Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 10

This week…

Jordan called the Vault 10 Hotline to find out what happened to her order

And Maile submitted a Well Obviously That Didn’t Count inquiry

Oregon State ended the conference schedule by deforesting Utah

Which ensured a four-way tie for Pac-12 champion again

And also a consolation forest for Stanford

Haleigh Bryant said 10, and the judges said

While Cal got the highest college beam score in 20 years

And this was, like, a light weekend

It was another banner day for trying to see gymnastics

Because I’ve always said the best way to watch floor is beam

We were introduced to the very special mid-routine floor replay

And, hey, you can’t talk about the crazy bars scores if you can’t SEE the crazy bars scores

Meanwhile, TWU got the Florida fans to pay $10.60 to watch the meet and then said lights outtttt

Which honestly

Also most of the beam rotation was iPad

We all know it doesn’t count as a fall if one heel stays on the beam

Penn State secured the last locked regionals spot heading to the final counting meet

Leaving five teams fighting it out for three spots

And needing a hit on the last day