2023 Pan Am Games — Women’s All-Around

Today, we are treated to the women’s all-around final, where Chiles, DiCello, and Saraiva enter as the top qualifiers by a wide margin, and we’ll also see which individual earns that coveted Olympic spot.

The first 8 qualifiers (Chiles, DiCello, Saraiva, Tran, Stewart, Sandoval, Barbosa, and Escalera) are ineligible for the Olympic spot, so that will be down to whoever does the best among the remaining 16 competitors (well, 15 since Heron is also already in as an individual).

The men’s competition earlier today saw Felix Dolci survive a fall on high bar to take gold, while Diogo Soares took silver, and Donnell Whittenburg got the bronze. Audrys Nin Reyes of the Dominican Republic earned the Olympic spot with his 5th-place finish.

Rotation 1

Saraiva – VT – BRA – DTY, good height, loses control on landing with a hop back and then some additional steps. 13.966

Blanco – UB – COL – maloney to pak, good pak form – van leeuwen, legs together – blind to front giant 1/2 – FTDT, holds onto the landing with a lean forward. 11.700, down a couple tenths on qualification.

DiCello – VT – USA – DTY, not quite as controlled as team but solid, medium hop back, knees and leg separation. 14.133

Chiles – VT – USA – DTY, best control so far on hers, little hop back, looked a little crunched on the table but fine in the air etc. 14.300

Sandoval – VT – MEX – Tsuk 2/1, gets it to her feet, lands chest down with a hop forward, larger leg separation at the end. 13.9

Stewart – VT – CAN – better Y1.5 than most of her warmups, medium lunge forward. 13.333

Tran – VT – CAN – yfull, hit, medium hop back, solid leg position, came up pretty high on the table. 13.133

Look back at Escalera on bars, van leeuwen, hit, small leg break – piked jaeger – tkatchev to pak, straddle – maloney to gienger, hit, not the highest – toe full – FTDT, couple steps back. Through it without any non-built-in issues.

Look back at Barbosa as well, who went 13.100 on bars, a nice result for her.

Brown – UB – HAI – toe full is an addition, good – maloney to pak, hit – van leeuwen, some tucking on the catch there – dismounts only double tuck, but it was mostly a layout with tucked legs so will get a big deduction. 11.000

Curti – UB – ARG – maloney to bail, hits her vertical, to toe shoot – jaeger, hit – toe 1/2, a bit late – giant full, gets slightly crooked but swings through – double pike, hop forward. 11.933

Iribarne – UB – ARG – short first hs – blind to piked jaeger, hit – pak, smooth – clear hip to clear hip 1/1, quite late, to shoot to high – giant full – double tuck, step-salute. 11.900

After 1, Chiles has slight the lead on DiCello and Saraiva, while Ecuador’s Ashley Bohorquez leads the Olympic race following her 12.066 on floor.

Rotation 2

Navas – FX – PAN – double tuck, bounce back – back 1.5 to front lay, some tucking, hop forward – split jump full – switch to split leap full, hop to the side – 2/1, didn’t get much on that but did get it around with a bit of a stagger on landing. 11.466

DiCello – UB – USA – toe full, late but gets it into stalder shap to clear hip – Church – piked jaeger, hit – pak – van leeuwen, legs together – FTDT, little rebound. Not a ton of connections but a solid hit. 13.633, down a bit on qualification.

Chiles – UB – USA – toe full to giant to tkatchev piked to pak – maloney, struggles on the backswing, like she didn’t have her grip, and has to add multiple empty swings to get back on track – gienger – blind to piked jaeger is good – bail, solid vertical into toe shoot – FTDT, step back. 12.700.

Sandoval – UB – MEX – shaposh to pak, clean – maloney to bail, legs together, connects to toe shoot – toe full to super high gienger, nice – FTDT, stuck. Good. 12.933 with a 7.633 E is tighter than expected.

PAGU, where the bail handstand still lives.

Stewart – UB – CAN – stalder full, good, connects to maloney to tkatchev – stalder – pak – van leeuwen, small foot crossing – blind to front giant to double front pike, gets it, holds onto the landing with a deep squat.

13.433 puts her in 4th, a touch behind Chiles and Sandoval.

Tran – UB – CAN – maloney to pak, good – van leeuwen, legs together – clear hip to toe full, can’t get the toe full over and falls. Resumes with a hit jaeger – and pretty DLO. 11.766

We see a background beam fall for Iribarne as Flavia is waiting to go on bars. Iribarne ends up with 10.600.

Saraiva – UB – BRA – toe full to tkatchev piked to pak, low but solid – toe on to maloney, some legs into gienger, hit – blind to front giant to double front, little hop forward. Good. 13.533

Checking back in on some floors, Pinto sticks a double pike, but does go OOB on a back 1.5 to front full second pass – cowboys double back final pass, hit with a hop.

Grande shows a nice FTDT with just a small hop – front tuck to back 2.5 is around, some leg crossing and a little rebound – double pike, stuble back OOB.

After 2 rotations, DiCello has a couple tenths on Saraiva, while Chiles is only a couple tenths ahead of Sandoval and Stewart for third now after the error on bars.

Bohorquez remains in the lead for the Olympic spot, but the frontrunner has to look like Milagros Curti of Argentina now after the big numbers she put up on bars and beam.

Rotation 3

Chiles – BB – hits her bhs loso loso series – aerial to straddle to bhs, good – side somi, solid – switch – sissone, short back leg, to good wolf jump – side aerial, nice – switch side, secure – double pike, little rebound. Well, that’s the best beam she’s done this year by a mile. 13.466

Sandoval – BB – MEX – aerial, small pause before split to straddle – side somi, hit with arm wave – front tuck, hop forward – side aerial to back tuck acro series and falls – switch 1/2, secure landing – punch rudi dismount, bounce back

Perea – ECU – VT – hits a yfull, piked position, little hop. 12.866

Stewart – BB – CAN – candle mount – switch to wolf jump, pretty – bhs back tuck full series and hits it, small check – aerial, some feet, pause before split ring jump and before korbut – wolf double, solid – swtich ring, good back leg, large break on landing, bend at the hips – double pike dismount, chest down, lunge back

Pinto – VT – CHI – hits a tsuk full, large rebound back

12.133 for Curti on floor, three tenths down on qualification. Blanco would need at least need to beat that floor number in terms of the Olympic race.

13.266 for Stewart, now down over 4 tenths to Chiles.

Tran – BB – CAN – switch mount, hit – aerial to split jump to straddle, step back correction on landing but got the series – full turn, hit – side aerial, nice – bhs loso, secure – split jump 1/2 from side is hit – switch to switch 1/2, some feet flexing but not bad ont he split position – back lay 1/1 dismount, step back. 12.666

Saraiva – BB – BRA – bhs mount, small pause between split and korbut, so no combos but nice elements – full turn and an extra 1/4 turn – bhs loso, small front foot adjustment – switch ring, great – aerial to split ring jump to bhs, lovely – side somi – split leap to sissone, yes – double pike, step forward and a little shuffle salute.

Blanco gets a big 12.566 on floor to put her less than 3 tenths behind Curti heading to vault, where Blanco has a 4-tenth difficulty edge.

Checking back in on the Y1.5 for Heron, which she hit today with a bound forward.

13.866 beam for Saraiva puts her into first place for the moment.

DiCello – BB – USA – candle mount – wolf triple, solid – bhs loso loso series, pulls it out securely, some knee form – switch to switch 1/2, low back leg, to split jump, also some back leg – aerial, small arm wave – side aerial, small lean – long pause before dismouint – double pike, does land it to her feet but multiple lunges back.

13.200 for DiCello there, so she’s ahead of Chiles but behind Saraiva, who leads by 4 tenths heading to floor.

Curti’s lead on Blanco is .266 for the Olympic spot. Next closest is Grande another 8 tenths back. And since Curti and Blanco are going to vault, you imagine it’s down to those two.

Rotation 4

Sandoval – FX – MEX – front tuck through to FTDT, chest down, lunge forward – switch 1/2 – switch to split leap full, nice – double pike, step back – popa, hit – double pike, bounce. 11.933

Stewart – FX – CAN – split jump full, nice – 15 through to double pike, large lunge back, does keep it in bounds – switch full – switch to switch ring, nice – front pike to 2/1, another fairly large rebound – double tuck, deep, step back.

Lynnzee Brown finishes on 48.133, up 5 tenths on yesterday.

12.466 for Stewart, goes into first place for the moment.

Just 12.066 on vault for Curti, that will drop her well back

Tran – FX – CAN – pulls around a wolf triple – front 2/1, dance out – double y turn to double turn, a little off balance but gets there – switch ring to split leap full, good – double pike, small slide back. 12.900, and into 2nd AA behind Stewart.

Checking back in on Brown’s final Y1.5, nearly found the stick, little shuffle back.

Blanco goes 13.633 for her vault to finish on 50.099 to take the Olympic spot ultimately by a big margin.

Saraiva – FX – BRA – DLO, two small steps back, keeps them in bounds – switch full, high and around – double tuck, huge bounce back, again does very well to stay in – split leap 1.5 – switch ring 1/2 – back 1.5 to 1/2 on her tiptoes – double pike, good control on landing. How she didn’t go OOB during that routine I will not know.

But the score is just a 12.900, which will hurt.

We’re seeing Curti’s vault, which was a very short Yfull landing with a lunge forward

DiCello – FX – USA – double double tuck, hit, slide back – wolf triple – back 1.5 to front full, secure landing – switch ring to split leap full, hit – double pike, hop back.

13.733 moves her ahead of Saraiva by a little more than a tenth and into first.

Chiles – FX – USA – DLO 1/1, slide back, also looks like she keeps it right into the corner – back 1.5 to FTDT, hop to the side – leg up full to split leap 1.5 – wolf double is crazy with a hand down to control it – front loso to double tuck, hop back – switch side 1/2, a little under rotated – double pike, hop. Actually interested to see if that holds up for third compared to Barbosa.

13.533 for Chiles does end up being plenty for 3rd, six tenths ahead of Barbosa.

And we see the college-stuck Y1.5 from Blanco that will have her finish 8th overall and take the Olympic spot.

1) DiCello – 54.699
2) Saraiva – 54.565
3) Chiles – 53.999

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  1. I really do not know why dicello not upgrading her second pass in FX…She learnt so many much harder pass before…

    1. The US has learned that upgrading is not always smarter and can actually diminish your score.
      Suni Lee literally won the Olympics because she removed an entire pass.

      Jordan Chiles was silver medalist on floor at Worlds last year with less difficulty, she added a 4th pass this year and as a result her floor scores have been even lower.

      DiCello is actually being smart and doing gymnastics that she can do cleanly and with minimal execution deductions.

      If you can’t do a tumbling pass with less deductions than the actual difficulty credit of the pass, you are better off NOT doing it.

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