Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 2

Leanne and Jade were like

And it’s fine because I looked up “Yurchenko double full with a hop back” in the code of points and it said

Meanwhile, Grace McCallum got Academic All-American

And this lady got a greeting card that just said, “Stop”

Judges: They’re just like us

Tim Garrison brought big “THOSE HEDGES ARE ON MY PROPERTY LINE” energy to the meet

And Jay Clark was like, “Then trim them, beyotch”

As LSU went on quite the Friday-to-Monday journey

We learned the four events in women’s gymnastics: Vault, Vault, Vault, and Ants

And checked out the judges’ split on Shchennikova’s bars

The event streams on Sporfie were like

Georgia put out a PSA called Hair: The Silent Killer

And Marz went, “Remember last season on beam when you were all…

Michigan got its first ever 198 at Crisler

This guy is REALLY unhappy about back 1.5 + front lay getting 0.2 CV in a 2-pass routine

Aria Brusch backstroked over the lava

While Tiarre Sales swam, swam for the life mat

And it’s the snap for me

5 thoughts on “Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 2”

  1. Ok, but how did CKC’s shoe-trip mishap on floor not make it on KuwtCG Week 2?!

  2. Late to the party here, but Kennedy Duke (I think) just walking backwards off the end of the beam is also very gif-able. Some days you just could’ve sworn the beam was longer.

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