Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 8

This week…

The celebration was the hardest part

So if Padurariu ends up in concussion protocols…

I guess we just put some tape on it and pretend it’s fixed?

Meanwhile, it wasn’t a regular Winter Cup, it was a Jokes Winter Cup

But also a regular Winter Cup

Where all falls are just opportunities for kicks

White people honored Black History Month the only way we know: Interrupting at a crucial part just to nod

Japan said, you’re welcome again for figuring out the beam code

And Blakely went through the five stages of out of bounds: Shock, Oops, Eyeroll, Cover, and Smile

We checked out the Pac-12 Network offices immediately after the meet

Which is why this delightful little moment

Looks like

In Arizona, Wonder Woman found a dead spot in the floor

And Commissioner Borden got right on the case

I blame the German headwitches

For they have harnessed the power of the wind

The strength of the ground

And even matter itself

Their only known weakness is college salute

Anyway, 278 meets down…