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Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 4

The apparatuses said GET OFF ME

And Frida said GIRL SAME


Meanwhile, Florida is literally coming for you

Gabby Wilson debuted her hopscotch routine

And Justin wholeheartedly embraced the dancing culture of women’s gymnastics

Oklahoma found a 198.425 in an old coat pocket

But also did this

So we’ll have to factor that in

Kentucky celebrated a school record, and Arkansas celebrated a school record, and Trinity got her 23rd ten, and

Georgia spent the summer carrying out the bodies of last year’s roster

Does this mean vault went…well?

Anyway, I’ll never sleep again

Arm swing gaveth

And arm swing tooketh away

Grace graduated to wolf turn addition (they grow up so fast!)

Cut to her senior year beam routine

And when finishing a routine, one must always turn to the head judge and summon the orc army to war

Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 3

Savannah Tharp revolutionized bootography

Archimedes Burgess saluted the principle of center of gravity

And Kara Houdini made a front double full appear as if by magic

Meanwhile, Derrian nearly walked out of bounds

But her brother pointed the way back in line

We tried to hear Suni’s new floor routine

Morgan Hurd did a savage impression of everyone else’s twisting ring positions

And this is the most running anyone should ever do at one time

7 of the top 10 teams set or matched a season low this week

As everyone saw their beam rotations coming like

To receive credit, a split element must show 180 teammates’ heads

And it’s the little kicks that keep you on the beam

UCLA is wearing hair ribbons now and Miss Val was like

Then Val turned around and asked who made that joke and I was like

They said “back tuck dismount,” but Helen Hu heard “Pak tuck dismount”

They said “aerial to scale,” and Jordan Chiles said, you mean this?

They said “do a cartwheel,” and Cristal Isa said no

And they said “stay in bounds,” and Madi Dagen said everything

Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 2

Leanne and Jade were like

And it’s fine because I looked up “Yurchenko double full with a hop back” in the code of points and it said

Meanwhile, Grace McCallum got Academic All-American

And this lady got a greeting card that just said, “Stop”

Judges: They’re just like us

Tim Garrison brought big “THOSE HEDGES ARE ON MY PROPERTY LINE” energy to the meet

And Jay Clark was like, “Then trim them, beyotch”

As LSU went on quite the Friday-to-Monday journey

We learned the four events in women’s gymnastics: Vault, Vault, Vault, and Ants

And checked out the judges’ split on Shchennikova’s bars

The event streams on Sporfie were like

Georgia put out a PSA called Hair: The Silent Killer

And Marz went, “Remember last season on beam when you were all…

Michigan got its first ever 198 at Crisler

This guy is REALLY unhappy about back 1.5 + front lay getting 0.2 CV in a 2-pass routine

Aria Brusch backstroked over the lava

While Tiarre Sales swam, swam for the life mat

And it’s the snap for me

Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 1

We started the first day of the season like

Then after 11 seconds we were like

And after 20 years of this the gymnasts were like

How many weeks has it been…ten? FIVE DAYS????

Meanwhile, Oklahoma won the Super 16

Morgan Hurd truly threw herself into college gymnastics

And UCLA got its highest opening meet score since 2005

We learned the face you make when you do 100% exactly what you planned

And finally found Martha’s ideal gymnast

This was waiting for Olivia Dunne outside the meet

So we went out there like

Plus other fun things like Savannah Schoenherr breaking her foot the day before the season

Trinity pranced ever closer to the 10s record

And Suni was like, “So then but if I average two 10s per meet before I peace out…”

The judging took us on a real journey

BTN+ painted the full picture for us

Which was a fun watch

When life gives you lemons, you dismount

And also me when I do two whole things in one day