They’re Ugly. I Said It.

Aside from confirming Lichelle Wong’s season-ending Achilles tear, the Grande Dame was in rare form talking about ancient John Spini and Lena Degteva’s ugly leotards.

Wong and McDonald are out (not that McDonald was competing, but still), Sawa is not back yet, Cassie Whitcomb isn’t making the bars lineup, and who knows when Peszek is going to be able to do all her events again. That’s a lot of issues, and most teams could not withstand it.

While it is a lot of injuries, this team is in a fortunate position where they could almost Nebraska their lineups and still be competitive. Zamarripa, Peszek, Larson, EHH, and Courtney in the AA with Gerber and Frattone on two events each would still be a nationally competitive team. They won’t have to do that, but they could. The keys will be getting Peszek back and getting Larson out of 9.825 land.