Saturday Live Blog – March 4, 2023

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Centenary, TWU (@ Tyler, TX)LINK

A weather reschedule kicks off the day’s action, with the big news for Auburn being that Alabama missed yesterday and opened the door for Auburn to move back ahead of Alabama and into the top 8 today with a 197.575. 

Kentucky, meanwhile, will still have its eyes on catching Auburn next weekend before SECs (and could use a big total and an Auburn miss today in that regard), but more immediately will be looking for at least 197.325 to go ahead of MSU, Denver, and Oregon State in the in-progress rankings and sit at #10—with all three of them still to compete today or tomorrow.

The big news of the day is that Suni is being rested by Auburn. The weekend of resting and injuries. 

Rotation 1

Procasky – VT – Kentucky – yfull, good amplitude and layout shape, bounce back, some legs apart at the end. 9.800

Hollingsworth – UB – Auburn – lost stream on this one until the end – dismounts FTDT, holds the stick but a massive squat to do it. 9.775

Wilson – VT – Kentucky – her best handspring pike 1/2 we’ve seen – good control on landing, some lower chest position. And it’s 9.975

McLaughlin – UB – Auburn – good first hs – maloney, some legs into a hit pak – solid 1/2 turn position on low bar – a bit shy on final cast hs – giant full to double tuck, good stick. 9.875

Patterson – VT – Kentucky – handspring pike 1/2 from her as well, good control again, small slide back and some direction – higher than Wilson’s. 9.950. Is it massive vault record o’clock?

Groth – UB – Auburn – short first hs – Ray is solid – good hs on high – pak, legs together well, not the highest – strong cast 1/2 position on low bar – giant full, good vertical, loose back, to double tuck, step-salute. 9.800

Magnelli – VT – Kentucky – handspring pike 1/2, a little less control than the last two, hop back and then a little step salute. 9.850

Brusch – UB – Auburn – good first hs – toe on to maloney, some legs into bail, hit – short cast hs on high – DLO, well holds onto the stick but bends over past horizontal to do so. 9.825

Worley – VT – Kentucky – y1.5, nearly finds the stick, rises onto her toes with a little slide. Some knees. 9.925.

Stevens – UB – Auburn – good first hs – toe on to Ray – solid hs on high – bail, legs together well – hits hs on high – DLO, some legs, good control on landing. 9.850

Bourque – VT – Kentucky – y1.5, hits with a medium step forward and a bit of knees. 9.850

One thing I like about this commentator is every time she says “asset” it sounds like “asshat.” Like, she’s a real asshat for this team.

Gobourne – UB – Auburn – tkatchev, hit into a nice high pak – rushes a little on the 1/2 turn on low – FTDT, hit. 9.900

Gobourne takes Auburn to 49.250 for a solid-not-amazing bars rotation with a distinct lack of Suni.

Bourque’s 9.850 takes Kentucky to 49.550, which is indeed another program vault record for them. Difference today was that Wilson really brought it with the landing and the best handspring of the trio.

So a non-small lead of 3 tenths for Kentucky after the first event. Lots of exhibitions going, LaClair on vault for Kentucky, Sabados and Sumner on bars for Auburn.

Rotation 2

Sabados – VT – Auburn – yfull, lands short, chest down and lunge forward. 9.700

Davis – UB – Kentucky – blind to jaeger, hit – a bit tight on next hs – bail, gets to vertical, a little pike in the journey – short hs on high – DLO, hop back. 9.800

Groth – VT – Auburn – yfull, a little chest down but higher than Sabados, bounce back. 9.800

Procasky – UB – Kentucky – good first hs – maloney, nice flight into pak, some leg separation – solid 1/2 turn position on low bar – good final cast hs – giant full, just a bit past into double tuck, holds the stick. Good one. 9.850

Hubbard – VT – Auburn – Y1.5, just a bit crunched on the table but didn’t really affect the vault, hop forward, good distance. 9.850

Bunn – UB – Kentucky – blind to jaeger, solid, just some feet at the end – a but shy on cast hs – bail, legs together – good final cast hs poisition – DLO, holds the stick with the smallest lean. 9.875

Hollingsworth – VT – Auburn – y1.5, pretty solid control on landing, small crossover step, some elbows on block. 9.875

DeGuzman – UB – Kentucky – good first hs – blind to jaeger, excellent feet into overshoot – DLO, some leg separation, good landing. 9.925

Stevens – VT – Auburn – y1.5, finds a good stick – some knees and and bit of direction. And goes 9.975.

Luksik – UB – Kentucky – Ray, good height – good hs – toe on to bail, solid vertical position – hits hs on high – DLO, slide back. 9.850

Gobourne – VT – Auburn – y1.5, hop forward, not too large, good position in the air.

Worley – UB – Kentucky – good first hs – clear hip to tkatchev, solid – pak, well done, good legs together position – a little quick on cast 1/2 position on low – nice final handstand – FTDT, hop forward. 9.900

Both teams go 49.375 in the second rotation for Kentucky to maintain its 3 tenth lead at the halfway point. Auburn will be happy with that 49.375 for vault to get them back on track toward this being a counting score if the remaining events cooperate. Kentucky remains right on pace to match those program record home 197.8s, or beat them, especially if floor blows up today.

After 2:
Kentucky 98.925
Auburn 98.625

Rotation 3

This guy sure does like calling this a “match.”

Luksik – BB – Kentucky – onodi with a check – bhs loso, secure, foot flexing – cat leap to switch 1/2, under split – full turn, hit – beat – gainer pike, stuck. 9.850

McLaughlin – FX – Auburn – back 1.5 to a lower front lay, gets it around – split leap full to wolf full, good feet and positions – split leap 1.5, pretty much pulls around the 1.5 – double pike, good control, chest up. 9.850

Procasky – BB – Kentucky – bhs loso, held, good amplitude – cat leap to switch, some back leg bending, intended to be ring? – aerial to beat is nice – full turn, hit – gainer pike, stuck. 9.800

Brusch – FX – Auburn – front tuck through to double tuck, comfortable – switch 1/2 to popa to wolf full, high, gets it around –  double pike, lunge back, couldn’t tell is it was OOB from this angle. But she gets 9.800, so no OOB taken.

Bunn – BB – Kentucky – full turn, good – bhs loso loso, secure, not the highest but very solid – switch to split, hit – 2/1, a bit underrotated, chest down and hop forward. 9.800

Groth – FX – Auburn – front 2/1, well controlled on landing – switch 1/2 to wolf full, good feet positions – back 1.5 to front layout, hit – rudi, slightly ragged at the end, controls the step. 9.875

Patterson – BB – Kentucky – full turn, good – bhs loso, good height, check – aerial, arm wave correction lean before split jump – switch to switch, good height, pretty positions – gainer pike, slide back. 9.800

Hollingsworth – FX – Auburn – open FTDT, excellent position in the air – switch 1/2 to popa, crisply around – front tuck through to double tuck, bounce back. 9.900

Worley – BB – Kentucky – cat leap to switch side, hit – aerial, huge wobble, bend at the hips past horizontal – bhs loso series is hit comfortably – kickover, another wobble, leg up – 1.5 dismount, hop forward. 9.675

Stevens – FX – Auburn – front lay to rudi, secure landing – split leap full to wolf full, around, some travel in the series – double tuck, lunge back, looked OOB from our angle but again not. 9.825. 

Magnelli – BB – Kentucky – bhs loso loso series secure, flexed feet in the layouts – switch to straddle 1/4, fab elements – aerial, smooth – full turn – gainer pike, stuck landing. 9.950.

Kentucky will drop some ground to Auburn here with a 49.200 on beam for a fairly wobbly rotation.

Gobourne – FX – Auburn – double tuck, good position, bounce back – switch side to wolf full – front lay to front full, a little steppy there – double pike, chest a tad forward, good cover. Surprised by 9.800 there. Was that really tied for the weakest routine in this rotation?

With 9.800 for Gobourne, Auburn will go 49.250 on floor, so won’t really pick up as much as they would have hoped on Kentucky and now will have to do beam.

After 3:
Kentucky 148.125
Auburn 147.875

So now Auburn will have to go at least 49.350 on beam to make this a counting score for NQS, and that passing Alabama score is probably out of reach as it would require a 49.700 beam.

Kentucky really should get to that minimum goal 197.325 mark with floor here and will aim to go higher, though that 197.875 record would require quite the floor score now.

We just had a fascinating pronunciation of eMjae happen in this meet. Defied the laws of physics.

Rotation 4

Kentucky got a couple score raises there in between rotations to bring beam up to 49.350.

Patterson up to 9.850 and Procasky up to 9.900. I was with the original scores.

Hollingsworth – BB – Auburn – full turn, hit – bhs loso, solid – switch 1/2, under split, connects to split jump beat jump – side aerial, solid – gainer full, quick step salute out. 9.825

Wilson – FX – Kentucky – wolf jump 1.5, under position – front tuck through to double tuck, slide back – switch side to wolf back of teammates heads – back 1.5 to front lay, good control, crossed legs in twisting. 9.800

Hagle – BB – Auburn – cat leap, small pause before side aerial – aerial, check before korbut – wolf single, hit – switch to straddle 1/4, nice potential in those leap positions – bhs 1.5, holds the landing with a lean. A couple potential SV questions there, but the way they evaluated Kentucky, I don’t imagine they’ll deny this routine either. Any they didn’t. 9.800

Procasky – FX – Kentucky – opens split ring jump full – front lay to front full, under control – switch ring to full back of teammate head again – double tuck, some feet, solid landing, but then a little unnecessarily steppy out of it. 9.800

Brusch – BB – Auburn – full turn, hit – aerial, arm wave, keeps moving into split jump, check out of it – bhs loso series, secure, some feet – switch, back leg well short, into straddle 1/4 which is higher – gainer full, good stick. 9.800

Patterson – FX – Kentucky – back 1.5 to front lay, slide forward out – switch ring 1/2, solid 180 – switch ring to switch side, good height on straddle position – double tuck, controls front foot. Good. 9.900

Groth – BB – Auburn – bhs loso bhs, hit solidly – switch 1/2, large break, can’t save it and falls – split jump to beat jump is nice – full turn, smooth – side aerial to tuck 1.5 with a step salute. 9.300

Magnelli – FX – Kentucky – rudi to loso, good loso, just some leg crossing in the rudi – switch side to popa, excellent – double pike, chest down, step forward. 9.775

Both teams counting a couple 9.800s in this last rotation now.

Stevens – BB – Auburn – bhs loso, holds it – split jump to split ring jump, not the ringest – kickover knee, solid – wolf single, hit – 1.5 dismount with slide salute. Good. 9.850

Davis – FX – Kentucky – double pike, chest just a bit forward, solid landing – switch side and popa, good rise – back 1.5 to front lay, nice layout position, lower amplitude than the 1.5 – double tuck, hit, little rebound. 9.950. They’re setting this one up for Worley senior day.

McLaughlin – BB – Auburn – switch, small hesitation into bhs loso and falls – this was already going to be a non-counter for Auburn but that confirms it – side aerial, solid – full turn, little check – switch to straddle 1/4, hit – gainer pike, little hop forward.

Worley – FX – Kentucky – FTDT, little too quick on the step back – switch ring and switch side are hit – front full to front lay, dance out – double tuck, controls the front foot. Good one, not her best control on her first pass. 9.950.

Kentucky 197.675
Auburn 196.450

So, Auburn stays where it is, while Kentucky gets a counting home score to move up to #10 in the rankings for now. Most critically for Kentucky, they’ll have an excellent shot at passing Auburn for the final evening spot at SECs with next weekend’s road performance since they still have a 196.575 to drop. Roughly, I think Kentucky needs 197.225 next weekend to clinch evening and could go higher. 

In part B of this fine (?) Saturday, Oregon State visits Arizona State looking to challenge Kentucky’s new NQS. Oregon State will be aiming for a big old score of 197.725, which would put them in sole possession of 10th place for the moment, with Denver and MSU still to compete tomorrow.

Arizona State will be aiming for 196.975, which would put them ahead of Missouri and into 14th place. With #16 Ohio State, #17 Arkansas, and #18 Georgia all competing tomorrow, places in this bottom section of the top 16 can still shift a lot.

In other meets, #20 Iowa and #22 Minnesota could both make a jump as high as #18 and ahead of Georgia with big results today. Boise State is currently in the last spot in, 36th place, and would love to get rid of a road 195.3 today to make that a safer-looking prospect—and spell trouble for a team like Iowa State by making it that much tougher to break in.

With just 195.400 today, Boise State would ensure that it will take an NQS of 196 to make regionals for the second consecutive year. Last year’s 196.215 was the highest-ever regionals cutoff, and we’re on pace to embarrass that this year.

No rest for the Carey on unofficial Rest Week, as she’ll be in the AA again for Oregon State.

Rotation 1

Jaslow – VT – ASU – yfull good distance, bounce back, some pike, flatter than higher. 9.775

Beeman – UB – Oregon St – good first hs – blind to jaeger, very close catch, loses some position, works through it – pak, some leg separation – stalder to double tuck, little rebound. 9.825

White – VT – ASU – yfull, good height on yfull but a larger bounce back than Jaslow. 9.800

Miller – UB – Oregon St – hits first hs – toe on to maloney, legs, connected to a straddled pak – cast 1/2 on low – short cast hs on high – DLO, some legs, nearly found the stick, step-salute. 9.775

Mangahas – VT – ASU – good control on her yfull, small slide back, medium height and distance, solid position int he air, just a little forward on landing.

Weaver – UB – Oregon St – misses her opening gienger – finished with a stuck double tuck. 9.050

Meanwhile, Hooten finishes Minnesota’s vault lineup with a medium hop forward on her y1.5. She followed Quarles with a little slide who got a 10 from one judge. Lots of full tenth splits in that vault rotation scoring.

Theodorou – VT – ASU – good ro 1/2 on tuck 1/2 in the air, pretty large bounce back – just loses her foot point at the end. 9.875

Caso – UB – Oregon St – good first hs – maloney to pak, legs together, hit – solid hs on low – van leeuwen, leg break but hit – solid hs on high – stalder to double stuck, chest forward, step back. FYI, live scores say this routine went 9.050 but that’s a mistake. It’s a hit. 9.825

Smith – VT – ASU – nearly sold the stick on her Y1.5, came in a little short but almost held onto it, small step back. A bit of legs in the air. 9.900

McMillan – UB – Oregon St – toe on to maloney to bail, nice vertical position – a bit short on final cast hs on high – DLO, pikes it some in second salto, bounce back. 9.800

Scharf – VT – ASU – also nearly finds the stick on her yfull, small slide back – good height. 49.300

Carey – UB – Oregon St – maloney, good height into bhardwaj – van leeuwen, hit – shy on final cast hs – FTDT, small lean to hold the stick. Good. 9.975 quite high for that one.

So Arizona State will have a tenth lead after one, thanks to the control on the last couple vault landings. But if those are 9.9s without sticks, watch out for the score if Carey sticks or almost sticks.

After 1:
Arizona State 49.300
Oregon State 49.200

Minnesota got a big 49.375 on vault to Boise State’s 49.100 on bars, but Boise State will also be pleased by keeping it over 49 .

Rotation 2

Garcia – VT – Oregon St – yfull, medium bounce back and then a little stagger salute, solid direction, some pike at the end. 9.825

Reeves – UB – ASU – good first hs – blind to jaeger, a little close, worked out of it into overshoot – solid hs on high – DLO, a bit of leg separation, small rebound. 9.850

Minnesota is going to have to work against a fall from jencks in the third spot on bars.

Letzsch – VT – Oregon St – yfull, similar to Garcia but chest a little farther up, solid distance and direction, bounce back. 9.875

Samiley – UB – ASU – stalder, hit into blind to jaeger, good height, connects to overshoot – good hs on high – DLO, good body position, holds stick with little rebound. Well, for me that was easily a tenth better than Reeves and she already went 9.850. 9.900 for Samiley.

Briones – VT – Oregon St – larger bounce back on her yfull than the last couple and a bit more pike. 9.775

Mangahas – UB – ASU – shorter first hs – blind to piked jaeger to overshoot, nice height – good final cast hs – FTDT, holds stick with little lean. 9.875

Gonzales – VT – Oregon St – yfull-on back pike, bounce back, chest up solidly. 9.875

Minnesota dropped the fall on bars and went another 49.375 there. Boise State also matches the first rotation score with a 49.100 on vault. 

Scharf – UB – ASU – good first hs – maloney, leg separation into pak, hit – 1/2 turn on low, good vertical position – rushes that last hs a little  -elbows on giants – FTDT, stuck, holds the stick, waits a long time before bringing heels together. 9.900

Dagen – VT – Oregon St – y1.5 with a pretty large lunge forward this week – some knees. 9.850

White – UB – ASU _- van leeuwen is solid – nice hs on high – giant 1/2, goes over the wrong way and does an improvised full and tucks and has to add an extra swing to do her giant 1/2 to bail – finishes with a stuck DLO.

Carey – VT – Oregon St – DTY, bounce back today, some of her best air position we’ve seen on that vault. 9.875

Clark – UB – ASU – blind to jaeger, good feet – pak, small leg break – 1/2 turn on low, a bit late – DLO, good leg position, small rebound.

Oregon State goes 49.300 on vault, which matches what Arizona State did there.

“Of all the Olympians that we’ve dealth with over the years…” LOL

Clark gets 9.925 to take Arizona State to 49.450 on bars to extend the lead. This is feeling very reminiscent of that home meet against Utah.

After 2:
Arizona State 98.750
Oregon State 98.500

Right now, Oregon State is not on pace for a counting score, so they’re going to need those 49.5 beam and floor rotations to show up. Arizona State on mid-197 pace, so well above the number required to move up a spot in the rankings for today.

And Minnesota has a fall (one for the GIF records) in the first spot on beam, so the next five over there are going to be an adventure.

Rotation 3

Lee – BB – ASU – full turn, hit – bhs bhs loso, secure landing, solid position – split jump to sheep jump, check – 1.5 dismount, a little low but good stick. The best I’ve seen from her on beam. 9.875

Bird – FX – Oregon St – front lay to rudi, chest well down on the rudi landing, connects to a straddle jump but has to struggle into it – switch 1/2 to popa, a bit under split on the popa – 2.5, bounce forward, some leg crossing. 9.750

Reeves – BB – ASU – bhs bhs loso series, secure landing, tucks some at the end of the combo – switch to split, hits switch, short back leg on split – aerial, good – 1.5 dismount, also a bit flat, small hop forward. 9.775

Miller – FX – Oregon St – good control on double pike – switch 1/2 to popa, solid split positions – back 1.5 to front lay, lower, slide forward – double tuck, chest a bit forward, step. 9.825

Harper – BB – ASU – kickover, works fairly quickly into bhs – cat leap to switch 1/2, under split – bhs gainer full, holds landing, chest a bit forward. 9.875

Minnesota through routines 2,3,4 with hits so far.

Letzsch – FX – Oregon St – back 1.5 to front full, looked under control – switch ring full to sissone, nice ring position, finishes a bit of the turn after landing into the sissone – double tuck, good height, bounce back. 9.875

Clark – BB – ASU – full turn, hit – bhs loso, hit – split jump to stag ring, hit, some loss of foot position – aerial, smooth – bhs 1.5 dismount, holds onto the stick. 9.875

Gonzales – FX – Oregon St – front full to front lay, just a bit of knees, good control – switch full to sissone, good split shown – double pike, chest down, a bit of a shuffle – switch ring to switch 1/2 is good. 9.900

White – BB – ASU – bhs loso series, pretty – aerail to beat jump, good toes – split jump to stag ring, check – bhs 1.5, little hop onto toes salute. 9.900

Minnesota had a bit of a checky experience in spots 5 and 6 from Nylin and Gerdes but both through with hits to save the score.

Dagen – FX – Oregon St – front lay to rudi, good chest position and step control – switch 1/2 to popa to straddle jump, no trouble – double pike, bounce back, arm wave to keep it in bounds. 9.875

Scharf – BB – ASU – wolf double, hit – bhs loso, hit, very small lean – side somi, holds it – swtich to split, solidly controlled – 1.5, stuck. 9.875

Carey – FX – Oregon St – double double, chest forward with a step forward today – switch 1/2 to popa, good – front loso throught to double pike, hop to present. Shouldn’t be a 10 today with the short first pass landing. 9.950

Arizona State goes 49.400 on beam to continue marching toward a huge home total. Carey helps Oregon State eat into the lead very slightly with a 49.425 on floor.

After 3:
Arizona State 148.150
Oregon State 147.925

Oregon State won’t be able to catch Kentucky now in the rankings but is still in solid shape to drop that 197.200, which is the low score on their NQS slate right now. A 49.425 on floor for ASU would make this a season high total.

Boise State went 49.200 on floor to Minnesota’s 49.150 on beam, but Minnesota retains a half point lead going to the last event and should annihilate their previous season high. Boise State also needs just 49.150 on beam for their own season high.

Who TF is Juliette Baylor on this senior graphic?

Rotation 4

Peterson – BB – Oregon St – bhs bhs loso with a big break, bend at the hips to horizontal – switch 1/2, a little under, connects to solid straddle jump – gainer pike, holds stick. 9.775

Clark – FX – ASU – double pike, good leg position, little rebound – back 1.5 to layout, good height on 1.5, lower on the layout – switch ring to switch 1/2, low front leg on switch ring, good switch 1/2 – double tuck, chest down, leg up and step. 9.825

Domingo – BB – Oregon St – aerial to back pike, solid combo – full turn, nice – beat jump – switch, little pause before split jump to split 3/4, little arm wave, great air positions – gainer full, good stick. 9.850

Theodorou – FX – ASU – FTDT, around, slide back, loses some leg positions, borderline OOB – split leap full to wolf full, pulls it around with arms – back 1.5 to layout, low amplitude on the lay – bringing back the cat leap 2/1 like an influencer. Didn’t take OOB or much else. 9.850

Letzsch – BB – Oregon State – aerial to back tuck, slower but works through it and continues moving – split to split ring to beat jump, hit – full turn, check – front gainer full, appeared like a slide back but it was out of frame. 9.900

Jaslow – FX – ASU – double pike, smooth landing – switch side to popa, around – front lay to front full, little slide out – double tuck, controls the step, some chest position. Good.

Gonzales – BB _ Oregon St – aerial, also connects to back tuck, slowest of the trio but also kept moving – side aerial, good – cat leap to switch 1/2, secure – front gainer full, little slide back. 9.975?

White – FX – ASU – front 2/1, pretty position, controls the step out – back 1.5 to front layout, good control – switch ring to switch 1/2, good attention to ring closure – front full to front lay.

Halle Remlinger just got a 10 on floor for Minnesota. And you (me) were waiting for Hooten.

Dagen – BB – Oregon St – bhs loso series, secure, lowish chest position – switch to switch 1/2, hit – 1.5 dismount, slide back. 9.900

Hooten stuck her opening pass on floor. I’d say some low chest position but no one cares – switch side to popa, over turns switch side by about a quarter – front full to super high front pike, good attention to second element rise, controlled step – nice chest up double tuck.

And it’s another 10.000 for Hooten as Minnesota goes 49.700 on floor.

Mangahas – FX – ASU – FTDT, under control, lands with a stagger and some chest position – front tuck through to double tuck, controls landing, chest down similarly – switch 1/2 to wolf full wolf full – 9.925

Huge scores for both Minnesota and Boise State, 197.600 for Minnesota, and 196.825 for Boise State, both season highs by a ton.

Carey – BB – Oregon St – full turn, tentative but fine – aerial to straddle jump, hit – bhs loso, secure – switch, little pause before switch side, good horizontal – gainer full, stuck. You know it will be.

And it is a 10.000 for Carey. I feel like this whole meet was devised to get her a 10 on beam at the end.

Scharf – FX – ASU – front tuck through to double tuck, chest a bit forward, quick hop to present – front full to front tuck, under control, low amplitude – switch 1/2 to wolf full, good – double pike, hit. And anotehr 9.950 for Scharf, why not.

Arizona State wins with 197.725 to Oregon State’s 197.550.

Boise State now moves up to 31st in the rankings, with Penn State now sitting in the final regionals positition with 196.080, though West Virginia in 37th has a shot to move up tomorrow.

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  1. Opportunities for comedy from ASU:
    There were at least 3 scores that got screwed up between the individual judges posting their scores and the final score posting. Two had a 4 as the first digit (ex. 4.875). Emily White’s final floor score was originally flashed as 9.55, and Gracie Reeves corrected the guy who was displaying the scores. Even better because the guy hadn’t needed to change the board from the judge’s individual score.

    The start value card fell off of the score board at least twice when they flashed floor scores.

    When Cienna Samily and Kimmy Smith were dragging a mat across the floor during the warmup, Kimmy Smith’s slide came off in the middle of the floor and Jada Mangahas had to bail out of her tumbling run.

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