Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 4

The apparatuses said GET OFF ME

And Frida said GIRL SAME


Meanwhile, Florida is literally coming for you

Gabby Wilson debuted her hopscotch routine

And Justin wholeheartedly embraced the dancing culture of women’s gymnastics

Oklahoma found a 198.425 in an old coat pocket

But also did this

So we’ll have to factor that in

Kentucky celebrated a school record, and Arkansas celebrated a school record, and Trinity got her 23rd ten, and

Georgia spent the summer carrying out the bodies of last year’s roster

Does this mean vault went…well?

Anyway, I’ll never sleep again

Arm swing gaveth

And arm swing tooketh away

Grace graduated to wolf turn addition (they grow up so fast!)

Cut to her senior year beam routine

And when finishing a routine, one must always turn to the head judge and summon the orc army to war