Regionals Live Blog – Day 4

Saturday, April 1SCORESSTREAM
6:00pm ET/
3:00pm PT
Oklahoma Regional Final
[1] Oklahoma
[8] Alabama
[9] Kentucky
[16] Ohio State
8:00pm ET/
5:00pm PT
UCLA Regional Final
[4] UCLA
[5] Utah
[14] Missouri

Congratulations, you have graduated to the regional finals. In our first final, Oklahoma will be among the many (many) top teams that will try to augment their effective-but-not-amazing performance from the semifinal in order to reestablish national dominance—and will be heavily favored to do so. A repeat of Oklahoma’s semifinal performance would almost surely be enough to qualify here, but they have more to give on several events and didn’t even 198 in the semifinal.

The real battle is expected to be between Alabama and Kentucky, which once again switched their hierarchy from SECs (when Alabama came out ahead) in the regional semifinal with Kentucky beating Alabama by a tenth this time, thanks largely to beam. With a competitive 197.350 in the semifinal that pretty much matched what Kentucky and Alabama did, Ohio State will also view itself as in this one, though if we learned anything from the semifinals, it was that comparing actual scores from two sessions is going to be a fool’s errand.

The judges also switch up their events for today, so it’s not going to be the same panel that judged that event in the semifinal.

Beginning on beam, Kentucky will have an urgent rotation to start, and outscoring Alabama’s vault would be a good early indicator for them. Ohio State starts on floor, typically the high-scoring event, so if today is going to be a thing, they’ll need to be top 2 after the first rotation. 

We’re live on the broadcast. Sam is telling you not to make mistakes. In case you were planning on making some mistakes.

Rotation 1

Gladieux – VT – Alabama – yfull, nice distance, small hop back, little pike at the end. 9.850

Luksik – BB – Kentucky – onodi, nice – bhs loso, chest down, check – cat leap to switch 1/2, under split – full turn, nice – beat, good feet – gainer pike, stuck. Her score is up as 9.837, we don’t do that many judges yet. Now 9.825

Good dismount landing from Sievers on UB. 9.900

Paradise – VT – Alabama – y1.5, pretty notable hop to the side and out of the area, some knees. 9.850

Fletcher – UB – OU – piked jaeger, hit – toe on, big pause, gets around the right way – pak is clean – a little rushed on final cast hs – FTDT, good stick to finish. 9.875

Doggette – VT – Alabama – better than the first day but a very large lunge forward on her y1.5. 9.800

Procasky – BB – Kentucky – bhs loso, good feet, shows solid amplitude – cat leap to switch ring, good – aerialt o beat, good feet – gainer pike, nice

Hudson – VT – Alabama – Y1.5 – lands a bit deep, another large lunge forward with a sideward step. 9.800

Vetter opened floor with 9.850

Smith – UB – OU – good first hs – Ray, solid – hits hs on high – toe on to pak, smooth – 1/2 turn on low, good finish position as always – hits hs on high – DLO, piking, nearly sells stick, lean forward into salute

“Leg-in Smith”

Blanco – VT – Alabama – a better Y1.5, medium hop forward, they needed that one since it’s been rough so far. Still not a stick though. 9.875

Bowers – UB – OU – good first hs – blind to jaeger, a hair close today – pak, lovely – 1/2 turn on low, good – hits good final hs – FTDT, stuck. Good.

Olsen – VT – Alabama – DTY, lands a bit low chest today, small hop forward, could get hit for short landing if they want to. “I have seen her do that vault perfectly……as perfectly as she can do it.”

9.975 for Bowers with the close catch, so that.

Olsen still goes 9.900 on vault.

Davis – UB – OU – lovely first hs – higgins to piked jaeger – good hs – pak, legs together – good hs – higgins to doguble front 1/2 out, gets the stick this time with a stagger. Oklahoma will score a million on bars.

Bunn – BB – Kentucky – bhs loso loso, right on – switch to split, good – 2/1, stuck landing. Very nice.

Alabama goes 49.275 and it could have been lower. Going to tell us that we’ll see some sticks of 10.0 starts go 9.950+ today.

Oklahoma 49.675 on bars. Is it good?

We’ve had some long scoring delays on beam for Kentucky but the scores have been nice.

Edwards – FX – Ohio State – double pike, great open – back 1.5 to layout, good straight layout shape, nice control – switch side to popa, nice – double tuck, good open, little rebound.

Patterson with a fairly large wobble on her loso series on beam.But does stick her gainer pike. 9.875 with the wobble.

9.950 for Edwards. They’re going to convert the floor score they needed.

Hodges – FX – Ohio St – double pike, larger bounce back – split leap full to popa to popa, good completion and clear landings – rudi to high loso, well controlled

Worley secure series on beam, aerial to bhs loso. Stuck 1.5. Just a small check on her full turn.

9.875 for Hodges, Ohio State goes 49.475 on floor. A touch down on the semifinal.

9.950 Worley.

Magnelli – BB – Kentucky – bhs loso loso, hit – switch to straddle 1/4, great positions – aerial, smooth – check on full turn – gainer pike, stuck.

That will take Kentucky into 2nd after the first rotation. 9.925 for Magnelli.

After 1:
Oklahoma 49.675
Kentucky 49.575
Ohio State 49.475
Alabama 49.275

Alabama the weakest team in rotation 1, really struggling on those vault landings with large bounding errors. They’ll feel fortunate to be only down 3 tenths on Kentucky honestly. But that’s still a non-small margin. Kentucky will be extra pleased with beam.

Ohio State not top two, but a good rotation and a high score.

What was it you were saying about four judges meaning tighter scores?

Rotation 2

“Oklahoma State”

Dunn – BB – OU – back in the leadoff spot – bhs bhs loso, and falls!

Procasky finishes floor with double tuck, little rebound

Malas – VT – Ohio St – good height on yfull but lands off direction with chest forward and a bounce back. 9.750

Waligora – UB – Alabama – good first hs – blind, small leg break – jaeger and falls – Alabama what is up with you so far?

Pretty large bounce back on yfull for Riccardi as well. 9.825

9.100 for Dunn. 

Trautman – BB – OU – full turn, good – bhs loso, and she falls! Oklahoma counting a fall on beam now.

Oklahoma. Now we’ll see how Oklahoma they can be.

If there are any local arsons in the Norman area, I have a suspect.

Machado – UB – Alabama – maloney to pak, hit – toe on to van leeuwen, short hs on high – toe full to double tuck, holds the landing.

Ohio State gets 9.950 from Harris on vault.

Jennings – VT – Ohio St – nice distance on yfull, small bounce back, just some feet.

Patterson on floor with a large bounce back on double pike for 9.800. Scores also not coming for Kentucky floor. Kind of an awkward loso on floor from Magnelli

Doggette did well to work through a cover a tentative 1/2 turn on low. Otherwise solid on bars.

Bowers – BB – OU – Well this is a test – full turn, bhs loso, holds it – split leap to switch 1/2, good split position – small rebound on dismount. Big hit.

Blanco – UB – good hs – pak, legs together well – hits hs on low – toe on to van leeuwen, legs together well – a little rushed on final cast hs – FTDT, step back

49.375 vault for Ohio State. 49.400 bars for Alabama after dropping the fall.

Kentucky has just two 9.800s and two 9.850s so far.

Torrez – BB – OU – wolf jump – side aerial to loso, secure landing – switch to straddle, good – 1.5 dismount, stuck. Excellent.

Big 9.925 for Davis of Kentucky on floor.

KJ is reiki-ing harder than she ever has before.

Worley – FX – Kentucky – FTDT, controls the step back – switch ring to switch side, good – nice front layout in combination – double tuck, good feet, nice landing. 9.950

Davis – BB – OU – full turn, smooth – bhs loso, holds the landing, small squeeze – aerial, good – beat to split ring jump, solid – 2/1, stuck landing. chest a bit forward. 9.925

Smith – BB – OU – bhs loso, solid – aerial, solid – split jump 1/2 to korbut, slightly off line on landing – bhs gainer full, stuck. Will be a big score.


Kentucky goes 49.375 on floor, an OK score but not the floor total they were hoping for after Ohio State’s 49.475, which is letting everyone in. Ohio State will be happier with their 49.375 on vault.

Alabama 49.400 on bars was the highest score of the rotation, which starts bridging the gap a little, but they’ll need to do more on beam next.

And Oklahoma. It’s 49.075 with a counting fall (!) because of course it is. They’ll remain ahead of Alabama and are just a tenth behind Ohio State, so it’s probably fine for them as long as they hit normal rotations in the final two.

After 2:
Kentucky 98.950
Ohio State 98.850
Oklahoma 98.750
Alabama 98.675

It wasn’t boring!

What if it was just Kentucky and Ohio State that advanced?

Rotation 3

Burgess – BB – Alabama – full turn, hit – one arm bhs to loso, leg up wobble – side aerial, solid – switch to beat jump, good – cat leap to switch side, good horizontal position –  gainer pike, small slide back.

Procasky, far yfull, little rebound. Davis opens floor for Oklahoma with a hit, no Johnson today. Procasky 9.900, well now.

Harris – UB – ohio St – hit ray, toe on to bail, small leg break – hits final cast hs – giant full to double tuck, stuck, some feet

Smith – FX – OU – solid double tuck, controls landing – back 1.5 to front lay, good height – switch side, overturns some into popa – doubel pike, step back, possible OOB? I guess not, 9.925

Patterson 9.950 on her handspring pike 1/2. Magnelli follows with a step back on hers. And she goes 9.900 with the one-tenth step. Vault scores trended high early, and Kentucky the first to take advantage really.

Burgess 9.825 opening beam for Alabama.

Waligora – BB – Alabama – full turn, hit – bhs loso, secure with some knee – side aerial with large wobble, leg up and turn to the side – small check on tuck full – 1.5, holds the stick.

Bounce forward from Worley on y1.5.

Hankins on bars for Ohio State holds onto the stick on her DLO dismount but probably would have received less deduction for a step, bent over past horizontal.

Bourque – VT – Kentucky – hits Y1.5 with crossover step. Going to be the top vault team total by far as yet.

49.450 vault for Kentucky.

Adams – BB – Alabama – hits wolf triple – aerial, nice extension – bhs loso, another large break, arm wave and turn to the side – switch to split, excellent height – bhs 1.5, little rebound

Miller – UB – Ohio St – a bit shy his – toe on to maloney to bail, good feet positions – DLO, stuck landing. Good one.

Torrez – FX – OU – DLO, just a little rebound – split leap full to wolf full, around – leg up full turn – front tuck through to double tuck, chest down a bit, holds her front foot.

9.950 for Miller. 49.425 for Ohio State on bars, staying in it. .125 behind Kentucky.

Hudson – BB – Alabama – aerial to bhs loso, hit – switch to beat, good split position – side aerial, smooth – 1.5 dismount, ever so slightly shy with a little foot movement.

And Oklahoma is going to be in the lead again after the third rotation. This was all very Florida Super Six 2013.

Blanco – BB – Alabama – aerial, nice – full turn, smooth – bhs loso loso, nicely done – switch to beat, excellent feet – 1.5, slide back. 9.925

Oklahoma 49.675 floor, Kentucky 49.450 vault, Alabama 49.425 beam, Ohio State 49.425 bars.

After 3:
Oklahoma 148.425
Kentucky 148.400
Ohio State 148.275
Alabama 148.100

Everyone still in it, which is kind of surprising to me that Alabama is still right in this, and heading to floor, since they kind of struggled on both vault and beam. Ohio State doing everything possible to stay in, but will have to convert on beam now.

Rotation 4

Sievers – VT – OU – Y1.5, medium step forward, hit. 9.875

Davis on bars for Kentucky, a little short on her DLO with a hop forward. Just 9.800, which is a vulnerable score in this rotation.

Pritchard secure loso on beam for Ohio State.

Stern – VT – OU – Y1.5, small hop forward

Procasky – UB – Kentucky – good hs on low – maloney to pak, pretty position – 1/2 turn on low, hit – good hs on high – giant full to double tuck, stuck landing. Good one.

Levasseur sticks her vault for OU. [Open Editor] [Hall of 10s]

Machado – FX – Alabama – double pike, little rebound – back 1.5 to front lay, a little lack of amplitude with a step. Waligora opened their floor with 9.850

Bunn sticks DLO on bars.

Kind of a large bounce back from Hankins on beam dismount.

DeGuzman – UB – Kentucky – lovely jaeger to bail – great feet on high bar – DLO, very small movement on landing.

Davis – VT – OU – sticks her Y1.5, legs on the block. Solid.

Harris – BB – Ohio St – switch to straddle 1/4 – aerial to back tuck combination is secure – 2/1, small hop back.

Luksik hits her Ray but misses her feet on a toe on and has to recast. DRAMAS! Little bit of pressure on Worley now.

Trautman went 9.975. Oklahoma vaults 49.625 and goes over 198 with a counting fall. 

Gladieux – FX – Alabama – chest down on FTDT, secure step back –

Worley – UB – Kentucky – good hs on high – clear hip to tkatchev – nice hs on high – pak – some back position, hits vertical on hs – FTDT, stuck landing. BIG hit.

Worley gets 9.900. Kentucky gets 49.450 on bars for a 197.850 total. Basically impossible for Ohio State to catch that.

Hudson – FX – Alabama – front lay to front 2/1, stuck landing just ever so slightly deep – switch 1/2 to wolf full, good feet positions – 2.5, controls her step – double tuck, chest up, small rebound.

Vetter with a secure loso series on beam – 2/1, holds landing, some leg crossing.

Blanco – FX – Alabama – mathematically eliminated at this point – hits double pike, chest a little forward – back 1.5 to front lay, well controlled.

Someone go tell Kentucky that it’s mathematically impossible for anyone to knock them out right now.

Hodges – BB – Ohio St – nice splits in combination – bhs loso, secure landing – gainer loso, secure, some foot and knee form – 1.5, holds onto the landing.

9.950 for Blanco, Alabama goes 197.650. Hodges goes 9.950, Ohio State done on 197.725.

QUALIFIED: Oklahoma 198.050, Kentucky 197.850
ELIMINATED: Ohio State 197.725, Alabama 197.650

Kentucky delivered and I think was the rightful team to advance from this session (actually surprised it got as close as it did). Alabama just had more errors, especially on the vault landings and with the leg-up chances on beam. Big program record performance from Ohio State, couldn’t really have asked for more from their performance.

So now individually we’re looking at Payton Harris going for AA, Blanco going for bars, Flatley going for beam, Elexis Edwards for floor, and I think Williams of Arkansas for vault?

I think the big talking point will be whether it should be possible to count a fall on beam and still beat teams that are still strong who hit, but…you know…a fall is 5 tenths. Is Oklahoma better than the other teams here by 5 tenths combined on vault, bars, and floor? Or .167 better per event? Probably yeah. So they can win with a counting fall. But also was the scoring insane? Definitely yeah.

Oklahoma was a lot better than everyone else on vault and bars. Oklahoma’s floor scores looked really elevated to me, as did Alabama’s coming after them. That was a very ‘WE SORRY ABOUT BEAM” floor rotation.

OK UCLA regional, you have big shoes to fill. And probably won’t. BUT WHAT IF IT DID.

Rotation 1

Lawrence – BB – Missouri – switch to split, solid – full turn – side aerial to bhs, secure, just a bit of feet – aerial, smooth landing – 1.5, stuck. Good start. 9.875

O’Keefe hits yfull, nice stick. Step back from Chae Campbell on double front.

O’Keefe got 9.925 on vault for a full to leadoff so gird your loins.

Brenner – VT – Utah – just a little shy on Y1.5 landing, small slide back.

Steele – Ub – UCLA – maloney to pak, nice – a bit shy on final cast hs – DLO, pikes it down some, hop back

Schaffer – BB – Missouri – aerial, just a little low but holds it with arms – bhs bhs loso, right on – switch to split, good positions – full turn, good – 1.5, little hop. 9.800

“Non-gymnastics related health issues” is such an in phrase right now

Padurariu right to vertical on her bail, almost went over but stayed on the right side of excellent

Smith – VT – Utah – pretty large hop forward on Omelianchik

Harris – UB – UCLA – Ray, good – hits hs – bail – hits hs on high – giant full, just a little past today, DLO, small rebound. 9.900

Rucker sticks her vault. It’s a 10.000, head judge went 9.950.

Davis sticks her gainer full beam dismount.

Gilstrap finishes vault for Utah with a stick on her yfull, but chest forward and lean to hold it.

Frazier finishes bars for UCLA with a hop back on her DLO. 9.850

So that will be 49.575 vault for Utah.

Sheremeta – BB – Missouri – pretty beat jump – bhs loso, nice –

Chiles – UB – UCLA – good first hs – piked tkatchev to pak, good – maloney to gienger, right on – FTDT, holds the landing.

Sheremeta almost sticks her gainer tuck full on beam, little lean and quick salute. 9.850

9.975 for Chiles. UCLA goes 49.400 there.

Hu – BB – Missouri – swingdown mount, lovely – y spin, nice – aerial to aerial, nice – beat to split jump 3/4, good feet, around well – gainer full, stuck. Just a little low. Excellent.

Cunningham finishes floor with double pike, bounce back, some chest position.

9.925 for Hu with a range of 9.900 to 10.000

Schreiber – BB – Missouri – full turn, good – bhs loso loso, secure landing – switch 1/2, small shoulder dip, works quickly into split jump – beat to gainer full, good.

Davis on floor ending the rotation, 1.5 to front lay, controls the step, some leg separation in 1.5

9.925 for Schreiber to take Missouri to 49.400 on beam. They’re tied with UCLA after one rotation, which is big for the competitiveness of this meet, but UCLA also was a little blah in the beginning of that rotation so Missouri might have had an opportunity to go ahead on their best event.

After 1
Utah 49.575
Missouri 49.400
UCLA 49.400
Washington 49.150

Rotation 2

Lee – BB – UCLA – aerial to split jump, good 180 – bhs loso, small adjustment – switch to straddle, good – gainer full, holds the stick. Good. 9.850

Morgan a little slide back on bars dismount for Utah. Bouce back for Innes on vault leading off Washington.

Smith – UB – Utah – good hs – toe on to maloney, legs together to pak – 1/2 turn on low, solid vertical – hits hs on high – toe on to double arabian, some legs in the air, stuck landing with a stagger. 9.875

Brooks lands short on her y1/2 today with a bounce back.

Good secure double tuck on floor for Kratzer. Large bounce back on final double pike.

Brenner – UB – Utah – high jaeger, caught into overshoot – just gets that vertical on final cast hs – DLO, small bounce.

Padurariu – hits wolf double – side aerial to bhs, secure – switch, good – beat to sheep, wobble – 1.5, rises up onto toes to try to hold it.

Thompson – UB – Utah – good hs on low – maloney to pak, good height on pak – hesitates on cast hs 1/2 on low but works through it – also tight on cast hs on high – DLO is good, gets stick.

McCrary with a solid double pike on floor, chest down.

Chiles – BB – UCLA – aerial to bhs loso, solid – switch to wolf jump, little hesitation on landing – solid full turn – side aerial, no trouble – double pike, bounce back

On what planet was Thompson’s the best bars for Utah so far? O’Keefe sticks her double arabian dismount. Not her best handstands in this one but solid.

Sheremeta – FX – Missouri – front 2/1, little crossover – rudi to lovely loso

SKW vaults for Washington to her knees.

Nice bhs loso bhs series for Harris on beam – switch to split leap to full turn, comfortable on the series today – 1.5 dismount, stuck.

Isa gets the stick on her DLO on bars. Was a bit short on the giant full heading into it.

Cunningham sticks her yfull for Washington to drop the SKW fall.

Isa gets 9.900, Utah goes 49.350 on bars to underscore UCLA’s number.

Harris gets 9.950 on beam.

Moore – FX – Missouri – DLO, nice landing – switch 1/2 to popa to popa is good – front tuck through to double tuck, chest up, good landing –

Malabuyo arm wave wobble and turn to the side on her series on beam. Sticks good gainer full. The rest was right on.

Missouri on track for the highest score of this rotation, which is exactly what they needed.

9.950 for Moore.

Celestine – FX – Missouri – could move into first with 9.925 here – FTDT, some leg position, controls the step – split leap full to split jump full, nice amplitude – back 1.5 to front lay, some slide forward – double tuck, little rebound.

9.900 for Celestine, so Missouri and Utah will be tied after two. Thank you Missouri for delivering so far.

After 2:
Missouri 98.925
Utah 98.925
UCLA 98.725
Washington 98.300

UCLA will have to bring the home floor right now because they’re starting to slide back. But you’d favor both UCLA and Utah to gain multiple tenths on Missouri in the third rotation.

UCLA an OK beam rotation, but a little too wobbly except for Harris and Lee, which seems them drop back on what should be a really good event.

Rotation 3

Lee – FX – UCLA – double tuck, little rebound – short landing on front full, knees, lunge back – double pike, pretty solid landing, chest down. Still got 9.800

McCrary – VT – Missouri – medium bounce back on yfull, some knees – 9.825

Morgan for Utah had a check on dance landing, otherwise solid.

Schreiber VT – Missouri – yfull, finds the stick, bends a bit down for it with some chest position. 9.900

Moody pretty big bounce back on bars dismount for Washington.

Oh look the scores broke again.

Davis – VT – Missouri – solid height on yfull but a bounce back

Malabuyo – FX – UCLA – double tuck, bounce back – 1.5 to layout, nice layout height, dance out – switch ring to switch 1/2, lovely – double pike, controls. 9.900

Still waiting on Morgan’s beam score. Wasn’t watching close enough to see if there was anything SV there.

Medium step forward for Celestine on 1.5. Moore follows with a huge stick on hers.

Paulson – BB – Missouri – side aerial to loso, hit – secure leap series – beat to side aerial to layout 1.5, good stick. 9.900

9.975 for Moore. Want to explain the difference to me between Rucker and Moore?

Harris – FX – UCLA – FTDT, bounce back today – double tuck, slide back – split leap full to popa, good split positions – back 1.5 to 1/2 to double stag, nice control. 9.900

Eaker – BB – Utah – switch mount to split leap, no trouble today – full turn, hit – side aerial to loso, nice landing, chest down – gainer full, low amplitude, stuck. 9.950

49.450 vault for Missouri. Huge deal for them. Will keep them RIGHT in this heading to the last event.

Frazier – FX – UCLA – whip through to double tuck, her best open on a double tuck like ever – split leap full to popa to popa, similar to last time, much higher and horizontal popas than usual – double pike, little rebound. 9.950.

Isa – BB – Utah – candle mount – bhs loso loso, good control – full turn, overturns by a 1/4 turn, styles it out – solid straddle 1/4 – bhs gainer full, solid except for the turn.

Campbell – FX – UCLA – FTDT, holds the landing – split leap full to popa, around well – front lay to front full, hit – double tuck, controls front foot. Nice. 9.950

O’Keefe – BB – Utah – side aerial to loso, right on – switch to split leap, good positions – full turn, smooth – beat – bhs gainer full, stuck, excellent. 9.950

Chiles – FX – UCLA – DLO, good control – double tuck, little rebound – split leap full to wolf full, around well – double pike, nice one.

Gilstrap – BB – Utah – wolf turn, hit – cat leap to aerial, nice leg position in aerial – bhs back pike, secure landing – switch to split to beat, bhs 1.5, nearly held onto the landing, step-salute.

Chiles gets 10.000 for that floor for a 49.700 rotation total. That will take them half a tenth ahead of Missouri after three events. We go to commercial before we get Gilstrap’s score. It’s still going to be quite close among the top three teams heading to the last event, which is all we could have asked for.

Except for working live scores. That would have been nice.

After 3:
Utah 148.450
UCLA 148.425
Missouri 148.375
Washington 147.200

Big vault rotation for UCLA obviously. It was the weakness at the beginning of the season with those early yfulls. They have to show that they can get a competitive vault score here because Missouri is very capable of a 49.4 on bars. In UCLA’s favor, vault has been pretty loosely scored today.

Utah not clear by any means. Going to floor and the way that has been scoring, they will like their chances.

Rotation 4

Celestine sticks bars dismount. Brenner good control on double pike, 1.5 to layout, solid -double tuck was deeper with a slide back.

Frazier – VT – UCLA – good distance, medium bounce back on yfull.

Just 9.750 for Celestine.

Schreiber – UB – Missouri – maloney to bail, solid, some hip angle in the air – DLO, stuck landing. Solid.

Lee with just a little bounce back on yfull. Following Frazier 9.850, edge to UCLA early. Brenner 9.875 on floor.


Moors – VT- UCLA – handspring pike 1/2, pulls it out, bounce back, a little lack of height and some chest position.

Lee also 9.850 on vault.

Sheremeta – UB – Missouri – good hs on high – blind to jaeger, super high into overshoot – hits hs on high – blind to rudi dismount, bounce back. They needed a stick on that today.

Campbell – VT – UCLA – yfull, a little lean forward and arm wave today to try to hold the stick. Some direction. Things to take but they won’t because Moors already got 9.900. But they did for 9.825. Whatevs.

Moore – UB – Missouri – toe on to tkatchev, good height – FTDT, stuck landing, legs pretty far apart.

NAILED Y1.5 for Harris. Big deal. Celebrations for her score.

And it’s a 10.000 for Harris.

Hu – UB – Missouri – good first hs – Church to pak, lovely – hits nice hs on low – van leeuwen, a bit of legs – good hs on high – giant full, a bit past into double tuck, hop back.

Nice DTY from Chiles, bounce back. 9.900. That’s going to a 49.500 for UCLA, Missouri can’t match that now.

197.925 for UCLA will advance.

Burns – UB – Missouri – blind to jaeger, good amplitude into overshoot – hits hs on high – DLO, legs apart, bounce back.

Missouri was probably going to find it too difficult to match that UCLA vault score regardless, but they didn’t have the landings in that rotation. Just 49.225. 

Rucker – FX – Utah – FTDT, controls the step – switch to switch full to stag – front lay to front full, good rise, little slide/ That will clinch Utah advancing. 9.925

The degree to which Selena Harris saved UCLA’s bacon today on vault and beam.

Davis will be up 2nd to last for Washington on beam – bhs bhs loso, holds onto it -beat to straddle 3/4, pretty –  full turn, hit – 1.5 dismount, step.

O’Keefe – FX – Utah – double pike, good landing – front lay to front full – split leap 1.5 is pretty much all the way around today – back 1.5 to just a front tuck, controls step out.

Roberts last up for Washington on beam, secure bhs bhs loso series – full turn, smoothly done – switch to double stag, large break there, bend over at the hips past horizontal – cat leap to gainer full, hop back.

QUALIFIED: Utah 198.050, UCLA 197.925
ELIMINATED: Missouri 197.600, Washington 195.650

Congratulations on being way more exciting than it seemed like you were going to be heading in. Strong effort from Missouri but the odds were always stacked against them.

The individual qualifiers would be Widner for AA, Blackson for vault, Lopez for bars, Sheremeta for beam, and Gobourne for floor.

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  1. Pulling for Kentucky and Ohio State, I don’t care that that would require beating Oklahoma 😆

    1. Friday I thought to make it a fair competition it would be fun and good if Oklahoma had to count two falls on an early event.

  2. Are gymnasts allowed to do actually gymnastics on the podium? Like how Worley just did a back handspring next to the beam? I’m having flashbacks of the China team during 2003 worlds where they received a team deduction. I know rules for NCAA and elite are different, but I don’t know this rule?

  3. Carey executed that same vault basically identically yesterday and got a 9.825. That’s what I was expecting for Olsen.

    1. I agree! But different judges and Carey was in the afternoon session which was much tighter scoring than the evening session. How are the gymnasts competing in the afternoon and are from schools that don’t qualify for Nat’ls supposed to deal with the looser scoring in the evening session?

  4. Cue calls of….”oKlAhOmA iS oVeRsCoReD”

    No, they just friggin’ NUKED that bar rotation in their “gaudy leos.”

    1. They were over scored in that bars rotation.
      I like their leotards.
      Audrey Davis needs a 10.0 for christ sakes…her routine is top notch. Maybe at Nationals! Would love to see her win bars at Nationals.

      1. I think Davis’s bars routine was superior to Bowers.

        Also, I’d love to see pike-y double layout dismounts deducted on bars.

  5. I did not have Oklahoma having two falls in their first two beam competitors in my bingo card for tonight

  6. I hope this doesn’t jinx her, but Payton Harris for Ohio State has been absolutely incredible at Regionals. She’s going to be force during the next three years for Ohio State!

    1. LOL yup, so exhausting hearing Kathy J-C or Bridget’s “just a small hop/step” when gymnasts are like launching forward. Last night Bridget literally called a dismount with a hop a stick in both real time and the slomo replay. I like how Sam provides good context and talks about the skills instead.

    1. Asking Oklahoma to be judged fairly and not given gifts is not being a “hater”.
      Don’t jinx your team. It is not over yet.

      1. See UCLA, Michigan, Etc etc etc. The difference is in Ft Worth with six judges and realistic scoring. OU 5 of the last 8.

    2. Every top team has haters. People love to see Alabama and Ohio State lose in football, Duke/Kentucky/Kansas in basketball, and, yes, Oklahoma in gymnastics. People like to root for underdogs and people get tired of the same team winning year after year.

      Not sure why OU gymnastics fans get so offended. You guys didn’t care that much when everyone was hating on UCLA and Georgia during their runs.

  7. It’s over. 197.050. Have a nice night, see ya in Ft Worth. (I’ll be there, will you??) LMAO

  8. Ohio came to PLAY! Happy for them with their great result. Definitely rooting for them in upcoming seasons.

    1. *Ohio State

      Ohio is a university in Athens, Ohio (like Oregon/Oregon State or Oklahoma/Oklahoma State). Michigan fans tend be the only people who call them Ohio and they do it as a slight — like Ohio State fans using “the school up north”.

      1. Yes, I know it’s Ohio State! 🙂 I meant the entirety of the state of Ohio because they are the only school coming from there and you could see their fans in the audience getting into it too.
        This is coming from a Beaver fan, so I get it!

  9. So happy for Ohio State and I loved their reaction. They didn’t qualify but they were still so happy for each other and proud of what they did. I can’t wait to cheer on Harris and Edwards at Nationals.

    Also, Hodges has beautiful gymnastics. She reminds me so much of the Baumann sisters.

  10. Now it’s time to root for Utah and Mizzou! The Tigets need to pull through and get Hu’s beam to nationals.

    1. Am I going to complain about Helen Hu getting a 9.925 and still being underscored? Yes, yes I am.

  11. Oklahoma took steps on their vaults and received scores in the 9.875 range but they were 10 vaults. Their handstands and form are nearly perfect on bars so when they take steps it’s more than made up for in the actual routine. This blog is completely biased against Oklahoma because they win. Florida received 9.925’s with steps and no one here says a word. Jade Carey’s form is frightening and she takes a step and gets a 9.925. She received a 10 with that form and steps.If you would like to discuss overscoring Michigan is another team that gets this benefit. The year they won their entire rotation had at least one big step and they still scored in 9.9’s

    I do not have a favorite College team so this isn’t about me being an Oklahoma fan. I’m not. College gymnastics scoring makes the entire genre hard to watch. Oklahoma isn’t the team that benefits from the judges cheating for the favorites especially compared to Florida, UCLA, and Michigan. Gymnastics fans are infamous for their bias. This place is a prime example.

    1. “Frightening form”? That form that gets her into the top at Olympics and Worlds? I’ll give you not getting deductions for a step, but her technique in air is some of the best.

      1. This is why so many people laugh at fanatical gymnastics fans. If you think Jade Carey’s form and technique is anything but comical then you need to get your eyes checked. She has a two foot wide leg separation in the pre- flight of every vault she chucks. Her Cheng is cheated and technically not even a Cheng by definition. Her floor tumblingis even worse.She cheats every jump and leap she attempts.

        If you know how to screencap I suggest you educate yourself on the facts because you sound like an idiot.

      2. Did you even type that with a straight face? You think Jade Carey has great technique ? If you think the vault she attempts is even close to the description then you are not fit to be a gymnastics fan. You need to find a new sport to watch.

        Skill: Round-off flic-flac with ½ turn (180°) on – stretched salto fwd with 1½ twist (540°) off

        She cheats the 1/2 turn and is completely piked during the entire vault. At no point in time is she stetched like the vault describes. Her leg and feet form are abysmal.

        Her tumbling is just as abysmal.

  12. I’m seeing far more impassioned defense of OU against their haters than I am anti-OU sentiment on here. I said that I would be rooting for UK and OSU but that OU would make that unlikely and someone else said they were overscored. That’s it. Where is this rampant OU hate I’m seeing people complain about?

    1. Yhe Oklahoma hate is manufactured. We are just over OU getting overscored. The 9.975 for Jordan Bowers on bars tonight was laughable. Any other leotard on and that bars routine wouldn’t go 9.875.
      Also Smith’s bars is regularly overscored with that whippy double pike/layout with legs not together.

  13. I wish NCAA would go to all scores count in the post-season. 6 up and 6 count.

  14. I’m made a comment the other day about Frazier hiding fast out of sight cause it looked like she was going to be sick. She came off the floor puking in a bucket. Hope she feels better!

  15. College gymnastics needs to list the name of the judges because UCLA’s floor scores are bordering on contempt of court. The fix is in. I want the judges names

    1. The names are at the bottom of the score sheet. It’s never a secret who the judges are in gymnastics.

  16. Am I missing Bart’s math? How are there enough of Mizzou’s scores in to know that UCLA is for sure going?

  17. Missouri needs to launch a complaint about the scoring. UCLA gifts on floor to keep them in this cheating.
    And yesterday, If Jade Carey had been fairly scored , Georgia would have moved on to tomorrow over Oregon.

    I cannot imagine how these smaller school’s feel to see the same teams and gymnasts receive gift after gift every competition when they get screwed left and right.

    1. LMAO Georgia moving to finals over Oregon State, Bless you child.

    2. Mizzou calling judges out for giving gifts on floor would def feel like throwing stones from a glass house after last year.

  18. Selena Harris is simply unbelievable! Her and Brooklyn saved the day for UCLA — absolutely clutch!

  19. UCLA can enjoy making it to nationals cause they won’t make it into the final four. Such a cocky political rainbow team. Texas doesn’t want you in our state! Hope they lose so they can go home!!!

    1. Please don’t speak for all Texans.

      I’m a Texan and I look forward to watching all the gymnasts at Nationals! Welcome UCLA, Utah, Oklahoma, and Kentucky! Please wear your school colors, rainbow colors, American flag colors, or whatever the hell you want! Be yourself and be proud of it!

    2. Toxic Texan alert. I promise not all who live here are like this. Congrats to UCLA and all the teams making it through!

  20. I love this Karen! UCLA sucks! Chiles Frazier, and Campbell are so annoying! Frazier can shove her rainbow stickers up her ass!

  21. Make America great again!!! Pray for a giant mudslide to wipe California off the continent! Minus Jessica and Spencer. They are amazing

  22. Wow, that escalated quickly…..but I do agree that Carey has abysmal form.

    By the way, I don’t know what Sally has up her *ss, but I didn’t “name change” or even know WTF she’s braying about.

    1. Oh please, it is clear you are the one trolling in this entire thread of comments and swapping names.

      1. You must be the one doing this . UCLA is a front runner team , always desperate for attention . I spent 2 years there and had to get out . Sam Peszek and I had multiple classes together . She wasn’t a nice girl . Many disliked her .

  23. Oklahoma, Florida, Utah, Michigan will make final 4. Let UCLA have their moment to do what they do and say what they say. Some will like it and some will hate it. Maybe it will bite them in the butt at Ft Worth and maybe it won’t. Either way who cares. Everyone stop being nasty towards each other on this thread. worry about yourselves and not worry about others opinions. Nobody can control how someone else feels about a situation. It is what it is.

  24. People really have blinders on when it comes to Jade Carey’s gymnastics . I just don’t get it .

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