Regionals Live Blog

It matters, you guys! It finally matters. Starting today, no one can talk to us about how the silver lining of the meet is that they learned exactly what they have to work on. No. There are no silver linings today. You either advance or you don’t, and it’s all based on your performance right now. Sports!

I think we’ll have some upsets today. Not crazy major ones, but surprises. Hopefully we will. Two years ago, all the top 12 seeds went through, and it was a total snoozer. That’s the rarity, though. Something crazy almost always happens at regionals. For a quick glance at what to look out for in the mystical Upset Land of Upsets, here’s an RQS comparison between the 2nd and 3rd seeds at each regional. Some are more relevant than others.

With all the 197s floating around this year, I’m interested in how may teams will be able to go through with something in the 196s. There’s a ton of 197 capability throughout the meets.

Here’s the schedule once again, and more of the relevant links are in the previous post:

4:00 ET/1:00 PT – University Park, PA Regional
[1] Florida, [12] Oregon State, [15] Penn State, [23] New Hampshire, [29] Kentucky, [35] Maryland

4:00 ET/1:00 PT – Athens, GA Regional
[6] Georgia, [7] Michigan, [18] Central Michigan, [22] Ohio State, [28] NC State, [32] Rutgers

5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Baton Rouge, LA Regional
[3] LSU, [10] Stanford, [13] Auburn, [21] Arizona, [27] Kent State, [36] Iowa State
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Fayetteville, AR Regional
[5] Utah, [8] UCLA, [17] Arkansas, [24] Arizona State, [30] Utah State, [34] UC Davis
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Minneapolis, MN Regional
[2] Oklahoma, [11] Illinois, [14] Minnesota, [19] California, [26] Southern Utah, [31] San Jose State
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Seattle, WA Regional
[4] Alabama, [9] Nebraska, [16] Boise State, [20] Denver, [25] BYU, [33] Washington
Be wary of when things are starting because you will lose track of time watching one meet and miss something important at another. It happens every time.

The NCAA knows how fragile we are, so they’ll be starting us a little slowly, which I appreciate. It takes a while to get into it. The first two seeds open their meets with a bye, so there’s not too much vital action to pay attention to right from the beginning. But Penn State does have an important early vault rotation. Vault is an apparatus of advantage for them over Oregon State, and they’ll need to outperform their 49.195 RQS to start from a comfortable position. Sibson is the vault to watch in that rotation with her huge handspring pike 1/2. We’ll also get a sense from the Athens Regional whether Ohio State or Central Michigan will put up a fight from their floor and vault scores. 
Georgia is testing out the live scores and has Central Michigan at a 49.200 on vault right now. They’d take it. There are two Brittany Harrises at the Penn State Regional (except one is a Brittney). Not helpful.
Heads up! They have changed the video links for the Penn State meet. I have them updated at the top of this post. 
We’re getting close now. Who do you have as your upset picks?
Intros going on now for both meets. I’m nervous, and I’m just sitting here. Regionals is a different animal with a different urgency, so seeing how these teams handle the first rotation will be critical. 
Aside: Montana Whittle for Kentucky and Tyly Bozzutto for Southern Utah need to be added to the best name conversation.  
Georgia, your live scores still have all those fake scores on it. Someone is going to get very confused soon.
More asides: New Hampshire has a “Katarina Broccoli”? Winner. 
Dueling national anthems now at the two meets. I’m surprised that isn’t a reality show on some CMT channel or something. Competitive national anthem singing.   
Touch warmups at the two meets now. Is there any point to a censored version of “Thrift Shop”? What even is that? 
Here we go people – stuck yhalf to start from Penn State. It’s on. That’s the kind of vault they need to put the pressure on Oregon State. Landings are huge today, especially for home teams because we’ll keep an eye on the home boost. Long wait after it. 9.825 for Musgrove.
Hop forward on the next round off half on from Welsh, not as strong as the first vault in the landing, but she also goes 9.825. Lau next up for the Nittany Lions. She has that big LSU pop on her vaults and shows that once again. Hop back, but solid. Good form and height. 9.850. These are important scores for Penn State.
Stauder now – she’s an AA contender – nice – small hop back on yhalf – they’re not getting the full sticks, but they look strong enough in the air that she scores aren’t too low. Penn State is the only team getting 9.8s so far.  
Sibson now. I love this vault when she nails it. HUGE height on her handspring pike half – only the smallest twitches of her feet. Great vault. 9.900 and she earned it. 
Sanabria-Robles now, and her distance is the strongest on the team for her yfull, which makes it stand out. Small hop back, but another good showing. They’ll definitely score higher than their RQS, which was the goal. Another 9.900.
Penn State 49.300 on vault. Big score – Oregon State will need to go at least close to that on floor in the next rotation to keep up. OSU’s floor RQS is 49.180, so they’ll want better than that.  
Time to switch to Athens for a while. Central Michigan is done with vault, and the score is a 48.575, which really takes them out early. That’s over .500 lower than their RQS, a deficit they could not remotely afford. 
Ohio State is working against a counting 9.700 right now, but they got a 9.850 from Miller, and DeLuca looks to be hitting so far. Strong 2.5 to punch front to finish. Splits not quite there, but the tumbling was controlled.
NC State is counting a fall on bars, which had basically already happened before the meet started.Hit from Swoboda from WVU following them. They wish they could count that routine. 
9.850 for DeLuca – now Shaffer – huge tuck full mount but some lack of control on the landing – stays in bounds though. front full to layout is strong. I can see why she got 9.950s this year. She needs a good score to break 49 in this rotation, and this should get it with a controlled double pike. 
Gunzelman on beam for Rutgers – small check on her series and just a couple issues of tightness – they’re already counting some very low scores. Great double full dismount in the air – small hop back.

After 1 in PA: Penn State 49.300, New Hampshire 48.850, Kentucky 48.750, Maryland 48.575

Ohio State gets to 49.000 exactly on floor, which is fine, but floor has been their best event, which means they’ll need to pick up tenths from elsewhere.

After 1 in GA: Ohio State 49.000, C Michigan 48.575, Rutgers 48.325, NC State 48.150 

Now it’s going to get a little tricky with the watching. I’m going to overlook Florida on bars for the moment just because I’ve seen them a bunch this year and I expect a big score that separates them. Oregon State’s floor is much more relevant. And we’ll also have Georgia on bars and Michigan on floor coming up in this next rotation. And then soon two more meets are going to start. Impossible.

Oregon State looked really flat on floor at Pac 12s, so I’m interested to see if they can recover.

Witherby starts for OSU on floor – tuck full a little low coming in but not a big adjustment on the landing – 1.5 to layout in in control – good switch side and popa – very low chest on the double pike landing – let’s see what they do with this.  9.775.

Brandie Jay opens for Georgia with a very strong routine. Sticks her dismount and hits all her handstands. 9.900 

Turner for OSU – very strong 1.5 to layout in the middle pass – good form and height – finishes with a clean double pike and stays in bounds – good routine from what I saw, but just a 9.700 so I’m assuming she had an issue on the mount.

Hires also crisp on the handstands (bail?) and she sticks her DLO as well. Great start.

Now it’s Ponto for Oregon State on floor – big double tuck to start – split and wolf jumps look solid – 1.5 to layout half is clean – she’s one of those who doesn’t have a big routine but has come into the lineup late in the year to be clean enough. Finishes with a hit punch rudi.  9.875 – credit for the control and cleanlieness.

Kytra has had a fall from Florida on bars, but it shouldn’t matter for the team as long as Macko and Alaina hit. Sloan has a 9.950 already. 

Michigan and Georgia both getting big scores early to set themselves apart, as we would expect. I like Michigan’s decision of putting Chiarelli in on floor for Parker.

Lindsay Cheek just nailed a crazy good routine with a stuck DLO. And Chelsea Tang is looking controlled on floor. – great double pike. They had some lower scores to start, but now Oregon State is starting to get into form. Hit’s her final layout with a small slide. Good routine. 9.900.

Florida erases Kytra’s fall and gets a 49.550 on bars as we would expect.

Big routines from Gardiner and Harris coming up for OSU now. Clean start for Gardiner – 1.5 to layout to stage second pass – a little mushy in the landing of the layout but goes right into the stag and it’s fine. Chelsea Davis finish on bars with a great stick. Georgia nailed that bars rotation – they have great handstands in all these routines, so it just comes down to the sticks, and they got them.

Michigan is going well on floor, but just had Zakharia bounce out of her double pike final pass.

Harris for OSU goes right up to the line on her 2.5 but stays in it appeared. Strong double pike second pass. This is a big hit rotation so far for the Beavs. A little short on the pike out of her front full with a step back, but a hit overall. 

Sorry guys, I missed the fall from Davis! I just assumed she hit because she’s Chelsea Davis. Still a great score from Georgia for 49.600, so they’re in great shape, and so is Michigan, even before Sampson’s big hit. Just a huge, nailed routine. 9.950. 49.575 for Michigan. This is the story of this meet.

It’s just a 9.750 for Brittany Harris for OSU, so they come in a 49.150 in that rotation, currently .150 behind Penn State, so advantage Nittany Lions early. The Beavers probably needed something in the 49.2s there to feel a bit safer, but it’s still everything to play for. That did look like a better floor showing than at Pac-12s, more control and cleaner. We’ll have Penn State moving to bars now and Oregon State moving to vault, some chance for Oregon State to eat into the deficit with sticks.

Now we have four meets going on at once, which will be a moderate nightmare. I also have no picture on the Arkansas feed yet, so maybe it’s time to stick with Penn State to see what happens there.

New Hampshire came up with a 49.100 on vault in this meet as well, which is a solid score for them to stay in the conversation.

Gardiner on vault – really clean yfull in the air but a fairly large step back off her mat. 9.825
Jimenez next – pretty strong distance on her yfull – a little off to the side and a small step back. 9.800

Penn State starts with a 9.775 on bars from Musto – pretty good score for her. Tang on vault – Good landing on her yfull – stick or neat stick – not a ton of distance but pretty strong form. They’re matching scores with Penn State so far. 9.850 for Witt and Tang.

Aufiero vault – sticks her yfull – chest very forward on that landing – but no movement. 9.850. Keeker yhalf – not a ton of distance and a hop back/sideward. OSU is hurt by not having the big, big vaults at the back of the rotation.

No scores from Arkansas yet. Is anyone surprised? Harris with one of her better yfulls in terms of landing position – she didn’t go short this week. Pretyt large hop back, though. 

Penn State is now working against a fall from Medvitz on bars, which is a shame because she has very nice lines, but they’re getting 9.8s otherwise. OSU was in the 49.1s on vault, so that’s a disadvantage. Welsh on bars now is hitting – deliberate work but clean handstands – very low on her double front half with a lunge forward, though.

Michigan is getting some 9.7s early in this vault lineup that is missing Sheppard, but nothing too dire so far. Sugiyama first to push the others up, but it’s not really pushing them up much.

Penn State finishes with Stauder on bars – Strong taktchev – clean bail – pikes her DLO a little but sticks it. Should be a good score.

Florida was getting some 9.8s until a Sloan fall. That has happened three times this year now – too many for her. That’s going to put some pressure on Kytra in the final position. 

Auburn is underway with a 49.075 on vault – which isn’t going to help them challenge Stanford. They needed to make up some ground on the power events, but Stanford can beat that score on vault.

Florida! We have enough to focus on without your making things interesting with a sucky beam rotation! Macko falls. Wow. Kytra up now following two falls – nails her series. Hits her leaps. Just the dismount left – step on the double back. She may have saved the day because Florida can afford to count a fall today with their scoring potential. But wow.

Penn State 98.350, Oregon State 98.325 (eek – this is getting good – beam will be a huge decider), Florida 98.125. It’s just a couple tenth deficit now after the Florida beam deja vu, which is fine news for the Gators. They will easily make that up on floor and vault and will talk a lot about drawing on their experience from last year.

Michigan got a 49.200 on vault, which is fine for this meet but will hurt their competing with Georgia. Georgia getting through beam so far as they usually do. But now Lindsay Cheek falls on beam. Be still my woeful heart.

Arkansas is getting some bigger vault scores than I expected so far. That will put some pressure on UCLA’s floor to be better than two weeks ago. 

Are you serious Georgia? The Gym Dogs are taking some Florida pills right now and falling on beam just as I said that they were going through well. Huge hit for Broussard coming in in the final position for Rogers. Huge hugs for her. Georgia is comfortable enough in this meet that they should still be OK for now, but floor has just become a big deal.

Auburn is actually currently behind Iowa State after one rotation, but I don’t expect that to continue as the meet progresses. Still, odd. And Arizona is right with them. They’ll have to pick things up.

Georgia will still lead Ohio State by .175 after two events for each.

Arkansas’s 49.225 on vault is a big score for them, with 9.900 from Wellick and 9.925 from Grable. It’s exactly what they need to challenge UCLA. Anyone have a picture on that meet yet?Looks like we finally do. Good.

In this next rotation, I’ll be keeping an eye on UCLA’s floor, Utah’s vault, and Stanford’s floor – which will be really telling. Auburn opened the door early. We’re still just waiting for the first rotation to finish in Fayetteville, but at least we can see it.

LSU has started with a 9.900 from Dickson. We’re looking at Frowein on floor now – goes just up to the line on her final front pike but stays in. Following a big 9.875 from Morgan.

Edwards on vault for Arizona – Exceptional height on her yfull – just a small bounce in place but a great vault.

Ranzy on bars – a small leg break in her bail handstand – just fingertips on her tkatchev – step back to salute after trying to hang onto her open pike dismount landing.  Now on to Courville – strong jaeger – handsands look borderline but close enough in two places – step back on tuck full dismount. Strong hit – but she can be better. Stanford is starting with important scores on floor.

Daum now – good secure double pike to start – a little dancey lack of control on her middle pass, but it’s a clean hit – and a great stick on her double back to finish – one of her best routines of the year. Stanford is showing up early.

Penn State has started with a 9.800 and 9.775 on beam in quest to defend their lead. And now a 9.825 after it. Not big scores, but they don’t need them right now, just put the pressure on OSU. Kentucky is getting those big floor 9.9s to try to get back into this, but it may be too late after some early 48.7s.

Big bars rotation for LSU with a 49.425, which is all they’ll need – but Florida and Georgia looked comfortable after bars too.

Pinches on floor now opening things for UCLA in a crucial rotation – 1.5 through to double full is nailed. Great first pass and stuck landing – better control ont he double back than at Pac 12s too. Pretty squatty on her final double pike but she stuck the landing. That’s what I noticed from her career as an elite. She could land. Good start. 9.850. 

Waiting on Wilson on bars noow – The usual leg breaks on the gienger and overshoot, but she’s hitting otherwise – step back on the tuck full dismount. Solid hit. Danusia hits her double back well it appears from the angle. 

Penn State has hit the first five beam routines, so they’re staying with everyone.

Hansen on bars now – hangs onto her change before the jaeger with a pause – some leg separation on the pak – but this feed is really struggling for me so far. Looked good in the parts I saw.

Sadiqua on floor – very short on her DLO – that’s been happening – large lunge forward – front through to double back with a slide – finishes with another short double back – poor routine for her. They’ll need to drop it. 9.775 is charitable for that.  

Shapiro came in on floor for Stanford for the first time in a century – sooo Stanford – just unveiling someone at the last minute. 49.3s puts them in great shape for that rotation.

Utah with OK scores so far on bars but now huge – Damianova is going through clean – one short handstand toward the edge, and she bends and struggles to hold onto her double back. Hit but there are a couple places to take there. Commentators are shocked that Dabritz isn’t wearing grips. It’s called research. Small hop back on the tuck full but otherwise it was her usual routine.

UCLA has Courtney on floor now – we saw a touch of Peszek’s routine that earned a 9.925. Now Courtney – Good control on her double arabian this time – 1.5 to layout – small lean forward but I think she kept that back foot planted enough to consider that a controlled landing – nice leaps – finishes with a very strong double tuck. That was one of her good ones. Should be a great score.  9.950. They’re in great shape even before Sawa.

Utah went 49.250 on bars, which is about right. Just a few errors in places – a couple more leg breaks and non-sticks than at Pac 12s.

We see the double pike middle pass from Sawa – small bounce on that it looked like – 1.5 to half to stag is excellent.

So far UCLA will have the lead over Utah and Arkansas in that Regional – it’s close between Utah and Arkansas (for the moment) – Utah 49.250-Arkansas 49.225. UCLA leading with 49.525. Big.

I’m really interested in Georgia’s floor rotation upcoming. It has been a question – especially without Rogers – and they need a big score now after beam. But the Oregon State and Florida rotation scores will be interesting as well – both starting well with 9.8s in this rotation. 

Persinger on floor now. I’ve missed seeing her this year. I hope she nails it. Short on her double back mount with a large lunge forward – and sits down her double pike. Oh, girl. Now the season is riding on five routines.

Florida has a 9.725 from Spicer that they will look to drop in that suddenly competitive race.

Auburn is having a struggle bars rotation. It was going to be hard to match Stanford anyway, but Stanford and LSU looking good right now with Arizona the closest competitor.

Hop back on DLO from Artz. Oregon State will also be managing some 9.7s in their bars rotation.

Reynolds hitting so far for Georgia, (too much to follow!), strong double pike with control – 1.5 to layout with a small stumble, but it’s a hit.

Aufiero falls on bars for Oregon State, so they’re counting two 9.7s on bars so far and looking the most likely to fall to third place at this point.

Hires now on floor – strong double pike – in control. Good switch side to popa. Short on her middle pass – front tuck and almost sits it down. She saved it – but it will still be a low score. She kept Georgia in it by staying on her feet but it’s trouble now. Let’s look at the score. Nice double tuck to finish. It should be OK since Ohio State is struggling on beam and no one else is close enough. Georgia will be thanking that they got into the 6/7/18 Regional.

Oregon State goes 49.075 on bars to inch a tenth ahead of Penn State going to the final event, but I would say advantage Penn State with that – going to floor while OSU is on beam. That will be a great one.

Nice double pike from Box for Georgia -and follows is with a strong stuck double tuck. They need the big score that she looks to be earning right now – 1.5 to layout – also a small stumble – but a hit.

Sampson fell on bars (Joanna!) but it won’t count and won’t matter. They’re running away with this right now since everyone else is struggling. They could probably have a bad beam and still be fine.

Nice first pass from Earls, and a secure double pike as well, and nails her double tuck. They’ll take that score any day. They just need a hit from Jay to go into vault and try to forget about this meet. 

Iowa State is getting huge scores to stay right with Stanford as LSU runs away with the meet. Things still looking good for the favorites there – with Iowa State still to compete on its weaker events. UCLA with some low early vault scores, which is what I feared.

Florida has a fall from Caquatto on floor – bad day for them but they still look comfortable given the level of competition and the fact that they still have some strong vaults to save them.

Jay with a strong tuck full mount – steps back but stays in bounds. Slides forward on her front full + layout but not too bad. Hits her double pike as well – lacking control on a couple passes, but she hit it.

This is getting so much more competitive than I expected in several places.

PA Regional – Florida 147.500, Oregon State 147.400, Penn State 147.300. Oooh boy. Final rotation coming up there shortly.

UCLA struggling on vault and will need to be saved by Peszek and Courtney to stay in a comfortable position. Arkansas is getting some big home scores on bars.

Ohio State finishes with a 195.100, so Georgia will just have to be regular and fine on vault to make sure they finish ahead of both them and Central Michigan.

UCLA only average on vault for 49.125, so they’re giving back some ground to Arkansas – just .025 at the moment. Keep an eye on that one now, after Arkansas got a huge bars score of 49.375.

Attention to Florida, OSU, and PSU for the moment as they run toward the finish. I’ve got OSU on beam now since that should be the most telling. Witherby is hitting early – nice on the acro – switch side was on an agle with a small check, really strong double pike landing with a small hop. Good hit. 9.800, but Penn State and Florida are opening with bigger scores, so that’s not going to cut it.

Strong opening series for Harris tuck to bhs – small check on her dance series – (small bounce on the double tuck for Penn State in the background) as Harris sticks her gainer full.  

Utah trailing both UCLA and Arkansas so far, but they are moving to their events of advantage. Florida doing what they need to on vault so far, so OSU’s 9.800 aren’t looking competitive right now. Penn State has started with two 9.900s.

Ohlrich on beam now – hits her loso series – a little low on it but controlled – split jump to tuck full – clean walkover – strong gainer full for Ohlrich.

Florida finishes with a 49.550 on vault to put the meet away and advance in spite of beam. 197.050.

Wow, Iowa State even manages a 48.900 on vault, which hasn’t been a good event for them. Stanford is still going to its best events, but it’s an interesting development.

Georgia has started vault with a 9.825 and 9.875, which is just what they need to save this thing.

Oregon State got a 9.850 from McMillan on beam, but Penn State is getting higher scores so far. Gardiner looks very clean in the fifth postiion -pretty skills until a wobble on her series – small check on the side somi. Hop back on double full – just enough areas to take there.They’ll finish with Tang, but the writing is on the wall for Oregon State for a second straight year unless they get some help from Penn State in the final routines.

Tang is going clean so far – great presence to compete in this situation – nice switch to straddle 1/4 – and sticks her gainer full. Good routine. She did what she could to keep pressure on.

Georgia finishes vault with a 49.425, including another 9.950 from Cheek. They’re safe.

Michigan has two hits so far in the first two routines, and they only probably need three in this beam rotation.

Penn State will finish with Welsh, but the deal is already done. It will be Florida and Penn State advancing from the Penn State Regional, and we have our first upset.

Michigan aren’t exactly being the queens of hitting beam – a couple low scores and some wobbles, but it won’t matter for their advancing hopes. In a forgettable showing, Michigan and Georgia will both advance from this regional.

Our two final regionals will be getting started shortly, but my focus will be on the ongoing competitions until those finish up, and then we’ll check in on the ending.

Arkansas is already having a beam issue with a fall and a 9.725.

Auburn and Arizona both had terrible bars rotations to fall well out of this thing, meaning Iowa State is really the only threat to LSU and Stanford right now.

Arkansas is now counting a 9.600 on beam as well, and it’s time for Dillard. Nice walkover, but huge wobble on her bhs loso series, which they cannot afford right now if they are to challenge. Stays on for her side aerial – nice leaps series. Another wobble – sticks her 1.5 dismount, but there are many, many tenths to take on that one. 9.550. 

Nelson on beam now for Arkansas – takes a step back on her series but does well to pretend it was choreography – just a little tight early in this routine – nice switch side – tiny hop forward on the punch front. Hop forward on 1.5.

The theme of the day so far is just sloppy, sloppy gymnastics. I haven’t seen much of LSU because they’re actually hitting so it’s not so interesting, but they’re the only team nailing a meet fully so far. 

Now it’s up to Grable on beam to see if she can salvage anything from the wreckage of this rotation. Pretty walkover to loso series, nice front toss to straddle – very small check on her stag jump – and sticks a double full – excellent routine.

Stanford is counting a low score on bars now. They can probably get by with counting a 9.675, but nothing lower than that. You guys, is Iowa State in this? That would be an upset of Kent State proportions. I didn’t even give that an iota of consideration. 

Stanford finishes with some great performances, hits from Shapiro and Vaculik to minimize the damage. LSU is currently on floor and will get a 250.950 at this meet. Stanford goes 49.325 on bars even with the 9.675 – that’s how good they can be on bars (and usually aren’t). They have a five tenth edge on Iowa State so really just have to hit beam routines of indeterminate quality to advance.

Lloimincia on floor now – Her double layout is crazy – newsflash in case you didn’t know. Switch side and popa look good – nails her 1.5 to layout. The scores have been setting up for a 10 so far, so let’s watch this dismount – double back looks good. I would give this routine a 9.950, but let’s see.And it is our first 10 of Regionals day. Not so surprising.

Big bars rotation coming up for UCLA now. The door has been opened by Arkansas, but they need to walk through it by being much better than they were on bars at Pac 12s.

We’re underway at the Seattle meet. (Does anyone else hate those StatBroadcast live scores as much as I do?) Boise State has some 9.8s on vault to begin.

Rotation beginning in Ark. Lofgren finishes with a clean rudi to loso. Helpful commentary like “that was pretty nifty.” Nifty is a word you don’t hear too much these days.

Sawa now on bars – flings out her double tuck – did she peel off? – and falls. Oh god, UCLA. And no Mossett? This looks like potential trouble.

Del Priore is very short on her double back – very squatty but not a hand down or anything – it will still hurt their score. Courtney on bars – looks clean to end her routine but a step back on her tuck full. 9.800. 

Wilson on floor now – DLO – a little short with a step forward – layout to front full looks strong – solid double back – but they can take for the landing on the DLO. We didn’t get the score for Del Priore – but Lofgren and Wilson record solid 9.8s. Now it’s “Toot-ka.”

Solid on her full in mount – cutting to Peszek who is nailing her routine so far – sticks her DLO. They’ve needed these hits from DeJesus and Peszek to stay in this, but they’ll need a big hit from whoever is going 6th now. Back to Tutka for a strong and secure double tuck.  

9.950 for Peszek. The commentators have no idea what’s happening with UCLA changing lineups, which is hilarious. Arkansas, meet Miss Val.

Mossett has a fall, which we were afraid of. UCLA will be counting a fall and will be in huge trouble going to the final rotation. They’ll have a lead on Arkansas – but Arkansas can be expected to get huge scores on floor finishing at home while UCLA goes to beam.

Dabritz finishes with her strong triple full, but with all the mistakes around them, Utah is sitting pretty here.

UCLA has a three-tenth lead on Arkansas going into the final. UCLA will be putting their hopes on Peszek and Francis that they can get the scores to rival what Arkansas will get on an event where the scores have been going high for everyone. I said in the preview that UCLA controlled their own fate in this meet, which was true, but they’ve steered it right into a gully.

Damianova hits to finish, so Utah will be very comfortable heading to the end of the meet on vault, where they will need about a 2.

Stanford, LSU, and Iowa State are finishing up right now with Stanford and LSU looking strong. Did Kaleigh Dickson really get a 0 for her vault, or is that just a quirk of the scoreboard?

Wow. LSU finishes with a 198.325, but I still want to know what happened with Dickson. Not that it matters. Iowa State is putting up a great meet, but they will need assistance in the final few Stanford beam routines for it to be a thing. But still, they’ve broken 196, which I wouldn’t have called.

Time to stick with this Arkansas meet because this is the good one. It could go either way. Is UCLA’s three-tenth advantage enough?

It’s official that LSU and Stanford will advance out of the LSU Regional, so it’s all down to Arkansas and UCLA right now, and a feed that really doesn’t like it when you try to blog during it.

The Mossett beam routine will be telling for UCLA after the bars mistake. She managed it last time at Pac 12s, but this is a different animal now that the season depends on it. 

The Arkansas commentators are now running through how high the floor scoring has been in a recording that could be bottled in a time capsule to fully represent the 2014 season.

By the way, this meet has been exceptionally long. It’s supposed to be over already, and we haven’t even started the final rotation.

Here’s Mossett on beam – opening full turn – wobble on her stag – we come back to the routines for the end – a couple small wobbles from Mossett but it’s an important hit for her. 9.700 apparently, but we missed some of the middle of the routine, so maybe there were more issues.

Strong double pike from Nelson for Ark. Nice straddles, clean 1.5 to layout – this is a strong start. Secure double tuck. Great opening routine.

DeJesus now on beam – it has been a year of consistency trouble for her – small check on her layout stepout, but everything else looks good – cut away to Dillard on floor now – rudi is fine – a little big of leg issues on her dance elements – front full to layout is fine – hits her 1.5 to layout. Interesting that the commentators didn’t care for the difficulty of Damianova’s or Sawa’s routines but are fine with the 1.5 fest from Dillard.

9.875 for DeJesus is important for UCLA. Now it’s Courtney – nice front toss to bhs – small check on her dance series – did she break the series? – really strong double back with a small step.

Wait are you kidding me? Is anyone else getting a “connection error” from the feed? Unacceptable. Hell to the no.

So I guess I’m going by the live scores now, for the deciding routines of a huge regional contest? I’m shaking my fist at you Arkansas.

UCLA gets a huge 9.950 from Peszek in the fourth routine that could help balance out the 9.700 if they’re forced to count it. Elswick gets a 9.875 for Arkansas, but they’re dropping a little more ground to UCLA on that routine. They’ll need some Grable magic or some help. 

Is Arkansas just mad at me because I’ve been so critical of their feed and scoring abilities over the past few weeks?

Only a 9.850 from Danusia, so the door is back open for Arkansas, but they’re going to need some 9.9s. UCLA could get a boost on the current score with a hit from Craddock for a 9.800 or so, but they’re going to need it.

And it’s only a 9.600 from Wellick, which ends the hopes for Arkansas’s upset. It was close, but now they’re counting a 9.775, which they could not afford. Wellick had an injury at SECs and didn’t do floor or beam, and it showed in her scores here.

UCLA will thank its stars that the disaster from Craddock in the final routine will not matter. The 49.200 on beam will be enough to fend off Arkansas’s 49.275 on floor. Lucky Bruins. Grable finishes with a 9.950 on floor for a 39.675 AA score.

Utah and UCLA advance from the Arkansas Regional. 

I need a small breather, and then I’ll move on to the final competitions of the day.

Alabama has staked a slight lead in Seattle with a 49.300 on bars, but Nebraska and Boise State are both low 49s, and Denver is hovering around 49 as well, so keep an eye on that.

I’m tuning in to Minnesota’s Regional, though, as after a strong vault rotation, they lead Oklahoma, who was very 9.850s on bars, and Illinois, who got a 49.025 on floor, and Cal, who is also hovering around 49 pace. This is good so far. Minnesota is moving to bars now, which will help decide their fate. It has been a challenge this year. While Illinois is on bars.

Mooring on beam – lovely opening loso series – excellent control and legs – stuck 1.5. Great routine. So pretty.

Illinois has a pretty strong yfull from Foley – low chest and a hop back but OK. Some fairly significant breaks from Covers in the legs on bars but a stuck dismount. Good height from O’Connor on vault but a hugely huge bounce out of hit – no control on landing – like it was a practice.

Lovan now on beam for OU – 9.850 for Mooring was a leadoff score because that was very pretty – This is the most schizophrenic feed. We don’t stay with any routine for more than two seconds. How is a person supposed to blog?

Nice stick from Lovan. Oklahoma is bringing it on beam so far. Very clean work.  Illinois has another pretty vault in the air – from Horth – but another uncontrolled landing – large bounce.

I love how on the scores page Oklahoma’s coach is just “K.J.”No last name. She’s like Madonna now.

Holst takes a fall for Minnesota, so they’re already counting a low first score from Covers. Nice acro series from Brewer -nice straddle 1/2 – near stick on the double back – small step. Good routine.

See nailed her handspring front tuck full – one of her better ones. They needed that. Neither Minnesota nor Illinois are having great rotations right now, though, so they’re letting Cal back in this. Though Buchanan and See had nice finishes for Illinois. Mable has a leg break on her pak salto and a hop forward on her tuck full dismount. A fine routine, but they needed a MABLE from her there and didn’t get it.

It’s Capps time on beam. Pretty and slow – but the speed works for her style – like she’s tiptoeing on water – clean walkover. Nice switch to straddle 1/4 – sticks her dismount. They’ve been stuck in the high 9.8s so far, but that should go over the line.

Hanley looks fairly strong for Minnesota – but she lands a bit low on her dismount and hops forward.

Boise State hit a big bars score to keep the pressure on Nebraska, but Nebraska hit a bigger vault rotation to stay clear for the moment. Alabama hit another 49.3 on beam to stay in good shape – they were able to drop a fall from Kaitlyn Clark, so no big deal there.

Spears on beam now – pretty Onodi to swingdown as always. Tomson is going for Minnesota on bars – their best routine by a long way – stuck DLO. That helps. Spears bends in the waist on her walkover – that’s a shame. Everything else was perfect, though, so it should still be a big score. 

Clark (of Oklahoma) finishing on beam with a nice walkover – pretty sheep jump – an elite sheep jump too, not an NCAA fakey sheep jump. Hangs on and controls her side aerial well not to give away a wobble. Fairly significant hop forward on 1.5, but a great rotation for Oklahoma.Interesting spread for her score – between 9.750 and 9.950. I don’t see either of those scores, so I think the final 9.875 works. Weirdly low scores thrown in from individual judges during that rotation. I didn’t see any 9.7 routines there. I saw a lot of 9.850-9.900 work from everyone, with Capps a possible 9.950 for me.

Waiting on the score for Clark, but Oklahoma will have a sizable lead at the halfway point, as we would expect. That was a very clean beam rotation that honestly could have scored higher than it did. It’s all to play for in the next spot, though. We have Illinois 98.025, Cal 97.950, Minnesota 97.925.  No margin there. Alabama and Nebraska have an advantage in Seattle, but Boise State is keeping it closer. Of course, Boise State still has to do beam.We’ll know if we have a meet based on Boise State’s beam and Denver’s bars.

This is the first lull we’ve had for hours, waiting on the touch warmup in Minnesota. Just one upset so far with Penn State taking out Oregon State, but this one is still too close to call.

Minnesota on beam and Cal on bars will be the rotations to watch right now. Clean hit so far for Minnesota’s first up on beam, Tomson. Nice series. She’s back in after missing Big Tens and a nice stuck front full to begin the rotation.

Nice jaager from Howe on bars. She is short on two of these handstands, but a nice stick or near-stick-hop-in-place on her double tuck. They’ll need to drop Richardson’s opening score, so that helps. Nice front full to layout from Trajo on floor, and we see our first stick from San Jose State on vault.

Owens on bars tries to control her tuck full dismount but has to take a couple hops. Haines looking solid on beam for Minnesota, but has a fairly big hop forward on a gainer full, which is a no-no. 

Asutrias on bars now – exceptional bhardwaj – and she maintains her leg form! – nice handstands – the legs separate a little in her full turn, but she sticks her double back dismount and that should be a very nice score. 

Russell on beam now – fairly big wobble on her series, nice switch side – clean side aerial – this is the strongest routine for them so far. Great tkatchev from Crawford on bars – clean straddle back and she sticks her DLO as well. Great simultaneous routines from Crawford and Russell.

Boise State was doing well enough on beam until they had falls from their final two competitors to take them out of a position to make Nebraska nervous. Denver was able to drop a fall on bars for a solid 49.200. They’re now the next closest competitor but would need a mistake.

Minnesota had been going 9.7s on beam and so really needed that Mable hit – she’s a step above the earlier competitors in her form – the splits and the legs – and she sticks the dismount. Nordquist is back in this lineup today, which is huge for them. She’s been out for so long. How did she hang onto that side aerial to loso. It looked like she was short on it but she didn’t even wobble. THE FULL TURN. As lovely as always. Great hit routine. She elevates that beam rotation so much. 

Cal finishes bars with a 49.200. That will keep the pressure on.

Schermann will finish beam for Minnesota. Adjustment on her bhs bhs loso series and another small stop after the switch side, and again on the straddle 3/4 – nothing major but small breaks on every skill so far. Strong double back dismount, though, chest forward with a step, but looked good in the air.

Minnesota finishes with 49.125 on beam, so Cal will gain a little more ground. It’s still the edge to Minnesota, though, since Cal has beam left and Minnesota has floor. The door is open for Illinois here with a strong bars rotation to start to put this away.

Going back to round up a few things, the AA qualifiers from the Penn St. Regoinal will be Tang and Gardiner from OSU as expected. In a nice development, Audrey Harrison of Kentucky tied for the victory on beam – because it only took a 9.850 because everyone missed. Tiara Phipps almost made it for floor, but of course that would have required beating Kytra.

Nebraska is hitting bars but in a 9.800 way. Honestly, that should be enough at this Regional.

From the Athens Regional, in an upset, Alexis Gunzelman of Rutgers and Hope Sloanhoffer of WVU are our AAers, and a bunch of Central Michiganers tied for the win on beam since it also took a 9.850. From LSU’s Regional, Caitlin Brown of Iowa State made it as an AAer, and Marie Case and Aline Cartwright tied for the second spot. 

Nebraska finishes bars with a 9.925 from DeZiel and a 9.950 from Wong, so they could probably have a mistake count on beam and still be fine.

We’re finally about ready to start the fifth rotation in Minnesota. We’ve fallen half an hour behind, which is pretty pathetic.

Naleway on bars and Asturias on beam – really clean opening routine from Naleway with one step on the double back. Asutrias is a little short on her walkover and has to take a step to correct it. Small hop on double full dismount.

Alabama is not getting very high floor scores over at their Regional, but it is not a major deal. Spears on floor now, a little bounce on that double full dismount.

O’Connor finishes bars with a strong tkatchev and stuck DLO. They are smelling qualification now.

One judge gave Asturias a 9.600 for that routine, which is silly. I mean, it wasn’t a huge routine, but it was easily 9.7s. Owens now, nice loso series. Solid full turn and strong gainer loso, smallest correction on the walkover – switch split is a little short. Horth is clean on bars for Illinois stuck double back. Just a step above what Cal is doing in the same rotation.

Capps on floor with strong leaps in her hairformance – pretty double full to loso to finish. Good hit from what we saw.McNabb on bars with another hit tkatchev – small leg break in the bail handstand – she sticks her DLO as well. Great rotation so far. Palomares has a wobble on beam, but finishes to stick her 1.5.

Rudi from Lovan is clean – as well as the front full to layout. The criticism of Oklahoma’s floor is that we’re not seeing big elements early in the rotation, but these are clean skills. One step on a DLO from Illinois – their first non-stick on bars in this strong rotation.

Leong now for Cal on beam, her splits are a little short of 180, which is my biggest problem with her routine, but she falls on her two-footed layout this time. Cal was a dark horse to begin with, but they have fallen out of it during this beam rotation. Small hop back on strong double tuck dismount.

Kato on bars – Great height on her piked jaeger – one handstand looked short to me, but a huge floaty DLO and stuck. Great bars showing from Illinois.

Finishing with Albright on floor – we’re only seeing bits and pieces of these Oklahoma floor routines, but they all look like hits with no poorly controlled or sloppy passes, so the lead should be well-maintained.

Howe coming up now on beam for Cal. Nice walkover to split to stag. Very clean. Wobbles on her loso series but hangs onto it, side aerial to full dismount – off to the side with a large step.

Kanewa now for Oklahoma, who brings that power step up. Clean full to half second pass – and she stick her double pike. Another very strong routine. I didn’t see bars, but from what I’ve seen so far, they’re just not making errors, even medium-sized errors. It’s just small things here and there.

Paz finishing on beam for Cal with a bunch of wobbles in a very forgettable rotation. They were in it for a while, but this beam rotation ended it.

Kanewa set up Scaman, so let’s see if she can take advantage. Big DLO and under control, great landing position with the chest way up. Front rudi to layout stepout is strong as well. Hits her switch side to popa. Finishes with a double back – a little lack of control there, but that’s all I really saw in that routine. And a fist pump to the fans. You know how I think there should be more fist pumps in NCAA gym. Just a 9.900 for that – which three of the judges gave. So they must have seen something else small to take.

Oklahoma will maintain a big lead going to vault and should be home free. Illinois made a great argument during that bars rotation with a 49.400. That was superb. They have a .400 lead on Minnesota now, which is comfortable but not insurmountable. Beam scoring has been occasionally strict today and Minnesota is ending on floor at home.

Alabama dropped some mistake routines from Kaitlyn Clark but had no trouble otherwise, finishing with 197.550 to advance. Denver finishes with 195.625, and BYU is in the 194s. We’re waiting on Nebraska’s beam results, but they would have to have had the implosion to end all implosions there for this to be a thing. Scores? UW finishes with a 195.550, which given their season is about what they could hope for.

I thought this showdown between Minnesota and Illinois would be a little bit closer going to the final rotation, but things could still happen. Illinois really pulled away with that bars showing. 

The beam scores for Nebraska are finally did. They did have a fall but did not have to count it. Scores a 49.075 on beam for a 196.975 and easy qualification. A much different story than last year.

Nice first vault from Mooring with her yhalf – small hop forward.

Illinois starts with O’Connor on beam – clean loso series – well done, good switch to straddle 1/4 – nice full turn – hits her straddle to loso – and sticks her bhs full dismount. Not opening the door.

Cherwink finishes her floor routines with a hit 1.5 to full. Well done. Oklahoma is hitting vault pretty well so far – stick for Kmieciak helps.

See on beam now – it was a 9.850 for O’Connor – good loso series for See, and Kanewa just nailed her yfull – great stick, and there’s scores went high for the first two with 9.900s for non-sticks, so what will they do for Kanewa? 9.975 is what they will do.

Over to Covers on floor – a little low chested on her double pike landing but secure. Near-stick for Capps on vault – small movement of one foot and the best a little forward. Covers looks to have gone clean on floor.

It was a 9.800 for See on beam, so they’re not giving away enough to Minnesota. Excellent vault from Scaman, small slide back but the best in the air on the team. 

McNabb has a wobble on her series on beam – a little short on her straddle 1/4 – would like to see more of a straddle (same on her switch side) – front toss down to the beam – small shuffle on her gainer full.

Oooh, score chatter on floor. Illinois staying in 9.8s territory on beam so far. Horth to go now for them – full turn, secure loso series, no problem – switching back and forth between beam and floor – I may go crazy. Wobbles for Horth on dance elements and a bend forward to save it. Sticks her gainer full, but room to take on that one. 9.800 is high for that routine. Minnesota finishes up another hit on floor from Slechta.

Oklahoma got a 49.700 on vault. The scores rose there as the meet progressed (one just gave Scaman a 10 for a non-stick), but it was a solid rotation. They finish with 197.725, which did not look likely early in the meet.

Not sure what happened in Covers’ routine for the 9.425, but it’s the opposite of what Minnesota needed. Fielder now on beam for Illinois, bhs bhs loso is strong – full turn, switch to straddle is right on – Minnesota is starting put it together on floor – but so is Illinois – stuck dismount from Fielder. Small stumble on a 2.5 dismount for an otherwise clean routine for Tomson.  

Now it’s Kato to finish out the beam rotation for Illinois – lands short on her loso series with a big wobble, the largest break in any of their beam routines so far, strong sheep jump though, lunge forward on dismount, so that will probably be the lowest beam score for them.

Minnesota will need to be the best they’ve ever been in these floor routines to have a shot. Schermann is clean so far – the split leap was short of 180, clean layout stepout out of her middle pass because she’s trying to get on my good side. Short on her double back dismount with a step forward. Not what they needed to end.
Illinois finishes with 196.600, which means that Minnesota would have had to have been in the 49.5s in this rotation, which didn’t happen. So, the meet that everyone (including me) pegged as the most likely upset will not have an upset.

Mable with a curtain call and an important routine for the AA race – excellent double pike. Puts everyone else’s straddle elements to shame. Front full to straddle to front tuck. Excellent routine, should get an exceptional score, but just too late and not enough to save the meet.

It all came down to bars at this one. Illinois was excellent and Minnesota was not. It ended up being a .700 difference, and that’s almost impossible to come back from. Our AAers from this meet will be Mable and Asutrias, as expected. And Nordquist will advance as an individual to do beam. Thankfully. Along with Crawford on bars. Lots more event qualifiers than I expected today.

And in the meet I thought would be so tough in the AA, the Seattle Regional, we end up with Kalliah McCartney of Sac State advancing as the top individual along with Moriah Martin.

So that wraps up this behemoth. Our qualifiers to Nationals are

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  2. still really weird. I have never seen anyone do it like that. but i do agree it will make watching which team you want to see. though i have another question. If i want to see florida on bars and osu on floor do you think i can open both links at the same time?

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    bars is just what we'd guess — lineup without sheppard, add williams in number six spot.
    beam – casanova is back! and williams is in the line ups! I like this line up, but it's the first time they've competed with these people and in this order — fingers crossed!
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