Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 5

The judges threw up a real stinker

With nine 10.0s on Friday alone, they officially entered their punk phase

Wait, how easy was it to get a 9.9 for a Yurchenko 1.5?

We were taught how to look away quickly to maintain plausible deniability

How to react totally naturally to hitting any skill

And that the 1992 Olympics is always a role model

Payton Richards demonstrated the new principle of salute amplitude (–> up to 0.3)

Hailey Davis showed how to become feathers in combination

Paulson (D): College stick with counter 1/2 turn backwards in flight

Michigan moved ahead of Florida in the rankings

While Oklahoma followed last week’s 198.425 with a 198.225

And Utah’s 5th-best score of all time was only the 3rd-best score of the day


In other news, Bart Deurloo retired, so we have to play through that

Maryland got a 10 on Simon Says Bars

Mya Hooten made every other gymnast look like she fell

And I can’t wait for Metroplex next weekend with no video accountability