Champions Battle: Floor Exercise

(Many thanks to those users who make these videos available for everyone.  What would we do without you and youtube?)

2011 Floor Champion – Geralen Stack-Eaton

2010 Floor Champion – Brittani McCullough

Co-2009 Floor Champion – Courtney Kupets

Co-2009 Floor Champion – Ashleigh Clare-Kearney

2008 Floor Champion – Courtney McCool (I couldn’t find McCool’s EF performance, so I went with her 10)

So, who wins this champions battle?

6 thoughts on “Champions Battle: Floor Exercise”

  1. This is a tuff call, they are all worthy champions and each has a very different style. Brittani is my emotional favorite and I think she gives the best performance. Kupets is probably the most well rounded of the bunch, which probably puts her at #1. but, truly, I think they're all great.

  2. I would probably give it to McCullough. I think she showed the best combination of artistry and difficulty. I would agree that all were deserving champions. I love all of Kupets's FX routines, ACK's tumbling is huge and Geralen was finally able to shine with this routine. Hopefully, the Bama coaches realize that elegant works better than hip-hop for her.

    I love McCool. and I think she was deserving, but I would have to say that she's the weakest of the bunch. I thought the choreography was a mismatch for her, and she's the only one who didn't show twisting and a double salto (though her twisting was fabulous – form and difficulty).

  3. Without a doubt, McCool. I miss watching her perform on FX in NCAA. She was a great anchor her senior year, going 9.9+ in almost every meet. But I think her senior routine was my favorite and I wish she had won that year. GSE would be my second choice.

    PS: I absolutely love this blog. I'm so glad there's a gym blog I can go to that follows NCAA and has great writing. Some of the other blogs are painful to read!

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