Friday Live Blog – February 17, 2023

Friday, February 17SCORESSTREAM
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[13] Ohio State @ Penn StateLINKBTN+
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[9] Alabama @ [19] GeorgiaLINKSECN
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Nebraska @ Michigan
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New Hampshire @ NC StateLINKACC+
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Southern Connecticut @ [24] MarylandLINKBTN+
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North Carolina, Temple, Yale @ George WashingtonLINKESPN+
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Eastern Michigan @ Northern IllinoisLINKESPN+
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Alaska @ SimpsonLINKFREE
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Stout @ Gustavus AdolphusLINKFREE
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Whitewater @ La CrosseLINKFREE
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Eau Claire @ HamlineFREE
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Michigan State @ Illinois
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[10] Denver, UC Davis @ Air ForceLINKFREE
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Iowa State @ LindenwoodESPN+
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SEMO @ Illinois StateLINKESPN+
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[14] Arkansas @ [11] KentuckyLINKSECN
9:00pm ET/
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[2] Florida @ [8] LSULINKESPN2
9:00pm ET/
6:00pm PT
[21] Southern Utah @ Utah StateLINKFREE
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6:00pm PT
10:00pm ET/
7:00pm PT
San Jose State @ Sacramento StateLINK

We have a couple gems on the schedule today, with the Sarah/Suzanne Classic leading us into Florida against LSU. It will be interesting to see whether Alabama can keep up the big scores of the last two weeks while in the Georgia setting, and it will be equally worthwhile to see…just how bonkers Florida/LSU gets?

With Michigan postponed, Oklahoma on Sunday, Auburn on Sunday, UCLA on Saturday, and Utah on Monday, there are way fewer teams to fulfill the Crazy Friday Tens reputation this time around, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

In the only meet in the opening slot, Penn State got out to a big lead on Ohio State thanks to a 49.275 on vault featuring a handspring pike 1/2 with a small hop forward from Ava Piedrahita for 9.925, and a stuck handspring front pike from Elina Vihrova, 9.90 start, for 9.850.

Meanwhile on bars, Ohio State went head-to-head with accurate scoring and did not love the experience for 48.775 for five hit routines. That’s their season low on bars by 4 tenths.

In the second rotation, Ohio State was able to turn the tables with a 49.375 on vault, but Penn State went 49.125 on bars with a 9.950 for Rushlow to maintain a lead after two, 98.400 to 98.150.

Almost ready now. So Alabama’s featured gymnast is Doggette and Georgia’s featured gymnast is…Kupets?

Rotation 1

De Jong – VT – Georgia – “Let’s see if the judges are on their side” – yfull, good control on landing, small hop back. 9.800

Hudson – UB – Alabama – toe on to maloney, leg separation to bail, hit, maybe some body angle – good handstand on high – giant full to double tuck, holds the stick…pretty much. 9.825

Finnegan – VT – Georgia – yfull, similar to De Jong, small hop back, a bit more distance and more dynamic. 9.850

German – UB – Alabama – like that we’re seeing her in this lineup – stalder tkatchev, good amplitude, a bit of angle in cast hs – pak – 1/2 turn on low bar is solid – some muscling up of kip cast – toe on to DLO, lower amplitude on DLO with some leg separation, slide back. 9.775

Angeny – VT – Georgia – yfull, bounce back is larger but nice amplitude and open at the end. 9.825

Waligora – UB – Alabama – gets to vertical on firs hs – blind to a good high jaeger to overshoot, clean – a bit late on final cast hs is seemed – DLO 1/1, little pike, small hop. 9.850

Cashman – VT – Georgia – yfull with a bit more pike in her position than the last couple, slide back. 9.825. Would have liked to see Angeny’s score higher than this one.

Machado – UB – Alabama – good first hs – maloney to pak, very small leg breaks – toe on to van leeuwen, a bit crooked body position on catch – giant full, slightly late, to double tuck, slide back. 9.850

Howard – VT – Georgia – good height on yfull, medium slide back. 9.850

Doggette – UB – Alabama – good first hs – high and dynamic tkatchev to pak, small leg break in the end – 1/2 turn on low is hit – borderline final cast hs – DLO, chest down a little, small movement. 9.900

Hawthorne – VT – Georgia – They have her put out the Y1.5, looked like the landed a little stiff, pretty large lunge forward.

Blanco – UB – Alabama – good first hs – pak, clean – good hs on low – toe on to van leeuwen, smooth – solid cast hs on high – FTDT, holds the stick. Pretty routine. 9.950

After 1:
Alabama 49.375
Georgia 49.150

Judges went pretty much as high a they could go for Georgia’s vaulting, but it was a lot of non-stuck yfulls, which can only ever go so high.

Alabama a good bars rotation, gave away enough landing movement that it wasn’t going to be an epic score, but solid, especially at the end.

Rotation 2

Doggette – VT – Alabama – a bit short on her Y1.5 today, medium lunge to the side and some knees in there. 9.775

Cashman – UB – Georgia – good first hs vertical – tkatchev, OK, not the highest, small arch in hs and toe on – bail, clean vertical position – DLO, some leg break, tries so hard to hold the stick that she ends up leaning forward to horizontal. 9.725

Hudson – VT – Alabama – y1.5, strong vault, small slide back, very slightly soft at the end. 9.900

Angeny – UB – Georgia – blind to jaeger to overshoot, good height, foot flexing – solid hs position on high – DLO, small movement of heels together, nice, lean back to salute. 9.850

Olsen – VT – Alabama – DTY, good control on her landing again, small movement back, some knees and pike. And she goes 9.950. I mean, if those Georgia fulls were 9.825 and 9.850…but still.

Howard – UB – Georgia – small arch in first hs – piked tkatchev to overshoot, great height and pretty position – short cast hs on high – giant full, solid leg position into a stuck double tuck. 9.900

Paradise – VT – Alabama – pretty big bounce forward on her Y1.5, some knees. 9.750

Scott – UB – Georgia – maloney to pak, pretty in the air – quite late on 1/2 turn on low – short cast hs on high as well – DLO, holds the stick with small leg stagger. Got out of rhythm there for a second and lost some handstand positions but great start and finish. 9.825

Blanco – VT – Alabama – nearrrly sold the stick on her Y1.5 but came in a little shy and ended up having to step back. 9.900

Finnegan – UB – Georgia – good height on Ray – toe on to pak, legs apart – 1/2 turn on low, good position there – a bit shy on hs on high – FTDT, can’t quite show the stick with a step salute. 9.900

We’re sure giving out 9.9s for a lot of stuff tonight.

Gladieux – VT – Alabama – just the full again today, good height and distance but a bounce back.

De Jong – UB – Georgia – angled small arch on first hs pulls it back – toe on to maloney hit – bail, form gets pretty of crazy with leg separation and she has to pull it back – DLO is nice, with a stick. Still goes 9.800

After 2:
Alabama 98.725
Georgia 98.425

Alabama slightly extends its lead after the second rotation with a 49.350 on vault, using their SV advantage to gain some real ground on Georgia on that event, but Georgia keeps it close with their 49.275 on bars. I did not think Georgia’s handstand positions were as strong as Alabama’s, but they did stick better.

Rotation 3

Is John besmirching Sour Patch Kids?

Howard – BB – Georgia – full turn, small hesitation – bhs loso series, good amplitude and toe point – beat into switch 1/2 attempt is very tight, short of position – side aerial, solid – bhs gainer full, stuck. Great except for the dance combo. 9.825

Waligora – FX – Alabama – front lay to front 2/1, good rise, slide forward – split leap full to wolf full, around – side aerial into the corner – back 1.5 to front lay, small leg break in 1.5, some step on layout. 9.900

Scott – BB – Georgia – fhs to bhs loso series is securely landed – split leap to switch to korbut, smooth – full turn, good – front handspring front full dismount, hop forward. Lovely. 9.800

Olsen – FX – Alabama – piked full in, good control, leg separation at the end – switch to split leap 1.5, around but a pretty low back leg in there – front tuck through to double tuck, flexed feet, under control well. 9.875

Moran – BB – Georgia – wolf double, hit – switch to beat, works through little lean – would love it if we moved off this terrible head-on camera, thank you – side aerial to bhs is hit, pretty execution in the series – aerial, holds it – can’t believe she managed to complete a dismount at all because her foot slipped off the beam on her roundoff but she was able to do a full, chest way down and a pike. 9.500

Adams – FX – Alabama – double pike, nice position and chest up, switch 1/2 to tuck jump 1.5, comfortable – wolf something because we cut in the middle – back 1.5 to front lay, low on the front lay which causes a lunge slide out. 9.850

Angeny – BB – Georgia – bhs loso loso is very well done – aerial, comfortable – full turn, good – switch to beat, nice – bhs 1.5, looked like a good landing, rises up onto toes. Really strong one. 9.925

Gladieux – FX – secure landing on FTDT, some clear leg separation in there – split leap full to popa is nicely done – front lay to rudi, good leg position, to split jump, little bit of travel. 9.900

Deniz – BB – Georgia – full turn, small check hesitation – side aerial to bhs, hit – aerial to beat jump, under control – switch to split seemed a bit tight – gainer tuck full, holds the stick with chest forward. 9.925 for as well.

Hudson – FX – Alabama – front lay to front 2/1, a bit of a slide out – switch 1/2 to wolf full is very pretty – back 2.5, pulls it out, a little short with a step back – double tuck, somewhat forward with a step. 9.800

De Jong – BB – Georgia – full turn – switch to straddle 1/4, good straddle position, small adjustment on landing – aerial to beat is nice – bhs loso, check, good form in the air – bhs 1.5 dismount, up onto toes, little bit of movement. And it’s also 9.925 for her. I thought Angeny was the best of the bunch.

Blanco – FX – Alabama – gets wolf double around – double pike, good height and position, bounce back – double tuck, also a bit ginger on that landing with the slide back – switch ring and switch 1/2 are nicely done – front full to front lay, loses some of her typical crisp position in that layout. A fine hit, not her best, and she still gets 9.950, which makes no sense. That’s scoring preconceptions there. None of those passes were without deduction today.

After 3:
Alabama 148.200
Georgia 147.825

So Alabama goes 49.475 on floor to extend the lead a little bit more over Georgia’s 49.400 on beam. Georgia is as close as they could have hoped to be at this point and are still in it if floor goes crazy (er?) and Alabama is a little shaky on beam, but Alabama should be comfortable with the lead at this point. It’s not going to be a 198 today, but not a lot wrong so far.

Rotation 4

Burgess – BB – Alabama – making the poultice opening choreography – one arm bhs to loso is very solid – side aerial, smoothly landed – switch to beat – cat leap to switch side, under control as well – gainer pike, holds the stick brings heels together. Let’s watch out for this because that was at least the equal of the Georgia 9.925s.

And we start at 9.950, so at least it’s consistent?

Hahn – FX – Georgia – front 2/1, under control on step, some knee crossing – back 1.5 to lay, some lower position in layout – wolf double, solid – switch to split leap full is around – rudi, controls the step, again just a bit of leg position. Solid. 9.825

Rybicki – BB – Alabama – bhs loso with arm wave wobble – cat leap to switch side 1/4 (? are we trying to say it’s a switch 1/2?), wobble – full turn – beat to straddle 3/4 is secure – 1.5 dismount, holds onto stick. 9.750

Elsadek – FX – Georgia – FTDT, controlled, chest down – switch – switch ring to wolf hop full, around – front tuck through to double tuck, under control, again some chest position – good. 9.925, it begins.

Waligora – BB – Alabama – full turn, nice – bhs loso, a bit tight but hit, small check at the end – side aerial is strong – split jump to tuck jump full, pulls around the last eighth of the turn or so on the beam – 1.5, stuck. 9.875

Howard – FX – Georgia – front tuck through to double tuck, little shuffle forward, nearly stuck it – switch 1/2 to wolf full wolf full, lower position on the switch 1/2 and final wolf full – double pike, bounce back. 9.900 is very high.

Gladieux – BB – Alabama – bhs lay 2 feet, secure – aerial keeps moving to beat jump – switch to straddle, wobble, leg comes up – double tuck dismount, step back. 9.775

Cashman – FX – Georgia – back 1.5 to front full, controls the step, not the highest – switch side 1/2 to straddle jump, shows pretty clear landing positions there – double tuck, bounce back, just kept it in bounds. 9.900

Hudson – BB – Alabama – aerial, small pause before bhs loso, WILD save, somehow stayed on the beam, large break with a couple separate leg up moments but how was it not a fall? – switch to switch is hit – side aerial is good – 1.5, holds the landing. Gets away with 9.775

De Jong – FX – Georgia – rudi to loso, just some leg crossing in rudi, good control – switch side to wolf full is good – triple full, large bounce back and steps OOB with the second step. 9.700

Blanco – BB – Alabama – aerial, pretty – full turn, solid – bhs loso, lovely feet, hesitation check – switch to switch 1/2, yes – 1.5, stuck. Good.  And she goes 9.950

Hawthorne – FX – Georgia – DLO, good height and shows solid control – split leap full to split jump full was a struggle, out of control throughout – rudi to split jump hit, some travel back. 9.950 because leaps don’t matter.

Alabama 197.525
Georgia 197.325

So 197.525 doesn’t quite match the scores of the last couple weeks, but Alabama will be pleased with that for a road meet and for the general performance today, which was fine but not amazing.

Georgia gets the requisite home 49.500 on floor to get up to 197.325, which is huge. Definitely a lot of Georgia home scoring there, but this team is legitimately somewhat close to Alabama’s level, which is a win.

Big news: You don’t have to go 9.950 just because it’s the last floor routine. I know I’m breaking ground here.

We have a bit until Florida/LSU starts, so let’s check in on Arkansas and Kentucky. Procasky starts for Kentucky with a stuck yfull, just some leg break in the air. 9.875

Swaney – UB – Arkansas – good first hs – toe on to Ray, hit – solid verticals, clean pak – 1/2 turn on low – pretty big wobble stepping up to high bar and has to add a toe circle – DLO, pikes it down a little to find the stick and does. 9.675

Wilson – VT – Kentucky – handspring pike 1/2 – small bounce back, good one – not as much distance and high chest as we will see from the next couple. But she goes 9.900 so we’re going to see some numbers here.

Scalzo – UB – Arkansas – good first hs – blind to jaeger to overshoot, solid work – very nice final cast hs vertical – DLO, bounce back. 9.800

Patterson – VT – Kentucky – handspring pike 1/2, nearly showed the stick, slide back, good amplitude and chest on landing. And it’s 9.950. They had to go higher than Wilson, but we’re already on 9.950 with a hop back.

Drotar – UB – Arkansas – good hs – toe on to maloney, hit to bail, clean vertical position – DLO, holds the stick. Clean. And it’s 9.950. Keep an eye on this meet.

Magnelli – VT – Kentucky – lets the judges off the hook there with a step back on her handspring pike 1/2, but love the way she has started to open out of that vault. 9.875

Jones – UB – Arkansas – shorter first hs – blind to piked jaeger, legs together – good cast hs on high – pak salto is clean – 1/2 turn on low – DLO, very good stick. Another crisp routine.

And she goes 9.950 with a 10 from one judge. Nnnnot a 10 for me.

Worley – VT – Kentucky – Y1.5, comes in a little short today with a small hop back. 9.875

Pratt – UB – Arkansas – good first hs – Ray, solid, not the amplitude or turnover that no-deduction Tkatchevs will have – bail, good toe point – quite short final cast hs – DLO, bounce back and another step salute. 9.750

Bourque – VT – Kentucky – Y1.5, hit with a crossover Shawn Johnson step forward, landed a little locked. 9.900

Flatley – UB – Arkansas – good hs – higgins to jaeger, closer catch – solid hs – toe on to bail, nice position – short hs on high – DLO, small rebound.

Kentucky gets a casual school record 49.500 on vault, a good rotation with good difficulty and only small rebounds, not THAT much better than their usual. Program record vault score with one stick.

Flatley goes 9.875 for Arkansas to go 49.325 for a somewhat ridic rotation, but also some damn Oklahoma cast handstands in there. Lots of potential when the hs positions are that good.

This one is already crazy and going to get crazier. Remember to keep an eye on it when you start watching Florida/LSU because this is the sleeper meet of the day if that first rotation was any indication.

Weaver starts on vault for Arkansas, good control on yfull, small rebound, chest a little forward, not the most distance. And it gets 9.900. Dear me.

Davis for Kentucky on bars, shortish first hs – blind to jaeger, hit – bail, good toes – hits final cast hs – DLO, small hollow, slide back. 9.850

Bless this ESPN2 basketball game for ending in a timely fashion. First time for everything.

Flatley second on vault for Arkansas with good distance on her yfull, larger bounce back. 9.850

Bunn 2nd on bars for Kentucky – some back position in first hs – jaeger, hit, a bit of feet – bail solid, slightly crooked coming in – a bit short on final cast hs – good stick on DLO. 9.900

Smith 3rd on vault for Arkansas, great amplitude on full and a stick, judges didn’t leave themselves any choice with the 9.900 for Weaver.

And they do go perfect for Smith on vault.

Riegert through with a good hit for Kentucky in the third spot, small arch on a handstand, DLO, some pike, step back. 9.775

Price – VT – Arkansas – Price a higher vault than Smith’s perfect one (…), but a large bounce back. 9.825

DeGuzman – UB – Kentucky – lovely blind to jaeger to overshoot, wonderful toe position – some hesitation up to vertical in final cast hs – DLO, stuck landing. EXCELLENT. And you’re just on 9.900 for that one? If you had any excuse for crazy 9.950.

Sedlacek with a near stick on her y1.5 for Arkansas, knee bending throughout, small hop. And she goes 9.950. I just don’t understand.

Luksik – UB – Kentucky – closer catch on tkatchev with some elbows – solid vertical position on bail – DLO, another nice stick. 9.825

Williams – VT – Arkansas – solid y1.5, medium hop forward, a bit of knees.

Worley – UB – Kentucky – good first hs – clear hip to tkatchev, solid – another nice hs – pak, good height and legs together – 1/2 turn, slightly crooked on low? – FTDT, small step forward.

Arkansas goes 49.525 on vault. Both Kentucky and Arkansas set program vault records in the same meet. You know how that happens coincidentally?

Rotation 1 – Florida/LSU

Getting started here.

Arenas – VT – yfull, good dynamics, small bounce back. 9.875

Blakely – UB – Florida – hits first hs – maloney, a bit of legs into pak, smooth – 1/2 turn on low, pushes it up a little but finishes in hs – good cast hs – blind, slightly past – double front, large lunge forward. 9.750

Shchennikova – VT – LSU – nearly found the stick on her y1.5, small slide back, some direction, some knees. 9.825

Nguyen – UB – Florida – good hs – maloney, some legs apart in pak, tucks the pak to swing it through – hits the 1/2 turn on low but some leg separation – DLO, deep landing, large bounce. Another struggle for Florida. 9.575

Finnegan – VT – LSU – also nearly finds the Omelianchik – onto toes and a step forward into salute. Fooled them enough I guess for 9.950.

DiCello – UB – Florida – shortish first hs – Ray is solid – pak to toe on to van leeuwen is nice – better final cast hs but not quite the handstands of last week – FTDT, small hop. 9.900

Brock – VT – LSU – pretty large lunge forward on her y1.5, slides the back foot as well. 9.825

Thomas – UB – Florida – short first hs – maloney to pak, clean – toe on to van leeuwen, nice – good hs on high bar – DLO, holds the landing. Not quitttee there but great obviously.

And it’s 9.975 today. Sure why not. It’s all the same.

KJ Johnson – VT – LSU – yfull – great dynamics as always, shuffle back with both feet. 9.850

Wong – UB – Florida – maloney to pak, nice – good hs on low – van leeuwen, excellent – smooth hs on high – DLO, nearly shows full control on the landing, I’d say step salute. 9.950

Bryant – VT – LSU – handspring pike 1/2 and she finds the stick today – I WONDER WHAT SHE’LL SCORE. Doesn’t actually bring her heels together, so they’re supposed to take a deduction.

9.975. Oh, one judge actually did it. Surprised. But I do imagine that’s what the one judge took because that’s the kind of ticky tack shit they actually care about. And then someone will bounce to Mars and they’re like, eh.

Richards – UB – Florida – maloney to bail – some angle in final cast hs on high – DLO, legs well apart and foot flexing, finds the stick. 9.850 is quite high, some anchor boost.

So LSU goes 49.475 on vault, Florida 49.425 on bars to give LSU the early lead.

Florida started ragged and had a couple weak routines in there, so won’t be happy with not being ahead but will be thanking their stars they escaped that rotation with a good and close score. Mostly solid vaulting for LSU, a couple didn’t have the landing control they wanted for a massive number.

Rotation 2

Kathy telling us Florida had a really bad vault warmup, we’re seeing Richards block to her elbows. Yeah, don’t have her vault.

Clark – VT – Florida – yfull, smaller bounce back than last week. GIVE HER A 9.950 JUST FOR FUN.

9.850 again! I mean it’s still too high…….

Jeffrey – UB – LSU – good first hs – maloney, legs together to pak, small leg break at the end – 1/2 turn on low bar is solid – good hs on high bar – FTDT, flexed feet, opens well, comes in and finds the stick, a little deep. 9.900

Wong – VT – Florida – ro 1/2 on pike 1/2, out of control landing with a large bounce back. 9.800.

Florida is off so far today but they’re being kept in it.

Arenas – UB – LSU – tkatchev, good height – some angle in hs – toe on to pak, caught, some legs – nice quick 1/2 turn on low bar – short final cast hs – DLO, legs apart, finds the stick. 9.900 is really high.

Richards – VT – Florida – no trouble on her block now, pretty large bounce forward – just some knees. Kathy says it’s not quite the technique or amplitude we usually see, I feel like it was one of her best until the landing? 9.875

Tatum – UB – LSU _ Ray, fingertip catch to pak, flexed feet in the Ray – a bit short on final hs – FTDT, stuck with a small stagger. 9.900.

EVERYTHING IS 9.9. Is Bryant going to get a 15?

DiCello – VT – Florida – they’ve posted the number for a DTY for her – Does the Y1.5 we expected, another pretty large bounce forward. 9.875

Finnegan – UB – LSU – good first hs – piked deltchev, nice – strong hs – toe on to bail, hits vertical, little sway in back – solid hs on high – double arabian dismount, step forward.

Sigh. 9.850.

I know we all watched this rotation and are like, that was the worst one. I mean I think 9.850 is right, just that should be the highest score so far. I mean they also gave Richards 9.850.

Thomas – VT – Florida – Y1.5, great in the air as always, bounce forward. 9.925 with a full tenth landing deduction is funnnnnn.

Shchennikova – UB – LSU – shorter first hs – Ray, hit with flexed feet into good pak – 1/2 turn on low – short hs on high as well – DLO, clear piking, finds the stick again. 9.850.

Edwards – VT – Florida – no Blakely – hits a yfull, pikes down at the end with chest forward, step back. 9.825

Bryant – UB – LSU – good hs – blind to jaeger, some elbows on catch, good height – bail is clean – toe circle up to high – solid final cast hs – double front 1/2 out, some leg separation, finds the stick well. 9.950

Florida goes 49.350 on vault, still getting big numbers but not on today. LSU has been clearly stronger in the first two rotations.

LSU goes 49.500 on bars to extend the lead, though I would like a new code of points please and thank you.

After 2:
LSU 98.975
Florida 98.775

Though I would say the biggest surprise so far is that we haven’t seen a 10. Yet.

Meanwhile Arkansas went 49.475 on floor with a 9.975 for Price and 9.950 for Williams.

Rotation 3

Arenas – BB – LSU – switch to split, just a bit low on back leg on split, good toes – bhs loso, secure landing – kickover, holds it – switch 1/2, just a little under – 1.5 dismount, little stutter step. 9.825

Nguyen – FX – Florida – front 2/1, the sissone is so lovely you forget everything, just a little leg crossing – switch ring to switch 1/2, good positions – y spin – back 1.5 to layout with a slide forward out of it. 9.925. It’s going to be a finish.

Shchennikova – BB – LSU – hits candle mount – full turn, small waver – aerial, keeps moving into bhs bhs – switch to split, short split position in the second one – side aerial, arm wave correction – bhs gainer full, sticks with chest forward. 9.850

Baumann – FX – Florida – wolf double, good clear exact 2 turns – back 1.5 to front full, a bit of a bounce into her dance out – switch side to straddle jump, excellent height – double pike, bounce back. 9.925

Rivers – BB – LSU – bhs loso is secure, slightly soft knees in the series – switch 1/2, under split – switch to straddle 1/4 is stronger – 2/1, holds onto the stick, a little stagger and forward chest. 9.900

Richards – FX – Florida – DLO, solid body position, bounce back – switch side to popa, crooked switch side position – back 1.5 to tuck 1/2 to straddle jump, was off on the back 1.5 and has to save it with a tuck 1/2.

KJ Johnson – BB – LSU – solid mount hold – switch to back tuck to straddle 1/4, moves quickly, some better positions – bhs loso, small correction in hold – side aerial, secure – bhs 1.5, hop forward. MUCH better composition to showcase her strengths and have her not do that sissone and whatnot. 9.875

They have to talk about Richards’ SV. She’s in with 9.675, and I think it would be a 9.9 SV.

Wong – FX – Florida – double arabian pike, a littttle short today with a step back – switch side to popa to popa is excellent, clearly around, high, shows positions, how it should look – back 1/2 to front full,  and lol was a little under and just does a LEAN DANCEEEEE you didn’t see anything. 9.825

Bryant – BB – LSU – aerial to bhs, good elements – switch to straddle 1/4, comfortable – full turn – front tuck, wobble, arm up and arm wave – split jump, good – rudi dismount, good stick. 9.925 is impossible for that minimum .1 wobble.

Looks like Arkansas is having an utter disaster on beam. 47.075

Thomas – FX – Florida – DLO, nice landing control – split leap full to popa to popa is strong and around – front full to front lay, a little under, slide back, I think she thought she was going to stick. 9.950

Meanwhile Kentucky will have a program record at this meet.

Finnegan – BB – LSU – candle 1/2 mount is hit – bhs loso loso, good height, very secure – switch to split – full turn, good – aerial, smooth – gainer full, holds the stick.

Arkansas was going to have a giant number today and it ended up being 195.400 after that beam.

And Finnegan gets a 10. You knew it would be.

49.550 beam for LSU.

DiCello – FX – Florida – front 2/1, slide forward out of it – switch ring to switch 1/2, gets a little lower on that switch 1/2 but pulls out the position – wolf double is hit – back 1.5 to front lay, controls the step. Solid.

And she gets 9.950. This meet.

Florida goes 49.575 on floor to beat LSU’s 49.550 on beam and keep things close going to the last event.

After 3:
LSU 148.525
Florida 148.350

Definitely advantage LSU with a little lead, at home, going to floor. But Florida is capable of beam scores that would make up this deficit.

Kentucky’s final score was 197.875.

This should be a bit of a final rotation.

Rotation 4

Richards – BB – Florida – hits full turn – bhs loso is secure – switch 1/2, short of split, wobble – switch to straddle jump – bhs 1.5 dmt, rises up to her toes into a step salute. 9.750

Ballard – FX – LSU – DLO, little bounce back, chest up – 1.5 to layout, good layout position, could rise a bit more out of the 1.5 – switch ring to switch 1/2, hit – double pike, slightly insecure in step even though it was small. 9.875

Lazzari – BB – Florida – bhs loso loso, right on, lovely position – switch to split, good 180s – aerial, held – bhs 1.5 dismount, hop forward. Great on the beam. 9.900 with a .1 hop on dismount, so it’s on.

Shchennikova – FX – LSU – front 2/1, bit of a bounce out into her dance – back 1.5 to good rise in front layout – switch ring to switch 1/2, under split on the switch 1/2 – rudi to split jump, some travel backward. 9.925 is high.

Nguyen – BB – Florida – onodi to bhs is well connected and executed today – y spin with a large wobble, leg up to horizontal – switch, small correction before split jump, good split positions – bhs 1.5, holds landing. 9.850 is also deeply forgiving

Arenas – FX – LSU – front 2/1, slide out, larger than Shchennikova’s – switch 1/2 to wolf full to wolf 2/3, gets under on that final element, doesn’t land in the right place – front lay, some leg separation, into front full, controls the step. 9.825

DiCello – BB – Florida – candle mount, good – wolf double, solid – switch to split is comfortable – bhs loso, no trouble, secure landing – aerial, holds it – bhs gainer full, stuck. Nice one. 

And she goes 9.975.

KJ Johnson – FX – LSU – open FTDT, great position in the air but steppy on landing, stays in bounds – back 1.5 to front lay, good position, controls step out – switch side to popa, over turns the switch side a little before the popa –  double tuck, bounce back. And it’s 9.950 somehow.

Thomas – BB – Florida – switch mount to split leap, lovely – full turn, nice – one arm bhs to loso, no trouble – beat to korbut, smoothly done – side aerial to 1.5, stuck landing. Well, it was a lot better than last week’s 10.

10.000 for Trinity.

Finnegan – FX – LSU – double arabian to stag, nicely done – 2.5 to front tuck, dance out, nice – switch ring to split full, gets a little low on the full but pulls it around enough – back 1.5 to front tuck, has to tuck her intended layout and steps forward out of it. 9.900

Wong – BB – Florida – switch to split leap, lovely – bhs loso, strong, good control – aerial, little check before beat jump – 2/1 goes suppppppper deep into a ball shape to hold the stick.

Bryant – FX – LSU – double front, slightly short with a step back – front lay to rudi is excellent – switch ring to switch 1/2 is good – front 2/1 is landed with strong control.

Wong still gets a 9.900 for cannonballing her dismount to take Florida to 49.625 on beam, but it won’t be enough to beat LSU.

Bryant gets 9.925 to take LSU to 49.575 on floor and finishing on 198.100.

I mean, both teams overscored like monsters, but Florida didn’t really earn that one today. They were not awesome in the first two rotations, and while they were better in the second half, they still weren’t exactly crisp and couldn’t make it up.

LSU 198.100
Florida 197.975

18 thoughts on “Friday Live Blog – February 17, 2023”

  1. Really like your website and great info, but Georgia and Alabama are not close to same teams as each other.

      1. Yes. Did you not read his commentary, he said, and I quote, “Georgia gets the requisite home 49.500 on floor to get up to 197.325, which is huge. Definitely a lot of Georgia home scoring there, but this team is legitimately somewhat close to Alabama’s level, which is a win.”
        Georgia is really no where near Alabama level, but Alabama has generally been underwhelming this year anyway. However, both teams will likely end up 7th and 8th at SECs because they really are below the level of Missouri, Kentucky, and Arkansas-performance wise.

      1. Oh friend, she absolutely had a leo on last week, & she was apart of warming up bars.

    1. I’m just glad Morgan can actually fit in a leo. Last season it looked like she was never going to fit in one ever again.

  2. Morgan was in just a leo before they started beam, but now she’s wearing her sweatpants and isn’t listed in the lineup.

    1. They do wear their leos under their sweats or tracksuits. She also may have been the beam alternate.

  3. Who cares about the Leo’s. I’m just disgusted by the scores tonight. Just because they were both over scored (WAY OVER SCORED) creates a double problem for valid NQS. The real victims are teams reasonably scored because of the rankings. I’m really tired of these insane scores. This combination meet is always a scoring mess. LSU in particular is. Scoring joke. I hope that both teams are on their knees counting their blessings when they watch the replay. The judge gods were truly with them tonight. Something really needs to be done about the judges

  4. Gif idea: The end of Payton Richard’s floor routine after her last pass she seems to forget her choreo and her facial expressions are hilarious, and when she goes to high-five her teammates!

  5. The Gators continue to struggle on Vault. They’ve been without 2in their vault line-up all season- Rachel Baumann (elbow) and Savannah Schoenherr (broken foot). Baumann scored a 9.90 in the 1st meet, then injured elbow. To win NCAAs Florida has to stick more Vaults.

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