Friday Live Blog – March 10, 2023

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A quick one today before hopping over to GC to chat with Atler about it all at 6PT. In addition to following what Michigan and Georgia do, there are several scores to have an eye on today.

Penn State’s visit to Auburn is significant as Penn State currently sits in 37th, just on the outside of the postseason spots. At the very least, Penn State must go 195.675 to have a shot to move ahead of North Carolina in 36th (anything lower than that would be a real blow today), but North Carolina is in the earlier Missouri quad meet and can make Penn State’s job harder with every quarter tenth they can improve on a 195.700 road score.

Auburn is also in a spot, especially with news coming yesterday that Suni will be out for this meet with a “non-gymnastics health issue,” which seems like very intentional wording. If Auburn doesn’t improve on their low-counting home score of 197.500, they will be vulnerable to getting dropped out of the top 10 depending on what happens on Saturday and Sunday.

I’ll be updating the NQS Tracker as we go. 

Rotation 1

De Jong – VT – Georgia – solid control on yfull, small hop back, some pike. 9.825

Heiskell – UB – Michigan – good first hs – blind to jaeger, good – hits hs on high – pak, very high, legs together, a bit crooked from this angle – giant full, good finish position, to a stuck double tuck. Strong start. 9.850

Finnegan – VT – Georgia – long wait – yfull, small slide back, better layout position, OK distance, some direction. 9.850

Wilson – UB – Michigan – hits first hs – blind to piked jaeger, a bit lower than she wanted – muscles up a cast hs with some arch – bail hit – good hs on high – DLO, small hop forward. 9.850. How was that the same as Heiskell? he asked no one.

Angeny – VT – Georgia – another yfull with a little hop back, good direction, not the most dynamics. 9.850

Bauman – UB – Michigan – blind to jaeger to overshoot, great amplitude – a bit shy on hs on high it appeared – toe 1/2 to double front, good leg position, controls landing. 9.850

Cashman – VT – Georgia – only a small step on her yfull, and then a little step salute, but more of a pike in the hips and less dynamic than the last two. Oh god 9.900.

Brooks – UB – Michigan – good hs – blind, slight body position into hit piked jaeger – toe on to bail, legs together – maybe a bit tight on final hs – DLO 1/1, good, just a little rebound in place.

9.875 with a 9.800/9.950 split. This meet is HAPPENING.

Howard – VT – Georgia – larger bounce back on her yfull but best distance, height, and body position, which won’t be rewarded at all. 9.850

Wojcik – UB – Michigan – toe on to deltchev to overshoot, excellent – hits hs on high – DLO, chest down landing with a hop forward. 9.800

Hawthorne – VT – Georgia – just the yfull today, medium slide back, good distance and direction. 9.850

Morgan – UB – Michigan – good hs on low maloney to pak, hit, nearly missed her foot on maloney, did well to complete the skill – nice 1/2 turn on low – solid hs on high – blind, a bit late into double front with pace forward. 9.825

Elsadek does a full in exhibition that is similar to most of the lineup. Morrison does bars exhibition for Michigan.

Georgia’s vault rotation being ahead of Michigan’s bars rotation right now is high comedy.

After 1:
Georgia 49.300
Michigan 49.250

One judge had Michigan’s bars at 49.400 and the other at 49.100.

We have no functioning scores in Missouri, which is cool for me.

This slap-dash stream they put together for the new venue is giving free SEC live stream in 2010. Now I just need that bright pink LSU live scores page to feel at home.

Rotation 2

Wojcik – VT – Michigan – Y1.5, lands short today with a hop back. 9.850. Which is also an absolutely impossible score, but if they were going to score Georgia’s vault like they did…

Cashman – UB – Georgia – hits tkatchev, a bit low – solid hs on high – toe on, some elbows – bail, small leg break, good vertical – short hs on high – DLO, legs, holds the landing. 9.750

Wilson – VT – Michigan – Y1.5, also comes in somewhat short with a step back. 9.850

Angeny – UB – Georgia – shortish first hs – blind to jaeger to overshoot, hit, flexed feet in jaeger – solid hs on high – DLO, small hop back. 9.800

Morrison – VT – Michigan – strong y1.5, small hop forward. 9.925

Howard – UB – Georgia – Church to overshoot, hit, just some hip angle on overshoot, sgood – short hs on high – giant full to double tuck, stuck. 9.850

Brooks – VT – Michigan – Y1.5, just rises onto her toes on landing, and then another little slide salute. 9.950

Scott – UB – Georgia – maloney to pak, nice rise on pak, legs together – a bit short of hs on low bar – smooth hs on high – DLO, slide back. 9.850

Heiskell – VT – Michigan – hits y1.5 with a little hop forward, good form etc. 9.925

Finnegan – UB – Georgia – shortish first hs – good amplitude on Ray – toe on to pak, large straddle – hits vertical on cast 1/2 on low – looked a bit shy on final hs ish – FTDT, rises onto toes to try to hold the landing. 9.800

Morgan – VT – Michigan – Yfull, good height, only a small rebound back. 9.900

De Jong – UB – Georgia – toe on to maloney, small leg break into bail, a bit shy of vertical, legs together – some elbows on giants on high – DLO, holds onto the landing it appeared.

Michigan goes 49.550 on vault, a big score for not their best vault rotation with no sticks, but certainly had to be a major score upgrade on Georgia’s 49.300 there with no sticks or 1.5s.

Georgia goes 49.150 on bars, which they’ll take. Lots of 9.850s in there but Scott was the definite highlight for me.

After 2:
Michigan 98.800
Georgia 98.450

Apparently Missouri went 48.975 on vault, so not an awesome day for them to start as they trail North Carolina’s 49.000 on beam. That’s the kind of score UNC needs because over 196 is essential today. I did catch Jocelyn Moore’s vault, which was a bit off line and steppy today for 9.800.

Rotation 3

Howard – BB – Georgia – full turn, hit – bhs loso, good amplitude, secure – beat to switch 1/2, under split, solid landing – side aerial, bend at the hips to ~ horizontal – bhs gainer full, good height. 9.725

Guggino – FX – Michigan – double pike, bounce back – front full to front lay, good straight layout shape – switch side to popa, overturns switch side – front lay to rudi, slide back. 9.825

Hawthorne – BB – Georgia – bhs loso with an .050 lean correction – switch split jumps, hit – kickover, small hesitation before wolf jump – full turn, wobble – 1.5, a bit shy, small step back. 9.775

Heiskell – FX – Michigan – double arabian, stuck landing today, which will probably forgive a slight cowboy – switch 1/2 to wolf full, pulls it around – back 1.5 to front full, controls landing. 9.925

Fitzgerald – BB – Georgia – straddle jump, pause before straddle jump 3/4, bend forward wobble – bhs loso, wobble, leg form there – kickover, holds it – hits full turn – 1.5 dismount, hop forward. I’d say a broken dance series there in addition to the wobbles.

9.700 with a 9.800/9.600 split. I mean the 9.800 is fully crazy. Like, someone thought that was the best of the three routines.

Wojcik – FX – Michigan – split leap 1.5, like 1.453 around – back 1.5 to front full, lands short on her front full with a stagger shuffle – split leap full to popa, some travel and loss and amplitude in combination – double pike, good control, some leg separation. 9.875

Angeny – BB – Georgia – bhs loso loso, hit – aerial, well executed, secure – full turn – switch looked awkward from our angle, short of split and off line, connects to beat jump – bhs to 1.5, hop forward. 9.825

Morrison – FX – Michigan – FTDT, good leg position and control – front lay to front full, bounce forward out of it – switch 1/2 to wolf full, good rise, around – double tuck, good control. 9.925

Missouri goes 49.225 on bars to go to 98.200 after two events. North Carolina goes 48.725 on floor. Really needed more there.

Deniz – BB – Georgia – full turn, holds it – side aerial to bhs, hit, feet in that side aerial – aerial, just does keep moving into beat jump with a little hesitation squeeze – switch, but of a pause before split jump – gainer tuck full, stuck like a Sooner. 9.925 is something.

Brooks – FX – Michigan – FTDT, hit, nice in the air but came in deep in the legs, step back – split leap full to jump full, comfortable – front tuck through to double tuck, slide back. 9.925

De Jong – BB – Georgia – full turn, hit – switch to straddle 1/4, under control – aerial to beat jump, good height in beat jump – bhs loso series, holds it, some foot form there – bhs 1.5, hop to the side. 9.850

Wilson – FX – Michigan – open FTDT, works to show control in that step back – front lay to front full, controls the step there – switch side to popa – double tuck, good chest up landing. Anoher 9.925

Michigan goes 49.575 with a spate of 9.925s. Georgia gets to 49.100 on beam in the end despite starting with three 9.7s.

After 3:
Michigan 148.375
Georgia 147.550

Elsadek splits the beam in exhibition.

Meanwhile, we’re a couple routines into the next batch of starters. Hubbard is up 3rd on vault for Auburn following 9.750 and 9.800 in the first two spots. She does her Y1.5, probably her best of the year, just a little hop up in place and some knees. 9.875

Vihrova third on bars for Penn State – blind to jaeger, close catch, elbows – short on hs on high – bail is nice, good legs together – a bit shy on final cast hs – giant full, hits vertical, into double tuck, small step. 9.800

Hollingsworth – VT – Auburn – hits y1.5, good distance, hop forward and then an extra step salute. 9.825

Gallentine – UB – Penn St – good first hs on low – toe on to maloney to pak, small legs apart throughout – some hip angle position in 1/2 turn on low – hits hs on high – DLO, a bit jarred in hop up but not much movement. 9.875

Stevens – VT – Auburn – y1.5 with a small hop forward, some knees, good. 9.900

North Carolina goes 49.125 on vault. They need a big bars now, especially given how Penn State is scoring on bars early in this one.

Piedrahita – UB – Penn St – toe on to maloney, some legs apart to pak, hit – 1/2 turn on low, some angle – short cast hs on high – FTDT, step back.

Gobourne finishes vault for Auburn with a hop forward on 1.5 for 9.900

Rotation 4 – Michigan/Georgia

Bauman – BB – Michigan – full turn, hit – bhs loso, good feet, secure landing – switch 1/2 to beat secure – piked side somi, good – gainer pike, small step back. 9.850

Hahn – FX – Georgia – front 2/1, solid control, just a bit of knees – back 1.5 to front lay, lay is very low, has to arch a lot to get it around – wolf double attempt I think, 1.25 around about – switch to split leap full, solid split – rudi, chest down, controls it. 9.725

Wilson – BB – Michigan – hitch kick, high – bhs loso, small check, good amplitude – switch split jumps, solid – full turn, good – double tuck, little hop forward. 9.900

Penn State will have the lead on Auburn after one (!), 49.350 to 49.300. Auburn will have to increase scoring pace from here.

49.400 for Alabama on vault in first rotation.

Williams – FX – Georgia – double pike, good height, little bounce back – front full to front lay, good lay position – double tuck, solid control, chest mostly up. 9.850

Koulos – BB – Michigan – bhs loso series, hit – attitude turn – beat to straddle jump 3/4, good position, lean forward correction – cat leap to aerial, solidly controlled with an arm snap – 1.5 dismount, short with a step back. 9.825

Howard – FX – Georgia – front tuck through to double tuck, little rebound – switch 1/2 to wolf full to wolf full, shows clear finishing positions – double pike, chest down, hop forward. 9.800.

Brooks – BB – Michigan – bhs loso, comfortable – switch to switch, good attention to back leg precision – full turn – kickover, great – bhs 2/1, bounce back. 9.925

Cashman – FX – Georgia – back 1.5 to front full, shows good control, not the most amplitude on the front full – switch side to straddle 1/2, a bit crooked in switch side split – double tuck, chest up, looks like she controlled the step back. 9.900

Heiskell – BB – Michigan – cat leap to side aerial, smoothly done – switch to switch, nice – bhs loso, wobble, arm wave and lean to the side, so at least a tenth – full turn – 1.5, good stick. 9.875

De Jong – FX – Georgia – rudi to a far loso, good control, just some legs in the rudi – switch side to wolf full, looked a bit under on switch side but nice high wolf – 3/1, chest down, hop forward, onto her toes to try to cover. 9.875

Wojcik – BB – Michigan – Looking for 9.950 from her to make sure Florida can’t pass them this week – aerial to beat is nice – switch to split, solid – bhs bhs loso, small lean to the side – full turn, hit – 1.5 dismount, holds the stick. 9.900

Hawthorne – FX – Georgia – adds the DLO today, some piked shape, chest down with a step – split leap full to split jump full, around – front lay to rudi to split jump, a bit under on split jump but controls the combination. 9.925 is quite a score for that first pass. 

Michigan – 197.825
Georgia 196.900

That’s a counting road score for Michigan that will very nearly, but not entirely, put them ahead of Florida for this week. If Florida matches its season high 198.350 this weekend, Florida could still move to #2.

Georgia also puts up a counting score but will move no higher than 18th this weekend.

Meanwhile, North Carolina is putting up a nice high bars score to get over 196, which was desperately needed as Penn State is well over 196 pace through two events, though has fallen well behind Auburn after Auburn goes 49.525 on bars, getting them back on the pace they need for a counting score with 98.825 after two.

Minnesota has just a .025 lead on Arkansas after two events. While Alabama has a big lead on Boise State after BSU counted a miss on bars. Alabama on 98.775 after two.

Meanwhile, Michigan’s score takes them to an NQS of 198.045, a school record and the 8th-highest NQS of all time.

North Carolina gets a huge 49.425 on bars with three 9.9s to finish on 196.275.

That score moves North Carolina into a current position of 33rd. A PHEW result to be sure. Now, Penn State needs to score at least 195.975 today to get ahead of West Virginia and bump them out. At least until we see what West Virginia scores today.

West Virginia is currently going against LSU and hovering close to 49 on bars.

Also Haleigh Bryant just got 10.000 for a slide back on vault.

Missouri also went 197.250 in its meet, to move to a temporary position of 15th and knock Arkansas out of the seeded places for now, as we wait on Arkansas’s total tonight.

49.300 vault for LSU.

West Virginia’s bars ended up on 49.025, but with a 195.5 road score to drop and two meets this weekend, things are looking solid for them thus far.

OK, see you soon. I’ll keep updating the NQS Tracker later tonight.

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  1. I know it’s not at Coleman, but it’s sad to see a GA meet so poorly attended.

    1. I wonder how many are home watching basketball instead (SEC Tournament)?

  2. What a joke UGA vault scores are. Why oh why do judges not know how to judge vault.

  3. What’s even more sad is that UGA’s vault score is higher than Michigan’s bars.

  4. Is it just me, or do we have an unusually high number of ABBA routines this year?

  5. I knew Naomi from approx. ages 6–10, so I’m sorry to say this, but her choreo is so bad. Most of UM’s is, but hers especially. She’s capable of so much better.

    1. Ummm… Michigan has some of the best floor routines in the country. Who are you comparing them to – UCLA or UCLA East (Arkansas)? Gimme a break.

      1. We’re both entitled to our opinions. Their “dancing” is terrible. UCLA is great. OK is pretty good. Most of UF is great. Un of MI? No.

  6. Laughable. Ha, ha, ha! UCLA with their walk, walk, finger snap, pose. LOL!

    1. I like Michigan and no one could ever accuse me of being a fan of UCLA, but it’s inarguable that UCLA has the more complex and intricate choreography. Personally, Iowa has my favorite floor this year, and I really enjoy Ohio State as well.

  7. Michigan’s team is garbage. Their choreography is putrid. UCLA is not any better. It’s heinous how territorial alleged adult College gymnastics fans are over the schools they root for.

  8. Wouldn’t it be funny if excessive butt wiggling was a deduction. 😂. Which teams sour survive. Also if walking and posing was a deduction (cough Jade). Just saying

  9. Spencer, when you are compiling this week’s GIF’s you might want to look at Miller (LIU) high fiving her teammate in the face after her floor routine!

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