The 10s of Week 5

The 10.000s

Abby Heiskell – Vault – Michigan

Sierra Brooks – Vault – Michigan

Luisa Blanco – Beam – Alabama

Suni Lee – Bars – Auburn

Suni Lee – Beam – Auburn

Leanne Wong – Bars – Florida

Leanne Wong – Beam – Florida

Aleah Finnegan – Floor – LSU

Maile O’Keefe – Beam – Utah

Mya Hooten – Floor – Minnesota

Jessica Hutchinson – Floor – Denver

The 9.975s

Gabby Wilson – Vault – Michigan

Lilly Hudson – Beam – Alabama

Lilly Hudson – Floor – Alabama

Luisa Blanco – Floor – Alabama

Audrey Davis – Bars – Oklahoma

Trinity Thomas – Bars – Florida

Haleigh Bryant – Vault – LSU

Jillian Hoffman – Vault – Utah

Grace McCallum – Beam – Utah

Kara Eaker – Beam – Utah

Jordan Chiles – Vault – UCLA

Jade Carey – Bars – Oregon State

Mya Hooten – Vault – Minnesota

Maddie Williams – Bars – Cal

Keanna Abraham – Floor – UC Davis

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The 9.950s

10.000/9.900 split

Hannah Demers – Bars – Central Michigan

Luisa Blanco – Vault – Alabama

Jordan Bowers – Vault – Oklahoma

Trinity Thomas – Floor – Florida

Maile O’Keefe – Bars – Utah

Jade Carey – Beam – Oregon State

Kylie Gorgenyi – Bars – New Hampshire


The 9.925s

10.000/9.850 split

Mati Waligora – Floor – Alabama

Frankie Price – Floor – Arkansas

One thought on “The 10s of Week 5”

  1. I listened to Gymcastic podcast yesterday and I have a comment. I think Spencer is right, coaches should point out what the small mistakes were in routines that received at least one 10. Sure, it’s on the judges at that particular meet for the score. But, I don’t think it can be all “great job”. By the time Regionals takes place, gymnasts that are used to getting 10s for lack of control on landings or small trunk correction on beam, will get deducted. And fans, gymnasts, coaches and parents will boo and shake their head. If your vault with a lean and unequal landing, bc, let’s be honest, the judges see it where they are sitting, doesn’t get a 10, it’s on the coaches. The boos for a bar routine at Regionals that normally is scored a 9.85 and gets a 9.6, shouldn’t be a surprise. Like KJC says at every meet, hold the pose. Salute the judges before celebrating. The judges could take a deduction for landing on your toes. It shouldn’t be a bewildering deduction.

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