at a slow snail pace, up down, stop and go!

      3. I am inclined to agree with Gzok, that’s my visceral response to this routine. The smile at the end always makes me feel like she’s slightly insane. I think Jade’s routine is subtler, probably like her personality. I’ve been studying different people’s split leaps lately, and I think some people are just luckier in their physique, and are more likely to do them better than others. Gaderova’s are good. Bile’s seem perfect.

  7. I stay far away from Twitter and NBC and Gymcastic so I can’t comment on what expectations were vs what what we saw. I thought the floor podium was appropriate. We have to remember that Carey’s floor routine is 0.4 down in difficulty from the Olympics (punch front layout into double tuck (D) vs double double tuck (H)) so she doesn’t have that massive buffer she needs for dance and artistry deductions.

    Regarding her devaluation, my guess is that her hop full with leg at horizontal (C) was deemed not to be at horizontal and was credited with a hop full turn (A) instead. Her front layout (B) was then counted as the 8th most difficult element.

    What Gadirova brought over Jade were more secure split positions and fewer artistry deductions. Gadirova’s tuck position on her double double has never been an issue for her score so I wouldn’t have imagined it would have changed for the finals.

    1. Just out of curiosity, how did you feel about Martina Maggio’s score? I expected that routine to score much better than it did.

      1. Bit underscored, should’ve been closer to the medals.

        Chiles would be the rightful winner for this final. Gads would be very very near. I would’ve personally put Gads 1st.

    2. Rewatching Jade’s routine, I realized that her front layout was always counting as she only has 8 total skills in the routine. For there to be only a 0.1 devaluation in difficulty, I think her hop 1/1 with leg at horizontal was devalued to a hop 1/2 with leg at horizontal. I don’t believe either her switch split 1/1 or split 1/1 would have been devalued.

      Regarding Maggio, I think in comparison to the other routines, it was right in line with how others were scored. There was a lot of foot flexing in her saltos and she had 3 ring leap elements which are probably the most harshly deducted skill in all of WAG.

      Regarding Chiles vs Gadirova, I feel like their landings on each of their 3 passes were very similar. Both had a small hop or step on the first 2 passes with a larger uncontrolled rebound on the last pass. Chiles had some accuracy issues with her leaps. A little short on the split 3/2 (which they didn’t devalue) and unclear starting and finishing position on her switch side 1/2. Gadirova was IMO more precise and defined on her leaps which is what made up the 0.166 difference in execution. And then Gadirova’s difficulty advantage pushed her even higher.

      Like I said before, Gadirova’s tuck position on her double double has never caused scoring issues for her before, so I can’t factor that in. To me, she’s very similar to Maggie Nichols’ 2015 floor routine which had issues with body position in the saltos (legs separated in all 3 twisting salto passes) which didn’t affect the score very much. WAG has never deducted harshly for form issues in the air during saltos on floor except for obvious foot flexing or separation on non-twisting saltos.

      1. Both of her other jumps/leaps should have been devalued. You need to open your eyes and see where she starts and where she finishes. Neither is fully 360. Not even close. The only thing you did was go and take other people’s reporting and post it as your own, after the fact. What you believe is irrelevant. All that matter’s is the facts. The fact is she cheated all 3 of those intended leaps/jumps and should have lost credit for all of them. All it takes is a quick re-watch of the performance to see she started them cheated and finished them short.

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